U.S. Army Career Navigator

4.9 (3.9K)
159.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Army Game Studio
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for U.S. Army Career Navigator

4.89 out of 5
3.9K Ratings
7 months ago, Timmons_jonathan
Good Information
As someone who has been in the Army for almost 10 years I am learning so much from this app when it comes to job opportunities within the Army. If you are interested in the army in any capacity this is a useful tool to educate yourself. Only suggestion would be adding in a way for allowing recruiting stations to customize their page maybe or submit an update to contact info. Otherwise highly recommend!
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2 years ago, coplandcube
Filter my top picks
Nice to have a source for learning about opportunities with the Army. Would be nice if the app could let me select the job titles of interest as I’m scrolling through, have a compare/ filter button at bottom. After scrolling through the list it would filter out those few that interest me. I could then scrolled it throughA list of just the ones I’m interested in. To allow for further in-depth study.
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3 years ago, Babycubhavoc
Very useful
The app is good but I would like if they added the other branches I have friends trying to join the other branches while I’m trying army and I feel like if they had an app like this it would help them a lot more
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5 years ago, John Maricevic
John Maricevic
Officership tab has great information on ways to become 2nd LT. When you click the find the recruiter in the officership tab it does not lead you to the local ROTC recruiter it sends you to local recruiters which is good for OCS commissioning. Would recommend have a find a recruiter for each path to become a 2nd LT. So ROTC point of contact would be the ROTC recruiters, West Point would have the contact for admission team for the area.
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4 years ago, FireBird149
Im pretty impressed with how organized and clear this app is. Its a very effective app for providing information about the Army career paths in an organized way. Way easier than searching on the US Army website for sure. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP if you aren’t exactly sure what you want to do for the Army or if the Army is for you.
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4 months ago, Fantastic4Dad!
Extremely informative
The Army did a great job with this app. It’s easy to use and very informative! You’ll find answers to questions that you wouldn’t even think to ask!
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2 years ago, Swavey_1
How could one solider gain, yet while learning from this app I’m sure through further upgrades, technology experience could speak for itself.
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2 years ago, GO US ARMY
No Audio during MOS video
Easy to search A lot of great information Videos had no audio when played in my phone
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4 years ago, PatrioticGringo
good app
I was able to see the benefits and the jobs they Army had to offer. I cannot wait to serve my country!
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3 years ago, Private032021
The app is good for research
The app has almost every branching path and career out there but the information isn’t all completely in tune. For example, I’m going to Fort Benning to be a 19K, and the OSUT length is 22 weeks not the 15 the app says! All in all good app for getting a feel for what you wanna do!
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4 years ago, Bombad66
App overview
In my opinion it’s a good application for finding multiple jobs to do more research on. It’s also useful in the fact it can be a good while talking with your local recruiter, it brings up a list of jobs / careers based on what you filter.
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6 months ago, SFC_C
App is buggy when trying to play some of the videos. The concept is amazing, but makes it tough when the video doesn’t play for a recruit.
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5 years ago, Nexx1226
Good tool for all
Good information for all that are interested in the Army. Only issue is not all the jobs are updated like 46S. Just need to stay on top of the jobs and it’ll be a great tool for information
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6 years ago, BuccaneerFlint
No colorblindness result for mos’s
I like that it shows all the jobs you can get, but their is no where on the internet including the app that shows options for those who failed the colorblind test at MEPS. What jobs are available for them.
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4 years ago, bbmcs09
Huge help
Definitely helps navigating different qualifications extremely easy
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3 years ago, RicardoR94
Great App
Good app to explore the different career opportunities in the US Army. Only suggestion would be to add a filter that lets us see jobs based on certain line scores from the ASVAB.
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4 years ago, d_cartleft
Excellent app
Very helpful in finding a recruiter and learning about the endless options and careers within the US Army
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4 years ago, anonamys spell check
I am 13 and really thinking about joining the army in the near future. This app has given me the right knowledge that I will need to be recruited and serve in the army.
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1 week ago, WILDWILDWESTjimwest
solid. Easy to use helpful with information
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10 months ago, EJ Heibel
Super Helpful
Super easy to gather information about future army career opportunities
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3 years ago, armyrec
Sound issue
The sound is not working on videos for me
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4 years ago, BroBriTape
Good App
I wish this app had national guard recruiters I can’t find any.
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4 years ago, sfc espi
Update Needed
Need to update the pictures to the current uniform
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1 month ago, General Shaka.
Brief but on point and very helpful.
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4 years ago, Colby Augustine
My recruiter recommended me to this app and I love it! So easy and convenient!
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4 years ago, Signal WO 1918
Where’s the Warrant Officers?
Lot’s of great information in this app, but it leaves out an entire cohort, the Army Warrant Officer. Please update this app to give prospective Soldiers the full spectrum of careers and options available.
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1 year ago, just no123+-%
Did we spend money on this?
This is being pushed to Recruiting command to download. Why? No 18 year old thinks this is cool. Invest in your NCOs that are currently serving instead of wasting time and man power for this.
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5 years ago, nunuabbbss
Update this site, tired of seeing old uniforms. Should link in a recruiting station near by.
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1 month ago, Slimrecruiter
Apps Review
Very good App and very reliable as well.
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7 years ago, SSGSanks
Nearest recruiter
Is there anyone we can contact to add stations?
Show more
3 years ago, warpath2991
Create a way to update contact info
Kona Hawaii details are Incorrect please give recruiters a way to update their station info instead of leading us to nothing.
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4 years ago, muricatrump1776
Really well made and easy to use
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5 years ago, J. M. F
The app is great. It would be amazing if you could input you ASVAB scores in the filter and it narrow down to qualifying jobs.
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3 years ago, sledford29
No 13J
Great app, but missing 13J, and possibly other MOS’s
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5 years ago, James.c.Wettstein
Great App But...
Great App. Lots of info! But my Station is missing.
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2 months ago, deshyiaisawesome
This app is so super fun🤩
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4 years ago, JRiddle_15
Video Audio
Videos will not play audio on my iPad
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1 year ago, Dbasdwertt
Filter link broke.
Filters do not work.
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5 years ago, _KiT_Ty_CaT_
i love it
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5 years ago, NaplesJim
Mr. T
Traffic sign painter
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2 years ago, Blackhorse27
In 2022, this app refereed to the old "Army Career and Alumni Program," which was replaced in 2013 by the Soldier For Life program.
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5 years ago, ClintonHall
Missing 14P
Good app, though it’s missing Air & Missile Defense (AMD) Crew-member (14P)
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7 years ago, Wow isotope
Lots of ponies
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3 years ago, Juno Jack Jam
I did not add this app. Why is it on my phone?
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7 years ago, Maxy_Ichi
I am going to take the ASVAB soon and have been aware that after I swore in, I will choose my job. I am still considering all the options, though a computer-based work will work with me. This app definitely helps me break down my options!
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6 years ago, SSG_Taylor
Missing recruiting center in Bradford PA
Missing recruiting center in Bradford PA
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10 years ago, My tunaged
Great app!
This app provides all information you would need for basic and even advanced knowledge. Even provides recruiters location and info!!!! Great app!!!
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10 years ago, ImaBiteChuReallyHard
This is an awesome app, it really lives up to its name. It gives a lot of info on any future job you might want in the army. And the app is totally uncomplicated.
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7 years ago, Heli 3
This makes finding an MOS for us easier.
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8 years ago, Iwndmdmdj
5 Star
Great information
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