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User Reviews for Tulsa-World

4.35 out of 5
963 Ratings
7 years ago, BillyMack47
Tulsa World App
Much improved over the year. Faster loading and easy paging.
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6 years ago, czechxican
Hot Garbage
This app is difficult to navigate and makes finding where I would like to go difficult. The layout is not well designed and instead of just showing me stories, I have all these tiny section boxes to navigate. Why are things like classified ads and work listings even presented? If you click those sections it tells you that they are not supported on the mobile app. Not good. Then there are the number of “slideshow” type list articles such as 20 places to visit. These articles are ruined on the mobile app, all they do is present the title text and then there is no content besides the first photo. On the website’s e-edition you can scroll through a slideshow of pictures to read the article but none of the content is present. What a shame. Finally, although this is not the app, TW has gone downhill fast in terms of journalism and being a public forum. No more supported comments except in Facebook show the offloading of features and content for cost savings.
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7 months ago, Horvendale
App doesn’t work for me
I have been reading the Tulsa World through my browser, which seems to be the only way. I had the app before I subscribed, and that may be the problem. I removed the app and then reinstalled it from the App Store. It looks good. But when I go to the second page, it says subscribe before you continue. But when I go to the menu, it says I am logged in and shows my user name. But when I go back, it’s still won’t let me go past page 1. I’d like very much to use the app if it would let me in. I will keep trying different things to see if I can get it to work. I also tried going through the link that says Support. That just logged me into the Tulsa World. So it’s hard getting help. Eventually I may have to give up.
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7 years ago, Cdub832
Latest TW update
The newest update is pretty sleek looking but it sure is touchy! Without fail when I scroll down to continue reading, it bumps me to the previous or next page. And I don't understand the links to the Oklahoman.... If the TW can print the entire article, why can't we view the whole thing from the "text" version of the app? Instead, I have to change to the "page" version to see it. However I am grateful for the app so I can use the epaper to keep up when I'm traveling and the other sections like Latest News and Weather are handy as well.
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5 years ago, hobbesocrates
Huge step backwards
The latest update is anything but an upgrade. The new app gutted so many features the app is nearly unusable. Would you like to search for an article? Too bad. Would you like to customize your feed? Too bad. Want to not have every obituary appear alongside actual news? Too bad. There are literally two settings: how often it updates and whether you’d like temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. You can only choose between 5 categories. Apparently TW thinks “news” is a sufficiently specific category. But perhaps they could just use a single category: ads. More than half of their “articles” aren’t actual reporting but merely advertisement.
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6 years ago, 1966 Goldbug
Why Facebook for comments?
I read the Daily Oklahoman for years prior to moving to the Tulsa area. The TW was always a second choice until they started printing the comments at the end of the article. I really enjoyed the diverse positions of the readers. Then came the necessity to be on Facebook to read those comments. We don’t use Facebook for a variety of reasons. I am still considering whether or not to extend our subscription. Poor decision on your part.
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3 years ago, Jamo jamo
Could be better
I like to read each edition front to back similarly to a hard copy of the paper. This is impossible to do without constant reloading. I had hopes that the latest update would fix the instability, but alas, it was not to be. I don’t understand why this newspaper could have such a problem when some smaller community newspapers have vey good applications that are easily navigated through.
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3 years ago, darkphoton
Worse than before
The layout is very poor. It’s virtually impossible to find front page stories. It uses side-scrolling for the “headlines” (which are not that important). There’s a lot of wasted space as each story link has a lot of white space around it. The app itself is very laggy. Taps are ignored, or take affect after a couple of seconds. After using it for a few minutes my device starts heating up. Note that the “Most Helpful” 5 star reviews are from 3 years ago.
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2 years ago, wannashop1534
Horrible app
We are paying $240 now to use this horrible mobile app. It’s the only app in my mobile device that will not allow me to login with a thumbprint, will not retain login information forcing me to enter userid and password every single time I use it, logs me out half the time if I minimize to go take a morning shower and come back, and so forth. The paper seems to be 50% ads. I can get all of the news and then some on the TV or internet without the frustration. We don’t plan to renew.
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4 years ago, toyota-inOK
What happened?
Suddenly I am unable to access any new stories from the homepage if I click on one it takes me to a page full of advertisements and if I tried to login I get a blank screen the only thing I can do now is access the E addition I don’t understand why all the other options are there if they don’t lead to anything this was not the case just a few weeks ago I sent a feedback email but have heard nothing
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2 years ago, jacobmarley82
Worst E-edition Ever
I previously wrote that the Tulsa World app was bad but not that bad. I was incorrect. It is the worst: hard to navigate, hard to use. I subscribe to around half a dozen newspaper apps and it’s not even close. Unbelievable and completely worthless. I guess this is why they charge such an exorbitant price for the print version, one is virtually unable to use their app. I’m only sorry Apple doesn’t allow zero stars.
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6 years ago, Greg5224
Rain,, rain
Great app to go to when my morning paper is completely wet. Don't have to wait for it to dry. Like the ability of see the paper just like it was printed.
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3 years ago, boricuababyhuey
Too many ads for a paying subscriber
The articles display fine on my iPhone and the notifications are useful but why ads when I am a paying subscriber? It’s like playing one of those free mobile games with the cheesy ads thrown in there.
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7 years ago, Teetatito
From a person who has been an avid morning PAPER person for about 50 years this is almost as satisfying. AND no more trees being used! It's all good.
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5 years ago, Toby Joplin
Getting Worse
The Tulsa World app used to be pretty good. Lately it has become unusable. If I want to read five stories in a row in the app, I have to log in five times, once for each article. I have tried to contact their iOS developers multiple times but I have not received a response. The Daily Oklahoman app is a better choice for Oklahoma news.
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2 years ago, SoonerAP
New problems with app
App has started kicking me out of “logged in” status. My husband has had same issues that only recently started. I deleted and reinstalled app but has not resolved problem.
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6 years ago, ragamuffin220
Excellent customer service
Accurate and meaningful articles.
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6 years ago, BobW54
Tulsa world app
App is easy to use with clear topics. However links do not work in the app. Have to access them from web browser.
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6 years ago, Terriblesupport
Articles cut off
Everyday when I’m reading the paper with this app, I come across articles that are cut off, so I have to open my browser, find the same article to finish reading it. This has been going on for many months.
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3 years ago, Matthew’s Plan
This App is way behind
The state has two dependable news papers. Your app needs a refresh badly or potentially a platform change. My wife and I subscribe to the Tulsa world through the app faithfully. However it’s always the first expense we want to cut because the app is so bad.
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6 years ago, Sqpeg44
Ok App
I’m glad I can read the news on my iPad, thx
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5 years ago, Coach9642
Search is poor
Stick to breaking news don’t try to fit entire paper’s sections
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6 years ago, vargaalex
All the news in one spot
Tulsa World is a very nice newspaper that covers both local and national nees
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4 years ago, Tom,qr
Ten Years Ago
It is like we went through a time warp and were updated to the original Tulsa World App. Why will it only display in iPhone mode? It is useless on an Ipad. No, it is just useless.
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7 years ago, NightOwl8545
Tulsa World
Inconsistent access. Need to call again to read all articles. I do like the App, but it is has a lot of ads.
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3 years ago, Melba1972
New layout is hard to read. Please add an option to increase font size
The app locks up and no longer works.
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4 years ago, timd441
Ad engine
I couldn’t read paper too many ads and I am a subscriber today I opened and it was an ad not the program that greeted me.
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6 years ago, Saiyan_Yugi
I get m news from this app.
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5 years ago, Team Martin
Log In
Since this last update I have to enter my credentials each time I want to open the e edition. Very annoying. Why the change
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10 years ago, Sj702
Much better interface & all for free!
In the past I stopped using Tulsa World App because they charged you for a subscription. This influenced me to find local news elsewhere, such as local TV news apps. Now it appears they are providing their news at no charge. The interface is very sleek, easy to use. However, the amount of article access "feels" very limited. I guess you can not expect everything for free. I thank Tulsa World for moving in the direction they have started concerning their new app. I hope they will keep expanding it to allow for article searches, and for customized, personal settings.... Allowing you to get the news you want, the way you want it. Hat's off TW for stopping the price gouging for using your app.
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6 years ago, MorphineSauce
Most of the stories direct you to the website. You can’t read the whole story on this app!
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6 years ago, AYates706
Since new ownership and local leadership the Tulsa World is. Eco ing more and more a left leaning propaganda media. Do t subscribe any more after about 25 years.
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3 months ago, Beagle3164
Click bait app
This app appears to concentrate on unintended redirect to click bait websites and the like. Subscribers need to be treated with respect. The publisher has ruined my local paper!!
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6 years ago, 114390
Great app
I really enjoy this app.
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6 years ago, Mirdle
Canceling the paper!
I’m sorry but I’m ready to quit the news paper. Thank you very much.
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6 years ago, NAFSBUC
Not quite totally useless
But close
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7 years ago, SGlennR
Welcome to 2003
Tulsa World has become an ad-driven, money-grabbing exploiter of mobile technology. Canceled subscription.
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4 years ago, TMT21
Unusable with iPad
My iPad is used in landscape orientation. The Tulsa World app only opens in portrait.
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6 years ago, Feathyrz
They get the gist of the story, but show bias.
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10 years ago, KS2009
Much Improved
I am updating my previous review below. They have added back the ability to download the paper to be read offline, so I now give the new app 5 stars. --------------- I was a fan of the old Tulsa World app and was puzzled when it was discontinued. It allowed you to download the paper and read it offline. Some days, though, it didn't work so well. I agreed with other reviewers when this new app was rolled out a few months ago that it was not as good or as functional. The main thing missing was the ability to view the actual print version rather than online versions of articles. That has changed. The e-edition view works quite well. It is true that the print gets fuzzy if you enlarge it a lot but I don't find that a problem on my iPad. Also, you can click on any article when in this view and toggle to the electronic version of the article. My criticisms: 1. I wish we could have the option of downloading the print version. 2. I found the process of signing up to be somewhat buggy, but once done it has worked well.
Show more
10 years ago, Abeoholic
Nice improvement
I was so disappointed with the previous version which was a giant step backward. This version adds some nice features that even the original version which I loved did not have. Most important the resolution is back to where it used to be. You can now zoom in and actually read the text, clearly. Woo hoo. You can also once again download the entire paper and read it offline which has been a much missed feature. Good job.
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11 years ago, Rick Kelly
A Step Backwards
This new app is a big step backwards for the Tulsa World. I was never impressed with the last version, but now wish I had it compared to this one. I've found the articles available through the app are not always consistent with hat the print edition has. Some articles are linked to the Daily Oklahoman and when you get directed to that site you cannot see the full article without a separate subscription. There is a way to view the print version of the World, but navigation is terrible. Picking a page from a drop down box based solely on page numbers is a terrible way to navigate. There is no way to download a copy for viewing while offline anymore. If you want to know what a good apposite for a newspaper take some ideas from USA Today or the NY Times.
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10 years ago, A distant viewer
Misses again
Once again the Tulsa World misses the mark with a ill functioning app. If you want to read the paper, buy one at the store or have it delivered. I have tried to read the e-edition one page at a time and by downloading, but it isn't really downloaded to your device. If interrupted while reading and you put it down, you have to downloading it again. If you travel, you can't access it on the plane because it won't store on your device. The picture and text quality is better, but not like it once was. Why the need to select the e-edition, load the first page, select from the menu to download, then select the entire paper over a single page, then confirm to download what I've already decided to do, 5 steps ago.
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10 years ago, Agjgayskyzmay
Electronic version is a huge disappointment
It's rare in the modern age of technology for a product to take such a big step backwards. The TW entered the digital edition market several years ago with a grade A product. It was easily accessible and readable. One year ago the e version was updated and almost completely lost it's functionality. The text was unreadable on zoom, pages were slow to load and among other things, it is no longer available offline. Many of these issues have been tempered, but it continues to be a lesser product than when it first rolled out a few years ago. It shouldn't be this hard to produce a readable and practical electronic version!
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9 years ago, Rod&Shannon
Now five stars!
Am updating my harsh review of almost two years ago. App now runs well and does everything that I need and more. Nice job and five stars for the effort, Tulsa World. Calling this app awful would be a compliment. It crashes every time I use it. Can we just have the old one back so we can download a paper and read it at our leisure? Worse case I ever saw of taking an app that was functional and worked and turning it into junk!
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10 years ago, Merlewag
Tulsa World App
This version works well with some irritating exceptions. It is slow and not responsive when downloading an edition. This is true in both steps of the two step process. Once I get it downloaded it is a pleasure to use. However, sometimes I give up in frustration during the downloading process. I do not use the version that has the thumbnail pages at the right of the screen. It is way too slow and does not allow me to skim through the paper easily.
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10 years ago, golfcutter
Tulsa World E-Edition
I like to read to newspaper no matter where I am so access to the Tulsa World E-Edition is important to me. My issues with this app are related to the difficulty in getting there. The opening the E-Edition is too complicated. I read other newspapers through their app. When I open the app the newspaper opens to the front page. It takes scrolling through the various portions of the screen to get to the E-Edition which takes me to another screen that I have to scroll to another place to open the E-Edition. That should be first area on the opening screen and it should go to the E-E-Edition immediately.
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9 years ago, Oklabe
This publication is rapidly going down. Just open the outdated app and look around/think to yourself "this is the city's sole daily". Sad times for a once great institution. But wait, they have local sports, right? Click the TU banner (our sole D1 school) and rethink that comment. One must recognize that many of the best reporters have recently bailed for rival start-ups. Read these high profile ship jumpers at local publications such as The Frontier, This Land Press, or the Tulsa Voice. Get your crime stories, press releases, and very occasional investigative pieces from this app. That's all it's good for these days.
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8 years ago, moulon roughe
No ability to see comments or all the pics
I am also a print subscriber and if I go on vacation the Tulsa world will not credit me for the stopped issues. So I want my electronic version to be as good as the print version as well as provide the same electronic goodies as other papers do. Sadly not the case with this app. They don't provide all the pics you get with print version nor do they let you see or add any comments made to stories. Go look at the salt lake tribune app if you want an idea of what I am talking about.
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11 years ago, Wrinklelove
Whoever created this app has never heard of Beta testing! Surely, you could have identified the issues before forcing everyone to change to this app. The pages load horribly slow. I can't download the newspaper and take it with me to read a CLEAR copy irregardless of wifi access. I loathe the page list at the side,swiping from page to page was much faster. Pages on the side hop and reload continually. I do not subscribe to the daily paper version & only read online. Not sure I will renew subscription if I do not receive the benefits of the old app. IF YOU HAVE NOT SUBSCRIBED TO ONLINE VERSION- DO NOT!
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