Truth or Dare?

4.1 (6.8K)
74 MB
Age rating
Current version
Appcano LLC
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Truth or Dare?

4.11 out of 5
6.8K Ratings
2 years ago, uhhm me wont tell you meh name
Pretty decent, but the ads are a little much.
So, this app is great. I honestly like to just look through the dares and maybe do 1 or 2 or just answer truths to myself because I don’t really trust others with t or d. But there are way too many ads. People might say that you can just turn on airplane mode but my airplane mode won’t work and I still get ads. So maybe try to turn the ads down? They can be up to 20 seconds and a lot of people hate them like me. Anyways, great game! I like how you put different age groups because a lot of t or d games are.. er... dirty. REALLY dirty. And kids could be looking for fun if they are bored, then get traumatized because they clicked on “adult fun t or d.” 4 stars!! :)
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2 years ago, barba ✨✨✨
Needs Improvement
So I downloaded this game because I was at a sleepover and we wanted to play Truth Or Dare. I like how there are different sections to choose from, especially since we are kids. But there’s literally an ad every two turns, and some of them include going outside. When I get those cards I skip them, but then I get a ad shoved in my face. We just want to play the game! Overall? It gave us something to do atleast. I’ll keep app for now…
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1 year ago, Ken11514
Great game
Had this game for years, crazy to see y’all do a massive overhaul with more content. Sad to see ya gotta pay $20 a year for some of it. Honestly great game even with the general stuff so worth the download. Great game for getting to know new people, passing the time, and even learning new things about old friends. For the truths when you are willing to answer and actually open up things get fun. For the dares they are realist and fun to do. Game is even fun when ya doing just truths tho. If you aren’t feeling like moving around or dares basically ya still can have fun. Can’t wait to look though the newest content.
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1 year ago, Char_latte69
There isn’t much to do
I liked it before because even though there were ads, there were more options. Now it gets boring and I don’t like it anymore. It should all be free because I don’t have a lot of money. Please fix this because mostly teens use this and they don’t have the best income and they also don’t want to spend their money on an app. Also, a lot of teens don’t have a way to pay electronically and if they wanted to buy it their parents would have to buy it for them. That makes it so the parents can see what they’re buying and they most likely won’t buy it for the kid. That makes it so you get less money and less users. When you had the ads, I didn’t love it but at least I wasn’t bored with the questions.
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2 days ago, Cheyenne.s3285
This is great for the age 9/100 FYI has some bad stuff
This game is fun for a lot of people but…I was playing with my dad and he was reading my question I picked truth and I could not see the thing it said and he clicked passed cause it was bad so yeah it can be bad but it can be funny like one time my dad picked Dare and it said do a cartwheel and it was funny for me😎…but…not for him😕<>😏so yeah I know this was a little short but I hope you have fun on this game
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1 year ago, j F San h
I love it. There is just one thing……. This app can get you in serious trouble… my daughter asked if she could us this app and I looked through it and said “ok sure but don’t use the ones for older ones.”but I did not see all the dares... a dare said to prank call a store and without me knowing she did it….she called a store! And the manager was not happy.. he was about to call the cops on us! Also one more thing why do you have to pay 20$ to have fun!? It’s crazy.. anyway good app recommend it!
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2 years ago, izzy (HuskyLuver2290)
NOT for Christian households.
This game promotes sinful actions and baby, Ramsey and MarySue;I witnessed them looking at their kindle fires and getting a dare that said kiss me the person to the right or some of that devilness i banned the game for my house for promotin such disgusting, DISGUSTING behavior that is probably is promoted into my kids life you should be ashamed of yourself because Ramsey was only two and MarySue was six. SHAMEFUL!!! (This is satire I actually enjoy your game)
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1 year ago, 4 star rating so god loves you
It is okay but it is fun I think you should change it and put every single one to unlock and it will get lots and lots of views but I wrote this interview to tell you that it is still fun but I think you should make a change just one little change if that’s OK with you
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1 year ago, jfhdijdbdbrjdiid
Was good then the update came.
I used to play this app all the time with my friends and it was super fun, but since the update came, I have been very displeased. Everything is locked and now I have to pay 20 bucks for something remotely fun?!!!???? No. No no, this is awful. And now we have to put our names in and it only allows two, like who plays a truth or dare game with TWO PEOPLE?! I am to say upset at the very least. I wish it would go back to when it was just the ads and you didn’t have to pay to unlock everything.
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4 years ago, xxxtentacionloverxoxo
So me and my friends were playing this and on the kids mode and we picked dare and the dare told us to call a random number and ask what they were doing and us being kids we were looking at random numbers on the web and on accident when we were looking at numbers and we clicked a random number on accident and we were like “ok it’s random” we didn’t see witch number it was and it turned out to be a restaurant and we got in trouble and almost got the cops called on us! I don’t recommend getting this app at all! This app can get you in lots of trouble.
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2 years ago, no lcue
This app is great
So like the way you can choose your own game mode is so cool it’s not just like one app that just chooses the little kid truth or dare. Plus sometimes the most random questions come and sometimes there so funny. When me and my family play this game we laugh a lot. So that’s why I love This game.
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10 months ago, Chloeslaycow
I love it!
This app is amazing there is all different things and modes so you never get any bad questions and they are always appropriate for the topic you have chosen it is so much fun to play with friends and family and free. Also, I just love it I recommend it for you too. Go download now!
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10 months ago, Goo goo ga ga.
So funny. 😂😂😂
I've played this game many times with my friends and it has unleashed many secrets 😂😂😂 I really love the game but I have a 𝓻𝓮𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓶𝓮𝓷𝓭𝓪𝓽𝓲𝓸𝓷, you need to add more to the game! I have gotten the same dare so many times and I think you should add more : ) that's all I have to say about this amazing game.
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2 years ago, mum yur
Awesome app!
This truth or dare app is not like the rest, it is a clean, safe, fun app. I used it with my kids and they still are screaming with joy. All the other apps are dirty and naughty, this app is clean. I recommend it to all those teens out there trying to play a fun sleepover game, without having to break the laws! Have fun
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4 years ago, IzzyIt5000
I downloaded this game to play between my friends and I. We clicked on the kids version and picked TRUTH, and the very first one said “Have you ever stripped down naked/ would you ever?”. We skipped it and went onto another, more inappropriate questions came on so we picked dare. The dare said for us to all get naked and have a dance party. Another super bad thing about this is that there is an ad every 2 questions/ dare. I would definitely suggest for you NOT to get this app. But hey, if you like inappropriate, too many adds, stupid apps then this app is for you!
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3 years ago, book is no. 1
This game is great!
Y’all that say there’s like 1 kid category, but it says 17+. I mean, come on. If it said 9+ you would have every right to be mad. Also you are complaining about the adds? Turn off your WiFi it works like that. This is a perfect game for 17+ and I hope I will be using it for a long time!
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2 months ago, Charligirly
This is a very fun game. To play on sleepovers but is should not be for little ones because some things were very inappropriate for them but other than that it is a awesome game five out of five stars do you recommend for friends
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4 years ago, bdjshdjdv
It’s so fun
I love this game I played it with my cousins and I just loved it I played it with my mom and my neighbor and they loved it too. one of my fav dares is so the oldest persons hair is was so funny because she was only 15 and the rest of us we were like only 8 and 9 and no one knew how to do hair so it was funny and it came out really messy.
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3 years ago, sanggle buddy🙃🙂
It is ok
The game is a little boring because it has to mini ads but it’s a little fun the thing that we like about is playing true or dare but just don’t listen to the people that say is inappropriate because isn’t true.
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4 years ago, bluesky990
It’s really fun
They have some inappropriate things but good thing they have categories so we can no what not to pick and the adds are fine I can deal with the adds because come on there’s going to be adds so people are going to haft to deal with that. It is amazing to do with your friends when me and my friends are bored we go right to truth or dare and if people didn’t like the app then maybe they shouldn’t even have gone in the first place it’s on them.
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12 months ago, SmlFan1861
Pretty Good
I liked the app at first but then they made it so that you have to pay for every section except for the normal section and you have to pay to have mor than 2 players. It’s still a really good game but I preferred the old version
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4 years ago, mentallymarriedtojughead
Some of these things you have to do are things you do at home I think there should be a home and a outside selection and I hate that there are ads every 2 turns it’s a waste of time and I guess it’s fun but I might as well look up these truth or dares online 🤷🏽‍♀️ edit: there should be a over text section too because I can never think of a dare to do over text or even some truths
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5 years ago, merdarapunzul
Extremely inappropriate
I tried this game and the questions were extremely inappropriate, I deleted it after I tried it. even the kid ones were about kissing and crushes and so on. There were so many ads, after like every 2 questions there were an ad, and the ads were very inappropriate. I like how many options are, but if they were not as inappropriate I would use it.
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4 years ago, Joseph creeper king
Would be 4 stars
So the app itself is good I feel like the reviews are a little harsh or they fixed a bug which let some of the more inappropriate stuff out of the kids section which I like an app that improves and the truths and dares are pretty good but the ads are awful 3 things in and you are guaranteed an add if you can change it to at least 10 choices that would be so much better.
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3 years ago, Queen puppy🐶
It’s Ight
I love this app I play it with my friends and it’s so much fun but also it was so many adds so I don’t like that a lot but still it’s a good app so much fun but so many adds too like 🙄🙄🙄🙄i don’t like that and i also don’t want to pay for no adds Bc am broke too 😁so Yh that’s all
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1 year ago, Jdjdbcjcjxjcjxhxhb
Great app
This app was really fun to play but with the newest update you have to pay for all the categories and I used this app ever since it was just truth or dare I’m really sad that it doesn’t give existing users a pass
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5 years ago, missjackson98
Love it
Had this app for awhile now love the differences in the categories and the kids isn’t inappropriate from what I seen and the increase of the “sexual” stuff from adults to danger I would recommend this app to my friends highly
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2 years ago, Baseballman10777764
Don't waste your money!
The ads are horribly annoying so I purchased the app without ads for the sole purpose of the kids version. One of the dares was to swallow a tablespoon of Tumeric powder (a terrible choking hazard). Also, these truths/dares are not for younger kids. Most of the items belong in the "teens" group. The dares in the adult group are outrageously disgusting, mostly of a sexual nature so if your married or in a relationship, you'd never agree to most of the dares.
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1 month ago, Ari the awesome 🤩
It’s good and bad
First:Some are inappropriate questions for kids that are playing. Second:you have to pay alot of money for ONE thing! and thats all really but overall its an AWESOME GAME
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4 years ago, Moo🐮🐄
I liked it!
I thought it was overall good but there were WAY to many ads. But otherwise it was pretty good. A little inappropriate but at least they give you categories.
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9 months ago, Nevet again
The first time you were able and I didn’t have a chance
I’m so happy you found it useful for your work
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1 year ago, Paskel1111
My Friends and I had so much fun!!!
I had friends over for game night and wasn’t sure what to play then we looked up truth or dare and this made the night so much fun. Gotta try it!!! 🙌
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8 months ago, martay$86
U the best I can have for my family and my family is coming
It won’t let me pick and show me or danger or kids
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7 years ago, What this is awesome
Best truth or dare app
Almost no adds, great range (from kid friendly to mature plus), and overall, usually the things are worded good, a feature lots of other apps lack. My only suggestion is making a MYO section.
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7 years ago, samwantsfood
Its fun. Ut u have to skip a lot
There are a lot of explicit dares but if u just pass the ones that are to far its really fun to play. There are ads probably every 5 turns but it's better than the other apps that have one after every turn.
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5 years ago, Izzy20069
This is a great app! Would 120 percent recommend, but I would say you should be open to sexual things and weird things if you do get this, but that’s what I love about it, it has ‘fun’ things in it :] 😂😅😉 it is great.
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6 years ago, Shay175
Fun game to play.
This is a really fun game to play, but some of the words are miss spelled and some of the sentence are missing or missing letters or words like there could be to many “did” s in one sentence or missing the word/letter “A”. But overall a really good game.🙃
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4 years ago, sans the most kool skeloton
Solo game mode
Yes i love playing this game with friends but sometimes I wanna play alone i think there should be a solo mode with all of those categories i would play solo alot
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3 months ago, OrionSantana
Nice but…
Awesome games tons of options. Wish there was a way to build up the spice instead of jumping straight in though.
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8 months ago, mayahbuttermigic
It was kinda lame just a little but sometimes it was really funny but other then that I enjoyed that and I had fun with my cousin.
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2 months ago, Parker girl1234
You have to pay to get in other categories
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4 years ago, viejguvis
Ads to often
Ok so the app is good I have always liked truth or dare but you can do 2 questions then press back then no ads I would get the no ads but it’s to expensive for a simple app like that.
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6 months ago, moji9tigris
Great app
I think this is a great app because it lets you get to know people while still having fun.
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2 years ago, Si... anime luver
ADS 💀😭💀😭
It’s a great app there is only a couple issues. I like to play truth or dare with this game with my friends. The only thing is there alte WAY TI MANY ADS. Besides that it’s a really good game. I think you should download it.
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7 years ago, HW-Love Scannable
Wow my goodness this app is amazing, the questions are so deep and really get you thinking! 3 stars doesn't do it justice! Thank you for your investment in the community, we made great use of it!!!
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3 years ago, MushroomCloud66
I love this game I use with my friends and siblings but instead of saying “her or he “ They could say they or them but that’s my opinion but if your looking for a fun party are hangout game this is the game for that. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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10 months ago, Aliebird123
This is amazing
I love this app because I did this with my friends on the bus on the way to college and it was amazing and we did amazing on the classic truth or dares
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1 year ago, ikadnl
Best algorithm for this game
I want to thank the developers for implementing the algorithms which made my night right the way it was supposed to be.
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1 month ago, Johnjackojohnson
Fun app, but resets your purchase
I’ve enjoyed using this app since 2019 but I paid for the lifetime premium for about 20$ back in 2020, and now that it’s been updated I’ve lost my premium and it wants 20$ a month
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3 years ago, 🧜🧜🧜
The scary story
Me and my friend were playing this game. And she got one of the dares where it said go check the mailbox. Thinking it was easy my friend waddled down my yard to go check my mailbox. Everything was going great, until she fell and scraped her knee there was blood everywhere and now she has scars on her knee to this day! Definitely don’t recommend!
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