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AT&T Services, Inc.
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1 month ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for U-verse

4.68 out of 5
390.7K Ratings
6 years ago, Gizmo421971
Happy customer
As a person that’s limited in activities they’re able to do for health reasons the tv and internet is my main path to the outside world. I’ve had all other tv providers and U-verse and the U-verse app are great. I can watch my recorded shows while I wait at my Drs office instead of reading the provided 10 year old magazines if I’ve forgotten my book. So I can always take or recorrd my shows if I forget. All in all so far as a customer of just a month so far I couldn’t be more happier. The only two drawbacks that I see are lack of on demand that stinks and the price. I can live with those the price isn’t so high that I would not have gotten it or make me unhappy with it and the in demand i can live with because you can download the apps for whatever channel you watch and because of your U-verse subscription you will be able to watch they’re online content which is what’s on demand anyway. So all in all I think that U-verse is a great tv choice all the way around.
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6 years ago, masavoie
App Not Working
Tried everything. AT&T from “India” technical support has no clue. When you can understand them, they read off their scripted response and really offer no help. I have had Uverse for several years and it is ALWAYS an issue. AT&T has some of the worst services and terrible technical support. The amount of money that customers pay, you would think AT&T could provide a service that consistently works. It is like a Mounds Bar. “Sometimes it acts like a Nut and sometimes it does not”. The few times it does work, it is nice but do not get to experience that too often. AT&T makes promises to get your business, then after you are a customer, it’s like they just don’t care or have knowledgeable technicians to resolve the problems. Google it, I am certainly not the only one with this issue. You would think AT&T makes enough profits to handle their business.
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6 years ago, Customerisdacustoner
Good, but...
I have been a customer since 2009 and I am mostly happy with my service. Customer service has been quite disappointing in times that I had to reach out: my relocation was a disaster I was told to bring my boxes from IL to CA, very expensive shipping. Then when the tech came he informed me customer service should have never told you that, new boxes were installed. I sent the old boxes back to att. Customer service not only did not offer to reimburse me, their was no offer of any discount/credit, or a simple apology. That was $300 in shipping that I should have never had to pay. My service works as expected, the occasional reset, but I am able to do it on my own. I just wish that customer service was still part of the overall picture. What is the purpose to have customer service when the customer is not being service to the best of a company’s ability. I don’t expect to be given $1,000 when my loss was $300. But, just acknowledgement me by making me whole again $300 is not to much to ask for in credits.
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6 years ago, Joe Magnum
Could be better
I downloaded the app and found that it lacks the ability to turn on or off the receiver boxes. The FAQ says it’s due to technical limitations. Get over it or hire someone who can make it work properly. The freezing streams are to be expected since celular reception varies by area, however the issue of CC is disconcerting to us handicapped people since the programming goes one way while the CC is writing the words of the last commercial!! As for volume controls, that shouldn’t be a biggie either since the Roku app can do it as well as a plethora of other apps that control stereo receivers, TV’s, etc. Your programmers must certainly be able to deal with these issues, and if not then there’s always outside help that can. For the rest I may say it’s a great app that could stand a couple improvements to become wonderful. Keep up the good work.
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5 years ago, TMMOTHEROF3
This APP is so convenient & such a plus to be able to have access to. Definitely worth paying your cable bill to be able to enjoy your cable options inside & outside your home. I just recently moved to a new city, currently I do not have a tv in my room but I am able to still access my favorite tv shows & entertainment through my phone. I give this app a 5 star rating just for the convenience of having it. Great way to stay updated & also, pass time through out your day. I was unable to watch one of my favorite shows on tv the other day, could not find the channel or the show on my tv on demand, pulled my phone put & was able to watch the premiere of my show on it. Thanks AT&T, makes you so grateful for the growth in technology.
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3 months ago, TNcatwoman
Totally useless
I’m SO tired of trying to get this app to work! I have the latest software version on my devices and have reloaded this app several times. Everything in the house is on the same network. The app has permission to acces the network, yet all I get is ‘no devices available’. No, my tv isn’t a smart tv - it’s dumb as a rock - but that shouldn’t make a difference! Other streaming services have no problems. The app will only list the ‘live’ or ‘on demand ‘ channels available in my subscription. No local channels are shown. I have to use tv’s on screen menu to have any idea what’s available and advance that menu 1 line at a time. GARBAGE! As someone who’s spent years developing software, my advice is to stop trying to fix the problem. Go back two versions and try again! This version didn’t fix the problems created by the previous fix. Both the last versions have done nothing but aggregate & frustrate customers. Fix it or allow those who want something to work to be able to download the -2 version.
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7 years ago, B2bpmb
Doesn't work, frustrating to try and use.
I can be in my home on my home network with speeds around 24mbps and it still won't play. Picture freezes, sound stops, sound isn't in time with the picture, random jumps forward or backward 30-45 seconds or more. Often it says I don't have access to certain channels, which is a lie, because I do have access it just chooses not to provide them at that time. Terrible experience. Even tried it on my work network at speeds of 56mbps and the same thing happens. This app could be so much better, both features and if it would actually just work. Very disappointing since it is a major part of their marketing of the product that you have access to watch when you are not at home or on other devices in your own home and they can't deliver. How about a discount until you get the product you describe to your customers actually working. Oh, and I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app numerous times, am running the most updated version of both the app and my operating system.
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1 year ago, Pfewy
My negative reviews...
UPDATE 6/2/23: "Update" after "update" and the app is still glitchy, buggy, NEVER works. Call and ask for help and typical ATT PUverse---it must be YOUR fault as the user. It's 2023 and they're still nowhere near their competition in terms of having an app that's usable. Fix. Your. ****. I'm embarrassed for you. Also, your reviews are still baloney. NO WAY you have a "4.7 star" review for an app that's never, and I mean NEVER usable. Pbbbtttt. Previous review: My negative reviews keep getting taken down. Is that how you maintain the "4.7" rating for an app that never works for anyone? In the however many years you've had this app, it has NEVER worked properly. Glitches. Blackouts. Instability. Poor UI. And how many times have negative reviews been taken down and for what reason? This service is HORRIBLE. There are plenty of better alternatives. Please keep this in mind. If you can't provide a service that works, customers will continue to look elsewhere for companies that provide services they promise.
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5 years ago, Roger, Gone Green
Lousy App; drops, judders. Useless
This is a one star review, but they only display the five star reviews at the top of the screen, so you need to View the reviews in date order to see the bad ones. . Sort on reviews by date, and for more than a month the U-verse app has been completely broken and nonfunctional in any useful way on any iOS. The app simply does not function like it is supposed to. It drops channels constantly, judders and stutters, gets the audio sync out. A competing cable company’s app on the same device in the same home (they were both on at the same time for about two weeks) has no problem whatsoever. The app is so lousy it has us rethinking whether we want to even use AT&T since the ability to watch mobile was important.
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5 years ago, C. Edward S.
WiFi vs. Cellular conflict
I have a U-verse package that includes internet & phone. I have unlimited cell service with AT&T also. I would like to know why I can only access my recorded shows on my iPad if I am on WiFi. I have an unlimited cellular plan that my I-Pad is connected to that I can’t use for my recorded shows. I can watch live tv, but not recorded shows. My cellular service has more range than WiFi. I’m not always where I can get to WiFi. I’ve noticed some apps are so insistent on there apps having WiFi access instead of cellular. It almost seems as if they have something against cellular. This app should be able to work with WiFi & cellular when it comes to recorded programs. And in case the thought comes to mind, the On Demand feature doesn’t access every show. I want to be able to access my recorded shows using my cellular connection when I am away from home.
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5 years ago, Ffgynji
Guide limits
You used to be able to see as far into the future with guide on the app as you could on TV but now barely 6 days out. The only thing more aggravating than this idiotic artificial limitation is trying to tell someone at AT&T about it. Handed off to three people (first two in sales) before anyone even understood what I was trying to tell them and then he promised to tell his supervisor about it. Frequently it will refuse to schedule a program for recording for no apparent reason; even though the on screen guide allows it without a problem. This app could and should be great and convenient but it is apparently the ignored “step child” of their service. I should take off another star for the constant pop ups soliciting a positive review of the app.
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6 years ago, Julsam18
Direct TV come first
Failed since the purchase of Direct TV. I’m still having issues with U-verse. They are trying their best to fade it out but there are people out there that bought into this lousy system years ago and grew to like it. After the purchase of DTV AT&T quite improving U-verse. It’s only going to get worse since the most resent purchase of TW. I’m paying AT&T monthly for TV, phone and internet but if I want to watch a series I have to download the networks app and pay for it when I’m already paying for it!! This is due to the fact that their OnDemand is weak at best. You waited to long to update your Data centers, switches, and fiber. Don’t get me wrong when all else fails copper and the old pulse system will still work. Unfortunately you decided to decrease your battery reserve and pray your generators turn on. Owning spectrum is great but fiber is the future and if you don’t update your servers to accommodate the fiber your ability to provide fast quality service will fail in the near future.
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6 years ago, 245UC
Not2 Shabby. Shabby,......,... just not 2 Shabby.
I have been reading some negative reviews & don't understand why. The way I used the app. is 2 program what I want to watch then watch it at my leisure. Works well & I haven't had any problems. Read the paper in the morning, program what I think I would like 2 C, C it when I have time, then delete it when finished. Works well, without problems. Sounds like my original review, it’s exactly what I would have said again. If anyone reads these reviews & doesn’t enjoy this app, your not watching much TV. Also, if you’re reading a paper or seeing a show on a passing TV while your away, stop & open the app, set it 2 record, watch it when U want when U get home again. It’s really that simple.
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4 months ago, Cam3150
This app is completely useless
Look, I’m not stupid. I know AT&T is trying to force everyone away from Uverse. But the fact of it is that there are still millions of Uverse customers who pay an exorbitant monthly fee for this service. Instead of trying to drive even more customers away and towards streaming services, you’d think AT&T could manage to at the very least keep this app functional. I used to use this all multiple times a day but it hasn’t worked properly in at least 1-2 years, if not longer. It never, ever loads or, if it does, it says “data unavailable”. It’s unacceptable that in the year 2024, at a time when every single thing we do requires an app, the app associated with our insanely expensive cable tv service is non-functional. I’m not asking for updates to the app (of which there have been none since its inception), just basic functionality. How is that so hard to manage?!?!?!
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4 years ago, Wee Willy Wanky
I have been conversing with AT&T for months attempting to get my Uverse app to work. I lost count of how many times I have been told the problem will be solved. The last person I spoke with was true to AT&T form. He promised me he would not quit until the problem was solved. I have never heard from him again. I don’t know how many reference ticket numbers I have been given, yet each time I call it’s as if it were for the first time. The techs want me to do the same things all over again. I’m feed up and refuse to continue to deal with the aggregation of explaining I have already done this. I have been a faithful customer for as long as AT&T has been available in my neighborhood. Right now I feel pretty helpless.
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2 years ago, Et358
Used to love this app
Used this app for recording, used it exclusively for the guide. Now the guide will not load neither on my phone nor on my iPad. What did you do to mess this app up? Put it back like it was. I never had to use a password, I stayed logged in. Now app asks for password, the says I have logged in to many times unsuccessfully and need to change my password. I do forgot password, change password to the same password I’ve been using. No change. Then I can log in. However, it messes up all my ATT accounts, and I have to use re-enter my password to get mail on Mac, iPhone and iPad. Can you please fix this. This app used to work perfectly.
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2 months ago, Jsidebo
Worst update ever for this app
I used to use this app to check listings for a day and set up recordings. Basically useless now. I have to manipulate filters to try and see the channels I want and start over each time. On the old app I just set up favorite channels and filter on favorites. Can’t set up broadcast stations as favorites now. I could use the drop down menu to go to listings for the day and time I wanted to see. Now I have to slide through hours and days to find the time I want. The old listings showed which shows were new and which show were set up to record already. Nope not now. Also I could see other times the show was on so I could record at an alternate time. Also nope. It was a handy way to check or set up recordings if I wasn’t at home. Yes it does stream better but I notice I can no longer stream any broadcast channel shows. I would suspect no beta testing took place.
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4 years ago, J u b
Pathetic excuse for an app
Oh but it does work great! As long as you watch the libtard ignorance they want you to watch. Interesting how on home WiFi, or not, certain channels work just fine. All day. Every day. And others are stuck in the same 23 second loop from weeks ago. Delete it and reinstall you may say? Nope. Doesn’t work. Yet those channels that always work... yup, they still work just fine. We all know how big of scam artists att is but it does begin to get very frustrating when there’s a pandemic going on and we aren’t home because some of us are still fortunate to be working and can’t even get information except what they want us to get. Cover up? I agree. It is truly pathetic how these companies still think they American people don’t see what they’re doing. They’re all the same. If we want anything but local biased information we have to pay for service that we can’t even get. F you att. Good for nothing thieves.
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6 years ago, Aaron Fantazii
Absolutely the Worst Company Ever !!!!
Get Ready At&t cause this will be Posted everywhere... This company just recently tried to SCAM me so BEWARE ! Due to none payment they Cut me off , so I said I got to pay Rent anyway “ Just don’t charge me for services I don’t use” So She said “ Thats how we do it” It was off for a month, I reconnected to what I thought was the bill OWED.. Then i found they kept cutting off my cable within 2 weeks “TWICE”. & kept DOUBLE BILLING ME , they tune changed “Oh our policies and Procedures are when your U-verse is cut off due to none payment you are still entitled to pay the bill” Thats the Stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, that they don’t even have a Rebuttal “Thats just policy”. Now since your hands are tied kiss my BEHIND , I’ll take my money to somewhere who Value there long time customers & only charge For The Services Rendered. Save yourself the Headache, they gone try to screw you over 1st with the DOUBLE bills then you know what’s coming.. SCREW YOU ATT..
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4 years ago, Local Gourmet Catering
Customer for many years
I have loved the easy access and availability not to mention reliability of AT&T U-verse . Highly recommend to anyone but one thing to remember just like in my business you are only as good as your last meal. Every situation and opportunity to serve your customers is chance to wow them. Think about how many millions of dollars your spend on advertising. Reward your loyal customers and they will do all the advertising you need and ten times more effective. I can say every time I have spoken to customer service for a issue or service change they have been amazing. No I’m not a paid employee you can find me. Chef Wayne Schilleci of Local Gourmet Catering!
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3 years ago, nlsnsd
Less than average
Unfortunately the only positive comment I can make in support of this app is the price. AT&T provides a very competitive price for its cable package which includes the U-verse streaming app. Many times I find, with a strong internet connection, that I still cannot access some channels. I then have to delete the app and install it again. I have had to do this numerous times. I also cannot watch recorded shows on U-verse. I contacted customer service about this only to be told that I should be able to and they have no idea why I cannot. Wonderful. I will be switching at some point soon to streaming tv services that will allow me to watch all channels while away from home, without the regular local channel blackouts and buffering issues.
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3 years ago, Rich6744
Garbage!!!! Every month ATT gets worse
ATT U-verse used to be good, but it has been steadily getting worse it seems each and every month. You can never rely on this app to work anymore if you notice the reviews are from years ago. My U-verse at home is not much better seems to be down every single day around six or 7 o’clock at night, so sick and tired of it you can’t deal with any buddy on the phone all they wanna do is send a tech out, and the tech comes says it’s something wrong outside same story. I would never recommend U-verse to anybody anymore, going back to dish Network where I never had any issues the entire time I had them, only switched so I could have Internet in one bundle but now I’ll have to get Internet elsewhere and go back to dish.
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2 years ago, im ready to walk
Very poor service
Beginning back in September or October of this year, the app began intermittently failing. Then it was ask me to log in every time I opened it despite checking “keep me logged in”. Often when attempting to log in using the credentials I’ve used for years, I would receive a message telling me I’ve reached the maximum number of failed login attempts; this on the first attempt. Sometimes leaving it for a few days things would straighten out, other times not. The other day this happened with the “my Att” app as well. Customer service when I finally was able to speak with someone was less than helpful and was not listening to the actual problem. Finally I agreed to try setting a new password. This worked for a few days but tonight we’re back to the same foolishness. Ready to drop AT&T as soon as I identify another vendor.
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5 years ago, gogirl43
Awful App
Having issues watching live TV & On Demand movies. Keeps freezing; running slow; in the middle of watching a movie, it will stop with a message that says “temporarily unavailable”. This is not only frustrating, but very disappointing. I’m paying for a service with an app that hardly ever works. I have only had this service for a little over a month & now seriously considering cancelling it. This App is pretty much hit or miss. Good thing I still have Netflix...no issue there or with the Spectrum App I used to have. To whomever is responsible for this App, can you please advocate for more money & resources to fix these issues? I read that Uverse is pretty much going under due the popularity of DirectTV, but, for those of us who tried to get it, but did not have a “direct line of site” this was the only alternative. Again, very disappointed.
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2 years ago, Charmingvista
4 years later and this app is still awful.
I have been using this app for over 4 years now and I’m still shocked at how bad it is. it constantly crashes. It’s super slow. I constantly have to close and reopen the app just to continue watching the same 20 minute program?!?!? It also locks you out of certain shows depending on what market you are in. I just do not understand how a company that charges over $100 a month for cable can lock me out of TV programs that are FREE if I am watching my TV at home? I find that I enjoy watching live TV on my phone, but AT&T U-Verse does not seem to care if I actually am able to do so. Considering how big of a company AT&T is, it’s rather mind blowing that they cannot make a smart phone application that actually works. I just wonder where all the money is going? It’s certainly not going to app development.
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2 years ago, chesterfield05
Maybe this might help others with log in problems
Like so many others, I could not log in after the last update that was supposed to yield a “better” log in experience. Instead, I couldn’t log in at all. The app said it couldn’t find the user name. I had changed my user name to my Gmail address. That is my log in address on my windows computer (and still works). I couldn’t understand why the app couldn’t find my user name when I knew it was valid. Turns out the app will ONLY recognize the original att email address as the user address, an which I never use. Once I switched to the att email address, I was FINALLY able to log onto the app.
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5 years ago, Kim101112
Even AT&T Tech agreed this APP does NOT WORK!
I have an iPhone X, so quite capable of handling any app - EXCEPT for the LOUSY, FAKE APP that AT&T touts as being so great. Really? How can an app be great when it won’t even log in to account without “ERROR” caused by app and the MOST ANNOYING message to “try again later”!! I’m so frustrated with this. I just switched from Comcast where I had a streaming app that worked flawlessly! I’m happy to save money getting rid of highway robbery Xfinity, but it appears that “trading down” comes with problems that the provider apparently could care less to fix. What’s even worse? An AT&T tech doing install LAUGHED when I asked about app, stating it never works for him either, and hears the same from 100’s of customers. Here’s my question AT&T, if you can’t make the U-verse app ACTUALLY WORK...why have the darn thing? I’m deleting it AGAIN. I hoped reloading would help, but NOPE, same annoying frustration. I’ve read all the reviews that are like mine and find it hard to understand how this many complaints would be left without the company actually CORRECTING the APP so it WILL WORK!! ONE year contract and then switch again if still no improvement. Tired of these overly high priced cable/internet...packages that makes you pay for crap you don’t want and what you do want, doesn’t work!
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6 years ago, Steelton Mike
Must be Vigilant with U-verse
The cable and TV service, when operating as contracted, is very good. However, staying operational has been a small battle for me. In the first four months using U-verse, the modem has been replaced twice. Whenever repair service is performed it is necessary to then check the AT&T billing. If you are on a PROMO contract, AT&T could cancel the PROMO rate and replace it with the standard rate explaining that the repair service appears as a ‘New’ installation in their system. This is curious as all documentation and communication leading to the repair service state that client lost both TV and WiFi service and is requesting a repair of the U-verse service. In conclusion, U-verse service is good. The AT&T contract administration is a bit questionable/dicey during the first four months. Can they redeem themselves in the future? Only time will tell.
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6 years ago, Senator7
Remote control function won’t work
I just spent over an hour on the phone with AT&T tech support trying to get the remote control function of this app to connect to my U-Verse receivers. Or to just connect to one - I have 5. I keep getting an error message that says, “U-verse wireless gateway not found,” despite that my phone is clearly connected to my U-verse gateway. Every other function of the app works fine but not the remote, which I was hoping to use to eliminate the extra U-verse remote controls I have lying all over the house. If you’re in app development for AT&T, please investigate this and address it in your next release of this app.
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1 year ago, wedinc
Log in problems
Every time I try logging in to my account with the uverse app, I keep getting a notification that I have exceeded my number of attempted log ins and forces me to reset my password. After resetting my password I have to go to my computer and re-enter my password in order to get my emails. This is also the same for my other electronic devices I have (iPhone, iPad, etc.). After using the app and closing it, later I will try to open the uverse app requiring me to log back in. I’m back to where I started requiring me to reset my password again because of exceeded attempts trying to log in of, which I only tried one time. I really don’t think the left hand of the company knows what the right hand is doing and vice versa. Please fix the log in problems.
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7 years ago, Ssquard
Guide is not kept current
Great app for on demand and clearing recordings when traveling after watching on demand or live in a different time zone. Would be great if it included accessing recordings, but still useful. Terrible when trying to access the guide to set up new prime time recordings. Have not been able access programming on most nights during prime time over the next 10 days. Constantly no prime time listings, some missing as soon as 1-2 days away. There are even days when the iPad version has listings on nights not on the iPhone version & sometimes the iPhone has listings on nights not on the iPas version.😔
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2 years ago, MelCdc
Not happy Customer
This App works only part of the time on a fire stick 4K. It glitches every 30 seconds to a minute or so for about 5-10 seconds each time. Every couple of days it just locks up when it glitches and I have to restart. I have used other Apps on The Firestick and there are no issues. Just with this App. I can get the App to come on but it just spins when I try to watch a channel, and if I’m lucky enough to get it to come on it glitches all the time so you have a hard time watching anything. I have restarted it hundreds of times, deleted the App and re-installed, cleared caches, checked speeds on firestick as well as internet, and made sure the modem is good. I have done these things numerous times. ITS THE APP!!! Please fix it or I will just go to Cable TV!!
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3 years ago, DBiz13
Very convenient to have access to control my tv from anywhere!
I love being able to access my TV guide to schedule recordings from anywhere. If I want to watch something and I’m away from home, I can just go to the app and set it to record. I can also use it when watching tv. If there is an ad for something I want to watch, instead of pausing the show I’m watching, I can use the app on my phone to look for the other show and schedule it to record. It’s very convenient. I can also use it as a remote ifI’ve misplaced mine. Big bonus: I can watch tv using my phone.
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2 years ago, Txstar2k
When it works….
I love the ATT U-verse app… when it works. HBO came with my mobile account - and sometimes the U-verse app will only allow me to see HBO channels. When I call ATT, they either have no info about the app or they tell me to log in using my spouse’s login!!??!!?? But even when I do log-in as him, often my iphone will only let me see the HBO channels provided via ATT phone service and not the full range of U-verse channels. Very frustrating ATT can’t seem to get a decent app for phone and tablet. I even set up another user ID on the ATT account. (So much for having 5G+ when nothing else works..)
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6 years ago, Jelrrr
Why is your app so bad?
I have a membership to four different streaming services. Three of those apps never give me trouble. Why is your app so bad? 1) Don't even bother with the 'favorites' star. The moment you log out and back on and try to use the favorites link to easily watch your shows, it doesn't work. 2) Don't be a busy person because if you are in the middle of a program and have to pause for too long your show will not continue playing. You will have to completely exit out and reopen the app. 3) I keep getting 'licensing rights' errors when clicking on shows that show in your top menu. If I try to close the app and go back in too many times, I then get a message that I have opened too many sessions. 4) Keep getting errors stating I don't have access to certain channels when I do in fact pay for said access. I have to close and reopen app several times in order to fix. 5) Experiencing a sorely un-missed lag time pixellation that I thought was a thing of the 2000's, not this decade. As I said before, I also have three other streaming apps on my same tablet. I do not have any of these same issues with those other apps. Hire some free college interns to help your IT department figure out how to iron out these kinks.
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7 years ago, Katwil72
I wish I could give 0 stars.
Are all of the AT&T apps crap? I have Directv and cell service. I bundled for a discount and downloaded the myAT&T app which is supposed to give me access to both accounts. I just want to use the remote control feature shown on the apps. It says error with the server when logging in and jumps me over to the Directv app. So I download that. I click to get into tv programs and it jumps me over to another download screen for a third app - the U-verse app. So I’m already into this for two apps, what the heck, let’s try 3...now it says my password contains invalid characters. It’s the same (bleeping) password as the first 2 apps! Why are letters and numbers suddenly invalid? I’m done. Roku has a great remote app and even lets me play the sound through the remote app so I can use the headphones on my phone and mute the tv and not disturb my husband. So Netflix it is.
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1 month ago, AliceC7
Latest update makes app almost unusable
I really liked the U-verse app. I updated it and regret that. The new interface is terrible. For recordings, instead of a list of all the recordings it shows a few pictures of recorded shows. It only shows squares of the 7 most recent recordings, then a + sign for more. Unfortunately it doesn’t handle recordings of series. It just shows 1 square. Before I could see all of the series’ recordings (including season & episode #). Now it just gives the option to delete all of them. 😩 You no longer can swipe and delete an entry. Swiping works for most other phone apps and used to work here. You can no longer see what is recorded at a glance. The recording section of the new app is worse in so many ways. I wish there was a way to reverse the update.
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2 months ago, IndyLivetown
Local Channels no longer available
Revised app is terrible. The guide no longer shows any of my local channels. NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX no longer there. So I can’t choose to record any of them or view any of them. How can I get the old U-Verse app back! Also discovered that some of the described features are not there when I log in with my UVerse account. Such as there is no Guide tab. Just a live tv tab which doesn’t have the local channels. Maybe there’s a bug in the system depending on what loginyou have? Guide now shows local channels, but only if you disable live feed every time you log in. But the guide no longer identifies show you’ve schedule to record on the guide itself. And when you go to the recording tab, can’t easily find you recordings, and it doesn’t show everything that’s been recorded or scheduled.
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7 years ago, Kermitclone
Rescued from flood aftermath
My review may not connect with most people, but will for friends in and around Baton Rouge after the August 2016 floods. I always liked the app, but didn't use it to watch shows until I had to move to an apartment for nearly nine months. Since I went to the house every day, I left the Internet and cable on there. I had two rooms not damaged or dirty from flood waters. When I needed a break, I still had something to watch during break. But when I returned to the apartment each day I had Internet and basic cable from another company. My favorite shows were not available and that just added to the dismal evenings. One night it all of a sudden dawned on me I could watch "shows" on my iPhone. I could even go upstairs in the apartment, lie down and watch TV. While it was still less than great to be in the apartment, it was soooo much better with the app. I did have a chuckle over realizing my wifi to watch AT&T was coming from a rival. Freda
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7 years ago, NHPSEH
Nice...when it works
Looking up the guide is great. Being able to set and manage recordings away from home is great too. Two stars for those. The app will seemingly randomly sign you out. That's not terrible (provided I can remember my password). The most annoying thing is that it won't remember my receivers. If I want to change the channel with my phone/iPad, it always says that I need to set up my receivers. I would sort of be ok with that f it were after app updates, but this is every time I try. After connecting it will work. That last few times, it has had trouble recognizing that I am on my AT&T wireless gateway requiring a gateway restart. I'm not sure why this app has such troubles with this. It seems like there is a quality control issue on the development side.
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3 weeks ago, Pmotz
The latest app was designed by an idiot
Not sure what they were thinking when they released this app, but they must have been drugged. It’s pretty worthless compared to the version that truly was for U-Verse from a few months back. Now I know why people hate DirectTV, those folks are the idiots and now they shared their “talents” with us U-Verse folk. Please bring back the old app where the local channels are always there, you don’t have to manipulate the view every time you use the app, and you can actually see what you have recorded and what you are going to record. Is that asking too much? Update: They made some changes and it’s even worse. Totally unusable. I try to see the guide and it just spins saying nothing found. Come on, please get a new technical support group and make this work.
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2 years ago, Vera49
Very Unhappy Customer with this App
There are commercials for new shows on HGTV but instead of them appearing on either the App or the U-verse Guide on TV, there old shows that aren’t scheduled to be on. Has AT&T just decided to do nothing for U-verse now? For weeks, the recorded or to be recorded shows didn’t appear either. As of this week, it is now appearing. However, new shows are also not being marked so even though it is set to record, because the programming is missing (not marked as new), it won’t record. I’m getting closer and closer to dumping AT&T. That means, internet, TV and phone…bye, bye. FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, notice if you look at the Most Recent reviews, NO ONE is happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you aren’t going to support U-verse, then close the book on it and move everyone to streaming and be done with it!!!!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, chrisawyer
Good but buggy
I don’t use it often, but expect it to be there when needed. Like this past weekend, when the weather took a sudden turn and the tornado sirens started to wail, I wanted to watch the local news on my iPod to see what was happening while sheltering. No such luck. It wouldn’t recognize the receiver. I signed off, signed in again, reset the gateway, etc. and still no luck. I’ve tried a few times. Still nothing. Same message, even though at one point it recognized the gateway was there(?)! Other than that, everything works.
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7 years ago, E-Fit
The many things it does enhances the TV experience
My favorite feature is the Guide in the app when channel surfing. Being able to scan the guide without interrupting what's playing on screen, having remote control access to TV or switching to Live TV. When I travel, I wish I had more channels. The buffering is just how the Net works believe. I have used 3Mb/sec and watched a whole movie streaming and 1Gb/sec and got lots of buffering especially at prime time. I test my speed and get good results. Consider the 3: source server, ISP and what is my device memory and-or network activity.
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5 years ago, Had Enough of ATT
Worthless app! Waste of time!
Don’t waste your time downloading this app, even if you do have iPhone. Doesn’t matter. Only thing that you can do with this is sign into your account and schedule a recording. Live tv offered one option which was some boring news commentary. You would think that you could access your recordings to watch since they have a tv remote in the app. But no, it does nothing! No access to On Demand or your recordings! AT&T needs to get their act together and make their content available to their customers like Directv’s app. For a company so big you’d think they could create a decent app with all that technology. No wonder people are going to Spectrum and other companies. They’re taking a lot of money from us but what exactly are they doing with it? This doesn’t rate 1 star but I had to choose
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2 years ago, Mlmarin9
App needs updating for new phones
The app works pretty good for the most part. I can record shows when I’m not home and watch some shows from my phone, but the Remote function does not work on some devices. My wife’s older phone and my older IPad both have no issues using the Remote function in the app but my newer phone keeps saying I’m not connected to WiFi when trying to use the Remote function even though I am connected to the same WiFi that works with my other devices. I have done all suggested trouble shooting but this is an App issue. I have seen other complaints about the Remote function saying there is no WiFi but AT&T apparently can’t figure out how to fix this. Pretty annoying that this function doesn’t work
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5 years ago, It was good till it glitches
It’s the small things...
I love the concept of the “on the go” app to go along with my subscription. Just a few small things would make this a five star app. First, the receiver remote function is great but unreliable. Every time my phone or iPad goes to sleep it loses contact with the receiver and takes about 30 sec. to establish contact once I wake the device up. It would be great if they put a “no sleep” capability when the remote is being used. My Food Network app does this so I don’t have to unlock the device with dirty hands. I would think this can be done on this app as well. Second, local channels cannot be streamed. I use it while local so what’s the difference between using an iPad or a tv (except one doesn’t travel well to soccer games and swim meets).
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3 months ago, maggiedoodle3
Please go back to previous version!
What happened to the recordings page? I have over 100 recordings and I’m supposed to scroll through 3 at a time with no way of knowing when the recording is taking place. That is very unhelpful. The recordings are the most important part of this app, why would that section be simplified and lessened? Please, if not improve it, don’t make it worse by taking features away. Also, within the past few days, I haven’t been able to access the app from the log in screen. It just loads and loads and loads and nothing happens. I’ve changed my password I don’t know how many times at this point thinking this might help. Please listen to all your customers. We are all saying the same things.
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2 years ago, 1FSH1
Decreasing functionality
AT&T seems no longer committed to this app as several features are not longer usable. For example, you can use your phone or iPad to control your TV through the app’s TV remote feature. To use that feature takes some setup, which I did long ago, but now the feature no longer works. I’ve tried to set everything up again, but the app first says I’m already set up, but when I try to use the remote feature, it says my receivers aren’t set up. In trying to correct this, I keep getting a message that there is an issue with communicating with the U-verse network. I haven’t found any fixes for this online, so it’s quite frustrating.
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3 months ago, Ymca63
New Uverse app
The new Uverse app automatically loaded on to my phone and it is HORRIBLE. You should be ashamed and embarrassed that this go out of your development wit no way to go back to the previous app that worked just fine without all the big pictures and bet small writing that can’t be read. Not sure what or when you will get it fixed but this absolutely stinks. I can’t access the same channels that appear on my tv which make the app completely useless. I would like to use a few 4 letter words to express my complete frustration with this product. Enough to say this step to release this version of the app with no way to go back is absolutely sickening. These people who are responsible should be fired for complete incompetency. Have a nice day!!!!!!!
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