udn News

4.4 (2K)
76.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for udn News

4.43 out of 5
2K Ratings
7 months ago, dtwang
Need to keep up with the new IOS
Hope someone is monitoring the reviews. In the last 2 months, more and more articles display a warning message instead that instruct viewers go to the UDN website. This only happened on my iPad.
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5 years ago, Kitty NJ
Whoever designed this app are not thoughtful
Who would remember to “swipe TOP to go back to previous page” and “swipe CENTER to switch pages”? We people use SO MANY apps everyday. This app challenges people’s memory. High tech drives people crazy if every app has its own UNIQUE way to use. Complicated high tech had made our life hard enough. Can’t UDN make our life EASIER? Plus, the app crashed no reason the second time I used today. No way to report the crash. And, the app doesn’t refresh itself. I switched to the UDN app that was “already opened yesterday” and stayed the same page today. There is no “refresh” button. I had to literally shut the app and reopen it again to see today’s news. It is so inconvenient.
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2 years ago, Ming in NY
App Crashes
UDN app is my go-to Taiwanese news outlet. Unfortunately, the app has been unstable for some time now. Especially it will close itself after viewing several news.
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4 years ago, unhappy GoHealthy user
So annoying- too many ads popped up all the times
It’s rally annoying to use this app ads keeps popping up the cover the screen when you launch it and after you click the links to read news every single news would come up at least 2 ads, you can hardly review the news.
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4 years ago, Hoohook
Can’t Read in iphone Dark mode
Can’t Read in iphone Dark mode. The contrast is too low. Hardly to read anything!!!!!! Hope it could be improved ASAP!!!!
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2 years ago, alice from florham park, nj
Thank you
I have enjoyed reading your articles and comments for many years. Please keep going and glowing.
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7 years ago, Nihcuh
Not as good as the old version
Loading is faster, but the old version is easier to read.
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4 years ago, Kuoster
Ad covers the whole page without an option to close the ad
There is no way to bypass the ad when first open the app! The ad would cover the whole page and unable to close the ad, making it impossible to read or click into any news. Basically a useless app now. 首頁上被大廣告全遮蓋住,無法關閉廣告,無法點入廣告後方的任何新聞。在螢幕上點頻馬上被帶去廣告的連結網頁。這app如今只能點入廣告連結了!了解UDN想用廣告點擊來賺錢,不過被騙了幾次後,讀者一定卸掉這app,騙點閱次數並不是長久之計。
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8 months ago, vacuumguitar
Dark Mode please!
I really love the app and the content, but if you can include the dark mode feature, that will be fantastic!
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5 years ago, hhjjgfygv
Too many pop up ad
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7 months ago, LAKSWY
UDN News
Fast and accurate news
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5 years ago, MichaelTangdc
Worst App Ever
What a shame! It is a very low quality Taiwanese newspaper app. There are lots of bugs in this iOS app. It doesn’t seem to compatible with even most basic features on the iPhone. Now, it was hijacked by online game ads when you tried to open the app. It is totally useless.
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2 years ago, Wanching Chen
There’s a bug in your app
I think there’s a bug in your app because every time after I read a news, it will log me out of the app. Please check the app, thank you . Sincerely, Cheryl Chen
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3 years ago, Dvphile
Great work on news
Great work on news
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5 years ago, joeyhuang1
Crash a lot and drain too much battery
Crash when read every couple articles Drain more than 80% power after reading for around 10 minutes Never improved for many updated releases So disappointed about the quality Never understood how a company can make such disaster quality software for so many years
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6 years ago, Dingdongjr
Going backwards
Slow, crashes from time to time, content would disappear. Getting worse than previous versions.
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2 years ago, XWRE
This APP is too fat, so it looks slowly on response time
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6 years ago, Hank Chu
Crash too often
Crash or frozen very often during using and have to force to close. Could be loading AD. I am in the US
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5 years ago, ClyKfu
Too much advertisement and pop ups.
too much freaking ads and pop ups to the point that the app is becoming useless. Lots of commentary instead of reporting factual news or fill with fake news.
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7 years ago, 周宗文
Like it. Keep me informed.
Really love it check in almost everyday.
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5 years ago, j032191
會自動當掉跳出 廣告不斷重播 很容易就點到廣告
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7 months ago, Yct1688
New design
Why the news redirect to web side? Creating issues!
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2 years ago, mitchtango
constantly crushed before ads popped up
plz fix it thx! from long time reader
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5 years ago, Max2280
Prestital Ad without countdown
What a joke! Shame on UDN news developer.
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6 years ago, erichang33
Udn 在iPhone 6s+ 兩分鐘就用掉2% Fb 2小時用26% 旺旺中時 26分鐘用6%
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4 years ago, 誠實可靠
聯合新聞網 讚!
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4 years ago, AC1689
UDN iPad 版,按延伸閱讀標題後,開啟新視窗的頁面,文字會超出頁寬。
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9 years ago, Taiwanese friend
Pictures cannot zoom in
Please fix this issue. Also experience many crashes. The fact that the user finds something wrong with your app in the first few days of release means developers are not paying attention or not doing their job.
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5 years ago, Mkcshen
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4 years ago, pikemarket
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14 years ago, comp123
Nice work for the first edition. Still have lots to improve though.
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11 years ago, Apei Go
App keeps crashing (freezing up entire phone) after I upgrade to iOS 7.0.4 It never happens before, please send out a patch to fix this issue or update to a new version with fix to this issue!!!
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8 years ago, maimai888
The most reliable source of news in Chinese! 華文新聞最佳選擇。
Relative to the other news, UDN in my point of view is the most unbiased news source. 我認為最公正的報紙。
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14 years ago, App_User1
Great App!
Great app! Can get news from this app. However, what it needs to improve is retina display, video media like CNN, and the updated news, etc. Wish it improves in the next version.
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14 years ago, PugglePod
Crashes each time!!!!!
I was looking forward to use this app, but it crashed within 1 second after it was loaded. Afterwards, I was unable to open it at all. I already removed this app. Please do more testing before posting this app. What a waste of time!
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14 years ago, Sugarbaybee808
Good App
Runs smoothly. But please add opinion/editorial column like the ones available on the traditional page. I enjoy reading them more than just daily news.
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11 years ago, ATsasa
Crash after update
Was working fine for the past 2 yrs., but keep crashing at the point of opening after yesterday's update. Please send a fix update soon!
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13 years ago, Bluebird36
I like it!!
Good app to read Taiwan news!!
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13 years ago, Sorunt
Stopped working
App won't launch. Been several weeks and still no fix. It shows how much they care about their iPhone readers - very little.
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11 years ago, Fratpe
App keeps freezing
The newest version keeps freezing and prevent for scrolling. It will also not allow returning to home screen for at least 10 seconds
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11 years ago, Dimmyif
Keeps crashing after the latest update
This app keeps crashing in the first place after the latest update. Totally useless. Please fix.
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10 years ago, Soaristo
The best taiwan news app!
Love the contents and how fast it updates!
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11 years ago, Wohu2000
Useful but wish it doesn't crash that often (on iPhone 5).
加油 你可以的。
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9 years ago, Kb11223344
Great news app
Great news app
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8 years ago, Chung-1234
Very nice
I like the new design.
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11 years ago, PigTree
Used up more resource after update
And it also makes my iPhone have no responses!!! Please fix the bug!!
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11 years ago, Tom 198022
Good Taiwan news reader
Good Taiwan news app!
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7 years ago, Disconnect Me
Too many Ads pop up, very annoying!
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14 years ago, yschen
Wonderful News App.
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14 years ago, Uiiopppppp
Please fix it!
Doesn't work, either!!!!! Please FIX it!
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