Univision Now

2.8 (3.5K)
48.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Univision Communications Inc.
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Univision Now

2.78 out of 5
3.5K Ratings
5 years ago, LovelyMariela
Needs lots of work
I love your novelas. So much that im paying for your app. But really disappointed because accidentally i fast forward on my novela and ads started playing before playing the part. Then i tried returning to were i was at and another ad would start and every time i thought i had found it and ad would come on. That’s very inconvenient and time consuming for me and im sure for other people too. It would really be a good app if I didn’t have to struggle so much. I just hope since we are paying for this for u guys to better it im sure you would have at least better review.
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3 years ago, Jennyfer Torres
I was really exited that my favorite novelas were in here. Actually I didnt even mind that there was a couple ads throughout the episodes (5-6 ads per episode). But what really got annoying was when every time you pause on your episode, an ad apart from the 5-6 ads per episode will show. So every time you fix your aipod or pause for any reason, another dam ad. I have currently a glitch where the same ad will play 2x back to back. This is just so annoying, I really tried to not mind it in the beginning but this is just insane. If you want to watch about 20 ads per episode, This app is for you. This app is not fully developed because it still has glitches because when im finished with one episode, sometimes it wont play the next one so I have look for the Novela and scroll all the way down to click on the next episode I left off. And as many comments wherever you left off, the episode wont show in your home page, again you need to find the show,scroll down and find the episode you left off. Too many inconveniences for $11 subscription/ month.
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5 years ago, Pat0782
Not worth getting
First off,you already paying for cable and they want you to pay extra. Sounds just like Univision charging for everything. Yeah your not in Mexico. This the reason you came up with raising money like when they want to help the needy people and here you come making all this concert to support all this people and really no one gets the help and trying to do the same with this app corrupted like always. From one month to the other you change wish stuff is free even if they been free for a long time. That’s when you notice you have to charge now. Yeah that’s business, but people who is already paying for cable they shouldn’t pay extra. Cause already charging our carrier I’m sure that is slot. If could I won’t even give one star you don’t deserve any. 😡😡😡😡😡 can’t stand Univision I’m done with you and I hope people who is trying to get this don’t is not worth your time.
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5 years ago, C3n!c!3nt@
Not satisfied
I can’t watch the shows I want at night, so I thought Univision has an app where I can catch up on current shows and also watch old one, great!!! So I downloaded it, this is my second day using it and honestly wan to delete it right away. There are way but way too many adds for an app that it’s not free, every 4 minutes it’s an add. You can’t concentrate on what your watching and it’s aggravating. Some of the telenovelas are really bad quality and they don’t even have full episodes, they are cut. Also they don’t have a big library of telenovelas which is why I mainly subscribed. I’m watching one now as soon as it’s over I’ll cancel. Honestly it’s not worth it paying $10 a month for something that has soooo many adds, that’s the main flaw. Feels like I’m just paying for adds. If they work on this and update their library I’ll consider joining again. Really don’t recommend.
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2 years ago, mari_gmm
Are you reading your reviews?
It’s been months since you updated the application, so I assume you do not care. But if you ever do start to care about the quality of work you put out, here’s a summary from an IT professional to your developers about the issues you should be primarily addressing: 1. The show, while it auto plays, it goes BACKWARDS. Therefore my list to continue watching is full of episodes I already watched because I didn’t manually stop the show in time to not auto play backwards. 2. Your ads are not synced with the natural breaks in the show. That’s just lazy programming, guys. 3. Either charge $6 and keep the application with all these ads, or continue charging $11 and be fair about the amount of ads your customers have to consume. Note: I am so exhausted with the repetitive ads (for example, the same ad 7 times in one show) on your application that I have personally made a mental note not to buy/watch/vote for anything or anyone that advertises with you. This is the short list of problems, but fixing these would go a long way. Listen to your subscribers and respect them by updating your application in a timely fashion and showing concern for the countless issues you should address.
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2 years ago, LucySaiyan
Awful, annoying
Holy cow Batman! Don’t lower the volume, don’t increase the volume, don’t pause, don’t connect your AirPods, don’t disconnect your AirPods. Don’t rewind, don’t fast forward… etc etc. fail to do these things and you will be bombarded with ads. Repetitive ones at that! So annoying! Ads every 2-3 minutes. Wanna watch a one hour show? It’ll take 2 hours because of all the ads. I hate it so much, it ruins the experience. For $11 a month with all these ads they should be paying me to have this app not the other way around. Still keeping it because there’s no other place to watch my novela, but when I’m done it’s bye bye. Not worth the money. At least change the ads every once in a while. You want the same ad 3 times in a row? This app has your back. Honestly, fix this.
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3 years ago, GTorresLugo
Awful App
Beside the fact that I need to pay for this service, ads are included, if I’m paying for a service like this, for example Netflix, I don’t want to see ads. Also, many times the app freeze and is the only streaming app that freeze at that time. Since it doesn’t happen to other apps like Telemundo, it tells me that is your app. Even when I was getting Univision over the air, the signal was very bad. You need to improve the app if you want to continue charging for the service. This app has issues leveling the volume between programs and ads, you basically need to have your TV control all the time to lower the volume for ads and raise it again when program starts again. I don’t recommend it, they say charge for this service due to on-demand programs and movies, but the selection is very limited.
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2 years ago, cgonzalez330
We pay for this, please make it work properly
It looks like the people in charge of making this app work properly are taking the money we pay every month for themselves and are not taking care of the good functioning of it. I have to watch the series episodes with the phone in my hands because every time I see an ad (and there are too many, even when we pay) the volume is not controlled so it hurts my ears and I need to mute them. They need to hire a GOOD sound engineer to keep the volume of the ads at the same level of the series. It is ridiculously high in the ads. The same thing happens in the smart TV app. The same ad appears 2 or 3 times in the same segment. It’s annoying. I’m pretty sure that there are millions paying for this app so please make it work properly.
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2 years ago, Minni_me22
One of the worst apps out there
This is one of the least thought out apps I’ve ever used. There are TONS of ads. When you pause and come back it makes you watch more ads. I found a way around that but I won’t post because the developer will rig it to where I can’t get around the ads. I also don’t like that they don’t allow you to pay per year. I don’t like having to pay every month. I want to pay once and be done with it for another year. The yearly fee was great because they gave you a discount! No discount available anymore. It’s obvious they are wanting to make more money by charging more. It is a real disappointment. Only reason I keep it is because my mom likes to watch her soap operas when she comes over to my house. Otherwise I’d get rid of it.
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6 years ago, tracker pnone
Not really good
No trabaja adecuadamente, se desconecta todo el tiempo y cuando funciona se queda en un solo anuncio repitiéndolo una y otra vez. Necesita mucho mejoramiento. Me suscribí por el programa más económico de 2.99 que supuestamente por el período de prueba iba a poder ver todos los programas y no me dejo ver absolutamente nada, me tuve que suscribir al más caro de 7.99. Estoy todavía en el periodo de prueba pero sino mejora voy a cancelar la suscripción pues duro más tiempo tratando de que funcione que mirando los programas. It doesn’t work properly, crashes all the time, sometimes stuck in one comercial and play it over and over again, I think it needs a lot of improvements. I have to sign up to the premium suscripción of 7.99 because the 2.99 even though says all access it didn’t let me watch anything at all. I am in the free week trial but I think I’m going to cancel it because I spend more time trying to get this app to work good than watching anything.
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3 years ago, gabster0506
Horrible app
App is very glitchy and will sometimes be stuck and show me ads in a continuous cycle until I have to close the episode and click on it again and quickly try to skip ahead to try and get the ads from continuously appearing in a never ending cycle. It’s really annoying. Also each episode has about 6 different times that it displays ads. Is this really necessary? I purchased the subscription because there is a novela that I really want to see but it comes out to late for me to see it on tv and I like the ability to watch it whenever I choose. The app could be better if they didn’t show about 10 min of ads for a 42 minute show. It’s so annoying. Also fix the glitch. Do better!
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3 years ago, Gypsy R. Lee
Novelas need to be more interesting
Novelas in the past were more interesting. You need to entertain women and putting comedy and drug cartel is not interesting when you keep putting these two things on tv. I use to watch at least seven novelas but now I watch none, yes you heard it zero. Why because I got sick and tired of these same things. Novelas should be about pirates, Maybe about a prostitute who becomes a decent lady when she falls for a handsome guy. A poor girl falls for a rich guy who has his own company. Etc. Go back and look through some very old novelas and bring it back to the present.
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3 years ago, cvillx
Inconvenient to resume episodes
3 years ago someone wrote the exact issue I have with the app (on roku) and apparently it has not been resolved. I will be finish watching the novela I’m currently watching and unsubscribing. It’s incredible how nothing has been updated. I have to remember what episode I left off on because it won’t remember where I left off. Some of these series have over 150 episodes and I have to scroll and “load more” like 10 times to get to where I’m at. The issue on the iOS app is that when an ad plays the screen goes black (with the audio still playing) and I cannot get the image back once the actual show is back on. It’s very frustrating.
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6 years ago, L. Cardenas
Not worth it
This app is really annoying. Univision advertises it like you have options and that’s the not the case. First of all- why do I have to watch the same annoying commercials over and over again if I’m paying for the service?? I pay for Netflix and never have to watch any commercials so I was expecting the same, unfortunately Second- my shows abruptly stop in the middle and a new random show just pops up and I’m constantly having to start all over again and fast forward to where I was watching only for my show to stop again. I don’t recommend this to anyone especially because Univision is well known for not taking the feedback seriously and work to make improvements.
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4 years ago, tonyzac
Mediocre application
Updated Review: I just cancelled this app and deleted it from all my platforms. Tired of waiting for it to get fixed. The service went from $7.99 to $9.99 a month and they still run too many ads. And the ads themselves have technical issues, very often the app shuts down after playing the ad. To make matters worse, the app doesn’t keep track of what I watch. I usually have to scroll thru all episodes to find where I left off, every time I start the app. They also took a series I was watching with no notice at all. I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT. Update: Then I got a “developer’s response”, which is the same reply to everyone. It looks more like an automated reply. I insist, mediocre app, worst customer service. 😡
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3 years ago, abmxdf
Contact problems
I have had this app for one year now and I have been extremely annoyed by the Univision contact people! When I am trying to trouble shoot and contact Univision I get an answer the next day! For instance a couple of months ago I was not able to see the app because it just went blank and had to restart it and the password said it was incorrect! So I had to reissue another one! Right now I am in Mexico and one day I am watching my novelas and the next day it won’t connect just get a screen with the words NOW!
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4 years ago, Diosito Santo
$9.99 a month for a whole lot of Ads
I bought the monthly subscription to watch Teresa as they took it off from Netflix, and I was really excited to see that they also had destilando amor. Just those 2 made it worth the whooping $9.99 a month. I started streaming the novela right away with no issues during the first 10 minutes or so, but then Ads started playing every 5 minutes. It’s just really annoying that the catalog isn’t very extensive & that there’s not even an option to buy a “no Ad subscription”. I think I’ll watch as much as I can this month, and then cancel it if nothing changes; which I can already tell it won’t, all the reviews complaint about this same issue.
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3 years ago, lilzody
Not so good
First of all there are to many adds And it’s annoying second of all what is the point of removing the novelas like just leave them sometimes I want to go and rewatch them and suddenly their gone and third of all they take too long to put a new episode in the novelas for example rn I’m watching “Quererlo todo” and It’s almost been 10 days since the last episode they added and Ik it’s not the end because it’s on tv and the last episode they put is 103 and on tv it’s in 120 please put the episodes faster.
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3 years ago, Mari_D_3
No updates Tons Of Issues
I am very exited about some of the programming they have. But seriously their app is terrible no updates often you have very old tv shows that have been there for months. I am talking like Halloween movies when when are almost in Jan 2021.. Another terrible issue they have the Audio does not work properly you can see the lips moving but the audio is off from what they are saying. It’s frustrating that I pay for a subscription but they care less to listen to the consumer that is us.. I have removed the app and reinstalled and nothing the issue still continues.. I hope they fix this for good!!
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3 years ago, Noname1415
Pay for Ads???
When I purchased, I was under the impression that you could watch any show without any ADS (since you pay a monthly charge) and that was NOT the case. They charge around 11$ a month and on top of that you have to sit through around 8 ad breaks in between an episode. It makes no sense that you PAY and still have to watch annoying 30-45 second ADS (and they put around 3 per ad break). If it was a free service I’d understand, but this is ridiculous. Also, if you even exit the app for whatever reason, upon return you have to sit through an ad break AGAIN. Will be cancelling after my month ends.
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6 years ago, Shy time swagg
Updated version
I used to watch Univision now for my novelas without having to pay to watch. After you asked to update is showing that I have to pay to watch and is showing a lock on the screen, I would like to keep watching without having to pay for it. Now it shows Univision now on demand. Not too happy to see that now. Please help as I’m always watching this channel on my iPad and my phone. Please tell me what I need to do on my side, or what can you do on your side to unlock it?
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4 years ago, Pipo23
This needs to change
I’ve never written a review for anything, so to those that do it frequently I thank you. With that said stay away from the app and listen to the reviewers. Continuously its mentioned that paying a premium and having too many commercials is an insult as best. When I read reviews claiming this, I assumed it can’t be that bad. Oh it is! It isn’t even regular commercials as the ones you receive watching this channel OTA (over the air). It’s embedded on top of the program you’re watching. While the show is playing live you’ll get a commercial. The show doesn’t stop but you’ll miss a chunk of what’s going on, due to the commercial being played. This is on top of the regular commercials the show normally has. This is all done while paying for the service. I wouldn’t mind paying and having the normal commercials for it. However as it is now, it’s not worth your time. Invest in some “rabbit ears” or purchase a streaming subscription from fuboTV, these are the only two viable options.
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6 years ago, Lizz760
Could be better
I was excited when I first got this app because I was able to watch the novelas that weren’t on Netflix. I gladly paid the $2.99 subscription fee & then a few weeks in I started getting commercials... no big deal I figured let me upgrade to the $7.99 subscription & that should stop.... Well nope they are just as bad!! For $7.99 I don’t feel that I should have to watch commercials. The most irritating part of the commercials is when I’m watching a show, just watched a commercial, I get a phone call or a text on my phone & then I have to watch another commercial!! What is up with that?
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4 years ago, Anti-Trump/Realist
Not accessible through Different Devices via Account (Mobile device, TV)
They want you to make more accounts and pay the double. You CANNOT access your Mobile account through the Tv, as the Tv asks for a Cable account. There is no way of logging into the account online without having the Cable. That defeats the purpose of having a so called “accessible” application when you cannot log on to multiple devices. This is by far the worst application that prevents it being seen from multiple devices. Needs to be improved ASAP, it’s embarrassing for a large corporation to not even get an application right. Not worth the money.
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1 year ago, GottinST
This app is a scam + give you no refunds
I subscribed to watch the UEFA Champions League game and in the middle of the game the application kicked me out saying that my account was blocked, and that I should talk to customer service or reset my password. I tried to reset my password and I never received any email, I tried to talk to customer service, and there is a long time in the queue in the first position without being attended to. I missed the second time of the final match and the worst thing is that according to their policy they don't give you a refund. A complete scam and waste of time. If you are watching live sports, be aware
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3 years ago, Nicknamesnicknames
Infested with ads
This app is incredibly buggy, has constant ads interrupting the shows and sport matches which completely ruins the user experience. Watched a pre recorded soccer match and it started popping up ads in the 8th minute of the match, annoying. The app crashes during the adds and freezes up when it is supposed to continue playing a show/match, when you go back or forward the video, you get more ads on top of the ads you just ignored, some of which are sets of 3 ads of 30 secs each. Also, it does not have ENG captions I definitely DO NOT recommend it!!
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4 years ago, scarrasco216
Big mistake!
I got super excited when I saw that we could watch our shows her but I was a bit hesitant when I read the reviews but I decided to give this app a try so I went head and created my account and they charged my account when I was trying to watch a show they told me I didn’t have the subscription and that I needed to pay again I stop what I was going and when to check on my bank account they had already taken the money out of my account! So now I am stuck with not being able to watch anything and losing out on my money! Please do not download!
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6 years ago, Jandiboo
If I have to sit and listen to this stupid “chicanos por la causa” commercial one more time! I’m paying 7.99! An ad every once in a while, FINE, but you literally play them constantly and the same ones! If you’re watching from your phone, and god forbid you answer a text and return to the app, it’ll okay a commercial. The same one every time! And that’s not all. Sometimes only 10 seconds later, it plays it agin! At least time your ads every 15-20 minutes if you HAVE to. Not just randomly and I consistently. And get different commercials! It’s not good advertising, just makes me hate chicanos por la causa and their annoying corny commercial.
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2 years ago, Maisha257
Too many ads and to hight volume for them
Besides having so many ads for an app that you are paying for it’s too much money, and never mind the volume on those ads. Do you realized some people use headphones to watch tv on their phones? I can’t even watch this app on my iPad using my headphones anymore because some ads are super loud, one night I was using them and watching some tv show on my iPad and the ads came on super laud it was very painful, you are gonna end up getting a law sued because of this it’s not safe for anybody, if you use this app be careful when the ads come on
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6 years ago, Road Warrior 227
Not worth it. Save your money. Way too many ads and repeat ads!
Paying a monthly fee is one thing but having to see multiple ads while watching a show is ridiculous. What’s truly frustrating is that every time that the show is interrupted to get a call, message or just plain WiFi issue I have to see a set of ads again back to back. I spend more time watching ads than watching the shows. Save yourself the frustration. Absolutely not worth it. It’s too bad because there are lots of vintage shoes that I was looking forward to watch. I canceled my subscription. Fix the ads issue and may come back.
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4 years ago, lulyel
It was better before
I really like univision now when it had the complete series, now the new series are not able to be seen, Senora Fazilet disappeared and the other turkish novela, I can’t watch the new one and that has been a waste of money each month if I’m not watching anything, I’m not into the old novelas :/ they had a better option of international novelas and they are all gone. Before I would have given a 5 star now disappointed:( I want to watch the beginning of El Dragon, Amor Eterno, La Usurpdora nueva disappeared if nothing changes I will stop my subscription I can’t re watch Fazilet and La del pañuelo rojo why? I have waited forever for amor eterno I’m done :(
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6 years ago, MRA31
Not too bad.
The app is not too bad, although I agree the app needs to have implemented some form of record keeping, so you can tune into what you were just watching before having to take a break. P.S. I just want to add that I am very upset that Univision took away the opportunity for DishLatino customers to have access to the channel. I have been watching Univision my whole life, now to it suddenly being taken away from my TV server. Thanks a lot..
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4 years ago, LauraQ90
I been having this app for quite some time when I paid $7.99 now it’s $9.99. It was ok now it’s just annoying the 15/15 commercials and can’t be skipped and when you want to connect with the tv I have problems connecting ever since they updated there app. I would like the commercials off or limited if we are paying for service. One other con, all the novelas aren’t on here. It would be great they has all the novelas on here. I like how we pay for something that’s free on tv but since digital has horrible service well here I am!!!
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2 years ago, cpaztecs81
bad app design - good content
We are cord cutters and wanted to watch Univision content so we got the app. It is just a really bad UI. It needs to be intuitive and is just not. It is difficult to find content most of the time. But the worst part is that despite the fact that I am paying an increasing amount monthly, I still have to put up with annoying ads. This is one of the main reasons we opted out of cable. I am very disappointed with the way they have rolled out this service.
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6 years ago, mariaapaor
Very disappointed after the update 😒
The app doesn’t let me watch the shows, they might play for a few minutes then something pops and says that I can only watch Univision on three devices, when I only have it on my phone and my computer. I checked to make sure there was no other devices connected to my account and my phone is the only one there. This pop out message appears every 5 minutes, it’s getting to my nerves! Now it’s not letting me watch the episodes of a novela I like to watch. I sent an email to them long time ago and never responded back to me.... 🤨
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5 years ago, AfroTaina
1) The app lags (mobile/Apple Tv) 2) No adds when using Apple TV, but a ridiculous amount of adds when using mobile. 3) The cc I have on file was compromised and cancelled, I forgot to update it when I received my new card so when they submitted the payment it denied, when I went to change the cc and make the payment, my account was updated from $7, to $9.99. Now I don’t mind paying the money, I’d just like to be paying for a functioning service. 4) I don’t want to look for the show I’m watching and scroll through episodes to find where I left off. If you’re going to offer a streaming service (a paying service at that) please make sure you have everything that is needed for it to be functional. I like the idea of the app especially because I could watch old novelas (when it’s working) please fix it.
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1 year ago, DannyyGirl
Update please
I’ve been using the app for about 2 years and haven’t unsubscribe from it in hopes you fix what’s wrong with it. I love you have the novelas I haven’t been able to watch live but if I’m paying for the app I rather not watch 8+ commercials per episode. The app sometimes don’t play episodes and in some novelas not all the episodes are there. Please update! I want to continue using the app but if the app crashing is going to continue happening I will unsubscribe.
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2 years ago, Thanya Ale
Worst app EVER
I should’ve read the reviews at least then I would have been prepared to face so much frustration! I understand the need for ads, I don’t mind them, but every time you pause, skip or do anything you get another add on top of the ads that are already there. If that wasn’t frustrating enough- the app freezes ALL THE TIME. The screen will just go black after 3 minutes of ads so you have to close it, restart the episode watch an ad, find where you left off, another 2-3 ads , then watch one more for good measure .
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2 years ago, jazycat24
Not worth 10$
Wasn’t what I expected I thought it would have a lot of novelas but had hardly anything to choose from also there was so many ads it made it not watchable like no joke every couple of minutes their would be a ad not just one but 3 ads in a row no way to skip them either . This could of been a good app but needs a lot of improvements . Your better off buying the actual show then be able to watch it on this app . Extremely disappointed . Don’t recommend it .
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6 years ago, Patsyc240
I was happy to see this app. I downloaded and was excited to the novelas I hadn’t seen. I caught up on the current ones but when I tried to watch the older ones, they have a lot of problems. They constantly stop. I use Chromecast and I only have problems with Univision. At least once an episode, the apps stops casting altogether. It then starts the episode from the very beginning and I then have to find the right spot. I didn’t have this issue with the novelas from the last 12 months.
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2 years ago, taylor fanatic
Do not update or else you loose chrome cast option
Just got an iPhone 13 and had to re download this app and the current version remove the option to cast to chrome cast. You can only air play if you have Apple TV. But I don’t have an expensive Apple TV, just a 30 dollar chrome cast that worked fine until they took it away. Luckily my iPad still had an older version on it that still lets me cast. Had I not had it, I would be screwed.
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6 years ago, Stephxoxo23
Great but not great
I love that I can rewatch novelas on this app BUT I absolutely hate the ads/commercials & whenever I decide to get off the app another commercial comes on. Also sometimes I have to exited the app about four times for it to work which is really annoying especially since I pay a monthly subscription. Please fix this & even if you gave an option to remove the ads please and thank you. Note: if this could also work & MacBooks that would be fantastic!!!
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5 years ago, Mannykid1995
Actually do something.
I read the reviews and the developers respond with the same thing over and over again. How about you listen to people who are giving feedback in how to better this app. We don’t want ads when we pay a monthly fee. There are a bunch of problems with the ads aswell. It’s a shame that you have such poor reviews when this app has potential. All because you don’t reconsider what we all have gave an opinion on. I will subscribe again whenever you get rid of ads. Until then good luck getting good reviews. 👌🏽
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4 years ago, E_L_I_T_A
Problem with tv show
Everytime i am watching a tv show, it works for like 30 mins, after that it stops playing and it says that something is wrong with the program, it has been happening to much, I cant even skip or it will do the same thing
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3 years ago, Lsanchez21
Monthly subscription to watch 75% ads and 25% the show. Absolutely horrible app and extremely annoying ads every 5-10 minutes. Id understand if this was a free service but I am paying for this monthly. I really hope UNIVISION does something about this as soon as possible or I will be canceling my subscription and going else where. Definitely not worth the monthly subscription for all of the defects I encounter and all the ads I have to sit through. Get with the times Univision.
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3 years ago, OERIAS
Remove the ads! Paying subscribers don’t deserve this
This app needs a serious overhaul. Echoing a few reviews on here, the ads on this service are horrible. Why do paying subscribing have to put up with them? Your competitor, Telemundo does a lot of things better on the Peacock app, use them as an example. I also would like to see the expansion of more content, Univision has great content from Televisa, use that to your advantage!
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6 years ago, monicavg28
Awful service!
This app has so much potential but the fact that it keeps on crashing doesnt help one bit! The last update was over a month ago, so this app has been having lots of issues, it crashes, it stops to show short commercials, then it restarts the episode you were watching so I constantly lose track of were I left off on a show. Please do a good update to solve all of these issues, it is unbelievable that for a monthly charge we still cant get a good quality watching experience.
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3 years ago, NovelaJunkie
Love the access, but…
During commercials the screen goes black which is very weird. Not that I mind a black screen for commercials, but it takes a while to fade into the show when it is back on. Also, please add a subscription plant to opt out of commercials. Just take more of my money and let me watch my novelas. Ok still very annoying that the ads go back and now it freezes my phone. The ads continue to play even though novela has resumed. Please fix this garbage app.
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4 years ago, Diany17
I never give negative reviews, but I had to for this app. As a Latina, I have ZERO tolerance for anything racist against me. I did not like that I kept seeing ridiculous ads about a certain orange president every five seconds!! His administration have put Hispanic children in cages delegating them from their families. You think that a HISPANIC network wouldn’t be like this but unfortunately Univision is and I grew up with them my entire life. At least give me the option to NEVER see these ads ever again, but no! It’s like they want to brainwash you. You lost a customer!
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6 years ago, KathyMChavez
Dont Get This App, They Charge You Even If You Already Unsubscribe
DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!!’If I could give you Zero stars I would. I tried the One week free trial and I didn’t like at all so I only had the app for less then 2hrs then I deleted it and I was Charged for the free trial Plus that month(July). So I contacted them and they said they hadn’t mad any charges and I sent then the bills and still have not received my money and they had said that they cancelled my subscription already and I just checked my acct and they charged me again for this month. I hate this application.
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