Truth and Lie Detector

4.4 (21.4K)
30.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ichiban Mobile
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Truth and Lie Detector

4.37 out of 5
21.4K Ratings
2 years ago, Sarahi1988
Scam but…
Hi my name is Jessica I give it three stars because it’s fun but it’s also fake… when I first downloaded this game I started playing my brother asked a simple question like are your wearing “black shorts” I said yeah because I was but then it said it was a lie And it kept saying True true true and then lie over and over again… but it’s fun! You don’t have to download it if you don’t want to but I do recommend it it’s fun!!! I think you will love it 💙 Bye
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3 years ago, Jidawc
Fake, But Fun 🤩
So it’s fake. But i’ve used it in videos and movies and it looks so convincing and i think it really would need like 2 stars but this app is i guess amazing. And no i am not one of the people that they command them to rate and how to rate it. But if you like fun, you’d like it 👍🏻 Thx also i am ninja the gamer cousin no cap but yeah i’m on fortnite name is TheCreature909 But yeah have a great day. And also developers, I have one question. how did you make this app because i make movies and all but everyone asks me for an game app. Please respond 🥺
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12 months ago, testing time
Testing time
OK to tell y’all the truth when I used lie detector it only does lie truth, Leilei Leilei, truth or truth it’s not even doing like you know much it’s just trying to help your mind. It’s just trying to pretend that it tells you everything the The truth but it doesn’t it’s just met made for people to but the two fingers and then it tells Leilei truth, but when they do that they have to say I am something or something something but really that whole thing is just made for likes and reviews so they get money but really it’s not good and I don’t recommend this. Literally this will waste your time and it won’t do anything for you.
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2 months ago, Fftcjfgggggfg
OK, so first of all this thing isn’t even right like literally it just randomizes it although it is fun it’s not true. It’s more like a prank detector not like an actual see if you’re lying or telling the truth not like that at all I would not buy this game if I were you even though it is a little fun, of course unless you want to prank your friends, then this is a pretty good app.🥺🤯🫠
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4 years ago, millrjess
I’m not telling you my name
It’s good in all but it’s not real.. I tried it on myself and it was not real I'm not a hater or anything it's just it's not real to me I'm sorry those people who think I'm hating on this app well not exactly because it's a good app but it's not that useful I mean like u could do a prank on ur friend and be like: hey this is real can I test you real quick. I still gave the app 5 stars just because it's useful for pranks 😏
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1 month ago, hjcjcjndgh
Absolutely recommend
Every single question I answered it was completely right whenever I answer on my eyes blue and green mixed together it said true and also im a girl so I asked if I’m a girl and it said that it was true this was funny, but I asked that if a building fell on me and it said no so I absolutely recommend this because it was completely true or accurate
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1 year ago, 1000 wishes
Very realistic
Me and my sister were asking each other questions and it was saying the right answers like one time in my sister did this question we said is my mom’s name Ariana and it said falls and we were surprised you got other questions right to! I this game is so fun to play with friends I’d recommend buying it🤗
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3 years ago, Best app for draw
Love it
It can tell you the truth a lot but It can lie often so be aware somethings might not be true don’t get offended or sad or mad or any feeling in between that it’s all right if something is telling the truth and it’s not what you wanted that’s OK just relax and you only get one life that we know of so you must use your time wisely and you can’t get mad over stupid things.
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7 months ago, Millie😈😲😈😲😈😲
Not a fave at all
At first it was pretty fun. I liked it but I didn’t say anything once and it’s still did it if that makes sense I also think it’s a lie. I don’t think this game is real. It’s fun you can download it but I really wouldn’t recommend it that much still not my fave but I like it. I guess it’s not real and I would not download it if you don’t like fake apps because this is 100% fake you can download it it’s fine I guess but if you’re a person who doesn’t like fake stuff and don’t don’t do it, that’s all I have to say about it
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2 years ago, Lilasila48
I think my uncles magic
The day I downloaded this app i seriously thought it was real but my uncle said it was not! So I played the game with him and all the answers were wrong the he left the room. Later on I played it again and it was true! AGAIN! So I went to show my uncle and it was wrong again! Now its only sometimes true, I THINK HE BROKE IT! 😩😡😱
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1 year ago, fhnngrkutf
I t Tried to see if it actually worked but it didn’t cause I kept thinking in my head something that was true and it was always a lie. I didn’t really like that so that is why I gave it a one star review. it’s fun, but I just didn’t like it because it I didn’t actually tell whether I was lying or not because I actually tested it and thought of lie and then it said it was true. It’s so far I just downloaded the app and like it didn’t. actually I can test it on my brother and see but I tested it on my self It just didn’t work.
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1 year ago, drzjygfuytfuyfcc
It’s entertaining of course it’s not real, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is very entertaining and fun some thing I was a bit annoyed about was after using the app a few times it kept saying lie over and over again. overall, it’s a good app.
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3 months ago, wost game ever😕
Me and my friend were playing this game. We didn’t read the instructions very well and my friend put her hand on the scanner thingy. Then what happend next, it just say complete then we didn’t know what to do because we’re sorta dumb and I told her to let go and it’s loading and Gose “lie” we didn’t even say anything. It’s not creepy but just really fake, like Barbie’s hair. Don’t download this unless your just up to play anything. Young and stupid people be aware so ur not crying for random things FRIEND IT SCAMMED US ITS STUPID
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1 year ago, lsplash dev
Bruh this aint lying
Bro so my sister has been telling me stuff and then it shows the correct thing and then this thingy show my exact feeling exact secrets and it went publicand then i bringed my phone to school and then it just showed my secrets i would not get his but get this
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2 years ago, Bumble-$e!
I think this app is good if you think your friend or sibling is keeping a secret from you. But I think when it is done scanning your fingers it generates between “true” and “lie”. So this is a random generator but there probably is no truthful app for lie detector tests. So if you really want to know the truth then I would just pay someone in real life to come and do it somewhere. SO IT IS A RANDOM GENERATOR! That is why I am giving it 2 stars. I would expect more from this app.
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2 years ago, The Wolf Named Sailor
Not a game that you would want to download.
When I got this game, I thought that it would make my Parents know that I am single, and so when I started playing this game, it just asked me, “Place your Fingers into the scanner” and so, I did. I was a lot confused, and I decided to delete this game, bc after I placed all of my five fingers onto the “Adult Sized Scanner” It just said, “Lie” Idk why…Please Help Me! I got Lie twice, And I have no clue why..I Did NOT Enjoy This “Real” Game!!
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3 years ago, littlenicky$
It usually works!
This is a great app, it usually works,not guaranteed to always get it right but that’s fine because nothing is perfect, right? Please make more things similar to this, and I would definitely get it thanks!
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10 months ago, dadughu
✅❌This lie detector is cool 😍💕💞👍
When I tried the lie detector, it worked very well and I was so shocked. At first I thought it was fake. But then I was so surprised! You guys should really try this out whenever someone lies or you don’t believe someone or something. Download now!
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5 years ago, This is True by me
It was fine ✅
It was like a prank for your friends cuz if u tap the right part of “tap to start”then it will be a lie. If u tap the left part then it will be true. If u tap the middle then it will be random. A lot of people didn’t know that. So it was actually a very good prank for your friends!
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12 months ago, 1o3241
Best game but,
This game is great but it has a lot of ads, it doesn’t tell the truth. My daughter asked me do you eat my Halloween candy I said No and the game said yes! But my daughter and I like it + there’s not much money to pay By, McKinley Aguirre
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1 year ago, ctycfy
Like what the heck
Like what the heck this is fake and I know that because when I sat something true it says it’s false and when I say a false thing it says it’s true sooooo can you make the app a little bit more interesting and realistic pls and it says put ur finger down and not to be weird but it scans fingers and other things that are not fingers like it scanned my tongue and my toes
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8 months ago, @BarbieDoll_Melissa
This is proven to work
I tried this lie detector and said about 10 things, and the results all worked. Don’t waste money on a non-mobile lie detector, this one is free and perfectly working
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11 months ago, Sovietmuffin
John bad
Amazing the cards we found on bed and we tried to see if who did hide it and it was a kid named Johnny snd she was the one who did it and we did it multipal times and it said lie and we called 911 on her and she got arrested thank you 🙏🙏
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2 years ago, Juliana good review
This Game Os Perfectly Fine But Some People Are Taking It To Seriously This Game Is Obviously Fake And People Are Saying When My Question Is True It Says False But For Those People That Are Saying That WELL THE GAME IS FAKE SO STOP BEING KARENS Don’t Take Is Review Personally It’s Just My Opinion Thank You
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2 years ago, Yourlocalbestie😜
Great game but it lies sometimes :/
So I’ve been playing this game for 1 year now and it’s pretty great but sometimes it’s lags and it logs me out and that is annoying so pls fix the game but anyways, I’ve been exposed a lot of times….
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7 months ago, Beautiful pinkie pie
Ok so sometimes I play this game but I will say that it’s a scam and it’s definitely not real because I ask it question about me like what’s your favorite color but when I when I say the truth it says lie so be warned if you don’t like games like this then be who you wanna be but I personally think it’s a ok app.
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1 year ago, Bryleigh2012
I love this app I pranked my friends with it and now she thinks her crush hates her.🤣But then she pressed the side that said truth and told me to ask something and now she thinks her crush likes me.😆😅🤣But other than that It dose t tell the right thing most of the time it guesses😐
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4 months ago, JOJO♥️💛
3 stars
I really like this app I was able to prank my friends with it , but some of them new it was a prank . You could make the phone vibrate when it’s “scanning “ and make it like a little bit more real . Other than that I love the app and highly recommended it :)
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1 year ago, no857
4 stars
So me and my cousin were playing it and I asked him do you have 10 million dollars and he said no and it said true but the next one it wrong but I think it’s a good prank and it just guesses
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2 years ago, OfficialTrinity_
Really works
I would ask few questions, it knew when I was being truthful or lying about my feeling it really works
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3 years ago, Pastor Chito
I love this game.
This game is mostly used for pranks on your friends because is said left for true and right for false and middle for random. It’s a good game for pranking. So I give it 5 stars.
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6 months ago, Hi kids adopts and more
How Tyler Chance harpole thinks
Hi my name Chance I agree that it’s fun but also fake but some of them that happens is true see I do believe in the fact and not the story’s that people make up like Bigfoot also every one who’s said is fake all other lie detector apps a fake I tried don’t download them. And I’m Chance harpole age of :10 out.
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2 years ago, french bulldog lover 😊
It’s not real but is fun 🤩
It’s a very fun app but it’s is not real I asked a couple of questions and they were not real I think it is fun but yah so I’m going to prank a couple of my friends with it because you tell it want you want it to say but if you are bored this will be so fun for you😊
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2 years ago, Khloe pitts
I have tricked so many of my friends and family members it is so funny. The only thing I would change is how long the hand scan is.
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1 year ago, hchjckdjk
This game is awesome
I love this game I can know everybody’s secrets it’s so much fun but apparently Daniel knows I have a boyfriend so that’s not my girlfriend I don’t like girlfriend I’m a girl you said me I do not have a boyfriend
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1 year ago, Jazlynn Hicks
I love this app but the answers are not true (obviously) but this game is fun to play when you are bored. Just know they are random answers either True or Lie!
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2 years ago, urgff tdts yfogc
Well it’s okay we tricked it by saying did we work at a car shop and the answer was no but it said it was true
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8 months ago, desdamona10
I love this app ❤️
You should definitely get this app, it’s amazing and actually tells the truth. It is also great to play with your friends
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12 months ago, LIYAHH PLAYZZ SIMMS
bro this actually works I am so glad I even tested it to see if it worked by saying stuff personal and then if it comes out right!
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2 years ago, Luigi mansion three
This is such a good game. I am actually falling Foret. But I asked The same questions twice. And it said two different Answers But it’s so so good thank you for making This very good app
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3 years ago, anonymous16657567465355356544
So yes it might be fake but..... It is super fun! For example, the first time that I tried this app I said I hate my brother but I do not and it said lie. I WAS SO IMPRESSED!! You should get this app! It is a really good app to pass the time and it is really interesting and fun! DOWNLOAD THIS APP RIGHT NOW!!!
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6 months ago, I ❤️ this gam
I love this game
This game is true not fake like the other ones. You don’t have to pay for the game,and there are no ads.
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6 months ago, ioj,ifeaSXC.
The 5 star game
The game is so fun and it’s not fake. I tried it on my sister and my mom and my grandma and my grandpa and my friend and they all have the right answer. It is not a fake.)
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2 years ago, kat071013
Great game
I do know that this game is a prank app. but I love this game. It works so good 😊. Im just confused why people don’t read the instructions and think that it randomly selects true of false!
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2 years ago, uni🥳🙃😆🎁
Just guesses
It doesn’t actually tell you the real thing I said I love gymnastics which I do and it said it was lie I said it again and it said that it was truth it just guesses and I hate that my little brother Lost his two front teeth and he said it to this machine and he said it was a lie gosh I think there is a bug in this game
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2 years ago, Cookie Aydin😇🥳
It works perfect
I kept on telling me to shoot about myself to shoot about my brother that lives by my sister is the lie about me and lie about my brother
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1 year ago, meow meow22
5 ⭐️ 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
It dose not tell the truth but it is SO cool and it certainly is fun me and my sister love to play it together and it is just so awesome it dose not always tell the truth but it dose some time so highly recommended😍😍😍😍😍
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4 weeks ago, L.O.V. E. Not
I hated this game so much because it was not telling the truth and every time that my friend tried it, it always said that it was a lie, even though she was telling the truth. it kept repeating itself, and it said that my friend was adopted, even though she wasn’t. those are only some of the reasons why I hate this app so much.
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3 years ago, wloatel
I asked 5 questions and it got it right all 5 times it woke I thought it would not have been right it works
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3 months ago, catnap money
Hey guys it’s me catnap money you might have seen my review on just talk kids and that ghost Detector game but yeah the title is true I asked my 2 TRUE answers but it said LIE like what I’d give it a 0 star review who ever made this game I have to say one thing ..... WHY DID YOU SCAM US 😡 this game makes me mad but any way who Evers reading this I got your back I’ll tell you everything have a good day !
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