Truth and Lie Detector Scanner

4.2 (23.6K)
36.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mark Bunch
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Truth and Lie Detector Scanner

4.24 out of 5
23.6K Ratings
2 years ago, Couldn't find a nickname!
Please read!!!
Alright. First things first, I would like to point out that some of the reviews say “It isn’t working for me” or “This doesn’t actually work” but it literally says this when you get the game: “This is for entertainment purposes only. It doesn’t actually work, it’s just to joke around with your friends.” And that’s what annoys me! It says that it doesn’t actually work, and that it’s just to play with your friends, so quit saying it doesn’t work when it’s supposed to do that. Now, I haven’t figured out how you switch it from truth to lie to random yet (if you haven’t gotten the game yet that might confuse you), so that’s why I’m giving it four stars. I’ve done this trick to my friend, and I laughed quite a bit when she was freaking out because she had told a truth, but it detected ‘lie’. This app is a good one when your just having some fun with friends, and so I recommend it if your JUST TRYING TO JOKE AROUND, AND NOT EXPECTING IT TO TELL THE TRUTH. (Pun not intended ;D)
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10 months ago, gonzalesda💁
What i love a bout this app is everything idk how to describe it, but please yes get the app because it tells you good things and if it doesn’t do it at the same thing like if it doesn’t do it at the same time it means you’re not doing it right and I asked a lot of questions and all them all were right and right so what I’m trying to say is you should really really get this app because it tells your true is it scans your hand and when you when you’re lying showed you feel lying and when it in when you’re telling the truth, it tells you it says that you’re telling the truth so you should really get this app and mothers and fathers who are getting this for children you should really get them. This is the really wanna do if they want it. You should really get it get it for them because it’s really good and it’s for plus if your child is less than four years old, you actually don’t get it because it has their hands with the two small and I tried with one of mine but it didn’t work so it should be actually 4+ so parents, mothers and fathers get this get this app you need to get this app. It’s the best I don’t I think it would be the best app in the world whoever made it is the most genius person in the world to my heart because I did it with some friends and my friends found out some secrets, but that’s OK and now I can’t know who is lying and who’s not thank you that’s why I give it five stars
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1 year ago, Smoove Films
This game is amazing!
I love this game because it’s just saying you lie or don’t want because you don’t want to like ask my sister lotta questions that’s why I downloaded the Lie Detector test and Orianna was lying a lot OK so my sister loves this game. She can play all day long. I think I like about this game because you don’t have to put your fingers on the the The phone and and I lied like a little bit of time but I like this game because you gotta put your fingers ask a question I know you see if you lie or don’t lie OK and yeah song that’s what I want to game the last thing I love about this game is is because because because you just gotta put your two fingers on the thing I’m not iPhone or iPad you never know and you know you just answer the question and you just say say say ask a question you know say, did you waste the toilet paper did you did you do you like PB&J Ella I forgot to ask my sister that that’s that’s the last thing I love about this game. My sister does like it a lot she was lying. OK that’s it that’s it that’s all I wanna say and I give it a five star and I give it five stars and I read it 10 out of 10 my sister rate it zero out of 10. Yeah that’s it. Thank you Guevarez for making this game bye by Jacob
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9 years ago, Smart-cookie Girl12006
This game is amazing!!
This game is amazing if anyone says other wise they don't know what they are missing out on!! The trick works very, very well. I did on my brother for like fifteen minutes and he didn't figure it out! You hid the trick very well no one will figure it out. (unless they read the directions in the first place) The only this is you should have made a settings to turn off the info button. In the game instead of putting it right in front of your face in the blue " info" circle you should put it in a settings, because then they will press it and know the trick. But what I did originally when the directions came up when my brother got the game I made him go get something and then I turned it off so he wouldn't know. And to this day (15 days after I got the game) he still doesn't get the trick!!! This game is worth taking up storage! That's why I gave it 5 ⭐️s.👍🏻👍🏻
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1 year ago, Mmm mmm😐
It’s not bad but not the best 🫤
Well this game is just like a prank game basically like play a prank on your friend your family this games is a one time thing wants they start to notice you keep switching hands there going to ask why? Are you going to say well this hand is very uncomfortable or it’s getting. Really tired or just Amit the truth. And say we’ll it’s just a fun silly joke game and never use it until your 123 NO. Because you’d be dead by then this game was very difficult too understand at first because it just sad click left to say lie and right to say clear I did finger it out I tricked my sister and she failed for it but when she doing something she dose not care anything about what your saying and she did not pay attention so I got to do it 2 or 3 times but like I said only a one time thing.
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4 years ago, Annie Galsim
I love it and hate it.
So I bought it and I told a lie and then and told something true but then 4 ads came and jumped in my way and I was like uhh 😒 I was waiting so I’d give this a three star rate and I totally love it 🤗 and all but the ads are too much so whoever made that game had to work it out before they published It so maybe a one star rate or two star rate or a three star rate or… hmm… ya three star rate is what i would choose anyways I kinda hate it and love it at the same time but i mostly hate it cause it’s very good in all but a bad and I’m about to tell my best friend about it and I hope she likes it cause I don’t😒 anyways I really hope she likes it cause I really really really really really don’t like it😟 to me it’s the worst! Signed: Annie Galsim
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2 years ago, tred panda
4*town forever
I said if my friend likes blablabla and it said no and then I said it again it said yes and I did it to me it said yes than I did it again it said no but it still is a good game just lies sometimes and when I do the scanning it gives me adds every single time I scan my hand but it still good over all just need some tweaks.
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3 years ago, Ultra mega buena
I love it
It is so amazing it’s so fun and actually you can try to see your friends if you go to the babysitter and you have a lot of fun with it like you can test it on your boyfriend girlfriend or friends or family members and it’s so much fun because when I did it to myself and I told the truth but sometimes it tells lies that it’s not even that it’s true but it’s it’s fly and I’m gonna try this on the babysitter I hope the kids are there I hope my friends that because my friend is not always there well 10 stars give a 10 stars stars
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4 years ago, Party Music 1000
I love it it AWESOME 👏
I love this game!! People say they don’t like it because it doesn’t work but it’s not supposed to be working just read lazy people and it not supposed to work because it says it tricks you friends and it does!!!!!! So what you do is put your left and on it to tell the truth and put your right hand on to make it a lie but there is a lot of adds but I can fix that just put it on airplane ✈️ mode and........ wa la perfect game! And it so so so good when I play as the cop 👮‍♀️ and my friends play as the killer it GREAT I LOVE THIS GAME THANK YOU!!
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8 months ago, EKM Emma Kate Marsh
You got to breathe too say truth I am eight and I just bought it and I already figured it out
Hi, my name is can’t tell you, but this game is so cool like full stars don’t look at any of the other ones. This is so cool they don’t even make you pay so get this because it’s free and you just have to put your hands on it. You just gotta breathe and not move it for you to tell the truth but if you want to lie keep on moving your hand and hold your breath till you get lightheaded
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2 years ago, 🥳🥳m
Me and my friends love it we are laughing so much all the time. It’s like it’s actually true(even though it’s not) I recommend this because it is super funny and you use your imagination to come up with questions to ask other people. And the results are not actually true so don’t go running to your mom saying” why do you hide chocolate in your room” because she probably doesn’t if you got it from this game. So enjoy the game
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5 years ago, Sollymaster
Please note
Hello people that are about to complain about it being fake: yes it is fake and it states in the app description and when you first open the app that it is for entertainment purposes. Sorry to tell you but your phone can’t do things it couldn’t do before if you install an app. If you install a gun app does your phone turn into a gun? No, it doesn’t. I give the app five stars because it states its intentions clearly and does what it is trying to perfectly.
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2 years ago, gvx799
Wow! It’s really cool!
So I know how all lie detectors are cool but this one is cooler than most! It has a trick where you can make it say lie or truth automatically! I haven’t found much use except if you know it’s a truth or a lie. But overall great app! It’s a cool app and you can do a lot of pranking with it! Recommend it to everyone! 👌🏻👍🏻⭐️⭐️⭐️ P.S if you are hating ads then turn off Wi-Fi. Also if you turn on airplane mode and turn off cellular data it will be a great app!
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2 years ago, sarahbug829
I mean like:
It is a fun app but like, even tho I’m telling the truth it puts the red hand! But like it’s still fun I give ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ out of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ but like c’mon man like Ik ur trying ur best (who ever made it) but like make it actually sense ur heart beat BOI (or girl) but look at it this way: if u make it ACTUALLY sense ur heartbeat more people will get it and that’s a big YAS so(update suggestion:) “I want you to add a thing where it actually senses ur heart beat and it actually detects lies and truth but when it gets Used to much just say it’s a lie for a sec and then it will say truth if ur really telling the truth”
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2 years ago, dhdtfejjdhdegejss
Why you should download this app
At first I just downloaded this app because I was bored but then I tested a bunch of lies and it told me lie and then I tested a bunch of truths and it stayed true 😊😍and actually I thought this would be another app that just randomly says lie true lie true just like that 🙄but this app couldn’t be better it’s actually real and you should try it for whoever read this I hope upu try this app 😊 🥰 ☺️
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6 years ago, Hhccbbffccxxxcc
It’s awesome I don’t know about everyone else but it’s true it totally tells the truth It knows what’s true and what’s not true and I even think so so you should totally get this app yeah the people out there if you don’t like it that’s OK. But I love it it’s just a great app for everybody. :-it knows what’s true and it’s not true and I even think so so you should totally get a sack Yother people out there if you don’t like it that’s OK. But I love it it’s just a great app for everybody. 😃😍😎
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9 years ago, Reviewpuzzle
For those of you that say this app is bad, you are wrong. You are just negative and try to make everything seem bad. I love this app and so does everyone else that is sane. Seriously! I love this app. Sure, it's not always right, but it's still really fun. Does anyone really expect an app to be right. It's just great. So basically, awesome app, sure not always right but awesome and if you think it's bad, your insane. I'm not going to say stupid, although I want to.
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9 years ago, Chynatzu
OK so it's not working as well as all of it says. But I don't get it why is it like it'll do something weird like it'll it'll like scan the fingers and it'll make weird sounds like it's not working because it will annoy say truth or dare crazy right there crazy life right OK so whatever I'm weird yeah whatever I'm saying I'm just doing a little weird night now I have a special job if you do say this and it's not working what but yeah fix
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3 years ago, Sauremon
Awesome game
Awesome game I have a lot of apps on my iPad and honestly this ones my favorite. I’ve gone around to all my family members and tried it and it revealed things I didn’t know about them. Although it can bring out some anger it’s fun. The only thing I sometimes get annoyed about is the ads but overall this is an amazing game and I recommend downloading it.
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7 years ago, Timberwolf1072005
This game is super fun! And for all of the people who are saying, OH IT DOESNT WORK!, well if you read the description then you would know that this game is just for fun and doesn't actually detect truths or lies! And for the people who say IT TAKES PICS OF YOU THROUGH THE CAMERA! well, you have to allow the app to access your camera for it to take pics! But anyway, this game is super fun! (If you are not an idiot and you read the description) 😜
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2 years ago, pjhy7
This game is bad and good
The thing I don’t like about it is it is sometimes true but sometimes not and I like the game but it’s just not right every time I play it just does not work it’s a scanning I ask you a question it feels like you’re not I supposed to ask you a question but then how would you be able to ask it like a liar or a trick so if you’re reading this I don’t like the game because it’s lying I like the game because it doesn’t lie all the time
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4 years ago, Olivia da weeb
Did not even work
So I was looking up some random games one day and then I saw this because I was searching up ghost detectors this popped up so I decided to download it but when I downloaded this was bad because it didn’t work it kept saying loading even though I was asking her questions I said I have seven brothers but I didn’t and I didn’t even say anything and then I said another question that I can’t remember and then I just kept saying loading loading the same time so then I decided to get it off my iPad because this was just a waste so can you try to figure out what’s up with this
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5 years ago, AnimalLover %100 I LOVE FOXES
This app
This app is amazing, and it is pretty good, but what again is it saying is a truth or a lie??? I’m not mad, I’m just confused. I am slightly irritated, since I am hyperactive my hands sometimes tremble, so it causes errors A LOT. I would be much happier if you added the microphone button so you can say something and it says if it is true or false, and if you didn’t make it extremely touch sensitive.
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1 year ago, 101flour_08
Kinda creepy
I was messing around saying some random stuff (fake stuff) they all said fake then when I said “whoever made this game will track me down” it turned out true. I hope this is just for entertainment because I’d it isn’t I’m ganna have a heart attack lol anyway I love creepy games so 5 stars I’ll end the review here to keep to short and simple
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3 years ago, Addy Gon.
Kind of wrong
My sister says her favorite show is Bunk’d but it is showing up as a lie and then she said her second favorite show is dive club and it said that she does not like it. I kind of like this game but it does have some problems that you need to be fixed about recognizing fingerprints and about telling the truth. I hope that you can tell the inside of what you don’t know and what you do now so that way it is easier for us to understand.
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3 years ago, osjdndnskbd
If you want to prank people get this app
This is a really funny app I tried it on my sister and she actually believed it,I was laughing so hard in my insides I tried it on my parents and they believed it too,If you ever want to prank your friends ir family get this app to prank people it’s fake so you can change it to truth or false you should get this app.😁😄👍🏼
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1 year ago, pkxdNOw
Plz respond
I love this game! It’s a fun trick to play on your friends. For all who are saying, “it’s fake” or, “this game lies” it literally says in the beginning when you download the game that it isnt real. I love this game. I let my 5 year old sister ask me questions and when it says lie she says “ha! You are a liar I knew it all along!” And has the cutest reaction to it. Thanks for this app
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4 years ago, Mialove124
Best game ever
And how I can test my mom and see if she wants a boyfriend and this one time well today I did it to my sister and I said did you eat all of my candy and then I put her things on the lie detector and guess what she said it said yes and she said OK fine I did so this is the best game ever I really hope you guys get this message so you guys can test it out and find out yourself🥰🥰😍😍😘😘😆😆😆😀😀😃😃😄😄😁😁😆😆 ...
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7 months ago, Watergirl2013! 💧🌊
Not always accurate
Most of the time it’s accurate but sometimes it’s not this is a really great app that you can test people or yourself. But it’s not always accurate and that kind of makes me mad because I like accurate answers. Maybe if you could just like fix it, then I would like it a lot better. But other than that tiny problem, I love it! 😀 - Watergirl2019! 💧🌊
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8 years ago, fact_a_gram
So Much Fun
This is one of my favorite apps. You can rig the results of the lie detector by tapping in certain areas of the screen and make your friends think the detector actually worked. They wanted to test it, so I would be like "try to lie to the detector" and I would rig the detector to say lie, so they thought it had caught them lying. The pranks I pull with this app are absolutely hilarious.
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6 years ago, 💖🌸😍
Very good for pranking!!!!!!!! 😂 😂
Although I’m pretty sure it defeats the purpose, whenever I use the game, I always rig it to say whatever I want, and it’s hilarious!!!!!!! I’ll say something like “I’m an idiot,” then I’ll rig it to say lie, then I’ll do the same thing to my brother and rig it to say true. Again, it’s hilarious because nobody knows that I’m rigging it and everybody thinks that they’re idiots now 😂😂😂!!!!!!
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2 years ago, Rachel Nicole Morrison
OK so I do like it but there’s one problem or I mean two so first off there is a lots of ads and I’m getting frustrated by that and annoyed Second off a lot of the times one I say something about me that’s true it keeps saying it’s a lie so I kinda don’t like it but I know that these people worked very very hard making this and I want to say that you did a good job I wouldn’t say the best job but a good job!
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3 years ago, pppplpppppppppppppppppplpppp
Best game in the world the best game in the world the best game in the world
You are the best game I’ve ever had in the world thank you so much for inventing this game it helps so much to make sure my BFF is not lying to me blah be that’s what she just said yeah yeah please stop blah blah blah oh my gosh I were having a conversation on this but this is the best game in the ever ever I’m sorry I can’t talk today sorry and anyways this is the best game I ever had
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6 years ago, Aubry Ellis
Scary sad edition
I was getting this app because my mom wouldn’t let me get a ghost detector game I wanted to get it but then I saw this app then she let me get this one or should I say app and I was happy with it I really really wanted it and she got it for me I was happy in the first question I asked it Was am I adopted it said yes I was so sad then the next question I asked it Was is my sister adopted it say yes then I was even sadder then I asked it does my mom love me it said yes I was thrilled and happy! I I loved this app now!!!
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8 years ago, Add kamkord!!!!!!
HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOTS OF BUGS!!!!!!!!!! BUT AWSOME💗
I just noticed your a car finder, but you said it was not our car when you lead us to it. Please fix your car finder. Also, there is a problem with the lies and truths. I was testing it when I said, "I am a mer" I knew it was false, but it said true!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tested it again, and again I said "I am a mer" and it said false. Please fix that.
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3 years ago, puppycutkitty
I asked my friend to lie to see if this thing worked we both lied and on both of us it said lie and when we told the truth it said truth this game is legit I wound suggest to all of my friends also if you have any suspicions about some body download this app and see if they are telling the truth or lying
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3 years ago, subtobrandon302yt
I love to prank my brother and my freinds with this app and they still don’t know that it’s fake it’s so amazing you did a great job I just wish that every time you pressed again there would be adds but other than that you’re game is amazing have a good day keep up the good work 👍
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6 years ago, josh meiman
broke up my friendships
this app is impeccable. it’s flawless technology helped acknowledge that my friends are pieces of crap. when it’s correct conclusions surfaced, I realized that I indeed had friends that were liars. download this app to expose your closest friends to the heathens that they actually are. 10/10 would recommend, but the ads are annoying
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4 years ago, 🧁🧁🧁🧁🧁❤️
I am honestly shocked, every other lie detector app out there is under 3 stars, tried most of them and they don’ t work, but, I told a lie to see if this one worked and it marked like, then I told a truth and it marked truth, wow, if you want a good lie detector purchase this app NOW!🤯👏🏻👌👌👌👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻♥️♥️♥️ Edit: Umm... I lowered one star because I just told a lie and it marked truth, still wayyyyy better than many other lie detectors so try it
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4 years ago, Eli van brunt
Wish I could give zero stars The game is bad
It’s not even a game! Not that I’m saying it needs to be but still first of all all the fingerprints are the same if I scan with my thumb and pinky it shows up with my middle finger and index finger and they’re not even mine it’s just a random picture second of all it doesn’t even know what you’re saying it just spams random outcomes! Third of all there’s barely any features apart from a lie to tactor that doesn’t even detect lies! Horrible game would NOT recommend! ฅ⁽͑ ˚̀ ˙̭ ˚́ ⁾̉ฅ
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5 years ago, good but not so good
It is TRUE
This game is true and the way I know is every thing I ask it is always right It is SO COOL and one of the things a asked was is sofie going to be here today and it said lie and that means no in this question and she was not there and it got my bears name right and everything so get this app it can help and it is good it is 4+ so it is easy to get
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8 years ago, The2///wolf
All Those People
Lol great app but all the moms saying it scans ur finger first of all the ones that are saying it takes pictures were is the camera? At the top of your screen not in the very middle and the file is to small to copy your fingerprint it would have to save it to a database and it's to small to have a database
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7 months ago, Coolcaius
Amazing it works
This works and completely scams my lie and truth you should download it it’s really amazing I really liked it I could know if someone’s lying or not and I’m gonna see if my sister my six year old sister is lying or not. Sometimes she lies but I’m serious you should get it I really like it🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑😺😺😺😺😸😸😸😸😸😻😻😻😻😻 lie ❌ ✅ truth
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4 years ago, besnae
1 Question
Is it really true because I tried on myself think I was a cool dude and I said no and it said why and then when I said I’m a cool dude are you cool dude and then I said yes and said true yeah I think it’s a real working out it’s crazy but I really like the app too it’s a good prank app so like sometimes it works and like sometimes it doesn’t work
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4 years ago, line semitry
People this game answers ur life problems me and my friend just tried this and we asked are these are names and we said our names and it said true and we said some other stuff that is true and it said true,Laney Madison: hello all the things we asked that were true came up true you need to get this app!
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8 years ago, YUNUREAD
Wow just WOW 😍😍😍😍😤😤😤
To all of you people saying "ITS FAKE "DOSNT WORK", if you read the discription. It said for entertainment purposes only. The only reason I do have this do is I got a new phone for my b-day and I baby sit a lot so I let the older kids on the other apps and the younger kids (2-6) on selected apps, this apps keeps them busy for hours.
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4 years ago, yumicoto
This app is FAKE!!! I got the app and tried it and it got it right, well I thaught. So I did it again and it said I lied and I did so I thaugh it was right again so I did it again and I said a lie but it said I told the truth!! I started to realize a pattern and so I did it a couple times and I was right it did have a pattern!! The pattern is, true false true false true false. This app is FAKE and not very fun. Thx for reading this if u did and if anyone wants to know how this app works at if it is real show them this 5o let them know thx.
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4 years ago, lillyana Raelynn McCalip
This is a lie
This game is fake because I have tried this out with not saying anything or with no one around me and just guessed and my friend tried this app she only put two fingers more like the tip of her fingers and guess what it was a lie it said but I didn’t believe it so this is just a knock off app
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2 years ago, I love roblox emma
This game doesn’t tell the truth and I know it
So I said does this game only tell the truth? And it said no aka lie So then I said is my favorite animal dogs which it is and it said no I was like fine I’ll try one more time I said something that I knew was not a lie and it said it was a lie so it just doesn’t tell the truth And I just downloaded it ! So I tried it with my friend. We told only things that were true and it’s only said lie so I decided to delete it because it’s just never told the truth! Or if it was a lie
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4 years ago, 😝🤩🤑$$$money maker
Doesn’t work
Every single time I try to put my hand on it says error error error. Or or I say something that’s true and it says lie! I was going to use this app to show my mom I wasn’t lying about taking something of hers!! Now she’ll never know because it only does life but when I don’t say anything it says truth!! Why does it does do that?? So annoying!!!! Five minutes Later I read another review and found out it was a trick I guess all of that bad reviewing it was for nothing so five stars
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