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User Reviews for Twitchy

3.13 out of 5
30 Ratings
4 years ago, Rachelruler
Limited ability to share content
I started using this app way back when Michelle Malkin first developed it. It was better back then. Now I use it because I’m intentionally not on Twitter but I like to see what hypocrisy and garbage the media puts forth each day. They’ve tried to carry on but it’s changed a bit - they tend to cull the same twitter users’ content over and over. They’re good teeeters to cite but it gets old. I’m really tired of them featuring Alyssa Milano and other minor celebrities’ political opinions to make fun of them. How about just ignoring them? They do a good job compiling stories but I wish Sam J (editor) didn’t feel the need to insert her own voice in her introductions so often. It’s changed the perspective and seems less professional and more like you’re reading someone’s blog. Sometimes there are spelling errors and sloppy writing, repeated bad jokes ...That said, it’s still a resource I use and check daily! There’s not another app like it. When I do read a particularly good thread and want to share it with friends I can only share to Twitter or Facebook. It would be nice if we could copy a link for sharing via text, messenger or IG. I know they’re trying to monetize it by putting bigger articles behind a paywall and that doesn’t really bother me. Nothing good can be free.
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4 years ago, mprogers51
Not getting better
Annoying ads, scrolling problems on iPhone, peekaboo ads in the middle of the articles and google ads covering the bottom of the page, then pay to play because the ads are losing not gaining business, and now articles which crash, burn, reload and crash again, finally leaving a blank screen. This was a 5* app for me, but much less useful now. It’s not worth paying for such poor application development. I’m going to bet you have more users deleting the app than paying to remove only some of the aggravation. Jan 30th 2020 Aggravation continues. Articles open, crash, burn, rinse, repeat. Never opening long enough to start scrolling. Awful.
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4 years ago, Imlee99
Needs work!
First review I have ever written. I love twitchy! Before the pay wall, I would scroll through several times a day on my iPhone X. As soon as the pay wall began, there was a lot of difficulty scrolling in portrait mode when you open the articles. It just doesn’t work, requiring you then to turn on the phone and read the article in landscape mode. Then I turn the phone back to portrait mode to look at the main page, and back to landscape mode to read the article. In the article, that’s the only way to move the ads. Additionally when the pay wall started they removed anyway to contact Twitchy for help. I keep coming back hoping they’ll fix it because I really like the website, but they just don’t. It’s so very disappointing. If I had a way to contact twitchy directly to ask for help I would, but all I have is this Review, so take my one star, even though you haven’t earned it. I almost wish I never started reading them at all.
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4 years ago, thefordz1
Terrible App
Links to log in to comments do not work. Reset password email link takes me to a blank page with Twitchy logo. Are you just trying to hook people enough until they give in and buy your VIP service? I’d be happy to, but seems many of your writers have TDS and are too indoctrinated to the “woke” state of mind that you’re losing true Conservatives daily. **Update, I caved and paid for VIP for a year. Still can’t comment as app link to log into comments doesn’t work (iPhone 8). Had to log into Firefox on my iMac to be able to purchase the VIP. Now I feel I wasted my money because I’ve only seen 2-3 VIP posts since paying. Before paying, seemed like every other new post was VIP only. Scam. Malkin should have never sold. Terrible app.
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2 years ago, Bfart
Low Rent clown shoes
I’ve had Twitchy on my phone since Michelle Malkin started the site. Once she sold the site, the quality of function and content leaves much to be desired. Latest app update was over a year ago, and with the addition of a paywall, you now have to pay for access to comments. Yet those commenting don’t receive payment for their content. Absolute disaster of an app. Having checked again, Sarah D posted a supposed NYT op-ed dated 21 January 2025. Charlie Foxtrot.
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5 years ago, Sir Mahtin
Love the content
I love the content & the personalities of the editors, however the latest platform is horrible. I do not like having an ad underneath the conte that you can scroll over. You can visibly see that tweets are cut off & you are missing part of the narrative. Either fix this, or get rid of the whole ad underneath the content idea. It’s irksome.
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10 months ago, Agent_P*
Great source of information, highly recommended!
Twitchy is one of the few sources I rely on for news. They stay up to date with current events using the twitter feeds of prominent figures. I highly recommend!
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3 years ago, Angry Burd
Very disappointing
I cannot believe that the team that publishes twitchy needs to charge 50$ a year for their content. Some charge I could understand, but from $0 to $50? Give me a break. And in the ensuing year I have tried innumerable times to sign up for their $50 content and the link never opens. I have to lower the star rating
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4 years ago, Janceelou
Can’t access Disgus comments from app
I like Twitchy but I can no longer use the comments from Disgus. It won’t even let me sign in. I have to go to the website from Safari. Very annoying. Please get it fixed. It used to work. I’m on Twitchy less and less because of that. Not smart to not get that fixed. Doesn’t work on my iPad or iPhone.
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4 years ago, d.mutant
app hasn’t worked in weeks
The app only loads about one or two paragraphs and stops. Haven’t read a complete piece in a long time. I’m about ready to delete the app. Which is too bad as i generally like the content...when i can read it.
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4 years ago, danielhendricks
Making Fun of Politics
I love Twitchy. They do a good job of pointing out the folly of U.S. politics, and their articles are a quick read and fun!
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4 years ago, Dnha14
Discuss login
Can’t login to Discus on iPhone X using app. Login ok using website but doesn’t transfer to app.
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3 years ago, AnomalousWoof
Immature app
Needs to default to the URL keyboard layout when asking for an email address etc. Cannot log in to disqus. Cannot comment on articles. Curiously, homed within the 63red app, the login to disqus works.
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3 years ago, Starkey0417
What happened?
This was my go to site for poking fun at the “woke” crowd. I can go in thru a browser, but the app just keeps saying “unable to load.” Please fix this and I’ll go back to five stars!!!!
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4 years ago, Milkhail Alterman
Unusable because of ads
Obnoxious and hard to get around. Removing from my phone
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4 years ago, Docmeat
Same as many, ugly and unresponsive ad riddled. What happened? This used to be much better.
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4 years ago, whathappened13
Used to be a great app. Now you can’t get past the first two lines without being hit with an ad. Can’t move past the ad at all. No idea how to access the actual content. Suspect this is their way of getting folks to fork out $50 to access whatever’s behind the paywall. Not worth it. UPDATE: I use the app on my phone. I discovered if I scroll on the *very* right or *very* left of the screen I can get past the add content without having to wait 30 seconds for content to load. This only works if you don’t scroll within ad space (need to place your finger either above or below it on the very right or left of the screen). Still can’t get embedded videos to play, and I still won’t fork over $50 to read VIP posts, but at least I can get all the way through a post. I added a star for this. 🙄 I still hope Twitchy fixes its app - it used to be so much better. I hate for folks to miss out on the content.
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4 years ago, lindseyann
Won’t Pay Until Fixed
UPDATE: After reading the update on the review titled Sad, I tried his solution and it worked. If I scroll on the very edge of my iPhone screen, I can scroll down through and see all the content. I’m so glad, because Twitchy finds a lot of interesting content on Twitter. I’m upgrading from 1 to 4 stars, still a bit clunky, but the content is great. For several days, I’ve been unable to scroll past the editors’ opening comments about the tweet. Maybe Twitchy expects this will make me want to subscribe to their paid content to see all the content. But I’m not subscribing to a platform that doesn’t work. Also, please fix so that we can click on videos in the Twitchy app without having to open in Twitter.
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11 years ago, KickerRick
Works great when it's allowed to
Does what it's supposed to, aggregates tweets of interest to more conservative people. When it doesn't work, it's because Twitter has made a change or two and the Apple App people seem to take forever to approve updates. To comment on any article, a Disqus account is needed (free). I rarely give 5 stars, but I see the people involved in this sweating blood at times to provide both content and a working app, so kudos to the crew.
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12 years ago, da_dawgsx
Good first release, but some problems
Too many push notifications that new content is available. In fact, notifications that new content is available are really not necessary. Also, the color scheme, particularly for the top banner, needs a lot of work -- looks like a 1980s cop movie. The Facebook sharing feature does not work -- it just opens up the Facebook app and tells me that in logging into the Twitchy FB app, but it never posts the story. That said it does a good job of presenting the site content in an efficient manner -- and of course I love Twitchy itself.
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4 years ago, Caught W/O Umbrella too Often
Goodbye to Twitchy
Sadly I’ve deleted this app for good after having enjoyed it for years. For past year it has been getting worse and worse: The videos don’t play, the articles don’t fully load, the screens freeze, and there’s no way to fix it. Rebooting phone doesn’t always work not does deleting and re-downloading app. Now they want us to pay for VIP content when they haven’t bothered to update to fix bugs, etc. on the normal platform in two years!! Not cool. I’m sure they don’t read these reviews or if they do, don’t care about a few folks who leave which also makes me sad. It was fun while it lasted.
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11 years ago, DigitalPimple
Works great! Awesome site!
Not sure what app the others are using if at all but I see every post, can comment and all videos a pics are perfect. Love being able to access on twitchy on my iPhone and on the go. If I know Twitchy, I would bet this app gets more functionality as it matures. Awesome app for an awesome website.
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6 years ago, Very Helpful iPhone App
I don't want to spin to win
Usually love the app but for the last few days I can't have it open for more than a minute without something popping up from World Cup Promo telling me I've won a chance to spin to win an iPad or Walmart gift card. It looks very shady and virus like. Have you been taken over by Russia or China? Also, I just uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it immediately did it again. Please remove the virus/malware/spyware from your app.
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4 years ago, jjffgg296
Great site, bad app
When you load a story, it often loads tweets & other sources. But it takes sooo long to load them. You start reading and it hangs on the bottom of page or on tweet. You have to wait 30 seconds or longer too be able to scroll down. Then you get another “page” and then it hangs again. Needs to cache the text of the tweets so it doesn’t have to wait to load them from Twitter
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12 years ago, indignathan
Simple and intuitive, love it!
This is by far one of my favorite, most-used apps. I love its usability and slick look. The only thing I'd like to see added is some support/integration with the Twitter app. Mainly, it would be great if tapping Twitter handles in Twitchy articles would open the profile in the Twitter app rather than in Safari.
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9 years ago, ipbabble
Love it! When it works
Update #2: When is someone going to fix this app? Now the only decent latency is for Ads. So the Ads appear immediately but it takes forever to load the content. I really enjoy the content but I will end up deleting this from my iPhone 6 if someone doesn't address the problems. Update #1: since acquisition this app is broken on iPhone. :-( See other comments regarding tweets being missing. Basically some threads are missing all the tweets and show only the comments. It requires a fix soon. Some of the most interesting threads are missing all of the actual tweets. That is so frustrating! Lately long download delays. iPhone 6 and iPhone 4s. Please fix because I love this app.
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12 years ago, thebacklash
Almost perfect
App works great, small and fast. For those that do not know, (on your iOS device not inside twitchy) go to settings> Twitchy > Display mode. And you can change to light or dark modes. (I saw a review below that complained about the text color) Only complaint... Universal app! Sure I can use the website on my iPad.. But I'd rather have the app full screen. Never understood why developers make a great free app like this, and just expect everyone with an iPad to just use the website and lose the functions of the app, or just 2X the app. Universal and the app is perfect.
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11 years ago, PoisonousGus
Good when it works
Fairly nice-looking app with simple interface. A lot of the time when you tap on a headline and go to the article, the tweets just don't load. And after it happens once, it seems like the article is cached so each time you check back the tweets still don't load. Twitter aggregators need to either load tweets the first time or allow a refresh if there are problems the first time.
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6 years ago, thistownwilleatyou
Wish it worked better
I enjoy the content and the humor of the editors but the app itself is not good. Many times posts will not fully load. Now, a pop up advert has made it impossible to use at all. I wish the app worked better so I could continue to enjoy it.
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8 years ago, YGY Mom CEO
Not working :-(
When it works, it's great! I prefer it over the website. But for the past several weeks it's been going downhill. First, the ads would pop up and block content. Then the first tweet would quit loading. Now I can't get Comments to load. I've tried deleting and reloading the app with no luck. I'd be happy to pay for an app if these problems would be eliminated for good!
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11 years ago, GNandGS
Good app, great support
Simple app that does what it needs to do. Can't quite give it "great" as there is always room for improvement. Where things are meeting or exceeding expectation is support given the recent twitter changes. Got quick replies and more importantly a proactive email when update was avail. [io6.x and now 6.1-10b144]
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7 years ago, Ratteau
Done with this
Love to read this site but the app is horrible. I have sent multiple support tickets and not only have none been addressed, I was never contacted to acknowledge or ask for more information even though I offered to walk them through it. First comments no longer work. Then it would not connect while iPhone is on wifi but worked with LTE (don't ask me but that's the behavior). Now it won't connect at all.
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5 years ago, flymiester
Love the sarcastic content, hate the app functionality
They haven’t updated this app in a year and it it so buggy. Does not embed tweets most of the time. You have to restart the app constantly in hopes it will load correctly. Even then it doesn’t work most times. Cannot play embedded media must go to twitter to see it. Are conservatives incapable of making good technology products.
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4 years ago, cbford
App is terrible and now they want you to buy a VIP membership!
App is terrible, takes forever to load content and it sometimes doesn’t load completely, ads appear on top of text, can play twitter video or pics, have to toggle to twitter to see, and now none of them load properly. On top of all this, now they want you to buy a VIP membership to access previously free after supported content. Yeahhhhhhh, no...
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9 years ago, staceums
Has trouble updating
This started happening right around the recent iOS update. The app seems to have trouble loading updated posts. When I open it, sometimes it will simply time out. Love twitchy but the bugs need to be fixed!
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11 years ago, 47946635889433
I want my twitchy
I love twitchy. But, for some reason my app is no longer loading. When I tap on the app, a bubble says "Error Loading Posts: NSInvalidArgumentException". I have re-loaded the Twitchy app, but to no avail. I am very sad without my Twitchy app.
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12 years ago, The Real Mr Steve
Nice App
Great way to see if you missed any stories on Twitter. Being able to retweet the comments is worth 5 stars by itself! Should be able to make comments using twitter ids instead of or in addition to Disquis
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4 years ago, random dink nickname
Poor quality app, certainly not worth VIP
This Twitchy iPhone app was such a step down from the removed iPad app. Nothing formats properly, the images don’t load half of the time, the video has never worked. Now, a large number of entries are paywalled. You guys need to hire someone who knows how to program an async/multithreaded app that actually works well (especially if you hope to collect money with it).
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12 years ago, GamersDon'tDie
Be forewarned...
This site leans way to the right. And it's pure informative entertainment. Politics and celebs- all their gaffes are captured and up for mocking. Sometimes there are glitches(posts don't fully load, videos aren't available)...but they usually clear up.
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11 years ago, Mariasophia13
Love love love
I love twitchy! Seriously, if you don't get on twitter for awhile, all you have to do is get on twitchy and it'll tell you what you missed! I'm addicted to twitchy, I check it 3-4 times a day. Plus, twitchy does what the national media is afraid to do.
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10 years ago, WillTheThrill51
No more push notifications!
Used to love this app and checked it a few times every day. The ads were an annoying addition, but I could live with those. But I am sick and tired of getting push notifications all day long that I cannot turn off. Just deleted this app and won't reinstall it until notifications can be turned off.
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4 years ago, meh kilo
Fix the app
Since the latest update and going to pay for view the app is always frozen and ads cover content constantly. FIX THIS. or it is time to delete
Show more
10 years ago, Hgdifhgf
I used to enjoy this app...
but between not being able to render the width correctly and placing lots of big new ads over the content, Salem has made this sufficiently unpleasant to use that I will be deleting it. I'll check back in a few months to see if they've started caring about user experience and changed their business model. Until then, no thanks.
Show more
11 years ago, Debrina28
Love Twitchy!
Yes it is a bummer that the tweets stopped showing but they are working on the bug...hope they fix it soon. The Twitchy folks are hilarious and right on the pulse of what's going on in the Twitterverse. I recommend this app!
Show more
7 years ago, Watspn
Love this app...but!
Guys, you have got to fix the bugs! The ads are covering content and I've had to uninstall and reinstall the app twice now. But this app is so good I will not let go of it! Please, please fix the bugs! ASAP!
Show more
5 years ago, Crustacio
Been reading Twitchy for years, but latest update has ads completely obscuring tweets! There are some posts I’ve looked at recently that show nothing but the snarky comments of the editors and no way to see the tweets that the comments are referring to. This is taxation without representation!
Show more
11 years ago, JWil1893
Bug fix
Content is good, bug the app regularly does not show tweets on some posts. Doesn't seem to be on a predictable basis, just more now than before. I am operating IOS 6.1
Show more
10 years ago, KelleyRV
Having Same Error Issues
Normally this app deserves the 5 stars, but for several days the only thing I get is the list on the opening page. When I click on what I want to look at, nothing will show up. Please, please fix this!!!
Show more
6 years ago, USNavy1775
Unusable due to pop up ads
Better be able to scroll through an article I under 20 seconds before the no-choice-but-to-click ad takes over the app. Deleted it after years of glitches, videos and embedded links not working. Great content, app is garbage.
Show more
10 years ago, SpiritCorsair
Nose dive in quality
Sorry, guys, I love the conservative tweets and news, and I gladly would've kicked in some App Store cash for it. But the ads are too much of a distraction, and I can't turn off the push notifications. I'll stick with your browser version for now.
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