UAGC Talon Mobile

2.7 (36)
5.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Zovio Inc
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for UAGC Talon Mobile

2.72 out of 5
36 Ratings
7 years ago, Michaelbrownatl621100
Please update compatibility and UI
This app would be amazing if the compatibility was equivalent to iOS 10. The UI needs to be updated as well and the format for the iPhone plus models would be helpful as well. I would totally use this app more often if it didn't look like I was using it on an iPhone 3GS. PLEASE update thank you
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6 years ago, Ol_mom
Very useful but…
I wish there were a expand button in the discussions themselves rather than having to scroll to the bottom for my discussion. For example, the application could just automatically jump to my most recent discussion submission?
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6 years ago, RedRaven523
Disappointing that no one cares
This app would be awesome. The short time it worked for me it made my life so much easier. Now? It’s useless. It won’t connect. When I reached out to support they told me I had to clear out the app (whatever that means & delete it & reload it). PS here I am without the use of this app and not a gleam of hope in sight for it to be resolved. Very disappointing that NO ONE CARES if an app designed to help students through their education doesn’t work.
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6 years ago, Morgana40
Not working with last IPhone update
This app was great and very convenient until the last IPhone update. Now I log in and when I try to get into my class, I get an error message. App is useless to me now. If it gets updated, I’d be happy to use again
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6 years ago, dadZ man
This app really does need to be updated ASAP I almost missed my posts thank goodness I had my laptop
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6 years ago, Bori€ua
Super Convinient
Allows me to stay connected and up to date with class discussions, interact with profesora and peer students while I go thru the my day at work. Definitely a great tool!
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7 years ago, Raechull
Not a fan
The app is very helpful for students like myself who work a lot, but it is constantly crashing and you can never open worksheets provided to the class, super frustrating.
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7 years ago, Armylifegir
App keeps crashing
It would be helpful if this app would work great. I don't always have access to a computer, so I use it on my phone but it keeps crashing ☹️
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7 years ago, AUfacultymember
Hasn't worked for weeks
This app hasn't worked for weeks. Many of us have reported the issue but they aren't fixing it. No classes load, error messages pop up, and/or it just crashes. Useless.
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8 months ago, sexysaltfish
App will not load
I downloaded it entered my information and it doesn’t do anything just sits there. Plus the screen is too dark
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7 years ago, Jentater23Taterbaby
App is ok. Crashes a lot. Easier to do discussion boards on the app vs. the computer. Overall, good app. Crashes a lot.
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13 years ago, Juvethefish
Good. Could be great.
The app is super convenient and is simple to use. However, that simplicity in design bled over to functionality of the app, unfortunately. I can't even see what my assignments are, what my book information is like title or isbn #. The keypad does not rotate with my iPhone. All this app is really good for is doing your posts. But even then, formatting is hit or miss. For whatever reason the paragraphs are a little off and numerical data is always displayed incorrectly in tables and columns. Lots of room for improvement.
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6 years ago, TTQ21
Poor app!!!
The app does not work I cannot access it and the IT told me to uninstall and leave phone off then re download it still does not work !!!
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2 years ago, mickey210
Really black lettering on a dark blue background
Just awful. I’m sure once I’m able to get in it’s a great app but please work on the black lettering on dark blue background
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6 years ago, apple_emerald
Authentication error
It won't allow me to access my classes.
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4 years ago, Player6982
An app error
The app will not let me set a photo. Please fix.
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9 years ago, MissLloyd1031
Cannot Send Replies
Like the other reviews I cannot reply to other posts. After writing the post, when you click "submit" it never posts. The Ashford emblem which signifies it's loading stays on the screen the entire time. Also, when replying to a post we can hit the "show" option and it will show is the post we are responding to in case we forgot something. With this new update the post we are responding to appears in an ancient Latin language (Google told me the language, I had no clue). I'm assuming it's a general message because every post reads the same foreign language. I have copied it for you to see: Lorem ipsum dolor sit er elit lamet, consectetaur cillium adipisicing pecu, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum. Nam liber te conscient to factor tum poen legum odioque civiuda.
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12 years ago, beelovexo
Extremely convienient.
I love having this app and never have crashing problems like a lot of ppl state (using an iPhone 4) I don't know what more I could ask from the app. I don't expect to read the textbook in it (they have that app for the iPad and this phone is just to small to integrate that) & quizzes/assignments are just unnecessary on my phone. The fact that I can do my discussion board posts, check my grades & view all of my weekly necessities is more than I could ask for. It's honestly made my learning experience more enjoyable and I can't wait to get an iPad so I can truly take advantage of both apps Ashford provides
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9 years ago, Kingleccs
Overall, the application is very useful. If I'm out and about want to check if grades have been posted or even check for replies for discussion questions, I will be able to get that completed through this app. It logged me out once but no major fixes that I would recommend. Very easy to navigate. Even have a calendar to show you when certain assignments are due as well which is extremely helpful! Making it easier to do great in school, go ASHFORD! 🎓🎓⭐️
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13 years ago, Leerhoads
Current student.
Okay I am currently a new starter to Ashford University. This app is pretty easy to use and keeps you in contact and on-track with your conversation posting for and discussion boards. Some assignments require you to post and respond to discussion posts. Don't know if this app give you credit for those conversation. But it would make that portion of the assignment a lot easier. All so if you update it Id like to add a picture to my profile that's all. This app is good does what it says.
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13 years ago, Jajahufc
Sooooooo EXCITED!!!!
This app couldn't have come at a better time!! Ashford has continued to show improvement and competition in their online learning experience. I commend you all working to make this a success. Thank you  A few suggestions: Landscape mode Ability to save draft discussion posts Ability to delete discussion posts (for the accidental submission that wasn't quite finished ) Upload written assignments Take quizzes See and Sync assignment due dates This is not to take away from the actual website because the business aspect of attending AU still requires we access the full website; however being able to draft discussions, submit papers, and take quizzes will help us keep all of our school work at the tip of our fingers and on schedule for due dates!
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8 years ago, ZiggySmokes
While I was in the middle of writing my introduction I thought it would be quicker to text while holding my phone vertical instead of horizontal. Bad idea, when I did that my whole introduction was no where to be found. I could preview it before posting it but could not continue writing. Guess what this guy has to do now, start all over! Good thing it was only an introduction or I would have thrown my phone across the room hoping it would destroy the app, but then realize I just destroyed my phone. Please fix this bug issue so i can continue doing homework on the go.
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12 years ago, ellymay4ray
Love this app!
I use this app more than my online portal! I was having problems not being able to view my discussions, I simply deleted the app and reinstalled it and everything is working fantastically!!! I do wish the app would work with the rotating screen as it is easier to type longer responses holding the phone sideways. Would also love to see this updated to contain the course guide!
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13 years ago, Magicmemories1
Great app so far
I love having the app so I can keep up on my classmates posts, as far as using the app to post my discussions, there is no word count for the instructors that require a certain amount of words. I also cannot see the weekly tab that says what is due when or the instructor guidance. I would also like to be able to see my financials on the app. Thanks for working to make schooling easier for us! I love Ashford!
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13 years ago, Ffghsfg
I love this app. If they didn't have this app I would be lost. I love the fact that I can be on the go to answer discussion questions. I would give it  if you could upload assignments and takes quizzes. If would be nice if I could save draft for my discussion questions. Considering this is AU first app they did a great job! Hopefully they will upgrade it soon. It would be really nice if you could enable hyperlinks and be able to access your school book.
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13 years ago, Alisha Workman
Okay App
I was excited to find this app since it was hit or miss trying to access the student portal via the website. It makes things so much easier. The only thing it I'd missing is a way to view the week's assignments. That is often what I look at on my iPhone when I am out of the house and am able to do some reading while waiting at the Doctor's office or something of the sort. That is my only complaint. Hope they fix it before I start my Master's program in October!
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11 years ago, C.RODGERS
Needs fixing
This app looks nice and was working fine, but I got it to reply to students' questions on the Ask Your TA board, and I have not been able to use that function and a couple of others for weeks now due to "Error 500." Reps replied a couple of weeks ago that it is a known issue and is being sorted out, but no update as of yet, so this app is pretty useless to me in this state. Some things still function though, so it may work for you.
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11 years ago, Jgriffin8685
I have been using the Ashford app since I enrolled in Ashford University in December of last year. Up until now I have found this app to be essential to my success with Ashford. Now I can't login, which is very upsetting. I currently do not have a working computer, so I have to use this app to complete a great deal of my work. If this isn't resolved soon then it may end up affecting my daily participation in my courses. Every time I try to login, I receive a Lms error. Please fix this so that I may get back to completing my school work. I really count on this app, without it my grades may take a major turn for the worse.
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13 years ago, Dasfjklkgrr
Amazing and love it!!!
I have had times before when my Internet in my home was down and had to use my phone to post discussions. It was very challenging and time consuming to do this. This app is perfect for those time and I appreciate and thank Ashord in their continued efforts to make my schooling experience the best possible. If you attend Ashford you have to get this app!
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13 years ago, Tigress73
Pretty good so far...
Just starting to use it and I love it for what it can do. I cannot access the "required text" for my class...but I download that to iBooks, so not a big deal. I still like posting by typing out in word first, then copying to the website... But in a pinch or to respond to other threads, it's great! Thank you Ashford for providing another tool to help us navigate through our busy lives. :)
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10 years ago, NikkiLeah75
Easy & Convenient
This is a great app that is super easy to use anytime & on the go. You can access the majority of items offered under the student portal. I can check my grades, submit assignments, & even contact my instructors without the need for my laptop. This has come in very handy for me during power outages & natural disasters.
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10 years ago, Dbo362003
There's nothing difficult about this app. Very easy and convenient. allows for me to complete homework and email my teachers and other students when my Internet at home temporarily crashes or is tied up. Everything you can do in the website you can do in this app.
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13 years ago, boogi67
Still a step ahead.
This app is awesome and user friendly. The only reason it gets a four is a update I think should be considered. While I was waiting in the hospital I noticed I cant see the DB that I posted to without either writing it down orlogging in on a computer. I think if they make a way to view the DB posts u made in response to others this app is going to be perfect
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13 years ago, Tip_Toe_icepod
Love this app!
Just started my first class today and I downloaded this app about two days before my class started. I couldn't wait to use it. Now that I am, it's amazing. Everything you need in one place. Couldn't ask for anything more. If you don't have this app and you attend AU you have to get it. Must have. Awesome App!
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12 years ago, ToddB from Tennessee
Great App!
We have finally got a functional app to assist with attending school. This app is the best! We can finally use our pocket computers (phones) for something purposeful. This app does everything you could ask from a mobile application, with regard to attending an online university. Bravo!!!!!
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13 years ago, A-U.Student'15
Can't tell you how exciting it is to finally complete tasks to better my life at my fingertips. I use my iOS devices for everything. I'll rate this a 5 star app once we get a full app. Or few features 1) as you can see (LANDSCAPE) is very important. 2) viewing our assignments and deadlines. 3) at least make it where we can do the 10 question quizzes on the go. 4) access to chapter's, I have to download and sync to iBooks right now as PDF's, So unorganized. Basically I think everyone is trying to get at, "let's us drop the laptop's and gives us the freedom to use our iOS devices to their full potential. Thank you ASHFORD for the first step.
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13 years ago, Greg1067
Credentials not recognized
I've been waiting for the time when I was able AGAIN to use my iPhone to log onto the Ashford site. I lost that ability when the "new enhanced" web site was introduced. This was supposed to be the ticket. But since the app does not recognize my credentials (I tried it twice), once again I am disappointed. Get it fixed Ashford.
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11 years ago, Loki’s Hooman
A blessing!!!
I have used this app since I started 2 years ago! I have had very little issues using it. It has made things so much easier to respond to class discussions, check grades, and now account info. Thank you!!!! I just hope my next school has an app as good as this. :D
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13 years ago, SOB2ST
Been waiting for this for awhile!
Since ashford's web application doesn't work on the iPhone I always found myself struggling if I wanted to get my assignments done when I'm at work. The interface is really nice and it seems to work great! Thank you developers!
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10 years ago, Marcus Blade _ 2020
Great Application
This application is a great companion for those in pursuit of their Education goals. The app is clearly laid out well, with access to all the information needed to be successful in class. I would like to see push notifications added, and the ability to set my own refresh of updated information for the app.
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13 years ago, brandibryant
Wonderful App + Very Accessible For Voice Over Users!
I am a student at Ashford University and I find this app to be pleasant to use while on the go. I am totally blind so I rely on Voice Over in order to use my iPhone and this app is totally accessible! Thank you for such a great and I appreciate how accessible it is. Great work!
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11 years ago, Alexis Jeannie
Loved this app until the update
I have the iPhone 4S and an iPad mini. I used to use the app everyday, but ever since the update I keep getting an LMS error. I thought it might be the website having an error, but I can log in from my laptop. Please fix the login issue so I can continue to do my school work on the go.
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13 years ago, Navymurph
A lifesaver!!!
I have always had trouble keeping up with my posts because there just aren't enough hours in the day. Now I can whittle away at the posts by taking a few minutes here or there. I LOVE this app!!!
Show more
9 years ago, Th1cke
Needs fixing ASAP
This app used to be great when it actually worked and loaded all the current content of the course in real time. But, I noticed I have not been able to log in due to an "Authentication Error" for the last Month. My login hasn't changed since I started attending Ashford. This has become such an inconvenience, since I'm traveling for work majority of the time, and I relied on this app to keep me on track with my assignments. Please fix this bug ASAP!!
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11 years ago, Mandination
Ok app, good tool
I used to use this app all the time to check in on my discussion posts. It is really handy and I liked to be able to review my assignments before I headed home to do them. However, with the latest iOS I've been entirely unable to connect. It's definitely worth a download to try it.
Show more
9 years ago, Madlyn@11☺️
Major issues with this app
With his current upgrade there's major issues. I cannot reply to a discussion board or my fellow classmates on my iPhone. On my iPad it continues to shut down. These issues need to be fixed immediately courses are too expensive for this current application to be acting this way. Please do something about this immediately because when I'm on the go I would like to be able to post to my courses.
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10 years ago, Happilydee
I love my Ashford app mostly because I love being able to check my grades, assignments and upcoming courses on the go which makes it easy to arrange time for them through out my day. This app is fool proof and is super easy to navigate through!
Show more
12 years ago, emttim
Great app for on the go
This app does a great job letting you bring Ashford's class room with you when your on the go. I only gave 4 stars because it lacks the function to take the online quizes - which is a big bummer. Looking forward to when they integrate that ability.
Show more
13 years ago, Mac0819
Not great but do-able
App works great but only for discussions. Developers should make keyboard rotate. Constellation app should be on iPhone too. This app should almost mirror the student portal. But overall it works fine...I still continue to do 75% of my work on it since I'm Military and always going going going...
Show more
10 years ago, Ydl1106
Great app!!
Wow it has everything I need at your fingertips!!! This is super convenient and helpful if you aren't able to access a computer but still want to keep up with your discussions and reading.
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