True Color - Mixing Assistant

3.2 (32)
16.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Snickerdoodle Software, LLC
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for True Color - Mixing Assistant

3.22 out of 5
32 Ratings
5 years ago, kacilee
Not True To Colors
I was really excited to use this app. But I quickly noticed that the colors aren’t true. What I mean is I took a screen shot of one color when I brought it into the app the color wasn’t the same. It was close but not close enough. What I compared it to was an actual color swatch. Not a photograph. So the color was uniform. Bummer
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8 years ago, theRicardos
Wonderful Tool
I love this app! I recently started painting again after 30 years. This app has removed all the anxiety of starting up again with painting. I share this app with my fellow painting classmates. When our teacher asks us about the composition of a certain color in a painting, we use this app and immediately have a correct answer for her. The app easily shows how the color is mixed, so you also learn in the process. It’s one of the most-used apps on my iPhone and iPad.
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9 years ago, gebsews
Polymer clay
Great app to use to mix correct parts of clay colors to get a different color. Most apps are for computer graphics. Only wish black were included to mix with white to get shades of gray. I'm not using photos yet to grab color from. Just trying out different combos for the clay just as someone would mix paint.
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7 years ago, Hmmohyeah
Camera problem
If I click the camera on the drop down menu, the app closes. I have to take a picture first, then go to the app to load a picture to analyze a color. I didn’t have this problem with the earlier version.
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5 years ago, snoopy1469
Helpful for beginner artists
Sometimes I want a certain color from a landscape photo and I get stuck trying to mix it in oil paint - take a pic of the color the app will give you a ratio to get there.
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6 years ago, Nubie Artist
Camera Function Not Working
I’m extremely disappointed because the camera function doesn’t work with IOS 11. When I attempt to use it, the program quits and instantaneously puts me back on my phone’s home screen. The camera feature was the apps selling point for me. Had I known that it wasn’t functioning I would not have purchased this app.
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7 years ago, AllTheNickNamesAreTaken,HowAboutThisOne?
Good, but crashes
Exactly what I was looking for but the camera function is crashing iPhone 6S on OS11. Hopefully they’ll get this fixed.
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9 years ago, vonlost
Great for knowing a color
I'm not an artist, but this app is great for finding the actual color of anything. Just take an object's photo and you have it. It's great for matching a commercial paint color.
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4 years ago, Jeninstar
Not bad
The reason I said not bad cuz it’s good only to learn how mixing color the phone taken pic differently from the real only way it could more useful for professional work its has it came with and x- ray device
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3 years ago, HaydenTrash
Incorrect percentages
I tried to mix a pink/red shade that I use a lot in procreate so I could paint one of my digital works. After spending a long time converting the percentage into measurements so I could mix all I got was a big messy grey color. I did the exact percentage of each color, this app does not work and is a waste of money.
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2 years ago, RottingFodder
As a oil landscape painter ive been needing this for a long time. Works perfect highly recommended.
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5 years ago, vcarlart
True assistant
I like having the ability to adjust the colors by adding and subtracting percentages to dial the color in on my target color.
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6 years ago, Mercmedic
Any color under the Rainbow
Pick a color, any Color this app will recipe the mix! Perfect!
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10 years ago, Unhappy45678
Okay, but needs a feature badly.
After you've loaded a photo and gotten a color sample, the photo is forgotten. If you want to get an additional color sample from the same photo you have to dig through your photos and load it again. It assumes you won't get more than one sample from a single photo.
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9 years ago, Bogate
Too simple, not helpful
The app does a good job of giving you the breakdown of colors in a swatch, but isn't useful for painters. The percentages don't give an accurate sense of how to mix a color (following the app led to lots of muddy colors).
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2 years ago, mike rita
Do not buy
It needs to be updated. It does not bring CYAN in because it is not in the swatch. I need my money back
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8 years ago, gwj93
The seems to crash every time I tried to mix a color. At this time it is a waste of money.
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3 years ago, Pvb526
How to use?
It has great reviews but there is no instructions on how to use it I’m very confused! Can the developer please give me some feedback on this?
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2 weeks ago, aliensam0ngus
Crashes, won’t even run
Keep starting and restarting. Broken. Wasted $3.00 IOS version 17.4.1
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5 years ago, Nimh1222
I love this app it works great for mixing fabric dye.
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8 years ago, Yes!! Most amazing game ever!
Awful waste of money
Can't believe I paid for this terribly simplistic product.
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6 years ago, smackjack2
Total waste of money
Color selector is not at all accurate. Placed over an obvious blue and it showed green.
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8 years ago, Clumsy Jeorgie
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10 years ago, Nontechsavvy
Convenient and useful
This app is basically Shazam for colors. It allows you to get the exact make up of a color when you see it. One of the best features is the ability to sample colors from a photo to get the perfect color you are looking for. It's also super user friendly, even for not so tech-savvy people like myself.
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10 years ago, kmwtampa
Nice App!
I found this app to be very helpful when mixing colors. I agree that having the option to choose the primary colors (warm and cool of each primary) would make it even better. Well worth the small price I paid for it. Try it!
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10 years ago, Mad Fx Man
Great app but just one
Thing ...after picking the preset color ,the wheel the scale is spaced too far apart making the color change too extreme ,instead of gradual I gave it five because this is an easy fix and it'll be great after that....
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9 years ago, WillaWall
Better than nothing but needs more options on gradations
needs the RBG color standard nos. as well as the %
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10 years ago, Jesse1946
Excellent tool
This is a must have if you want to mix colors from primaries without a lot of guess work. The only thing I think it needs is the ability to select your primary colors. I have a set of warm and cool primaries, and different people like to use different primaries when mixing. A choice of whites would also be helpful. Of course for such a tool I'd pay more too!
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10 years ago, Koko&Mimi
Awesome color app!!
With this app, I'm able to figure out the color palette that I like now!
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