U.S. Citizenship Test '23

4.8 (11.3K)
62.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Purple Buttons LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for U.S. Citizenship Test '23

4.76 out of 5
11.3K Ratings
6 years ago, Haskel 🙃
Great study tools
Really great app, i didn’t go after the ones with thousands of ratings because the reviews were saying they weren’t accurate. I verified this one with the book and everything is accurate. I love how it gives you also the answers that varies based on your location. My favorite feature of it is how you can hide a flash card once you’ve already mastered it. That helps narrowing it down to the questions you have most difficulties with.
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6 years ago, Viv125
Love it so far!
Before I downloaded this app I downloaded 4 others. I deleted every single one right away because for some reason I didn’t like them. They trick you by only giving you some questions and ask to upgrade to get all the questions. Not this app thou. I kept it and I use it everyday!! So easy to use and extremely helpful. Great way to prepare for my interview!!
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5 years ago, Adicin
I used this app to help me study and passed. It’s much better than using the book. The quiz was fun (for me) because of the answers. When I was asked the questions for my interview, I kept laughing in my head thinking about some of the answers from the quiz. I memorized all 100 questions which is normally difficult for me to do. THANKS TO THE CREATORS! I will definitely refer this app to my clients!
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2 years ago, Trestena
This is all I used to study
This app is great especially since it doesn’t have a bunch of ads. I had multiple apps to study from but I preferred the interface on this one. Highly recommend for those studying.
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6 years ago, Woowaydon
It's ok
This app is slightly better than the one USCIS gives you. I like it has all answers in flash cards, but the background color is very painful to the eyes. Also it should be better options for the quiz, like you can click how many questions or set, not just clicking the (+) sign. Also would be very helpful to mark questions you got wrong and just test your on it. But the main disadvantage is color
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5 years ago, M20191960
Citizenship test practice
I have been using the app for learning combined with the official books provided by the government. Great tool specially if you use the random test. I increased the amount of correct answer to pass the test. The False / True test is also great for speed and random learning.
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4 years ago, Melva
Capital twice
I was doing a practice test and I ran in a question twice in which I got wrong. However, I had selected the correct answer. Here was the question: What is the capital of Colorado? A. Denver B. Denver C. And D. I had selected A. Denver and yet twice I got it wrong. I was confused that I had my husband and mother-in-law take a look. And, they too were confused as to why I got the question wrong.
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2 years ago, 9C6E465975
This app is very Amazing, it’s really accurate and up to date, is up to date on location and everything else .this app help me pass my citizenship test today, thank you thank you thank you .
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2 years ago, Frances2004
Help me so much
This app is what helped me more than anything to pass my civics exam. I breathed it for months day in day out and the flash cards are what I used thee most. If people are not that available this app will be your best friend to help you.
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7 years ago, Kolture
Very helpful
Liked that there is an option to randomize the flash cards. Would have been helpful if you could select the ones you got wrong so they come up more often
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5 years ago, Karitosibu
Not update
I just paid for this app yesterday, currently our senator is Rick Scott and our Governor Ron De santis, it doesn’t say that still saying Scott is our governor the Speaker of the house is Nancy Pelosi and not Paul Ryan, even though it asks about 10 times if I want it to update and I pick that option still has the past information. Feeling a little doubtful about my test score practice.
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5 years ago, Nikstress
Very helpful
Easy to use and offers questions in many different ways, like flashcards and quizzes. Good for final review of the 100 questions. Great that you choose your representative Fromm list and your state so it shows the correct Senators.
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2 years ago, DeCampville
Very Helpful
I have been here for a number of years prior to applying for citizenship. I’m glad to know that what I didn’t learn in school can be learned here. Thanks for helping me study.
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4 years ago, lecaro2
With iPhone XS Max
All the banners I get between tests, any full-screen banner (such as dashline pasword manager app, mainly), doesn’t have the option to close them and I need to close and open the application to able to use the app, very sad and inconvenient
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5 years ago, Byxever
Very helpful. I passed !!🇺🇸
Thanks to this tool. You have all the information in this app. You don’t have to be looking for gobernador or senator names , everything is up to date. Plus the quiz and false or true. 👏🏼 you guys nailed.
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6 years ago, Artworks4u2
Great App
This is what I used for my civic test, great app and easy to use. I love the flashcard setting it definitely helped me with my interview and now Im a US Citizen. I highly recommend this to friends who are going to have their interview.
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7 years ago, Spiderdavid2004
Great App!
I’ve been studying with the real book they gave us and this app really helps and have all the questions in my book and the thing I like the best is very convenient!
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5 years ago, USA 1 @ One
Simply Superb
This system is amazingly valuable, this is treasure. I couldn’t emphasize enough. By far, this is the best system ever. Enjoy and get well educated everyone with all of our US Government areas of study
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4 years ago, Tony Rage
Did everything I needed!
This app was a huge help when it came to practicing for my citizenship interview. I got every answer right and I am now waiting on my naturalization ceremony! Five stars!
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5 years ago, Riclkhou
Pass the test
This app helped me big time to pass the test, random questions and categories helps to improve effectiveness
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2 years ago, jamaica 🇯🇲 we outside
The best immigration apps
If you need to know anything about immigration this app is the best app out there it help me to pass my citizenship test today.
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6 years ago, jbovet
Decent app but UI makes it hard to focus
The app content is pretty decent and I like to practice the questions using it. However, the UI is so ugly that it makes it hard to focus: the use of proper iOS controls (such as button), lighter background color and non flashy icon would alleviate some of the issues.
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6 years ago, genher
Great citizenship app!
This application has helped me learned a lot of our country. I’ve been studying just a couple of months and I’m ready for my TEST.
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6 years ago, Shellz48
Love it
I find this app to be very useful. I am able to study anywhere I go at whatever time I choose. I love the way it’s set up, thank you.
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5 years ago, HELWA..
This is the top app
This app is very organized and it helped me study for my citizenship test. I live the flash cards . I highly recommend this app.
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6 years ago, KikiMcCarty
Awesome tool to study
This app it’s very easy and fun to study for your Citizenship test I totally recommend you will not be disappointed
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5 years ago, Roffles
Great practice!
This app helped me so much with the short notice of my interview. Highly suggest this as it is regularly updated.
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7 years ago, LC_BR
Great app
Searching for an official app from uscis, but found this. Just went through flash cards with 2 4th graders. It was fun with learning. Very cool!
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2 years ago, 1OBSERVED
THIS APP SHOULD BE DOWNLOADED BY ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS AND NON CITIZENS. This app will educate you with american history. ITS FUN THE QUESTIONS ARE EASY, Well easy for me because i was alwYs a history buff. Seriously check out this app !
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5 years ago, ISAAC Y 123
Way too many ads
You have to buy to remove ads! Why can’t you learn to become a US citizen for free? Otherwise it’s a great game
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7 years ago, Brainstormie
Worse Ui update
I’ve been using this app for a while, but just looking at this design of the UI is painful to read. It not only hurts my eyes, but I just can’t follow it as well. The previous UI was amazing, I’m now looking at using another app as this is so bad.
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6 years ago, Lara-Carolina
Love this app
In matters of hours I was able to learn everything I needed for my citizenship test.
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5 years ago, jeirlem king
My personal learning
I like it I enjoy and helps a lot
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1 year ago, see hhj
True/false quiz
Not enough time given to even read the questions
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5 months ago, KgsOne
Great App
Gets the civic side of the brain working again.
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5 years ago, maneury15
App citenzenship
Very good app, i recommend it for everyone who are going to take citizenship🙌🏽😊
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5 years ago, Scorpio77es
US citizenship and immigration
The app matches every question in the book. Excellent App!!!
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5 years ago, MentonKronno
Just what you needed 👌
It’s all there as promised. All the the material needed for the successful preparation of the naturalization test.
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5 years ago, Ricardo Paz 1
Great app
I like this app because it has helped me learn a lot.
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5 years ago, Isaricha
This app very easy to use and very helpful to remember your test.
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5 years ago, SH.SE
Excellent I learn also thanks you so much .👌
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5 years ago, mi albun
My test become a citizenship
I passedthe English test and the U.S.history and Government test on February 14, 2019
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5 years ago, Zolicentrale
The best app for to learn
Thank you for this app it was a pleasure to using for learning
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5 years ago, John. cma
Amazing app
It is really amazing app too simple and easy
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1 month ago, Vivinmn
Unable to see or answer answer4
I am unable to see or use the answer 4
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6 years ago, issa jash
Marvelous app
You must read it obtained first simple app
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6 years ago, avuteli
Great app
I like this app , questions are the same as in the nook
Show more
6 years ago, Budlotnawng
Thank You!
It helps me a lot, very handy.
Show more
6 years ago, Tintin MFL
Very useful
Find it easy to use. Great help for my review. The best part, it’s free!
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4 years ago, Pete-0001
You can’t even get past the first screen because there’s a huge ad blocking the page and you can’t get past it. It just redirects you to another app.
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