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Urban One, Inc.
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6 months ago
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User Reviews for TVOne - Stream Full Episodes

4.13 out of 5
3.5K Ratings
5 years ago, TvOne Lover
TV One/Ads
I like this app because it allows me to catch up with my favorite show, Unsung. However, the ads are a problem. Not because there are ads. I can live with that. It’s that the ads are not in sync with the natural break in the show. The ads start while the dialogue is still going. Then the show comes back to where the break should be, that’s when you see the Unsung logo. Then the show continues but it doesn’t pick up from where it left off. So you miss some of what was said. At one point an ad was playing in the background while the show was still going on. This happened when I watched The Jets story. The ads really need to be sync up properly.
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6 years ago, Dawntrinity
Please stop random freezing and repetitive commercials
While I appreciate the great amount of content of some of my fave shows it gets increasingly frustrating to see the same three commercials over and over and over. And while it states you can skip the commercial in doesn’t allow it. I may have watched one or two of the advertised shows at one point but after seeing the same ads for them a thousand times I find myself disliking the show for no other legit reason than having to watch the same annoying ads so many times. It’s a real drag when bingeing. And it’s just as aggravating to start bingeing and having to skip and miss a few episodes because they are unwatchable with the permanent freeze or the pic freezes as the dialogue is continuing. I’ve tried everything to try to fix it but nothing seems to work . Since I see similar comments that are almost a year old now I’m lacking confidence that anyone sees this as a problem worth fixing . I’d give the app 5 stars if these two things could be taken care of please and thank you!
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5 years ago, Herz828
Please fix the technical issues ASAP!
No complaints about the content but the technical issues are way too frequent! I can’t get through one episode of anything without this app randomly stopping and the whole screen turning black. With most apps the fix is simply to close the app and go back into it so it can refresh. With this app I’ve had to clear my browsing data and restart my phone just to get that same episode to load again. It took me 5 tries to watch one episode of The DL Hughley Show. Other frequent issues: -The audio will load and play without video at all for only the ad-and the episode will never start -During the video, on top of correct audio-AD audio will start to play at the same exact time -Preview screenshots of some shoes and episode will not load on the landing page so you can’t click on them to watch the content -No video or audio will load after clicking on a desired episode. The screen turns completely black and the app will not close -The pause button doesn’t work at all -The closed captions are are at all times even when they are supposed to be disabled -The app does not recognize that I am connected to the internet even though i clearly am I really want access to this content but this app is making it very difficult to stick with it and power through. Please fix these issues and send an update ASAP! It’s been 9 months-you are overdue.
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4 years ago, CheBaby03
Love/Hate Relationship
While I watch the app either on my phone or my iPad, when the ads play they stop the show completely! I understand the ads are to run at certain moments, but they pop up unexpectedly out of nowhere while I’m watching my show. When the ads are finished my show does not start back up from the place where it was I have to manually scroll through the show to get back where I was and face another two to three ads and possibly “X-ing” out of my current show and having to start the process all over again. When i was originally watching a show for an hour, takes an hour and a half with all of the extra mess. I’ve been dealing with this issue with your app for a while, please do some testing and check for yourselves. I’ve even deleted the app and re-downloaded it again, and it’s still the same issue! I love the content, but the craziness with ads is serious! Please fix!!!
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6 years ago, Ms Sonya
Please Fix
This would be a great app if you fixed a few things. It crashes too often and ALL your ads have “Skip Ads” options but NONE of them actually work. Lastly, there are way too many times when the ads are layered on top of the program and you cannot stop it. I get that you need advertising for financial benefits but please FIX IT!
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4 years ago, MissCoco001
Enjoy the app but several tech difficulties.
I enjoy the app and love that there are so many episodes of my favorite shows but there are several technical difficulties. For one, there are certain episodes in certain seasons missing of Fatal Attraction (season 6, episodes 1-18) and For My Man (season 3, episodes 1-10. In Fatal Attraction, seasons 1-4 are missing altogether although there states to be 9 seasons. The app also fails to load my provider after every few times loading the app, forcing me to force close the app and sign in with my provider again. There is also an issue with ads that after every 2 ads in an episode, the episode will cut off and fail to load again which means three times during one episode, you are forced to reload the episode completely and fast forward to where you were, meanwhile having to watch the ads again. The app would be perfect other than these issues, and from other reviews - it seems that they have been long-standing. Please provide feedback within the app by going to settings > feedback so that these issues can be solved!
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5 years ago, Skylight22
I am very disappointed that the D.L. Hughley show will end this week. I find this show very informative,entertaining and love everyone on this show. Whether serious or comedic the whole concept of this show is amazing. I love seeing guests who are fabulous, intelligent and look like me. Instead of having the ridiculous shows of basketball wives angry and fighting all the time this is a show you will regret taking away. It shows dignity and is just an example of black excellence experience. I’m telling you don’t do it!!!!!!! When this show goes so will I and a lot of people I know. A disappointed & disgruntled fan of YVONNE K. Tatum
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5 months ago, MusiqLovher85
Please please update this app...
Why does it not have all of the episodes....why?!! I love TVOne because they have my favorite shows and my kids and husband basically take over the TV just a few improvements are needed. Like if you pause it and start back the ads will play while the show is playing so I’ll I have to pause it until it’s over. Also like with For My Man, season 3 doesn’t work or season six on Fatal Attraction so I would love it if that could be fixed to where I can watch all of them. It’s crazy that I cannot stream all of the older episodes.
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5 years ago, Ce Edwards
My view on the TVOne app
I loveeeee the true crime shows on tvOne so the app allows me to watch them when I’m not in front of my tv BUT I wish they could improve the quality of the app. For instance if I pause my show and return to it, it is where I left off BUT when I resume the show the ad and the show are playing at the same time so I end up having to start it all over and fast forward it to where I left off. Other than that, I love it! ❤️😊
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1 year ago, Tim's mommy
Update Time
I was hopeful when I saw that the TVOne app was being updated. It looks nice and appealing. I like the new arrangement. However, what’s the point of looking good if it’s not going to work correctly? The “cannot play stream” message still displays when you initially select your show of choice. Several of the shows I’ve tried to watch, especially For My Man, never even bothered to start. You headline certain new shows but when you tap to watch all that displays is a black screen. Right now I can’t even get the app to close and open properly. So yeah, sorry, but you still have work to do.
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4 years ago, Metee356378
Glitchy and frustrating
I have been trying to watch Fatal Attraction on the app for a few days now. After a commercial finishes playing it’s supposed to go back to where the episode left off. Instead the app glitches and my program does not return. There’s just a black screen and the only way fix it is to exit the app and restart it and when you do it always plays from the beginning. Not where the program left off. So then I have to search for where I had been. Its a huge problem because this happens almost every commercial break. I’m doing to have delete the app all together because it’s that frustrating.
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4 years ago, DaBossLady0991
I’m a avid watcher of Fatal Attraction. 1st problem is the network can ONLY be watched on the app. The app has major problems. After EVERY commercial the app freezes on a black screen. After exiting and returning back the app plays perfectly, until the next commercial. Now you have to scroll to where you stopped watch yet another commercial before resuming. There was a time when the McDonald’s commercial played 3 times before resuming the show. If it was for the glitches..I would give it 5 stars hands down. Please fix and allow Privider Sign- in or to download app on Smart TVs.
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3 years ago, c. bun
The APP/Directtv
Although I love the app. I am having problems logging into it on my iPhone. When I try to login through my provide with email and password it won’t work. It takes me back to the same screen to log in. Can anyone help? I tried deleting the APP and reinstalling but still same issue. Not sure if it’s The APP itself or Directtv Can anyone help?
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2 years ago, ALSO NOT A FAN!
TvOne On Demand TV App
PLEEZE.....FIRE YOUR APP DEVELOPER!!! Your tv app is UNBELIEVABLY POOR!!! Trying to watch any “SHOW” on this app is like looking at the Twilight ZONE’S conical loop! After trying to use this app on my tv for 3 days now, which by the way only shows tvOne’s on demand intro page buffering and then returning back to the seasons/episodes page, I decided to let you guys know that YOUR TVONE ON DEMAND IS A SCAM and a definite failure. Maybe you guys need to try testing your apps with others BEFORE you decide to offer them for public use. How do you or how can give a rating to such an obvious disaster? This app is DEFINITELY NOT a well thought out plan.🙋🏾‍♀️😠😠😠😠😷🙋🏾‍♀️.
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4 years ago, M. Cohn
I’m back with TVOne...for good!
Thanks TVOne for enabling the viewer to fast forward at commercials we don’t want to see. It is the reason I watch from beginning to end now, because for a long time I didn’t bother with your app because of the agony of looking at commercials. At least we can now go forward’s an ad we just can’t bear looking at. Thanks a million. Back in love with your channel again!!!
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4 years ago, aqusav
Can’t watch a complete show
One day the app was working fine and then I started having problems. I cannot watch a complete show without closing the app and returning. There is this one Go Army Dallas commercial that pops up randomly as I am watching a show and if I don’t close the app before the commercial ends it freezes and I have to try to get the app to close and the show starts from the beginning. This is very frustrating and has been going on for about 2 months. I decided to just delete the app.
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6 years ago, tmarried
Love this app
I love this app because i love watching Rickey Smiley For Real. I love how everyone from the radio show have their ups and downs, but are still family at the end of the day. I see how Rickey is a father to not only his kids but other kids in the family as well. He’s not the perfect father in the world but hes the perfect father in the world. God bless this app and im glad y’all finally made it.
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3 months ago, KSTARR92
Most annoying app
Earlier seasons of Fatal Attraction constantly pause with static (thought it was my wifi but found out it’s just the app itself after a friend had the same problem with the same episodes), can’t even read full episode descriptions, auto-play for next episode isn’t available so i have to keep going back to watch list to play the next episode…. Wish they would fix these things.
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4 years ago, No Games🙅🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️
Great app but shows not playing
I love the app cause I’m able to watch my favorite show Unsung (I wish they had the latest seasons) and even a few movies that caught my attention but lately when I try to watch certain episodes of Unsung it says “cannot play stream” is there anyway you can fix that?
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5 years ago, The real Divamami
Cannot skip
First I really like the shows the app has. My only problem is that when the ads come on they are really long. Then come the non-functioning skip option. Why even offer a skip option when it doesn’t work. No matter how many times I press it or where it just will not skip the remaining ad. Please fix this. It really is the only problem the app has.
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1 year ago, Out of space and annoyed.
I waited for Live, and had it for a week .
I waited years for Live in this App but gave up. Then I checked again about a week ago and finally saw Live. This made me happy. I was able to watch it for a week. On Monday night (1/6/23), something changed. Maybe an update? The drop down menu changed also. Now Live doesn’t play on my phone at all. I’m do disappointed! Change it back and I will give it 5 stars.
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4 years ago, ANB210
Shows don’t restart after ads
I love the shows, however the ads are an issue. The ads play for 15 seconds and then the shows do not restart. You have to manually exit the ad which brings you back to the beginning of whatever show you were watching. I have to guesstimate which area of the show I left off on and hope that another ad does not play.
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2 years ago, QueenAA_17
I am so happy right now because I have been looking for ways to watch the old tv shows and now I can! This was a great idea and I’m thankful that now I can watch my favorite tv shows without having to sign in to a tv provider. Thank you TV One!
Show more
3 years ago, CherylJ64
Why has live programs discontinued?
I used to love the TVONE app, recently the live program feed has stopped..I don’t know WHY! What is the point of having an app that doesn’t have the live feed of their programs. If the live feed isn’t made available again on this app, I will be deleting it from my phone! I will not keep this app & have it taking up space/megabytes on my phone if I cannot even watch the programs live.
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5 years ago, FLUBBER DUPPER
I am so happy that I have this app I have been watching all of the unsung programs which is probably one of their favorite things for me to do no problems with this app it has kept me entertained day after day for hours thank you for bringing this app for us to enjoy the entertainment world
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6 years ago, Reesiecup101
Tv one app
This app is pure garbage I love the show but I would much rather watch it on tv when it comes on. The app has so many glitches that make it hard to watch anything and the fact that you have to add your tv provider is another minus, if that’s the case you can download your tv providers app and watch it from there. Don’t even get me started on the tv one website not even worth thinking about it it glitches from the beginning to the end that is so frustrating!! You guys need to do better!
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6 years ago, Pjay2588
I love watching Tv One
Tv One is one of my fav channels to watch on the late night however due to me me being extremely tired and not being to watch my favorite shows like fatal attraction and for my man I was thrilled to finally finding out about this app but my excitement was short lived to see that my Cable subscriber "SPECTRUM" is not listed I have made a complaint about this early this yr around the summer time but it has yet to be fixed until then I'll give this app 1 star can you please fix this issue!?
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6 years ago, Dafavored1
Where are the rest of the shows ??
I gave a 3 star only because this app does not offer many shows on here. The shows offered are good and the app hasn’t given me any problems thus far, however, it has VERY limited shows to watch and chose from. That was a little disappointing for me. If they provide more choices for viewing, I will definitely give 5 stars.
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6 years ago, CookieGene
TVONE/ATL Detectives
I love this App had no problems whatsoever. Which surprised me because I had to stop it several times. Each time I started it back up it played without any glitches...nothing. I had to stop it go to Kroger’s and came back and started it back where I left off. Great app! Cookiejean
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2 months ago, $A$$Y33
Love the app one minor issue
I enjoy the app, but I need to know if anyone else having issues with fatal attraction season five episode 9. In the process of watching the episode it stops and won’t play. Is anyone else having the same issue?
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2 years ago, tittiasanjel
I have tv one as a channel through suddenlink. I watch it at home every evening but I can’t sign into the app. I’ve called suddenlink several times but I’ve been given a different reason why each time. Can you tell me if suddenlink is an acceptable provider for the mobile app? That is all I want to know. This has been my issue for more than 4 years now. I check back every year and it’s still the same
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4 years ago, Roxxy124564
Terrible Streaming Experience
I was excited to have this app and watch my shows. However, the ads every 2 mins (I timed it) plus the constant freezing of said ads forced me to restart the app. This requires you to start the show all over again and try to search for the spot you were in. Just to get another ad when you find the spot and another ad a minute later. The worst!
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4 years ago, Nic Shock
Issues following commercial
For the most part the app is ok, good content and pictures of the lead cast for shows. The biggest issue is that following commercials the app freezes and you have to exit out of the movie/show and restart to get past the freeze. Really frustrating when watching a movie
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4 years ago, klittles40
Update need
I like the app however when I’m watching a show and it goes to a commercial it doesn’t return back to the show. I have to restart the show again. 9/9/20 I’m so happy y’all fixed this app now it’s perfect
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1 week ago, Kaceyskiss
Trash App
It is no way that this app has 4.1 stars you can never log into this app and it crashes like crazy and a sad part about it is this has been like this for years whoever’s writing good reviews is the people who work for TV one let’s just be real. With all the issues of the app crashing you would think that someone would’ve fixed it by now. You guys are unprofessional for this mess.
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5 years ago, FreakyPlaya53178
Love the content of the shows
Just downloaded and watched several episodes. The app functionality has been great! If that changes, I’ll be back to let you know.
Show more
1 year ago, Yu'Pheri
Tv One App
The App Says No Cable Required but once you download the app and try to play something it’s pops up with a list of cable carriers. This is misleading and false advertising. Tv One you’d do better to charge $9.99 a month and get your own money instead of paying Cable companies only to split a percentage selling yourself short and to think this is use to be one of my favorite Tv programs. Disappointed
Show more
3 years ago, qtpie23
Live & Schedule
I actually enjoyed the live feature because my satellite provider always have glitches and I’m not always able to watch on my actual tv so I use my iPads or phone. I guess with a new update the live option was taken away. Very disappointing now and I really don’t have a need for the app without the live feed.
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4 years ago, ChantriceS
Episodes Stop After Every Ad
An episode stops and goes to a black screen after each ad. I have to exit out of the episode and drag to the part that it stopped on after the ad. And, the exact same ad from McDonald’s is being played. I have no problem with the episodes having ads in between, if only the episode could play smoothly after the ad plays. This is a bad look for a Black channel. Please do better.
Show more
6 years ago, SVC2014
Update is needed
An updated version is needed. The shows/movies are of low quality and it’s impossible to watch a full show without buffering or the show and the ads playing simultaneously. You have to keep restarting the show hoping that when you reopen the app , the show will play correctly .
Show more
4 years ago, romancebkslvr
Apple TV and cloud synching shows!
FIRST AND FOREMOST, WHERE IS THE APPLE TV APP AT!!!! Now, It’s weird that everybody seem to have issues with ads. But I don’t have no ads at all. The show just go black for a few seconds then the show comes back on. My issue is that , once I start a show I can’t continue from where I left off, if for any reason I decide to leave the app. This is the only streaming app I have an issue with. I have to start over each time. It’s at the point that I have to at least write the time down I stop at, in order for me to fast forward back to that time when I come back to the show.
Show more
4 years ago, Razorlife1
The app has definitely improved
The commercials and glitches have improved... when I had the app before the update it was bad... the commercial would come on and cause my show to freeze and then it would somehow start me back over at the beginning... I love TVOne so I tolerated it... my new issue is why can’t I watch live TV on my IPad ... I want to see family matters too... is this going to be added?
Show more
4 years ago, JustColby
Certain Shows Freeze Up Indefinitely and Philo Isn’t Listed In TV Provider Section
My title pretty much says it all. Certain shows freeze up. And I used to watch this app on my old Directv account, but now I have Philo. if I’m paying to have TvOne on Philo, why isn’t Philo listed as a tv provider? Watching this channel on the Philo app gives you limited episodes, and you guys just flat out don’t even have Philo listed on your app. This is pretty trifling of you all on both ends.
Show more
2 years ago, Mamajazz23
Technical issues and missing content.
The app hasn’t seemed to work properly since I’ve installed it. I keep getting an error message that the stream cannot play. The search tool does not work and yields the same list of results no matter what I type in. They don’t have any of the unsung episodes I’m looking for.
Show more
5 years ago, LoniBee
Listen, I’m over it. This is embarrassing. I know high school students that can build better apps than this. I’ve been waiting years for this app to improve and still nothing. I love the type of branding through programming strategy that the channel has developing with shows like Unsung and the biopics but for the sake of the struggle of our ancestors to be great, PLEASE pay better programmers. This is 2019.
Show more
3 years ago, Butttylishes
dish doesn’t provide this channel what’s my next step
my provider does not carry this is there anyway I can download the app and pay a monthly fee or subscribe to this on my iPhone also we able to pay an extra fee to avoid the commercials
Show more
4 years ago, Coltsgirl76
Ad Breaks
The app needs to be updated. When watching a show & it goes to an ad break, and after the ad finishes the screen goes black. The show I was watching does not return. I have to go out, come back in, restart the show & then fast forward past watch I’ve already watched. TVOne please fix this issue. I’m begging you. I love the app.
Show more
4 years ago, appleuser92dalkjg
Playback Experience is not Great
I am having issues with the screen going black after a commercial plays and then when I exit out and restart the show. It starts at the beginning. Great shows but playback will make you not even want to open the app sometimes.
Show more
4 years ago, Neci0519
Used To Love It, Now I Hate It
App won’t let me cast to my tv anymore and once a commercial plays once(maybe twice), the movie/show freezes. It won’t play anything else afterwards. You’ll have to restart the program from the beginning🙄, which is BEYOND annoying. Fix the issues and maybe we’ll start using this app again. Smh.... Or just take my advice and continue using other streaming devices instead.
Show more
6 years ago, keketrouble
The Worst!
It makes no sense for a network, features African American shows, to have the worst streaming app. It constantly freezes, must close the app several time to gain access to view television show and takes a long time for the picture to finally appear clear. TV One seriously needs to go back to the drawing board to update application. If I could rate it a negative 10 I would. This is ridiculous a bunch of tomfoolery!
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