Udemy Online Video Courses

4.7 (75.8K)
126 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Udemy Online Video Courses

4.75 out of 5
75.8K Ratings
5 years ago, Ryneezy481
Offline viewing needs work
The offline viewing doesn’t download lectures efficiently. When queueing the videos to download and selecting multiple courses to download, it tries to download everything in parallel and clogs up the internet stream slowing download speed to a stop which would be faster if videos downloaded one by one. Also it says courses are finished downloading in downloaded courses but its really not completely downloaded. It doesn’t even show a percentage of how much of the course is downloaded. I think offline downloading if made efficiently could help udemy’s website from having too many requests at once from people rewatching already streamed videos. It would be helpful if a stream could be downloaded while watching to save time. Other than offline problems the lectures, tests, and videos work really well on the app. I just hope there is an update to fix the download course option.
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3 years ago, dbrock1958
Love Udemy....but not the app.
I absolutely love Udemy. I’m beginning to hate the app. They apparently once had an app for Apple TV but decided to abort it once apple developed the ability to airplay or cast your videos to the Apple TV from the iPhone. However, you can only cast from an iOS device and not a computer. Annoying, but that part isn’t necessarily Udemy’s fault. Udemy has a feature where you can increase the playback speed of the video. It’s great for instructors who talk slowly or for a lesson you might already be pretty familiar with but only want to brush up on. Well, when you increase this playback speed and then cast to your Apple TV, you may or may not have audio. More likely you won’t. I have to continually hit pause, play, pause, play, pause, play until the audio finally kicks in. I have to do this for each lecture. Additionally, if you pause a lecture for more than a few seconds, the Udemy app decides to start playing again on it’s own, but the real fun part is that it doesn’t start playing from where you paused, it jumps to an entirely new lecture. Need to go to the bathroom? Don’t pause it! Unless you want to spend the next 15 minutes trying to figure out where you actually left off. These issues are quite annoying and really affect the productivity of the learning process.
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4 years ago, Nsxlane
Mostly Great - Has issues with Bluetooth
The content on Udemy is first class, so that part is 5 star. So this review is just for the iPhone app. You can easily play content, and download to play off line, that is very good. It has a couple of quirks, though, and one deficiency. Quirk 1: you can’t play/pause using Bluetooth. I’ll qualify that to say that you can play, but not pause. I tested with Apple AirPods and Bose Quiet Comfort and neither could pause. This is inconvenient, because sometimes I’ll have my phone plugged in and will be listening to a lecture and I have to walk over to the phone to pause. Quirk 2: The “my courses” section will sometimes just appear empty. If I close & reopen the app, it refreshes and I see my courses. I think the app doesn’t gracefully handle being connected/disconnected from Internet access and then doesn’t properly display content. Deficiency: You can’t bookmark or see bookmarks in the app. These exist in a full Internet browser, and are very useful. I often use my phone for watching lectures though so I can multitask when the lecture doesn’t require a hands on activity - then I go back to my laptop when needed. I would like for the app to have bookmarks that are synced to Udemy so that they appear for me everywhere.
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5 years ago, Wtatu
No download!!
I doubt I would have purchased products on Udemy if I had known how their set up was. most of their products can only be streamed or downloaded to the mobile app but no desktop downloads! they say due to piracy issues, completely understandable but the streaming software is buggy and needs to be updated. I stream video from the usual places Netflix etc. without issue in HD but Udemy software is constantly buffering and won’t load making it impossible to use their courses. And I have tried to download courses to the mobile app multiple times. on three different devices, Over different Wi-Fi’s and on phone data plan. I’ve tried downloading different courses to mobile device without success, downloads will usually complete around halfway to 3/4 and then stop and never finished downloading the rest of the way. Since streaming capabilities are clearly not up to par, they should make downloading an option to desktop, otherwise they should notify people before purchasing that you’re only allowed to “rent” their courses since if I cannot download it I technically don’t own it. It’s truly unfortunate because they offer many great courses at very reasonable prices. I feel like they just need to be upfront about how their product is distributed.
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3 years ago, Lordtmy
Last update broke the app, why would you make it worse?
The app used to work fine. I could download videos and press play, they would just play in the background no problem. Now the app constantly gives me the alert Low memory even when playing downloaded videos. I deleted the app and reinstalled and still have the same problem. I have over 2 GB of free memory on my phone and no other apps running and this still happens. I can’t control which part of the video I want to watch from Lock Screen, the slider is disabled now even though it worked before. Also because of the low memory error that is incorrect it cannot keep playing on to the next video. So when I want to play videos in the background I have to: Unlock my phone, open the app, press ok on the low memory error, click to the course I was just in, click the next video, click okay AGAIN on the low memory error that pops up immediately, turn off my phone (which causes the video to pause even though play on background is on) press play then press play a second time because the first time changes the icon to the pause icon but doesn’t actually unpause the video. Seriously, the app was working fine before, how do you keep making it worse everytime you update it?!
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3 years ago, darlirium
Poor UX on iOS
I am not quite sure why the UI is so bad on Apple iPhone 11 or on my iPad Pro; I only know it is bad. The app has lots of rendering issues switching from the vertical to the horizontal view. Today, the list of sections for the AWS CPP exam are being rendered incorrectly. Video clips actually appear under the wrong section in both views. I’m uncertain how to fix this. I checked and I am on the latest version and there are no pending bug fixes for this behavior that I can see. Also, pausing the app has been a problem since I started using it last Summer for training. If I pause it and come back after an hour or so, I always have to reboot the app. Otherwise it sits there unresponsive to any request. I often resort to just using the Udemy website for my phone or iPad because the app is that poor. I have found the desktop version of the site with my old Dell laptop running Ubuntu Chrome has actually been best. I wish that was not the case because I would like to use the iOS app with my phone and AirPods as I work around the house on mindless things like mowing grass or cleaning. Please fix UI issues for a better UX folks because I really enjoy your courses. Thanks!
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5 months ago, Mckaaa
The browser experience is absolute trash
I’m downloading this app because I’m basically forced to, given the quality of the experience watching courses on my desktop. I bought course for the first time on Udemy, and I was confused as to why the videos appeared to be in 480p/360p quality, despite me setting it to 1080p. I did some research and found a reddit post about a month old, with frequent comments on it up to today, with people experiencing the same issue. Udemy support has responded to the concerns of these people by saying that fixing this web playback issue is “not high priority” since they want to prioritize mobile app development. I cannot understand this logic. The whole point of my purchase was to watch tutorials at my desktop. When I cannot see the text clearly, it largely ruins the experience of having video tutorials in the first place. Even if Udemy fixes this issue, I don’t believe I can trust Udemy to provide me with a high quality experience in the future. When the main purpose of your service is to stream videos that educators want to provide to learners, actively ignoring a core issue with the browser streaming service is something that I completely do not understand.
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6 years ago, Xohmer
Bugs, Bugs and more Bugs
I think the developers should take advantage of some of the fine IOS development courses offered at Udemy. And perhaps some of the UI/UX courses. App is very buggy. Crashes randomly. Screen would rotate 180 degrees (up side down) when you play the preview videos. Have to rotate device back and forth to “fix” the the issue. Sometimes the next video in the course would play automatically. Other times, not. Need to restart app to restore functionality sometimes. Would also like to see it updated to support newer devices such as the 2018 iPad Pro I am using. Would also like to see some of the functionalities such as the playback speed and captioning options made more easily accessible (e.g. directly on the screen overlay along with the playback buttons). I believe these functions are used often enough given the nature of the contents (i.e. training courses) that they deserve to be in a more accessible location rather than behind another menu. I would even suggest some gesture controls for skipping backwards and forwards instead making the user try to push tiny buttons that are a miss half the time.
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1 year ago, Kvergottini
2 suggestions to address pain points
The first is to provide an easy to find place to give suggestions. Perhaps you have a place to give suggestions, but after 10 minutes of fiddling with your website, I can’t find it. So, hence, why I am writing it here in hopes you will see it. The second suggestion, which was my original suggestion, is to put the length of each course (hours/minutes) at the top of the “About” section of the course. I can see this information before I purchase it, but not after for some reason. There are plenty of times I have wanted to look and see how long a course is after I purchased it, and I cannot find that information where I expect it, which would be in the “About” course description section. I have to go back and look at the course in your catalog, as if I haven’t purchased it yet, and look at the description there, which is just annoying. Please fix these two things and I will update my review to 5 stars.
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5 years ago, fridaymax
Content is pretty good. App is a bad experience.
If there is an option to turn auto play off on mobile, I can’t find it. Very annoying to open a course and have a random video immediately start playing. I transition between the app and desktop site and progress has a hard time syncing so, no, I don’t want to pick up where you think I left off. Honestly, I’d like to read the title of the lecture before jumping in or even may want to rewatch the last one to get my bearings. I’d like to choose which lecture I want to watch next as nearly all courses I watch have modules that can be watched out of order. This is basic UX. Clicking on a course should take me to a course. If I want to watch a vid, I’ll click on the vid or a play button. I don’t need you to unintuitively skip steps for me. There is no way to check your progress without auto playing a lecture. Have also had issues recently where the majority of my lectures did’t load over WiFi, and numbering was completely off. Couldn’t pick up where I left off. Auto played a random vid. Downloading vids and actually being able to watch them is hit or miss.
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4 years ago, ilkxtian
It’s a great platform with so many things to learn. Not all of them are good or relavent but so is everything else around us. If you put in time to look for a good lesson you’ll find plenty. Don’t be discouraged by the reviews, try it yourself. I learned to play a guitar from here. And I’m actually learning trading. So be your own judge. Self education is the key. Never stop learning ✌️ Tip: When the lessons are expensive don’t buy, wait for the promotion. Just add it to your cart or waitlists then check in daily to see the price. You might buy a course of $199 for less than $20 😎🤗 From a student perspective, I would like to also take this opportunity to thank everyone that takes their time to make these videos for people that are eager to learn like me. Thank so much 🙏. You’re life savers. (Everyone has their opinion about the app, I’m just expressing mine in regards to my experience with it 😅)
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6 years ago, Ifelsethenthis
Great Courses, TERRIBLE app
Some days I literally regret spending my money at udemy. I am a delivery driver and work 2 jobs. All of my learning is on the go, it’s the only way I have time to further my programming skills. With the udemy app, turning my screen on/off will crash the app, it’s slow as turtles to load back up, then I’ll have duplicate videos in my course, the spot I left off on never picks back up where it should, and the videos THEMSELVES freeze and I have to pause/play it again to make it play. I mean, it’s really ridiculous. For a company dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge I feel it’s just insane that the mobile app is written so poorly with so many bugs. Dissapointing. On the flip side, the instructors and courses in udemy are top notch. They really are, and that’s why I continue spending my money here. Just PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, fix the app. EDIT: Today, I bought a new course and I cannot even access it. Even restarted my phone. The button on the course page says buy now, and when I click it it says this has already been paid for and will restore for free, then it just says processing on the udemy app.
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6 years ago, Wessa70
So disappointed...
I have been a Udemy user for over a year... I have recently upgraded my iPhone to the 8 plus version and after reinstalling the Udemy app I was unable to log in. That being said, I requested an email to reset my password in case my bonehead self forgot it... which happens. THAT being said, I have yet to receive an email and have subsequently tried to request help on multiple occasions over the past few days and have not been able to resolve this issue. I’m so upset thinking that now I’ve lost all the courses I’ve paid for and some really cool free courses as well. I wish there was an actual person that I could talk with to help me resolve all of this... I’m really, really bummed about the whole mess... That being said, there was a time I would have given this app 5+ stars, not so much now. I feel cheated and disappointed...
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4 years ago, Travismt
Great courses, but some strange bugs.
Ok so let me just say now that the issue that I am having may be totally on my end; but it seems like whenever I try to watch any videos for the course, nothing loads, like my internet has just completely gone out, and it takes me upwards of 20 minutes to load a 7 minute course video. On top of that, whenever I have the app open at all, even it it’s just in the background, nothing on my device loads properly. However once I close the app, everything is back to normal. My internet connection and speed are fine, and videos load absolutely fine on the website. Again the issue may be on my end but it happens too consistently with this one app for me to just write it off as a coincidence, possibly just an optimization issue of some kind? Anyways I love the content and I genuinely think that there is a lot of potential here but until this issue is resolved, I think I’ll stick to using the website.
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3 years ago, T-hunter121
Fix Your App. No excuses.
This is completely unacceptable performance for an app for courses people have paid to take. The app is terrible, won’t let users log in, lags, errors out during video lectures. I have seen person after person bring up these issues but you pretend like they aren’t happening or like they’re some kind of user error. Your customers are not being paid to do QA work for you. It isn’t the responsibility of customers to bring these bugs to your attention. And even when they do, your feedback is “please contact support”. No. Fix your app so people can have access to the courses they purchased. You had time to update your logo, but in the several months I’ve been trying to use your app, you couldn’t find time to fix the major bugs? And judging by the reviews, these issues have been going on for a long time. I got the latest update in hopes that you had finally made the necessary fixes, but actually now it’s completely unusable. This isn’t okay and I won’t be recommending Udemy to anyone or purchasing any more courses until this is resolved.
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3 years ago, Dmahf14
Some good courses. Bad UI
The UI doesn’t give the option to go back to all your courses once you’re in one. The only work around seems to be to close the application to get back to the Home Screen which will show your menu options at the bottom. A bit frustrating but otherwise nice to have a dedicated app, instead of using the web app. **update** in response to the developer. The small button the the top right corner is there on the initial video. However, when the next video is automatically played, the button disappears. Hopefully, that helps you guys troubleshoot the bug. Also. The UI does not show courses you get with the Udemy pro subscription. To find them you need to take a lot of steps instead of just having it appear in your “my courses”. Once you do find the course and start it, it doesn’t show up in your my courses. Also to find the practice tests, which show up on a drop down on a web browsers, isn’t an option. So you need to manually find the practice course.
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5 years ago, The Armed Artist
The App was good...
The App was good, worked without issues, and deserved 5 Stars...until about a month or two ago. When I try to click on anything regarding the videos (resuming my current video, clicking on the courses to select a new video, closing the app to answer a phone call or text and then reopening it, etc.) there seems to be nothing but bugs, even though there have been several updates. The videos won’t load, regardless of what connection I’m using. If they do load, sometimes the screen is black while the audio is still playing. And when I go to my courses to pick a different video, all videos in the courses are listed several times. As in, each is listed three times before the next one is listed. And that repeats for the whole course. In some cases, the section names are also off. I’ll be working in the HTML section of the course for example, and it will say JavaScript, which is actually the next sections title. Please update the App so it works again, since like most people, I watch/listen to it when I’m commuting to work, on my lunch, and don’t have access to my computer.
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5 years ago, Travelin_Man
Some great courses. Buggy App!
The site, it’s content and individual courses is for another review. This review is for this mobile app which has been very frustrating for past 6+ months I’ve used it. Updates never address these problems! - Sometimes lectures won’t download. Maybe entire section downloads but one lecture in that section is impossible to download. - Sometimes I study for hours with no problems. Other times a video won’t load, I try on cellular instead of WiFi still no good. I relaunch the app, trying again, and now when I go to my course and I start to scroll through to find where I left off (a separate annoying feature) I find that each section has only 1 lecture listed underneath making 99% of the course invisible. The only solution I have found to this is throwing my phone across the room and running udemy in a browser on my laptop. Considering I’m using Udemy to learn computer coding and I need my whole screen space for the project this is very frustrating.
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1 year ago, horselife4evr
Horrible app with absolutely no customer support
I purchased a course on here and within the course there was pdf resources with links to them. I could not open one single resouce, every time I clicked on them he only thing that would happen is the text color would change. I tried to find any way to contact them for help and could not find anything other than the FAQ. I found where I could request a refund and i clicked the box that said technical difficulties with the platform. It then asked me to explain what went wrong and only gave the option for credits rather than going back onto my card. As soon as I hit submit looking for some kind of help i no longer had access to the course. I really wanted the course so when I went to find it again it was $24 more expensive than before. I begrudgingly purchased it again hoping the resources would work and sadly I’m still left with not being able to access them AND I still can not find any way of getting real customer support to help me, even though I’m a paying customer.
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4 years ago, Intricatenature
Courses Deleted if you get a new device!!!
I just upgraded my iPhone and tried to re-install Udemy. I only have two e-mail addresses and I tried both, yet Udemy did not send the recovery password when I requested it to either e-mail. Support said to check spam, there were 0 e-mails on either account. I tried Facebook login, Google login, Apple login and e-mail login. None of them had my courses attached. How do all the courses I paid for and my account just go “missing”? I contacted support which took forever for them to respond and they also acted like I purposely deleted my account (why would I want to get rid of almost $100 worth of purchases?) Yeah, I did create an account — trying to find my past account and I deleted it because there were no classes associated with the account. Why can’t you reinstate classes that people purchased if YOU have a glitch? I even tried resetting my phone and re-installing the app. Nothing worked. Don’t waste your money on these “lifetime access” courses and don’t change your devices unless you want your account wiped from their system with no record of your purchases.
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3 years ago, MGfromVA
Good app, mobile version missing functionality
Overall, this app is good and I’m glad I found it. There are a lot of courses to choose from and pricing is great when you hit a sale. That being said, the mobile app is missing some functionality I’d like to see. A few suggestions below: I use a lot of music theory and instrument lesson courses. I wish there was an option to loop/automatically repeat a video for backing tracks in lessons. I’m sure this could also be useful for other course types as well. It would be great to be able to save individual lessons into a Favorites section for easy reference later and maybe even be able to organize them into handy playlists. Favorites could also be marked and categorized as favorites within the main course lesson list for even more visibility of lessons you want to be able to find quickly. I also don’t see a Downloads section to easily access lessons that have been downloaded. The auto play feature is temperamental and some times just doesn’t work. The lessons I’ve completed often reset and look as if they haven’t been finished. And scrolling through the sections and lessons of large courses can become cumbersome when nothing is highlighted or marked correctly. Adding a Favorites feature and fixing up the completed lesson highlighting would help a lot with being able to organize the course structure.
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5 years ago, dizz1e
Great Company, App needs work
I love Udemy. I have several courses and most of them have significantly helped in my line of work and various hobbies. That said, I primarily use the web version over the app. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a total app nerd and ideally I’d be using the Udemy app for all my learning. However, there are various problems/bugs that keep it from being my go-to. First off, I am running it on an iPhone XS Max with iOS beta software 12.4. So keep that in mind while I rant. It could just be the phone OS that’s causing the problems. The most irritating of the bugs is the duplication of listed lessons. For example. Every so often when I go to a course, all the lessons are duplicated so that they show up in the order: 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, etc. I have to log out and back in to resolve the issue. The next issue I’m having is that sometimes when I try to download a lesson for offline viewing, it will stop almost immediately and tell me “Download Cancelled”. And finally, I’m not fond of the fact that part of the screen is cut off when viewing lessons in landscape mode on my iPhone. It’s a very small portion that is cut off, but sometimes I need to see that portion. And to do so I have to scroll the screen down. Overall I love what Udemy offers. It’s easily my favorite platform for learning new skills and improving old ones. As soon as the app gets up to speed with the browser experience, I’ll be all over it.
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6 years ago, HappiestMeal
Great course, bad app
The course I am taking is great, if this were a review about content it would be an easy 5 Star. Unfortunately I can’t give it a good review because the app makes it very difficult to access the great content. Perhaps is because my phone is an older iPhone (iPhone 5), but the app will regularly fail me in a variety of ways. Sometimes it won’t let me select previous lessons, sometimes I can’t select the current lesson after reviewing a previous lesson, sometime the video won’t load at all, and the download feature never works. Sometimes everything works perfectly giving me a glimpse of the experience I could be having (except the download feature). Today’s experience has been the most frustrating because no amount of closing the app and reopening it has helped, it still refuses to load the video. The apps biggest saving grace is that the mobile website is even worse. It’s a shame because I love the course but it doesn’t mater how nice the product is if I can’t access it.
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3 years ago, DSend
Miserable App Experience.
The courses on Udemy are great. This app is not. I truly cannot understand how the development team still have jobs -- perhaps they don't, as it feels as though everyone was fired after a month of work on this wretched, buggy hellscape of an app. There are an ABSURD number of bugs. Too many to list here. But they make the user experience utterly horrible and not conducive to learning. Trying to take notes is impossible; Every time I switch between this app and my note taking app, Udemy crashes. I can't even use the miniplayer feature while taking notes. Nope. It crashes. Want to adjust the speed? Crash. If you're lucky, the video just bugs out. Want to go to the next lecture? The app locks up. Learning to use this app isn't a matter of becoming familiar with the UI, but rather learning your way around the constant barrage of glitches, freezes, and crashes. Shockingly, gut-wrenchingly poor quality overall. I truly cannot wrap my head around the sheer incompetence of everyone involved in this app's development.
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4 years ago, mtiedeman831
iPad version is lacking
Long time course creeper taking advantage of the COVID-19 lockdown to actually go through a class: character design! Perfect to do on the iPad with the special pencil, right? No, because they haven’t optimized it for iPad. The video keeps playing when I switch screens and *attempts* to do what other videos do and squish into the bottom right corner, and then it nopes out (still playing of course). Trying to go back and forth was rough since the video “forgot” all the data except where I left of and would have to reload every time I switched back. Downloading the course counters this just fine. I also noticed that Q&A comments that were clearly supposed to have photos attached didn’t show the photos! (kind of important in an art course...) Other than that, currently no issues. Edit: also, please don’t assume I want to jump right into videos when I click a course. I’d much rather see something more akin to a simple dashboard.
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3 years ago, Omnivoid
Absolutely Love!
As a full time Dad,Husband,Employee,Entrepreneur,and Student Udemy could not be anymore convenient. I listen to my lectures while at work and use the videos later for not taking etc if I don’t quite understand the first time through. The courses are much cheaper than conventional learning methods and I can complete them at my own pace without the stress of deadlines and even if I finish a course I can always revisit later just in case I’d like to refresh my knowledge. My only note is that I would love to see a podcast alternative for those with busy schedules but that is a minor concern since of course you may take your time and watch as you see fit. I plan on continuing to purchase and learn from Udemy until I have completed all courses of my interests. Thank you for reading and I hope this helps.
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6 years ago, Diz-Eh
Video UI is buggy on iPad Pro 12.9
While I love the service and have purchased several helpful courses on the platform, I have found it increasingly hard to stomach using the service for it’s poor interface on iPad Pro. The app WILL show content, and it plays the video almost perfectly. The problem is the buttons for 15-second skipping do not work, and the entire interface is lowered far lower than what I believe was intended. This makes the video player feel dated and unfocused, which hurts the experience a good bit. I tend to use this app when working on courses, as my desktop screen is used for the applications I’m learning. So far, I love the app and it’s delivery of the service. It just desperately needs an input revamp. Fixing those 15-second skip buttons, raising the input area and adding two finger pinch-controls for full screen mode would warrant a 5 star review from me! Thanks!
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5 years ago, Vkng90
Udemy is AWESOME but the mobile app is disappointing
I love Udemy and use it constantly for work training and improving on my personal hobbies. In the browser, the UI is pretty good, the site works amazingly (it very rarely has technical glitches that amount to anything more than minor inconvenience), and the breadth of quality content is incredible. However, I’ve had a lot of trouble with the mobile app in the very brief time I’ve been using it. The screen gets very fuzzy and often stays that way for a long time so text and images are blurry, which makes it hard to see what the instructor is talking about; this happens in the browser sometimes, but never lasts more than a few seconds (< 5) before coming into focus. The other issue is that the audio keeps cutting out or falling behind, which I’ve never experienced in the browser. One of the best things about Udemy is the ability to change the speed of the video content—It should not be offered in the mobile format if the app can’t adjust the playback properly. The only “fix” I’ve seen for this is to click the “rewind 15 seconds” button, which wouldn’t be so bad if it were only once in awhile, but I’ve found myself having to do it several times even throughout the same video. I hope they are able to fix/improve this app, but for now I may just go back to browser-only use.
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3 years ago, Iamb rock
Basically a video player that fails at playing video.
Pros: I love being able to continue where I left off, mid sentence, when switching between my 8th Gen iPad, iPhone X, or PC. It seems to handle this well. Option to increase playback speed has proven to be very useful. I wish it was an on screen option instead of a behind a menu, but I’m not complaining. Cons: The bugs. Often with 20 seconds or so left on my iPad or phone, the video will freeze and audio will cut out, but the timer will continue to progress. The only solutions are to fast forward and rewind or switch to another video and reload the current. Thankfully it remembers your place. This happens on my iPad and iPhone. Also when multitasking you will come back to a black screen. If this happens you have to reload the video or the app. Also I do frequently get “Out of memory” errors on my iPhone X, even with all other apps closed. To think that a video playing app would be the one app to bring my phone to its knees is surprising... One feature suggestion would be to create some sort of bookmarked videos. There are often lessons I need to focus on and I’d love to have a playlist of those specific videos. If that’s a current festive, I haven’t found it. The bugs are the biggest issues though. I’m having to constantly babysit it to keep it functional. Great job on many of the things. Please fix the others. Thanks,
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4 years ago, Elite Reviews
Love Udemy! But this version of the iOS app has a lot of problems
A note to the developer: You need to handle when your app is suspended or paused in the middle of a video. The app does not respond after it is suspended (and sometimes after the video is paused for a while even) and a user goes to another app. The app has to be restarted in order to work. It is a very frustrating UX experience. Fortunately for me, the iPad I am using is a relatively recent model so that process is quite fast, but the video buttons not responding after the app is paused is really a nuisance. Please fix it. Otherwise I would rate this 5 stars. It’s a shame because Udemy has a great library of courses that I use quite often, only for the high regards I have for Udemy to be diminished due to the quality of the iOS app.
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4 years ago, Ivonne👑
Hello, I just wanted to take some time and say that Udemy has truly changed my life I love the concepts of being able to learn from your home with your laptop or on the go on your phone it’s fantastic! But I do have a question about being a Udemy Student, of course now a-days everyone works apart from going to school.. with that being said I do view Udemy as a School since I am a “Udemy Student”, I’d like to file taxes as a student (currently I am 20yrs of age)I have the receipts for my courses payments but this is not enough. I’ve been on the help page read through all the FAQs and haven’t found one on this topic yet. I want to know if I am able to get a “School Letter” that states that I am attending the Udemy school, where it states my completed and on going courses along with its pricing, date purchased, date course was begun by student, course length (hours). This would be immensely helpful, and to say I’d view this as a way to a huge blowup for the Udemy company 5 stars from me because I love Udemy.. honestly I’m not going back to college when I learn more on Udemy in a month than a semester in college. LETS GO UDEMY! P.s please help me !
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4 years ago, natenrb9
App in a sorry state
As many have mentioned, the Udemy courses are amazing. I have taken a TON of them. I love Udemy. The app has been great in the past. Unfortunately right now it is worthless. Currently 2 big problems: 1. Sound and video is constantly cutting out, which makes it completely unusable. I know it isn’t the course because the same course works perfectly on the web. 2. I thought it possibly had to do with streaming (even though I have a great internet connection), so I downloaded the course. Unfortunately this didn’t help the video issues, and when I tried to watch with no internet it has a huge “no internet connection” completely useless notification that doesn’t go away at the bottom of the screen and blocks video controls when watching if full screen mode... To developer: Yes I completely deleted my app and reinstalled, same issue. I also restarted my iPad Pro. Please fix ASAP and I will gladly update my review. Udemy devs, you would probably benefit from taking the amazing courses your company sells...
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5 years ago, Student91
No offline playback on iPad Pro
I downloaded a whole course but for some reason the app is deleting the video right when I make the selection to watch the video, rather than when I’ve finished watching the video. This means that there is basically no offline viewing of the material, even though I spent the time to download it. Please fix this bug. Also need an option to retain videos even after watching. The course I have recommends one go through watching and a second following along. With the setup now, I have to download each video twice, rather than just being able to download and retain until I’m done with them. edit: Got a response from the developer, but it didn’t address the problem of deleting already downloaded videos. This problem exists when you are totally offline, no WiFi, no cell connection. After reading other reviews it seems like a problem that has existed since at least December of last year. I hope they address it soon and will update my rating if they do.
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6 years ago, Jreme99
“Downloaded” Content Issues
I use the Udemy App on my iPad, and as far as the general use, interface, and all that goes, no complaints. The problem comes when I’m trying to watch “downloaded” coarse content. I like to download the coarse content so I can access it when I’m away from WiFi, like at the gym, on a flight, or wherever. So, I’ll download the coarse content when I’m connected to WiFi, and it shows that everything has downloaded, but then when I go to play it back, I just get the endless spin wheel, like the video is loading, but it never loads. Isn’t that the point of downloading?...you “pre-load” it in there so it doesn’t have to load? So, that’s my complaint with this app. The download feature does not seem to work correctly. It shows that content has downloaded, but then in trying to access that content, or play it back, it seems that it has Not downloaded. Please address this issue?
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2 years ago, harrybalsack
Did not receive what I paid for 👍🏻
This app has zero customer support. All it does is send you on a never ending goose chase through customer support articles. I purchased a course and did not receive it. Of course the payment was successful and they took my money, right… It goes on to say, “ Payment successful but your enrollment failed” Then it sends me directly to a message box “for customer support” Guess what…? Message send failure over and over and over. I really want the course and it’s on sale. So, I try buying it again. Same thing, repeat of the first time. Now I’ve been charged twice for the course and receive nothing. Since their customer support is non-existent I call apple. They deny my refund because the charge went through it looks like I got the product. What a crappy experience man, you would think that apple would have your back… NOPE I’m just an average broke dude trying to further myself in life by learning on a budget. I mean, that’s what this app is all about right? Offering people an alternative to expensive schools and classes that can’t otherwise afford it? Good job guys high five on that one 🤚🏻 Great job apple thanks for having my back, I’ve only spent thousands and thousands of dollars with your company loyally over the past 15 years. Oh, and you’re welcome for the $50, maybe consider putting it towards a customer support team before you run everyone else off 💯
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6 years ago, MIGerlag97
(Edited) Thoroughly Annoyed!
I’ve reviewed numerous apps over time and you guys are one of very few developers that actually respond, I appreciate that, thank you. For what it’s worth I changed my rating from 1 star to 3 stars because at least you guys interact with your users. I’ll be more than happy to give a great review and full 5 stars when the app itself is sorted out. Original Review: (1 Star) I downloaded an entire course on my iPad for me to be able to watch it at times when I can’t connect to WiFi. Half the videos that indicate they are downloaded will not play, I just get a stupid loading wheel. Now it won’t even play anymore when it’s reconnected to WiFi. The entire iPad app is trash, is mostly a stretched out phone app, I’d like to be able to view a list of videos in a course without having one of them play whenever I open the course. Separate the media player from the video list. The entire UI is awkward. The now playing bar thing on the bottom is cumbersome and not suited a a large screen iPad experience. The download feature is awkward to use, some sort of download manager would be nice. It would also be nice to have picture in picture mode available for videos so that I can take notes with my Apple Pencil in another app. The udemy content is good, but the app is not. It needs a lot of work.
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4 years ago, treyforda
Video playback controls
I’m a big fan of Udemy and I have learned so much from the programs offered. Recently, I started learning keyboard as a new hobby during quarantine. I keep my iPad open on the music rest to read lessons and to play along with the instructor videos. Anyone who has taken piano lessons knows that getting good is dependent on repetition and practice. This is where a problem with Udemy comes in. While listening to lessons, there’s a lot of pausing and hitting the rewind 15 seconds button. Every time, the playback controls stop working. I have to manually crash the app 4-5x per lesson. This makes the learning experience miserable. Imagine if you’re reading a textbook, you think about what you read for 3-5 minutes, you look up and see that your book has been thrown across the room and you have to pick it up and find your place again. This is what using Udemy to learn piano feels like.
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6 years ago, Chananlie
Art course struggles
Love the concept and website of Udemy but I am becoming beyond frustrated with the app. Participating in one of the art courses and in the q&a section I can’t find a way to upload a photo from my phone. Looked multiple times tried copying and pasting nothing seems to allow me to include a photo which is essential for help in an art course. My other problem with the q&a section is the loading. I’ll get one post to load, scroll down wait a few minutes for the next to load, try to scroll back and everything is gone again. Or suddenly I’ll have jumped up five posts or more with one loaded, but as soon as I scroll everything is gone again. This makes it nearly impossible to participate in discussions on that board. With the q&a seeming to be the backbone of communication for the app I’d think it would be a little more reliable and user friendly.
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4 days ago, GFLogic
Worst customer service
There is no customer service. They dump you onto a crappy Ai chat named Alex, who repeats itself 1 million times and is useless. If you just need to find something on the site, it’s great, but if you actually have a problem, pick your nose and walk away from your computer because that way, you will be more productive. I love that the developers reach out to you here though! Like that really helps. Too bad sales doesn’t do that. I had a problem with their policy, and Alex was absolutely useless. What a waste of time. Now I find Udemy like Alex — disappointing, ridiculous, upsetting, and irresponsible. Over the last few years I have spent almost $2,000 on this site, and I will never purchase another product from them again. Have fun with Alex! The courses are great, I hope you don’t have any problems that require help. As for Alex, Udemy, shame on you. Maybe there’s a video you can all watch on your service about customer service!
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3 years ago, sailorfreddy
Buggy Mess
This app is terrible. UI is unforgiving. AirPlay constantly breaks, dropping audio, forgetting where it was on the video, desyncing audio/video. “Test mode” fails constantly and tries to auto play the next episode even with auto play turned off. The web version doesn’t allow AirPlay, and is buggy as well, constantly refreshing over and over on a video if you have the audacity to swipe away from it while it’s playing. And of course, the video series I PAID for is DRM protected and not available for download, because F you that’s why. Forced in to a locked down system that barely works, and $bigCorp always wonder why people pirate things. I paid for several videos and can’t even watch them with any sort of reliability because of their garbage video player and DRM lockdown. Pro-Tip: use a VPN, or private browsing tab for Udemy deals. They’re scummy and raise prices tenfold but if you use a new IP you can get other courses for the same 4-5 bucks.
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5 months ago, omihek
Works better than ever, but…
Update: it would be really nice to be able to view my own course as an instructor in the app. Many times a student will have a question on a lesson I released a couple years ago so I need to review it to answer the question adequately but there is no way to view that in the app, whether I’m in instructor mode or student mode. So I have to wait till I’m at my computer or deal with signing in to a browser on my phone which is relatively difficult. As an instructor, the app does everything I need it to do. Looking forward to even more updates on the instructor side of the app. Someday maybe it’ll even be on par with the instructor website, but for now it does everything I need it to do.
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4 years ago, Lacey B V
Best learning app out there IMO.
I’ve tried dozens of various learning apps that are available in the App Store/Play Store, but nothing beats Udemy. They offer so many fantastic courses in just about anything one could think of, some of which offer actual practitioner certifications, which those of course are going to be paid courses, but they do offer discounted courses fairly often, not to mention there are literally thousands of freebies you can take advantage of. Many of their self help, mindfulness, holistic health courses are free which is great for me personally. Also, their customer service is actually on point. Worth checking out if you’re looking for an app that offers continuing education options or if you just really enjoy learning and expanding your knowledge. 🙂
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4 years ago, Tahbism
Friendly User Interface
I have been using udemy for 2 years and I absolutely enjoy this platform. I can select the courses I want and just pay for them separately rather than having to pay a monthly subscription when I dont know if I will be doing a course during that month. I like the interface a lot and it has helped me learn crucial skills for my career. I used to have trouble before when the website would crash sometimes but for the past few months it has been working perfectly and I would recommend this platform over skillshare, coursera and masterclass where you have to pay a monthly subscription for one year which is absolutely ridiculous.
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2 years ago, SleepyLestat
Great content. Horrible frustrating app
I have been doing a course in Udemy that has about 200 parts to it. I like to stream this on my TV while I work on my computer following along. That is one of the best things about online learning. However as much as I am enjoying the course and learning from it, the frustration of this horrible app may make me quit Udemy and stop using it. You cannot Play the content on the Apple TV app, nor can you stream from the website, instead you have to use this app and stream from it. The problem is if you pause it will frequently just start playing three chapters ahead. The app often crashes or becomes unresponsive while it’s still playing on my TV. I’ve been streaming stuff to my TV for years and I haven’t had this kind of frustration in more than a decade. I plead to the developers watch some of the content on your own site and please make a decent app that can actually cast to a TV properly.
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5 years ago, 84squared
Love Udemy but hate this app
I have bought over two dozen courses with Udemy. The content and instructors are world class. BUT... trying to watch any of the video content on my iPad is PAINFUL. It takes forever to load - not just the videos but even the Purchased and Wishlist pages. When a video is done playing, (more often than not) the circular loading graphic just spins and spins trying to load the next video. I then have to close the app and clear it from my app history to get it to load again. I’ve found that it does help with playback if you download the entire course video content first - but that takes forever to download as well. I have NO issues with other apps that stream video over WiFi (Netflix/HBO) so I can’t blame my network strength or the iPad for this horrible playback. Watching online on my computer works great- but I’d prefer not being chained to my desk to watch these. Come on Udemy- fix this app please!!!
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5 years ago, TreyJohnsonMN
Genuine Question: Do you care about the user experience on the iPad?
I ask the question “do you care about the user experience on the iPad” for two main reasons. The first is that the Udemy iPad app still doesn’t support any type of split screen. When taking a computer or human language class it can be invaluable to be able to have Notability (note taking) or Buffer/Swift Playgrounds (coding IDE) open right next to the video. Now I wouldn’t have as large of an issue with this if I didn’t travel for work so often. Then maybe I could use the online version through safari which does allow split screen. But alas I am constantly in an airplane and the WiFi can almost never handle streaming from a site like Udemy. Since the app allows offline downloads, it is my only option. The second reason for my question above is that we are now almost in the second month of 2019 and there still isn’t any full screen support for the new iPad Pro 11”. The screen is larger and allows for so much extra room in the Udemy app (making split screen even more desirable). I love Udemy and all of the courses that I purchased, but due to my work travel schedule I find the experience to always be less than desirable. That results in me simply not using the app. I would really like to see these two things change going forward. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Jcolonna12
Great potential, poor experience
I really like the content but the app is buggy and lacks basic features. When I am watching a lecture while browsing the app, the video disappears while the audio still plays. The only way to get to it again is to navigate to the course videos which is frustrating. Also, if I am navigating while watching a video and click on the same video I am watching through the course video list, it reloads the video instead of recognizing that that is the video I am watching. The app should just recognize that is the video I am watching and just maximize it instead of reloading it. This would not be an issue if the video doesn’t disappear while I’m navigating. I am shocked this app has high ratings with all the bugs it has. I am trying to find excuses to give this app a higher rating, but for now 3 stars will have to do.
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5 years ago, Paco El Músico
Learn what you want, when you want!
Since graduating college I found myself in need of more learning, just to keep my brain occupied. I found this app and it immediately became my number one source for skill-building. There are classes on nearly anything you can think of, especially in the realm of art, whether it’s music, CGI, drawing, painting, etc... and many more areas that I haven’t explored fully. The great part is that nearly all of them are currently or will be soon be on sale for 90 or more percent off. Best way to find classes without breaking your bank account. And you have lifetime access once purchased, so not only do you not have to worry about “wasting” your money, but you can do it all on your own time and schedule.
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6 years ago, Unhyphenatedjg
Downloaded content useless - very frustrating
The reason why I use udemy is because the download functionality was good and I could fruitfully use my daily train commute time. Now I download courses, it shows it is downloaded but doesn’t load. I feel like I have thrown away hundreds of dollars. Very frustrating. I am now forced to find another platform which allows me to download and use content while commuting. I tried to raise this issue via your website but to no avail. No reply but i did get more marketing emails than i needed. I am reluctantly writing this review. I actually used to love Udemy but get a clue guys people are upset with the broken download functionality. May I also recommend a few testing courses from your own catalogue. ******update***** I did get a reply from the team in response to the review. So here is my reply to them: It tells me that the video is downloaded but when I try to open it in offline mode, the dreaded loading circle shows up. Deleting content and trying to download again doesn’t work. I have wiped out a lot of content from my iPad and that doesn’t help either. Any dates of when we can see a fix?
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6 years ago, Robearski
Needs to remember where one left off
If I opened an ebook and it didn’t return me to the last page I was reading I’d probably find a new e-reader. Way too often I open this app, open a lesson and it returns me to an old lecture instead of the one I last learning from. This is unacceptable! While we’re on the subject, it would also be nice if the app organized lesson by most recently accessed or if it had a list of recently accessed lesson. I often open this app hoping to continue where I left off earlier in the day but first I have to pick the right course (from a set of many that I’ve purchased) and then I have to locate on my own which section and subject/lecture I was last studying. This is like having a teacher walk in a room and ask the students: Now Where Was I? Its unacceptable!!! I will give this app five stars if they fix it by adding the appropriate state information. Until then, only the courses may be rated that high because the app is too frustrating.
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