Tubi: Movies & Live TV

4.7 (449.6K)
112.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tubi, Inc
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tubi: Movies & Live TV

4.74 out of 5
449.6K Ratings
2 years ago, RebekahS386
Good app
I enjoy this app. I am able to watch "A" movies of a decent variety. There are commercials that you are not able to skip just like Pandora's music app except they are longer, but it's just like watching stuff on tv stations or radio stations where you have commercials. I appreciate that it's free. I see cues on the app saying if you pay for the app that it will let you return to a movie where you left off if you have to close the app. I haven't seen it say that it will let you know if you have already watched a movie on the app or not but if it had that I would be willing to pay a few dollars for the app. I sometimes have to get 10-15 minutes into a movie sometimes before I realize that I have already watched it so having a feature on the app that let you know you already watched a movie would be beneficial for me. I have not really seen many glitches at all so it makes the experience smooth and pleasurable. I also have not had any issues with the app affecting my phone negatively in performance like some other apps do.
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6 months ago, OMG Name Already
Love it so much!
I truly appreciate the like/dislike option. It helps me keep track of what I’ve watched. I watch Tubi more than any other app. Including Netflicks and the like. Recently there have been a few glitches though. When I watch a preview sometimes the actual movie will play afterwards or, if I exit out before the movie starts then the audio will start playing. This issue includes live tv as well. It usually fixes itself after I turn off and then back on again or sometimes I have to unplug the box altogether. I’ve gotten to where I will back out of the app after each interaction and then reopen. That seems to help. Also, would you please hold the suggestion bar until the movie is over and playing the credits. Sometimes, especially with old movies ( which I love) the suggestion bar will pop up while the action is still playing thus hiding part of the screen. If I exit out of the suggestion bar it just comes back and if I exit again the whole movie exits out and I don’t get to finish the movie unless I start it over and fast forward to the end and I still have to contend with the suggestion bar, so can still only see part of the screen. All in all it’s a great app, even if you don’t fix those things. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Kameko Jade
Only wish they would keep movies a while longer
Awesome selections for any genre to settle what you crave for. Enjoying the old hits one more time along with finding new gems to happily watch again and again! Need something for family viewing? Have it! Craving something a little more intense for your thriller time? They have it covered! Wanting a suspenseful action? Also included! Need a little romance to chill out or a comedy to get some laughs? I enjoy them and many more things to indulge your critic delight! I am a huge movie fan and this covers a wider range than other applications that I have and this is my go to for something that I know others don’t include in their selection. I am just sad when they have to change the availability because of new releases they are going to share. I am hoping that they don’t increase their advertising time because that would lose some stars from me. Tubi don’t change yourself because you have been a blessing in disguise! They still keep all five stars after starting this review a few months ago
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4 years ago, MrsWren79
It’s Real
This app is real. I’ve watched 4 of my favorite older movies since downloading it last night. Out of all of them I believe I saw one ad around 15 seconds long. There is no cost at all and from what I’ve seen there’s a huge selection. This is a legal app so they don’t have the newest stuff but the selection for me is amazing because it’s usually the older movies I’m unable to view elsewhere, I pay for several services to watch movies and television shows and none have the older movies I’ve watched here. I’ve not had any buffering issues or issues starting right back at the same pace I left off as I’ve seen some write. It’s possible people are using older devices and/or have slower WiFi or mobile internet. I also see people say they can’t get an account, I used Facebook to make one and had no issues. I’d highly recommend this app! Update: After a couple days of watching I’ve found there are more ads, about 30 seconds each but there aren’t tons and it’s still a free app.
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4 years ago, Yoloswagmastaaaalmao
This app is AMAZING!
This app is incredible! First I saw it on Instagram when i was going through my stories and saw it on an add. What drew me in was the fact that they had anime on it! And one of the anime's they showed was “Fairy Tail” I know some people don’t like this anime but i watched the first season of it on netflix so I kinda got drawn into it! And the app is SO COOL! There’s a bunch of movies and TV series that I’ve always wanted to watch and now i have the chance too! The only thing which i find kinda bothering (I’m so sorry if this offends some anime watchers) the anime’s were in like Japanese or whatever language they were in and the subtitles were the only things that could go to english. I know that sometimes its better if its their natural language but sometimes I just wanna listen to it and watch it instead of having to read the subtitles every time. This is a 4 star because of the languages on the anime’s but everything else is great! I just think this could be a 5 star for me is the anime’s could have an option where it could translate to english! Please at least consider adding an option to do that! Thanks for ready my review! Tubi is an awesome app!
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2 years ago, DBJ_REVIEWS
So Sad
While the movie selection is okay, especially if you like old movies, which I do, the search for those movies is horrendously tedious. This is basically true for two reasons. 1) The search function searches based upon comparing the search criteria entered against the text description of the movies and tv shows as opposed to using just the title. This causes a long search time and a ridiculous number of hits that aren’t even close to what the user was originally searching for. This means users have to scroll thru an ungodly number of movies just to find the one or two they were looking for. I reported this via email once before, offered a solution but just got blown off. The second reason is the use of passive subliminal techniques like showing the same movies under different categories multiple times in order to get the user to watch them, again making searching for movies and tv shows ridiculously time consuming and boring. Now to be fair, all of the streaming apps have both of these problems which along with the fact that most of them also show a large number of the same shows so lets consider my rating a global 2 star for the entire industry from me! PEACE
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1 year ago, Granny Doc
I want to love it, but….
So, I enjoy it for the most part, but the commercials cut things off in the middle of words or sentences so when it gets back to the video, it is impossible to follow the train of thought without backing it up a little. But guess what? If you do that just a little bit, it makes you see commercials again, stopping in the middle of the sentence - again! And often even MORE commercials the second and third time you try to piece together what is being said. It didn’t seem to do that at first but it is doing it now so I often look for other venues to see what I want to see. This may not be an issue with movies, but I mostly watch documentaries and some of the concepts presented require concentration and smooth flow to grasp the ideas. I don’t mind the commercials per se, but not after just watching a bunch of commercials, having to back it up just a little, it then having it cut off the sentences and having to watch another whole batch of commercials and rarely getting to have continuity of the thoughts pretend. Freevee does not do that and it also lets you know when a commercial set is coming so you can plan accordingly. If they fix that I will come back to Tubi.
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2 years ago, @ScottMD72 Scott Davenport
Tubi Is Really Free🙂
Tubi is a reliable streaming service & it is in fact Free. Plus, they offer foreign films which I love. There are commercials & 90% of the commercial breaks come at the end of scenes & not abruptly in the middle of a scene, or worse: mid-sentence🙄like with other free streaming services. That really makes a difference, especially if you are watching a comedy. Other free services will bring a commercial break literally in the middle of the set up for the punchline, or worse, while the punchline is being delivered! Comedy & even drama is ALL about TIMING & is ruined by ill-timed breaks. Tubi generally puts the commercial break(s) right at the end of scenes, not right in the middle of one. That only happened once to me in the last minute of a film during the big ending of a dramatic film. Yet, Tubi asked for feedback the next time I came back. I explained what happened & how it ruined the ending of that film & since then, the last commercial break has occured about 15 to 20 minutes before the ending of the movie/film. So they listen to feedback when you give it. You’ve got to respect that.✌🏽
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6 months ago, Jdu iaosowhchwh hbehdhd
A very close but not quite “perfect” expectation
I love Tubi. It’s a free app that allows you to watch different kinds of shows and/or movies without needing to pay! But of course, there’s always something wrong. I have a few things to complain that is a personal opinion. 1. there are so many ads in just a few seconds or one episode- I swear, the second i press a show; example Naruto, there’s an ad just waiting or me. And the ads can increase from 1-4 ads which is tormenting — i just want to watcha. movie and chill! 2. there’s not as much shows that are enjoyable for my liking- now, im not saying that you must know everysingle persons favorite movie and have them, but i mean it as the fact that all of the movies or shows are from atleast 2-3 years ago. And some of the shows are very… 1900s(they legit came out in 1900s). Now there is no problem with that as there are many enjoyable things from the 1900s; but the problem is that so many different and new movies/shows coming out, are nowhere to be seen in this app. Other than that, this app is beautiful.
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3 years ago, _shinobulover_[IM THE FIRST]
This app is Awesome
You Probably think that this app is a scam it’s really not. But I have a problem with the ads. They give out 3 ads. Well I don’t really mind the three ads but there’s like two minutes long each. Which is very annoying because when you’re watching a movie you’re just here “ do you need help with your writing Grammarly can help you😒”. It’s kind annoying and plus they’re like two minutes long. Sometimes if you’re lucky you’ll get two ads. But I really do like this app. You don’t have to pay for it, and in general it’s a really good app to watch movies. I love it but I just have a problem with the ads:/. Well I don’t really expect it to be you one second ad, that you just click on close. Well I kind of expected that because it’s free. But it’s two minutes😭. You’re probably like “this girl is always complaining” i’m just complaining because of the scene. For example you are watching AOT and somebody dies what do you hear” Grammarly can help you”😕. Anyways you should really get the app it’s a really good app.(it’s like I’m sponsoring the app). You could watch free movies on it. I LOVE it🥰.
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7 months ago, kassie Denise
TUBI IS SO AWESOMEEEE 🫶🏽🫶🏽💓💓😊😊🤩🤩🤩🤩😝😝😝😝 I LOVE WATCHING MY FAVORITE MOVIES FOR FREEEEE !!! DOWNLOAD RIGHT NOW !!! YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED AT ALL!!! sorry for all caps but I’m just so satisfied!!!! All you have to do is literally login or make a account and watch your FAVORITE MOVIES or shows for FREE !!!! it’s a lottttt of goodddd horror movies i love!!! There’s different types of genres like black cinema, horror, thriller, drama, romance, cooking shows, comedy, kids movies and sooooo much moreeee!!! I TOTALLY RECOMMEND especially if you don’t wanna pay for Netflix bills every month!!!! or even can’t afford it. Tubi is the best app for watching movies for FREE. y’all please download im so happy and satisfied. watch movies you love without having to pay for it!!!! If you love horror movies your gonna MOST DEFINITELY LOVEEEE TUBI !!!! 😉😉😉😉😉 the black cinema genre is filled with sooooo many good movies that’s made by black actors, women and men. you will love it im telling you !!!!! DOWNLOAD NOW 🥰🥰🥰🥰 I LOVE YOU AND BE YOURSELF 💕💕😊😊 thank youuuu tubi much love,SUPPORT AND RESPECT !!!! 🫡🫡🫡 * hugs 🫂 *
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3 years ago, Ashleigh Peach
Not very accessable with Apple’s VO
Hello, This app is good, but as I just downloaded yesterday, it doesn’t seem very accessable with Apple’s VoiceOver (VO) screen reader. Many of the buttons are labeled and clearly spoken, but some still aren’t. These include the button to the left of the right arrow—whatever that button is—for going to the next geanra of movies. While in playback mode, the orientation’s landscape for easier viewing, I guess. For those of us who are blind/visually impaired, VoiceOver hardly says anything but gives the special tone for starting or ending a list of items. Therefore, I can’t stopp the movie where I’m at/can’t do anything else with it when I’m watching. The last thing … where are any AD titles? This is Audio Described titles—typically from WGBH in Boston but can be other companies as well. I was disappointed to only have the data saver in the settings, nothing for having audio description turned on/think you should add the many AD==audoo described—titles which are available from say Blind Mice Mega Mall, for example.
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2 years ago, Caster12
Better than Pluto TV imo
I really do enjoy the content Tubi brings, especially old 50’s to 80’s horror movies. There are even old cartoons and 90’s family movies I haven’t seen since my childhood! And it brings so much nostalgia. There are a whole lot of titles that I have never seen or heard of before. I really even look up the same titles on Wikipedia lol. Yes, the ads can be weary. But hey, this app is free for a reason. One of the things I like about Tubi is that while watching something, the ads will run only once, and if you want to rewind or go back to a certain part, you won’t have to see the ads again unlike Pluto TV. I’m a rewatch/rewind part-a-lot (you get what I’m saying? X’DD)person, and it’s annoying that you have to watch the commercials over again and try to find the place where you were last on Pluto. So yeah, I enjoy this app better. I pick something to just play in the background while I work on something.
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3 years ago, Lisatoni07
I enjoyed it!
I like watching movies in there. Especially one movie I more enjoyable. “Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie.” I know that Jonah (played as Archibald Asparagus) was the prophet of God all over Isreal, but he was so worried that he didn’t want to go to the meanest place, Nineveh. I do not like the sound of that place. So Jonah asked the Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything to set sail in the other direction, but he did a mistake and ended up swallowed by a whale! If he did a terrible mistake, he should get what he deserved, but he knew that he had to get a second chance to go to Nineveh and tell everyone to stop lying, cheating, stealing and slap people with fish. I’m very glad that he did it. My favorite part is when Twippo (who was also archibald asparagus) sang a song about Jonah, after the pirates told the visitors a story. Maybe, just maybe, if I got so upset about what I’m gonna deserve, I could get a second chance to do the right thing. You could also get a second chance, too.
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4 years ago, liljacker
Super Awesome!
This app is literally above and beyond great, awesome, or good! It has kid shows, and most apps don’t have that because most of them are just, like, “ Oh! This is an adult app I think so we should only put adult shows!” No! But this app, thinks about everyone kid, no kid. Adult, no adult. The second reason I love it, it because it has like all the shows! You can search for some too! You can basically watch any show you want to! My favorite show btw, is Chicken Girls. I have almost watched the whole series! But anyway, let’s get back to the app. So, this app, doesn’t have any cursing in it... nothing! Even in most of the adult shows! But yes, if you are looking for the PERFECT APP to get to watch shows on, kid friendly, or just some adult shows, then you know which one to get! ( psst! This one!) Anyway, if the developers could please put this in the review list, I would love that because i really need to get the message out that this is a GREAT GAME!!! Thank you! Download Now! Sincerely, Cute&Cool&PopularGirl
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4 weeks ago, CAQueen
You are now being SERIOUSLY disrespectful of the ♿️! I am deaf/legally blind & now when I pause it so I can read text on the screen, (like a synopsis of the film, note a character wrote) U SHOW AN AD INSTEAD OF THE PAUSED SCENE!! I am legally blind & NEED to pause to read things sometimes. Showing an ad INSTEAD of the paused scene is serious disrespect to your viewers. 🥴 Also, now since the update, it stops midstream a lot, going straight to a blank purple screen. 1 more thing, instead of improving the “Leaving Soon” section like I wish you would’ve, you went & took away the date (like “leaving in 10 days”) What’s up with that?? It was bad enough you couldn’t keep the movie until midnight of the day before, yes, we had to do the math in our head, but now you went all out sketch & just remove movies whenever without any time frame. This makes it look illegal, guys. Please please PLEASE print this review. Other deaf/blind people NEED to kno we cannot pause the film to read a note, synopsis, or a text a character is sending on their phone in the tv show or movie. This is serious disrespect & I should report it to the ADA.
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3 years ago, Kenz Kar
Could Use Work
Obviously I can’t say several things that go against this app. It’s amazing this app has so many options to pick from that people can watch. I will say, one downfall is I usually get stuck with four ads, two are 15 seconds long and the other two are 30 seconds long. I’m not of fan of waiting a minute and a half to continue watching my show (I don’t know what the ads are like during a movie.) It is only one interruption during each episode as each episode is about 15 ish minutes long. Other than that, it also is a shame that some shows are only played in the language they were made. You don’t have the option to pick and choose which language you prefer to listen to. Instead of hearing what’s going on I have to read subtitles and can’t let my focus waver if I want to understand what is going on. I hope this might help someone have a better understanding, but with and without these downfalls, the app is still a great way to access media you can’t easily find elsewhere.
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5 years ago, mmaisch
Great value
I use Tubi mainly to watch anime series and the series I’ve watched have all been complete with no missing episodes, as well as showing great quality of video and on-point subtitles when necessary. I would like to suggest however that the series’ original season/episode layouts be used instead of alternative season breaks. For example, the anime “Bleach” has sixteen official seasons, each with a specific title. Conversely, on this app the series consists of almost thirty separate seasons, each only denoted by a season number. I think users would find it much easier to search and browse their favorite series if this were to match the official structure, and the titles of each season or arc were added to the user interface. There are many different streaming services available to people everywhere - small changes like this will give people more reason to choose your product over the competition. Thanks!
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2 years ago, mytw0b1ts
Great content, UI needs work
I love the content catalog for Tubi - it’s literally got something for everybody and it’s not littered with ads like normal TV and hopefully Fox won’t change either of those things. What needs some attention is the UI. When you dislike something it should be hidden from view and while I understand why you’d show the same movies in different categories that approach makes it almost feel like the app doesn’t have as much content as it does. Movies you may actually want to watch get buried amongst movies you’ve already rated whereas it would seem if you rated something it should be used to find similar content (which the suggestion engine isn’t the best) and to highlight unrated movies that are similar, tying back in a smarter suggestion engine. Rated movies you like could be moved under the Nostalgia category or a Watch Again category. All in all a great app but these couple of UI tweaks could make it even more love-able!
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2 years ago, ahunter03
U should get this maybe ??is this for u
Tubi is great I love it is just that there r two problems one of them is that they remove tv shows and movies and they don’t have Hunger games (witch makes me sad because hunger games is my favorite movie series ) they have good fun movies they had Jaws but they took that one off doesn’t have the best kid friendly content a lot of horror and murder mystery’s some romance movies if they didn’t the other problem is the weird internet connection it I have perfect internet connection and I will get onto Tubi on my phone and it just refuses to load !!! It is kind of aggravating on the other hand about the kids shows there r good kid and family shows such as Leave it to beaver and the flinstones it has almost no Disney movies that I have seen no Pixar no Star Wars no National Geographic yes there r several downsides but I enjoy it that’s why I give it a three also Tubi if u see this please remember to keep my reomandation about keeping the shows on there and not removing them thank u Byeeeeeee
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3 years ago, LunaRip
One of the Best apps 🥰👍👍
I Really love Tubi you can always find something to watch.. One of the things I love is their recommendations tailored to the types of movies or shows you watch you don’t have to sit and search and search for something.. Just checkout their recommendations and just about every time you will find something.. They also have a continue watching section for you so you can find what you were watching and pick up right where you left off.. They are always getting in new stuff and also you can find some old favorites as well.. You don’t get bombarded with ads every other minute. Also unlike online there are No redirects ect.. Plus it’s Totally Free.. Being home bound and and not the richest person it Really means A Lot to me.. I use it pretty much every day.. I definitely recommend Tubi to everyone you won’t regret it.. 😊👍👍 TYSM Tubi 🥰💕
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2 years ago, Old Fart^
Love Tubi!
Tubi is my favorite free streaming service. I love their collection of many hard to find films, especially from the 60’s thru 80’s. Lots of Gialli and slashers available. Family stuff too, everything you watched as a kid. Unrated versions are usually available and picture quality is usually in HD. Some of the older films have never been restored for Blu-ray release, so those films can have lousy picture quality. Standard definition at 360 is better than nothing, when you’re really interested in a film. The commercial breaks seem to be timed well, not to interrupt scenes, and not as frequent as other services like Peacock/Hulu/VUDU. Unlike Paramount+, you can search by film/TV show title or the actor/director’s name. Often, I’ll preview a film on Tubi before buying it on iTunes or Blu-ray. Like all services, their library does rotate, but they give you notice 2 weeks before removing a film. Love me some Tubi!
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9 months ago, novwind2
Great free tv app!
I absolutely love Tubi Tv and movie app, first, the selection is great, second it is so easy to navigate through all the shows and live tv channels. You can heart your favorite channels, add movies and shows to your list, when you rate the programs you watch ( thumbs up or down) it actually learns what you really enjoy watching and helps with recommendations. I actually deleted Pluto Tv because Tubi is such a great app! Yes, there are Ads, but they are short, just the right amount, shows pick up right where they left off. The app is smooth with no issues. I really wish they would have more programs like “War Time Farm” “Edwardian Farm “ etc. and expand their British Tv Programs. That being said there is a great selection of programs and movies and they are actually current ! I am really hoping that they will get season 3 of The Village. I highly recommend this app!
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2 years ago, Roslee Valdez
The best free streaming app out there!!
I love Tubi. From the moment I downloaded the app, the amount of content it had to offer that differed from so many other streaming services was excellent. Commercials are tolerable unlike how other places have their set up. You can have a watchlist, it’s easy to find everything you’re looking for because they have sorted everything out for you and it’s so smooth. They change out things from time to time and it’s great because they keep on adding amazing movies and shows that make you want to stay tuned in and keep up with what’s new. Thank you Tubi for everything you’ve given! I’m very appreciative of this platform that you’ve created and the content you’ve chosen to fill it with. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants an app that is free, has great movies for casual viewing or for a movie night. Excellent app.
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1 year ago, This is my nickname <-----
Worth downloading
I really love this app actually- I’ve seen a lot of other streaming apps which claim to be free but really aren’t. Tubi is completely free and convient. It’s easy to use. There’s not too many ads and it has a lot of great shows and a lot of variety. My only complaint is the way in which the language settings work. it annoys me how if they have the same show in two different languages it shows up as two different shows. And if you don’t speak mainly English you may not want to get Tubi- I haven’t found many shows in languages other than English. I have found a few animes in Japanese, but mostly everything is English- I was looking for French but couldn’t find anything which is a shame because they have a couple movies that were originally done in French and I’d love to watch them in their orignal language. Other than that though, it’s a great app and there’s no big issues with it.
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7 years ago, Bindico
A Pleasant Surprise!
For others such as myself, who grew up during the 60s and 70s, and remember what normal, actual "free" television was like back then... Tubitv is a wonderful gift!! Yes..., you do have a few commercial breaks during the movie. But nothing outrageous or, majorly over done. This app truly reminds me of what tv was like for us kids during those years! Another thing that is a great plus for this app, is that unlike a LOT of other "free" movie channels/apps Tubitv is that well put together. The picture is crisp and clean without any distortion that I could find. The sound is very clear and is easy to listen too..... On other apps I found the pictures were often bad quality. You just couldn't watch them. The sounds/dialogue was often distorted, weaved in and out, and varied from moment to moment. You would be watching a quiet scene in the movie..., it would cut to a commercial that was so bright, loud, and chaotic compared to everything else. Just awful!! This app brings back the joy of watching television the way it used to be from its early conception and release!! You cannot beat Tubitv , especially considering it's a free app! There are quite a few out there...., but very few make the cut to being a truly fine app!!! Thank you Tubitv!!! It's a pleasure to watch this app. Keep up the great work!! I really enjoy this app!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR MOVIE WATCHERS!😉👍
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4 years ago, 15stepahniep
Can’t believe it’s free
I am so happy I found this app! I have been wanting to watch celebrity apprentice and celebrity ghost stories (can you tell I have a type?) and this is the only app or service that offers it for free. Celebrity apprentice I was even willing to buy online per episode but I could not find it anywhere. I don’t have too many negatives the only small thing I could think of is there’s not a huge selection of movies or shows but what do you expect it’s completely free. Another thing that kind of does bugs me a lot is when I leave the app and I go back after a while it won’t remember what episode I was last watching so I have to continuously keep looking for the series, season and episode. That’s the one thing that I wish they could fix. The ads get a annoying sometimes but they’re not that constant so it’s not so bad. Over all, extremely happy I found this app and look forward to what new selection is added in the future.
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3 years ago, somebodyscrazymom
My kind of movies!
I absolutely love Tubi and cannot stop telling people about it. I’ve always loved some odd movies that were hard to find even when vhs video stores were around but oh how many goodies I’ve found on here! And there have been many not regular released movies by smaller or newer artists that I’d been trying to find to watch, got them too. I’ve explored old & new & am in love. I cannot afford paid anything so this being free is an absolute cherry on top of the ice cream Sunday that is my movie junkie soul. My only “complaint” which is more of a me problem, my watch list is growing as more is added and it’s a mess. Some movies I listed had only part 2 or 3 when I started & now have the original so trying to find them is, well, a me problem, lol. Maybe a way to organize your watch list in the future? But seriously, you are my comfort & joy on a dreary day. Thank you & keep it up!!!!
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1 year ago, arb420
This is app is a scam. When I searched for a classic movie on AppleTV (“Paris Blues” with Sydney Potier and Paul Newman), this app popped up as being the only one where it was available to watch. After I downloaded it (requiring me to provide my personal info), the app “opened” the movie only to crash after 2 seconds without showing anything. When I then tried searching for the movie on their search engine, it turned out the app didn’t even offer the movie - mostly all it offered was a bunch a D list cheap horror movies. I then tried opening it through AppleTV again since I figured maybe the app just had a lousy search engine (which it does) but low and behold, I got a fatal error every time. Basically this app falsely advertises itself as having a lot of quality classic movies to lure people into downloading it only to bait-and-switch them with offering a bunch of low budget low quality movies after taking their personal info. I’m sorry I fell for their scam (and shame on Apple for helping spread it through Apple TV and their App Store), and I just hope others don’t fall for it as well.
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4 years ago, Anoyamous2007
Free and good
Nice anime’s and shows. There are 1-2 rounds of 1-3 ads every episode so the ads aren’t overwhelming. There are more ads in cable. Thanks for providing us with free tv! I especially like Naruto. Only reason I rated 4 stars is bc there isn’t a subscription for ad free watching. Thanks Tubi! Update: In regards to the “1-2 rounds of 1-3 ads every episode” there is really only 1. There might be one at the end of the episode, but you can just leave it, and go onto the next episode. They need money to afford these shows, so please don’t cheat them out of any ads besides (sometimes) the last one. If y’all were the developers, would y’all want to earn nothing for your extremely hard work? I’m leaving with a rating of 5 stars just to tell you how amazing this app is. If you can’t take the very few ads because you are used to Netflix, just leave, because they’re barely any anyway. 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠
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3 years ago, sullensully
Almost there
I wish ratings/reviews were a thing. For me, that's a big thing missing, especially because of how many indie movies you have - besides benefits to viewers, it can also be useful for cast involved, as they don't always necessarily have many opportunities to get feedback. It'd also be nice if it was easier to browse for movies - I can select a genre, but after a few dozen scrolls the titles start repeating themselves. Can't really search by keyword either. I'd say that combo equates to a pretty big flaw. I think this app is pretty impressive, but I know it has the potential to be more successful. Frankly, it's already worth money, but since you're giving this much away for free, it seems you could make improvements that people would pay for while still keeping at least the basic features free. If you had the same functionality as shudder (which could also be improved - their search function isn't very good either), I might very well cancel that subscription and pay you instead.
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6 years ago, Htksnsnrbxwhdbcr
5 Stars
Great for finding shows that are hard to find and not a lot of apps or companies have to offer, but still has a lot of big name shows and great titles. Allows you to make your own account, despite being free, you can add shows to your queue so you won’t forget to watch it, and can click “Resume playing” on shows you have been watching, just like any other tv provider. This is a great app, highly recommended. As expected, only drawback is small adds which don’t take up much time, usually only 20-40 seconds of adds and most you can skip through. I don’t mind the add part though, because the app is so great, that I am glad they are getting payed to have adds. One thing to add is that watching foreign films or anime, every nee episode you have to click closed captioning or subtitles again, which isn’t much of a hassle and will most likely be fixed in the future.
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3 years ago, Eschiss1
Generally rather good
I liked it when tubi added a feature a few months back so one could see if a film was (probably) leaving the site in a few days (a “5d” for example countdown appeared on the small icon for the movie. Something similar is still available on the ROKU app but not at the website or on other apps, and it’s good to know semi-precisely :)) This feature no longer exists on the iphone app- I hope it will be brought back. One feature that seems unique to this app is a rating feature. Not sure if it affects recommendations but it’s nice looking for movies I’ve seen and giving my thumbnail up or down impression, and will do with films I enjoy here in future. Thanks, it is a rather good app and site and very nicely varied. Edit : the rating feature seems to have been dropped, but the days-left feature is back… (Late May ‘21.)
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5 years ago, KraazySsj3
Outstanding Streaming Service with great Customer Support
I stumbled upon this app awhile ago while trying to find a place to watch Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3 and up. While researching, this app showed up. After about a day or so the quality of this app was clear. For being a free streaming service the amount of ads is less than expected. The quality is great and the app is fairly easy to navigate. The main reason I’ve decided to write this review however is due to the customer service. About 3 or 4 days ago the button to turn on subtitles no longer appeared, and I couldn’t figure out how to fix this. Running out of options I sent an email seeking help and quickly received an email saying that they would work on the issue. In 2 days the issue was fully resolved and its worked fine since. I’d highly recommend this app!
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3 years ago, NicknameAlwaysTaken-Again
Great until Jan 2021 update
I’ve been using Tubi for quite a while, probably close to 2 years. I’ve been considering submitted suggestions/requests for series. However 2 days ago everything went belly up. Most content, either in my Continue Watching list or shows I’ve never watched before simply buffer endlessly. Sometimes they’ll play fine up until the first commercial, and then buffer endlessly. I’ve never had any buffer problem before two days ago. My Wifi is around 112mbps. I’ve sat literally next to my router, rebooted my device, turned wifi off/on, and no other apps have any such problem so Tubi definitely has an issue on their end needing to be resolved. Updates are when things like this tend to happen. Hopefully they correct it soon, and more importantly, learn how/why the update got messed up so they can strive to avoid doing it over & over with each update. So aside from Tubi being pretty much unusable for the time being, it is normally a wonderful app.
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3 years ago, RevealingReviews
Yes ya’ll, its free and amazing!!
For being free, this app is AMAZING! If you freak out about a couple of ads in a movie, I advise you to look at the 5 ads in your favorite youtuber’s 15 minute video. They use ads so they can keep movies and shows up! Along with this, they have an excellent selection of movies in my opinion. I just finished watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre myself :3 Now, I’m onto Wayne’s World!! I am going to check out the anime section as well! The reason I got Tubi in the first place is because I can’t afford any streaming services atm, and I think I’m going to keep the app, even if I do get Netflix. Also, there’s a review on here talking about the comparison of Netflix and Tubi: Netflix is HUGE, subscription paid, and is a big company overall. Tubi is FREE, for everyone, has a selection of movies that are quite good for the price of, ya know, free, and is just overall great! Tysm Tubi Team <3
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4 years ago, squidbilly420$69
Definitely would recommend
Tubi is great for being a free app- I am extremely impressed with the amount of recognizable titles ranging from movies I used to watch when I was a little kid that I can’t find anywhere else for my son to watch, to newer movies I’ve never seen but have always wanted to and not to mention the outstanding range of movies I’ve never even heard of that have been great so far when we have given them a shot. There’s been a few movies I was not impressed with and that I wouldn’t ever watch again, regardless though we watched them all the way through. The ads that play as a sort of “ commercial break “ to ( in order to keep the app free I’m sure) are not bad in amount that play and they don’t play often enough to be annoying or not make me stop using the app. I’d recommend it to anyone. We love tubi in our house!!
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4 years ago, 91hockeygirl
Totally worth the “price”
This has become my go-to app for movies when I can’t quite figure out what I am in the mood to watch. I love horror movies and have membership on shudder but honestly, wish I had known about this app earlier. Not only is it a free service you guys have quite an....eclectic selection. Have even caught a couple foreign films I’ve really enjoyed. Are there commercials? Yes but I don’t seem to really notice them. Because I am watching a FREE movie. I kept waiting for the membership requests/requirement to show up, I was thrilled when I found out they would never arrive. I’ve recommended to coworkers who are enjoying this app as much as I am. Knock on wood I’ve never had any technical issues with the app, it was even an app I could install on my several years old tv. Please don’t change - you’re perfect just the way you are!!
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3 years ago, Alundria1234
I love it .... but....
Downloaded watched a couple of films ... LOVED it. Sure the ads are a bit annoying but to watch films and series that are not in prime and Netflix all for FREE - I thought it’s worth it. Unfortunately, a couple of days in, the movie would freeze on the 1st of the 3 ads, I was watching just on my iPhone 8.. so I kept having to come out of the app, clearing m history and trying again. Sometimes it worked again but mostly it went back to the ads... it played 2 of the 3 ads then froze again, so when I closed the app and went back in- it started it on the first ad again!! I’ve deleted the app and am going to try downloading again to see if that fixes it.... will come back and let you all know. It’s such a shame because otherwise this TV app is amazing ... with a great choice of films etc to watch. Fingers crossed my new download will fix my freezing issue !
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4 years ago, Isabella puppy lover
There’s No Catch!
I adore this app so much! There’s so many shows and movies you can watch without having to pay in order to watch them. It is truly the best app of 2020 (and hopefully for forever). For example, I love this anime called “Fairytail”. Thankfully, I can watch of the anime’s seasons. I don’t really mind this, and I know I will probably get used to it, but I would love if animes had an English audio choice. It’s not a big deal, but I kinda like it more with the English voice actors. It’s fine though, maybe I can learn Japanese by listening to the voice. I don’t know. Anyway, I just wanted to thank the developers of Tubi since they’ve created the most awesome app in all of the App Store! Thank you, and I hope you have a good day. - From a 12-year-old girl that lives in the United States.
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2 weeks ago, M L I R 13
Wondering if it’s possible.
To start out with I am blind. The Tubi video player closes the control screen after only five seconds. Doesn’t give you enough time to do much. Maybe change it to something like 20 seconds? or make a setting to where the user could choose between a few amounts of time themselves. Could you possibly change the way you move the current position? instead of holding and sliding could you make it where you swipe up or down to change the position? By something like one minute at a time or by 5%. also I hear when streaming on TV changing the current position goes a little fast. and for the Netflix originals that have a new home on Tubi, the audio descriptions for those Netflix original titles did not come with. any consideration for possibly changing these would be greatly appreciated.
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3 years ago, moonliter
Voice over from another show heard while viewing show
I like this app but I thought I’d bring something to your attention. I was watching a show on Tubi. I turned the sound down during the commercials because I don’t want to hear them. Then when the show came back on,and I turned up the sound, all of a sudden, I heard another show’s audio talking over the show I was watching. I checked to see if it was another app running. I quit all apps and it still kept coming on. This never happened before. Also, since the latest update, ( on the phone app) there’s this message that says PG rating from the top that comes through half the picture. And seems to slow down the video. This got frustrating so I stopped watching the show on Tubi and switched to another app. I like Tubi better. It was fine before this last update. Sounds like bugs that need to be squashed. Thanks for listening.
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3 years ago, Billy Hawes
Three ads per break is one too many
Every time I try to enjoy something on Tubi, an ad break comes on. And when an ad break comes on, it usually includes an ad that I don’t like! This prevents me from wanting to continue with the movies and tv show played here. I would like for each break to have no more than ONE ad, or at least have the ability to report offensive or repetitive internet ads. And there is another thing: The addition of “Internet Movie Database” scores. Those types of review scores only prevent people from watching some according to their individual points of view (when you want to watch a movie or tv program, the last thing you want to see is something you like getting a negative score, or something you hate more than anything getting a positive score). There are still some of us who want to trust their own tastes instead of being persuaded by simple review scores.
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5 years ago, xKeney
Great if they have what you want
The quality is great when they have shows you are interested in and want to watch. I love that they have kitchen nightmares, hell’s kitchen, and hoarders and this is the best place to watch them but I wish there were some more movies and shows that are decently popular. I also understand that it is a completely free app though and that is amazing and would rather keep it that way if it means not having the best selection. You can add what you are interested in watching to your list and the app keeps track of the part you watch up to. A suggestion I have would be to make the forward and backward skip buttons more smooth because they take away the UI when you push them once and it makes skipping jarring. All in all it is a great app if they happen to have something you want to watch.
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1 week ago, JimStone20
A wonderful FREE APP which delivers what it promises to do!
Cynically, for me I guess,“free apps” are not always been equal by any sense of the imagination. This is why some apps are still pulling that “the old reliable” once you purchase this option, then you get the free stuff-award! However, Tubi delivers exactly what it says it will do, free entertainment from a vast variety of tv shows and movies at your fingertips that are actually free with nothing else to buy for the user! Now one can enjoy their own personal entertainment portal by using very your own phone, pad or computer to use this application! One less thing, except for variety of shows from my past, I can have my childhood again by watching these shows, remembering, friends and family members who I grew with who pass in this life!
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6 years ago, Cotton 1983 wallpaper
Tubi tv
I love it so far free long you got wi fi less add very clear and pictures go movies the onl thing skip in out here in three blue mood like that to be better just few shows it free not big. Deal we’ll pay for wi fi steam it but well worth it so please everone try it out love the movie and shows choices there a lot enjoy lots good movies new and old free long you got wi fi it dose skip pause at time but other then that I love it try it out everone not bad at allway better somes apps I try its free just make sure you in wi -fi eat you dated on your phone frist time got at&t plan with my apple I phone 4 you tube ate me alive watching hallmark no wi - rock save on your phone time it’s like $33 if you get the cheapest only use it at home out in your yard so far home most of the time not buy phone time since but try it out enjoy thank alicia hoke
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2 years ago, noneyaeffinbusiness
Tubi is a great FREE app
As the title says, Tubi is GREAT for free movies/tv shows. Obviously the ads are a BIT much to deal with but for free you can’t really complain that much, Tubi has operation costs so they’ve got to get their money from somewhere. I wish there was LESS ADS but like I said, I get it. My only REAL issue is that I can’t leave the main window and do other things on my phone while watching content on a smaller/minimized window. If you could build in that feature, I’m sure it would bring more people in wanting to use the app more. The main big name “streaming apps” that are the biggest competitors for Tubi all have that feature and most people LOVE it because many of us are multi-task people. Other than my one SEMI complaint, I have nothing but good things to say. Thanks for providing content for free Tubi, you are a DIAMOND on a huge pile of cubic zirconium.
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4 years ago, sxmplicity
Needs more movie variety
The app speaks for itself, it’s really free! I was so surprised when I realized this and got super excited. I was quick to download it and signing in was super easy. No emails, locations, or birthdays. The process of downloading was over the top. The movies though, I would say a little disappointing. I couldn’t find any movies that I liked or are trending. The only thing I saw that I might watch was Annabelle, but that was it. Some examples of “trending” movies that weren’t featured were Stranger Things, It, Titans, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Euphoria, The Joker, The Dora movie, Hazbin Hotel, and so much more. I hope the makers can add more to the movie section, as I saw barely anything that pleased me. Overall, I was very pleased with the whole process of logging in and getting into the app, but I was disappointed at the variety of movies to watch. The only thing I’d suggest changed would be the movies to watch. The rest was great and was absolutely free.
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6 months ago, SafeAppleUser
Make an account! For Parental Controls 😀
The parental controls work great. When you set it up, it will block all movies and tv shows above that rating from showing in search functionality, recommendations and completely remove them. While this doesn’t prevent you from having to still make sure pg or content is good for your child or family without some supervision it does limit most adult or r rated content. This only works with a account if you use free it will show everything and anything. Overall this is one of the best free apps with parental controls and a kids mode I’ve ever seen. Keep in mind a lot of British, Japanese and foreign films in general could be miss rated as PG when it in fact should be tv-ma or r. Thus please do research before watching with the family. Update: privacy policy leads much to be desired
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4 years ago, Bimmerboy147
A great idea, badly executed
The content available is very impressive, and I love that all I have to spend is a few seconds watching ads to access it. BUT-the app is very crude and glitchy. It lags and crashes all the time. And the big complaint-content can’t be downloaded for a more seamless viewing experience. I have other apps that use ads to generate revenue, and they manage to have them embedded to play even when I’m not connected to the internet. I don’t understand why content can’t be downloaded-it would fix most of my complaints, and I would think ads could either be included in the download or played before starting the download. For now, I have completely given up on Tubi. I keep waiting for an update to make it better, but it has yet to be released. I haven’t watched any significant amount of content in here in months, but I still check back every now and then. I hope that this app will at some point become usable because when/if it does, it could actually temp me away from Netflix and Prime Video.
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