UCF Mobile

3.7 (85)
38.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
University of Central Florida
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for UCF Mobile

3.69 out of 5
85 Ratings
10 years ago, torr3s123
It's great!
I've downloaded this app when I transferred to UCF from Valencia last year. And it's been perfect! Having Knights Email on here along with Maps (obviously helps get around campus), the Library section is great as it's set for mobile and you're able to make reservations for study rooms through there and it includes maps of the libraries (Main Campus with each individual floor and Rosen College). This recent update (10/16) that is suppose to include MyUCF just jumbled a few of the icons and some of the icons are missing (myUCF and Library) as well. Looks to me that Webcourses is overlapping MyUCF and Social is overlapping the Library icon. People need to move icons around to finally reach them. So hopefully for those who read this will have help!
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6 years ago, A nice mess
I use app for everything.
Everything I do through you CF, I can do on this app. I can even add and drop classes. Are use it to read and answer emails, and to track shuttles. Even the campus map is great. Really, the UCF app has been very helpful – more helpful than the website.
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6 years ago, Amy Singh
New Student
I feel that this app is helpful, however I wish it had more features such as being able to log into your account once and always access your personal content, instead of logging in every time you open the app. In addition, it's missing a lot of resources such as those financially, housing, and schedule building wise.
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2 years ago, Ahmed Shahata
Trash app
So I can tell that the skeleton of this app is great, however the issue comes in with the actual utilization of this app. For example, the “myucf” section of this app is filled with glitches and instability. It’s no better than going on the internet with my phone. Wish they could at least make this app better in the “myucf” section.
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6 years ago, 채다예씨
Icons don’t work
After logging in to myucf, when I clicked the icons on the Student Center page, the page would load but stay on that page. This didn’t happen before. I have to use the Full site icon to access everything. At that point, I might as well use a computer.
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5 years ago, Hdbdjxn
Stupid shuttle app
The GPS on the shuttle is not accurate at all! This is the only purpose for this app and it can’t even do that right! The shuttles on my screen never move, but I hear a shuttle outside leaving! I’ve missed so many shuttles and I’m always late for classes and exams! This is unacceptable for one of the biggest universities in America, invest in a better app!
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6 years ago, UCFALUM
Love it!
I love the UCF Mobile app! It makes finding information about UCF SO easy and I love that the app highlights events like Pegasus Palooza and Homecoming!
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4 years ago, erinatthedisco
frustrating & needs a bug fix or two
the myucf tab and the knights email tab never load all the way and those are the only two things i use the app for... please fix this. i get rerouted so many times with the knights email tab it's so frustrating. what's the point of having an app if it's slower than leaving the room, rebooting a computer, opening a web browser and logging in to knights email there???
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3 years ago, Ryan_B__58
The app is very useful, and is required to fill the Covid checker when walking to class. Unfortunately the app keeps crashing.
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6 years ago, le_leche
This app is fine and great when you’re not on campus, but campus WiFi is so garbage and incompatible with it. Soooo if you need a shuttle to go home, just wing it. Don’t even bother trying to open the app on campus honestly lol
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4 years ago, Dominica Brendan
Horrible for iPad
I always have trouble accessing my UCF mail on this app. Other categories within the app gives trouble too
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5 years ago, Media smoke
Necessary but unusable
The app can’t stay open for more than a couple minutes without crashing making it almost useless.
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6 years ago, Vic7777777
Always problems with shuttle app
As I write this, have been waiting for Route 6 bus over 15 min and shuttle tracker shows two bus #611 driving off to nowhere...
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3 years ago, Kmahala16
Won’t open
I can’t open the app even though I can download it. Every time I try to open the app it starts to open and then shuts off.
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3 years ago, worthy opinion
MyUCF Awful Interface
Only a tiny screen appears when I open MyUCF, and it gets smaller the longer I use it
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5 months ago, alphacentari70
Nice non existent updates, you can tell how much they care. How about making a functional app.
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6 years ago, Johngilll
I always have problems using the shuttle app... I just wait for the bus to get to the stop because the the section always has a glitch.
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4 years ago, otherrick
Piece of garbage
Much like the MyUCF website, the app is trash. Only worse. Stick to desktop. UCF web design baby! Go Knights! Total garbage.
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4 years ago, Brook Stoner
Works half the time
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3 years ago, dylan blackkk
The design is honestly bad… imagine their web design classes 😂 Wordpress 😂😂
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12 years ago, Amanda M A
Neat neat neat
I'm so exited this app came out! Everything is streamline and way easier than accessing webcourses through a phone browser. The course grades look good and show percentages as well as point values. It's faster to go from one thing to the next since its all in the app and you're not having to load a new web page every for every link you want. The library part is neat because it shows you the study room availability by library floor level. The events part is neat and and can be seperated by category to show you only what you want. I think it might increase awareness and attendance for events with this app making it easy to view. Overall I'm in love
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12 years ago, dknwhy
Webcourses needs work!
I'm able to access all course information except the Webcourses email specific to each course, but this section of the app need improvement. There is no indicator of new content (like there is in the online version) which pretty much defeats the purpose for me. Also, when you select "Discussions" you can see all of the response threads, but not the verbiage for the actual discussion item...so if there are no responses to what the professor wrote when the discussion was added, that item is basically empty. For example, one of my profs started a new discussion about the study guide for the midterm and wrote an entire paragraph description for new discussion, but I can only see the title...not anything else she wrote. I hope some updates are forthcoming.
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8 years ago, Intabih
Great app for school!
There are two things I mainly use the app for: myUCF for access to my student account and the parking information. The parking info gives a percentage for how full the garages are and if needed, you can find the Park and Ride lots. UCF Mobile got a 4/5 because the campus map is buggy at times, bringing up all pins instead of the building I searched for. I like that you can see your location on the map, it has come in very handy at the beginning of the semester!
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12 years ago, iluvpink26
Needs improvement
Wish I could access course email for each class! I have to log on to my computer to check this but can do everything else on my phone. This is so frustrating!!! Changes here would be great! Also you should be able to have the discussion area set up like the computer. It would be great not to have to scroll through all post to see which ones have new comments! I would like to see an area where people have commented on my posts. These improvements would make the app more user-friendly!
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10 years ago, Emily Ritter
Great for new students
This is great for people who don't know how to get around the main campus. The GPS is very accurate and even shows side walks as well as a search for buildings and department feature so you can see how to get to places like your dorm. The main issue I have is it is kinda hard to navigate the web course section.
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9 years ago, Emyli322
I like the app. It does a good job of making everything very simple and accessible. BUT I don't like that it automatically SIGNS you OUT of your UCF Portal even though you're still on the app. Like its my phone, every time I go on the app, I'll be the only one using it. I don't want to have to resign into my Portal every time I open the app, it's supposed to be easy access, if I wanted to continuously sign into my portal then I would go on my internet browser....7 Other than that it's good. :)
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12 years ago, dito33
Great app
This is a great app for ucf students, it has a lot of helpful information but the only thing that would make this app better is being able to access your knights email account from the app. I always have to use my computer or mobile browser to check my knights email
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11 years ago, j mccray
Not that bad
I like how I can stay updated with events and such. The reason it goes to canvas is because that is what UCF is using now instead of webcourses
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10 years ago, 2011 alumnus
Text too small to read
I am a UCF alumnus and downloaded the app to keep up with the UCF events calendar and news. However, the text in the Events and News sections is so small it hurts to read it, or the text gets cut off after 3 words, making an event or news headline useless. Plus the app won't switch to landscape mode to make the text larger. Please fix the interface so the events and news headlines are readable..Disappointed :(
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13 years ago, AntoinetteD
Premature excitement
9/26 - Had to update my review because the Webcourses feature hasn't been functional since my first use in late August. Sent feedback and haven't received a single response. 8/31 - I love the new updates. Being able to access my Webcourses through the app so helpful. Yes, I was able to do it through Safari, but the content display wasn't the most mobile-friendly. I am already recommending it to all the Apple users I know.
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12 years ago, DumpyPoop
Nice interface, if...
This app seems like it would be very useful and easy to use if it actually worked. The most important function on the app is the WebCourses section in my opinion, and it will not let me sign on, and I have had this problem since I downloaded it over a week ago. If this problem was fixed, 4 stars easy but if your looking for an easy to access WebCourses or MyUCF, don't waste a download.
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13 years ago, J.P.G
Although the overall look and feel of the app is great, it lacks many of the features that it should have; at least being able to access myUCF.
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13 years ago, KDUB™
Updates please?
Videos and images aren't really necessary. Can we get myUCF at least? Other features that would benefit would be if I could see my schedule and call my professor or TA right from the page, a page of upcoming arena events, bus schedules, food schedules, course offerings for the semester... It's okay, but it really needs more functionality for students.
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12 years ago, Sgt McFunky
Much better update!
Thank you for updating the app. It adds plenty of new features including a campus map. It make finding location on campus much easier now. Keep up the good work devs!
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6 years ago, KikiOct05
I don’t expect this app to be spectacular or anything, it gets the job done and has relatively accurate bus info. But right now, it appears that the app just isn’t working (for iOS), and it’s extremely frustrating. I tried re-downloading it and it remained the same. Please fix this ASAP !!
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9 years ago, stevenpetryk
Maps don't work
On iPhone 5s, the map tiles are all in the wrong places. This is quite a significant problem, since the map is such an often used feature. Also, it would be nice if the app saved state upon closing. It's annoying how the map forgets what building I had selected whenever I switch out of the app.
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9 years ago, LunarLazuli
Great but has a huge Problem
This is a great app because it's very useful. However, when I tried to open the map to find out the location of a building, I found that the map was all messed up. It used to work great. Please fix this.
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6 years ago, Kileykat
Works perfectly
It finally works on my phone, it’s extremely useful.
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7 years ago, Fioopyrd
bro this app is soo sucky you're lucky if u can even get into the app half the time... and when you do it doesnt let you get into anything but the Knights mail.. the myucf part which would be extremely freaking helpful doesnt let u log in it, they need to do major bug fixes in this app cause its almost completely useless
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13 years ago, Wishing for Vocals
Looks Promising
All I can hope for is great future updates. Secure Blackboard login, calander of events, etc. As of now, its great!
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12 years ago, kaylaguidry
So glad to have this app instead of navigating the myucf website on my phone. Saves a lot of time.
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11 years ago, Doria63
No more Webcourses?!
A great app and makes everything much more convenient for a UCF student but why does clicking webcourses take you to download an app called "Canvas"?? Please fix this! That was the main thing I used this app for!!
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8 years ago, Ian531
Was good new update broke it entirely
App did exactly what it needed to until I updated my OS to iOS 10, and updated to the current version of the app, now whenever I open it it'll load for a couple seconds and just close it self. Hoping for a hot fix, at which point I'll delete this review.
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12 years ago, bobsaidwzob
Needs to have the bus tracking and should be able to see which parking garages are full and open.
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13 years ago, mZzTT
more features please
It would be great to also get the shuttle locations on this app. so we don't have to constantly go to the website
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8 years ago, AyeYoSteezy
Great app
This app makes it very easy for me to quickly address virtually anything school related remotely.
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8 years ago, ChristocentricLiving
Not really working 😕
With all respect, this is less critical but some help that I need. The app doesn't work when I enter my NID information. I want to access my application status; please fix. I'll edit my rating when fixed. God bless…
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13 years ago, RyanAlday
Haven't been able to use the app for webcourses yet, and I've been trying for over a week. No one else is having this problem? It'd be nice to be able to open full PDFs instead of just the first page that safari let's you do.
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9 years ago, Dragon_Lover_7
New update???
The new update is very funky. Words overlaying other words? I cannot look at my email anymore from the new update as well.
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11 years ago, jreneeg
Webcourses messed up?
I used this app often last semester to check in on webcourses. After just downloading the new update, webcourses is taking me to a photo canvas app...?? I hope this gets fixed before school starts back up otherwise the app is useless to me.
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