TV Guide: Streaming & Live TV

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TV Guide
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4 weeks ago
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User Reviews for TV Guide: Streaming & Live TV

4.14 out of 5
80.6K Ratings
5 years ago, HILOMY
I use this app pretty often sometimes and then I also have breaks where I don’t use it at all. Along the way there have been some glitches but like any other app, that’s going to happen as frustrating as that may seem.... Especially when you need it. For the majority of the time it’s pretty accurate and matches what I see. I do not have cable or satellite tv and with that comes no guide on tv so this works great when I want to take a glimpse at what’s on without actually scanning each channel. I have noticed lately that there is at least 1 new channel, that I know of, for those who use an antenna. In my area (Midwest) it is 6.5 Start TV. When I do land on that channel it doesn’t show the info as to what is currently on and it is not listed on this app yet so I do not usually last too long watching it. It would be nice to have the channels on the app update as soon as the channels on TV do but I am not a programmer so I haven’t the slightest clue how hard it is to update apps more often. Some I have weekly, some are monthly and some are yearly. I guess it depends on how often those are using the app and how bad the glitches are. I have had this app on various phones since about the time apps were available and I haven’t let go so far.
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5 months ago, DMIA
Listings really screwed up the past couple of days and I can’t log in for support
My TV Guide iPhone and iPad apps worked okay until a couple days ago. Now listings are about 7 hours off - if it is noon, the listings show the current time as 7 pm. But the listings for most channels are incorrect for both noon and 7 pm. Some channels are off by other time amounts. Many listings are completely blank. I cannot log on for customer support - it says my password is wrong and it won’t let me change my password. I deleted the app and reinstalled it but it didn’t fix anything. I have the latest iOS updates. I’ve used the TV Guide app several years and it normally works fine but it seems to really get screwed up once or twice a year. Rating 0-1 stars for this major glitch. UPDATE - the app was fixed about a day after I wrote the above review. My rating is back up to 4 stars for now. One star off for the occasional major malfunctions once or twice a year.
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3 years ago, Sarah B29
“Streamlined” into Unusable
The update has changed and taken away features and options in an attempt to streamline, but has really just made everything less usable. Looking at listings, it’s harder to read the times and see the lines indicating time slots. The watchlist now displays the upcoming shows airing in a slideshow that you have to manually scroll through and does not list the times or other airings of the show, even if you tap on it. It used to be you could read a list of upcoming shows at a glance organized by day, now it’s clearly meant to be a flashy design choice. I even sent an email asking about this feature and received no response, even though it’s been over a week. I can’t adjust the settings much anymore either, for example, choosing a different start page. You can set your streaming apps, which would be nice if there was any purpose to it. Some people have said they are included in the Discover section, but I have yet to see anything related to it. Streaming shows should have their own section to begin with. Overall a pointless update that removed the features and elements that were most useful. Update: to find the airings of a show in your Watchlist, you have to tap on the show, scroll down to “Where to watch” then tap on “More.” I shouldn’t have to take three steps to view information that used to be available at a glance or just one step
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4 years ago, mscaptbilly
I’ve submitted an “unsubscribe” request to TV Guide almost every day for two months, generally three or four times per day, yet this email continues to spam me every day despite these repeated attempts to discontinue receiving something I no longer wish to receive. Every other “unsubscribe” I’ve ever submitted has always honored my request, but not TV Guide. I generally do not make assumptions, but after nearly two months of pushing the “unsubscribe” item at the bottom of the page and receiving the notice I’ve been “unsubscribed” with a caveat it will take at least twenty four hours to stop receding my preferences, I can’t help but wonder if their staff doesn’t care, can’t read, or they can’t tell the difference between 24 hours and 24 YEARS. I don’t know about this, but it also begs the question if TV Guide has moved their support operation out of the USA and hires foreigners instead of providing jobs for American citizens who purchase their product(s) as so many other big corporations have. If this is true, and I’m not saying it is, perhaps there is a translation, language, cultural, or some other issue. Regardless, they have a support or technical issue that needs to be fixed. I would say to anyone thinking about using this App, think again if you don’t want to receive this email for the rest of your life because you canNOT unsubscribe.
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3 years ago, apopheniac
What a waste!
I had more or less happily used this app for years, which I would have rated four stars until the recent rewrite. Why rebuild an app from the ground up when it was already working quite well? All I can imagine is the overhaul being called for by upper management and handed off to people who have never before written a software specification, then developed by a contractor, without user input, without usability testing, who, when “finished”, simply dumped it off, took their money and ran. The low-level project managers can now report, “There, fixed it!” and move on to their next task. I don’t mean to impinge the integrity of anyone involved; I’m just guessing—you know how this works, don’t you?—they didn’t have the direction, resources or skills to pull off this project, whatever it was meant to accomplish (unless it was meant to drive users away). I mean, can’t you even see that the details screen of a program that’s showing *today* says it played YESTERDAY? I’m not going to list all that’s broken about this new version (that’s what usability testing is for!) But … if TV Guide really wants to fix this thing, they can simply reinstate the old app. … I’ve now switched to the 5-star TV Listings Plus app instead of the new, dysfunctional, TV Guide app. TV Listings Plus incorporates all (and even more!) of the functionality of the old, properly functioning, TV Guide app.
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3 years ago, Naw421
Initially confused, now happy!
Initially I was upset and confused by the new update, deleted it and reinstalled it after I couldn’t find another TV App with features I wanted. Once I took the time to maneuver my way around the new site, instead of complaining about it, and made sure my favorites and Watchlist were still there, I really began to like it. It was helpful to read the FAQ’s also. I selected my satellite cable Provider (Direct TV), and my most watched channels which are saved to favorites with the red heart. The channel numbers and channel logo are on the left. All my favorites appear at the top of the page. My Watchlist programs are still shown after the update, and those with new episodes are marked New. I can also search a specific program in my Watchlist to see future dates it will be on TV. I still have the push notifications, which is good to remind me which programs in my Watchlist are coming on, and it’s convenient to see which of my Watchlist programs are airing or streaming. I have happily used and enjoyed the TV Guide App on my iPad for several years, and glad it’s back!
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6 years ago, Biggie46789432
App has completely stopped working
Final edit: After deleting and reinstalling all day, FINALLY it picks up my location. But now my account no longer exists - but funnily enough, when I try to sign up anew it tells me my account already exists. Finally start from scratch with a new made-up email and what do I immediately notice? THE GRID IS STILL OFF BY AN HOUR. I have finally decided this app is just a phenomenal piece of junk. There’s a reason it has only a few stars average rating. Sadly, I liked it because I don’t watch enough TV to remember when the few shows I watch come on and really made use of the reminders feature. But I also don’t watch enough TV to fool with such a piece of crap app. Deleting for good! —————————— Despite there having been no update, suddenly my grid and all my alerts were off by an hour. I made sure my provider had not been changed, but I couldn’t even pull it up as the app said there were no providers, despite the fact that I live in the heart of one of the largest metropolitan areas in the US. So I deleted the app, cycled my phone, and reinstalled the app. It STILL says there are no providers in the area and will not go past that screen. I am stuck, cannot go any further. My previous rating was only 3 stars so I never thought it was a great app but now it’s a virtual paperweight on my home screen.
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3 years ago, LizDirector
I would give this new app zero stars, but that choice is not available. SOME OF THE NEW PROBLEMS WITH THIS NEW APP that the old app didn’t have: Individual listings no longer have program descriptions, so one has to blindly select a show without knowing what that particular episode is about and the fact that they’re labeled NEW is not always true ‘cause many have often aired before. When you click on a daily listing, you’re taken to a page with NO program details, but with “latest programs” listings which often include shows that have aired DECADES ago and have no relation to the present. Also, current listings under “SEE ALL” are often listed/dated as airing the day before, even though one arrives at this page directly from the present-day listings page. ALSO, There is no home page or account page where one would adjust, edit, revise one’s personal or provider information . ALSO, the Spanish-language Univision listing (Miami Channel 29/WLTV, Comcast Channel 9), has been erased and labeled as “no longer broadcasting”, which is incorrect. This is the country’s largest, most important national Hispanic network AND IT HAS NEVER GONE OFF THE AIR. I can’t imagine why TV Guide has allowed all these errors to continue. If they’re not corrected soon, you’re going to lose many viewers. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF THIS!
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9 months ago, isirlin
Push notifications
Push notifications have been down for weeks now, while it continues to just say temporary, it does not feel very temporary. This is the only reason why I use this app is for the notifications to not miss a show and know when things are coming on, without this, the app is almost useless. And combine that with the glitches it still continues to have after many version updates. The wrong time is loaded consistently and even after changing will go back to an incorrect time. When showing programs on “tonight” under my watchlist, it doesn’t actually show anything on for that night, but only shows episodes for the coming week but not that specific night. So unless I scroll through all the channels for each time under the listings, I have no way of knowing what’s on that night of the programs I watch. Also when searching for a show recently, there have been a lot of shows just not showing up at all in the search results. And the app freezing when I go to type something in to the search bar. I feel like with each update this app gets worse and worse. PLEASE FIX ALREADY. It used to be such a good app before it was completely changed and consequently ruined
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6 years ago, ~Jules555~
Great app, super easy to set up the many awesome features!
I love that I can jump directly to the day and time I want and see a star next to my watchlist shows and the word new indicating new episodes. It’s great to be able to follow actors and get notifications whenever something they starred in is on. The notifications 15 mins before a show airs are perfect for me. I read these reviews and can’t believe them! It’s a free app so totally understandable that revenue has to come from somewhere. I’m perfectly happy to scroll past a few ads if that’s what it takes to keep it free. I’ve used this app everyday for well over a year, haven’t had a single pop up ad nor have I had any loud ads. As far as the other complaints, they’re all user error, not the apps fault! Duh if you don’t want to get a notification for every single episode then set it for “new episodes only”. All of them were like that. If I can sort out how to use the many convenient features and tailor it to fit my needs, everyone should be able to.
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3 years ago, Billie Dawn
HATE HATE HATE this update
You have made what USED to be an easy to use and useful app into an unusable mess. Same complaints as many other reviewers, the primary issue for me are 1) the inability to easily search for a show and 2) once located, the inability to just tap the listing to learn about the specific episode. Tried to find out what time the Golden Globe Awards were on, I got 20 listings for various shows about the Golden Globes (pre-show , post-show, fashion wrap ups) from 2003-present, even Joan & Melissa Rivers shows...and Joan Rivers has been dead since 2014. But no listing for tonight’s show. I finally gave up after searching four different ways with no success. Tried to find out the guests/topics on an episode of CBS Sunday Morning, and initially just got a generic description that it provides news and features on multiple subjects. When I clicked today’s show, I got one sentence lifted out of the initial generic description, and still no specifics about the episode. This is typical of the show descriptions. The guide accessed on my TV has all sorts of specific information about the topics and guests and episodes. This app USED to have that information and was easy searchable as well. It’s basically useless now.
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3 years ago, Periwinkle sue
Recent changes/ lost features, sadly
I’ve had this app for years and loved it. I loved the watchlist I could set where a star displayed by those shows we liked. I could see where our favorites were at a glance on the listings. Now the watchlist is giving me banners on my Lock Screen as a reminder 30 minutes prior to the show (not helpful). At least I think what’s what I’m seeing. I also used to LOVE the personalized alerts I could set. I had some favorite shows that were at random/obscure/changing times. This alert would give me an audio signal 5-10 minutes in advance (my choosing) that they were coming on. Great help! Now since the big update, my favorites don’t have stars on the listing, and the alerts I had set have completely disappeared!!! Even sometimes I pull this app up and the “listings” don’t even show up in the lower bar. I have to close it and open again, hoping they show. Please bring back those features I loved. I hope this is just some bugs that need worked out. In the meantime, I will try some other apps. (I use this solely for antennae tv.)
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3 years ago, VermilionScannerGuy
The app went from fantastic to fouled
The main feature I used the previous version was for listings for OTC. I made specific use of the Listings features in using it only to see what I had as a Favorite & not list extra channels from outside the Cleveland & Greater NE Ohio broadcast area. With the new format, I’m now seeing networks that aren’t even remotely close. I also HATE the monster long listings because they include streaming media that I don’t want to clutter my reading but have no way to remove them. If I had known that these were the “improvements”, I’d never had updated the app. This newest version strips too much user controlled functionality that were of extreme usefulness in the previous release. TV Guide has once again reaffirmed my belief in several famous Murphy’s Laws: “Every solution breeds new problems.”; “If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.”; “Build a system that even a fool can use, and only a fool will use it.”; and finally, the most important... “If you fool around with a thing for very long you will screw it up.”. In the latter, TV Guide’s app development team took screwing it up to universal extremes.
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1 year ago, shadowAKA086
Pretty good app, though has some issues
Overall I really like this app. The information is accurate (sports match ups can vary) and the ability to favorite channels and have them appear at the top of the listing is a really nice feature. They list literally dozens upon dozens upon DOZENS of channels; you’d be hard-pressed to not be able to find the one you’re looking for. That being said, sometimes the app doesn’t load all of my favorites, and I’ll need to close and reopen the app a few times to get it to work properly. Another issue I have is with favoriting specific movies and shows: overall I like being able to do this, but the app doesn’t always alert you ti when one of your favorite shows and movies will be on; I can understand this for shows that play a lot, but it would be nice to catch a movie when it airs. It would also be nice to be able to register more than one location for people who travel a lot. Overall it’s a pretty good app and I’d recommend downloading it, but it could be a lot better.
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10 months ago, Pwpky
Overwhelmed by ads
Another update problems again and again. When it works it’s good, but so often doesn’t. Trying find another app Update - not working yet again, erased most of my channels for no reason Update to below...your new version of app very disappointing. I used to be able to check on the show and see a description of the episode airing and now that’s been replaced by just a description of the series.....especially for shows that are reruns I want to know what episode is about so I know if I’ve seen it or not and that helps me know if want to watch or not. You’ve made my favorite app useless and I’ve had to go find a different one to use. I used to love this app, one of my favorites ...even if occasionally it crashed, but now it’s overrun by ads. Just looking through the list of shows on right now if I want to click on shows to read description I’m going to get an ad at least every other time...and the ad comes up and when you close it then it also clicks closed the show info you wanted to see. It’s so aggravating I don’t know why I gave it 2 stars, just some residual love from before when it was great I guess.
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3 years ago, Montie B. Love
UPDATED: Listings have returned after update! Improved app.
Update(April 6, 2021): The listing are back! They’re actually better than before. Easier to read and access information. You can set preferences so it launches straight in to the listings at the current time. More clearly organized descriptions and information about the shows/movies when you select them. Thanks for listening and bringing back the features that matter most. Now it is a true TV Guide again. Even supports 24 hour clock. Previous Review: Wow! They had an okay app for checking television listings. Then, one update and it is all gone. I thought I had opened the wrong application. Need to find another app. So much for “TV Guide”? Who would even think what they just did was a good idea? Now Useless. Uninstalling. (Cannot rate this with no stars. Don’t want to give it one. It isn’t even the same app!)
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5 months ago, Blueduck2
Can’t Sign In
App stop working. Was directed to delete app and reload which I did. Now trying to log in with Apple and e-mail and password and nothing works. Message says they sent an email that will sign me in. Email is never delivered. It says my password is incorrect which it isn’t. I then tried to change password and again they said I have an email to reset password. Again no email. I guess I have to be done with this app which I have enjoyed using. Never any problems before. Not much use to me now if I can’t log in. Weird! Well I got on finally. Lasted one day and then became unusable again. I deleted the app and then reloaded. Again I can’t log in. Tried to sign in with APPLE. Message says click on email they just sent. No email. Tried logging in with email and password. Message said wrong password. Same password I used yesterday. Tried to change password. Again message to click on email they just sent. No email sent! After many years of using the app and happy with it, it is now a joke and I am not wasting anymore time with it. I’m done. Very sad. “If it ain’t broke let’s break it”. Doesn’t deserve one star.
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3 years ago, Soapfan12345
Guess I Should Be Grateful
that this new version works at all, based on what others have said. I only got the new version just now, and held out as long as I could. Until now an older version still worked, on my older device. Took forever to load, but finally did. Difficult to navigate, but the listings are there. I know they’re correct for the two shows I checked, because they confirmed the TitanTV app I usually use. I had originally chosen not to sign in, but had to sign in (I used email.) to get the listings. My favorites were still there, too, so hope they’ve been working to fix things. I’m giving it two stars because the info I need (listings, show summaries, and favorites) is still there, but more difficult to find. Before I could set listings to show up when I opened the app. Unless it does that automatically, I don’t see how to set it. Just seems like everything is more difficult now, but grateful it’s still there. The previous version wasn’t as “fancy”, but who cares about that? I could get the info I needed quickly, without having to take a lot longer to do the same thing.
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3 years ago, Paige Markham
Potential But Too Many Stupid Mistakes
I’m not going to enumerate all the things wrong with this new version because plenty of others already have. What I do want to say is that pretty much all the issues are simply a result of LAZY & CARELESS programming and design. For example, something as simple as showing the time of day as 1:3 instead of 1:30 is JUST PLAIN STUPID, and there is no acceptable reason for it under the sun. It’s obvious there was ABSOLUTELY NO QA throughout the entire process. I’m not even sure there was a design. (Maybe you just had a big party where everyone got high & improv’ed it.) And that is just the tip of the iceberg in this excuse of an “improved version”. It is amazing and appalling to me as an IT professional that a company the size TV Guide with the resources available to you would have the hubris to release something a junior programmer would be ashamed of. No wonder so many people are unhappy. Even those who aren’t professionals know better. How is it you don’t? It seems there is potential with the redesign idea ... if only you had hired people who had actually seen a computer before. Regardless, it looks like you’ll need a complete re-do to fix all the issues.
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5 years ago, Bonito apps
Flashy? YES. Accurate basics? NO.
The much-anticipated return of CourtTV has already occurred in nearly every planned area; yet, the TV Guide app, even when refreshed wherever possible, does not show my channel that it is on right now at all in the broadcast TV listing. However, another app I have that is nowhere near as sophisticated or bloated as TV Guide, immediately alerted me via a pop-up that there was a new channel added to my broadcast area, CourtTV, and asked if I wanted to add it to my channels list. The whole process took three seconds. It’s times like this when you start to realize that apps that splash videos, articles, excessive advertisements, and flashy notifications at the users don’t necessarily have the capability of performing the most basic function that you needed it to when you downloaded it in the first place. I have had two apps on my phone for nearly 3 years, and it’s mind-boggling that TV Guide can’t even perform the most basic function of displaying accurate TV listings, even though the technology obviously exists because my plain Jane TV listings app found the new channel instantly without my even having to lift a finger.
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2 years ago, _notsuchmuch
Fixed - No longer shows all channels
App works well again. Got an email from developer after having issues with new version and posting low review. Developer said in email they were working on the issue. Seems something was changed and is working as intended now. That means it is a nice TV channel listing app. We use It for OTA and it is 5 stars for content which is accurate and an easy to navigate interface and read on small screen iPhone 12 mini as well as ipad. Prior review - App used to work well. The latest update seemed to have caused the listings tab to not show all channels on ipad and iphone. Channels toward bottom of the listing view are no longer viewable. You can scroll down and see them while holding your finger down, but then spring out of view when you lift your finger.
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4 years ago, ForrFive
Great for finding new episodes, not their #’s
I had previously given a 5-star review but I am downgrading one star. TV Guide is still a very good and convenient tool for finding new shows of interest 14 days in advance. Only rarely do I detect flaws. I jot down shows of interest, to guide my recording, into a small notebook. (Utilizing my Comcast On Demand service.) In many cases, you need to know the episode number to keep your recordings straight and to not miss an episode. Unfortunately, TV Guide frequently gets the episode numbers wrong. More and more I find the need to double-check against web searches for a show, or compare to what the “Next Episode” app says. Episode numbers are wrong enough of the time lately that I cannot grant the full 5 stars. I will continue to rely heavily on this app but with more cross-checking labor than I used to undergo. 4stars
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3 years ago, No Stars If It Was A Choice
If Zero Stars Was An Option
Frustrating! Took 3-4 tries to get it installed and opened on my ipad (after the failed attempt to install the “upgrade” from the old app). Then a lonnnngggg wait while the new app downloaded guide information. After burning my first (and apparently only) chance to select a provider I deleted and reinstalled the app. This time I got my provider info in and waited for the channel listing and guide to populate...and waited, then waited some more. Finally got the populated guide up and nearly all of the channels were listed twice! Could not find a way to reload or reset the guide and resigned to deleting the app, again. Hard reset my ipad, and loaded the app, again... Once everything loaded, again, the same problems were still there. Tried several different things to get to some kind of setup or profile page and could not find anything. Searched online for help, still nothing meaningful, not even a hint of where to get help. I’m done. Could not get it to work for me. Wasted too much time messing around with it.
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1 year ago, moms furious
Very very upset
I used to love LOVEthis app but recently I got on and couldn’t get the recent date shows or the next day shows without trouble. I just thought it was a fluke so I was ok it happened Now I get on and it makes me update it I figure ok but not happy but it happens but then I open it and BOOM it can NOT use it at all. it’s a stupid big ad (something about immigrants and Soc sec, another said something about right wing, now jewelry I just don’t know what it going to be BUT it definitely is NOT any tv guide in any way, shape or form. Not even behind the box. I tried hitting the x It will NOT close it went to: ads served by google Ad options Send feedback Why this ad? I am so beyond upset and frustrated especially since my 23 yr old had stage 4 cancer AND bedridden and wanted to know what is on. I DO NOT have time to play with this stupid ad to not even get to see the tv guide. My poor son just wanted to know if any new episodes tonight and this is the only way to find out for him especially since he don’t feel good. Thanks a lot for messing it all up for him, he don’t Ask for much but at times wants to know what on tv. Ps I’m so over politic stuff and the divide if I want to see something I will look for it I do NOT need it shoved in my face like I feel it was. You have no idea how upset I am at the moment especially since I was trying to be cool about the app being weird the other day
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3 years ago, HankG2
The Basics are Gone
Way to go backwards for those of us that watch over the air TV. We stream as well, but you’ve absolutely messed up for OTA things. First, you can no longer click on a station to see what their broadcast lineup is for the day, a feature you’ve had for as long as I can remember. Secondly, you’ve eliminated the Sports tab at the bottom of the opening screen. Just gone. There is no way to get a view of sports broadcasting for the day on over the air channels. Apparently TV Guide has a way of not caring about their users. I purchased a TV (first flat screen) and paid more for it because TV Guide Listings were built in to it. Not long after, they abandoned the service, making the TV harder to use than if it never existed. Now they remove the very basics of a guide in this app. If there was a way to go back to the previous version, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Streaming services already have their guides. They don’t need yours as well. That seems to be your push on this update. In my opinion, a waste of time and resources. Now, I’m off to find a replacement.
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3 years ago, Yidkid
Update was awful! Totally unusable!
I used to use the app all the time but now it’s just awful. I had to switch to a different app which is not as good as TV Guide before you changed it. I have no idea why it was changed but it entirely unusable now. No descriptions of series episodes, so you have no idea if you have seen it or which episode of a show it might be. It’s sad. I used to use this app all the time, now it’s just useless and I’ll probably just delete it. I have no idea of what goes on behind the scenes so maybe there’s a reason this went from awesome to unusable overnight but right now, the app is pointless. So, my question is, why bother? I mean, if you want listings that provide no information but, for example, something like South Park, will give you the description of the series premise but for each episode just says “no information available”, so no idea if it’s an episode from 20 years ago or this year. Very very annoying. I’ve never seen an app go from 5 stars to 1 star so fast. Actually, I would give 0 stars if I could.
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3 years ago, Bethiea
Great, Helpful App
UPDATE: Right around the time I had written the good review below, the app changed drastically. It’s a lot slicker looking now and has some added features, but has become much less useful for its core function of TV listings. I rarely use it anymore and have changed from five stars to three. This app makes it really easy to look up TV listings, whether you want to look it up by channel or by program. I love the fact that you can select your TV provider and that it’s easy to switch from one provider to the other. I “cut the cable cord” awhile back and was surprised to find that this app not only had listings for all the local cable services but also had listings based on my local “over the air” antenna channels. Best if all it’s very intuitive to use.
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2 years ago, rcancill
Great app destroyed
I have loved the TV Guide app on the web and for my iPad since they first released it. The most recent upgrade has been a total and complete disaster! I wish the app store let me go back to a prior release. Note that I just installed an update that was supposed to fix some of the issues, but the update did not. The app is now horribly slow, they have changed the search and its terrible with gigantic ads now taking up over half the screen on the listings page! The new start page is garbage! I have no idea what its for or why its there! The "tonight link" is useless! Most important it has become horribly difficult to just browse tonight's programming in the listings display! It just got worse if you can imagine that! The app on my iPhone now will not allow me to scroll from hour to hour in the listings display. I scrolled from 5pm to 8 pm and the thing just piled text on top of text -- totally unreadable! HORRIBLE! TV Guide needs to fire their programmers and start over!
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3 years ago, Kentraption
Reload TV guide app.
Update: After reading one of the reviews they recommended deleting app and reloading it and choosing what channels you watch and that fixed the problem. I now give this 5 stars. I gave this app 5 stars before now less then 2 stars. The TV guide app was the best app around but since a day ago they managed to make it far worse. The app before showed the channels for the networks in order from 1 to over a thousand and would also show all the channels and pay channels. What happened to channel 811 KCET 812 NHK as well as all the HBO? There are 10 HBO channels your guide now shows only 3 channels. What’s the reason for removing the channel numbers as well as most show listings? You went from listing over a thousand channels to now only showing 90 channels.
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3 years ago, Mileyard
No longer a fan of TV Guide app
I am looking for a new guide for my TV viewing. I find the print on the listing page too small & too cramped. I miss the ability to see what shows are coming up. I miss the reviews of what episode is airing. I miss being able to see what a particular channel has to offer for the week. I feel the app has been redesigned to encourage paid TV movies & TV episodes. I think one star is a generous offering. You went from number one to last place! I continue to hate this app! I can look up programs as each hour becomes available. No longer can I see what programs from my watch lists are available at that particular time, nor can I look to the near future what programs may be available to watch. Also I cannot look at what programs are being offered on a particular station over a period of time in the near future. 90% of its value has disappeared. This app is set up only for those who can afford paid TV. I’m not in that category. I give this app a -10 rating!
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3 years ago, JenVLO123
Just Awful
I echo most recent reviews by questioning why TV Guide had to change their perfectly good app. I specifically used this app to search for upcoming listings BY ACTOR. I do film research and it was so convenient for me to search by names to see what films/TV might be airing for a specific performer vs. having to search every single one of their films. Well, this update took that function away. Now, you can only search by title. I don’t understand why you would eliminate that ability...seems like a giant step backward for an app to actually do less now than it did for years before! I have delayed deleting the app since I was hoping perhaps TV Guide might update it to bring back the “Search By Actor Name” function or listen to the overwhelming amount of recent reviews that HATE the update and just go back to the perfectly fine app they had a few months ago. Alas, nothing has changed on either front so I guess I will just uninstall now serves no purpose and is merely taking up space on my phone.
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3 years ago, The Seanachai
What a disaster
I started getting notifications about the new update for this app weeks ago. With much fanfare it was rolled out, and all I could think was 'THIS is what all the fuss was about?!' It's unmitigatedly awful. Tiny, crowded print, muddy, ugly colors, terrible user interface, next to no ability to customize. No information on the episode when you click on it, wrong listings, no longer has the useful, and often hilarious reviews of movies, but general info pablum. Slow to load, buggy, unhelpful. I told myself to hold off on judging the update until I was used to it. But instead of 'getting used to it', I find myself disliking it more and more every time I pull it up. The bosses at TV Guide should probably institute mandatory drug testing for the app development division. This shouldn’t have been released, but buried in a shallow grave in the woods. Will be deleting the app, and looking for a usable replacement. After years of using their app, it’s amazing to see TV Guide has gone this much off the rails.
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3 years ago, 7wolf
Thanks for nothing
I’ve been using this app daily, I like TV a lot. Now I just updated, signed in with Apple twice and then tried just continuing without and all times all I can see is “shows”, “all”, “and “movies”. There is no options for a menu or just the TV guide that I want to see! I can’t just look at the channels like I could just yesterday. Thanks a lot.. I just want to see what is on my broadcast channels right now. And now I can’t....Now I tried signing in with email, of course had to go through resetting password back and forth, but got that done and vwalla! Still nothing! Tried to press watchlist, of course it’s empty! I see only this “streaming stuff”! I don’t do that! I JUST watch tv and want to see what’s on my channels! What is a TV guide if it’s not a TV guide anymore?!?!? I’m bummed, I liked how this was setup before. Now I’m downloading other apps that aren’t as good. This will be the last add on to my review as I will now eliminate this app. It WAS one of my 4 “staple” apps at bottom of home screen..🥺
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3 years ago, Word Cat
TV Guide change
I’ve always do use TV Guide. It’s the one constant for knowing what shows are on the air. But with your new upgrade I feel more like I’m using IMDb then TV Guide. I tap on a show to see what the episode is about and all I get is what the show is about Not what the episode is about. you want to make streaming easier that’s fine but can you please go back to when I tap on say Hawaii Five-0 on ion I get the episode Information not the information of the year the show started. With the new shows again the main thing you get is when the show started you have to go all scrolling down there to find the information about the new episode that is more work than the original TV Guide was. I’m not looking for you to change the whole thing back I just want you to go back to listing the episodes information. There are a lot of channels that show all the old shows and you need the episode information. Thank you
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3 years ago, bxcommando
New app
The new app is a disappointment you took something that worked well and traded it for something that looks pretty but is almost useless The new app has No useful search engine for for listings the old app had a great search engine for example if I wanted to see a list of all the upcoming shows about Valentine’s Day or Christmas I would type it in and I would get a list of all the upcoming shows on that subject the new app has No list of all the upcoming shows and movies and actors on my watch list while the old app alerted me about 2 weeks out if something on my list was going to be shown I hope you can fix this or give the option of going back to the old app
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3 years ago, WrpdHumr
The new design is hot garbage
I’ve used this app for years and always found what I was looking for easily using the search function. I really only use it for sports and if I wanted to know what channel a specific football team was playing on, it was easily found using search. Those days are gone and search is no longer useful in the least. Try searching Nascar to find out which channels have Nascar programming or the races this week. 20+ results and not one of them is related to anything currently airing on TV or tells what channel or time. The results are more like an IMDB list showing movies and documentaries from years ago instead of what’s actually on this week. Also, what is the point of adding streaming services? TV Guide is for finding what time or channel something is on, absolutely no point when it comes to streaming. What time is Stranger Things on? Anytime you want. How about Fleabag? Anytime you want. Zero reason to include them in this app. Total garbage!
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3 years ago, Marty McBenz
Older version was much more user friendly
The older version’s user usability is much better. 1) In the Listings, the user can only see an hour of programming at a time (and that’s cut off as well). It’s like looking at the programming schedule through a peephole. I remember the old version was at least two or two and a half hours of viewable interface. 2) Cannot switch to a horizontal view by rotating the phone in order to view more programming either, unlike the older version. 3) Cannot tap on a channel to view just the programming on that channel anymore like the old version. 4) It sure does take a long time to load the programming when Jumping To a future date. 5) From the Watchlist, can I please just tap on the show and see the Airings? Simple as that. It’s annoying to tap through more menus/layers every time. How about user settings to allow the user to default to their preferred streaming vs. airings vs. both options. 6) Once in the Airings, the episode descriptions are cut off and not expandable. How useful is TV Guide when I can see only the first few words of the show’s description? 7) It would be nice to see both the day and date in the future Airings. 8) Cannot search programming by type; e.g. sports, movies, etc.? 9) Make the search icon always (subtly) visible. Please bring back the usability features lost from the version of the TV Guide. Much appreciated.
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3 years ago, Dayton Dude
Goodbye TVGuide
After 10 years I am deleting your app. First you shut it down for a couple weeks forcing us to find another app while you claim to be developing a “better” app. For the person who wants to just watch broadcast TV you have made this totally useless. There are no descriptions of what the episode is about forcing a person to go to a second app like IMDB and reference the episode number to get a description. On top of that the episode numbers listed in this downgrade are all incorrect so in effect you have made this even more useless. The roots of TV Guide as a magazine were to give listings and descriptions of of the episodes that were on TV at a particular time. You brought the same idea over to the app up until now. You are completely unrecognizable now and have strayed from the original ideas that made you a staple for millions of homes. Good riddance for being this stupid and now useless. I would recommend using TV Listings by TV24 for your new app.
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5 years ago, PeacefulLiving
App keeps closing
Needs some serious updating. This app keeps cutting out. Though I have used this app for quite some time, it has serious problems that needs fixing The developer has updated this app and now seems to be working much better. My initial response was typed quite fast since the app would only work for a short time, it would shut off and then I would have to begin again. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to type a response fast enough to the developer before this app would reset so the developer could know there was a problem to look into. Thanks for the update, this has been an excellent app and I look forward to using it for the foreseeable future.
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2 years ago, OML44
Searches/listings not as robust as previous
Long time user. Not happy with this newest update. The searching has lost a lot of its former facility. 1. Can no longer search recurring shows to see all viewing times. For ex. Real Time With Bill Maher repeats a number of times over a week on a couple of HBO stations. Searching for this show only gets you to an info page about it. 2. With series shows you used to be able to see the season and episode in the listing. It’s not available now. (Ex Homeland repeats on Showtime). 3. You used to be able to search for a particular actor and get a list of upcoming movies they were in airing on various stations over the next few days. This is missing. With all 3 maybe I’m doing something wrong. If I am then the functions are not as intuitive as they were
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1 year ago, psims46
Been acting funny
Since the last update the program has been problematic. When you open it up it doesn’t show today’s date but shows yesterday’s date and listing. If you click on the date and push the “NOW “ button it doesn’t change. You have to then press the the date button to get to the “Tomorrow” button before you can then press the “NOW” button to get today’s listing. I’ve been using this app for years and liked it a lot. This is the first time I have ever had a problem with this program. If it wasn’t for this problem I would give this app 5 stars because it WAS that good. I’m hoping the developers fix this problem because it is getting very tiring having to push the buttons 4 or 5 times every time I use this app. Please fix this.
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3 years ago, Loves da gingas
New App Is Sooo Slow!!!
I don’t love the new app. It is sooo slow. It takes quite a while just to pull up TV options. The new app also provides very little detail if clicking on a program for insight. In the case of sports it provides almost nothing. For NBA and NFL games it often won’t even tell you which teams are playing. If looking for college basketball, you have to click on everything labeled “college basketball” to see which teams are playing. Lastly, there doesn’t seem to be a way to choose what you want to see when the app starts up. I just use it for TV listings so I have to wait for the start-up to slowly appear, then go to TV listing...which also is very slow, then to the time I’m looking for...again very slow. Frustrating to say the least. Please either go back to the prior version or figure out how to make it a better functional user experience.
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3 years ago, The Customer 1
What Have You Done!!???
Primary, fundamental functionality seems to have disappeared… What goes on here? For instance, what happened to the ability to go landscape and see a two to three hour (on phone or tablet) stretch of shows in a grid all at once? Now I can only view listings for a half an hour to an hour at a time in portrait mode. And where are my Settings options to allow me some choice on how to display things. And you used to be able to touch the tile representing the channel and see all the programming on that single channel for days going into the future quite readily, and then tap to go back to your multi-channel grid. You’ve given us lots of things that are promotional for the producers of content, but it seems you’ve taken away so much of the choice and functionality for the viewers, what were you thinking!? And where is a place to allow us to get help or give you feedback within the app? Come on people!
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3 years ago, Jimmy D.
No info, slow & ads galore.
What happened to this app. I would use this everyday. First thing I noticed (in this “new version “) was how slow it was to load. Now there are 3 categories on the bottom... Discover, Listings & Watchlist. What I noticed is that it opens up to “Discover.” Ok, whatever... sort of a commercial for shows out there. All you have to do is click is the next button over to “Listings” to get the TV Guide we all want. But then I noticed.... WHAT! There are only 2 buttons. Once I. A while the “Listings” button was gone. I had to quit-reopen, quit-reopen.... quit-reopen to get the “Listings” button to reappear. Come on. Next, now I’ve been noticing the info for most shows only has a general description of the show/program & not what the show is about... or (talk show), who is on. It just seems that this “new” version that was hyped up for us was all just hyped up for advertising & people who love to see ads in their apps.
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4 years ago, Skip this
This is useless and loathsome!
Well, I fiddled like crazy and got the last iteration working for me. So what did the idiots do? Put out a new, even more inaccessible version and once again lost all my settings and favorites. These are really malevolent folks running this TV Guide app. Just don't know what else to turn to for current listings of my local shows. Sure regret that I ever installed their infuriating "updates." I used to really like the TV Guide. But, this new update is horrible. Hard to read, lost all my settings and I can't figure out how to get them back. Seems loaded with trivia that i've no interest in. But doesnt seem to have the previous lucid, 1-page, half-hourly schedule of my selected favorite channels. And I'm furious that I'm expected to waste my time trying to figure out how to use such a wretched interface. I want the option, at least, of returning to the earlier version. This is absurd, so I'll probably just get rid of this app.
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3 years ago, Buckeye#42
Won’t let me login
For a week or two now app has not allowed login saying new app ic coming. App is now here and STILL will not allow login at least using email. Web works ... poor testing and app Mgt. Cannot comment on new app since it won’t let me in Update: 2 hours later I was able to login, assume issue was temporary. Still think app was down for a long time prior to the release of the new app but is working. Would like to be able to set the screen the app opens on but new look is good Update 3: the more I use the more I wish the old system was still avail. This is pretty but lacks detail. Hopefully you are working on giving as much info as the old system did. Also for CBS the for the first screen of tv listing it does not identify “new” programs UNTIL you drill down into the specific listing
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3 years ago, K2Bear
Terrible new version (v6.0.0)
I’d give this new version 0 stars if it was an option. The last version was better. It lets you pick your favorite channels by selecting the little hearts; however, when scrolling you still see those you didn’t favorite in the guide even though it has “Favorites” identifying the list. As you scroll down you get to the all channels that does include all channels offered by your cable or satellite service. It does let you identify your streaming services but not clear where these are shown. Plus I don’t want to see the tile that takes up half of the page with a bunch of info about some selected shows that lets you swipe left to scroll though the selections. The app also doesn’t give you any options for selecting privacy settings, etc. though it does let you limit channels to HD but that’s pretty much it. I will be deleting this app and start using my cable company’s guide.
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3 years ago, Old timer.
Hot Mess
I have many questions and nowhere to go to ask about this site. How do I get from channel 5 to channel 1201 for example, without scrolling all the way up and then back? Where is the program summary? Why is the listing so small? It is really hard to see and can’t be enlarged. Where is the program news site? How to I find these answers? Help! What a disappointment this update is! Could we have the option to return to the old set up? I’ve been checking to see if you have fixed any of this new app but no such luck! I can’t use it. Update: still bad...waiting for an update with improvements...where is the program summary? Couldn’t you at least give us that? Moved on over to TV Listings Plus. I keep checking to see if you fixed anything but I guess you aren’t going to 😩. Second update.....still can’t use it! Bummer.....I really liked the old version.
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3 years ago, NightOwl54
Whoever Is Responsible For The “Update” Needs To Be FIRED!!!
If this app is what you call an “improvement”, they need right change the definition of improvement. Have you ever heard the phrase ~ “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”??? The TV Guide app was FINE the way it was, and, as another reviewer pointed out, anyone with an old, but still perfectly usable iPad, etc., and cannot update to IOS13 or later, can NOT get the new app & had no choice to keep the old, perfectly fine app. Unless &/or until you actually “improve” instead of RUINING the app, I will be going elsewhere for TV listings. And, as the other reviewer stated, I can’t imagine WHY you would want to knowingly reduce your customer base. Whoever is responsible for this TRAIN WRECK of a “New, Improved” app, should be fired & sent back to school to take Programming For Beginners. Thanks for NOTHING...actually, WORSE than nothing. I can get better information by using the INFO button on my remote control.
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3 years ago, Big Papa 8
For years I have ENJOYED your wonderful App but I guess success is not a part of your business plan. You have gone from 5 stars to 1 star in a matter of days, if I could give 1/4 star I would, where did you find your Beta front of a Home Depot? Used to boot up immediately know syncs for 2 Minutes and then only gives you the current 3 hours, in another minute the rest of the slots populate! I used to be able to just isolate my HD channels now it always opens to the complete listing and I have to go back in and change it to HD only, really? You have increased the size of the rows reducing the number of channels you can view. IT IS AN ABSOLUTE CHORE USING THIS APP. I AM TICKED OFF BECAUSE YOU HAVE TAKEN A REALLY NICE SERVICE AND TURNED IT INTO GARBAGE. WHO EVER OK’D THIS CHANGE AND ANYONE WHO WORKED ON THIS ALBATROSS SHOULD BE EMBARRASSED, ASHAMED TO PICK UP A CHECK AND IMO FIND ANOTHER CAREER. Now I have to use the stupid display on my TV because you’ve sabotaged your own company. SMH....really guys? Really?
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