Universal Kids

3.8 (573)
80 MB
Age rating
Current version
NBCUniversal Media, LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Universal Kids

3.75 out of 5
573 Ratings
3 years ago, Traylynnchap123
My history with sprout and universal kids
I was born in 2010 and since I was very young I never knew sprout was even a thing until I first watched it! It was pretty much love at first sight and I was binging away first chance I got. I loved the shows and the programming blocks. I even liked the time when it started to go downhill because new shows that I found good were in the mix such as Nina’s World and Dot, though the best one in my opinion was Clangers. I liked their silly slide whistle voices and around when I was starting 1st grade I didn’t even realize it changed to universal kids. I still like it to this day. Some shows that I know very well are Super Why, Caillou, Barney, Thomas and Friends, Sesame Street, Pingu, Mighty Mike, Nina’s World, and Ruff Ruff Tweet and Dave. I also know others such as The Chica Show, The Hoobs, The Programming Blocks, The Wiggles and more, But not as well. I hoped you liked this show too and 5th Grader out!
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4 years ago, Dog With a Blog Please
Find me in Paris please
I saw a commercial on TV for this app and the commercial lead me to believe that a show called find me in Paris was on this app and so I downloaded it and I discovered that the specific show is not on there in my opinion you either need to change the commercial or add find me in Paris I would rather you add the show find me in Paris on the app because I really would like to watch it! 😄but you do have a few shows in here that look entertaining but would you please add find me in paris😁
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7 years ago, RedheadXilamGuy
Interesting channel
I know you guys missed Sprout, and I know I'm gonna get so much hate for this, but this is my personal opinion. I find this channel rather interesting. Sure, it's not that great of a channel, and it does have a few duds, but things change. This app still has shows from Universal Kids' Sprout House block. It's not the same, but I think it's time to learn that Sprout has grown up. It's time to accept it. Comcast now has a kids channel made to compete with Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, and Cartoon Network. Universal Kids is not going to be the end of the world. Sprout just wanted to change. This channel happened after Universal Pictures' acquisition of DreamWorks Animation. It's no Hub Network, but hopefully it won't be like Discovery Family.
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6 years ago, Militarymama424
Boring...repetitive reruns
Since the switch to universal, this app and its channel have been very repetitive and quite boring. This was probably the only channel that catered to such a young crowd. Why bring ANOTHER preteen channel to the table? There already Disney channels and Nickelodeon channels devoted to the preteen crowd. This whole new universal thing does not add to competition and is very bland and unoriginal. There's nothing special about this app anymore and nothing special about the new channel change. It is horrible. My daughter is prek and now there really isn't anything she can watch at night or on the weekends. Re-airing the same old tired Caillou doesn't cater to her group. We miss Clangers, Pajaminals, The Chika Show, Ruff Ruff, Tweet, and Dave...what have you sold out too?? This is an awful business move and does nothing for your audiences.
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6 years ago, hatewritingnicknames47
I’ve been trying to get into your app and select my tv provider, but I have certain websites restricted and your is one of them. I’m clicking on the button to allow me to enter the password and it won’t allow me. Please make the FAQ in your website easier for when people like me find trouble with your app they can fix the problem. Make this change helpful to your app users. I appreciate the time you’re taking to read my review and make the changes needed to your app. Thank you
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6 years ago, MeByAnyOtherNameIsRidiculous
I don’t get it...
I like the idea of this app but I just don’t understand why there are so few episodes. What is the point of the app if there are only a few episodes for each show? Why would I watch live tv off of my device when I can’t fast-forward the commercials, I have to watch on a tiny screen, and I can’t just pick the shows that I actually want to watch? I also don’t understand why this app boasts have certain shows (Nowhere Boys) but doesn’t actually have them at all? You play Mako Mermaids on your channel but you don’t have it on your app. Very disappointed in this app! Please fix this as there is no reason for this app at the moment.
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3 years ago, hpGaro
Good but add more episodes
I don’t get the reason why there are only few episodes in each show.🤔🤔 I would like if you add more episodes to each show🤗
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6 years ago, micheclay
They fixed the app!!
My son loved this app before the change to Universal Kids, and initially there was a lack of shows, but they responded to the concern about lack of availability and made it so much better! Now there are lots of shows available for his age group, and each one has several shows to view! Thanks Universal Kids, it’s great!
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4 years ago, Callie Scheidt
Kicked me out
I would watch a show for one day the when I would go back to watch my show it said I had to log in again. I went to go check if I was logged out and I wasn’t so I went back to the home screen and pressed log out an nothing happened so to let my kids watch a show we had to delete the app and log in again. Overall I will say it’s a good app my children love it but it can only be used for one day
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2 years ago, Kamrynn.D.
It will not letj me sign in
It will not let me sign in I have no idea why I don’t know or have any other ideas that would let me sign in I gave it a one star because I’m getting really frustrated because I have to login and then I am but it’s not letting me it keeps saying you entered the wrong password or email address but I did it I did it right I was born in 2012 and I am almost 10 so my mom is trying to help me we’re both getting really frustrated.👎 bad app
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5 years ago, Fabiola Matos PR
My opinion
It is good but it has to get reviewed by adults so if you want to watch something u can’t until your parents approve it has some of my favorite shows like GET OUT OF MY ROOM! 5/5 recommend for streaming kids favorite shows!
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3 years ago, JulPul14
Unable to load despite signing in
My son loves Dinotrux so I was thrilled to learn we could watch it on the app. However, I’ve successfully signed in with my TV provider and I can’t actually get any shoes to load. All I’m seeing is an empty turquoise screen. My phone is running the most current iOS so there shouldn’t be any issues. Looks like I got my hopes up for nothing. If anything changes, I will update my review.
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6 years ago, cubswin17
Horrible App
I would like to rate this 0 stars, but you have to do at least one. I just downloaded Universal Kids, and it won’t even open! I open the app and it says that it can’t find an internet connection. When it does this, I have 3 bars in the upper left corner of my screen! I would like to really be able to review this app, but I’m going to review what I’ve seen. Sorry, Universal Kids, I have to rate you 1 star.
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5 years ago, diadus
No way
This app will not let children watch shows unless they have they write cable that will disappoint people but all though it rates very good shows the app has amazing shows that kids love I mean they obviously don’t have Barney(probably do) so it is not as bad so I give it a three a one for having to have different cable so I gave it 2 just subtraction
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5 years ago, ELLAKATET
Terrible. Couldn’t even watch one clip.
I have been trying for like three hours to watch get out of my room. I downloaded this app, signed in and wanted to watch. It freaking kept saying please log out and log back in. So I did this and over and over again and still it won’t work. I am really upset and can’t find that show anywhere else. I defiantly don’t recommend this app. 😫
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5 years ago, Raed farraj
You can’t make the screen bigger
You have the show or movie you want and then you don’t get to make the screen bigger
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7 years ago, BebaJS80
I prefer the old Sprout
Before it became Universal Kids, my son used to watch Sprout Channel. They had good shows, appropriate for his age. Now, they only have a few shows in the early morning and then switch to older kids programming. Big disappointment. I hope some day, the network realizes, they lost viewers due to drastic changes.
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3 years ago, HELPNOW555
80% of the time does NOT work
My kid loves shows on this app and this application fails every time. Its so frustrating as a parent. The shows dont play, says to log in when the account is logged in already. I have to uninstall and reinstall to even log out of the provider because the log out button doesn't even work. Fix YOUR APP!! I
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5 years ago, Jr70kw
Dish Network
why is Dish Network not part of the tv providers, you have basically every provider available but Dish Network and that is ridiculous you don’t even have a monthly stand-alone subscription that can be paid through itunes like Cbs does, you can even do no ads or limited ads, so get with the program
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6 years ago, Williana serve
The next step
I noticed that universal kids is on season 4 of the next step but then why on the app they only uploaded 4 episodes of season 1 why is that? They should upload more episodes or else I am giving this app 1 star!!!!😠😡
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6 months ago, Jaiden08!
Universal kids
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3 months ago, Jaiden Roger Mercado Haggiag
Universal Kids
Watch shows
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5 years ago, Ryanne Benni
Good, but I miss Sprout.
Universal Kids is a great channel, but it used to be a channel called Sprout, and it’s a part of my childhood. I love the shows like Top Chef Jr, (don’t get me wrong, Nikki, I love you 😇) Anyway, I want Sprout to return. Universal kids is just, a little boring. Sorry but, it’s how I feel.
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7 years ago, JessicaRenaeEdgeGracia
Changed the app
My daughter use to love this app. She could watch all the sprout shows she liked on the go. Now there are only two shows she watched on the app. You should have made a separate app for the older kids shows instead of combining them. Very disappointed. Will still watch sprout but will no longer use the app.
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4 years ago, Superhero Syd
No Closed Captions
The Universal Kids app doesn’t have closed captions because I am deaf and need captions to help me understand what the people on the Universal Kids app is saying.
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6 years ago, jojo_queen
I give it four stars because every time u go on it ,it asks for the provider but other than that everything is awesome
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7 years ago, JolyP
Poor selection
My son used to love the Sprout app and he enjoyed watching the shows but after the change to universal kids the app is a piece of crap. All the shows are gone and when you open the show, they only have like 5 episodes. I'm very disappointed on this change. I'm erasing this app for good.
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4 years ago, mrivey1256
Constant crashing
Please fix, crashes even after I reinstall it on our iPads. An error message comes up when we try to access some of the shows. Thank you in advance for addressing this issue.
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5 years ago, Daijah.fowler
Good app
It was really help Full I couldn’t figure something out and I got it with the apps help the whole time.
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5 years ago, I love Philliphines
I do not recommend I cannot watch anything but like 10 episodes and there is like 200 to choose from I just wanted to watch my favorite shows. Pls fix so I can watch everything then I will do 5 stars. For now I am deleting so do not download does not work. I wish there was 0 stars I want to watch
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7 years ago, Cecechu
I miss all the old shows they have. They took off them and added these new shows. It's not like new shows were added it's that they took off shows an added new ones. They still play on tv but you can't pull up an episode and watch. For example Sarah and Duck, Maya the bee. Horrible!!!😤
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4 years ago, babyroodog
Please fix this app
We love universal kids but it won’t stay connected to our cable provider. We are constantly deleting and reloading the app to get it to work for our toddler. It’s the only app we have with this constant issue
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9 months ago, 👍pikmin
I like to watching different shows and Mighty Mike and it says this is not available
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7 years ago, melodic88keys
Took away favorites
I am very disappointed with this app. With the change from Sprout to Universal Kids, they took away all but 6 shows. I understand wanting to expand, but why take away so much from the 2-5 age group? My son is so sad that the chicka show and terrific trucks are no longer on the app.
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5 years ago, Babytraci
Love this app
This app is amazing I love all the tv show as and it’s kid friendly just wish their was more tv shows 😗
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2 years ago, QMEMEDI90
Live tv
How to watch live tv using tv cable provider?
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5 years ago, t67655bghft4
Won’t save you spot
It won’t save you spot after being out of the app for 4 hours
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4 years ago, takengg
Well I can watch my favorite show because I have to sign in so the app can be useless please fix this.
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5 years ago, RIP app it is terrible
This app is terrible you can only watch the videos if you have a tv and I don’t so I was not able to watch anything. You also can’t do anything if you don’t have WiFi you also cannot use it!!! I would not recommend this app.
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1 year ago, Jbfilms1226
Caillou WAS getting better in the later seasons.
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7 years ago, Kay cute
I love universal kids, but the app is just not good..... it doesn’t have all the episodes to some of the shows. I just wanted to watch and episode that I missed, but it doesn’t have the episode. You guys should really do something about that. It’s kinda irritating. Thx
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6 years ago, Ms.Noblai
I want Sprout because universesal kids won’t let me sign up with my account but I can’t put it in because I don’t know it on Sprout I didn’t even have to sign at all everything was already available to watch and for free
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5 years ago, Tula Taylor
This is a really good quality app it is worth the space on your device.
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5 years ago, YT channel WillTDK
Math every time?
Do i have to do math everytime a “big kid show” wants to be viewed?? There should be a allow big kid shows button in settings...
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4 years ago, chadjfreeman
I miss sprout
Sprout was my favorite show when I was a kid 🤦🏾‍♂️ i am a kid lol but at least pbs kids hasn’t changed
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6 years ago, Colbie15
Berenstain Bears
We were hoping to find the Berenstain Bears on this app... any chance we could get them added in as well for the toddlers? Thanks!
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6 years ago, CLS0508
What happened?
Can't image why you have not made toddler and PreK content more available since removing it from your daytime line up. Huge fail and forcing people to find other means of streaming what you've left out.
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3 months ago, ćødÿ
as a kid Ive always loved the goodnight show but ever since they took it off I can’t find it this app said it had the show but they only have the rip off
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4 years ago, Alfonzo7924
Useless - Please Help
I logged in with my TV Provider but whenever I try to play a show for my kid I get a pop-up alert saying “This content requires a valid, unexpired auth token.” I can not find anywhere in the app that tells me what an auth token is or how to get it.
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6 years ago, Tjsmama09
No goodnight show
I got this to see if my kids could still watch the goodnight show as that was their favorite things to watch in the evenings while the other one is in the bath type of thing. But no no goodnight show. No chica. No star. No fun
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