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2 years ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for TruNews

4.25 out of 5
130 Ratings
5 years ago, boston 103
App hard to navigate
I like the old out better it was very easy to navigate and very easy to use this one here when you tap on what you want it jumps around to something else hopefully they’ll tweak it and get it fixed
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5 years ago, E.j.Teegarden
Investigated, Accurate, REAL News...
With living in a Day of Age when evil is called good, and good evil, it’s critical to have News as it actually occurs (events, happenings, I.e. the facts), NOT as MANY “wish” to see it, or how things may feel. Omitting facts or truth’s in order to fit one or others imagination IS NOT THE TRUTH, it’s just a bunch of lies over and over and over again... Trust me, I know! I once listened to the majority of mainstream “news,” until one day I: 1. set my emotions aside->2. stepped back->3. And Researched claims being made from ALL sides WITH A TRUE UNBIASED PERSPECTIVE. Although I felt like a Fool for believing SO MANY LIES (and even being willing to fight for them [USMC]), I just had to swallow MY PRIDE and admit that just like Many others, that I too believed LIERS! RECOMMENDATION: No matter what ones stance is religiously, spiritually, or politically, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this APP., BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY; investigating ALL CLAIMS from ALL INFORMATION SOURCES - including this one. Thank you for reporting the Facts, ALL OF THE FACT...
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2 years ago, controlavirus
TRUNEWS IS eye opening
First of all, I see many people that says that the trunews team doesn’t know their bible, and are constantly bashing jews. Maybe it is you that don’t know your bibles and you really should have a look into REAL history about MODERN day Israel I used to think like you all too. But after listening to Mr. wiles and Doc for awhile I began to see what has happened to us. We have been deceived on a scale so evil and so well that people actually take sides of the True terrorists. It is wicked and the Bible plainly states, many will deceive and to be careful of the ones that call themselves Jews but are not Jews. So don’t go speaking your hate speech toward these fine men that are just trying to get the truth out. May God help you see the truth. And have an open mind. Do not allow anything on TELL-A-VISION PROGRAMMING brainwash you
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4 years ago, pgschreiber
Best News Ever!
This is the place to go to for accurate unbiased news. This is the most reliable source of current news that I trust today. Where most other news programs are not willing to report the truth or even report essential news that people need to know about TruNews is on the forefront to report it and usually way ahead of the mainstream media. Not only does TruNews have the most amazing broadcasting information of important current events, but it also builds up your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ Yahushuah HaMashiach. I recommend to anyone who wants to grow and mature in your faith as a believer to watch this news. I also recommend to watch this news if you want to really know what’s going on in the USA on a much deeper level of understanding. This news is like eating real organic food as opposed to fake processed gmo food, and drinking real juice as opposed to fake coolaide.
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1 year ago, Random guy on the internet 2
I love Pastor Rick and Trunews but this app needs a LOT of work…
I can’t help but think this app had a decent plan originally. If so it was poorly executed. Half the time I can’t get a working stream when it’s live, it will skip ahead, rewind randomly, freeze etc etc. Then after live streams end there is a small period of time (maybe an hour or two) where the servers refuse to upload a working video. This app definitely needs an overhaul. It looks “okay” but it could be better. Thanks for all you do Pastor Rick, Pastor Raymond and team.
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4 years ago, Musical Bird
Horrible show with constant Trump bashing
I used to support TruNews both as a listener and as someone who made financial contributions. But I must say that I now find the constant Trump bashing to be absolutely disgusting. God called Trump to be POTUS and he is doing everything he can given the incredibly difficult circumstances. And the obvious hatred for Israel is just downright ungodly. It is fine to have disagreements with our President. I don’t support everything President Trump does. That said, I still think that Trump is the best POTUS our country has ever had. Trump is a fighter who stands up for Americans and I love him for that. My guess is that you probably have lots of Trump haters who listen and love your show. Count me out.
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4 years ago, battleaxe3
New to tru news
I have been watching for 6 months. It started when they had experts discussing the coming ice age. I was shocked someone was telling the truth. And with the informations of global events I was intrigued and still watching. I like that they both praise and criticize Trump. And have a more balanced approach to global events.
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4 years ago, O. Pohl
Real News
One of the few news outlet that actually gives you accurate news as uncomfortable as that is sometimes.
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10 years ago, Gwoodsaint
Love Trunews app but
I agree with everyone here. Need to fix the pause button problem. Also, I have a iPhone 3, I know I know. About 2 minutes into the program the sound cuts off. It shows the program continuing on but with no sound. Any suggestions other than upgrading? It's a work phone! Thanks.
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5 years ago, Ccarrottop
Destroyed a good app
The old app was easy to use but he had a super tech person sit at a computer and design a website they like. You should have made them design it on a cell phone so it would work. Disappointing that they put out something that is so complicated and then doesn’t work when you search for keywords. It was so nice on the old app to just scroll thru old show till you got to where you wanted.
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3 years ago, winzip123
TruNews is AWESOME!
I’ve been listening to TruNews for several years and I will never go back to the fake news! I love they give a Christians perspective on the news. Wether you’re a believer in Jesus Christ or not (I pray that you are or soon will be) TruNews is the best source for TRUNEWS!
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5 years ago, DosWats
Yes the old app is better
Too many bells and whistles and a lot of us like to listen , you keep on putting on the earphones icon and taking it off ! Please Keep it Simple S. We want a library list of present and past shows ,an arrow on and an pause or stop all on one page!
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2 years ago, itsjust.kelly
Excellent News Source
All people, especially Christians need to make this one of their main sources for news.
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4 years ago, Sandee_Doll
Good broadcast and app
I enjoy watching and listening to true news. I would like the video to be viewable as a podcast. thanks
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6 years ago, brenton alloway
Rick is super based and isn't scared to potentially offend part of his base by speaking the truth. This has brought me closer to god listening to him. Thank you for all you do rick!
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2 years ago, Bopalma762
They talk about every news around the world and talk about the Holy Bible the right way. God bless everyone who listens and the TruNews Team ! #GodIsGood
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5 years ago, Ninja curlew
Oh how I miss the old ap!! 😥😥😥 It was so much easier to use! I loved being able to go to bed with the current Godcast on and it would just keep playing previous programs all night! This one is inferior by far and way too “busy”.
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6 years ago, flying Dutchgirl
Fake profit
This guy Denies what the Bible says. He discredits the saving power of Jesus blood on the cross. He denies the Rapture, the saving Power of Jesus’ blood and the place Israel and Jerusalem has in Gods heart and plan. Anyone who changes the Gospel and especially the book of Revelation is an anathema. Do not listen to him! You will be easily fooled.
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4 years ago, Rabbiw8
Anti-Semitic garbage
I thought this was a biblical news source. Turns out they would not know the Bible if it hit them over the head. It is just filled with hate against Jews and Israel. Very sad. How does Apple allow such hatred and violence on its site?
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4 years ago, Iq195
Absolute Crap Propaganda!
This is purely opinion based propaganda! It's pure hatred based and should be removed from the Apple Store and other locations! Shane on them for spewing false hatred!
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2 years ago, Dave G reviews
Racist conspiracy site
This is well-documented racist conspiracy website run by christian fundamentalist.
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5 years ago, Cvxtrvu
Will not load
Will not load on iPad IOS 9.3.5 disappointing Waste of tome
Show more
3 years ago, Sgghyghhjjff
Complete crap
Completely nazi crap junk!
Show more
5 years ago, Wocrepus
iPhone 6s+ iOS 12...Crashes Only
Show more
3 years ago, anjani lynn white
Violates Apple’s Terms of Use
Hate speech ! Advocates violence. Racist and out of control anti Semitic. Shame on Apple
Show more
3 years ago, bstofflet
Nazi Propaganda
This is a Nazi terrorist propaganda app. This is very obviously material support for domestic terrorism. Why is this crap on the App store?
Show more
6 years ago, Lidia Monroe
Anti-semitic trash
Continually bashing Jews and Israel. Yet God said: "I will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse her."
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9 years ago, r3steg
App needs work
I've been listening to the audio of Trunews through a podcast and for the most part find it informative and useful. Some of the guests are a tad boring at times and I have a hard time staying engaged but other times the guests are extremely engaging. I sought out this app after listening to the audio but I found it more trouble than it's worth. Every time you click on News it prompts you to try the app. But I'm already using the app! In short you don't get anything from the app that you don't get from the website or podcast. Would be nice if the app made the news stories easier to read on my mobile device. While I strongly recommend checking out this fine news source if you want straight up truth on current events with a focus on Biblical world view, this app brings nothing useful in its current state.
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8 years ago, Rickydawson9999
How to overcome the fury of satan as this world ends
This is the best Christian news media application available currently. Wisdom cries aloud in the streets. Mr Rick Wiles puts the day's news and such out there in an easy to understand manner. The application helps you find the information quickly as to make use of it and overcome evil. A mighty fortress is our God.
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10 years ago, Jonathan Beckloff
Small tweek request
Love listening to the show with this app. On my iPhone 5, when I pause the show there is no play option. I have to see how far into the show I have heard before pressing pause. To play the show I have to start from the beginning and fast forward to where I had paused it.
Show more
9 years ago, Kingm4
I love trunews
If you are tired of fake news and want the real news this is what you need. Great show and love where it is going. The app needs a little work but nonetheless a 5 star show.
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9 years ago, Reepicheep46
A bug needs to be fixed. When trying to contact TruNews, the screen freezes. In order to clear it, it is necessary to delete the app. Then, reinstall it. Reinstalling the app doesn't address the problem. It continues to freeze when trying to contact TruNews.
Show more
9 years ago, Lonemusketeer
Love the content; hate the app
If the app wasn't so frustrating, I would give the program a 5. Love the programming! But the app won't open recordings any more without crashing. I have to go to downloads to try and listen to shows. I can't pause. If I do, I lose the play button and time bar. Please fix as so many people need the inspiration you have to offer. Thanks for all you do. God bless.
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10 years ago, 1citiboy
Love your show
Thanks for all the hard work you guys do over there at trunews! Your a good man Rick. May God bless you in all you do!
Show more
10 years ago, Freddieaggdhbcf
Awesome app. Much faster than going online.
Show more
9 years ago, Dkeller_photos
Love the show but the app needs work
I am forced to continue listening to the show on the podcast app because this app will not let me play any of the episodes. I really wanted to listen to the rest of the interview with Michael White but cannot because the app is bugged.
Show more
10 years ago, Sassybanjo
Fix the bug, please
I listen while I'm working, between answering the phone. The pause feature disappears in about 4 seconds. Not good.
Show more
10 years ago, Darl49
Crashing now all the time. Love the app. But can't get is to work any more. Deleted and reinstalled. Still not working with iOS 8
Show more
10 years ago, Angel Raphael
Always Blessed
Always blessed by this man and program.
Show more
9 years ago, krusey1011
I like Tru News
This app just doesn't work for the iphone. It used to kind of work. Now I can't click on "news" to get the latest stories.
Show more
9 years ago, Some Joe Blow
Add functionality
Can't seem to resume the show after pausing, have to start over :-(
Show more
8 years ago, Figshop
Only TRUNEWS all the way!
Great app and content! Thank you.
Show more
9 years ago, Smfjef
End is near...
So in the coming end time crisis of the week (insert here) this app will be your lifeline... We're all doomed!
Show more
9 years ago, El__Guap0
Love TRUNEWS but...
The app is very buggy, please fix! Used to work but now with the latest update it continually asks to download the very app I'm using, very annoying!
Show more
10 years ago, Zuri Shaddai
God's messenger!
The title sums it up! Many blessings
Show more
9 years ago, Lea2368
I have the app hoping to keep up to date, but EVERY time I open the APP... It asks me if I want to download the app!!! Please fix this
Show more
9 years ago, FredWho
Love the app but it is crashing every time I try to play a broadcast.
Show more
10 years ago, Mikael (Dallas)
Nice App
G-d Bless Trunews & Rick. Very nice app for iPad.
Show more
8 years ago, Bleikr
It's All About Expanding Their Corp.
The show is more about their corporate expansion now.
Show more
4 years ago, American hopeful
If you’re looking for the best! The Best in many ways!
Most importantly: this is my primary source of biblically based world news including technological cutting edge advancements coverage and interviews of those outside of American “news” bubble. TruNews reporting will challenge you to dig deeper into The Word of God whilst simultaneously uncovering news the mainstream and its henchmen (like youboobtube and twit-face) are conspiring to cover up and keep YOU from knowing. The best solid biblically based news coverage! Not only does this app work wonderfully it’s headlines are updated daily throughout the week and offers a variety of ‘god-podcasts’ including sermons. And archives!! A mobile app to mirror their website God bless these men and women!!
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