TVBAnywhere North America

2.6 (626)
54.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
TVB (USA) Inc.
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for TVBAnywhere North America

2.56 out of 5
626 Ratings
4 years ago, annatrain
Great content, bad app
TVB has a great variety of shows, I don’t even mind the ads (though I would happily pay for an ad-free subscription). The app is terrible though. If you’re just browsing and open to watching whatever might show up on the Home Screen, then you’re golden. If you are looking for specific shows or specific actors, you can forget about it. The search functionality on the app does not work at all, there is nowhere on the app that allows you to browse ALL available shows. You can try your luck looking in the categories section for a specific show, but it doesn’t even seem like all available shows are actually categorized. This means that there are shows sitting in a black hole, virtually inaccessible unless they happen to fall on a “hot” or “must watch” list on the homepage. You do not have the ability to add shows to any list, you’ll just have to remember step by step, scroll by scroll how to find the show again (because you can’t use the search function to locate it). You’ll also have to remember the exact episode you’re watching because the app also does not tell you where you left off. If you have literally no expectations, you’ll be really happy with all the free and great content. If you’re expecting basic functionality of a streaming app, you’ll be sorely disappointed.
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6 years ago, s0phieee333
Good content - annoying ads
Free app with a variety of good quality shows available, only downside is that there are a ton of ads that would pop up randomly here and there when you play a video. Ads are way way louder than the volume of the shows too. Sometimes the ads wouldn’t load and I would have to click out and in back in. Love that it’s available on Apple TV, hate the ads. Please fix!!!!! And the ads they play are the same ones over and over again. You can do better than this TVB.
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10 months ago, KittyAliceLuv
Need a big improvement
I am a big TVB fans and was so happy to learned that We can now watching most of TVB shows online with just 1 day delay. Since it’s free; I would expect there are many ads which I don’t mind. However during the shows; the ads would comes in the middle then it got stuck. I had to re-open that show again and it got stuck at the same place during the ads again. After attempting 4 times, I finally gave up and couldn’t finish that show. This becomes unacceptable shows after shows. Hopefully it could fix this problem soon so I can give a better review and enjoy this app. In the meanwhile, I’m not going to use this app again.
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6 years ago, The Lu Fam
Free Stream but Bad App
It’s nice that it’s free to watch but there should be an Airplay mode in the video frame. I try to mirror my screen but there’s too much lag that way. For example, the video blacks out and/or the sound shuts off in the middle of streaming when I mirror it on my Apple TV. An AirPlay option would make this experience a lot more pleasant. Also, I don’t mind watching ads to get this service for free, but after having started to use this app, my iPad has been slower than ever and it has been acting up. I hope it’s safe to use and that the developers aim to protect its consumers. All in all, I appreciate the app’s existence, but a lot of improvements can be made.
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7 months ago, Youhong
The ads situation is getting out of hand
Yes I understand they need to show commercials to make money. But recently the amount of ads are just getting out of hand, especially the web version. I watch the web version on my computer and connect it to tv. I find myself have to jump thru hoops just to be able to finish the show. There are different kinds of ads. And I need to find the right button to click so the ad can play and the show would continue. This is watching tv. You are not supposed to figure out where to click so you can continue to watch the show.
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5 years ago, Watty M198
Has potential but...
Any chance for this to turn into a subscription service like Netflix? I’m sure there’s a big enough user base for it. I have no problem paying monthly to watch the shows being offered without the annoying ads. This app offers a big library of past and current shows, but the ads are more than intrusive, it’s down right annoying, especially from time to time it lags and takes a long time to load.
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1 year ago, Tototo toby
Hong Kong TV, the app stream fast, clear and audio sync. It’s not a five star because it does not have a landscape version for IPad when selecting what to watch. After selecting the show I want to watch and expand to full view landscape mode will turn upside down. It’s hard to believe it’s an app from a TV broadcast company. I do enjoying watch from this app, the advertisements are about 30 seconds each time and it’s about three to four time per episode. It would be better that the app do not start at Portrait mode and stays Portrait mode when the iPad is at Landscape Mode. The screen will turn back to Landscape mode after user selected a show in Portrait mode and finishes watching the first commercial. Updated at Jan 2023. This time is rotating the landscape mode correct side up.
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3 years ago, tvb fan 8888888
TVB app in iOS has more shows and series that on ruko and fire tv. But only down side is the ad. I don’t mind to watch the ad but some time after the ad is over the original show or series does not start right away or it will have black screen. I have to turn off the app or the phone in order to fixed. Also sometime the series is paused for the ad but the ad takes forever to load. These are some bugs on the app needed to fix.
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6 years ago, luluhai
Good app but needs improvement
I been looking forward to an app that allows me to watch tvb drama on my iPhone. But I really wish they will have the option for chromecast. They should really add in the option to pay a set price for a premium version of the app that doesn’t have ads. I will gladly pay upwards to $20. They will be able to earn more money and leave their customer happy! !!!
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2 years ago, TVB fan in USA
Too loud when ads come on
I have been using this app for a few months. I don’t mind the ads but I must said it has been getting out of hand. For a newer show, ads come on every 10 mins. Not only that, the worst part is the volume. The show will be at the soft volume stage but when the ads come on, the volume is so loud. When I watched the show at night with my headphones, I have to be so careful in removing the headphone when ads come on. Otherwise, I can deafen my ear drums! Please work on the volume issue.
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3 years ago, Qxmexna
Too many Ads!
I do greatly love and appreciate this app because I can’t go a day without my dose of TVB dramas. Would be great if there weren’t so many ads though. Not only the amount of ads but also the repetitiveness, the same ad can consecutively play 2-3 times per “commercial break”. Gets irritating when that happens several times in one episode. Feels like the ads are more ingrained into my memory than the drama itself.
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3 years ago, ch,little
Too much ads, black screen & freeze my iPhone
Too much ads, volume for ads is way too loud (louder than the shows), even worse is black screen during/after ads, you cannot get out because it freezes your phone, press home button won’t solve the problem, sometimes I have to press power button couple time to exit this app. When you open the app again, it will do the same thing again and again. Today I experienced it 5 times on one show at the some spot, cannot pass it.
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3 years ago, wadewilson1026
Love tvb but this app is a massacre
I love tvb shows a lot of different shows but the app is horrible. Every update, it gets worse. The most annoying part is when you click where you left off and you go into that part, it still plays the same amount of ads as if you were watching the episode from the beginning. This latest update, the ad blacks the screen and you have to restart the app and go through the ads again. I really don’t mind the ads but it just annoying with all these bugs.
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4 years ago, ellelynnn
Love it but the ADS ARE SO LOUD
The app is amazing, I love how I can stream tvb shows, old and new, in one platform. Improvements I would suggest is to please please pleaaasseee lower the volume of the ads. It’s bad enough that there’s so many of them, but please tone down the volume. It never fails to startle me. Also can there be a way to save where I left off? Rather than having to guess the episode and scroll to find where I left off, it would be so helpful to pickup where I left off. I would be more than happy to pay for a premium service. Thanks!!
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2 years ago, tryandhappy
ads disruption the movie
Ads always disrupt all the time while playing the movie. They let you watch about 5 minutes movie and ads on. After the ads done then the screen turned black. There is no way to skip the ads or continue for you to watch the movie again. I open the app and replay where it stopped but still the ads always play first and then like what I just said earlier ( 5 minutes movie time and then ads disruption and then shut down the movie when the ads are over)
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3 years ago, Ync168
Love the content, hate the app.
I love the of the vast availability of content and the quality of the shows. The app lets you add shows to favorites list if you sign up. The problem is, every time I go into the members only section the app would crash. This happens every time on the iPad. I tried to see if something would happen on my iPhone but I wasn’t even able to sign up. I filled out all the info and after confirming it just shows it’s loading and goes on forever.
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1 year ago, JM-Longtime Fan
Too many ads
Like the shows that TVBAnywhere has to offer. Appreciate that it is a free app and free to watch the shows, any reasonable amount of ads will be fine, but not 7 or 9 ads being played each time; or when you want to skip a segment that you had watched many times prior, there will 9 ads being played before the clip starts and immediately after it is finished. It is too annoying.
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4 years ago, HKTVB fan
Very easy to get hang
I been using this App since Shelter-In-Place. I’m a loyal fan of TVBHK. However, I am so sad that the App is very easy to get hangs up. When moving up to next show, it will black out the screen and stop broadcasting. Sometimes the advertisements and show goes together. On the other hand, there was too much advertisement. One ridiculous thing is that, the App that I’m using is for Chinese dialect but the advertisement is Vietnamese. Here’s America, I think only English is acceptable in Chinese App. TVB has Vietnam App too. Hoping that TVB will fix this bug ASAP.
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2 years ago, AdsAreLoud
Ads are so loud and long
This app has gotten progressively worse after each update. The ads are so loud compared to the actual shows, startling my elderly father constantly. The ads have gotten ridiculously long too. Most recently, we had to sit through 6 minutes of the SAME ad, I kid you not - it was played 31 times. Would really like to see improvements made. Would be happy to pay a monthly service for this to cut down on ads and help with improvements.
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2 years ago, Bella@TVB
Not the best app
I love to watch all the shows on the app. This app has a lot of varieties shows however this app has a lot of bugs and very glitchy. It doesn’t allow you to start again where you left off if it’s in the middle of an episode if you stop it for a few hours. I hope their IT team can fix the bugs so I can continue to enjoy it. Overall Vicki app is a better option.
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5 years ago, tvbfan88888
What happened to the encore tab mandarin version?
Please keep the mandarin version. I don’t read Chinese but I understand the language. So please don’t get rid of the mandarin version. And some of the English version doesn’t have much drama as the mandarin version. Please keep the mandarin version and add more drama please... thanks you so much
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4 years ago, Pizzicatochan
App being hacked?
I was playing episode 3 of a drama just uploaded to the app (古靈精探B) In the middle, the video stopped and I started hearing some disturbing woman noise from a x-rated movie. I thought my phone was hacked so I turned off everything and things got back to normal. But because of this, I have to delete the app because I can't guarantee if this would happen in the future. Anyway, don't you TVBUSA dare to explain yourself a little bit more to your users of what happened?
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3 years ago, lex ((-:
I like the content in this app, would prefer if the ads were clearly marked (though I can guess when they’ll appear). Would prefer an option to watch the ads all at once instead of in 4-5 separate times, but it’s no big deal. Would be nice to add the picture-in-picture function (畫中畫功能) for this app!
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5 years ago, Starcraft 1979
Videos should have 1 Ad only. Not 20
This TVB App would be perfect if they just stuck to one Ad per video, but there are Ads every 5 minutes. Its takes away the enjoyment of watching the show. Please TVB? Update this APP immediately! And get rid of all the unnecessary Ads.
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1 year ago, houwin
Errors and too many ads
The app has been having so many errors lately. It got stuck with black screens when the ads are playing. It stuck in every single section of the ads, and require restart of the app to reload, and the ads then need to be replayed. It is so inconvenient and seems like I ended up spending the same amount of time to watch the ads and restarting as the episode.
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3 weeks ago, FeiGay
Great app ruin by ads
It starts out great but the more you watch the longer the ads become every 9 minutes of play time there will be ads. Sometimes ads will be 16-32sec per and anywhere between 6-9 ads per which can be very annoying because by the time the ads end you forgot what you were watching already
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2 years ago, elacsandy
Terrible App
After watching thousands and thousands of advertisements you will get back to advertisements again! Wait till finished that last ad you will receive the black screen!!! When you want to continue to watch you will get the AD again ! Better not to use this App! You will never finished the movie.
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1 year ago, User3000
Ad volume/sound problem
I completely understand free content requires advertisements revenue to maintain. Nothing wrong to have a fair trade. However, the volume of the advertisements is awfully loud comparing with the shows playing. If I have my headset on, my ear drums would be damaged by those advertisements. Must fix the volume of all the advertisements. This is down right dangerous. Unless TVB dislike North American audiences and trying to get them to be deaf.
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1 year ago, P00RMA/\/
Ads you to death
Never seen so many ads in an app! Lots of wasted time if trying to find which episode you are on because every change and movement causes ads to come back! Love that it’s free but willing to pay a reasonable fee to remove ads!
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4 years ago, vudgehe
It just black screen
When I’m watching my drama it pops up ads and I’m fine with ads since this app is free but then the drama will play on and the ads will be still going. But after the ads has gone away the screen is black but the audio is still on. It not just my phone my dad also has the app and it has the same problems as me. Can people from the company fix this.
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2 years ago, SFO Gem
Too many ads
I don’t mind that it shows ads during the episode break. But I do mind that it keeps repeating the same ads many times in the same break. Sometimes it shows up to 8 of them. It is really annoying.
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5 years ago, SF1955
As a free app, it is fine
There are lots of ads, but I understand because the ads pay for the free viewing of videos. No problem with the streaming from Roku and my iPhone X. Sometimes there is a slight lag, but I notice that the streaming improved in the evenings.
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1 year ago, DiJaring
great content app, but …
Contents are great, app is okay, free app with ads is reasonable, but the way ads promotion is very annoying, the longer you watch, the number of times same ads playing repeatedly, for example 15 seconds ads playing increasing from 2 times, 4times, … up to 13 times, etc. This is interrupt the enjoyable watching the show. Is this a bug of ads promotion or intention …
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3 years ago, Noyb6038
Seriously, way to many ads
Love the variety and amount of content available but the number of ads is ridiculous. I had to watch 16 consecutive ads between an episode. You don’t even have to sit through that many ads watching broadcast television. Also the ads are too loud and repetitive.
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1 year ago, FPT Detroit
Crashes on iPad Constantly
My mom calls me almost everyday saying her iPad is “broken” and she needs a new one, but it’s really this ONE app constantly crashes and won’t open again without turning off the iPad and turning it back on… then I enjoy my 30 minutes of peace until she calls again. Please fix this app from crashing and save my sanity.
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1 year ago, capt_simon
Need improvement
App is decent, but it can’t not scroll pass any program that has more than 30 episodes. So you will have end up going back to desktop site, which defeats the purpose of this app.
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6 years ago, elbow & nhi (knee)
Free ad version?
Hello, I am a user a voice over on my phone that I listen to the TV dramas however it’s difficult for me to get rid of the ads. Is there a version that I can get you to pay for ad free? I see it says that on the update but I do not see a tab to do it App Store purchased for the free ad version.
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3 years ago, 一-一
Defective sound levels
The app sound level is very low, so have to increase volume to hear, but then a advertisement comes on and it is 3 times as loud basting you out of the chair. Fix the sound level please.
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6 years ago, Q U E E N J
I love the app because I get to watch all the dramas I want and when I want to❤️. But there should be improvement with bug fixes. The ads are stopping , sometimes I can’t hear and the screen goes black but overall I love this app.
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3 years ago, aabbyn
can not
The TVBanywhere app flashed back on Apple tv update version 1.9. I can't watch it. I hope to solve the problem as soon as possible.
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3 years ago, suilobo
Very buggy app!
There is a lot of content. But that is if we can actually watch it. It’s a very buggy app with each release. This app is so compromised that it is unusable. I get no sound from any of the shows or broadcast. There are so many annoying ads. Sometimes when I do get sound, the ads will come with some x rated sounds. It’s absurd.
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9 months ago, Aiden .
Always black screen after ads
Every single time I use the app, ads come on the screen turns black. Then I would have to restart my phone or iPad. Super annoying. I stopped using the app for a while and nothing has improved since.
Show more
2 years ago, Moetseattle
Too many ADs
They added more and more ADs over the years. Without watching 3 full ADs , you can’t continue to watch the soaps. They also put more ADs possibly to skip on top of the full ADs you have to watch. Very annoying and interrupting.
Show more
2 years ago, Real555
Keep crashing
Great idea but horrible app. I don’t mind the ads coz it is free but it keep crashing. Also without touching my phone screen the ad will directly take me to the App Store to ask me to download whatever they are advertising. I need to close the opened app and go back to TVB anywhere from the beginning of the show I am watch.
Show more
4 years ago, name7625439273948
Audio Issues
There is a bug in the audio! It only works when you have headphones/earphones connected via bluetooth. When I try to use it without headphones/earphones it doesn’t work. Stops me from trying to use it honestly.
Show more
3 years ago, EncoreTVB
Sound Volume Synchronization
The sound volume needs to be synchronize with the show and advertisement. When the commercial is play, the sound is blasting or the TV show has very low sound volume. This is especially WORST on FireTV stick and Apple TV.
Show more
3 years ago, V.v.n.cheech
Good contents, bad app
“Continue watching” doesn’t work well. Ads would play when you click continue watching, and once finish, it stays on a black screen and program doesn’t play. It usually resolves itself in a few days.
Show more
2 years ago, Toyota Mobile App User
TVB Anywhere
The app is great but long drama above 30 episodes are missing. Up to only 30 episodes only . If a drama has 40 episodes, 10 episodes are missing. What a shame if that drama is a classic. We are missing the last 10 episodes.
Show more
2 years ago, 'xhakdkeiwhsbbd
Pause thousand times in one show
I don’t mind there are tons of ads, but it frozen thousand times during one show. Once it frozen I have to shut down the app and open it again to continue.
Show more
3 years ago, txy81040
Bad quality app
Contents are great but developer didn’t seem to care about the quality of the app. The skip ad button doesn’t work 90% of the time, ad stopped loading and froze the playback half the time and sometimes 9 ads back to back within seconds. Arrogant company which doesn’t care.
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