Tubidy Fm Offline Music Player

4.6 (9.3K)
91.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tubidy Fm Mesia S.R.L.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tubidy Fm Offline Music Player

4.62 out of 5
9.3K Ratings
4 years ago, tccucufxyexufcfohb
Not working again!!
It won’t let me download music!! I had the old Tubidy and it did this also! You gave up on the other app for this one and you are not doing a good job at keeping up with it! It’s been over 2 months that I haven’t been able to download music!!!!! You better fix it or I’m switching to another app😤😤I’m so sick and tired of having to screen shot pictures of songs I want to use for the future! I’ll give you 2 weeks. If it’s not fixed I’m deleting
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1 year ago, me big boi not true am
new update
This new update was very advertisement oriented. I can’t even see my list of other songs when in song view because 87% of the screen filled with a big portion dedicated to the song currently playing and other songs by that channel, (which is a unnecessary feature) plus at the bottom is a horizontal rectangular ad. Pre-update was a nice screen. And now for some reason i can’t choose in what form i want to download my video. I press the download button and it immediately downloads in a preregistered format, i liked the option to pop up when i pressed it. Also what’s the difference between the all and library sub tabs in the history tab. It’s weird when i download something for the second time it goes from the all sub tab to the library sub tab; not the biggest downside but annoying still. Anyways thanks for the app its really well put together and i hope you thrive.
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4 years ago, 2587):?@6;$&afuo
Im having a problem with downloading new music, when i wanna search for new music its shows no results, Im having this problem since the october and i waited for a new update, hoping maybe that will fix the problem but the update was 6 days ago and its still the same However the other things in app work well but u should do something about this I saw some reviews and theyre having the same problem as me
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4 years ago, J7221
Problems with watching videos
Hello I wanted to say that I like this app since it the same as a similar app as Tubidy. However I recently had a problem with watching videos on this app. The videos I downloaded before hand are functioning well but now I am unable to download more because I’m unable to see any type of video on the app. It’s time consuming to have to a delete the app and download my music again. I ask that you fix this problem so I am able to continue to keep downloading new videos as I please. ☺️
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3 months ago, MalikBJ23
Switching to new iPhone
Can you guys make sure when you switch to a different IPhone that all your music you downloaded and saved to your library automatically switches all over with it being fully downloaded and still in your library and not having to redownload it all yourself if you get a new phone? Besides that Great App !
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1 year ago, Foxy319
In the Download it doesn’t give the option to select the quality for the video
In the Tubidy app I saw it was upgraded but when I was about to download a video it didn’t show the “Select quality” I most of the videos I download in my iPad look very clear and I just hope you can bring it back.
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2 years ago, Hgsriihcsaui
I’ve been using this app for years, I have 978 files of music downloaded on it. And then I get on there today to download another song, and I suddenly can’t anymore? The option to download files for offline listening is suddenly gone? I’m very disappointed to have to look for a new music downloaded after being fully devoted to this app for years, it’s also going to take forever to get all the files I have on this app, downloaded on another app. Really really disappointed.
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4 months ago, Not saying 🗣
Best offline music player ever!!!
I have been looking for a app that will let me listen to music offline for 5 days!!! Then I stumbled across this app. I thought just give it a shot and it actually worked!! I was like thank the good Lord above. This app is a life saver!!! Fr thanks to this s app I can jam to music when ever I want now. Thank you fr making this app!!!!!! <3 : ) : )
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3 months ago, mr kims Ei
It's a nice app with a bright future I can see..but you guys need to make it possible for an individual to create a personal profile like other music apps . So I can log in to another device and all those downloaded songs are there. .
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4 years ago, felixsuf
Tubidy fm
I really like the app but there is a few things that I wanted to note number 1 is that it’s kind of exhausting to download every song that I had from the old app so if possible create a way we can just copy past all the songs from the old app number 2 whenever I want to open the app it crashes I can’t open it anymore please find a fix I think it has to do with the video downloads
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5 months ago, FlyTy100
Need Updates
This was always a perfect music app to me with no problems. Until I found out that I can’t download 2 songs that have the same name even though it’s from a different artist. When I try to download a song with the same name as a song in my playlist it just plays the song I already had when I try to play it. Hope y’all see this and improve the app.
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2 years ago, Electocon
Great app, one flaw
This is an amazing app, the one problem I found was that if you downloaded a song with the same name as another one you already it would just replace it without warning. This isn’t to big of a deal but if you have like remixes of songs that are titled the exact same then that could be an issue.
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4 years ago, charbleee
Fix update to transfer songs
Please for the next update just give us the option to import the downloaded songs on the old tubdy app to the new tubidy app so that we won’t have to use 2 apps for our songs! Its not efficient to re-download the songs on the new app because I have like 500 songs on the old app . Please fix it ASAP. Other than that the app is great Thank you
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4 years ago, hoseoksleftnut
You guys....😀
huh😀 I thought this would work like iplay so i tried to download the song like you would on iplay but theres no button... How do you download videos? I guess you cant😀 And why stop supporting iplay when the new app is exactly like it... this is a downgrade i have to say 😀 also... you cant listen to music OUTSIDE of the app or when you lock your phone? Not even on the app itself you have to stay on the video page like 😀😀😀 You guys have much to revise and think about so keep working on it ! ..
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2 years ago, Kathleenv_10
Not working
When I downloaded this app, it was amazing and it worked great but now I can’t download things anymore because it doesn’t show the download button. I really want this to be fixed because I accidentally deleted my favorite song and now I can’t download it again for car trips!
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4 years ago, Itzali1234
Fix the startup crash. It’s still there smh
So the app is just there taking half the space on my phone and it doesn’t even work. Takes them 2 weeks to fix something so simple while other apps never even have this problem to begin with. You say you fixed it but I literally can’t open the app still
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2 years ago, humble lion999
Download songs
Dear sir/madam It gives me much pleasure to write to you this short note. Am sorry to say this .My friend have this same app on his phone and can download music and play them off line. But i cannot do the same. Why is there anything wrong with my app ?
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1 year ago, Oakly Castro
I like the app i really do but it needs to stop changing from me being able to download my music and not downloading it cause it’s getting frustrating having to wait for it to go back to it letting me download it. I just wanna listen to the songs i have saved and not have to worry about not being able to listen to them
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2 years ago, Genta the one and inly
Such a good option
Its one f the best apps out there ive tried so mamy,but they have later become a premium one,while this one is just the best i sometimes have trouble downloading mainly because the button thot the downloadation tends to swich places,but otherwise its just so good🙂
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3 months ago, pmdgaf
I've used Tubidy offline for some time now and it was actually the only good app for me to listen offline but then when I was trying to listen to my downloaded songs the songs wouldn't play. Even when I have wifi it still wouldn't play. Tubidy please fix this.
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4 years ago, shushu_spookaayh
The app keeps crashing
So I’ve been using this app for as long as I remember but there seems to be a problem when i run the app on my iphone 8 the app opens for 6 seconds then immediately crashes i have uninstalled the app and redownloaded it and it still has the same crashing issues. I hope this problem is addressed asap!
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4 months ago, D4nn7 9h4n70m
Update the app
It won’t run in the background anymore or even when I turn my phone off, just stops music as soon as I leave app. Not a background app refresh problem or phone related. It’s just a bug or something. Please fix this, I love this app for a reason
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4 years ago, JELLYAFK
I got a better idea So the next time y’all update the app why not make it so when we get onto the app it will say “TRANSFER YOUR TUBIDY FROM OUR OLD APP TO THIS CURRENT APP” so that way we don’t have to spend like and hour or two days downloading all our song onto this app. please add this
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4 months ago, message21
Tubidy fm
It keeps doing that thing we’re I can’t download videos and music, and the the library sections keeps disappearing too could you fix it with an update on it does it when I use the Wi-Fi at my house
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4 years ago, taehyungs balls
fix it please
So, when i try to download a song, it comes up with the preparing thing and then says “No media found.” I tried multiple songs and all did the same. So I can only play music that have been on my playlist already. I’m quite upset cause I found a new artist I wanted to listen to, but I can’t download their songs. Fix this problem please :(
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3 months ago, Sisilea_Chan
I want the old updates.
This app keeps on disappointing me to be completely honest. First of all was the video quality when downloading and now I can’t even download anything anymore..? And there’s also the app icon that I can’t change it’s color anymore. Please just fix your app! It used to be my favorite..
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3 months ago, Tamiem84
Pretty awesome
Very nice . One bug i found when changing language The media folder wont open when i return the app to English it opens . Wish i can paste a link would be very nice on updated version
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3 years ago, chemsso
Best app ever but..
best app for music videos lovers and i really like it simple design and easy to use but it has some glitches and crashes when you navigating through it i wish it can be more stable in the next updates. good luck team 🤞🏼
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4 years ago, mmm__666
Transfer songs
I used tubidy for 3 years maybe now and for the first time no songs appear in the old app so the message was to download the new one called tubidy fm and that I can transfer all my songs but how can I do it I have alot of songs I can’t re download them there is got to be a way to transfer them quickly I wish I can get some support and help thank you!!
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6 months ago, Jz2234
For the love of god fix the ability to delete songs
For the love of god fix the ability to delete songs from my playlist. You’ve yet to fix that issue for what ever reason and now you’ve removed the ability to move songs from one playlist to the other to combat the issue. Either bring that back or allow me to delete the song from the playlist all together.
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4 years ago, mluta
Tubidy Crash
1w ago i see you fixed a crash prob but my tubidy fm now is not even opening , i have all my songs collected from very long time and i cant even enter on the program and screenshot them
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4 years ago, Wazzup08
Can’t downloaded music anymore
I used Tubidy before they switched to this app and I was able to download music before, but maybe a couple of months later (from the last time I downloaded and used it) and I cant download music anymore it keeps on showing no results when I search for the song ?? Please fix this
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4 years ago, Catrassuit
Stopped working
The app was great until over a month ago after one update all my downloads were deleted and I can’t play/download any songs without it saying unavailable. The search also isn’t working. The recent update did not fix this please fix this soon I thought it would be fixed long ago :(
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3 years ago, zalkadry
When i play a music,a 5 seconds reklam is coming on the screen and the music stops ! Reklams should be below the playing videos or musics not on the screen! İt doesn’t let me enjoy the music and i think that you should solve this problem
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2 years ago, abadalov
Everything in one app
I can find answer to each of my questions. It has all in it, search, add, download, listen, audio only and etc. Thank you for your efforts!
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8 months ago, Kodmaster4363
Repeat button bug
Good app just a problem where when you repeat a song you can’t skip to the next song or previous song while the repeat button is on
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3 years ago, ahmad hejaily
Hello ,, Its Ahmad Hejaily , One of the members who using this good app , First : I Suggestion wish that you try to make a user’s anyone can make it and he will have a user with he’s own Playlist music or videos that will be a nise stip by the way , Second : Try you’r Best to Reduce or hide the ads . Thank you , Best Regards ,,
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4 years ago, ankushka_15
App isn’t opening
I really like this app, I’ve been using this for a month now and it’s not opening since Monday, at first I thought it was my phone’s problem but it still not working, so please fix this problem ASAP, thanks.
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3 years ago, gert995
Great but the problem is my old songs are still there and my new songs arent fix it please
that every time I quit the app my randomized playlist changes and my old songs are still there and my new songs arent fix it please
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4 years ago, .,,.,.,,,,,,,.,?.,,.,,
Can’t download songs😖
Every time I try to search for a song it shows no media, it is very annoying please fix this in next update.
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3 years ago, Nikola Petrovic
Annoying Ads
While you’re listening music a stupid Ads pops up with loud volume, and even worse now when ad comes up it shows black screen and prevent you to listen music when you lock your phone or exit app!!! I used to have a better experience with this app! Now when you streaming, track pauses every 5 seconds because it cant load stream content fast enough
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12 months ago, bes reviewer
Thanks for the great app.
Good recent update also. Hope you can fix/add the following features: Some music I have deleted before and downloaded again won't show on the all list, only in the library one. Please bring back the list of what format I want to download(I usually download only audio) on the download button. (I know it is in the more menu) Please add the option to create custom order of songs, not only by name and date.
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2 years ago, kwusmldouen.3848
Needs One Adjustment
I love this app. Not too many ads, it works, and it’s for free. But I would love to see this app have a shuffle option. Please if you can, it would make this app much more enjoyable.
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4 years ago, Fh618382
Music isn’t added by most recent download in favorites
When I add new songs I want them to be at the top of my favorites and be listed from the order I downloaded the songs, not by name or by date. Please add this feature so I don’t have to scroll to find my newly added songs!
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4 years ago, Chlo.12
Current Crash
Hello, I have used Tubidy for a while now and everything worked perfectly until last week. I can’t download any new songs or watch any videos. When I look for new media, it notifies me that no media was found. Would it be possible to fix this crash please ? I really enjoy using this app and hope this glitch will be fixed. Thank you!
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2 years ago, jacghb
This app is NOT what it says it is
The title of the app clearly states thus app is intended for offline use. However, I downloaded it today and every time I attempted to solve the issue (initially I thought maybe there was a way to tune the radio) it told me I needed internet connection or data to do so. This is NOT the way an offline app works. I downloaded it solely for the purpose of listening to music when I was away from Wi-fi.
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4 years ago, гоё2 :)) tnx
Love this app
I’ve been using it for years and always enjoy. Most liked feature is that it is no problem to use without internet. Can listen whatever i want and wherever i am. Thanks 💙
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4 years ago, VenNoel
Can’t download songs still
Please help. Error message “no media available” keeps popping up. I thought the new update would let me download songs again but no, still no option.
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10 months ago, agur hatia
It good but !!
It a good app for listening to music but it consume to much battery , for example if i listen for 1 hour music from Apple Music it consume only 10 % but on Tubidy about 25/30% even more , it feels heavy I don’t know why but I hope they fix it because it’s my day to day driver
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2 years ago, Figgledog
let me download
It used to work completely fine up until a month ago when it suddenly didn’t let me download any music or videos. I did everything i could, I bought more storage and deleted some downloads and even downloaded the app again but nothing is working! This app was so good up until this and i’m really disappointed.
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