3.8 (58)
16.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Rajam Raghu
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Unscrambler-Word

3.83 out of 5
58 Ratings
6 years ago, Delyra
Won’t auto-rotate
Since today's update, the app screen won’t auto-rotate even when my iPad rotation isn’t locked. I use the app a lot and generally like it quite well but it needs to rotate. And one other thing, the app needs to allow for two wild card letters (shown with a ?), not just one. Please consider this and fix the rotation issue! UPDATE! Received a reply from the developer and the auto-rotate feature has been corrected. Thanks! A two wildcard feature will be considered for a future release. Again, thanks!
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3 years ago, Uneducated lady
Great but now glitchy
What has changed is the word being erased when I go back and forth to see which letters I need to put in and descramble. It will started acting up with the last update. I put in my letters, go to my word game and then back to the scrambler and letters are gone..
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5 years ago, sheisvajwgeveb
Helpful app, but what dictionary does it use?
I use this app all the time and it’s very helpful but my one complaint is that there is no way to see what dictionary it uses. It would also be cool if there was a way to change between popular dictionaries used
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6 years ago, C1cmjiop
Used to love, back to love again
Update: Auto rotates again. Thank you, thank you!! But it’s useless to me if it doesn’t auto-rotate.
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5 years ago, Kodda74
Super awesome totally works
I was stuck on some word jumble for my science homework when I stumbled across this app. I though why not it is free not really expecting it to work. It definitely works and I got a good grade on my homework.
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9 months ago, be waterfliw
I really like this app and its’ simplicity, but have trouble understanding why the results are loaded with combinations that aren’t words.
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6 years ago, 1990Julesfools
Gone downhill
Please change it back!!! It used to be user friendly, now it is not. I used to be able to see all the word possibilities in one glance, now I have to physically choose from a drop down menu for each section... and I can only have one section open at a time!!! What a stupid change and it’s wasting my time.
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3 years ago, Carrøts
Kids menus are a problem no more
I can unscramble words on kids menus now!
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4 years ago, EvanFreckles
Great app for Jumble Game Help
I downloaded this app to help with Word Jumble and it helped tremendously. Found the words that I need real fast!
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3 years ago, #harrypotterfanclub
Very helpful 😌
This app helped me SO much when I was stuck on a 9 letter word in my homework!
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5 years ago, Praise & Glory are HIS
Changes made
The recent changes have truly downgraded this app. There are more words that do NOT apply to the games I play. It is very frustrating. Prior to the changes this was my best app to use. Now it’s useless to me. Please fix it.
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6 years ago, Webster 3.14
Nonsense words
This app worked great until its latest update. Now I can only see one category at a time which makes it more difficult to compare options to get the best word, and worst of all it gives you words that aren’t real!! Pointless app now
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5 years ago, Pickledbeans94
Totally works!
Works exactly how an unscrambler should. Also, I love the new icon you guys added. ^u^
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7 years ago, Tttttttttttttthhfgg
Best word unscrambler, needs to make scrabble version
This is great for Scrabble but doesn't contain their weird words which I'm sure are not American English but they allow them and some other word game dictionaries allow some, too. It would be helpful if these words were included, even if in a separate "scrabble" dictionary (word for scrabble). Here's a sample: rez, murage, yaup, sweven, nitid, lutein, lathi, gies, arez, codeia, quinina, peaky, tolt, areae, oe, qualmy, tenorino, conferva, nertz, leu, chiaus, evite, gateaux (Fr.), eau, viewy
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6 years ago, mkname
User interface
Do not like that I now have to scroll on each 7 letter / 6 letter / 5 letter etc. to be able to see words, before the latest upgrade all words would display, it was much easier to work with.
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4 years ago, MR.ALARM
Great help! And fun!
This app is so simple, yet it does exactly what it advertises. Thank you!
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1 year ago, Khaki B.
Not real words
I had high hopes for this app, but it really is useless for Words with Friends because the “words” it finds are mostly not really words that work!
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2 years ago, we wertty
Too many words that don’t exist
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5 years ago, Zardgirl
Fantastic app!
I use this app to cheat Words With Friends
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5 years ago, Violetlover2
Incompatable w Word Games
I play word chums, two birds, typeshift, etc The words it comes up w Arent accepted by all of my games.. it doesnt show what dictionary it uses or even give u a choice of changing..!! Im deleting today
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7 years ago, Bird Brained!
This missed almost half of the possible words. Poorly created app. I wish I could rate it zero stars.
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3 years ago, .:-'.
iPad 2
It works!
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6 years ago, UTguy35
Apparently zoo isn’t a word lol!!!
I put in zoo and got a surprise... no 3 letter words lol! Wish I could attach a screenshot here!
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8 years ago, Yanxfan49
mesaowe (AWESOME)
I like to play all kinds of word games and whenever I am stumped I'll turn the letters over in my head for hours or even days trying to come up with the answers but not anymore. This app is totally worth paying for but I'll take it for free. I've tried others and they don't compare. Thanks for this amazing problem solver!!!
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8 years ago, Martls
Was a great app...HELP!
I love this app! But now when I try to use it, it blanks out, over and over and over again, can no longer use it. Help, please!
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8 years ago, Elmo red
Great app and it is free. Thank you so much for creating this program. I enjoy playing the game in the newspaper called JUMBLE. It Is frustrating when I cannot unscramble the words. This app is so helpful. THANK YOU again!!!
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8 years ago, Aiden the test cheater
Didn't get caught!
I used this app to cheat on a test, and the teacher didn't notice, 10/10, would use to cheat again.
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7 years ago, :)James X
Great tool
This a great tool. But with the new OS it continues to blank out. Very frustrating.
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9 years ago, Likewutteiman
Amazing get it and it's free unlike the other apps
This is honestly just amazing..AND FREE😍
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2 years ago, Broke Rok
App does not recognize the word KNOB! Seriously? This is as of 3/10/2022. Fix it please
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7 years ago, Sejo1227
Does not work
It did not work properly and added letters to my input.
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10 years ago, Cow of doom
Love it!
Love it!
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6 years ago, fyunjjftugfhb
Just don’t.
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