Tynker: Coding for Kids

4.6 (16.3K)
147.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tynker: Coding for Kids

4.61 out of 5
16.3K Ratings
1 year ago, Chloe Nothing
Likes it, just needs recommendations
I tried unliking a project, that didn’t work! You should remove the projects that say “This project contains features which aren’t supported by the version of the app.” so people don’t get confused. I accidentally liked one. So there’s this user called Stella, and almost all of their posts are taken down! I am not very happy because of the community! This app needs recommendations! Oh! There is a kinda good coder here called Purple Cheeto and I like almost all of their projects! And when I search “learn” I only see projects that have “Baldi” and I do not know that! Okay, I recommend Kodable. Because you make you own little mazes. And the “set easing to” block is too hard! This app is too hard, but I like it (Not too much).
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3 years ago, 💄❤️
Read this before you download!
I'm a really great coder and stuff. But, there are a few things I hate about it! One: my projects are now taking for ever to be reviewed! What is up with that! It's been taking MONTHS for my good quality projects to come in! Two: I posted a game on my laptop which would've gotten featured. But no. Instead it got rejected! There are vampires, and the mention of blood. But no violence or anything bad! And further more, I saw it got rejected on the TYNKER APP! I was using my laptop. Plus, there were no rules against my game. This proves my point that Tynker is treating their viewers like babies! On Scratch, everyone would’ve loved it! Three: make the site a bit more for older kids! I mean, why do you even have a monster for a mascot! Adding to this review, a lot of the games here (excuse my French) ARE GARBAGE! I also use scratch, so I know the huge difference between Tynker and Scratch. On scratch, most of the community projects are more advanced and fun to play! Most of the games I see on Tynker are…Not that good. So in conclusion, this is NOT worth your money! You can easily get on a better coding platform for free! But you choose to go here. Dat is all. 💄❤️ ouuuuutttt.
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6 months ago, injsdfgefgfefjuoge
Good overall, but toxic community and unreasonable declination
This app inspires me to my dreams, which makes me want to be a software developer, it is my right level, but there are major things that make Tynker not so perfect anymore.. Tynker has a community where you can publish your projects, but Tynkerers are being really toxic and starting drama. Tynker is a coding app, not a social media platform! Please upgrade your declination system. But Tynker goes way to far on declination. Tynker declines projects for no reason. One time, they declines me with no provided reason. They declined someone for putting a bible quote! Tynker plays favoritism. Tynker lets unpopular people post projects with bad words that stick out. Tynker is a challenging app that I would try to consider, but not on the spot. Tynker is also unreasonably declining projects, like N00bcatt, I was really upset about that. Please restore those projects, I am begging you. Tynker isn’t really a nice coding app, but some breaking rules would supposedly get through the moderation. (THAT IS TRUE.) My user is named CL, and I will help you, N00bcatt <3 I would prefer Scratch over Tynker, but I like the easing blocks.
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5 years ago, Kid(8years) plag
Well, I make lots of projects, but I switched to Scratch because the community makes lots of bad, bad projects. I searched up 2048 and the Tynker community makes very bad looking tiles that just moves to where your finger is. When I look up 2048 on Scratch, they actually put effort and the game is similar to the real 2048 game. The tiles move like they are supposed to, the tiles add up, etc. Another problem is that you won’t let us make the rest of the Minecraft mobs. Another problem is that in Minecraft, you won’t let us type our own commands into the system. You can’t place command blocks with the editor. Also, you have to manually create a variable to place a command block. Another problem is that anybody can report anything. If I report a featured project, IT’S GONE. You don’t even care to check. Also, I’ve made a good project that converts numbers like 420 and 69 to Roman numerals. SOMEBODY REPORTED IT FOR NO REASON. I have reported many projects because it made me a bit frustrated that people who are in 5th grade makes this stuff.
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3 months ago, BroccoliPaws
You have to get at least a $25 subscription to even USE the app
My subscription recently ended and since then, I haven’t been able to even use the app without it asking me to get a subscription first. Even when I did have the subscription, about every two minutes, you would be asked to get a more expensive subscription. All this company wants is to scam little kids hoping to become a coder and bait them into asking their parents to upgrade. It doesn’t do anything, it just charges you less frequently and more expensively. But of course a little kid wouldn’t know that and I’ll bet not many adults would look into it first so Tynker would just get more cash on a daily basis. I recommend looking deeper into this and seeing other peoples experience with it before you get it, and make sure that you or your child is really going to use this on a daily basis and also keep in mind, the more expensive the subscription, doesn’t mean it’s better.
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4 years ago, Em bobcat
Wow amazing!
This app is great for kids and very educational for coding. There is difficulty, but every time I mess up the app helps me. I have 3 favorites: the Barbie coding, the dragon coding, and the astronaut coding. I am 10 years old, and am going into 5th grade. I know this will give me some idea of how my year will go, since I can now figure out my problems. This was, and still is very educational, and I would recommend this too any young mind wanting to learn and study coding. For the company who made and coded this app, I would like for you to know, that I am very grateful that you put this app into the world. Thanks! And stay healthy.
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4 years ago, foxiy!
Awesome!!! but a few bugs...
I love making stuff for minecraft but some stuff I have made won’t show, like.... it not showing all the animals I made and also my big brother has the Same bug, but... instead of animals it won’t show his items can u plz do this because theses bugs are stoping us from doing a lot of thing in Minecraft like making a Pokémon world witch is what we are trying to right now but since I can’t see my animals in Minecraft I can’t and I am making a an Eevee and a pikachu ao plzzzzzz fix this cause I really really want to make a Pokémon world thx I would aprishyante if u did srry if u wrote APRISHYANTE wrong but maybe it’s be cause we need to pay and that why I can’t but also I have made a bat and flamingo /witch is a chicken and it won’t show thx Thx I love this game but plz do cause I can not wait any longer I really want to make the world
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11 months ago, Broken Toaster
NONEXISTENT Customer Service
I got this app for my son so he could play with coding on this summer. He loves STEAM workshops and stuff like that, so I thought this would be fun. I signed up, and there were problems immediately. I couldn’t log on, it said the password was wrong. When I would hit “forgot password“ it will tell me my email address didn’t exist, even though I had received confirmation of purchase emails from them. I contacted customer service three times via email and they only got back to me once I said I was going to tell my bank to cancel the charges. The issue was fixed, but then I was not getting the 40% off the membership deal that I had been offered when signing up. After a lot of searching I found a phone number to call. I called three times and left messages twice. No one ever called me back. I emailed two more times and no one got back to me. I finally just gave up and had my bank cancel the charge.
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2 years ago, Norah lynn berand
This game thought 3rd grade kids are babies. I made a game like the door riddle you do in 2nd grade or something, BUT IT GOT DECLINED. You said it had murder, but it didn’t. Well, actually, there was a few options that were dark, BUT SOMEONE DID THE SAME THING. AND YOU SAID IT HAD CURSE WORDS. IT DIDN’T. EVEN IF I SPELLED CAPE WRONG, I DIDN’T SWEAR. I can’t even make a Minecraft command block! I can’t even get my funny (and amazing) mobs in! Scratch and Hopscotch look better. The gallery has so many bad projects. The projects on featured are just ones that Cody moves where you finger is. Do not download this app. So low QUALITY! And once in a while it dosen’t let me add another character! I literally throw fits about this! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😢🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬I can’t add even a tone! THIS APP WAS CREATED BY ONE DUMB TEEN WHO PROUBLY IS RUDE DON’T DOWNLOAD! and sometimes you have a warning saying “this project isn’t supported by the version of this app”. THE APPS LOOK GOOD! Please do not downloaD!
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5 months ago, LJplayz1775
Hey this is Why I don’t use this app Any more
The Reason Why is because of Issues That can make people quit pretty quickly! 1) A Lot of The time I use a Mob texture It looks Nothing Like How The Showed How It Looked And How I Made it Look! Ex: With a Creeper I made For a Roblox Minecraft Doors Map Got its Legs Back When I removed Its Legs Without putting Them back!! + Some of them look nothing Like what The App showed and What I did! 2) When I had My parents pay for it and when ran out and when I tried to get them to get The access Again me and my parents Released it got more Expensive then it should be! Thats all of the Issues! Also When My account on there was “LJPlayz1775” I think it show it lower case Except for the L When My Account only has lower case Letters In were it says Plays after The P! And Were it says LJ It stands For something meaning you should not have it lower case Ok?
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6 months ago, TrisGav1234
Who ever made this game should be fired because of many reasons 1: why would you want to make a Minecraft skin if some of them are not even in Minecraft!! I mean who even is super Tynker? Reason 2: it almost takes $30 to get a free trial! Do you even know how much money that is!😡 Reason 3: Minecraft already has a coding game called block coding page you can only get it on the computer but I think you can still download the creation on to you phone or IPad. But on Tynker you would take forever trying to make a new creation and when you put it in Minecraft it will just glitch out sometimes! And Minecraft’s block coding page does not do that! And finally reason 4: When you put a new mob in Minecraft from Tynker it will glitch! And here are all the mobs that will glitch Villager, zombie villager, zombie, husk, and turtle! And that is why I hate Tynker😡
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4 years ago, opinon
I wonder why
I love this coding app, but there are things that you can add. It may result in more users. Here’s one. A suggestion is to add a function so you can grab and move around the object you drew. Just make it similar to scratches design studio. Another thing is the sound. You can’t record. I suggest adding that so we don’t have to use most of the sounds it provides. The final thing is to add contents from the laptop version. We could really use what you aren’t providing. No offense, but if you want to make it great enough that I use it daily, try adding these suggestions.
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3 years ago, iugffh
Falling behind badly
Ok I love this it’s way to amazing (I love it a lot) BUT Minecraft got some updates that happened and there is a lot to do but you people (not the people who read this that don’t work for tynker) need to update this have the 1.16 update added to this because there’s new block items textures everything new in that update also all that I typed so you (again not the people who aren’t working for tynker) I still love this though also I can’t make anything mincraft like I can’t make any Minecraft things I hate it
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6 years ago, Icyfur of ThunderClan
Would give five stars but doesn’t deploy animal resources right
The skin packs are fun and fine. It’s the Minecraft animal packs I don’t like. I deployed them, but each pack I deployed didn’t work. They sounded the same, and didn’t look quite right. I play Minecraft a lot, and I wanted to add on, but Tynker wasn’t worth it. Plus, I hate that we start with so little content. Seriously 😒! I already finished Space cadet and Dragon spells. Warning ⚠️ people! Those two coding games are all you get, plus some tiny little coding instructions. Even the Minecraft resource creator was limited! Even the coding character choices were limited! What kind of app is this! Icyfur of FireClan OUT. P.S. I hate that you limited the Minecraft mods!!
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3 years ago, 12335547896
I love the game
Maybe you can put like more stuff to do and like make it more fun and make it more like older older kid game and maybe you should put a other type of creatures in it maybe like Young’s RV needs to protect them self from the alien maybe add more stages other than that it is a really good game and I think you were going to do really well I love the game that’s why I gave you a five star review and I hope more people like it thank you for making the game
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1 year ago, GameMonster1322
This app is super fun. I like doing some of the coding games but my favorite is making custom Minecraft mods. While it use to work fine on my iPad, it loads and loads but never pulls up when I try to make stuff. It loads fine on my iPhone but always situates the block at the top of the screen so I can’t color it properly. Other than this it is really fun. If you could please make an update of something for the app so it will work properly that would be great. Thanks to any developers who read this ☺️.
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12 months ago, Caleb Munerlyn
I am unhappy with you, Tynker.
This is gonna be my last review before I delete this app, for obvious reasons. As currently this review is made about the “Subscriptions to play”. As I’m gonna delete this app I decided to make a review before deleting Tynker. Again obvious reasons, it’s because I am not gonna pay for something every month or whatever just to keep playing. I am not gonna pay for that scrap. This is the worst thing yet. It’s like you met Satan and you can’t come back. Speaking of the devil, I don’t think anybody is gonna pay or like that. I am giving you until 2024, August 14th to Answer. So you better reply if you have that much time to reply. I am unhappy with this.
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7 months ago, yhrjdidifjhfhfh
Awesome but the BIG BUG
PLEASE FIX THE 3D MODELS ITS SO ANNOYING it looks fine when you are eating it but when you use It in Minecraft , it looks like it was thrown in a blender snapped in half thrown down a mountain stitch back together by a toddler and given to a professional makeup artist and edited out all the gore so that it’s a colorful pile of flesh and it has been like this for years now so please fix the mobs and everything else is perfect thank you would suggest buying UNLESS YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL MINECRAFT MODDER
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6 years ago, Rainbow223455564466
A question..
So first of all, my rating, I think it’s a great programming game, I enjoy it, it’s fun to create things. Sometimes it freezes though. That’s annoying. Anyways, I want to say something that makes me feel proud.. I reached 1.1K views! I’m so so lucky. And thankful. I screamed when I saw it. Now for my question, lots of people have little account things, I’d like to know how to create one so my fans could see more of my work and I could create more content for them weekly. Thanks so much for reading, Iz🙃
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1 year ago, Mister Cor
Good game, Just needs a little work
Don’t get me wrong, I love the app. I do wish there was an option to be able to turn what you are holding because I wanted to change the size but I didn’t wanna turn it and it just kept turning! Also I don’t like the games where it says you can’t play it because it contains stuff that you can’t do, I want to be able to play those so can the developers update it so you can play it just not remix it. Other than that the game is good.
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3 years ago, Man pig Gamer
Really needs some fixing
With the Minecraft portion you cannot create your own blocks causing that you have to use blocks from the mob. But The block has the same features as the block you duplicated meaning it might move or teleport to the area of the original block also you cannot rotate it without rotating the other block. Other issues or textures disappearing, textures inverting, glitches when leaving your creation causing the blocks to teleport. And also make more mobs trial free.
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4 years ago, fashionfamouslover
I feel frustrated.
Dear Tynker, You ruined my Minecraft worlds, then you repay me by saying...”Minecraft might not be installed” so how did I get it all those other times?! And OMG. I tried to recreate a simple bed. Nope, wasn’t on there. Ok so that got me sad. I tried doing a grass texture for my world, NOPE there was only dirt. Get your act together. This may sound like me a 10yo being a Karen but let me just say. I’m not. This app is the most unnecessary app I’ve ever tried. You can’t take the time to even look at some of these and you refuse to take peoples suggestions. You can’t take the time in your day to fix some glitches and stuff but for real..?! Why $100 a year..?! Nobody has the money or time for all of that. So think for real. And fix it please.
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4 years ago, beachcomber80
I love to do coding and technology and all of that stuff but when I first looked at this game I’m like that’s a bit hard but when I saw the Barbie tinker I was so excited and it made me feel like it will make it a little easier and it did! Now I’m an great at it! I’m definitely keeping this game because I’m doing online school soon and this will help me do things! So thanks you for creating this game! I hope you stay safe and healthy and have a great day. Bye!
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4 weeks ago, Twenty20Burton
Be careful when posting
So I have seen many projects that say “Don’t remix.” And people still remix😡😡😡! People also remix and don’t add or change anything. If you think that’s bad, People will remix and say “This was a remix pls like” At the end. Well, sure they added something, but like, I just don’t know how to explain it😰😰😰! Tynker should make it so that if you remix and don’t change or add anything, it automatically reports it. Well it won’t change all the problems, but at least it’ll solve one problem. So I hope the creators will add this.
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5 years ago, JessJess2424
A little square
I think designing items and blocks in Tynker shouldn’t just have only a few I think you should be able to design more like armore stands doors and more since there is a new update adding creatures like penguins a there own entity they should be able to make animations and stuff like that I feel like ther creators just don’t really care about Minecraft anymore and just stopped on Minecraft and plus there’s new entity’s like drowned foxes comping to mcpe and more so tynker be ready for createing more models for people to enjoy and me bye now
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1 year ago, Boopy2014
Dear Parents teachers and pupils
You need this for yourself or you students/children. The only thing you need to make sure they are not on to much is the memes (they do not help you/anyone learn) My sister has the jr. ver. and it is also good (for her age at least) So if a dev is reading this please stop the memes (more for school) And the jr. ver. Is also good for kids who need help reading . PS I’m bellaboops2014 on Tynker with like no memes. From, bellaboops2014
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1 week ago, TravYourBoi
Fix Bugs
Very good for easily coding games and using imagination with intelligence. Figure out different ways to debug and program your personal game. I’ve come across a very annoying bug, which occurs when you try to change the name or rename anytning using the keyboard such as variables, chat boxes, etc.. Please fix this bug as it’d be greatly appreciated. (iPhone 13 Latest iOS)
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4 years ago, pkajspark
1 tiny problem...
Tynker creators, I love making Minecraft skins and mods! I’ve made all of the mods and skins that I can. But there’s just one problem: I can’t download them to Minecraft. I’ve tried lots of times, and I even tried reinstalling the app. Nothing works, and it upsets me because all of my friends have the coolest skins ever, and they all made them from this app. I sometimes wonder if other people are having this problem, I’m sorry. I hope that you fix this problem. Great app, and TOTALLY recommended.
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4 months ago, UnicornEater_123456789
What happened?
I LOVE Tynker, I have 459k views and 335 likes, but recently whenever I try to publish something, the purple ‘in review’ box isn’t there, and when I switch between the community and the my projects page, it goes back into the unpublished page. This has been happening for a week or two. Tynker please explain what happened to my account. This also happened to my sister’s account too. Im really disappointed. -Harmony/Juliann
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4 years ago, jimin and taehyung is cool
Amazing! (But, a suggestion)
Hi, Tynker! I really love your app. I have made TONS of projects and on my school free time, I play it! But.. I’m an army (bts fan) so when I search of bts, there’s this one project called “bts quiz” when you get a “jimin” question (member of bts) it has a picture of him lifting up his shirt.. you guys should really look at the projects before you let it be posted because if you did, yiu would know that isn’t very good. Great app! But just a thing. Bye! And please reply to this if you see this to fix that problem. Thanks!
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1 year ago, Nebula724452
Super Good!
I love Tynker even though the drawing is not the best but it’s fun to look at other people’s projects and progress in not completion of their games all though those who are not asking permission to remix projects some people don’t like it so stop if you read this and you know your one of those people then pls stop as I said some people don’t like it so Tynker pls pls pls tell them to stop also.
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1 year ago, Jnguyton88
It could be a little better
Tynker is nice and all but you can barely edit any Minecraft mobs because you need the mobile plan and $80 for the yearly mobile plan is a lot, and you used to just needed to sign in to be able to edit all mobs but now you need a mobile plan. Seriously Tinker? Seriously!!??? And a lot of courses need the mobile plan. At least lower the price for the yearly mobile plan because it’s too high.
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5 years ago, StarsSuck
Good,but there’s a problem I hate
I love Tynker,I love interacting with others online,But there’s a problem that I could cry over (me being overdramatic) it’s when I try to publish something I worked hard on and excited to post and it never gets posted,it would be trying to upload but would take a long time to do so,the next day I would check on Tynker and it would never be put up for pending and just continue like that so I would just have to delete it
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2 years ago, Shasmeen Lara P
Great app but I have an issue...
I have a lot of fun using this app! I can make friends and animations up there too! The only issue is that there are projects٫ then I click on them to check it out٫ it says that my version of the app is out of date٫ but when I go to the app store٫ I cant update it. Please fix this issue! Anyways thank you and have a good day/night!
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10 months ago, I’mACarrot
Alr so.
I JUST downloaded it, and I’ve already come across a problem- the app kept crashing and wouldn’t let me get in. I don’t know if this is just my device or something happening everywhere, but it’s happening. Anyways- besides that, I believe it is for the most part a great app for kids/parents/teachers, and would probably recommend.
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4 years ago, ReeseMoon
Doesn’t Let Me Post
So at first when I didn’t have a account it didn’t post then a few weeks later they would post but it would take a week then I got a account and it took longer to Post and now I can’t post at all Fix this bug there have been bug fixes but there not fixing anything for me I’m disappointed in this app would not recommend getting it but it’s good for little kids. And there’s this art glitch where I’ll be drawing a line or finishing up something then it immediately deletes it FIX THIS PLEAAAAAAAAASE
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4 years ago, SneakersShadow
Good, but missing a few things from Minecraft.
I really enjoy making myself some new textures for Minecraft mobs... except... the app is missing quite a lot. The website has almost all the mobs, but is missing the cats, and they both still have the tamable ocelots, which cannot be tamed anymore. It’s also missing a few blocks and items, but I’m more concerned about the mobs. Please take this into consideration, because I would love to get my hands on a panda texture (without using the website version, of coarse).
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2 years ago, ksmahgrts
Audio options
We absolutely LOVE Tynker, but wish the sound effects, narration, and music settings (particularly in tutorials) could all be controlled INDEPENDENTLY. Some of the learners in our family (mom!) benefit from the combination of narration and typed text, but can not process information with the persistent rhythms and melodies underscoring the whole experience. Thanks so much for your consideration!
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2 years ago, SubSandwichlolol
Do not download if you want to make skins for MC
First of all, the skin making is horrible. It’s so hard to change the colors of what color you want to use and hard the see where you want to tap the screen. The other thing is that it is kind of hard to find where you want to make the skins. The resource pack making and coding stuff is right in front of your face, but the skins, you have to go to the project, new project, minecraft, than skins finally. They just make it too hard, I wish App Store still had SkinCraft but they don’t sadly… don’t download this app for skins :/
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2 years ago, LeafyThePea
You developers should add a friend request feature because you could be friends with cool people in the community and also add a following feature so you could follow your favorite tynkerers. I'll add more when i come up with more suggestions. Other than that tynker is a amazing coding app for all ages not just kids.
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3 years ago, unicorn poop6/2421
Amazing But a Few problems you should fix…
So in my tynker account i only have 927 views. I ALSO posted a minecraft mod with 1.3k views. This is not fair and i think you should not do that. It also takes Really long to be reviewed. I’ve waited like 3 or 4 days for my game to be reviewed. And lastly why do you allow remixing if you dont want anyone to use it.
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2 years ago, jb『666』
One thing
I’m almost 10 and I like Tynker and it’s fun and all(and I’m on my phone), but when I want to rename Minecraft projects, I have to keep tap tap tapping until the keyboard pops up and it takes a while and it’s 𝙨𝙤 𝙛𝙧𝙞𝙘𝙠𝙞𝙣’ annoying. Can you guys 𝗽𝗹𝗲𝗮𝘀𝗲 make it so you can rename Minecraft projects by tapping the ••• like normal projects???
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5 years ago, KikiDiamondDreamer22
This is really good.
I really like Tynker it has given me lots of inspiration,it is set up very good, where you can have tutorials or just do what you want. I like having that independence. It’s an actual coding app to, so if you’re looking for a coding app that doesn’t just show you how to move you’re character left to right over and over again(I call that sheeping) GET THIS APP ITS AMAZING!!!
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1 year ago, MountainFlowerAven
Some Suggestions
I like Tynker a lot but I also have hopscotch and there are a few things I think would make this a better app. One, can there be a way to reward people for making good projects? And the app doesn’t allow you to see all your projects in the community or in your account. Could you make it more like the website?
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4 months ago, Moewgical
Love this game
Tynker is really good and stuff I personally think that it can’t be any better because it’s already a great game,Although trying to write, the review was difficult, it kept sending my reviews when I didn’t finish but that being said, I love this game and if I could give it seven stars I would 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
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4 years ago, Golden#08
Things to do for Minecraft and add
Umm....Tynker please add in custom mobs creators to all designs on the Minecraft Add-On creator part and also make all the models work for all designs and also make other people’s designs combine with other people’s designs so everybody can make great Add-Ons and other great things so please add in Custom mobs Make all the creator designs and models work And make other Add-ons combine with others addon
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4 years ago, Etherealwi
My favorite coding app
My favorite is either Barbie or Mind crafters. I’m going into 3rd grade .Can you make more Barbie content and a peep and the big wide world course? I’ve been on 3 coding apps ScratchJr CodeSpark And Tynker. Plus I’ve been coding for 3 years. And I made a Dantdm skin . I MADE A APP ! It is called meditate with the numberblocks . I got the idea when numbers 20 , 12 , and 15 made calming voices ( 20 Andy Puddicombe, 15 Tamara levit , 12 Tamara levvit)
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1 year ago, kiransf
Please make away so that we don’t lose our progress
In games every time I leave the progress is reset my progress is reset I get very sad from this because I’ve been playing games for so long like clickers and stuff oh but I don’t think I can do everything in the game in one day please add a saved game and you can add a delete save too please do that
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6 months ago, dudeward jamski
Scammed for 60$ not eligible for refund
Free trial expired months ago in August or September supposedly it went to recurring subscription but never was charged for a months subscription until the month of December right before Christmas and there was money in my PayPal account for gift purchases online. See an unexpected $60 charge on my account and request a refund because I have literally not even opened this app since late summer and then deleted/removed it from my phone. This is spurious and larcenous business practices and a fullrefund is expected!!
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12 months ago, Undead king 87465
I liked it until now.
I liked it for a while until now. Now I literally have to pay to use my imagination like at this point you should just have to pay for the app in the app store. Like I get you have to make money some how but its like the longer you use it the more expensive the game gets. And I rarely write reviews. So you know I like or dislike a game if I leave a review. Anyway that was my opinion. PS im not trying to be a karen im just leaving MY opinion.
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