UNLV Mobile

2.9 (12)
59.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for UNLV Mobile

2.92 out of 5
12 Ratings
12 years ago, LaunC
Not working
While I can get the maps to an fit is helpful, the rest does not work. Once I log on and select any link it closes. I concept is awesome and I would utilize it frequently if it worked! Please fix issues and make an IPad version and your app will be tremendously successful!
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5 months ago, Luci Ana
Doesn’t woke anymore!
Fix it! All it does is Crash!!
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5 months ago, TBL Thot eater
Fix it
App crashes too much and won’t load the map
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2 years ago, dncjcjvn
The update likes nothing.....
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9 years ago, nicportugal
Thank you UNLV for finally updating this app! Everything works perfectly now and is fully compatible with the latest iOS versions, which is great. All of the glitches with selecting a term and class schedules on MyUNLV are fixed, and now I can't wait to use it daily while attending UNLV in the fall semester! Just a heads up though, in the future, to improve functionality to the maximum, please optimize the UI for the larger iPhone resolutions, so that everything looks cleaner. Thank you again!
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9 years ago, Roszbee
Useless since 2014
If I could I would give this app a rating of ZERO. This app used to be my go to source for searching up classes, looking at my schedule, and viewing my student information. For a good year now this app has been trash. You can't view your schedule or student info anymore because the app won't even let you select a term - which the process of loading the term menu itself freezes the app. For the ridiculous amount of tuition students pay at UNLV (which continues to increase), you would think they would spare some $$ AT LEAST create a decent and functional app for its study body. DO NOT DOWNLOAD and waste the space on your mobile device. Save it for one that actually works.
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12 years ago, KITTYWEED
Good App
I liked the ease of using the app. Works better than the actual website. Only issue I would have as of now is not being able to sign up for classes. However, open classes can be viewed, and there's potential to be had in the system.
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9 years ago, Anonymouslyhating
App refuses to work!
I downloaded the app today, seemed like it would be of connivence. I guess not! I should have read the reviews first before deciding to download this app. Indeed, the app is a waste of space! Until the glitches are fixed this app will not be useful to any student attending UNLV. I could not even put in my information to access my account. If it did get that far the app would kill itself once I clicked to enter my UNLV. Please, please, please have someone fix the app immediately.
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11 years ago, Tabie Lynn
This app is insanely helpful for me. I use it to find buildings I haven't been to or forgot as to where they are. I search the offered courses through it. And when I start out my school year I use it to view my schedule. It only has a couple glitches that get better with every update.
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12 years ago, UNLV_JAG
Fantastic App
This app is great for any student needing quick access to their student center. Only thing we need now is the ability to enroll right from the app, other than that it is excellent! Love the map of the campus buildings as well....very helpful if your new to campus.
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9 years ago, Beastman1313
Only cut this app is making is the top 5 buggiest apps on my iPhone currently. If it doesn't crash upon opening, it crashes when typing my info. If you think deleting-redownloading is going to work it's not. Come on UNLV. Let's use some of that money to give us a better mobile experience. This app might get a better review in 2006 when apps and OS where first being developed. Would give 0 stars if possible.
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12 years ago, Retake Guy
It's a good start
The app is a nice app, but there are a few things missing. There should a section on "Academic Requirements": Grades, Degree List (Completed, and remaining classes needed to graduate), GPA. Also, account balance. This app only list information for student status. Those are the things missing.
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12 years ago, sidewinder1
This app is horrible. It doesn't even let me log in on myunlv. Keeps saying my credentials are wrong when I KNOW it isn't. Update: the app doesn't accept certain characters in a password. So I had to change my password but after that the app is a breeze to use.
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12 years ago, RayOyler
Great App... long overdue and well done.
This app is truly amazing... a long time coming and very much appreciated. As a new student, I find it useful, and makes me proud to be a Rebel, knowing that we have such excellent technology support. Thank you, UNLV.
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9 years ago, Ph.D Riyo
Hope UNLV to fix it soon
UNLV is being so lazy at maintaining this app and keep it functional when we need it. The two times every semester I need this app is when I am searching for classes and when I want to check my grades at the end of a semester, and this app rarely ever works during both times. When I don't need it, it somehow functions. Come on UNLV, we need this helpful app so get it together.
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12 years ago, Windycityfan24
Good Start
Strong showing for an opening. Was curious if the school was ever going to come out with something like this. Keep building on what you have and continue to expand the features for the MyUNLV section.
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10 years ago, Mjinvegas
Needs update
Let me just say that when the app works it is phenomenal. Better than the awful MyUNLV experience. However, the search for classes function is having an error that renders this app almost useless at present. During registration season!! Also i cannot view my schedule anymore. This is since iOS 8 updates. Please fix and soon.
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9 years ago, HollywoodSMHS
Use to work, Not any more.
When I first got the app in the early 2014 fall semester, it worked just fine, but after the update the schedule section no longer works. Usually that's okay cause normally it would be fixed a week or so later, however it's been months now and something has to be said. So please fix the issue.
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7 years ago, 1965piaria
As of the writing of this review, this app hasn't been updated since July of 2015. That's over two years. Is anyone even monitoring this app? Has anyone one noticed that is has only 10 reviews, none of which are good? Hello! Is anybody out there? I gave it the benefit of the doubt. Checked it out. Not worth the space it's wasting on my phone. 😖
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11 years ago, Lizisaperv
It keeps saying that I'm not connected to Internet when I clearly am. Crashes and glitches. The other features work well, but with some fixing this app would be amazing.
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6 years ago, ogselena
Don’t bother downloading
I’m on an iPhone and this app is useless in the new iOS. I was using ONLY for the map to locate buildings and now that doesn’t even work. Anytime information is entered to try and login (which I was never able to accomplish) it crashes immediately. It is definitely a reflection of UNLVs subpar standards.
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12 years ago, Thelowpriceguy
Great so far!
Everything you need is in this app! Even athletics updates and news!
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5 years ago, Finder.....
Do not download the app
My unlv never works Map it’s helpless when you do not know what the abbreviations of the building stand for (can get confusing, new student here) It crashes as soon as I am trying to open anything on it (maps might be the only one that doesn’t crash that often)
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10 years ago, ohgodjerrid
What can I say about this app that hasn't already been said about cancer?
This app could be very useful but it's useless. You can sign in and that's all. If you attempt to click on anything it will immediately crash. Has never worked 1 time. Did it on my 5 last year, does it on my 5S this year.
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12 years ago, aaaaaaunlv
Better than the website
I am very impressed. It's easy to use and very convenient!
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12 years ago, melnieves
It's a start
I would really like to see ability to check rebel mail added to the app! Also class search errors out every time.
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7 years ago, SharonW4
Good app if I could log in
I've tried signing in multiple times. I've tried deleting and reinstalling the app and even called UNLV IT help desk. It keeps giving error message wrong credentials even though it's the correct information. Extremely frustrated with this app
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9 years ago, Hurfdurfin
Bad app
I wish with all the tuition we are paying UNLV they could at least put out a proper app. The "new" version still crashes, no hi-res support, same look from years ago. At least this version attempts to log me in before crashing, the old version crashed on startup.
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10 years ago, AnthonyJPerito
Failed to fix bugs
I had this for a year and a half and it just doesn't work anymore. It's like UNLV doesn't care about their students and they keep advertising an app that needs updating a year ago. It only worked when I was in Fall Semester 2013.
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11 years ago, xmaaaikee
Fix the bugs.
I've used this app late last year when it used to work. Now it keeps crashing every time I try to view my schedule.
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10 years ago, shaire88
Class schedule doesn't work
Ever since the start of iOS 8 this app hasn't worked. The class schedule won't open. Is an update coming soon??
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12 years ago, Unlv student
Not quite there.
The app lets me log in, but when I want to select my classes it says they do not exist. When this is fixed it will be top notch. So for now this will be a bad review.
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9 years ago, Punkkiten02
App crashes every time I go to sign into it. Pretty much given up on it, and will stick to using the website through safari..
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11 years ago, Hannah Arakelian
Keep getting an error message when locating buildings!
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11 years ago, Scrimpooo88
Doesn't work
The app doesn't work at all.. I can't select anything from the menu, and then it crashes. Reinstalled twice, still no success. Can't say I'm not surprised.
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8 years ago, 619local
Doesn't even open for me
The password to login to my UNLV works on my computer but it is the "wrong credentials" when I type it into the app. This app is useless.
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10 years ago, Alex121794
All I can do is log in a view a map
I cannot do anything but log in and view maps, I can't see my schedule or anything.
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9 years ago, Mts606
Completely Useless
Needs to be updated. There is no way to select a term and access the schedule and on iOS 8.
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12 years ago, Cory71
Bad app
Expected more from a university you should pull this app until its completely developed. App not good. Can't enroll, can't pay, can't see communications. don't bother.
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10 years ago, Rdelgadolv
Does not work!
I can't open my class schedule when I sign in. Fix this app, it worked great before.
Show more
11 years ago, SlateHeart
Time limit
Why is there a time limit that only allows me to see my classes for a certain amount of time?
Show more
6 years ago, Iflkjh
I’m a freshman and I don’t know where the buildings are. When I try to locate a building it just shows error
Show more
12 years ago, Kkfjfl
Amaaaazing APP!
Who woulda thought I could do so much from an APP? Way to go UNLV!
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9 years ago, Handsome1903
Shame on you unlv
I only use it to see my class schedule, but that doesn't work either.
Show more
9 years ago, Larrygarcia
Waste of time and crashes every time. Can't even log in!!
Show more
8 years ago, hiaudreygrace
Fix this app!
It'd be great if I could actually log in without the app crashing every single time. UNLV, get on it!
Show more
10 years ago, ChrisWozney
This app has been useless since Apple upgraded to iOS 8.0. Nothing works. Please fix it.
Show more
12 years ago, Baywatch24
Doesn't work
Keeps telling me my password is wrong and quits constantly
Show more
11 years ago, Youngolay
Needs update
Nothing is working on this app
Show more
12 years ago, Dannythejew
Good job.
So far great app!
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