TrueFire Guitar Lessons

4.8 (10.9K)
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Last update
2 years ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for TrueFire Guitar Lessons

4.77 out of 5
10.9K Ratings
4 years ago, Stompin Willy
Great content and lessons, but the Apps are flaky
First off, I want to differentiate between the service, lessons and content, and the applications. Like the title says, I think the content is great. That said, I am not a fan of any of the interfaces into accessing it, whether it’s the web, the native Mac app, or the iOS app on an iPad. They all have some annoying quirks and glaring bugs that really need to be addressed. I’ve caught issues with keeping things in sync across the apps as well. The most annoying thing on this app is that it will start auto playing when I bring it to the front, and the only way to stop it is to find which specific lesson is playing and stop it. Starting a different lesson will just cause ANOTHER thing to start playing in addition. The preference for background playing is off. I just kill the app and then start it again instead. I’d love nothing more than to come back and give this five stars, because I think the content deserves it. But, the quality of the apps has to improve. As is, I think it’s bad enough that it detracts from the over all solution. Haven’t had any bad experience on the TV app. Yet. Please, put some attention on tightening things up. The content deserves it.
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2 weeks ago, paulamendes7
My favorite learning platform
I’m a professional musician and discovered Truefire because I wanted to learn to play the harmonica and had the luck of running into Annie Raines’ incredible course here. I then decided to also take a few of the guitar courses and I am truly impressed by the quality of the lessons. I am feeling that I am progressing every day as a musician. The lessons are not only top-quality but really fun and engaging. They really focus on musicality aside from being very specific on technical skills. They zoom in on the specific “feeling” behind a given technique and what it communicates and make learning much easier. I am also impressed by the selection of themes for each course. For instance, Sue Foley’s Trail Blazers course, which focuses on six legendary female guitarrists. Sophie Lloyd’s Bulletproof Rock Guitar course, too. It really feels like the curators for the courses want everyone to feel included. I also really like that we can purchase individual courses to own forever instead of having to get the monthly membership, even though the latter is also a great option. I couldn’t be happier with the platform and will keep coming back for more courses!
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1 year ago, CTracer9
Just what I need
First of all it’s nice that you don’t have to have a subscription to get what you need out of this. Any courses you buy (and they aren’t terribly priced) are yours. You can go on a subscription basis and have access to everything if you want, but you don’t have to. The lessons so far are good and in nice digestible chunks that you can go back to as often as you need to. The instructors so far are clear and it’s nice how they integrate a lot of the music basics without it being a bunch of straight music theory. I love the fact that you play right along and you can speed things up or slow things down. They also don’t try to rush you through the lessons. As a matter of fact you need to get used to “OK, when you have that down come back for the next lesson”. It’s not like you’re playing some kind of video game, but if I wanted to play video games that’s what I’d do. If you want to learn how to play guitar this is the way to do it. Another big plus is the incredible variety of styles and instructors. Great stuff!
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4 years ago, Tossington
Amazing instructors
I haven’t got an instructional product yet that hasn’t been immensely helpful and enjoyable, and I have a lot. The breadth of instructors and styles is impressive but they’re also always expanding the variety of things they offer from video lessons to live master classes to jam tracks to private instruction. And they have amazing sales and five dollar download deals that should be illegal to offer at that price. I recently purchased $99 sale deal which included in the jam instruction and some private lessons. I was blown away by the experience and quality of instruction with the app and video exchange. The private lessons I received from Frank Vignola and Sheryl Bailey were so helpful and insightful that I’ll be referring back to them for guidance for months to come. They went the extra mile to discover and meet my specific needs. If you want to grow on your instrument and get the biggest bang for your buck on the Internet then there is no need to look any further! Thanks TrueFire!
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4 years ago, TommySaidSo
UPDATE: Issues playing the videos
UPDATE: The issues with the video player seem to have been fixed on the iPad so I have updated my rating. It’s good to see that the developer is still improving the app. I love their content and have purchased several of their classes. (Note that you can often get the classes for a little bit cheaper if you purchase them from the website rather than the app.) —- I give the content 5 stars, but the app is a hot mess. The videos rarely play on the first try, even when downloaded. I often have to quit the app and restart it to get them to work. When they do finally play, the playback controls are often missing. Strangely I have the same issues in the Mac app and in the web interface, so it’s not limited to the iOS apps. And it’s been this way since I started using TrueFire, so the developers must not in a hurry to fix it. It’s a shame, because the content is great if you are able to view it. You’d think a business that relies on video would have a stellar video viewing experience.
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3 years ago, msstinso1
Starting over
I’ve been playing “beginner” guitar for almost 40 years. My wife just gave me a new guitar for Christmas prompting me to look on-line for guitar lessons. I read the reviews for TRUEFIRE and decided to take the plunge. It was amazing how many bad habits I had picked up over the years that became evident with the first course (I started with the beginner course and worked through it over a period of 4 days - could have done it quicker but I needed to slow down and correct my technique). Now with fingers that hurt like the dickens, I am practicing the basics along with our fearless teacher. I look forward to progressing through the lessons as things become more complicated - but plan on going slowly to develop the muscle memory needed to cement things the right way this time around. It is nice to be able to proceed at my own pace and to control the schedule around my lessons.
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4 years ago, Voiceguy2000
iOS 14 Compatibility Problem Solved
LATEST UPDATE: After a couple of weeks of receiving no help from Truefire, I finally received a private developer response (not posted here) stating that in iOS 14, it is necessary to go to Settings, find the Truefire app, and enable the “allow network access” choice. I did that, and the app now progresses beyond the frozen startup graphic. I have raised my rating from one star (because the app would not work at all) to four stars (now that the app finally works). However, I am still docking one star because of the long delay in providing the info necessary to get the app working. None of the earlier responses I got from Truefire hinted at this solution. Also, the app still has serious bugs. Once you enter a course, there is no way to get back out to the main menu. You have to quit the app. Another area of ios incompatibility? Who knows. Prior (unhappy) review: Don’t download it if you’re on iOS 14 because it will never get past the little opening graphic. UPDATE: Truefire initially claimed that there are no compatibility problems, then said that some iOS 14 users were having problems but they were being fixed that very day. That was many days ago, and since then dead silence from Truefire. So heed my warning — if you have iOS 14, don’t be surprised if the app breaks. It has nothing to do with the quality of the content; the quality is meaningless if the courses will not run on your device.
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11 months ago, George Alessi
Superior Instruction But Site is hard to Navigate
I’ve had the course for a year. Taken two beginning blues courses. The instruction is by far superior to anything I’ve experienced anywhere. The lessons are extremely thorough. My only issue…the site….I don’t quite understand how to return to the last lesson I competed or take advantage of the backing soundtracks or, for example, go to full screen with revolving tabs….I could use a guide to the symbols that make this happen….. Regardless, especially these issues rest with me due to limited tech experience…..Trufire, clearly, is the most thorough and professional site I’ve experienced as an advanced beginner…the instructors are off the charts superior and lesson skills are graduated perfectly
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5 years ago, Pcjunky
Amazing way to learn guitar
I took private lessons for years and with my horrible ADD I just couldn’t focus and see the big picture as well as I felt they were holding me back to keep me going long term. With TrueFire learning paths and studying with whom and what I want to learn I have progressed a thousand percent in the last year. You just be careful though as I like a lot of different music and tended to buy courses that I liked and were on sale during any given sale event and now I own dozens and haven’t completed any, lol. I just keep reminding myself it’s a long journey to mastery and eventually I will get through them all. You have to be careful not to get overwhelmed and bounce around too much. I find it best to dedicate myself to one course for a couple weeks or a month and then when I’m ready for a different style I move to another course and do the same. This has proved invaluable for me and my skill level has improved exponentially in all my favorite styles. Thank you TrueFire and all educators for this wonderful learning method.
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4 years ago, bluewaterpig
Fantastic Content
TrueFire is the leader in the online music study scene. They snagged some incredible artists to teach...Pat Martino, Larry Carlton, and so many more. Unfortunately, there are some logistical issues with the app itself. They desperately need an auto-play of right now, you need to press play after each section of the lesson ends. The video and PDF viewing controls can get messy and would be so much more user-friendly with a few simple tweaks. Whenever you tap to enter full screen videos, you get a prompt asking which full screen format you want. When you have your instrument in hand and you’re focused on the content, a little prompt like that gets very annoying very quickly. It could be taken care of very easily with a “default full screen format” setting. Overall, TrueFire is a fantastic app that every serious studying musician should use.
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4 years ago, TaylorPlayer
Great instruction
TrueFire is fantastic in terms of their courses and instructors. The apps on all platforms have suffered with bad performance for years but the latest update has been running somewhat better on my iPhone 11 so I am grateful for that. I would like to see improvement in the navigation and customization in the apps so that it is easier to assemble playlists of individual lessons from different courses. Right now it can be done but it’s a little tedious. I love TrueFire and their instructors! I have tried some other resources over the years and none compare with the quality I have found on TrueFire. If the apps can keep improving I would be even happier. Thanks.
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2 years ago, ScottH00000001
Could Have Been a 5
I’m fairly new to TrueFire and I’m already fan of the lesson format. Audio and video synced with the sheet music, plus the looping and playback speed controls are all brilliant, especially when used together. The lessons are very high quality and I find the instructors knowledgeable, easy to follow and engaging. Why not 5 stars? I love the experience on the iOS app, but there is one flaw: I can’t access In the Jam content on my iPad, at least not for the Joe Bonamassa bundle I just purchased as a first time user. Odd though that the In the Jam sample content is available and works fine. :shrug: TrueFire support assures me an update is coming soon, but that I’ll have to use a Mac or PC for now. That’s a reasonable workaround, though somewhat disappointing.
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6 years ago, RevBQ
Nothing like True Fire!
As a guitar player for more than 50 years and being self taught you get complacent over a period of time and think that there’s nothing new to learn, and sometimes grow a little bored. But after getting the TrueFire app not only on my phone but on my computer as well. Really, being in all access member and space buying true fire lessons has made my playing soar to places I never thought I’d be able to go on my instrument. Learning music theory and modes will make any guitar player better. Forget the myth about losing your soul when you learn more about your instrument and get on fire get TrueFire.
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3 years ago, BobToby13
APP is Frustrating
I’ve liked most of the lessons I’ve tried but having problems with the APP. To learn the guitar techniques, I need to watch some of the videos several times over a period of days. The first few times the APP plays the videos fine but then the video will freeze and stop or I’ll loose the sound. This has happened to me on two different iPads. To unfreeze the video, I’ve tried to shut down the TrueFire APP but this rarely resolves the problem. The only temporary solution I have found is to reboot the iPad but the problem will return at some point. I’ve had videos freeze in the middle and I can never restart them the beginning. Going forward, I’m going to try the video lessons using the internet version and avoid the APP. UPDATE 1: I emailed the requested info Oct 11.
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3 months ago, Musicman1738
Best tool for any guitar players
I love the app but it’s a little glitchy sometimes and it’s a lot harder than it should be to fast forward and rewind, when grabbing the icon bar to place where you want it in the video when using a iPhone or iPad. I bought an iPad just for this app specifically because I love it! Just not as easy on the iPad as I hoped but definitely not a dealbreaker. I will continue my all access sub for years to come as its not ridiculously priced with plentiful and very valuable content. So glad I found out about this app and gave it a shot.
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4 years ago, ghygghhtty
Best guitar app I’ve found
I’ve looked through a ton of guitar app. If you are looking for top notch instructors - I believe most, if not all, are professional musicians and instructors- this is the perfect app for you. What I really liked is how granular you can get in the teachings. Style, type of guitar, specific areas in a genre (I.e. jazz improv, acoustic rhythm, caged study etc etc). The lessons met you where you’re at too. Beginner tracks all the way up. I’m late beginner/ intermediate and it’s good to know that I could use this app for the rest of my life and still have room to grow. It really is amazing.
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4 years ago, BoyFromJerseyCity
Not user friendly, and that’s being charitable
I just wasted another second hour trying to get the screen to cooperate. The help page is a complete waste of time, and even the directions for a refund don’t work. I’m a grown man but I’m ready to cry because after viewing samples I had such high hopes. Over the years I’ve accumulated a couple dozen books but hit an impasse with each one. I cannot afford private lessons, so TrueFire seemed like it could solve my problem. Like another reviewer I was going to give it another star or two, because what I saw of the content. But if it doesn’t do what I thought it could do, it’s worse than nothing.
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2 years ago, Cap90210
Random Videos / Not well executed
Classes are random and teaching style varies from class to class. It really lacks structure. Music Theory isn’t a real focus. I’m canceling after my year subscription is up. I just feel the curriculum is sloppy and I haven’t gotten much out of it. A lot of the teachers talk at you like you’re supposed to know the terminology and most of the visual reference is subpar. They don’t really break it down in a easy way to understand. It’s easy to become confused. I feel like the app and its catalog of random how to videos are targeted more towards intermediate players, and not so much beginners to mid range. There are better articulated music lesson programs out there that are easier to understand.
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3 years ago, MT Tombs
BEWARE! It’s a trap!
The lure is great guitar teachers. The trap is a buggy subscription service that only seemed to work the first day I got it. I purchased the all access access subscription through the App Store here. I’ve cancelled it because it wouldn’t give me access. Restore didn’t work either. To add insult to injury, I was already billed again this month so they got an extra $30 out of me for a broken app. Also, I was not able to use my sign in credentials to access the site via the internet either so even though the SAY the subscription is universal, it practice it wasn’t. This was very sad for me because the educational material is great and so are the teachers, many are pros. I’ve been looking for a service like this for a long time. Just the app and interface is a massive broken rip-off. CAVEAT EMPTOR
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5 years ago, Volpe3g
Before you start taking lessons again!!!
I’ve been playing guitar for almost 30years. I would consider myself pro/ semi pro player. This app is awesome for a guy like me looking to learn a wider range of music, or update my chops without having to deal with finding a teacher. I can find almost anything I’d like to learn and do it on my own time. With pricing from $5-$50 it’s affordable as well. Even looking to do some of the live private lessons that are available. This app is by far my favorite thing on my IPad.
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1 year ago, Mason 1254
App needs work. The lessons are excellent
The app has some strange UI issues which might have more to do with Apple than anything else. Same weird things don’t happen on a Samsung, but still those issues should be fixed on IOs. Beyond that, the course work in very good. My biggest complaint is that the True Fire course does not seem to curate a song selection list to go along with the lessons or level you’re working at. So all you do is work through the lessons, but what about practical application? That would be a great addition to the course.
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3 years ago, Ryber4
Mobile version needs updates.
Love TrueFire and their courses. Would recommend them to anyone seriously looking to learn guitar. The mobile app however does not seem to run well. Often have issues with the videos if I try to rewind sections and often time navigation buttons just seem to not responded. Some times I have to exit a course only to enter it again and choose the next video. Nothing completely broken with it, but I would love to see some quality of life improvements (live posting the sales on the app as well!)
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5 years ago, Trek 1800c
Great products and great help
I ordered from TrueFire for years and have always been very pleased. A while back I couldn’t figure out a computer problem related to a product and I sent an email within an hour I had a response. Then I wanted to know about taking lessons from one of the artists but had some questions. Again I received a response with the person telling me if I wrote my questions down they would contact the artist and then get back to me. I don’t think you can get better help.
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6 years ago, Calvin J
Wish I had 10 more hours in the day
It is so great to have as many great instructing musician at fingertip access 24/7. It is just that there are not enough hours in the day. Every aspect of whatever form or class of music you want to play is taught with precision and accuracy one could ever ask for. Hours of video instruction with scores in TAB and classic scoring plus backing track where you can slow it down for your own accuracy! If you don’t have it anywhere else you have it here!
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3 years ago, jazzpop
Great Resource
I’ve been using TrueFire for many years as a learning resource for my interest in jazz and blues guitar styles. The site has great players who also happen to be excellent teachers. The site offers a professional state of the art format for learning any style you may be interested in . If you put in the work and practice time you will be certain to improve your playing. Wish I’d had this many years ago when I first started . Miguel R. Las Vegas
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5 years ago, A new soul
Great! Great! Great!
This app is a great one! I am a person who is totally blind. I have searched through many guitar apps. I know that I only used the trial, and I had to look through lots of videos, I did find a lot of them that were very descriptive. I am a beginning guitarist. They also have lots of lessons and videos for those who are advanced. I would like to continue with it, but I can't do that right now. Because it is a pretty expensive one. If I could give this app a 10 star rating I would!! I love it!
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5 years ago, JPietrella
Nothing better than TrueFire
For online lessons, nothing is better than TrueFire...nothing. Not only are their lessons the best, the way they have set it all up is truly amazing. The lessons and courses are fun, easy to follow, practical, and WILL make you a better player. Always adding new lessons and they cover all genres. They even have Theory courses. I used GuitarTricks for a while and the two don’t even compare. I even quit my live lessons that I was taking once a week! Sign up, you won’t regret it.
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3 years ago, jabberlope
App crashes
Content is great. I’m getting everything out of TrueFire than I expected, but the app crashes far too often. A lot of times I have to restart six and seven times before it seems to be stable. Really looking forward to them fixing the app and I will give this five stars. UPDATE: To reproduce the crash: * connect to chrome cast. * try to launch video from continue watching * intermittent crashes UPDATE2: outside of chromecast intermittent issues the app is solid. Love the content. And love learning more guitar.
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4 years ago, FredFall
Great courses but not so good app.
I really like the courses that TrueFire provides, there is some really good courses in there, but the app and the website are not working well. Most of the time I can’t start the videos on the website. When offline I can’t watch the video that I have downloaded, the app crashes. Still on the app, if I’m watching a lesson and just go on another app to check something(leaving the TrueFire app on background) I have to put the lesson again from the beginning when I go back, it doesn’t stay where I was on the lesson. And I can go on and on. Long story short, there is a lot of upgrades to do on the website and the app to make it really enjoyable for the customers. And please Adam, don’t give me your generic answer that you give to everybody, I won’t call you or email you. Just read all the negative reviews and fix the app and website. Thanks. And thanks TrueFire for making me a better guitar player.
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6 years ago, Biolizard
Where have you been all my life!
This is absolutely AMAZING! I’ve been hacking my way through guitar for 20+ years. Finally decided to sit down and actually LEARN the instrument better. True fire is just phenomenal for an intermediate player like myself. How is familiar with various aspects of guitar but notch rally proficient with any of it. I can choose my own path and finally get top notch lesson on all the things I’ve missed or improperly learned along the way! Worth it! But it and subscribe you won’t regret it!
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4 years ago, disappointed 2143
Can’t navigate
Follow-up to review. I deleted the app and reinstalled. All purchases appear and everything is working as expected. I purchased two courses a year ago, can’t find them. Tried to restore and even though the app said “restore successful” they aren’t listed anywhere. I then repurchased one of them and that too isn’t listed anywhere. Great list of educators / players but what good are they if you can’t access your purchases? It’s 2020 being able to view your purchases is about as basic as it gets
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2 years ago, KC9CS
Long time member
As a long time member, TrueFire is the best deal going. I play banjo, ukulele, harmonica, bass, and guitar. TrueFire has thousands of lessons for learning and is the reason I come back year after year. You never stop learning! Whether it’s a single genre on a single instrument or many instruments, TrueFire has it! TrueFire annual cost is less than a few private lessons and they are there at any convenient time, for as briefly or as long as you need. Do it!
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5 years ago, Shuaibird
Back on rock
I’ve played the guitar since I was 13. I once dreamt of being a professional musician for the rest of my whole life. After I graduated from my university, I got stuck. I faced the reality - I was not yet ready to become a musician and I needed to earn my own’s living. So I decided to quit. Now I’m back to chase my dream. Since I’ve found life for me without music is pointless. I’d say Truefire all access membership is definitely the best choice to get me up & running.
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2 years ago, etouse
Stunningly Poor
The content is great, of course. But Truefire’s app itself is still a clown show. I’ve been using it off and on for several years now, always forgetting how awful it is until I download the latest version, open it up, and am hit with a brand new pie in the face. Try for yourself to download lessons from courses you purchased. After one or two lessons the app will freeze up or crash. Impossible to work with. Even with strong wifi, the app freezes up. It usually works just long enough to get settled into a nice practice/learning session before the pie hits me. The artists and instructors surely deserve a better platform than this.
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2 years ago, rkj90266
If you’re serious
I’m an all-access subscriber. TrueFire thousands of instructional videos in every style and covering every skill, from teachers that are great and at least pseudo-famous players. You can use the platform to have 1-on-1 lessons from some of the teachers as well. If you’re serious about improving, at any starting skill level, you will find help here. Still gotta practice though.
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5 years ago, ANTN16
The best guitar/music education app!
Has the tab/standard notation for every video/exercise in pdf, and also a backing track. This is not available in other music teaching sites. People have different ways of learning- some can just watch a video and can learn. To me the pdf files are a big help- you don’t need to “rewind” a thousand times and lost a lot of cell phone data (it takes extra money of course). Thank you, TrueFire.
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6 years ago, Hammer Damage
Serious about learning
If you’re serious about learning how to play guitar, or a seasoned player wanting looking for a new challenge, or anywhere in between then why aren’t you a member. I’m 68 years old, been playing since I was 14. Played, recorded, taught guitar and I still enjoy learning. You never arrive, there is is always room to improve, always someone who just blows you away. So what are you waiting for, get hooked up and enjoy
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3 years ago, kdrisc57
Loved the lessons, the quality of the material and the impeccable delivery, but
Why can’t I move from device to device and continue to be logged in, and when I do log out why I can’t log back in again without resetting my password which opens the website but not the app... very frustrating to say the least .... but the material is top notch!
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7 months ago, PaulVoices
Great App
I only purchased one specific lesson plan and was immediately very impressed. The teacher is excellent and the way the app works is fantastic. You see the teacher playing while the music scrolls or you can switch to guitar tab view. You can also slow down the videos to help you more easily grasp the lick or concept being taught. Great app, I’m loving it.
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1 month ago, Luv2Fly!
A great resource!!!
I don’t know how I ran across this app, but I’m glad I did. The courses/lessons are really good!! The Instructors are helping me to be successful through their demonstrations. They have so much variety, even at the beginner level, stuff that isn’t overwhelming or intimidating, and sounds great with a little practice. Give their free trial period a shot before you squirm at the cost. The value is truly there.
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5 years ago, 95422-5676323356
Great content subpar app
The content is 10/10. Extremely useful and very well thought out. It’s by far the best guitar content available... however... The app could use some work. It freezes quite often. Content rarely loads. And when it comes to playback or rewinding you may as well forget it. I find myself doing a lot of hurry up and wait.. I hurry up and gather as much info as I can while it works, then I wait until it decides to work again.
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2 years ago, Tieu Tiu
Top Notch Education
For some $150/year (during sales seasons), you get amazing education from top players/educators in the world. All courses I've taken are superbly programmed, and there's a huge variety of music to choose from. I find myself going back to taking lessons on Truefire from time to time year round for a couple of years now. Extremely good deal in my opinion.
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3 years ago, Cobra306
A great option
At first I wanted like a guitar hero style teacher, I had a teacher a long time ago when I was a kid. Both of those methods really didn’t work. TrueFire has actually worked for me. I’m learning actual music and not just tabs which is nice. I have to say I found out about this app from the channel five watt world and I’m glad I finally tried this tool out.
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5 years ago, sbr1989
I have been using TrueFire since it came out many years ago. The format allows you to learn by watching, listening, reading music or tab— whatever suites your learning style. For me, listening and then watching how it was played works the best. This system has transformed me from a bedroom guitar player to playing on the stage at both a local and regional level. Highly recommended!!!!
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2 years ago, JohnTalman
Wish I had this when I was a kid!
It’s such a wealth of instruction from some phenomenal talents for what is such a low all access price it feels like I’m stealing. What an amazing tool for all levels of guitarists. I also can’t help what think how amazing this would have been for 10 year old me about 30 years ago. Thank you TrueFire for a mind blowing, awesome product! ❤️
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1 year ago, R SZ
Content is ok but dated
The instructors all seem well-qualified, and I am definitely learning and improving my ear, but the format seems a bit dated, the navigation is kind of clunky, and it's a little too light on metal/shred instruction. If you like blues, jazz, and classic rock, then this is a solid platform. My only other issue is that even though I took the plunge for a one-year, all-access pass, I keep getting push notifications about their content sales...pretty annoying.
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3 years ago, Alzahedi
Great learning tool
This has amazing instructors and easy comprehendible lessons , the app gets 5 stars , the only issue is the loading delay between lessons and it also freezes quite often and long during some lessons . I have 200 Mb/sec wifi speed so something must be loading and causing delays at server level. Please look into fixing this issue on your end, your App and lessons are otherwise Awesome, highly recommend. Thank you!
Show more
6 years ago, pksmooth
Not easy to navigate
Content is incredible only complaint is the site is not intuitive at all. Getting lost every time I log in as an all access member. I hope it’s just me because it is frustrating to say the least. I sent end a couple of minutes just getting to my account settings to review where I left off last. Too many paths that lead to asking you to sign up when you are already signed up.
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4 months ago, NeedForSpeed!
Preferred JamPlay
I had been using JamPlay for a few years and was very happy with it. I liked using both the website and the app in my iPad. I love the content. All of a sudden they are gone absorbed by Trufire. IMHO, the Trufire app is inferior to JamPlay and I am so tired of TrueFire blasting ads at me even though the all access transferred with JamPlay. Since Trufire is the only game in town, I’m stuck. Luckily the JamPlay content is still available, but harder to get to and the sessions are not numbered the way they were in JamPlay. For me, it’s a big step down.
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4 years ago, Alpione
Great content, incredibly unreliable streaming
I’m a new All Access member after using Truefire on and off for years. The content is great with an almost overwhelming variety. The streaming experience is terrible, whether on iOS or PC, WiFi or mobile networks. Since I joined I’ve spent more time trying to get the videos to play than actually learning. The “Action can’t be completed “ message is my new best friend on iPad. It’s not my network connection as I make sure to test every time I have an issue, which is every session. It really seems like they have a capacity problem. They really have to get the basics right here.
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