TYT - Home of Progressives

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The Young Turks, Inc.
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6 months ago
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15.5 or later
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User Reviews for TYT - Home of Progressives

4.52 out of 5
969 Ratings
3 months ago, prattfall
7 decades-old Anti-nuke protester asks;
Please don't listen to Shellenberger or Oliver Stone or any engineer-type who curiously do not obey or ignore the universal, foundational laws of thermodynamics...exposed vets wwII and beyond...Micronesians,New Mexicans and Australian aborigines and the "dome"on Guam& Fukushima waste releases in the Pacific & endless accidents and countless near-accidents on-site & during transportation of materials and nuclear misses,in US & globally. & uranium extraction,mining,processing,storing for thousands of years...and the unsustainable costs to build & maintain...otherwise, ya'll are spot on politics...just brush up on cracker plants that commodify frack-waste & use it for single use plastic made for convenience only. Lots of biodegradable products that dissolve are already in use(although,compostable dinner & flatware are NOT yard compostable,, need hi-temp incineration if BP I certified)
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4 years ago, lyseee___
Starting a movement
I have a special place in my heart for TYT. I was never into politics before watching them and once I found them I watched them every day. Most TV news outlets are biased in some form or other but will swear they are objective. I actually really appreciate that TYT admits their progressive biased and that they truly believe that progressive values are the best solution for everyone. They got me excited about news and world events like I never thought I could be because they actually are passionate and put heart into what they do. Would always recommend them as the best progressive news source. My only criticism: after watching since 2016 I’ve noticed they’ll make fun of Christianity or belittle it every so often. It already feels a little isolating to be a Christian progressive, but I really do think you can have strong progressive values while subscribing to any religion. I don’t think you need to be an atheist to be a progressive. With that in mind I just wish TYT was at least a little more religiously neutral/welcoming so they don’t alienate certain viewers that are strong progressives of different faiths. Other than that, my favorite shows to watch are the main TYT show and the damage report, and my favorite hosts are John, Emma and Cenk because I like their cool snarky personalities and Cenk’s relative objectiveness when looking at the other side.
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3 years ago, TimDawgz
Great content 👍, broken app 👎
I love the TYT content and have been a member for years. I pretty much only watch the main show and the app has been decent for watching the show but this latest update makes it difficult to use. The video position tracking no longer works so if I’m watching a video and at 11 minutes 23 seconds need to minimize the app to reply to an email then when I return the video starts over again!? Even if I pause the video first when I return it again starts over again. It used to remember the last position of every video and return me to where I left off. Second, will someone please fix the sign-in screen to allow us to use Apples built in password access to things like keychain stored credentials or LastPass or any password manager? I shouldn’t have to go look up my login info and manually type it in when I need to login again after every single app update. Speaking of which it’d be great to not need to login again after every app update. If you can’t save the credentials between updates then the ability to use saved passwords is even more important. It’s irritating to need to look up and manually enter my account credentials after every TYT app update.
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6 years ago, Flynt155
Almost Great, but Mostly Useless for Members
If you plan on using this app to always watch the main shows live, or go through their video archives — then you will love it. However, if you are a member and mainly watch the day’s main two hour shows, then it will be utterly useless and aggravating — unless you really enjoy watching yesterday’s news. The main shows are rarely ever updated anything under 4-5 hours after they ended, and can frequently take over a dozen Should you live on the East Coast, then that will most likely be too late for you, and thus you will still use the website regularly and probably delete this app for space. For some odd reason, the website gets updated in a timely fashion, just never this app. Also, you cannot rewind live shows like you can on the members’ only live stream. As such, if you do have the luxury of watching it live — unlike me, on most days — then the website remains the better option and does not take-up space. Once/If TYT rectifies this, I will change my score accordingly.
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4 years ago, kera94
Love it, but there are bugs/shortcomings.
Love that I can download things for watching later. The app is convenient in that way. The app doesn’t allow itself to be paused in the background longer than about 30 seconds which is annoying because I used to be able to pause it in the background for more than a half hour. Now it closes and I have to go back down to where I was because I don’t download EVERYTHING I watch on the network. The app also doesn’t have any like “recently/last watched feature which would be convenient since I will miss episodes and have to scroll down a bit to get to where I’d like to watch. The downloads don’t save your place like the episodes you watch straight from their posting under the show it is. OBVIOUSLY annoying. Sometimes a post of a show will be too short or hours long past what it was intended and they never fix it. Happens once every couple months but then it won’t allow me to download a post of 6 hours of a show even though the show was only 2-3 hours long. Never gets fixed. It’s convenient because I can have it in my pocket, but those seem like simple enough fixes to take care of over time. I’m a paying member so some of this stuff seems like “the least you could to is check your work” since I’m paying to consume it.
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6 years ago, JCRichard10
Upgrade Options
Hey guys love the app I currently have a TYT Insider subscription. I love knowing that I play a small part in supporting a free and independent progressive news network that fights for the people. My only suggestion would be to provide a quick and easy way to upgrade myself to an Activist or Producer subscription through the app. Also add in the TYT Store to the app I’d love to purchase merch through Face ID on my phone. Possibly add a membership option that you pay an extra one time fee of $10 for a T-shirt upon membership subscription. (I bought a shirt when I signed up to proudly display my support.) I Would really love to upgrade to an activist membership for $10/month asap please let me know how that would be possible! Thanks!
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4 years ago, naeruve
Lots of potential but lots of crashing...
I love TYT and have been a member for about 6 or 7 years. I understand that the app is a work in progress but...my live stream has been crashing for MONTHS. I'm not sure if they just haven't received enough support requests regarding this issue or are just understaffed due to Covid-19 but please know this is a huge issue. I can never watch the post game live because you need to be a member in order to watch live and the live stream always, always, always crashes. I also really wish we could interact with you through the app, even after the live stream is over just the ability to post comments would be great. There's a loooooot of room for improvement. Again, I know you guys are working on it but hopefully it becomes a priority since it's a great tool and perk for members. Thanks for all you do but also fix it? Love u guys! Ya'll rock ma bananas.
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6 years ago, Nicodamos
A few bug fixes and improvements would make this a 5-star app
I like the app. It’s got a great design, looks sleek, and it’s very organized. The way you have the clips of the shows, and the full episodes available to stream makes it easy to find specific segments, however you’ve got to implement a download option. Living in NYC, and commuting by subway underground where signal comes and goes, it’s frustrating to try to watch when the video constantly starts and stops because we’re relying on signal to stream. Also, if you’re in the middle of watching, and you close the app you’ll lose your place when you go back to finish watching. Lastly, the rewind 15 second button actually skips the video playback forward, and it’s very difficult to scrub forward and backward to a specific point in the video. I love TYT and I’d want to be able to use the app more.
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5 years ago, jhammonovich
Awesome archive, now more timely updates
Tons of great shows, you can’t watch them all but all I’ve seen are really good. Before took a while to upload but seems like now you can watch live or about an hour after the shows end. The daily news shows are really good. Been watching for about a year and a half, I never get taken aback when talking about politics in real life. Tyt is progressive, but unlike the right wing and cable news, tyt deep dives into facts, history and context, then provides opinion and analysis. I never get blind sided by facts, tyt digs deep. I honestly think it’s the best news show available. Which isn’t saying much for cable news with their huge budgets. Check it out, I highly recommend.
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6 years ago, GOD BLESS DON TRUMP
I was hesitant about downloading the app...
I have to say, I really didn’t know how I felt about downloading the app because my suspicion was that it would be haphazardly programmed. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was wrong! The app is beautifully designed, seamless, and well organized. You can find what your looking for very quickly and efficiently. You have the option between the video show and the podcasts which is a nice choice. I have to say I greatly enjoy the app and the experience it provides and use it everyday to receive my news and other entertainment. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future updates!
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6 years ago, Vickk_Stickk
So awesome, so close
Edit: originally a 4 Star, just dropped it to a 3, it was great when you have the full hour one and hour 2 episodes. Now everything is broken up into multiple clips and some still have the 2 hours intact but most I can see do not. I did not get the app for the edited broken up clips. I got it to watch the entire show in a cleaner more streamlined way... I guess back to the website I go... when the FULL LENTH shows are available I’ll happily bring the rating back up As a TYT member it’s awesome to have most of their content on one easy platform. The app is clean, easy to navigate, and I LOVE that they put hour one and hour two together, I used to watch from the website and having to navigate through several pages to watch hour 1, hour 2, and then the post game was annoying. The only reason this isn’t 5 Star is I think it could still use improvement. - where is TYT investigates/TYT politics content? - I would love for there to be a section for the polls and petitions TYT starts for the viewers - no comment section for your viewers to engage? I know many comment sections can be a cesspool so I get it. But it would still be nice. Other than that, really enjoying the app. It’s.... TOO STRONG
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3 years ago, Anahitalita
Love the TYT, hate the app
I love everything about what TYT stands for and what they do. I am so grateful to have them as my news source. But why is the app so terrible? Why does it constantly log me out? And not remember my password when it makes me log in every time? And if the show is live at 3pm PST, why does it take until 8PST to hear the podcast on my Apple podcast app or the replay on the tyt app? I can’t watch it live at 3pm. I would love to listen to it around 5 when I listen to my other news. Instead, I am constantly behind one day on TYT news. If I wasn’t a member then I would I understand, but as a member for 4 years, I want to be able to hear the news on the day, not the next day. I have resigned to listening to the free 1 hour version on Apple podcasts. It is easy to access and is up way before the replay is available. My monthly payment has just become a donation to TYT as I don’t use anything on the app
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6 years ago, singerx8
I’m sorry tyt, I love y’all and all your shows are amazing but your app is crap. It’s not updated very well; I can find some the podcasts on apple podcasts faster than it updates on your app. Member content should be updated first! Also, if you start a video in the app and then exit out it will sometimes start over from the beginning...come on tyt! You have almost two hour long videos and now I have to go and try and find my place? The video should start where you left off, same goes for podcasts. Finally, IF we are going to have to find our places there should at least be high speed scrubbing where it shows you the timestamp of where you are at in the video while you looking for it. Tyt you deserve 5 stars, as the home of progressives you all produce wonderful content. But seriously, for all your members, bring your app into 2019.
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3 years ago, Mathias Giovanni
Thank you Cenk!
Wow! I finally understand American politics and can predict actions thanks to this news network. Before I would pierce it to some degree but could never quite see clearly. There were always pieces missing or I had to read between the lines. I can finally see clearly what is going on and not only read the lines but predict them. This is real news interpretation that helps you understand and interpret the news without them. Must watch so you can finally see clearly.
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1 year ago, HeatherO 69
Love TYT the app not so much lately.
I’ve been a member and watching TYT for several years now. I always watch the day after due to my job I can’t watch live. I always watch TDR and the main show. I also catch Watchlist and Indesputable occasionally. The app has never given me to much trouble but the last month or so the audio cuts out consistently while watching everything. Also it has been freezing up and will only restart if I shut down the app and reload. Please fix this as I cannot do without my TYT it’s the only thing that gives me hope living in the hellscape known as Texas.
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5 years ago, aranurea
Great app. Could use some tweaks
I think the app is almost perfect but there are a few tweaks I’d like to see. For iPhone X users, the home bar is always visible, including during landscape video playback. This isn’t a big deal, but it takes up an entire sliver of the screen that the video has to play above. If the home bar could be made invisible and have the video take up the new space, that would be amazing. Also, it would be much appreciated if a full screen button was added, so the video fills the screen. Thank you for consistently listening to the users and making the app better.
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2 years ago, Vixenne
LOVE TYT. The app is awful though.
Update: I took another star off because the app is worse than ever. I can’t even watch live anymore because the it crashes. PLEASE update the app. This isn’t a review of TYT’s content - I LOVE it. I’ve been a member for 4 years and don’t plan on changing that any time soon. The most recent app update seems to be a bit wonky. The screen won’t swivel when I move to landscape from portrait. And the app completely stops and resets when I swipe out for just a moment. Previously it would keep it paused (for a while at least) and I could pick it back up where I had left it. Still, I appreciate the app overall. It’s super convenient. Thank you for your hard work!
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4 years ago, Guyberson
Democracy Now and TYT are must see news.
I also consume a fair amount of legacy/establishment media, but TYT is indispensable for making me feel like I am not alone every day. The app’s only tick that I have found is forcing you to re-login whenever it updates. Just watch for a few episodes and you’ll be hooked too. Cenk, Ana and John are not only charming and sweet, they are smart and have the progressive take on current events down cold. Just subscribe. And donate to Democracy Now while you’re at it. It is the right thing to do for humanity and the planet.
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4 years ago, Jasmine1100
Huge TYT Fan BUT!!!
This app constantly has issues. Most updates resolve major issues but for months the app has been logging me out and ignoring the membership I signed up for through the app (and thus, through Apple). The TYT team was unable to resolve it and I lost out in content for nearly a month until I renewed with TYT directly. Now the app just won’t keep me logged in and every time I select a new segment I’m forced to login through Google for the umpteenth time. I love TYT, but the team behind this app is having a really rough time and aren’t the best with customer service, unfortunately.
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6 years ago, SunnyB85
Getting better vast improvements from last
It’s great to see the shows and listen to the podcasts. They’ve been getting much better on updating the app almost within an hour of the show ending. I recommend becoming a member if you want an actual fair and balanced news. They keep it real. And they are powered by their audience and even better they may read you comments on air. You can even submit stories to investigate. Basically the more people contributing the better they get.
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5 years ago, glugglug
Need a lot of work
This update says it now saves playback location. Wrong again Bob. I’ve been waiting for this to get fixed. I’ve quit the app and restarted the phone. Doesn’t work. I will save if it’s for a brief time. Also, when I delete a download episode that I’ve heard, it deletes a different one than what I clicked on. I have to wait until I listen to all, then delete them all. I also would like it if the episodes were CLEARLY labeled. Like “Part 1”, “Part 2” etc. I have to guess which part goes in what order. Always assume the 60 minute part is first. So far that’s been correct. I’ve been a member of the show for a long time. This app doesn’t yet live up to membership standards.
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5 years ago, Master Of Da Skies
App needs some work
I am giving this a 5-star rating to support TYT because I believe in their vision. The app could use some improvements though. For example rewinding/fast forwarding is glitchy and inaccurate on the app. This is frustrating. If the app saved where you left off a show, and I could just pick up where I left off, this might be less of a nuisance. Or maybe there is some way of making the FF/RW feature more responsive. Either way, love the content and proud to be a member.
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6 years ago, @SongDuck
I’m Proud to be a TYT Member
Great online progressive news programs (some for members only) by The Young Turks. I’ve watched them grow to a full-fledged network. Love hosts Cenk and Ana. They are intelligent and very insightful. Cenk has a kind of relaxed attitude and a sense of humor, while reporting up to the minute progressive news. Membership has additional features and helps support independent news networks. Mon-Fri from 6-8 EST TYT is on live. I try to watch daily. If you’re on the fence, why not watch for free and decide if supporting progressive independent is for you.
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5 years ago, dreamingawake
Great app but a pain to login
I’d happily give this app five stars BUT I never get to use it. Every time I open it I have to log in, which would be fine if it could access my ios keychain. I let the os create a secure password but the app won’t use it. So to login in to the app I first have to go to the website, then use the “passwords” button to get into iOS keychain, then copy the password so I can go all the way back to the app to paste it into the login screen. Every. Single. Time. It won’t leave me logged in and won’t remember my password so every time I try to use the app I just get annoyed and don’t bother.
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6 years ago, #6TheJoker
Fix the website bro
This app makes it a lot easier to keep up with TYT content. Instead of having to be stuck at computer for live shows, I can enjoy it on the go. While I do like their content, the website is hard to use at times. Which is why the simplicity of the app came as a delightful surprise. I’m totally throwing shade, y’all (“you all” for anyone not familiar with the southern American term) can’t have a too strong app and a 👏 basic 👏 website 👏
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5 years ago, MiseriaMacabra
LOVE TYT, but I absolutely HATE this app
My boyfriend bought my membership for my birthday and I excitedly downloaded the app and a couple of the podcasts. I have to listen to the podcasts in spurts because of time/work constraints, and every time it’s paused for more than a couple minutes my spot is lost. It doesn’t play for a while and it takes time to buffer even though I have it downloaded? But then I have to find my place all over again. Every time. Please... please fix it. I really wish there was a way to sync my Apple podcast app history with this app so I could pickup where I left off on some past episodes, but I know that’s not going to happen.
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6 years ago, ProgXDT85
Excellent app!
I have been using this app everyday since it’s release. Runs very well, but there is some work to be done to make phenomenal. This app organizes its content perfectly. You have no problem getting video or audio versions of the show. My lone pain point: the podcasts stick in your “Music” control panel and lock screen. You have to restart your phone to get control back away from the app. Even if you play Music, it’ll still show the TYT app when you’re not using it (or with the app turned off).
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6 years ago, Sasha2199
Needs download option
As much as I like TYT it seems to me that you guys keep missing the boat on your media. This needs to be downloadable content. Who can watch anything live these days? No one. And who watches while they’re on WiFi? That’s when I do work. The opportunity here is to download the content and watch it while we’re completely mobile. During a commute for example. The podcasts you offered on your web subscription has the same issue. Only audio was downloaded. Guys, what’s the problem here? Why do you keep missing the obvious? With Video you jump to 5 stars. Without it, I kind of what to just delete the app. The days of live or tethered are long gone.
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6 years ago, 24Ever7
I love that the app has everything. Some technical problems are that in full screen I still see the time and battery on the phone. I also wish there was a website that I could watch instead of on my phone. Also wish that when I pause and go back and watch something it doesn’t save so that would be nice if it did. Otherwise great news organization and great app!
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5 years ago, jennacide
Almost as good as TYT itself
I love and begin my every day watching yesterday's episode of The Young Turks. The show is great & having access to all the shows on the network is great. The app looks great and is easy to use, but leaves a lot to be desired. First: there needs to be a way to save your place in a video so you can leave and come back to it. The lack of any sort of bookmark feature is especially glaring on a phone, where numerous interruptions pop up regularly. Next, there needs
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6 years ago, Eyemind79
Very Dissapointing
CONS: 1) This KILLS your battery, even when just listening to podcasts & you let you screen “sleep”. 2)Has no download option so everything must be streamed, which wastes data. I used to religiously listen to podcasts the day after they come out by downloading them before work. I’ve missed two weeks worth of shows that I pay $10 a month for since I can’t stream constantly. 3) Has major bugs playing podcasts! Most of the time it won’t work. The Damage Report feed hasn’t worked since it was introduced. 4) There is no way to close the app & it remembers where you were in the show. You have to restart the show you were watching and scrub until you find where you left off. And on top of all that, TYT has the nerve to disable the member RSS feed for Apple Podcasts after they released this extremely user-unfriendly app! That’s ballsy & a bit arrogant since they haven’t anything that can come close. Needs a lot of work. Will likely delete.
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5 months ago, Acgtrs
Best online news for independent thinkers
I’ve been a TYT subscriber for many years. They always deliver the news in an unbiased fashion, then present their perspective on the stories. They encourage people to do their own research. This can lead to much more open minded discussions about world events. Though you may not always agree with TYT’s perspective, they do not force their down your throat. Very fair minded journalism.
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4 years ago, CotySandfort
Love tyt and love the app, but it keeps crashing
Love tyt but the app needs work. Wasn’t always like this, but so frustrating. Every time it’s paused for more than 10-15 seconds I have to reopen the app find what I was listening to and let it reload. With very slow latency on satellite internet this takes a least a minute to restart a podcast. Missing the days of already downloaded Apple Podcast app.
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4 years ago, Hayden0605
It Keeps Crashing
I love listening to everyone at TYT speak. You are always so honest. Recently though, it has been crashing every time I start listening. It is annoying to have to go back into the app, get a few seconds of listening, and then repeat because it crashes. I have tried many things to get it to work and I have no idea what the problem is.
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5 years ago, Dish shush did defend
Great app but..
Hey so I’m currently a subscriber, and I have no issue with content at all, I love watching you guys, you keep me informed on all the political news I crave, but I have been having issues with the app crashing while I’m watching you live, it’s really annoying, and I hope you guys look into it, my phone is the only way I watch you guys and the fact that it keeps crashing is really annoying.
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6 years ago, jimideline1
Nailed it
Works how it should. Nicely organized, all content included, and simple to use. Only thing I find it lacks is an option to livestream audio without video. When I miss the main show, I often listen to the audio podcast in the car because video eats up data. There doesn’t appear to be an audio only option for live content yet.
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5 years ago, Tek_Wolf_
TYT Member
I’ve been a TYT Member for about a year now. I watch daily and live the information they provide. This review is about the app. Since I’ve been a Member, there have been improvements to the app and I love that you can download videos. Some things that would be great to see is being able to rewind on the app version while watching live. The app also lacks the ability to read articles that are provided on the TYT website. It would also be wonderful to be able to comment, as a TYT Member, on the app during the live show or just to leave comments on the video/article. Overall, the TYT app is great. They continue to improve and I’m sure will keep improving. I am giving the 4 stars because of features I would like to see. The TYT crew and company is beyond 5 stars.
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4 years ago, Kelani F
Crashing after update
Ever since I installed the last update, the app has been crashing/losing data. I will pause what I’m watching, minimize the app for literally a second, and when I reopen it, I have to navigate all the way back to where I was. This never happened before. You literally cannot leave for a second without losing your spot. Time in video is still saved, so you can restart from the same place, but you have to find the video all over again every time.
Show more
5 months ago, WhyWhyWhyDontStart
Awful update
I have been a member for years and this new app version is absolutely awful. I never write reviews but I use this app to watch TYT exclusively every single day and it’s making me want to drop membership bc it’s so hard to use. I need to be able to pause a video and come back to it later but nope, that feature was removed or just doesn’t work and I have to keep rewatching the same portion of the show over. Please update to at least enable the ability to go forward to a certain time and skip what you’ve already seen.
Show more
5 months ago, Bitesizecox
I love TYT and this review is just about this app, not the network I appreciate the work you did on your latest update! I’m finding the user experience not as good as before, especially for navigating and watching shows. Before, shows automatically played Picture in Picture, and had seamless audio between using and closing the app. It also auto played the 3 the TYT episides. All of those things no longer work. On top of it, I have to restart the app to play the hour 2 and bonus episode of tyt because it simply doesn’t work without doing so. The old interface was also easier to navigate and more aesthetically pleasing 😅 Please please bring back some of those other features. Love you guys!
Show more
5 months ago, carolineraemoon
Current Update is Awful
The new update to the app is awful and not at all intuitive to navigate. The main show doesn’t flow from Hour 1 into Hour 2 (it’s been ages since the Post Game would auto play after the Main Show). I can’t get the video player to play once I’ve left the screen (I don’t want to switch to audio-only because I like to watch video segments when they are relevant). There is no rewind option on the videos. Please go back to the previous version.
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6 years ago, Corduroy Communist
Cenk is a powerhouse of progressive politics. I’ve watched religiously since ‘08 with few gaps. You won’t agree with him on everything but his thesis: we’ve legalized bribery in the us and the powerful are happy to go along with it is devastating. Elbow from the sky. He’s funny and smart. App is fully functional. Being a member is a worth investment, I look forward to listening every day.
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6 years ago, shiomiso
Good so far
Hi all! Really like the recent updates. I have a few suggestions: • change “podcasts” to “audio”, since it’s marketed as tyt audio on the main show • please add a list menu while in the podcast feed • please add #nofilter & all the other podcasts and add them to the list menu in the podcast feed I hope you can do something along these lines so that when I want to watch/listen to all shows offered to TYT members. Really love the live feed. It’s so great to be able see what’s coming up & when! Perhaps you could add a feed like this to the website on the livestream pages? I’m full of suggestions today. Thanks for all you are doing. Our lives are better for TYT & it is deeply appreciated!! xo Leah (Harriet Fogwood) PS Book more leftist guests/hosts!! #trysocialism
Show more
5 years ago, fernanie2002
Bug Found: Video Resumes w/o Prompting When Paused
Big TYT fan, love the app BUT ... when I pause a video to answer a phone call, it will resume all on its own without me pressing play. It is extremely annoying when I am on call and the video resumes unprompted while I’m trying to speak with someone. I try to pause it but a second later it resumes to play again unprompted. The only solution is to close the app completely. Please fix. Thanks TYT!
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6 years ago, shooter50z
App is good.....but
I'm a big believer in listening to things I don't agree with and TYT fits the bill perfectly. I truly enjoy the content....as long as Cjenk is on the show. Otherwise it sounds like a group of immature high school students sitting around the cafeteria table cluelessly discussing world events. Cjenk brings a level of maturity and reason that is sorely missing when hes not there. In any case the app is great. Hopefully you will reassess the on air talent to add a little credibility in Cjenks absence.
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6 years ago, slunkmaster5000
Great design, but needs to remember progress through videos and podcasts between after instances.
It’s all in the title. Smooth, intuitive interface, with all the TYT content you could hope for. Only problem, and a big problem, is that progress through videos and audio (Podcasts) is not saved in between app launches. So if I listen to 30 minutes of a podcast, and try to resume the next day, my progress is lost and I have to scrub through the audio to find my place again. Also need to get the +/- 15s buttons on the iPhone lock screen and in the control center widget when media is playing. The “forward“ and “back“ buttons make no sense in the context of this type of app.
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5 years ago, IrreverentCrawfish
Good app, one major nuisance.
I love the app! I drive a ton for work (I'm a trucker) and so I always listen to the podcasts on the road. The problem comes when I have to pause the podcast to pick it up later in the day. Most of the time unless I start it back up within 5 or 10 minutes of stopping, it loses my place in the podcast so I have to fast forward until I find the right spot.
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1 year ago, kelibabi
Amazing network, glitchy app
I love you guys and every little thing that you do! But your app could use improvements to make it a little more user friendly. It also glitches on me from time to time. For a while it wouldn’t remember me as being a member so had to log on for every single video I tried to watch. Keep fighting the good fight! ❤️🤍💙
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5 years ago, ipodoften
Needs iPad Version
The app has vastly improved from where it was not long ago. It now remembers where you left off and it doesn’t have to be open to listen to episodes. I also like that they broke up the episodes somewhat. My main wish is for it to be iPad friendly and not just an iPhone app running on the iPad. It’s be nice to integrate comments, etc, into the app as well. Go TYT!
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6 years ago, Chipjr3
Needs an audio only feed
Would be great to have an audio only feed for live shows so you can listen to the live show while driving without the show buffering or breaking up to the point it doesn’t make sense (especially for people on East Coast or Central Time who are driving in rush hour traffic). Majority Report’s and Thom Hartmann’s app have tan audio only feed in addition to a video feed. Not sure why The Young Turks don’t have it too.
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