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User Reviews for truTV

4.55 out of 5
14K Ratings
11 months ago, schuvn
It has a couple bugs but what app doesn’t
It has a couple things that could be tweaked but honestly no app is perfect 100% of the time. While trutv has some funny shows, I have to admit that whoever writes the “developers responses” for this app , I have paused trutv just to read!! Whoever wrote some of those needs a channel of his own! They are hilarious in their responses to some of bashes they receive! Keep up the good work and the funny, yet helpful solutions:) ❤️
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1 year ago, Yoshi yo yo
a pirated website has more stability than this
genuinely the most buggy and counterintuitive app ever. it never leaves off in the right spot and is constantly not loading content or loading it improperly. when it's not glitching and bugging out it still has such a terrible design. no continue watching page, no PIP which i could be ok with if they let u do other things while in the app. you can only do one thing at once there's no background play. the ads are insufferable. due to the constant bugs it often has me watching the same ad breaks over and over. there's no way to stop auto play and won't even auto play the right episode. if im on episode 5 what make you think episode 3 should be on auto play instead of episode 6. and once again there's no way to stop it unless u force close. the landscape mode works properly about 30% of the time which is egregious considering how basic of a feature that is. a pirate website runs more stable than this. this app has never been fully functional for more than 20 minutes at a time. it's miraculous it has 4.6 stars because all the recent reviews are 1 star. it can hardly perform the basic function of playing content. all i want to do is watch impractical jokers and you guys make it so very difficult to do that. i force close the app about 30 times a day while just trying to watch one episode of impractical jokers. this app is good for nothing. a pirate website has more functionality than this
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6 years ago, myicepod
After the app automatically logs me in, it crashes
FIRST Unable to validate content login error. UPDATE ALLOWED ME TO AUTOMATICALLY LOG IN on home network, but crashes as soon as i click on a episode to watch. App is STILL worthless JUNK. What did you do with all the money your mother gave you to hire a programer ? Update.....sorry but what more details do you need? Your app crashes when I click on a episode to watch. The app was updated and current. I have deleted the app like so many other reviewers here, it is still junk Update is happening on my iphone and ipad pro both running most recent ios over wifi. My dog was sitting by my side wagging it’s tail. But these details are all available to your programer in their crash report log,but perhaps they would rather ask meaningless question then fix your app. It crashes, it is not working and it is not a isolated experience.
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5 years ago, Milaih
Great but...
Hey so I went in but you don’t have all the seasons with all the episodes. Though what u do have is season 1 that goes straight away to episode 10 or 12 I don’t remember though. Also, it is locked don’t understand that and how to unlock, but I’ll find a way. Also, I have a suggestion if you guys could maybe don’t put the locks because if you want more and more people to watch then take off the lock and then more and more people can focus on just watching instead of focusing on trying to unlock the episodes. (I’m not begging you and I want u to know that you don’t have to do it because I’m not saying I’m better just saying maybe if you want and I know that u worked hard on this so if you don’t want to use my suggestion that’s fine).
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5 years ago, AlyPax27
It’s lacking compared to other entertainment apps
If you close out of the app and re-open it, it won’t hold your place from where you left off last night. You have to start the whole episode from the beginning. Sometimes the commercial breaks will play two, three times in a row, the same commercials over and over again. And if you rewind too far you have to watch the commercials again even if you already watched them. It’s just a bit flawed. Also I’m really annoyed because two days ago all of the episodes were available for I’m Sorry, season two, and today only the first three episodes are there! So I can’t even watch from where I left off.
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6 years ago, Jian0128
Today, I downloaded the app and watched a couple of videos without logging in. The videos worked quite well and were entertaining. After I logged in, the app crashes if I tap on any video I try to watch. I am currently running a iPhone 6S model A1688 with WiFi (T-Mobile)
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5 years ago, Jls86658433
Crashes a lot
I have an iPhone, I believe it is a 7s. The truTV app crashes a lot. Several times per episode of Adams ruins everything. Problem only happens with the app. Doesn’t happen with other apps Actually, “crash” is the wrong word. The tv stops showing the video and shows the truTV logo. In order to get things working again, I have to stop casting and restart the app, and start the program from the beginning. What I believe is happening is that the video is playing faster than it can download. When it gets to the end of what it has downloaded, it crashes. If I pause the video first and wait a few minutes, I can avoid the problem. Still a royal pain.
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3 years ago, hsgskhd
Doesn’t work...worst tech capable cable co around
Just like their terrible website that does not work on most devices, regardless of speed or network capability, even the app does not stream correctly. I downloaded both apps, this is the only such cable app btw that requires you to then download a mobile app to stream, rather than just working through the downloaded app...and it continues to advise that the cast could not be completed. Didn’t expect this to work given the ridiculously outdated tech capabilities that have become synonymous with TruTV and I was disappointed to not be that a thing? In trutv world, where nothing makes sense or works as it should, sure it is.
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2 years ago, ian33333333333333333
Absolute garbage, are we still in 2008???
This app is complete trash. There is no video within screen feature meaning you MUST stay on the video - no multitasking allowed! Seriously, this is later than 2015, who is this app meant for? 70 year olds who don’t text? All snideness aside, they force ads on you in the middle of game time, missed extremely important moments of my show. What the heck even is TruTV??? If this is a subsidiary to TNT, they need to merge this pathetic excuse for a media provider and de-brand completely! But I’m guessing TNT doesn’t want to be associate with this garbage and further sully their reputation. DO BETTER!
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4 years ago, skakskakk
Could be better
First I downloaded the app because on instagram the Impractical Jokers said that their episodes were free for a limited time. When I downloaded the app it took me nearly 10 minutes to get into the app because it kept crashing. Then I finally got into the app and I tried to watch Impractical Jokers and the screen was black. I don’t know if that has anything to do with me not being logged in but needs work.
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6 years ago, AntonioStar64
Play An Episode Once
Can’t start episode from the beginning on TVos. Since the player is embedded, I can’t do anything. When I finish watching an episode, the time mark of 5 seconds before the video is recorded. So when I want to watch the episode again, it sends me to the last five seconds of the video. Tried deleting the app and logging in again and the time mark is still there. So I guess you can only watch videos once in the app. I guess I should just ditch cable at this point. If the cable channels can’t provide a stable app, why should I pay for it!
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11 months ago, Shanansky
Zero customer support
Signed in to watch a show, closed captions are on and I cannot find where to turn them off. Tried customer support, but it’s all chatbot, which I personally detest with every fiber of my being. You submit your issue and receive a message that they don’t have live support and will get back to you in several days, if applicable. These two things alone are reason enough to go elsewhere for your streaming needs. Pure stupidity, there are so many better apps with better shows.
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5 years ago, SpaceFan33
Great Content, Ok App
I love TruTV and its programming, so I was thrilled when I learned about the app where I can watch all of my favorite shows on the go. The app is pretty good, and the user interface seems to be improving from other reviews I’ve read, but it’s a little clunky and error prone. Loading around ads is sometimes problematic, and causes lag while watching shows. The app apparently lacks a way to bookmark your favorite shows, and offers no ability to keep track of what you’ve watched, or where you might be if you stop in the middle of an episode. Lastly, there’s no way to save content for offline viewing (like Netflix has for some shows) which is helpful for commuters. All in all good app and I’m sure it will continue to improve.
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4 years ago, Hammitt95
I legit just sat through 10 minutes of commercials!!
So I downloaded this to watch impractical jokers and Tacoma FD. I watch the first episode and noticed the commercials and thought ok that’s fine. Then I started noticing that the commercials were getting longer until halfway through the second episode I got one that 10 minutes long! It has the little countdown thing in the top left corner and it said 600 seconds and during that it repeated commercials! I’m ok with a few commercials here and there. They gotta make money somehow but 10 minutes???? No thank you!
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5 years ago, impartialcustomer
Won’t play videos past the first ad
I like the way the app is payed out, but that only gets you so far when every time i play a full episode of a show it won’t load the ads. As in i can’t watch past the first seven minutes of the show because no ads will load, and i can just put the time marker past the ads. I really don’t mind watching ads, i just want to be able to actually watch an episode of something for more then 5 or 7 minutes!! I’m very frustrated.
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5 years ago, Chisai66
Worlds Dumbest
This is a TruTV show that plays in the tv channel, but unfortunately I can’t find it on the TruTV app, at all. Since it’s my favorite comedy show (must be other people’s favorites too since 16 seasons have been made), I’d really like to be able to watch it anywhere I go on the app. Why don’t you offer it on the TruTV app???
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6 years ago, truestTV
Tru Dat
I never watch this station on TV. Why would I when the app provides an unparalleled second-screen experience that makes me feel blessed to have an unlimited data plan? Excellent look and feel and even better technical quality. The gold standard for third-rate cable channels.
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4 years ago, LyraLynx
Great app! Works Flawless
I have an iPhone and iPad and it works flawlessly. I can’t believe you guys borrowed money from your mom to hire a programmer . That’s all he must’ve did was programming in his own mothers basement his whole life because my trutv app has never crashed . I’m so happy with it I’d kiss that myicepod guy that is using dial-up internet with a 56k modem !
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6 years ago, Austin transplant
Very poor performance
The interface is good, however the app is pretty useless since the full content hardly ever loads. It’s either sound with a frozen screen or sound with a grey screen and no picture. When it does work it’s very slow. Perhaps it’s my service but no other apps have this problem and I’m at full strength LTE. I’ll update this review when my WiFi is fixed if that ends up helping, but for now I might as well not even open the app. Bummer.
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5 years ago, O-Dog Dawson
We all know what you’re here for
Best single service app, as we all know we’ll only be streaming impractical jokers on this thing. Great for its purpose, only complaint is that there are other shows that distracts from the useable feature of this app, the show impractical jokers
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6 years ago, Reservoirdog00
Worked and then didn’t...again
I downloaded the app about a month ago. It worked great then it started signing my tv provider out. I tried to re-sign in and I would get an error message. So I’d have to reinstall every few days to use the app. The latest about fixed that issue but now it crashes when I try to load episodes. I’ve tried three different series and the app just shuts down after I select a video. Plz fix this! I love the content and would like to be able to access it.
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6 years ago, Rodrigouesfjfgdvy
Does not work
So when i got the app a few days ago it didnt work at all and didn't let me sign in with spectrum but with the latest update i can. However, the update gave me another problem just as bad. It let me watch one episode of impractical jokers and that was it. I tried resetting my phone, my wifi, and nothing worked. Whenever I click on the episode it just freezes my screen for a second then forces me to my home screen. Please fix this cause at the moment I can't really watch anything
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5 years ago, Browskiez
Ads Everywhere
Is there a way to pay out of these ads? Although I have to commend the fact that your ads at least stream in HD which tbh I don’t know why some tv cable apps still struggle to do. On a different note, I really do like the Adam Ruins Everything series and the content is hilarious. Repeat: I hate ads :( let me give you money to stop them
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4 years ago, trash updatedeee
Most people only got this app to watch impractical jokers and now they took off 6 of the seasons for no reason. There was no need and most people only got this app for the show. Put all the season back this app that’s trash now. If they add all the seasons back they will have a good rating. They should add all the seasons back because there is no reason at all to why they took them off. Most of the shows are bad and without all the seasons of impractical jokers I feel sad lonely and wanna do hurtful things to myself
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4 years ago, J Clam
Golden age of tv
We are living in the golden age of tv. Doubt if big 3 networks would have bought the show but guess what? They are not the big 3 any longer. So refreshing to hear comedy without inserted laughter provided by a white coat wearing TV executive working the controls of a lafftrak machine! Thanks for the real deal. Sincerely, Jake
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2 years ago, Anon12356776949375
No shocker this is a TNT App
I downloaded the app for March Madness and it’s absolutely horrible, just like the TNT app. It will eventually play the game, but you are locked into that screen. If you try to pull down to go to Notification Center, read a text, or anything that deters from the video, YOU HAVE TO WATCH AN AD. Every. Single. Time. If you leave the video part for 1 second, AD. Your finger slips and you slightly pull down your Notification Center, AD. It’s not worth the hassle.
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5 years ago, NMC2017
Unable To Sign with TV provider
I am unable to sign in with my TV provider TDS. I will select my provider but to move forward in the process for signing in it does not work. Meaning once I select the company it doesn’t respond. I have an iPhone X running iOS 12.1.3 and I am using cellular data and I’ll do have access to WiFi as well no change. I will try on my iPad to see if it happens. I was able to get signed in on my Mac at least.
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1 year ago, JakeBaroneMalis
App hardly works I couldn’t get it to play video in full-screen
When trying to watch a show, I was unable to get the video to play in full screen. Pressing the full screen button wouldn’t make it full screen and rotating my phone (my rotation-lock is disabled) wouldn’t put it in full-screen mode. Also, the app is extremely difficult to navigate.
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6 years ago, Nezumi1998
App Crash
Cant even watch shows. The app crashes every single time I click on an episode to watch. How am I supposed to get my witty fill of Adam?! 😭 Edit: Thanks you guys! You fixed it. I knew Adam wasn’t behind the crash but I’m sure he was somehow behind the fix!
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6 years ago, PeterVerhoeven
Awful quality and buggy
You can’t even use Apple Airplay on this this thing. You have to screen mirror and then you get jerky video playback and black flashes on your screen every 5 seconds. Sometimes 2 commercials are playing at the same time (you see one commercial and hear audio from another one mixed with the first one - how do you technically explain that?). Also the video just stops every now and then and you have to press play again. Awful app.
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5 years ago, Zach H98
Impractical Jokers
Impractical jokers is the only reason people know TruTV, focus on the gold! Y’all probably don’t read these but you guys invite guests on the impractical jokers show to see how far people can go and show everyone it’s not as easy as it looks. -Zach Hendrick
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4 years ago, I'm Awesome!
Cannot Cast Anything
The developer of this app must not be reading any of the bad reviews because they completely fail to fix any of the underlying issues. They’ll tell you it’s your fault and to close the app and to restart your Chromecast, but never consider that there’s an issue with the app. Let me say it straight — this app is useless garbage. It is broken. Until the developers acknowledge this, it will continue to not function properly.
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6 years ago, techbot5000
App keeps crashing
The app has been exiting out every time I try to watch a video. Even when I’m logged in to my TV provider. The clips air and certain other shows. I’ve logged in and out numerous times the past week as well as deleting and reinstalling the app multiple times. I’m crushed! It used to work just fine about a month ago.
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5 years ago, Deaf to Ad's
Volume of the advertisements?
Love the shows and the app is fine but when the advertisements come on they are always like 3 times as loud as the show and blow out your headphones. It kinda ruins the experience of watching stuff on an app when you know it’s going to constantly happen. I know ad’s are essential for a channel but why do they need to be blaring?
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6 years ago, ifileaveareviewimmad
Barely get to watch the show.
I was trying to watch “Adam Ruins Everything” , but the ads reply over and over. You get the same ad for up to 10 minutes. Sometimes the screen will freeze with audio and I’ll have to go back, select the episode, and go back to the time . It’s irritating.. don’t reply saying “contact this email “ , why? So you can ignore the problem some more ? NO! FIX IT
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5 years ago, mrcrankeee
Love Adam ruins everything
I LOVE the show Adam Ruins Everything, and it’s probably my internet being slow and pathetic, but when I stream the shows, they get stuck, a lot, and they either finally recover or I give up watching and try later. I have better cell reception than internet where I live. Pity
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4 years ago, Ceezflo1234
Since the update the app no longer works when casting to chrome cast from an iPhone. It crashes every time. Love the content. App update looks better just doesn’t work yet. None of those help. The app will actually connect to the cast device, but when I send the video over, it just plays for a couple seconds then goes back to the display of the truTV logo. I’ve even deleted the app itself and reinstalled it with no luck.
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4 years ago, Skybow23
After the commercials would come on while using screen mirroring, it would get stuck In commercial mode and would not play. I would have to close it all out and tried three times to scroll to my part I was at, and it would play and then go to commercials again. I gave up, seems like it’s only meant for your phone, but needs to be casting compatible is not worth trying to screen mirror, does not work.
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5 years ago, bjj023
Keeps asking me to log in to tv provider 🙄
Doesn’t matter where I am at but it keeps asking me to login with my tv provider. So I log back in with my tv provider. Couple days later, same thing again... Never ending. Why can’t the App Store my login information? Other than login issues, the app works great. I love all of TruTV shows.
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6 years ago, KenMcF
I’m currently sitting in a dreadful room at a cancer center receiving chemotherapeutic treatment. Luckily, I have an iPad with TruTV which allows me to watch your excellent programming. Thank you for bringing a huge smile to my face, taking my mind off of my cancer, if even for a few moments.
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5 years ago, luciesquire
Ad mania.
If you have to alt tab out during a commercial break, when you come back - not only do you have to finish watching it, it will replay the commercials - ALL of the commercials- in the entirety. If you have to alt tab out again during the repeat, it does it AGAIN. Also does not remember where you last were in an episode unlike other apps. Good luck watching the actual shows if you often multitask!
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5 years ago, Crofty Keeper
I hope you’re doing well
The next time you are wanting to do something about this place I think that it’s happened in a different way
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6 years ago, Colloquial Collision
What an awful app
So if you touch the wrong area of the screen of your device by accident while watching a show in the app, when you just wanted to rewind a few seconds, whatever you’re watching will drop away, the app menu will appear, and if you try to resume what you were watching you’ll start the episode over and get stuck with commercials which you can’t skip. First time, last time.
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4 years ago, wnsjdhwkdnd
Great, but one issue...
I watch Impractical Jokers on the TruTV app, but the thumbnails for the episodes sometimes show who lost the episode. Maybe a thumbnail from a certain challenge within that episode will help distinguish the episodes better than a thumbnail of the punishments.
Show more
5 years ago, BigKittyManOfJustice
I love tru tv but the app needs some work
I can’t watch live tv on the app for some reason (I have the iPhone XS Max if that helps) and I really wish you supported google chrome cast so I could watch it on my tv and not my phone. Sometimes I can’t see the titles of tv shows/descriptions before viewing so it’s hard to find my show. But I do watch the hell out of the app still, I can’t lie
Show more
5 years ago, Solar Fleck
Pretty Good
Decent shows, app works well, my only complaint is that there’s commercials. I’d pay a subscription fee to not see them. It’s the main reason I don’t watch many shows on it outside of Tacoma Fire. At least some of the commercials are funny.
Show more
5 years ago, EHalfman
App on Phone 5 stars- App on Firestick 2 stars
App on phone works flawlessly. App on Firestic either freezes, backs out automatically, never plays or never start 80% of the time for me. Love love TruTv so hoping I can get it fixed quick because we love watching it at home.
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4 years ago, MxUNKxY
Where to start
Samsung TV has the app but it doesn’t have the UI or catalog it just serves to stream from your phone which is frustrating because should I need my phone I cannot use it as it will stop the show I’m watching. Not my main concern. iOS app no longer has airplay which is frustrating, so when screen mirroring to my television, once app is open and screen sharing is enabled, app freezes up. iOS app never loads the video back after an endless amount of commercials, just remains black. Lastly, attempting to open a ticket fails because the form won’t submit without choosing drop down options, problem is the drop downs do not function. Where is the QA team at TruTV?
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5 years ago, Chaplain America
Needs work
Can’t stop watching and pick back up from where you left off. You will have to restart the whole episode. Commercials throughout. Same commercials over and over again with little to no variety. When commercials load they often interfere with the re-loading or watching of the video forcing you to close the app and you guessed it, starting the episode from the beginning. Also- the biggest disappointment is there is a limited variety of episodes. You are able to see the current season and past season with a cable log in. Why not be able to watch all episodes with a paid subscription?
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6 years ago, Dilweegie
Endless commercial loop
Tried watching episode 10 of the Amy Sedaris show. Each time a commercial break came I would get stuck in an endless loop. The same four commercials played over and over for about 10 minutes until I force quit the app and restarted. Same thing happened at each commercial break making it a Tru pain watching the show. Hopefully they’ll address this.
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