2.9 (91)
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Current version
University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for UGA

2.88 out of 5
91 Ratings
5 years ago, NQQBalicious
Useful For Bus Stops
The app is very jumpy; it’s not smooth at all. It does work for the bus stops and their routes which is primarily what I use it for. I tried using it to access Athena and ELC but it doesn’t remember my ID which makes it a hassle to use. Every time I login it links me to the login, then my settings that say they’ll remember my ID when I login. If this feature worked, I might use the app a lot more.
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3 years ago, Nickname4Rviews@Apple
Bring back the old design! New update STILL horrible with one handed use
The new folder based design is horrible for one handed use. While the recently used folder brings some features down the screen for better one handed reach ability, the old design I can just tap the bus icon at the bottom and I don’t have to stretch my finger and I can track the bus. Now, I have to stretch my finger all the way to the top of the screen, horrible for one handed use. If you pin your favorites, it goes even further up the screen making it impossible to use this app one handed. Horrible app design! They need to conduct user experience research before pushing new app designs. Bring back the bottom navigation at least please!
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2 years ago, cb23triplezzz
New Bugs with the New Update
The app used to reliably track buses (though they were always a few minutes behind the expected arrival). Now, it often displays all routes as inactive. Even when correctly displayed as active, buses rarely appear on the map. This bug persists after multiple relaunches of the app. It’s also annoying that the interface to select/deselect certain routes for viewing has been moved from the upper right corner, and integrated into the bus stops’ interaction pages. It’s a headache to navigate. At least the app doesn’t crash every other time you open it anymore.
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6 years ago, Fiveattemptslaterweareannoyed
App doesn’t work, doesn’t help that websites don’t either.
You are supposed to be able to use the app to access the health center, registration, the online learning service, etc. none of these things are very stable on the computer, so when the app does decide to work, they still don’t load correctly or at all. That’s fine though - chances are the app will crash or misdirect you before you get to try whatever you wanted to use. How frustrating when we are increasingly expected to be able to access these services 24/7 and the tools to access them don’t work 99% of the time.
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2 years ago, evagraves
Better & Better
The updates to the mobile app are getting better and better with each release. I can tell the icons are being updated and the bus route is really nice to interact with. The mobile app team is doing fantastic. Can’t wait to see how it continues advancing.
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2 years ago, Loverofvolleyball!
Not working since update
The app was working perfectly fine, but ever since this new update, I’m not able to see the buses or routes consistently. It’s just showing a blank screen when I try to click on a bus route. Not sure why it keep doing this, but can this please get fixed ASAP?
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3 years ago, gamomtoo
Deck Check never works
This app could be fantastic if it did what it says it will do. The Deck Check is an awesome feature but it never works. It’s never updated in real time, it’s inconsistent and it may go days without updating the parking spaces available. Worthless. My daughter commutes to uga and needs to park in the decks. I really wish we could know ahead of time if there are parking spaces available.
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6 years ago, Futbol1876
Can’t login
This was very useful and convenient up until we had to do the authentication through the duo app. Now I can’t get in ELC at all. It takes you to the page where it says it sent you the push to login through the duo app but when you open the duo app then hit the approve button, then go back to the UGA app, it just stays there and doesn’t do anything. The only way I can get into ELC is on a computer. It doesn’t even work is used through chrome app. Am on iPhone 7.
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5 years ago, theyobwoc
App Doesn’t Rotate Display on iPad
I use the app for its email feature and I use it primarily on my iPad, but it doesn’t rotate into a landscape version so I am stuck using it in the portrait orientation, which makes it extremely inconvenient to use my keyboard also.
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2 years ago, Harriet1341
Great updates
The app just keeps getting better with every update! I can really tell that the mobile app design team is working to improve the app.
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3 years ago, Jared Pringle
Buses Disappear off the App
This happens too often where a bus will appear on the map one second, and I’ll need to catch it to get to campus and then it just disappears off of the live map. Made me late to class a few times because of that reason. The whole live map will sometimes show 0 buses running as well which makes catching a bus very unpredictable.
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4 years ago, dubxi
Bus Route is never correct
Can you guys please take the time to fix Night Campus route on the app? One second it says 22 minutes away and then the next 44 minutes and before you know it you miss every single bus. Transportation is super important for students to arrive to meetings, class, and events on time and the fact that the Night Campus route has been inconsistent since I’ve arrived here on campus is outrageous. smh
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6 years ago, Al2418
Bus # and following stops
Y’all should put the bus # as an option to click on when you look at stops nearby so you can see where that bus is going next to make it easier.
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6 years ago, Bama fan 888888
Stop updating it
Every time this app is updated it gets worse – harder to use and understand and there are less features that were really useful. Now I hate this app and it’s useless. Thanks for nothing UGA. This is why I can’t wait to graduate because they can’t help themselves but try to improve when it only makes it worse.
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2 years ago, Why care3421
Not reliable
Bus routes for the athens buses are wrong. Also, cant log into elc or Athena or anything cause the single sign on gets stuck on the loading screen. Been that way for months. UGA bus routes work and tbh, thats touch and go. Use to be so good and work so well, what happened :/
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7 years ago, MasatoWebb
iPhone X support???
UGA App devs, please update the app. It looks terrible on the iPhone X.
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3 years ago, Alex12334566778
Good when it works...
This app is great for buses when it works, let word bring “when”. The amount of glitches and crashes that I experience in this app makes it oftentimes unusable. This is awful considering how vital it is for buses.
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3 years ago, Fishhook30605
Home screen folders are bad design
The new folder-based design for the home screen adds taps to get to what you want and makes it difficult to use the app with one hand. Favorites docked at the bottom were great; pinned at the top is not. Bring the old design back.
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3 years ago, EmmyLou46
Route Button Does Not Work
When you try to track the busses, 99% of the time the route button doesn’t work. It’s frustrating, especially being new to campus
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6 years ago, madelineb1
No longer works with Duo
Can’t get into anything that involves using the duo app. It sends me a push, I click accept, and then it automatically tells me that my sessions has expired. Every single time. Duo works just fine getting me into elc/Athena on a computer, only this app doesn’t let me in.
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5 years ago, crosstied
doesnt track buses
this app has gotten worse since i’ve been at uga, particularly the bus app. it only tracks the buses when you are on uga wifi, so it hardly ever works when I am at a bus stop. please fix it!!
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7 years ago, Curious&Curiousity
Route 14
Why is it that Route 14 for Athens Transit no longer shows any buses? It's still an active bus route, despite being listed as "inactive."
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2 months ago, George L Washington Jr
Never works
An absolute train wreck of an app, basically none of its services work, including elc, Athena, and all dining hall links. Wish I could’ve given it negative stars. Need to scrap it and just start over completely
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6 years ago, keepmissingthebus
Fix live feed
Route 12 no longer displays in live feed despite being an active route
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6 years ago, mcsc123
Good app
Thanks for adding iPhone X support, looks great!
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11 years ago, m.ntea
Convenient, but not the best
Although well organized, the UGA app can be rather finicky at times due to the way certain things are located (such as bus routes.) The back button also tends to have a delay causing you to go back to the main screen. Helps out freshman, but needs improvement.
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4 years ago, Umnothanksloser
every time i try to use it it says all the routes are inactive, even when they clearly aren’t
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8 years ago, snoopypup248
Most Recent Update Is Awful
I guess due to the start of the semester UGA decided to "update" their app, but all it seemed to do was make things more complicated and take much longer to get the info you need. Previously you could easily open up bus maps to see where both Athens Transit busses are located as well as UGA busses, in real time. Now, the Athens Transit view takes about 1 to 2 clicks more to get what you want while the UGA system is just completely different with it trying to tell you which busses are near your location and having to dig deeper to actually see where the busses are (which is infinitely more helpful). Absolutely loved the previous version and used it all the time with both bus systems, but am now missing my first class because everything is harder to understand and retrieve.
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7 years ago, keneder
Problem with UGA bus section
In the previous versions, the UGA app has allowed me to click on each bus stop and view what routes service the stop, as well as show a picture of the bus stop and what is surrounding it. Now, i can't do that. I also can't search for specific bus stops and I am assuming it is because there is a glitch. When I go to search for a bus stop, I can type in what I am looking for (I-Fields, for example) and the search button does not work. Not sure if all of this is due to user error or because of the app update but it's very unfortunate that this has happened before the first day of classes.
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11 years ago, godawgs92
Fantastic app! Big help! Great job guys!!
Saw this on my twitter feed, and got super excited! I know how long SGA has put into this app and now it's finally here. Really helpful so far, and it's already on my home screen. At some point push notifications for the news feed and athletics would be really useful, but there's always app updates. Congrats on the release may it help many future Dawgs to come.
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8 years ago, Rjwrjw2
Worst update
This is my first time writing an app review because I really can't stand this update. I believe most of students in HIS use this app for finding bus route. But this update totally ruined all of good functionality of previous version. The layout of the list of all coming buses is just confusing. The layout of previous version is good enough. Also please make all Athens Transit routes available on the app. There are many bad designs existing in this update. So buggy and glitchy. Please fix all bugs or restore to previous version. Don't let us down.
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8 years ago, GreatGooglyMoogly!
God bless... All is right with the world
You fixed everything wrong with maps! Bus tracking is back and better than ever, as is the ability to see more than one building at a time! Can we put whoever was in charge of fixing this app in charge of fixing our offensive line?
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8 years ago, ugastudent123456
Horrendous update.
I absolutely hate the new update. It's slow, inconvenient, and freezes up all of the time. It is way too complicated to try and find a bus route/building because of how many options there are within a certain section. It also clears up the options I had already chosen after a couple of minutes of not using it. I prefer the old version over this new one. I really hope this is fixed soon because thousands of students rely on this app to get to their classes. Please fix it.
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8 years ago, HungryGirl2287
Angry Student
Don't update your app if you can. If I had known what this update entailed, I would have never updated my app. It was fine the way it was before. It's completely horrible now, and unnecessarily confusing. It takes forever to load, and finding the times for when the buses are coming is 10x harder for no reason. Not to mention the new layout is a complete eyesore. It was fine the way it was before this complete and total disaster of an update. I hate it.
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8 years ago, Helaphella
Pleasantly Surprised
I used the app this morning to catch one of the city buses, and I was pleasantly surprised to see lots of changes since last semester. Overall, I feel like it's easier to use and more convenient.
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11 years ago, Gooddawg123
Good app
Liked it very much, has been waiting for this kind of app which helps students, had been more wonderful if there is a way to check our class schedules and grades
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8 years ago, Annoyed UGA student
What happened to the Radio app?
The best part of this app was the widget for 90.5 WUOG. When it updated to the new iOS, it got rid of the widget. What the hey! I know a lot of my friends are annoyed that it disappeared. When is it getting added back??? Wasn't there supposed to be an update that would bring it back? Everything else is fine but I used the app to listen to WUOG.
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8 years ago, Uhleeseeuh
The Worst Update I Have Ever Encountered
The UGA app before wasn't even that great either, but at least it was 6s plus friendly. It wouldn't allow me to view when certain Athens Transit buses were coming; for example, the one I specifically need to get home. I wish I had the option of going back to the previous version, but at this point in time, I'll just have to wait for another update.
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8 years ago, jrbker
Terrible update
Ever heard of it ain't broke don't fix it? I guess UGA hasn't. I wish I could give this zero starts but I can't. I used to use this app every day to plan out my day or to see how much longer I would have to wait on a bus but now it's completely useless because it won't show you the route unless the busses are running. Like what idiot thought that that should be a feature?!?!
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8 years ago, Bull 10
HATE the new update
This update could not be any more confusing. I hate that we can not view all our tagged buildings and bus routes at the same time. The old version was helpful to me in that aspect because I was able to match bus routes with the location I was at to the location I was going. I have no idea how to figure that out with this version. PLEASE I beg you to change it back.
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8 years ago, Man77777777
Don't fix what isn't broke
The map layout is confusing and not helpful, the menus seldom show the tab I clicked on, and I can't really get it to work anymore. At least before I could use it to check on bus arrival times by route, or w multiple routes to see which would come to my stop fastest. Bring back the old update, don't fix what isn't broken.
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8 years ago, Asian girl 150301
Awful now that it is updated
App worked a lot better before the update and change. I hate the app now and I use it everyday for classes and to stay up to date on ELC. Please change back! It's a lot slower now, will only do Touch ID on email when I have the email linked to my phone, so I do not care for that. I hate the app now. Please change back!
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8 years ago, OGCamWalker
What is this?
I have never felt so compelled to write a review before. That is, however, until I downloaded this monstrosity. The main reason students get this app is for the live updated bus routes, but those no longer work like they used to. They're confusing and are not updated live. What was wrong with the previous version EITS?
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8 years ago, Cocacolachickenfry
If I could give you zero stars, I would
All of the buttons are shifted over one on the bottom. Clicking Home is impossible. Clicking More crashes the app. The bus system and map is now less convenient. Please put it back to the way it was. In addition, who decided to update the app a week before school starts?
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8 years ago, Kokorock2roll
Needs improvements
This has to be the worst update yet. It is not user friendly, very confusing to use. There is no Athena icon. Doesn't save main route for Athens transit and only shows one arrival time, not like the older version where there were multiple arrival times. Bring back the old version! Thanks
Show more
11 years ago, ILikeAGoodMovie
Been waiting on knowing the bus schedule when leaving late from classes.
Show more
8 years ago, Class_of_2020
Thank you for getting me lost
I don't think you understood literally everybody. We didn't want you to attempt to keep the new layout. We wanted the working layout back. I'm extremely upset that I can't see anything bus related the day before my classes start in buildings that I've never been to before.
Show more
11 years ago, MarshallMosher
Incredible app that will transform the way students access the daily UGA information that every Dawg needs!
Show more
8 years ago, Aren Spiritus
Horrible update
What have you done to this app? I can't get it to do anything. I just get stuck in the pinwheel of death forever. Plus, the new sketches for each oprion look childish and unprofessional. Please undo this amd bring back the previous version or a version that works. I need this app to track the buses.
Show more
8 years ago, 007Player007
Not sure what to say.
The app went from fantastic and well designed to inconvenient with mediocre visuals. I'm having trouble locating things that were very simple before. Since the new update, the app continuously crashes upon launch after initial setup. That is all for now.
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