University of Oklahoma

4.7 (458)
52.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
University of Oklahoma
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for University of Oklahoma

4.72 out of 5
458 Ratings
1 year ago, muthafuginbobbly
OU’s best in Information
I like the app; it’s reasonably functional and serves a purpose. For one, the map is probably the MVP for the app. It’s a helpful resource for finding location sites on the campus, it will usually give a brief description/history of the specific location, and the address instantly launches google maps. The below tabs are also additional recourse to further connect to One Portal and other campus services.
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6 years ago, allysweet
Good but could use improvement
I feel like the app overall works and serves part of its primary purpose, to keep all information that we students use frequently in one place (canvas, email, campus map, etc...) but I also believe that it could do a better job of making the information easier to access. For instance, I’m having to log into my email 3 times a day because it keeps logging me out. That’s super annoying and even though I clicked “keep me logged in” it still signs me out every time I leave the app. It makes the app a struggle to use by making me sign completely back in before I have access to anything. I also feel that the app layout is nice and I can see everything in front of me when I open it but it could have a more modern feel to it. It seems to need an overall update; it feels old when I’m using it, lagging and just the way everything looks. It’s like using an iPhone 3g when the iPhone X is out. Other than that, it works well and provides all my information to me in one place.
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5 years ago, MielLeo
Needs work!
This app is a must have for all OU students! Don’t hesitate to download it, it will keep you up to date with every exciting event on campus! This app includes academic and financial resources as well as additional support for students! Downloading this app cuts out the hassle of having multiple tabs open to pay your bursar, check grades, schedule, etc. Everything you will need is in this single app! I had to take away 2 stars because the app definitely needs fine tuning! Perhaps a way to clear notifications without having to click every individual alert? Boomer!
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2 years ago, jake.reeves
Perfect School App
Helps perfectly with getting around campus and getting an easy schedule set up as well as having your school info all in one place!
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2 years ago, KTarczon
Great GPS
Tried to get to Nielsen Hall through google maps, short story was I couldn’t find the place, took every winding turn and went around every single building, ended up at Kauffman. Entered Nielsen in the app and took me exactly to the place I wanted! Now if only it could find me locations like Burr park or the southern sand volleyball courts… oh well future updates maybe?
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6 years ago, Demosthenes&Locke
Promising but needs tweaking
Like the app, and certainly like the premise for the app where you have all your info you need consolidated into one app but it is buggy and the UI needs a lot of work. Not to mention, the Canvas page of the app, which would potentially be my favorite part of the app doesn’t work for any apparent reason. So there’s that.
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4 years ago, optimal experience
Excellence Experience at OU
I have truly enjoyed this semester at OU. My professors have been outstanding, and they created an optimal learning experience for myself and my colleagues. It has been an honor and privilege having this unique and wonderful opportunity to further my education at OU.
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3 years ago, DilligentDonkey
Thank you
I love this app! The moment my colleague told me about it, I knew it was going to be life-changing. I open it every morning for my reminders. So far I do not have any complaints.
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3 years ago, DOM1NAT3R720
Extremely helpful
Access to classes and a map with a search function. Not to mention the other applications. As a freshman this app is killer.
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7 years ago, Jason Cochran
Good app
Good app. I wished you could delete notifications all at once, but other than that, I love it. It's fast, doesn't glitch and runs very smooth on both LTE and wifi.
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3 months ago, gjjevdmeksvekeu
Pretty good.
The app works well. I do wish you could access everything, for example email, within the app as opposed to being sent to a website.
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2 years ago, The Anonymous Boi
Everything you need
This app works great, has everything neatly and intuitively organized, and does exactly what it needs to
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4 years ago, Doodan84
Course Info
I do wish this app was as traversable as the browser version of Canvas. Also, it seems to notify me of messages from Canvas a couple of days after they were sent. I once drove all the way to Norman for a class that had been cancelled, due to this app’s late notification.
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5 years ago, SkyyT
New to the app
I think OU is on to something great with this app, keeping us updated @ all times will be the way of the future. I am happy I am one of the first crowds to give this app a try
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4 years ago, Letapsiddh
It’s makes it super easy to see what I need in one place instead of opening link after link to get to where I need to
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6 years ago, Soonerfan1722
OU App
Having some issues getting read items to disappear from my notifications. Wish I could mark as read more than ten items at a time. Overall it’s a good app but minor improvements could definitely be made.
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4 years ago, skeeterfox
OU App review
Great tool that provides easy access to student resources and information for on time analysis of their classes and any other facets of their Sooner experience. We’ll done.
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4 years ago, Led432
I love OU!!
Oh I absolutely love my time so far at OU.... I truly love being a student here on campus at norman.... the best!! As a student from Nigeria ... I am absolutely in love with the school and my experience has been nothing short of amazing!! .... boomer!!
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2 years ago, tacori80
Boomer Sooner
I enjoy the app as it is very user friendly. I’m a returning student after a 16yr hiatus…. It’s never too late. “The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste”.
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3 years ago, Ella Margot
Great for students
I am a student at OU and this app has been helpful especially since I am from out of state.
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3 years ago, drese91
Great but parking is a problem
Parking is a nightmare. Especially for new students like myself who did not anticipate how bad it would be. Other than that I love the school and the vibes are great.
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9 months ago, NCersosimo
Proud to be a Sooner!
Never experienced such professionalism and keeping students first! Thank you. Excited to start graduate school!
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4 years ago, Obie9999999999
I’m an OU freshmen and this app makes it really easy to find my courses and my class and due dates really took out some stress from starting my first year!
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4 years ago, alecgcooper
Great improvements to the app
OU greatly improved the layout of this app last semester. The app looks sleek and new and is now more easy to navigate than ever. Boomer Sooner!
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4 years ago, I'm Mafia
This app is really helpful for incoming freshmen.
Having access to my daily schedule and the campus map right there on the app is really helping me get acclimated to campus.
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1 year ago, JJonesJr11
Wish there was a link to the campus store to buy Sooner gear online.
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1 year ago, Bawsee 1
Very easy to use- just an awesome app to get - love the truly mobile accessibility features
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7 years ago, anthony balch
Great app!
Very useful for new students or even returning students! Helpful when navigating around campus, figuring out his schedules, and even finding free food! Boomer sooner!
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4 years ago, bayxiii
Keep it up
You guys do a great job on most fronts and I hate grad school 30% less than I thought I would.
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2 years ago, MostlyAddicted
Great app
Seems very useful and full of information
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1 year ago, WaitingToFade
Not updating!
This app literally stopped updating last summer. So it doesn’t show the classes I’m signed up for this spring semester, and it doesn’t show the class I signed up for this past fall after dropping one class (which it still shows that I’m enrolled in).
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4 years ago, breangg
5 stars
5 stars for a 5 star school best app everything is in one place right where I need it
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4 months ago, SoftCoins57
I Love It So Far!
It is very helpful and gives a lot of good information about the OU classes and Campus
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7 years ago, HighscorePony
Free food
It tells you where it is. What more could you ask for?
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4 years ago, 1111222233333 44444
Works every time I use it. You have to manually tap on notifications in the app to make them go away.
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3 years ago, JOGHarris
Love IT
This App is great I’m able to get to online sources with no problem.
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3 years ago, Elmo90913
App is good, just can’t see my courses
The app is great and really easy to maneuver. The only problem is that I’m enrolled in classes but it won’t let me see what I’m enrolled in
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3 years ago, FiremanFighter
Thank You OU
OU has empowered me thus far; professors and staff are always there when I need them. Five stars all the way.
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4 years ago, Ottie11
Very helpful and has all the information I need
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2 years ago, TimothieMichael
Very helful
This app is extremely helpful for all OU students. I transferred from OSU and the OU app has been a life saver.
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3 years ago, gordy.brooks
Very helpful for getting around campus
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4 months ago, totowrench
Great on the go!
Need to catch up of reading or emails love the app!
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5 years ago, Sherry Vandelay
Good but needs improvement
Needs to have start and end dates for all classes enrolled in automatically added to the calendar.
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3 years ago, Dej13
Good just a little slow at times
Very good for campus navigation!
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5 years ago, Bitfan07
Logs Me Out Too Often
The app is well-structured, but I wish it didn’t log me out and make me put in my 4x4 every time I use it. That kind of negates the convenience of the app.
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4 years ago, The_Leatherneck
Very robust app that is easy to use!
5 stars all the way around!
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4 years ago, Chlo_Glo565
OU’s Awesome
What an amazing app and school. The absolute best speed and services. I love this school very much. Can’t wait to attend!
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4 months ago, Seanswee4
Rate OU
Insightful…easy to navigate, just takes time and an inquisitive mind, ha…
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6 years ago, michael.cheek99
Thank you for improving usability and UI!
I’m excited to use this when I start at OU this fall!
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7 years ago, Okapi ninja
Everything school-related I need in one app
This app is terrific. OU email, interactive campus map, bus routes, and even free food updates!
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