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UP Faith & Family
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User Reviews for UP Faith & Family

4.6 out of 5
7K Ratings
4 months ago, marilyngapgirl
Loving Up Faith and Family
I keep this for Heartland but I now am hooked on Bringing Up Bates. I got the app just to watch Heartland. I was looking at everything they(Up Faith and Family) had to watch. I found Hudson and Rex. I saw the show called Mystic I have watched all 3 seasons, they have a show called Sue Thomas FBI/eye. It’s a true story. Sue is deaf and her dog helps her. It’s amazing that she never let being deaf hold her back. Then they have the Jane Doe Mysteries. My kids are grown and I really love this app. I do want to watch Southern Gospel and a show called McBride was so good. Then one night I watch this series called Bring up the Bates. I have never heard of this family but I thought well I will watch a couple of shows well I ended up watching all seasons. But this app is really wonderful. So thankful I found it. I got it to watch Heartland and I live in America and I believe it only plays in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I even heard people who live near the US/Canadian border can get Heartland. Needless to say I live in Louisiana. So I happily wait until it comes here!
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2 years ago, trillieux
Amazing 8D
Up Faith and family is nothing short of amazing!!!! But true reason I patronize this network is because when the pandemic had us all quarantined they offered their service free, and even though it was select programming, they decided to be apart of the solution and give everyone something better to focus on 8) and that meant soooo much to me and my family. They encouraged our faith through charity aka love aka sacrificing financial gain to love on all of us aka the world :) you know with the way things were people we buying subscriptions to whatever they thought would keep them entertained and their families sane, but they still were such a blessing and for that I paid for our membership with them. May God continue to bless and prosper them :)
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2 years ago, humrts
My review of UP FAITH & FAMILY
I really enjoy this channel. I am an 81 year old retired Administrative Judge for Human Rights, and a full time Christian who has made a lot of mistakes in my life and will probably make more before I am called Home. This channel lives up to it’s title more than any other channel, including the “News” channels. Its Love stories are truly romantic without the vulgarity. It makes me aware of my Faith in so many ways, including my need to Keep the Faith. The Family movies are real and not fairytales. It has shown me that all families have some sort of problems, but if Faith is there…it will work out. I wish I had this channel when I was younger; perhaps the errors I have made in life would be a little lesser. THANK YOU SO MUCH & GOD’s Blessings Always.
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2 years ago, Flame825
Quality for family
We LOVE Heartland. Two of my granddaughters take horse lessons in North Carolina. When the youngest one was 9 her horse decided he wanted to be in the rodeo. These horses are not western. So the horse bucked and reared and spun around as we watched. She got him under control before the trainer could get to her. About ten minutes later the brat did it again and again she got him under control before her trainer could get to her. After her class she came up to me and said, “Mimi do you know how I knew what to do?”, I said no I didn’t. She responded I watch Heartland”. Thank you heartland. And many blessings. Would love to bring the girls up someday. But that would be a dream.
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4 years ago, MeByAnyOtherNameIsRidiculous
Terrible service!
I am a new subscriber, and this is not about the content on the service as I like everything I’ve watched so far. But their customer service is terrible! I sent in a clear cut problem over a week ago and they have done nothing! The problem is with an episode of a show repeating and one episode is missing. Simple fix right? I told them the show, season, and episodes that were messed up. They wrote me back one, four days after I contacted them, they said they needed more info about my account. I gave them the info, then nothing. They wrote to me on Monday night, and I got back to them on Tuesday morning... the first time I wrote to them was on the third, and today is the 12 almost 10 days later! I’m keeping my eye on the show and just checked before writing this review and the problem has not been fixed. At this point I cannot recommend Up Faith & Family to anyone, and if asked I definitely would steer them clear.
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3 years ago, VA2TN2012
Enjoying For Most Part
We are enjoying Up Faith & Family for most part, but do have to say we are disappointed in some Movies/Series. There is one particular Series that we are very sickened by that we have been trying to watch. It started out well, but now some of the script has some using God’s name as a curse word, the ladies wear very revealing tops and there is a lot of kissing, sexual inuendos, and adultery and fornication. It is the series called “Wildfire”. There are other movies that don’t have modest dress, but not the sexual situations. Maybe this particular show slipped by you, but we had to stop viewing it. It just isn’t worth it. It just got worse & worse. The only part of it that hints Faith is that the grandfather says grace at the table before their family meal. We have watched a number of shows that have been wonderful, thus an overall mid-grade Star rating.
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8 months ago, Breundis💰💰
Faith based but not faith based
I’ve ran into a few of the popular shows that bleep out/mute out the curse words and that’s much appreciated. However the show still has or contains something that is totally wayward to the Christian faith. How can my faith go upward if the shows I’m expecting to be clean aren’t clean. Also with the shows that are clean the storyline isn’t as interesting. Last thing, the shows that at first seem indeed faith based slowly throughout the show dwindles in promoting God. For this reason I give y’all a 3 star. Honestly I think with better review of each show and more clarification of what y’all believe someone with faith expectations should be when watching a show would help viewers determine if this is a network they should support or continue to support.
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2 years ago, Mumzy505
Ending Subscription…
I’m wanting to end my subscription but, when I tap on subscription settings, it tells me to go to my account settings and Im actually not sure where it’s talking about. I’ve gone to my iPhone settings and then to the UP app, still nothing that connects me to ending my subscription. I’m frustrated with going back and forth trying to figure this out. WHY couldn’t UP just simply put that option ON their app.? I did the trial period. And then tried to cancel before it charged me for my first month Feb, but, I couldn’t figure it out in time. Therefore, I got charged for February. Now, I’m still trying to figure it out, hopefully I can figure it out before they charge me for March. Not happy about feeling like Im ‘Stuck’ and feeling like it was planned that way.🙁
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12 months ago, Kurtamis
It was no accident !
Finding Up Faith & Family came about just when i needed it! A devastating hurricane Ian had destroyed so much in SW Florida where I live. The world already seemed to be in such a mess— politics seemed to be destroying our nation and people were angry! Then Mother Nature sent us the clear message that we are indeed more fragile at any given moment. It all seemed too much to bear! While searching for anything on TV other than political garbage, I first found UP TV and then I heard about “Jesus Calling”. I knew it was exactly the thing I needed! I pray that it can somehow become part of regular cable TV! There are so many people yearning to hear The Good News!
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3 years ago, Jane N. O.
Good shows to watch with kids!
The only reason I don’t give a 5 star rating is because yesterday, for the first time, we started watching a movie (A Chriatmas Cruise) that did not share family and faith values, so we had to turn it off after 25 minutes. I am giving Up, Faith and Family the benefit of the doubt that this movie just slipped through the cracks. Before yesterday, I would have sung their praises for providing content that emphasizes chaste dating relationships and loving heterosexual marriages as well as compassion and kindness and overall morality in the leading characters. This is the kind of content we want the kids in our family to watch as examples of how to be quality adults.
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3 years ago, Doormaster777
Awesome Positive stream app
I stumble upon this app while on my facebook… i was hesitant cuz I have already subscribed to so many online streaming apps. Somehow I still gave in and did the trial for 1 week!! Boy, this app didnt disappoint me!!! I love that all their movies are all positive and leave you with a positive vibes!! Specially with what is happening around us it is so refreshing and uplifting to watch movies that Up faith and family offers!! I have renewed my subscription for 1 year!! I recommend it to all my friends and family!! It is worth your money!!!! Looking forward to more positive and awesome movies they have to offer….
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2 months ago, Asitisinheaven
They can’t help it . . .
My rating is actually -3 stars. They simply don't have an IT department that can handle the job. Fixing bugs like screen hesitation every 3 seconds while attempting to watch a movie just simply isn’t something that interests them. They were hoping I’d make use of the app on my iPad to Airplay on to the Tv, which works fine, but crops the picture. But the New Tv had the Up Faith & Family App pre installed. I thought I’d make use of it, but No! My expectations were a bit too high I guess. Sorry UP tech people, the company has you regurgitating a script to the customers instead of hiring people who are experienced in the field. I hope the One to whom we are called to have Faith in isn’t paying attention. Albert Einstein: The difference between genius & stupidity is that genius has limitations.
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3 years ago, up faith and family - fan!
Up faith and family!
I personally Love UP Faith & Family I have a little bit of trouble downloading things but eventually I got it. I love this series heartland it’s one of my favorite series of faith and family, I really have gotten to know not facing family if I were to recommend any app to watch movies and series on. It would definitely be a faith and family because they have great movies and Series to watch. So if you have a chance to download a faith and family there is no doubt that I would not recommend uploading UP Faith & Family!!!!! 😄😃😁👍🖥
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2 years ago, Lmgforgiven
I’m in love with the the Up Faith and Family channel!
It has a variety of genres so there is something for everyone. Most of the movies or shows I’ve watch resonate with me and even tug on my heart strings some. I especially love the faith-based movies that point people to Jesus and give us a fulfilled feeling and positive thoughts! It features my most beloved Heartland series!!!!! I think I could cancel all other networks and cable and be satisfied with the Up channel when I have time to sit and chill for a bit. And another bonus is, IT IS AFFORDABLE!!!!!!! Thank you so much! I pray it will remain that way.
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3 years ago, tamcal
Up Faith and Family
The selection of things to watch has been good so far. However, I am going to review the actual App. 1. Continue Watching Selection- you choose the movie, etc that you hadn’t finished yet. You click play and it takes you to the very beginning of the film. You have to scroll to try to mind the place where you left off 2. There is no back let’s say 10 seconds in case you need to hear something again 3. There is no forward let’s say 10 seconds in case you want to skip over a particular scene 4. I have tried other Apps of this caliber who have all the above features I mentioned. If I continue using this App, it would be nice if the developers add these features.
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4 years ago, Kkb74
Always something for the family!
I am discouraged often to turn on a movie or realty show to be blown away with content, language and agenda through Netflix or other online platforms! Our home is a safe, God centered home, not sheltered or close minded. I love Up because the content will be to our standard, our kids can watch at their own choice and we don’t worry about what they are curious about!! There are many very encouraging, entertaining movies and shows! We were drawn to it for watching Heartland! We love the values and family focused themes!!! Some movies are cheesy but the majority is worth the watch!!
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7 months ago, Elizabeth Activities Director
What an amazing App
I signed up was fursure only going to do the week trial. But here I am signed up for a year. Movie after movie just kept falling in love with Up Faith & Family what beautiful movies they have to offer. I play a weekly movie for my residents and they also love love the App they all look forward to watching a movie they ( I ) never have to worry about bad language violence. Pure love faith and laughter so thank you Up Faith & Family for making my evening peaceful and my weekends fun!!! And my work easy and fun… Same goes for my residents blessings. Elizabeth Montoya Activities Director
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3 years ago, Ski_Bum16
Up Faith & Family Channel
I love being able to have a subscription to Up Faith & Family because then I can watch some of my favorite content on there. One of my favorite t.v. shows ever on there is “Heartland”. I’ve always loved watching Heartland on the channel and now I can watch it on there. I also love how they always add new content like every week, so I have something new to watch instead of watching the same thing over and over again. I will definitely keep paying for this subscription in the future.
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4 years ago, kate.norris
Love this channel
I am not a tv fan, haven’t had a television in over 40 years. And not really a movie fan either. But I have been staying with my daughter taking care of her children during this time out of school. They LOVE tv and movies. I don’t approve of almost everything out there so they were having a hard time. Then I found your Up Faith and Family! They love the shows, movies, and everything and I can approve of everything they want to watch - I even like them too. Love the faith based movies and even watch without them sometimes. Great programming!
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4 years ago, Ret.Teach.97
I give the show 5 stars because I love the show however I get frustrated when I spend a lot of time looking for the next episode and sometimes the next episode isn’t even there. I do not understand why they cannot be presented in order. They are in no order with other seasons mixed in with no order at all. I often spend more time searching for an episode than the 43 min. it takes to watch the episode. I would think having a list of titles of the episodes in the season would help to find the episodes in the mishmash order of displaying them. So 5 stars for show but 2 stars on organization of presenting the individual episodes.
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11 months ago, KountryCuz2
Up Faith and Family
I have found all I need to ferfill my TV watching needs. Good clean shows I can watch with my grandchildren. The garbage they watch on TV and at the movies I believe is where all this gun violence comes from, they learn lack of moral character and just plain immoral attitudes. Thank you Up Faith and Family for bring us wonderful shows to watch. My all time favorite is Heartland. I’ve watched it at least three times but Netflics doesn’t show all the seasons. Keep it up, Up Faith and Family. I happy watcher, Louise Brady
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5 years ago, patriciadudley
I am 58 years old and there has NEVER been a TV show that I love more than Heartland!!! I so wish AMERICA would get on the band wagon and recognize it! It is truly a FAMILY show and I love every part of it. When I have had a bad or stressful day, I can watch heartland and my troubles just fade away and I can de-stress! I would LOVE to visit the actual place it is filmed in Canada! I make sure that our TV provider has UP channel before I subscribe. I have watched the program over and over again and couldn’t wait for the 12th season so I subscribed. I just LOVE HEARTLAND!!
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4 years ago, daniele_78
I love all the shows. I’m just frustrated that I pay for the subscription expecting the same episodes are aired on the app that are on the tv but Bringing Up Bates is an entire season behind on the app. I get so confused when I watch the Facebook live before the show airs on tv and then watch the show from the app the next day and it is a completely different episode and different season. I started my subscription cause I got rid of my cable tv but I go to a family member’s house and I will catch an episode and be like wait what is going on wow I missed a lot then realize the seasons are different.
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4 years ago, soicannotsendareview?
Review of Faith and Family
My problem with this app is that there are lots of movies that have nothing to do with “faith”. In fact, some movies promote drinking alcohol ( and one movie mentioned being drunk), and things I, personally, would not consider “Christian “. The reason I first got interested in this app, was because there was a movie that involved an Amish story. I thought the movie would be a good one, because why would anyone add bad to an “Amish “ story? It turned out to be a decent movie. I mainly use the app every so often, just to relax, since a lot of stories end well! But there are some disturbing features to some of the films. Maybe the name of the app should be changed, not all films are good for faith nor the family.
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2 years ago, Jena•laxzadaisey
Clean with Godly morals and values
I have canceled my Netflix subscription because every movie has a dark undertone I was very sad wanting something I can watch with my family amd not have to keep my remote close to fast forward a nasty sex scene or some hidden message to normalize something I know is wrong in our society.. I would recommend this to anyone tired of Hollywood corruption and Disney .. I believe this will take off and in near future we will have a parallel entertainment industry….very excited
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2 years ago, NambiNambi
Love Up Faith and Family
I love that I don’t have to worry what little ears may hear. I love the wholesome content! I love that they have a lot of Christian type programming and movies! I love that they carry all seasons of Heartland which is what brought me to join them in the first place. We’ve also enjoyed Sue Thomas FBEye, but wish they would add the other seasons. We are also enjoying Rex! I wish they could get the When Calls the Heart series as that would be awesome. There is something for everyone!
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Constant Issues Logging In
I could not log in to our account for 4 weeks. There’s no customer service phone number. You have to wait for them to respond to your email. Then you call Roku to get them to credit your account because UP Faith & Family says that it is an issue on their end. So I go to try to register directly with up Faith and family and it says I already have an account. Well of course I do because I use the same email. I’m not going to change my email just subscribed to a service. What a hassle and very annoying! I love the app and I love the channel but I am not going to have to go through sitting on the phone getting refunds for an account but does not work.
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3 years ago, 1111kmt1111
Worst App Ever!!!!
I have been paying for 5 months for this APP...every time I try to watch a movie 2 things happen. I ALWAYS have to log in, and NOTHING PLAYS!!!!!!! I click the play button and NOTHING HAPPENS!!!! Every time!!! Of course there is no one to call!!! Of course it’s late at night and I’m in no mood to chase someone down to get an answer, and of course I forget all about it until a week or two later when I am reminded by an ad to watch something...AND IT HAPPENS AGAIN!!!!!! Of course I want my $$$$$ back...but I really would have preferred to enjoy what seems to be decent entertainment...but I will really never know...will I⁉️😡🥺🤯 Update - my review never posted. Hmmmmm I wonder why???I have a 3 minute screen recording to show what I am talking about if anyone cares to help me...
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2 years ago, Bboler
Great App
I originally signed up with Up Faith & Family so I could watch Heartland. This station carries all seasons of Heartland and it is the only one that carries the current season as well. I was watching it on Netflix, but they didn’t carry the current season. I have been pleasantly surprised at the number of good, wholesome shows. I hadn’t heart of this station before, but sure am glad I found it now. Plus,, it is very reasonable in price to subscribe to Up Faith & Family. I highly recommend it.
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3 years ago, Scott & Patti
Great Family Entertainment!!!
Unfortunately we live during a time when good family friendly entertainment is becoming increasingly difficult to find. Even the Hallmark franchise, which has provided us with a great many hours of wholesome family programming over the years, has begun including a variety of story lines in their movies which our family (at times) hasn’t enjoyed all that much. Having said that, we still love much of what Hallmark provides in the way of programming! However, Up Faith & Family has been a breath of fresh air as it seems we never have to worry about any of its entertainment. Since subscribing to the UP channel a couple of months ago we have never looked back. Thank you UP for all of the wonderful entertainment our family has enjoyed because of you!!!
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2 years ago, emerryman
Our family can watch UPTV
I love that I don’t have to worry about inappropriate content on UpTV, it’s always uplifting and just good family shows and movies. With 4 daughters there is not much they can watch these days, but my kids love it just as much we do. Whenever we fly we make sure to download all our favorite shows and it makes our flight so much more pleasant. I would recommend to anyone looking for good clean shows and movies to get UPTV.
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4 years ago, angel baby jeo 17
Good we could use improvements
For the most part this app is really good the service is really good usually, here lately I have been having trouble playing some movies it keeps throwing up error codes and when I try to contact customer support I have not gotten an answer back and it has been 2 to 3 days since I have sent them but as far as the movies in the cleanest of I feel with up, I feel like they have got that down it is good clean fun for the whole family as long as you can get it to play it works most of the time but just sometimes around certain movies it doesn’t work.
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5 years ago, 73niki
Love that the Bates are back
I love love love the Bates family. I’m so happy they landed on Up, as it’s a network that upholds family and faith. I really admire Mrs Kelly Jo Bates because she is filled with and pours out such love, encouragement, guidance, faith, and has the wisdom to not forget to wrap all that life gives you with courage and humor. I’ve been a skeptic in terms of my ideas on spirituality but Kelly, Gil, and the entire family makes being skeptical less appealing. Thank you Up and Thank you Kelly and Gil. I sure love you both and the lovely family you’ve made.
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4 years ago, craxy oil lady 0315
Clean, Uplifting and Entertaining
I love having a place I can go to watch anything without worrying about each episode in one tv series changing to unwanted language and sex scenes. I was only going to subscribe for a month to watch the last season of Heartland, but now I’m hooked. I can watch real shows and still have my son come in and watch with me. These shows remind me of my childhood of what TV use to be like. Good guys and bad guys but not afraid to talk about God or disbelief with common respect for each other’s views.
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3 years ago, Jpgrl3311
I got UP Faith and Family for Heartland, but I’ve fallen in love with it! I have two young children, and for almost 4 years I wouldn’t watch tv with them in the room. I was so worried what would come on in a show or ad. If it wasn’t one of their shows I approve of I wouldn’t have it on. Then I found Heartland, and that led me to UP. Now my family can watch things and feel confident and safe in doing so. It’s so refreshing to have access to clean content. They need to make the app easier to navigate, but I love it!
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11 months ago, Classicviolinist2
Love Up Faith and Family
I love this channel. The movies are wholesome and I don’t have to worry about being caught off guard with unsavory things. I love the series Heartland and new episodes are show first here. That’s why I wanted to get Up Faith and Family. I rated it 5 for content and for being able to see Heartland first here. 😁 The only thing I don’t like is it’s difficult to search for things to watch. Small price to pay for great wholesome entertainment.
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4 years ago, Wvkata22
Perfect for a family with Morals!
As a Christian mother of 6 kids and one granddaughter, it has been difficult through the years to find good wholesome movies that we don’t have to end halfway through the movie because of inappropriate scenes and conversations. It is so refreshing to know that the kids can freely choose a movie and we don’t feel the need to worry about what they are watching. Thank you Up Faith and Family for helping to limit the world’s influence on our children!
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3 months ago, whogives a rip
Quality entertainment
Excellent quality for all ages I have a 4 year old granddaughter and it wonderful to have bible and stories she can watch and not worry about content I enjoy series as well as biblical documentaries it refreshing to know I can always find excellent entertainment without all of the gross language nudity same sex etc I loved the series base on vet in Africa. And family Thank you for providing clean healthy entertainment and education GOD Bless
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3 years ago, H. Turtle
Up Faith and Family
Up Faith and Family is a great app that has been very useful in seeing tv shows, like Heartland, that have not been released to other apps, like Netflix or Disney+. Season 14 of heartland was released as soon as the UK released the season to the public. Heartland is an amazing show that is beloved by both me and the rest of the US and UK. I love this app because it has provided me with a great resource to access all of my favorite shows in one place.
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1 year ago, CherieDenis
Horrible customer service
I subscribed to this on my smart tv for a yr subscription. I’ve had it for a few days not even a week. Movies glitch every 3 seconds. Sitcoms and series are fine. It is not a problem with my device or internet. I have reached out to the help desk and ask for a refund. They are giving me nothing but a run around. So now I guess I’m out $50 bucks. The app is so glitchy with no customer service to help only to hope we give up and just live with it. I’ve jumped through all the troubleshooting tips and given them my device number. Do NOT download this app. They claim to be a faith based company?? This is not acceptable. Beware.
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2 years ago, Nala_105
I just love love love up faith and family!
The most family friendly channel I have! My kids are loving Hudson’s and Rex! My children and 11, 8 and 1. It’s beautiful to just be able to sit and watch a dramatic series with them that they love. I don’t have to be careful with sex scenes it curse words like I normally do with every other network. Thank you so much! I can’t say enough about what a blessing it is to be able to watch anything from here.
Show more
3 years ago, BrittCat
Not posting Heartland on time
I enjoy the movies offered, but I’m very disappointed that the advertised episodes of Heartland season 14 are not showing up as it says. Your app boasts “New Episodes Every Thursday” but for 3 weeks I have watched the app and only one episode uploaded not even on a Thursday! I purchased your app mainly because of Heartland because I already own another Christian streaming service, and every Thursday I am disappointed. I found that you have some Roku channel shared subscriptions, and the newest episode shows available there, so why not here?
Show more
9 months ago, Rojas0306
Up faith &family
Very bad review. I have tried for the last two hours to get my password reset to no avail. I never received an email. I order a subscription again created an password tried to log in and said not valid. I need to get this resolved now. I canceled the subscription I did today because I have one already. I have been watching this site for three months or more. Please help me
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2 years ago, Kris*7
My name is Crystal Noyes I work multiple jobs up to 75 hrs a week, it’s really tough some days but since I downloaded UP Family and Faith it’s been a lot better for me, few hours in between jobs I’ll watch a movie and before I know it I’m uplifted and ready to move on positively. Thanks so much for making this channel possible on mobile for busy people like me, you make things possible Thanks again
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5 months ago, Guitar Gurl
Canceled but still charged
When I let them know there was an issue, they repeatedly sent instructions as to how to unsubscribe through Apple & said to contact Apple. That’s all the help they offered. I was told by that person they would not respond any further. I contacted a different person who said they would look into it and get back to me shortly. It took more than five days and two emails before I heard anything I was able to cancel the subscription on the website. Strange how it said I could continue to enjoy UF&F until the end of my billing cycle October 11, 2023 (three months prior) So, if I had an subscription through the website, I don’t know why the first person I talked to couldn’t help with the cancellation instead of just telling me over and over how to unsubscribe with Apple. Rude I was finally refunded for one month. It’s not a lot of money but I was charged for something I was unable to use. The staff I came in contact with were all rude except for Jon J.
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1 year ago, ladyReid
I just got the app I love the movies that I have seen so far I am so happy that I’ve downloaded the app, thank you for showing movies that still shows that God is alive and well and that there’s always hope, thank you for bringing family movies back into your homes, these are the movies that we need to see with our children and grandchildren. Thank you Wanda
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3 years ago, An Apple Family
Parental advisory
I want to caution parents with some of these movies and shows. There are no parental alerts or advisories. It would at the least be helpful if there was an option to leave a review for a video like RedeemTVs shows so parents can post a caution. Our children have now been exposed to expletives, sexual content including language and other innuendos. It was quiet mortifying to rush to shut the TV off to try to keep our children from hearing sexual discussions on a “family” movie. We contacted customer service and were told they would remove this. The last we checked the movie was still there, no advisory, no changes. Parents, please be aware.
Show more
7 months ago, Lora Kay7
Favorite streaming
I love how I can be confident that what I’m watching is clean and entertaining. I get tired of finding interesting movies on other streaming services only to end up having to shut it off within 10 minutes because of language or unwanted sexual content. (Too overwhelming to my brain and soul) Thanks Up Faith and Family for providing something decent to watch! You’re the best!
Show more
3 years ago, Cristina2179
Uplifting and full of faith. Just the way entertainment should be.
There are so few places to find good quality entertainment now. Our society has really taken a turn down a path of entertainment that only leads us further away from God. It’s refreshing to find something that always leaves you with a feeling of graciousness for all the good Lord gives us. Thank you for your continued support everyone!
Show more
5 years ago, Nvisionit
Up Faith and Family got it right!
I have never enjoyed so many different viewing options, such as drama, comedy, and action, that is in good taste from a single network in my life. I am watching a UP Faith & Family on my phone more than I am watching cable TV that I have to pay a ton for every month because I love the content. I don’t have to see a whole bunch of sex, killings and all the other crap that Hollywood thinks is necessary to get viewers.
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