UKG Pro Learning

4.5 (951)
80 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kronos Incorporated
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for UKG Pro Learning

4.52 out of 5
951 Ratings
6 years ago, annieebs
UltiPro Learning App is Great!
I love this app - same experience navigating and enrolling in courses as if on my desktop. I am able to pickup on my training courses right where I left off - can view videos with my bookmark saved, review documents, complete exams, enroll in live classroom sessions and get calendar invites to save. I am able to complete training and review material on my commute - a great time saver for me!
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1 year ago, FRANCROW
New job
I love this because I’m willing to learn much more at my work place/job and everything is so easy to learn and watch all there is to know for myself so thank you very much ~ Frank
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4 months ago, Everage05
Perfect for Individual Training
App has its moments but is smooth most of the time other than slight delays at times. It’s great for helping new employees understand specific areas they’ll possibly need improvements. Overall once it’s lined out the product will be greatly beneficial across the board!
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2 years ago, chaviva0124
Occasional loading issues
Sometimes it takes forever to load or will make you rewatch a video but its better than sitting at a computer doing boring work modules this way i can still walk around and do stuff
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2 years ago, Joshua J. F.
Great app
Works well and has a lot of different options to view basically anything you need to know about yourself and the workplace!
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10 months ago, NitaB06
Pro Learning
Excited to challenge myself with things that I don't know & confronts the things that I do. This helps me to become a better me.
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12 months ago, Ap usage
App usage
I think the ap and the way it allows a person to work at their own speed is a great way to train employees.
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5 years ago, jmallonee
Login doesn’t remember credentials
When it works, the app is great. I’m on v. 8.0.5, why do I have to log in every time I use this thing even though I’ve told it to save my credentials? Sometimes it just makes me out in my username/password and other times I have to go all the way back and re-enter my corporate info.
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3 years ago, TheRome.
Video, testing
System seem to lag somewhat. If you exit the screen, you have to start the whole course video again. When you do complete said courses. System doesn’t recognize the accomplishment.
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1 year ago, papabev
Lessons are unskipable videos and the wuiz at the end often fails to pop up at the end of the video. I’m stuck watching the 20min chemical safety video for the third time also if you don’t minimize the video you won’t see that it’ll kick you off unless you hit continue. Which requires the video to restart yet again. Absolute garbage.
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4 years ago, B........B
Why WiFi Only?
Great product but with one significant limitation: requires Wi-Fi only. Why is this limitation built into the software? This makes this app only partially “mobile.“ please remove this limitations like all the other apps on my iPhone so I can truly use it on the go. Then I would give this app five stars. Thanks.
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10 months ago, bbyboy2591
I like to learn about and how to take care of the residents
Is great to learn about something new to me and simple as that iike to thanks for the learning lesions about how to work with the residents
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2 months ago, KPYS95
Very helpful
I am using this app for my work/ school and it’s so easy to use!!! Especially helping me do it step by step
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1 week ago, carrenoscocina
Very efficient easy to operate provides a wide range of access for all important files and more.
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3 years ago, Military Verteran
Easy learning
I enjoy using the programs some don’t open up but the majority are up-to-date current and non-boring
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1 year ago, 0$O
So many errors
Videos do not load, and there are times when I finish a test and it does not record the results, and then the app starts glitching and filling in answers incorrectly if I attempt to start over. This program has wasted so much of my time, hours upon hours. It has made my training daunting and regrettable.
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3 months ago, CGR8$
Easy to understand and followed
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2 years ago, censorthistumblr
PLEASE FIX!!! App is only useful when first downloaded. Then crashes upon opening after first use.
I need this app for trainings for work. For the last 4-5 months I’ve had to download it every time i need to use it due to it crashing after my first use. None of my other apps do this including other Ultipro AKG apps.
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3 years ago, Nurwomal
Mostly easy to use on your phone. Sometimes hard to do the activities required.
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3 years ago, you-may-not-know-me
This is a horrible app to use for “training”. Try to watch video’s and it doesn’t let you. Try to do different courses, nope! Can’t do that either! Switched from my phone to my laptop, video will play but you only see half of everything! And you can’t adjust anything in the settings to try to fix it.
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4 years ago, rcharle6
Better when the person already have the knowledge of the job.
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1 year ago, mad mama2
Some of the information is outdated and should be updated. Other than that I have learned a lot.
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2 years ago, Sid Butterfly
Love it
I am enjoying learning at my pace and learning things that I’m interested in.
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3 months ago, Mrs. Regnier
Very helpful
Yes this app is very helpful with getting work done thank you
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11 months ago, afshsjsk
Notifications are too frequent.
Theres should be a option to shut them off. I’m busy working and even thou there are compliant I don't need to be harassed by them everyday otherwise I will put them into spam and ignore them completely.
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6 months ago, Ex-CHD
I like it
I use this for work and it’s easy to navigate
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8 months ago, Rosies Island
Youth Care Worker
Every time I’ve used the app it’s always been enjoyable.
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3 months ago, J.King.1
UKG Pro Learning
A very quick and easy app that is very resourceful right at the tip of your fingers.
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4 months ago, Tribe of people
Nice app to use when I need to complete my training
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3 months ago, Nickolie93
It explains stuff very well and I do enjoy the quizzes to keep your mind refreshed!!
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6 months ago, speedybrown
Direct support professional
This was very insightful and informative and very helpful .
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1 year ago, bjmc97
Great app
Helps me stay knowledgeable with my work area. Room to advance
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1 year ago, ArtBec187
Easy to use
Easy and simple to use
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3 years ago, hebertchadj
Good app
👍 Great resource for work advancement. Would like to see work training be put on their dashboard.
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9 months ago, Troyvalt
Maybe I should get a third phone for all these apps
Whatever Neanderthal decided I needed 10 GD apps just to do some bean counter crap for a bigoted company I hope you choke. Why can’t this fit in one app. What do you apes even gain by spreading it out like this?
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1 year ago, Bond$$$$
It is a great information and tools in order to be successful and achieve a goal and understand the the consept of operating and
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2 years ago, MLCDEC715
UKG pro
Great for sharing information from companies to workers
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4 months ago, Performance food
Job course & certificate
Excellent tool for everyone involved with performance food group
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3 years ago, PracticalPuck
Good interface
Easy, usually problem free
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7 months ago, piecemaker42
This is by far the best app from ginkgo .please keep up with the good job.
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1 year ago, anne2970
Think Big
Clear, concise explanations . Diagrams helpful , exercises will be beneficial for Parkinson’s patients.
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2 years ago, Tormentality
RSS training
The ease of this app makes it comfortable to use
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3 years ago, Johnny Blazzzz
Learning tool
Enjoy using and learning from this app great for learning
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3 years ago, Nana~Q*B
Very convenient and easy to use
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1 year ago, Kaitlyn eve
I do like that I could do my teams anytime I have down time
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3 years ago, Bardbu
Network errors
Downloaded twice, log in as external member, get network error. Pretty sure that’s not how it’s supposed to work. UKG is lucky I didn’t try this during vendor selection process.
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4 months ago, applebittr
Awesome explanation
Great explanation of the entire process of the career I have chosen
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7 months ago, Service Ready
Steven K
Great app for training. Easy to use, very intuitive.
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9 months ago, Dazsl
Broken app
Trying to do my courses and it just freezes. UKG is still as useless and broken as it was 5 yrs ago. No improvement
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4 years ago, Stickylice
Learning everything
Awesome app
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