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User Reviews for Twitter

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2 years ago, ArtisIan_
Great! But...
The Twitter app has been useful for managing my account without taking up insane amounts of memory in a web browser. However, there are a few glaring issues that keep me from giving this 5 stars. First and foremost, the Messages tab is broken. It can't stay focused on one message. I click on a conversation and begin typing, and a few seconds later it boots me back to the "No Message Selected" screen. This does not happen on iPhone, but it does happen on iPad as well. It is very annoying and I hope it can be fixed soon. Secondly, sometimes when switching between tabs, the ability to refresh by hitting Cmd-Shift-R is disabled, and I have to click in and out of a Tweet to get it back. That's minor compared to the Messages issue, but something I'd still like to see get fixed.
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3 years ago, KernelG
What a comeback!
Twitter forced me to switch to another app (Tweetbot) on the desktop, after they abandoned their old client app years ago. What a pleasure it is to come back to this new app. It's faster in every way, and of course, supports all official Twitter functions. Why only 4 stars? I have run into the bug mentioned in other reviews: Randomly on launch, maybe 1 out of 10 times, my window size and position has reset to default. Also, we need more keyboard shortcuts to get around in the app. I'd like to be able to hit Escape to close a media window, and bind that to a mouse button. Needing to use Command-W to put away an image makes it more likely to accidentally close the main window if it has focus, and then you've quit the app when you didn't want to. Still, highly recommended. This is the Twitter app you should be using, with one or ten accounts. Welcome back. UPDATE: Since version 8.6 or so, the chance for window size and position to reset to default has greatly increased. It has become extremely annoying now, and nothing else has improved. So I'm removing one star until someone at Twitter actually listens to user feedback.
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5 years ago, Sir Jackson Peaks
Replaced Tweetbot with this
For as long as I can remember, I've been a user of the various versions of Tweetbot. Upon recently upgrading my MBP I encountered numerous UI issues with Tweetbot. So, I did some checking around and saw that Twitter had an app out (I thought they killed it) for Mac. I've been using it, and enjoying that usage, ever since. I haven't even logged back in to Tweetbot since that day, and will likely delete it after writing this review. I typically find that I do not enjoy apps created by the service, but Twitter has left me pleasantly suprised. My one complaint is that the app routinely encounters an error and shuts itself down at least twice a day. Other than that, the design is wonderful and friendly to use. I can rotate between various accounts. Composing longer tweets is a simple click. Dark mode is pleasing and useful instead of gimicky. The ability to customize the app and settings is user friendly. Well done!
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1 year ago, ActionBrad
s the Platform Still a Reliable Source of News and Connection?
I used to love Twitter, but my feelings have changed recently. While the platform has always had its fair share of trolls and fake news, I feel like things have gotten out of hand since Elon Musk opened it up to all the banned trolls. Now, my feed is flooded with hateful comments and conspiracy theories masquerading as "news," and it's becoming increasingly difficult to find reliable information from real people. As someone who values honesty and transparency, I find it disheartening to see so many users spreading false information without any repercussions. It's as if Twitter has become a breeding ground for misinformation and hate speech, and it's taking away from the positive aspects of the platform. In short, I can't say I "love" Twitter anymore. While I appreciate its potential to connect people and share ideas, the rampant spread of fake news and hate speech has made it a less enjoyable and trustworthy platform for me.
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4 years ago, Iraê Brasil
Fair app, uninstalled because using on Safari is better
The app is nice, I like having notifications for replies, and it is nice to use it when you are actually consuming your timeline. Unfortunately there are major flaws. The video player keeps having bugs and snags, regular expected keyboard navigation don't work (hitting esc to close image/video popup, for instance) and opening links sent from friends is at a whole new level of breaking my flow, and there is no option to disable it. To clarify: Say I am on my timeline, someone sends me a link to a twitter thread, I click and it takes over the app instead of opening in Safari. Fine. But I decide I'll look into it later. I am forced to abandon th thread to go back to what I was doing. And sometimes more than one people send different stuff while in a group chat or something, and you can't keep tabs to each of the stuff to look as you would do normally on Safari. Since there is no option to disable the integration, I decided it is better to use third party applications for timeline reading and uninstall the official Twitter app, as it is the only one that takes over the links sent. This way my flow is not interrupted and everything works just fine. It is unfortunate that twitter aggressive use of caching and progressive app tech keeps breaking twitter on the web too, but that's a conversation to another day.
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1 year ago, brifd
When it works, it's great, but...
I recently received a notice that my Twitter acccount had possibly been hacked. As I have more than one, I dutifully went through and changed each. Then, when attempting to sign on again a day or so later, my new password didn't work. Perhaps my "fat fingers" was at play, and I typed something I didn't intend to? Was I too late? I'll never know. Twitter's online means to get this remedied didn't work. While their support messages reached my email, the verification # never did. Finally, after several attempts, a Twitter rep figured out what the situation was and sent me a link. It worked, and now I'm online again. However, for a few weeks there, I felt like I was needlessly in "Twitter jail."
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2 years ago, Appreviewer2033
It refreshed your timeline very slowly
So i don't mind using twitter from my browser (tweetdeck) but i just wanted to have one less thing i have to sign into when i restart my browser and i am using twitter spaces more and more and twitter doesn't seem to give much love to tweetdeck so when spaces does come to the desktop i'm sure it will come to the twitter app well before (if ever) tweetdeck. But the HUGE issue i'm having with the app is how often it refreshes your timeline. So far i have a huge # of tweets missing in my timeline because it hasn't refreshed my timeline for over 40 minutes. The way i used twitter i need refreshed to happen quickly (tweetdeck is almost instant). I've searched in the settings for the app and i can't find anywhere where you can increase the refresh rate and there is no way to do a manual refresh as far as i can tell (other than closing the app & restarting it). Pretty sad!!!
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5 years ago, EpaL
Promising but lacks features / too many bugs
After years of neglect, it's truly a relevation to have Twitter's first-party client back for macOS. Unfortunately this shininess doesn't come without some significant drawbacks. It's unclear if the issues are with Apple or with Twitter but anoying bugs and lack of polish persist. For example, every time I connect or disconnect my AirPorts, it crashes. There is also no easy keyboard shortcut to dismiss the media player like there is in other clients. When composing a Tweet, if you paste in a URL, it displays the preview underneath but you can no longer scroll up to see the Tweet you are responding to. None of these issues are show-stoppers but together they add up to an overall buggy and unpolished experience.
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4 years ago, #StreamStupidLove
It's alright.
The app is okay. It's exaclty like the web version of twitter. I do have a few issues to address. 1. I would like to see a tour of how to use the mac version. There are features that i'm only just now discovering after having used the app for several weeks now. For example, after clicking on a video to view in a separate window, you can use a gesture to scroll through media. 2. When viewing videos and exiting the second pop-up window, the audio continue to play in the background until another video is selected. I've ecountered this bug sevearl times. 3. Ocasionally when clicking on videos and having a separate window open, I'm unable to close the window. The Ui doesn't recgonize that its in full screen mode maybe? I'm not sure but it only happens when i click on the media content and try to exit the window. The 'x' and minimize options aren't there. Maybe I have the window enlarged too much because, when I shrink my window the option to exit immediately comes back. This is bothersome especially when your sight isn't all that great. Other than that the app is great.
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1 year ago, LancerKind
Improved under Musk
The user interface is easy to use. For example, it's much easier to look up people by name and get their twitter handle. This is really a nice feature. What needs improvment are notifications, because man, I get a lot of notifications from people I'm not following and they are people I don't like. This has been emotionally hard to deal with and there isn't good direct control. I'm trying to control it with muting, blocking, and "less of this content" and "irrelevent" but I keep seeing hateful noise makers. So I wait and hope I'll get it trained or whoever is tweaking the algorithims will figure it out.
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3 years ago, Jean DeJardon
Huge Battery Drain Using This App
I use the app but only when plugged in because it is a huge battery draininer. You can't run a Web Browser and use this app like it was intended withouut draining your Mac's battery within I would say 15 minutes if you are lucky. I have no issues when I use my web browser up to 3 tabs open sometimes on a full battery last me 12 hours. If I use the Twitter app like I said I'd be lucky to be able to crank 15 minutes out of it and that's just scrolling through my timeline. I rated this app 2 stars because sometimes the fan on my Macbook Air (Early 2015) cuts on so I rate this app useless currently until an update fixes this issue. I didn't bother contacting Twitter Support on this because they never get my messages nor do they ever reply.
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2 years ago, xoagray
Nice if it weren't for the constant ads for NFT's
If you, like me, hate the constant onslaught of Crypto / NFT / Web3.0 grift that's getting ready to foreably take the internet by storm. this app will annoy the crap out of you with it. Otherwise, Not bad. Only complaint I could make is that ads are far too common, sometimes being every other tweet. Despite this, it manages to be fairly good at letting you chat with others between bouts of showing you the worst things on the internet the algorythm can find. If you're looking for a better overall experience go for one of the 3rd party apps that hasn't got ads. You might not get every feature, but you'll have more sanity and less algorythmic domination of your timeline.
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3 years ago, Jason Ganoe - de la Riva
Great app but bugs need to be worked out.
Twitter for Mac is mostly great and it feels like the great Twitter we know and love on iPhone but just ported over to Mac. After using Twitter for iPhone as my main way to use Twitter before my Mac, it was hard to get used to the Twitter web app but this app has solved all my problems! I would definetly give this app a 5 star rating but too many bugs exist in the app especially ones regarding the TouchBar on my M1 Pro. If all the bugs didn't exist, I would defintely give this app 5 stars. Hopefully in the future when they patch the endless bugs, I will give it a 5 star rating.
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4 years ago, A11R3D
Incredibly Janky
Within minutes of logging in for the first time (usually use it on browser) I have 4 windows for the app open, 3 of them are totally black, nothing is in the window at all. When I 'X' out the window, it closes the entire app. So I minimize it and have 3 blank twitter windows in my toolbar if I want to use this. I got the app to save space. I tried to adjust size of the window that did work and there was multiple issues with this formatting, the icons on the sidebar (notifications, messages, so on) were repeating over and over, see through, grey, and you could see the "X/-/ " buttons duplicating. Even in the drop down menu, individual selections were staying highlighted after moving my mouse, but it was a gradient. Very weird, never seen any app have this many problems within maybe 10 minutes of use. Guess it's back to browser.
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3 years ago, junglinglife
Error after the recent Big Sur update
I am really enjoying using Twitter app for Mac usually but there are times it would suddenly stop working and I would need to force to shut the program down and restart? I thought it might be twitter update problem so I updated that too but still having issues. Am I the only having this problem? this happens multiple times throughout the day and I would really appreciate it if this could be fixed. Other than that, the app is really similar to how I can use it on the phone so it's really convenient!
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4 years ago, KodieJo
Bug in macOS Big Sur
I am a voiceover user running macOS Big Sur, and when I went to write a tweet after the update, the tweet button was not only difficult to find, but it didn't work. I now have to go into a table to find the tweet button, and every time I try to press it, nothing happens. Also, when I hear voiceover say "Tweet button", it jumps to other options with what you can do with the tweet, such as choosing who can reply. Could this be a compatibility issue, or does the Twitter app for mac need an update? Other than that, everything else is working fine. Thank you.
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11 months ago, Emil_Murad
proposal to improve the app
Hi. I am a frequent user of a twitter App on my Mac. I like it, but it is not perfect in terms of user experience. The App doesn't open long twitts with hyperlinks to the webpages, instead it redirects to a browser and the browser asks to get logged in to my twitter account in order to be able to read long twitts or links.. it is so so frustrating that i just close my app on mac and switch to my mobile app and easily open the link or read long twitts without any issues.. Please have look to this issue and fix it if possible
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5 years ago, JCoz10
Great so far! Could be excellent.
Awesome interface! It's new but shows promise. Smooth flow and sleek interface. Atttention on: 1. Text size does not match with left tab. 2. We should be able to click anywhere on a video timeline and the round curser follow with out actually have to chase the round curser to where we want to forward the video. 3 The tweet button should be featured somewhere on the center of the screen or even by the left tab. Instead its found akwardly at a distance right corner of the screen app. 4. Missing live videos/periscopes at the top of the screen like in the iPhone app. Otherwise we have to search for the tweet with live streaming on profiles. 5. The closing, minimizing, and full screen options along with the tweet option at the top of the screen window should be redesigned to be integrated within the app. Overall great app! Thank you Twitter for coming back to Mac Catalina strong!
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4 years ago, kpoulor
Great, but a few things missing
The app is great and I find I can see more on the screen than the web version. I also enjoy how you can use apple gestures to scroll through pictures. However there are things that need a little work. When typing out a tweet using the app, the cursor has a tendency to act as if it's three characters head of where it actually is and makes typing a bit difficult. The notification system is wonky and won't display next to the bell icon despite there being a badge icon. The badge icon notification will also linger well past when the notification was seen. You are also not able to acess emojis in messages.
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7 months ago, Guesss What
what a trainwreck
I don't think this app even accepts reviews anymore, which is all a company like X can do to hide it's problems. The app's features, such as calling types of tweets non-relevant, is useless when the owner works so heavily to promote troll accounts and misinformation. Blocking doesn't really help, because you get all the responses to the troll tweets in the "For You" feed. Can't really follow the news with this app anymore due to weird decisioins by the owner regarding headlines and photos. Can't really have a coherent discussion with anyone due to the promotion of troll accounts and the nebulous way that tweets are displayed - you try to reply to a tweet and either the tweet isn't displayed or your response won'[t be because the algorithms are being used to promote misinformation as opposed to making the site show a user what the user wants to read. And, finally, the users that are left on the platform have questionable educations and even more questionable opinions and misinformation presented as fact. It's like being in a traffic jam of opposing traffic after a foggy, three-hundred car pileup going the other way.
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2 years ago, Bambi722017
Picking the Wrong people to be censored!
I joined Twitter about 8 years ago. I never had any issues except, I was always being censored because I'm a conservative, liberal. Conservative liberalism refers to ideologies that show relatively conservative tendencies within the liberal camp, so it has some relative meaning. Liberal conservatism is a rather liberal type of conservatism, or a rather conservative type of liberalism. It was initially developed in Europe during the Enlightenment Era by philosophers and writers like Edmund Burke and Alexis de Tocqueville. Here, it was used to counteract the aristocratic conservatism present in Europe at the time.
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5 years ago, SlaughterDog
Not even close to the old official app
This isn't an app made for macOS. It's essentially the iOS version, with a couple of settings pages oddly mapped to their own windows. The timeline does not stay pinned to the top. You cannot see multiple accounts at once, not even notification dots specific to each account. Window management is awful if not non-existant, and trackpad gestures aren't present either. The dark theme offers two color choices – neither of which match the system. I loved the old official Twitter app that was discontinued years ago. This is not a revival of it, and it feels like they didn't put any effort in to it at all. I will keep using a 3rd-party paid app instead of this official one, despite the fact that Twitter disabled several API features for 3rd-party apps.
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9 months ago, ǝuıɯɐ
Constant Evolution for an Ever-Engaging Experience
I've been using Twitter for years, and the app experience just keeps getting better. The interface is clean, intuitive, and user-friendly. Features like dark mode and voice tweets have elevated my user experience. I appreciate the constant updates that address bugs and introduce new functionalities. It's become my go-to platform for real-time news, networking, and entertainment. Kudos to the developers for maintaining such a high-quality app!
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2 years ago, Jtnomura
Praise your new boss, he's a keeper.
Wish I could work for him, he's a generous boss to hard working, smart people who like to work with teams who are smarter still, who work for one of the best and smartest of all. Who is a humanist and an exceptional human himself. I'm 84 the day after his birthday is mine. I've read about a lot of veryexceptional people like him, you can name a bunch of historical people around in my time. Bought a bunch of tesla stocks because I was too old to get a job at Tesla Fremont. I've a ticket on his train.
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4 years ago, JustinMacri
it is a good app
Twitter is a great app to use for talking to the media and others around the world like about the Corona Virus or things in Genreal i think Twitter is a thousand times better then FaceBook and Insgram i wish the guys at Twitter would make more TV ad's about Twiitter. Like nobody tlks about Windows anymore so they all talk about Apple. So change that..... please change the log in screen more respondive and better look. Please change the boot screen from the blue background with white "Twitter" bird to somthing more updated please i wuld like to see that happen..
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4 years ago, Adam J Simon
Incredibly buggy
The Twitter app is incredibly buggy: it crashes often, lacks some obvious features (like being able to page trhough multiple images without opening and closing them individually), and has serious resourcing problems, eating up memory and CPU cycles to *checks notes* display text and images. I would like a full-featured, well-functioning native app, but this ain't it. I don't know why they bother to release something that's so clearly not ready for users. Update: It's crashing less in the current version, but quite often just stops loading images, both images in tweets and profile pictures. I'm truly baffled by the 5-star reviews, this app has been chock full of bugs since day one.
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1 year ago, mario.guzman
Neglected, Runs in the background without you knowing
Hasn't been updated since EM took over Twittter. Doesn't remember the window size or column sizes between launches. It doesn't behave like a Mac app at all. Catalyst apps are just weird. They break so many macOS conventions here and there. Twitter for macOS is horrible. It runs in the background according to Activity Monitor even though it doesn't show up in the Dock as running nor does it show up in the Force Quit Applications window as running. My fans were running at full speed so I opened Activity Monitor and noticed Twitter was running and consuming 80% of my CPU - for an app that was running without me opening it in the background. Uninstalled the app.
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1 year ago, FreshBrandoh
Thanks Elon
For making a platform where people who get's banned innocently, maybe not all of them but definetly some of them. Giving an widely used platform where they can speak rather than ban them without logical reasonings, Most times not even well defined reason for the ban. We live in a world where a community makes a decision based on whether they want to ban them or not without a public decision. Based on what they think is right and nothing else.
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4 years ago, ѕтeғαɴ
Handoff No Longer Works
As other reviews have noted, the app is still a little rough around the edges and can be finicky at times. It most definitely does not live up to the experience anyone who's used the iOS app is accustomed to, but it's not horrible. The app does offer a few things, Such as push notifications, URL handling, And handoff between devices that Ithink still make it better than simply browsing Twitter from Safari. However, After updating to the current version, handing off Twitter content from iPhone to the Mac app no longer works.. and that was my favorite feature it brought to the table.
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2 years ago, dgetzin
Clean and fast
Complain all you want (ligitimately) about the backend invisible algorithms on twitter - the UI of the front end is brilliant. The app cleans and tightens this up. Performatce is better - the UI is simpler in a good way. The only serious issue I have is that the app quits when you close all windowns - I'd love it to stay open as an app and show the alert badges when all windown are closed. Relaunching it after you close all widdos is jarring and annoying - Overall, REALLY smoothsy done. I like it.
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9 months ago, ciciasmith
a shame this doesn't seem to work anymore
this was always my favorite way of looking at twitter, and over the past year it's been gradually breaking. It got to the point where I couldn't search and could only look at my feed, until I got a new laptop and now it's prompting me to type my password which just won't work. I suppose it's time to finally put it to rest :( I hate the browser version though, so it's a massive shame
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4 years ago, 4katzs
I like Twitter better now you're removing LIES!
Twitter is o.k. but need tochange the amount of characters you can write as it is just too short. I Thank you for FINALLY doing Fact Checking and removing Fake News. You should have beening this all along from the begining. You do need to take it up a nootch as I am reading fake news onTwitter right now! Twitter is not the only game in touwn anymore so it behooves you to clean up your act of all Fake News and grossly inaccurtate and potentilly dangerous posts of inflamatory information during a pandemic!
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1 year ago, dantastics
I guess it's better?
First, "header image" doesn't load at all for any profile I check on this MAC. It's just a solid color. But, for iPhone and iPad, the header image loads as it should. Then, the timeline doesn't really doesn't makes sense anymore. I might have an idea of what the developers are trying to do, but it's whatever. It would be great if Twitter users could start blocking trends. I know there are options like "not interested" and "this trend is harmful", etc. However, as we are able to block words/names and users, blocking trends would be cool too. That's about it.
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1 year ago, God of Biscuits
Failing, exploding, wilting, dying.
Twitter decided it doesn't care what my setting is for which feed I prefer: who i follow or who its algorithm it decides it wants me to see. So it looks like it just decided to ignore the bulk of my settings. Every time I open the app now, It defaluts to a tiny window that I have to re-expand. In my "Who I follow" feed, the tweets I *DO* see are usually days or many hours old. And I can refresh every second and more tweets appear. sometimes from the last few minutes, sometimes from hours ago, sometimes days ago or even weeks ago. Cyber bullying is up. The number of bots following me is WAY up. There's nothing good about Twitter anymore. It's caustic.
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5 years ago, ActualAndre
It's working great so far
I love the app, it's cool how mostly everything (photos, new tweets, settings, etc.) goes into a new window instead of like the Web App where that will go onto your page. The only small complaint I have so far is that the font is a little bit too small, but that can be adjusted in settings. However, the side font (Home, Explore, Notifications, Messages, etc.) will remain default and cannot be adjusted. It doesn't bug me all that much though.
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4 years ago, enelsonpa
New Twitter for Mac App Not Ready for Primae Time
I have used the Twitter for Mac app for 3 days. I see the need for a Twitter for Mac app, for new integrated functions like editing and spell-check, and for Twitter's ad and business upgrades. But this desktop app is simply not usable. Problems are too small font size and desktop inferior to the browser; it is slow - this is the biggest problem, the panes are confusing - again related to visuals. On the positive side, I like that Lists are better organized, but this positive does not outweigh the negatives. I just deleted the app from my Mac and am back to browsers. Keep at it, guys. It needs more work.
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2 years ago, vilhelmtheslayer
New to Twittle
I never bothered with this app, Im older, no time for squbble but gave it a shot with Elon in charge, I do like the setup...short quips and lots of counter views, but it also makes me sad we are this at odds and so many people want to believe a guy that has thrown his money at so many fantastical products is just a hack...they dont care that most milionairs hide out in the shadows and slide through life avoiding all reality or challenge while Elon is planning trips to space.
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2 years ago, Mike Weasner
App now crashes on launch
Beginning morning of 3 August, the Twitter app crashes on launch. I did all the normal troubleshooting steps (deleting the prefs file, restarting the Mac, etc). The app still crashes immediately on launch. There was a report on the web that Twitter did a server-side update that broke their own app. Now why would any company rollout an automatic update that kills their own app??? Terrible Software Quality Assurance.
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3 years ago, RetroPipes
Twitter on the Mac is SO much better now
The developers have done a wonderful job squashing bugs, and I must give credit for that. The notification bug keeping me from giving a 5-star rating is finally squashed! The app is simple enough to use, though device type-based feature differences might trip you up. Watch out for that - the experience isn't the same on Mac, iPhone, iPad and the web.
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2 years ago,
Legacy media, beware !!!!
Twitter is going to give legacy media run for their money. Citizen journalism is difficult to achieve. Platform, technology and willingless to provide as much accurate information at scale without prejudice and conflict of interest is not an easy problem to solve. However if anyone in the history of mankind can solve this problem, it's Elon Musk. So glad we finally (will) have a chance to have a fair and square digital townsquare. LFG Elon.
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2 years ago, JeanAllTrekkie
Good but needs work
I like the Twitter app, runs well 'most of the time'. There are times though when I open a image, click the close (red dot) option and get a audio ping instead of it successfully closing. It used to happen 1 out of every 3 times now its each time, still frustrating though. Have to close and relaunch the app for the image to go away. Also there are times when I open the Twitter app and it doesnt open where it was placed last time. It work 9 out of 10 times but that 1 time I have to move it back, resize, etc., it gets annoying
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3 years ago, snipeyhead
Better than before, but still a memory hog
I was very glad to see the return of Twitter for MacOS once Catalina came out, but if you follow a lot of people (or are followed by a lot of people) the app will lock up often, and require a force quit, or worse yet will drain your computer of Application Memory and get you into worse trouble. It's still better than the web interface, but I'd really like to see some memory/performance enhacements, as I'm on a beefy 15" with 32GB RAM and I have issues many times a day with this app locking up.
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4 years ago, Jbrz
use it all the time, but some functionality is annoying
You know all the good, but here are the annoying parts: 1. When I clich 'show more' quite often I am put at the top of the page, losing context of where I was 2. Tweets are not in chronological order quite often 3. I am not getting some tweets of people who I am following Overall, parts of the application feels like random number generator..
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4 years ago, Teangeolai
Mostly very good
I think the official Twitter app mostly works exactly the way I want it to. The only exception is its insistence on filtering my tweets according to what it thinks I want to see the most. I appreciate that I can change it to a chronological timeline, but that only lasts so long before the app decides it knows better than me and changes back to algorithmic. The 'You May Have Missed...' sections also come up a little too often. Other than those issues, the app is pretty clean, well-designed, and easy to use.
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1 year ago, Snobordnut
Free to Speak
Although Free Speech is enjoyable and important I notice that occasional posts of mine are blocked. The Civil speech and that level of approach must be reached and maintained. The toning down of rough language and coming together of Humans is where we are headed. The dulaity system where there was two sides at odds that breathed anger is moving towards an acceptance as we all begin to awaken to a higher level of loving others and engaging them in kind conversation levels.
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3 years ago, New To True Crime in Virginia
A microphone for us all
It's a platform of snobs who won't 'like' you if you've no credentials. It's a platform for people who want to find ways to stay angry, and vent. It's a platform for keeping hate alive. It's a platform for the 'happy to complain' people. It can be addicting for a lot of people who show up to be valididated and affirmed. I dislike it, and won't do any more than observe, for a short amount of time, every now and them.
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4 years ago, meabfab
The App Crashes - Constantly
Twitter for macOS crashes constantly. Like several times a day constantly. I'm running the latest version, yet the app remains incredibly unstable. It seems to crash most when playing a live video stream, but will crash when open in the background, when scrolling, looking at gif, basically whenever. I regularly submit the crash reports that macOS autogenerates, but I’m assuming these just vanish into the ether as nothing is ever resolved. Better yet, when I use Twitter in Safari, I get constant prompts at the top of the browser to “open in the app,” which is annoying since I know eventually the app will just crash and need to restart.
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4 months ago, Cincinnatus Lives
X took the lead in opposing Dem/State run propaganda machines
I left Twitter a number of years ago due to the suppression of the truth coordinated with the WH and the Progressive Propaganda Machine driven by the Democrat/Socialist/Marxist/Racist agenda to destroy America. I came back when Elon Musk began the return to an open forum allowing for sharing of facts and opinions the Left do not want known by the general public. I feel the role of sharing that open forum is being played out on X better every day.
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2 years ago, WaltFrench
Great Network; Great Source; Issues
Get your salt-shakers out bc nowhere is it MORE true that you can't believe everything you see. But I'll take that over not being able to see multiple perspectives, get a sense of how well they're supported by evidence that resonates with me. As an app, though, Twitter leaves a lot to be desired. A long-term bug scrambles text when I edit (both in iOS as OSX); tools to help me prioritize ideas & people are weak; frequent links to paywalled stories are a plague; the suggestions are often worse than useless.
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2 years ago, cint326
Twitter is great, but ...
I've been on Twitter since the start. I've connected with so many people that I would never have a chance to interact with otherwise. I love it! BUT, the silencing of dissenting voices (critical thinkers and conservatives) was a very black mark in my book. They will never get a 5-star review in my book unless they completely disavow such actions in the future and remove bots from posting (to the extent possible).
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