TV for Reddit

2.3 (12)
14 MB
Age rating
Current version
Alberto Garcia Hierro
Last update
10 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for TV for Reddit

2.33 out of 5
12 Ratings
9 years ago, Mrs. Aguilar 1
Horrible Upkeep
I bought this app when I first got it a couple years ago. I really enjoyed the app, and wanted to support the developer. However, it stopped working and I wasn't able use it for about a year. So, I bought an app I could no longer use. The update came out a few months ago and I could finally use my app. What happens? It goes down again. I'm going to report this app and get my money back.I didn't mind supporting the developer for a great app, but not if issues can not be addressed in a timely fashion.
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8 years ago, That One Zombi3
Loved it, but now hate it
This was a really good app. Recommended it to many, but it stopped working while long back and now I'm sad because of it. Not the fact that everyone hates me for it not working. They loved it too.
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11 years ago, Caw0022
Bare bones app
It would be nice if you could browse through the videos and read the titles instead if just clicking on an interesting thumbnail and hoping its good. The ability to browse sub Reddits would also be nice. I don't like the interface either. Y'all have a great idea for an app, but all around I'm not pleased with the presentation or features.
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9 years ago, 8675309mdz
Love this app
Better than the website .tv
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9 years ago, X Shark
The app crashes...
Not while in use, but upon opening it a second time after a small delay. Only resolution is to uninstall and reinstall.
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8 years ago, Kookieaokjkdaj
Don't waste your time
Nothing about this works. Good start but needs work. Keep going but improve it.
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7 years ago, kylenstone
Tried to add a subreddit - crashed and won restart
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9 years ago, Popo is fire
Great app but....
IT KEEPS CRASHING !! I then have to redownload it but keeps on CRASHING !!
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12 years ago, From me to you22
To be honest...
Guess Since theres like no ratings i'll start it off. It's a great app. It shows you the history of the memes and where they came from but that's about it. I think they should add a section where users can create and submit there reddit video ideas. I know that kind of sounds like a BIG update but image what that could create for the reddit society. A whole new section with video editing with memes. Also the app crashes sometimes and it needs to add more videos to each section. Other than that it's a great app to show you the history of memes.
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12 years ago, SightlessObserver
Good except for when you open the video in fullscreen then come back to the app
Nevertheless: GET THIS APP. The good: You can watch vids in fullscreen and it will automatically play the next vid in line of whatever subreddit you are on. The bad: It seems to shrink everything down and overlay it on itself into the upper right corner. Also, landscape orientation, as opposed to portrait only would be appreciated. Do this and you get a star for each fix guys!
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11 years ago, Michael Leddy
Please bring back the email link. Not even Share on Facebook works. This is an awesome app but it needs some detailing. Frankly just fix the share button and make it able to send videos to Facebook or send by email and this app will be great. It needs to be updated more often than just once a year
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11 years ago, Dis iz Sparta!
Awesome app
I love this app, the only real thing I hate about it is how addictive it is. Also the subreddits still don't have any videos in them please fix soon. One last thing, reddit TV needs to have a favorites menu to save videos you liked to
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10 years ago, Arussell817
Love the app... Been broken for weeks
I actually really like this app a lot. Very clean and easy interface and easy to navigate. It does need some improvements like titles to video being the biggest. The problem is for the past few weeks none of the videos have even been loading... It's not my internet or iPad because the same videos work fine in other reddit apps. Please fix! And I will gladly give 5 stars
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11 years ago, Bumkty
I have had this app for a long time but just recently the sharing by email feature has stopped working. Please fix!!!!' I love this app too much
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11 years ago, Covenantkilla
Pretty good
This app is really great if you are bored. However, there are a few things that should be in the app that aren't. Examples are as follows: A title for the video, a description for the video, and a link to the scource of the video. Please add all of these things. Many of the videos without context don't make any sense.
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10 years ago, Daleader9
I really enjoy this app. However, for the past few weeks the videos won't load. I thought it was just me. Please fix. I want it to start playing videos again.
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10 years ago, Aggrav8e
Paid for an app that used to be great
I hate paying for an app and then after it's updated it doesn't work like it used to. Now the app doesn't work at all. Videos don't play, titles of the videos are gone and you can't share the videos anymore either. Whoever is getting paid for this app needs to be fired.
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10 years ago, lairawn
Please fix the app
I can't play any the video at all and a little upgrade would be fantastic. Also make a button to save videos. Hope you'll fix it soon. Thanks
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11 years ago, lightlock
No description of videos anymore
I love this app and visit everyday but was sad to see that with the recent update there are no descriptions of the videos any longer? Please add this back and an area for comments please!
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10 years ago, 101010110101010110
Its been three days and none of the videos are loading. I've tried both of my iPods, my internet is good, and I tried re-downloading the app but nothing is working. Why?
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10 years ago, Hahalollol1235
Stopped working
Was addicted to this app after last update the videos stopped loading.
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10 years ago, What_A_Geek
Look this is really fun app with some awesome videos but now thy are not loading. I've tried everything, turning my ipod off and on, my Internet in fine, deleting and reinstalling. And still nothing, if this is not fixed soon, reddit is gonna lose a user. Fix it now please
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10 years ago, hdsfiughds
What happened?
This app is amazing, and I use it very often, but what happened to the description? It used to show it, but after an update, it just disappeared.
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12 years ago, Bullblacknova
Works Great With the Apple TV
I have to say this is a pretty handy App, especially when used with the Apple TV. All I have to do is turn on AirPlay and load a channel and Reddit TV does the rest. Sweet App!
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10 years ago, vampireanarchy
App stop working
It's not playing the videos
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10 years ago, Gerardhoe
Reddit tv
I loved the app but 4 some reason it stopped working plz fix ASAP what else am I gonna look at while dropping a deuce
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12 years ago, Tim J. Cho
Same great app
I always loved this app. So many things that can entertain you!
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12 years ago, Beto408
Fix this app
It laggs while playing videos they need to make an up date videos don't always load. But overall it a cool app
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12 years ago, 89723
What if...
What if Reddit is just trolling us, so we have to sit on the computer all day?
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10 years ago, Nnmmkki
Hate this app
This app is worthless. Don't even bother thinking about getting it because none of the videos worked when I first got it. None of the videos work still yet, so don't waste your time.
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10 years ago, Alaindunkel
Fix it!!!!
Please fix the App! It hasn't worked in months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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12 years ago, Rufina b
No sound
I have pulled up the videos multiple times and there is no sound. Please do something to fix this problem, I would like to enjoy the app. Just updated it and still no sound.
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10 years ago, ddog63
Won't play videos
The videos have just stopped loading all together
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10 years ago, eyelessrox
Doesn't work
For the last two days, this app hasn't been workin. I know it's not my ipad cause a couple of fiends of mine are having the same problem. Please fix, we did pay for it.
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10 years ago, Worms man231
Video never works
Pretty much sums it up I haven't been able to watch any videos at all on it all it shows is the loading screen and that's it.
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12 years ago, Cbs220
Fix this
Please. I'm sure it's a great app, but I got tired of watching the fake static after about five seconds. Please fix this. Soon.
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11 years ago, candlejak
Display Names
What happened to the names of the videos??
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12 years ago, Mojersen
When does the narwhal bacon?
Thank you master
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10 years ago, TreyHamilton25
Doesn't work
Simply as the title says. This doesn't not work at all. Tap on a video, nothing, wait a few minutes, nothing. I'm glad I didn't pay to 'upgrade' a broken app.
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12 years ago, Murthy1978
Been not working for a week and no update yet
Not sure if any body is working on it.
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12 years ago, sean808080
Doesn't work any more
Time to look for another option. This stopped playing any videos, although the advertising works just fine. meh
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12 years ago, Gmhuntr7
Pretty fun
Just needs to get it's other categories filled and it'll be great
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11 years ago, B348th3
Hi with the new update it no longer says the name of the video. Please fix this :)
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10 years ago, Boopie74
Doesn't show videos
We paid and it no longer works. Please fix and we will change review.
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12 years ago, Leavesofseven
Be nice if the sound would work
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12 years ago, YANK33SFAN6
Haven't used it yet
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12 years ago, Bluedude123
I love this app, now that It's not working I don't know what to do with all this free time! Please fix it!!
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10 years ago, LiddleBob
Hasn't worked in months
No longer functional at all...
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11 years ago, Swellz210
It makes me depressed
Basically the only thing that's on here is police brutality videos and it's just sad. I want something different.
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10 years ago, Lecheconarrozmmmm
Fix the app
The app is great when it works but it has been about 4 weeks that the app doesn't load. Fix it !!
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