United States Map Quiz

4.7 (5.2K)
33.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Peaceful Pencil Ltd., The
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for United States Map Quiz

4.66 out of 5
5.2K Ratings
3 months ago, FriendlyFaye2013
Learning so much!
Hi! I'm in 5th grade and I'm learning states for a block (subject). I don't know my capitols very well, so I saw this app and was like, wow, this would be great to study with! So I got it and so far it has been great! There are so adds, (or at least thats what I experienced) so you don't have to stop you work to watch a DUMB ADD!! (Ty so much for that!😸😄😍) I had know idea about the flags either, so that helped too. I love how you get to learn states, capitols, and flags. Thank you so much for this wonderful learning game and keep up the good work peeps!
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3 years ago, One cool reviewer
BEST app worth every penny!!!
Hello! I never write reviews, but I really love this app. I invested learning into the full package! I’ve learned the whole west coast in under a week! It’s the best app, so I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the full package or just the limited. Either way you will learn! I was expecting this to be cringe and trying to be hip. But it wasn’t, it knows what it is and doesn’t try to be a game. It try’s to be an educational app lane it earns respect points for that. Well that’s it, bye!!!
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12 months ago, CoachZarb
Great for my son and I!
In less than a week, my 11-year old son and I learned all 50 states, capitals, and most of the flags. We just did the app 10-20 minutes each night before going to bed. My recommendation for future updates is that the app would focus more attention on the problems that you get wrong. But an outstanding app for us! Well done!
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2 years ago, ellesmithlady
yikes! I really needed you! Thanks for being here!
This is a fine app. The navigation is fast and easy with all the good options you'd imagine, and many levels of learning: states and capitols - flages and more....I am delighted. Head of the class was toooooo long ago I guess, but I am happy to say i am relearning some missing basics and this app makes is easy! Thanks again e
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3 years ago, Susanrbq
Get it!
I got this app because I was ashamed I didn’t know most of the states locations, now in less than an hour of playing the game I know the west coast and Midwest state locations, capital’s and flags! I’ll definitely keep going, even if I have to pay a small fee. I never pay for apps, but it’s good information to know
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4 years ago, Pay😊
I love this game!
I went from knowing 7 states to now knowing almost all 50 states capitals and flags! Did I say it was only in THREE DAYS! So if you don’t know your states and you want to you should get this app and then you can say how great it is! I one hundred percent recommend this game to anyone that doesn’t know the states. It was definitely worth three dollars.
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4 years ago, Katie The Dog Lover
All states should be free...
I bought this app to help me study for a quiz that was coming up. I would give this five stars but the fact that you have to by states and capitals for flipping THREE whole dollars is just dumb. I would buy the extension for $1or $1.50 maybe even $2 but not $3.
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4 years ago, Dojibear
Fun and educational
I really enjoy this app and I have learned all the states. However I took one star off because the study map is to small to see and you can’t zoom in. Also on the state flag quiz there is no way to remove the state names to get full stars. Other than those minor flaws, it is a fun and educational game. If you are looking to know US geography better, this is what you need
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1 year ago, Graceyy boo
Good game but why do I have to pay?
I love the game, it is a really good way to review the states, capitals, and flags! But one thing that took away the two stars from my review is that I literally have to pay for the full version just to use the freaking app. I love the game, but just make it so you have to pay to get the app instead of giving you 30% of the game AND THEN making you pay
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2 years ago, dgb74
Content good but keeps registering wrong tap
It’s great being able to scroll and zoom to the states and have the extra content to test myself but I’m consistently getting wrong answered even though I tapped (and the cursor is on) the right state, it says wrong and highlights an adjacent state. Very frustrating - please fix!
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4 years ago, Libbi1007
Nice game, needs work
It is a great game for learning the states, their capitols, and their flags. My only complaint is that you can only play with either the west or midwest without paying. Now, I understand that it is only $2.99, but why should I have to pay at all to be able to learn the states, capitols, and flags? I just feel like this game should be completely free to play with all 50 states.
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2 years ago, Gabesters_
Great App!
I managed to learn where all the states are in a very quick time span, and it’s overall a simple-to-follow app! The ONLY things I think would be great is being quizzed on all sections of the US and all 50 states at once rather than just ten at a time.
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2 years ago, #glowstone = life
Can we decide whether we want to see state names beforehand instead of having to do the whole thing over? Also, I would like it if doing the flags was optional by the parent or guardian? Besides that, this app is great!🙄
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4 years ago, KittenLover84
Works fine but only asks 10 Questions at a time
Aside from the fact that you have to pay to unlock all the content, the app works great. However, what I was looking for was an app that could quiz you on all 50 states at once. This app only quizzes you on 10 random states at a time. It would be nice if the developers could add a feature for practicing all 50 states at the same time, in a sort of process of elimination way, where once you guess all 50 states you’re done.
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1 year ago, 3737383838pjiphdsfhvd
Helps to Study
I am in third grade and I am learning my stats and capitals it really helps me study and is amazing you can learn the flags in Midwest, north, south, or all of them it also does states or capitals it is timed though I give it a four star review because nothing is perfect and that is my review thank you for reading.
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1 year ago, wnsnemssk
Great game! Recommend this app
So this app is very very very good! I recommend it bc it helped my child learn and she's like mastered all of them she's gotten so much better at her states 🥇 and so is this app 🥇 I super recommend this app ( sorry for the short review haha.)
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3 years ago, Ava Cumpston
This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!
Ok so I myself am a child and I am in the fifth grade learning geography and this app is helping me so much I was awful at geography until I got this app it has helped so much and makes me feel so good about my self ❤️🦋✨this games is the best yet!!!
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3 years ago, sweetNsauct
Even cooler than the last of them
This game helps me learn all the 50 states but I keep learning learning well I don’t know how to push full version but it’s still fun I should do this every day probably ha ha it’s still good
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5 years ago, 09900aaz/ffratch
This this item has a very very large gap and it was not the same amount and it would not get a better job of a job or not even an extra tip but the customer was not game was very well designed for a long way of being an app to work and a free day with friends to share the price and great value and fun and worth a visit and the only problem I can get for free time was that the app would have a better app to do the job it is very is too hard
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5 years ago, hstsyejvzbskuehd
So I thought this app was incredibly hard it was just because I wasn’t really paying attention so I thought it was the app nope it was me so after you get some right it gets a way lot easier just saying this game is AMAZING!!!!!!
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3 years ago, EEWuth
Family Sharing Not Working
My kids like the app but even though it says it supports family sharing, I’ve not been able to get my kids’ phones to restore my purchase or recognize that the main account already paid.
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5 years ago, Travis Warwick
Awesome app!!
I am 10 years old and I really sucked at states, capitals, and flags until I used this app! I learned absolutely everything in about two and a half to three hours. My point is, it’s well worth the three dollars.
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5 years ago, lvbronco
# Love this app 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Since I have a test for all 50 states, this app is very useful to learn all them. I would whole heartedly recommend this app for everyone. Definitely worth my time. So what are you waiting for? Download this app today.😀😃😁
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12 months ago, Me 12345678910me
Whoever made this is a genius
This totally help me with school help me study for a big test. I really appreciate the app if you have trouble with your states get it simple easy cost no money you’re welcome
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5 years ago, Fun but short play time
I like this app so far but..
On some of the levels or sections you show the correct answers when you get the question wrong but on others you don’t give the correct answer. This makes it harder to learn when the correct answer isn’t provided once you have gotten the answer wrong.
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4 years ago, chan💀
I know all my 50 of them!!!!!
When i stared using this app i thought it will not help me on anything, but when i started using it for more than 1 months i got better even without reliving them!
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6 days ago, Brown to top
Get it for your kid
When I got this for my kid to help him for a quiz he thanked me a lot for it and he started working and he came home with a A on his quiz so this is great if you have a kid and needs to study for a state quiz
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5 years ago, peyton415
Test time
I had a states and capitals test and I tried to study but I would never get it so I looked up an app that will help with states and capitals I found this one and got it when my test came I got a 💯
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1 year ago, ShenelleNyri
Thank you thank you
I’ve have always been someone who struggled with states but now I’m soaring and I’m so happy to start geography journey! Thank you so much!!
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5 years ago, CharlieGrape
Good overall, gets the job done. So far the only frustrating thing is that when you get a state correct the check mark is green but the state flashes red. It’s very counterintuitive. Would be a quick fix
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1 year ago, yarrumekim
Too Many Repeats
This app could be 5 stars if they fix the programming so that the same state, flag, or capital is not repeated in the same attempt. For example, when taking the 50 States quiz, Massachusetts appeared 4 times! Why not ask each state one time, hence the name 50 State quiz?
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4 years ago, how amazingly awesome
How amazing
It’s so amazing first I knew capitals and states now I know flags states and capitals if anyone sees this note please try it out even cc kids classical conversations anyone who sees this note try to find a cc group
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4 years ago, Putting on the news
Us maps
This game is awesome. We are using it with a student who is two years behind. He struggles in every subject, so it’s good to have a game to play with geography. It makes the struggle to learn more fun. Thanks!
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1 year ago, Login44
I am using the Samar for the first time. It is interesting to note that United States has such variety of flags and they are beautifully portrayed in your app.
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1 year ago, Bodywow
Hurry up
I don’t like that it’s a sweet female voice saying the states and a male voice saying hurry up! When time is running down. Other than that I am learning.
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2 years ago, Diesel345679
I like everything about this app except it gives you only 10 seconds but other than that it’s great
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11 months ago, racerryan121
This is the same dude it was my tablet not the app
Great app I regret making the other 2 star review about the table.
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6 years ago, Jacky roro
Ok but..
It’s ok my classroom loves it but we are learning east now and when I scrolled it said I needed to pay Overall I like this app but feel like you really won’t need to pay just to learn a bit more
Show more
4 years ago, muffin<*
I really liked this app and thought it was really useful!! Until I had to memorize the eastern states. I had to purchase or “buy the full version” and I sure as hell ain’t paying for that. Good for an upcoming though. Just a hassle to have to pay
Show more
3 years ago, A.Kettering
This helps!
Hi I love this game a lot it help me learn the states but there one thing that bugs me it’s the ones u have to buy! But other wise I love this game!!
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9 months ago, Homeschool mom/ kids
Two days!!!
My six year old learned all or her states, capitals, and flags in two days! Supper fun and easy to learn. Great for homeschooling.
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10 months ago, Anonymous3892737
Have to spend money
I get it it says that you have to unlock all content via in app purchase, which I personally think is dumb, if you get the app you can learn two regions, pointless if your kids have a test.
Show more
5 years ago, peyts08
Test time
I have a test coming up about states and capitals and this app helped a lot. Now I am planning on getting a 100% on the test.
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4 years ago, Awesomesauce46474
Helped me a lot.
This app helped me learn all of the states fairly quickly, so thank you for making it.
Show more
6 years ago, Ariana Grandee 🐼
Please make at least the states free!!
Hi!! I’m starting a class in high school mainly about US history and I really needed this app to learn the states.. just the states Lol!!! Please if you could only make that option free, I could study for my upcoming quizzes on the go ! Thxx
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7 months ago, Cc Diego
Best state and capital learning game ever
This helps me a lot to memorize my states, capitals, flags, and location. Thank you to the creators of this game. I love this game
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3 years ago, mil@h
By it now
If you passed midwestern exam 1 it is definitely worth it to buy the full package
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3 years ago, vybybybyybybbubuubbuubub
US Map Quiz
We get learn Our states than on a flat map at our house and they quiz us on the State and Capitals
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9 months ago, I hate you11
Good education
Always has been
Show more
4 years ago, Fall 🍂
Not worth the download...
Downloaded this app out of boredom and found out that you are required to purchase the ‘full version’ to do many things, such as naming all fifty states and/or capitals, naming the East’s capitals and names, etc. Find a similar app that allows these things for free.
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