Univision App

4.5 (15.8K)
53.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Univision Communications Inc.
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Univision App

4.45 out of 5
15.8K Ratings
4 years ago, (Paradox)
The app Is Great but...
First thing First The app Is of course better than Univision Now which is completely bad But The app Instead should have Ads For people who don’t have a service provider they can watch ads every start of an episode to watch it for free and then you can get your hands on the thing you need most (Money)
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6 years ago, zzzzzzxxxxxxxxxzzzxxx
Doesn’t Always Work Properly
I’ve had a love hate relationship with this app for a while now. There are times when it works perfectly fine and other times it has a lot of issues. For example, a few days ago I decided to watch a novela episode and it took me about half a hour to even get it to work. The commercials would freeze and when I was close it, it would start me over. Also, sometimes the commercials would be playing and so would the episodes sound but not the image from the video. It was not my WiFi connection, because other apps would perfectly fine and the WiFi was strong on other devices as well. It’s quite frustrating trying to simply catch up on a novela and it taking you half a hour to have to wait for the app to start work properly.
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9 months ago, L. Rina
What’s the point of this app?! If you have cable or satellite you can record shows/novelas and watch on your own time and skip ads thru your provider, so you don’t ‘need’ this app. But if you don’t have cable or satellite, you need this app, and it COULD allow you to watch your fave shows/novelas and force you to watch ads… BUT THEY DON’T. Instead, this is a cable/satellite subscribers only app, even tho this channel is free on antenna. MAKES NO SENSE. Definitely not paying to watch novelas like on the NOW app they offer. If they want to make it hard for me to watch their novelas, then I guess I didn’t need to waste my time watching them in the first place. HUGE missed opportunity to get or keep viewers, as well as exposure to your advertisers.
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6 years ago, MsVane
I had this app in a couple of devices and always always worked great. It was the only way to catch up on my novelas on the go. I removed the app and recently downloaded it again and to my surprise when I wanted to catch up on a novelas I wasn't able to. One of the novelas I can only watch up to episode 5 the other novela I can not even see one complete episode because they don't have it. That makes me so FUKN mad. This app was great at one time. Now it only gets me upset and frustrates me every time I try to use it. Please fix the episode problem. If you it says that we can watch complete episodes please provide them. Fix, FIX, FIX, FIX,
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4 years ago, The mamager
So upset
I luv the app but sometimes when I relax in the evening and I open the App to watch a Novela it has a lock 🔒 symbol on it and it doesn't let me access the episode I left off on the night before. It's so frustrating then I go log out and delete the app to refresh it and when I try it for upload it again it does the same thing I try turning off my phone and it still does the same uughhh so darn upset 😠 So here I am again trying to download the app again and log in to see what happens and nothing 🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒😠😠😠 someone do something to fox this glitch
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4 years ago, Gamer772
Great App!
I don't even use this because but it is an amazing app. My only complaint is that Vecinos is on Univision Now but not on Univision App. So could you please make that series available when you can?
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3 years ago, Shnoogooleebum
Disappointing & Frustrating
I tried this app and it was extremely frustrating. I couldn’t even watch the 1st episode of the novela I wanted to see. After going back and forth with emails & texts for approval codes of deleting and reinstalling the app…I gave up. It just wasn’t worth it. I downloaded to watch a clear version but I’ll just watch the pixelated version in YouTube….at least it’ll play and I can watch the episodes.
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4 years ago, Alex Espi
Channels removed but ok
Before, this app as I remember had Bandamax, DP de película/clásico, and Univisión Tvnovelas. Why did you remove them? Don’t know. You should put them back. I wouldn’t be surprised if Galavision and TUDN will be removed too. You should also have all novelas in the library instead of added them and removing them every 5 months. What’s the reason to watch cable tv in the first place?
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2 years ago, chivis&1
Bad service
This service works in an on and off basis trying to watch a show and then all of a sudden after certain episodes it freezes up and it won’t give you any more either on the app or it doesn’t matter the TV provider that you have I do not recommend this if you are going to watch a show you might as will not even bother
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4 years ago, zai?
I was looking forward to see some of my favorite shows because I don’t like watching the news. I downloaded the app and I seen I needed a cable for it but I only have an outdoor antenna. P.S I hope you guys can be able to add Firestick tv to your tv provider because I have that in my living room.
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2 years ago, Skat-sensei
Always having issues connecting to TV provider
Extremely bad app, does not get significant updates and it is always glitching and having issues connecting to the TV provider why pay a premium to have this channel if you have to reinstall the app like 10 times before being able to watch a show
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4 years ago, andyma123
Disconnects after every single commercial
Every single time a commercial comes up, once the commercial ends, it gets disconnected without exception. Is terrible. You have to exit and start the video and fund where you left off. Of course you can imagine some of these shows have a high number of commercials so you have to do this so much. You can’t relax and watch something.
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4 years ago, ekittie10
It would be great if it worked 😒
This app when it connects to the internet is great. The shows are always fun and the novelas are exactly what I’m looking for. However, most of the time I can not get it to load or if I do I can’t get it to play the novela I’m watching. It just cycles as it’s thinking but never connects. Very disappointed with this app. 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽
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3 years ago, Bambina's Problem
Latest update broke the app!
I love Univisión and the app has worked great for me especially because it’s connected to my cable service. But the latest update screwed it all up. 😫 Whenever I connect to my Apple TV and the show hits the little yellow dot, the app crashes. Please help!!!
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3 years ago, Fast ed77
Thank you
I enjoy the app because I don’t have to watch Jorge Ramos and the rest of their news personalities with biased views. I can think for myself, thank you very much (:
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3 years ago, ttakek
Univisión app
It should the everyone can available to use use univision app with out tv providers. Some people can’t afford had those bills and use antena(air) and only have the movil internet. Telemundo app you can see it and you not need providers to use it, everybody can enjoy.....
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4 years ago, Izabella021778
What HAPPENED to all the previous novelas??????
The only reason I liked this app before was for all the novelas selection that were available to watch. Even with all the ADS that pop up obsessively I didn’t mind as much because I got to see novelas that are over 20 years old. WHY did you remove them?????? Are there plans to add this feature back?
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6 years ago, Jmcgrady2584
Bugs app
This app is good on the content it has, but it has a very bad problem, BUGS, has lots of them, crashes several times and when I’m trying to watch a video, the app restarts by itself, when I’m scrolling down to see the news, it repeats the four top news over and over and over and over, fix it please.
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6 years ago, rocifga
It’s not working!
It shuts off on its own every 3 minutes, and the novela is soooo good and it just won’t let me watch it... so frustrating! The last version worked so well, why did you change it again?
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5 years ago, op happy
Great shows!
The only thing that I don’t like is that sometimes they no inform whenever they change a telenovela to another time and we are not informed. Thanks!
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4 years ago, daniii427
It’s a great apppp but I was watching a telenovela and now It says it isn’t available at the moment , if you took it off bring back the telenovela please 🥺 it’s called antes muerta que lichita
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4 years ago, yohyoh12345
My thought
I like the app but it doesn’t have the show I like I could only see it if it’s live
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3 years ago, nzbziqlnxkapa
Why my app is not work on my phone I’m try from last night too get in and can’t get into app soo let me know what happens
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6 years ago, Blacncs!
Always the latest!!
I enjoy Univision so much! Always wit the latest
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6 years ago, hmartha85
You need to fix the glitches on this app. It gets annoying when you are reading something and out of nowhere it kicks out and to find the same thing you were reading is impossible to go back it repeats same stuff over an over
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6 years ago, Manolo enriquez
Always talking about the same
Is ok Their new always talk about the same They are a big company, they could be more professional and have more & different news
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7 months ago, Btmtx
Now with commercials UGH
This app worked fine until they started adding commercials. Totally ruined it.
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2 years ago, PeteMcPeterson
Not updated frequently
Currently the app freezes a lot on my Apple TV. I don’t have any problems with any other app except this one. I noticed that they don’t update frequently and they really need to start fixing bugs as they happen.
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6 years ago, jose2018chicago
Not as good as before
I used to like the app better before. Since the last updates it has been freezing a lot. I had to delete the app and download it again a few times
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2 years ago, wmr88
Univision on Apple TV is BAD!!!
Please fix the app on Apple TV, every-time I watch any live channel after commercials the description of the program appears at the bottom of the screen and never goes away and it is so annoying…
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6 years ago, Soy un fanatico!!
You do a really good job to keep us up to date with the latest events, could you work as hard to fix all the problems with this app?
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1 year ago, alyah08901
Why is it that it takes 3-4 days for new episodes to post and sometimes some episodes are missing, it happens to different novelas not just one in particular, example right not I’m watching amor invencible
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4 years ago, maltvazteca
Worst don't download
Many commercials and it restart the program all way from the start after the commercials are done then you have to put it where you left of and it go's back to commercials and restarts back
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3 years ago, Mr. Welfdenforf
Stopped working randomly on iphone 7 plus!!!!
Works fine on my newer iphone but doesn’t work on iphone 7 plus . Just stuck on loading screen please fix it you lazy developers
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1 year ago, rfhtfvd
It is very fun to watch
I like to watch the Chivas play
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3 years ago, luidoe
Every time i use it i have to log back in
the fact that i am forced to log in to my tv provider and ad an activation every time i use this app. pretty much makes me not want to use this app at all
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6 years ago, F@ttie
Few items
- Gordo y la Flaca: under photos, there is always videos - Often times the same article feed is under different categories
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5 years ago, yazyyas!!
Too much adds
There are too much adds and you can’t rewind or fast forward and you can’t save the episode you were in. This app needs to upgrade.
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2 years ago, Chelerae
It’s been a week and the novelas are not showing up like they’re supposed to on the following day. Never any updates to improve. Whoever is in charge of this should be dismissed.
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6 years ago, Comicapp
I will love to not see so much articles about univision employees. More news and articles about community and social issues. And not to many sports related stuff. Also give the user the chance to write reviews on published articles.
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4 years ago, Iphone4lifeyea
Fix your Galavison problem
I have checked with multiple individuals with Fios and none can’t see Galavison. Fix your app it’s has to many bugs
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6 years ago, evaluna88
Don’t recommend this app
I don’t like it because the videos or stories jump back all the time, no relevant stories. Sometimes the stories jump from new stories to old ones.
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3 years ago, bettylizbeth
App not working
Was watching fine and now app does not open! Why?
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2 years ago, melysmooches
This app will only show fios as a tv provider and doesn’t allow for other tv providers to show 😡😡
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6 years ago, gxvbdngjhf
Bad video connection
Every time I want to see on my phone a whole episode of the series. The app closes in the middle of watching the show.
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6 years ago, nana17amc
Horrible a 45 minute show can take up to 1 1/2 hours to watch. And this is with your paid TV provider. Very unhappy 😠
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2 years ago, Pospita
All content locked
Waste of time down loading, all content is locked, need a cable provider, if I had one why would I need the app?
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4 years ago, bhsjdufnfb
Hate that it crashes on chromcast
When you cast it to chromecast it always crashes completely after a comercial .. so you have to start it what you are watching again and rewatch all the comercials .. I hate it 😡
Show more
2 years ago, LaNikky
It’s horrible
It’s such a horrible app to watch .. they don’t put out the show the next day like they should . So I have to just wait weeks which is not ok !!!
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6 years ago, ksalazar
Automatically scrolls down
Fix this issue please. Where automatically scroll down,when you deciding what to read or watch
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