Type to Learn

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Arturs Krumins
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6 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Type to Learn

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1 year ago, tomatyss
Thanks for the combination of simplicity and functionality
I recently started using an app for improving my blind typing skills and I am thoroughly impressed by its simplicity and functionality. The user interface is straightforward and easy to navigate, making it a breeze to use on a daily basis. The app offers a variety of typing exercises that are well designed to help me improve my typing speed and accuracy. I also appreciate the app's ability to track my progress over time, which helps me stay motivated. Overall, I am grateful for the combination of simplicity and functionality in this app. It has made a big difference in my typing ability and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their blind typing skills. Thanks to the developers for creating such a great tool!
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1 year ago, Welder10975
Great Typing App
I learned to type 25 years ago and never kept up with it. This app is great to hone your skills on. Most other apps are focused on teaching and websites are all about typing simple words as fast as you can. This is a perfect for those of us that want to focus on real world typing not just all out speed. I have just two minor issues though. You can't adjust the size of the window and it doesn't auto scroll when you get to the bottom of the page when the text is longer than the screen can fit. Other than that I throughly enjoy this app.
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3 years ago, kels423
Could use a few tweaks
I really love this app for a few reasons. I have always found great benefit in keeping up with my typed WPM count, in jobs and school settings. Recentky I noticed that I find typing very theraputic as well. This app allows me to type my tiny heart away getting that minute of "self-care" when I don't know what else to type. It's the pressing and sounds for me. The only thing I wish were differnet about this app is that it allowed you to scroll down on a long passage. I like type for as long as possible when not practicing how fast I can type and my accuracy. It won't let me scroll so I have to switch passages when coming to the bottom of the app screen.
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3 months ago, A Super Disney Fan
Amazing typing app!
I technically learned to type as a kid butI rarely payed attention, and ended up forming my own hyprid of touch-typing. This has gotten in the way of improving my typing speed, so I thought I'd go back to the basics. This app is so awesome, as it allows you to type over random coherent excerpts of text instead of random words as other platforms do. It also allows you to imput you own text if I want. I typed over a former essay I wrote which was pretty cool. I highly reccomend this app, because it simple and efficient.
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3 months ago, salbehel
Amazing Typing App
Type to Learn This app is amazing! I have been practicing and will continue to practice using Typing Club. I do like that app very much, and it has been catching me up to speed, so to speak. I am 74 and out of practice. After using that product up to the Lesson 150, I looked for other options, just for fun. I found this amazing product of yours, Type to Learn! It is just what I was hoping to find. An app that allowed me to learn and type as fast as I was able to do so. It is fun to learn and type, without concentrating so much on my hands and keyboard. Your product allowed me to see and correct my mistakes quickly. I also found that I can copy/paste my own work or selections into a typing page to use for practice. I can highly recommend and will recommend this great app! Thank you, Sally Behel, retired teacher macOS: 14.3.1 App: 2.1.1
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3 months ago, Nickdagrk
Amazing no frills Typing App
This app is amazing in that it gives you text and you just type what you see and it automatically calculated how many words a minute you are typing and your accuracy. Only thing this app is not for someone who has never learned the basics of typing and know where there finger placement belongs on the keyboard. for that you will need to download another app. however after you have the basics down this is a great app to practice your typing.
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2 years ago, Fox shake it off
Exaclty what i have been doing.
I just told my wife i have been typing contents while i learn to increase my typing speed. my tpying speed is already fast. i just wanted it to be faster. and she was telling me she was using maives beeken games while learnig to type. i searched it just thinking it might be helpful even it is not exactly what i needed. and i found this app. it applys to my seanarios 100%. thanks and this project is well made, levitating pineapple
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3 years ago, ArielBoBariel
Great concept, however.....
I really like the design and simplicity of this app, however.... I would really like it to words per min rather then characters per minute and perhaps someone on the design team could add some way to review speed & accuracy over time so you can go back and review if you're improving or not. I absolutely love the copy & past concept. It's really neat I can find an interesting article about something new and then type it as I read it and learn whilst trying to improve my typing. But as always there is room for improvement.
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3 years ago, JomiPhD
Simple, Helpful, & Free!
A simple, helpful, & free typing practice program. I'm not interested in goofy kiddie typing programs. I was looking for typing practice with coherent passages. This app finds random interesting passages to practice typing with. In addition, you can copy and paste in your own to pratice with. Sincere thanks and kudos to the author!
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3 years ago, hikaru1412
Perfect practice for typing, plus nice study tool
I love this app. Typing practice has never been better. You can input any material you want to practice typing with, so you could use anything you are studying and get a two for one level up. Only problem I have with this is I cannot choose Japanese, Korean, Chinese, or any other language besides English to practice typing with. I wish there was a way to change language input so the program worked with the various lanuage keyboards on the Mac.
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4 years ago, Krxtopher
Great minimalistic design, flawed speed calculation
The Good: I love the minimalistic but elegant design of this app. I was also specifically looking for an app that allowed me to test my typing speed on text of my choosing, which this one does. The Bad: The one unfortunate flaw I encountered, though, is that this app does not appear to calculate words per minute (WPM) using the generally accepted formula. This app counts words exactly as they appear regardless of word length. So it gives you as much credit for completing the word "the" as it does for the word "antidisestablishmentarianism". Therefore, your WPM score will be impacted directly by the length of the words in the test text you choose to use. Compare this to the generally accepted definition of a typed "word" as any 5 characters typed, resulting in the WPM formula: <# minutes> / <# of characters typed> / 5 If the developer of this app fixed the WPM formula it would definitely be 5 star!
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3 years ago, Iamble Along
Great free app that works as advertised
I use this app during my free time to practice my typing speed and accuracy. And you can't beat the price (it's free). I give this app 5 stars because it is simple to use and and it works exactly as advertised.
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5 years ago, iLoloC
Exactly what I was looking for.
I was just looking for a minimalist typing practice app, nothing over the top or anything, just something to help me adjust to this awful mac keyboard instead of my typical mechanical keyboard. And this app is great for it! I greatly appreciate that it has a random button.
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9 months ago, Garcij2
Great functionality
I love that this is a project that one person made, its simple and easy to use and allows you to practice any writing content you could want in terms of typing speed!
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3 years ago, adamwdd603
Practice typing and help learning retention
I have been using this app by copying text from my textbook/study guides and repeatedly typing them out. So far my learning retention and typing speed both shot up!
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5 years ago, GAS200315
Great for everybody
This app ios great, and the best part is that you get to type what you want from anywebsite. Its very straight forward and simple, all you do is copy something from the internet, and paste it in this app, very easy and simple to do, overall great app!!!
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3 years ago, LynnLeigh5329
For the people having problems moving on to the next word, you have go back and fix where you typed the wrong letter to move on to the next word. Otherwise this is a great learning app!
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3 years ago, dwn2biz
This is a wonderful, simple app that does the job: I practice typing, it gives me an idea of how fast and accurately. Doesn't collect any info in the process.
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4 years ago, wonwill
Wonderful app for more than begginer
I just want to play typing without thinking and sometimes test my new bluetooth keyboard. This app is perfect for me. Moreover, it really looks simple and great. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Jalmatari
Kill Two Birds With One Stone
This what I looked for it, for along time, Thanks. It will be nice if you can add statistics, Because it can urg us to do more when we see our progress. Thanks a lot♥️
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3 years ago, 123bro321
Exactly what I was looking for
App works exaclty as I expected. I was just looking for an app to practice my typing, and this one was perfect for the job.
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3 years ago, Halcyon321
Very Cool App!
Very simple no fuss design. In the many ways I choose to learn a subject, this along with quizlet will kept me entertained and memorizing terms I need to get down.
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3 years ago, JoeKat65
Just what I was looking for to get me to stop looking down at my keyboard. Others have mentioned issues with spelling... when you're entering your own data... lol The only issue I ran into was that I am not well-versed in the keyboard bindings for special characters, such as "..." Time to study up
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2 years ago, stashmaster978
i doont know why this happend
this is a really good concept BUT there is a few things that need to be improved like i cant type i think its a me problem but otherwise good app bye
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10 months ago, Larry iMac
I haven't used Type app in almost a year; it has improved. Just used it momentarily. Need to engage it some more to give a more precise review.
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5 years ago, RoyalRoyce
Perfect- no flash, no frills, just typing
- Get this. - Type random, pre-selected wiki articles. - Type to learn.
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2 years ago, wang yung
Simple But Sweet
A very easy to use privay focased app. I love the power per size good job on hitting 4.4MB
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4 years ago, Kristyna.D
Not the best
I like that this is simple except if you make a mistake you need to stop to use the mouse to "refresh" to type again. You can't just continue with the mistake.
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4 years ago, Queenie+
Great app for typing
This app is good. It would be great if I could type the Bible in this app.
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4 years ago, T.Dessa
Does not work pass first word
The app does seem to want to recognized that i'm hitting the space bar. I can't get pass the first word no matter what I do. If possible I would give this 0 stars because it simply does not work.
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4 years ago, Itocuhtypedthis
Really good
easy to usea
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3 years ago, disapointed911
Can't make sense of it
I down loaded the app and a paragraph appeared. No instruction, no home bar ( basic typing) tutorial. This makes no sence.
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3 years ago, esarti_life
I love it. Simple and good app.
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6 years ago, KevinnC4
Love it
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4 years ago, Kellydunwoody
Accurcy should tell it all
Not good. They can't even spell accuracy.
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