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30.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for UpNorthLive

3 out of 5
2 Ratings
1 week ago, sbrummeler
The only issue I have is that there are days where the feed is at least a day behind. Stories from the televised news don’t show for at least 24 hours
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11 years ago, wheels1132
If you're looking for news in Northern Michigan, this is the only app you need. Great reporting, very user friendly, and the daily deals notifications are great!!!!
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2 weeks ago, Anyone’s duck
Would like to see more news on the weekend,with updates more often
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5 years ago, Natureflow
Storage hog
I use this app everyday for local news. Updated to 7.12.0. I don't see much difference. HOWEVER, my *big* complaint with this app has been ongoing for years. The app itself is around 37MB but every time I open articles to read, it keeps adding to my documents and data so that in time the app is using over a GB of storage on my phone. I am not able to delete just the docs and data so I have to delete the whole app and reinstall to get it back down to manageable size. I am just reading the articles and not sharing or anything else so I don't know why the app is "saving" to docs and data. Hassle.
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1 year ago, homeyteach
Great App but….
I really like this app and being able to get the weather forecast is huge for me. The only problem is that when I start playing the weather forecast, then turn my phone sideways to make the picture bigger, it won’t turn sideways and the video starts over with the commercial. That’s very frustrating. I keep thinking they will fix it, but maybe no one has told them. Hence, my review.
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6 years ago, CarolD1945
App will not rotate
This app used to rotate between landscape and portrait modes when I turned my iPad now it is stuck on portrait mode and this is very frustrating. If it wasn’t for this issue I would give this app a much higher rating it is one of my favorite. I have now started using 9&10 news solely because it is more convenient for old people who want to have their iPads in landscape mode. Please work on fixing this issue
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12 years ago, Krewzlo
The news stories are a joke. You have to click on the picture to get more than a one sentence description. By clicking on the picture, it takes you to their website which defeats the purpose of the app. If I wanted to go to the website, I would have just went their in the first place. Weather is good as well as the deals. I will be sticking to the 9&10 news app.
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11 years ago, Mr. MarkM
Needs help
I have used the application on my iPad now for a few months to get the local weather and news. What I like: local weather good overview nice layout fairly accurate What lowers my rating: Will not switch to landscape mode. This is important for iPad users with horizontal cases. When clicking on "get Joe Charlovix detailed forecast", it takes you to the web. The web link does not have any details on it, simply links to some old weather news. And the web is flash based so you cannot access any of the content anyway. If it had these things fixed, I would raise it to a 4.5.
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11 years ago, Spellman
Deleted after notifications wouldn't stop
Nice-looking app, but I made the mistake of enabling notifications and then being annoyed by a regular series of "Breaking News" alerts that were nothing like breaking news. So I turned off notifications, and they kept coming. So I force-quit the app, and they kept coming. Hoping that deleting the app altogether does the trick.
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5 months ago, TheRealSki97
School closings won’t load
The only reason I have this app is for school Closings. That won’t load on the app currently. I enabled push notifications for this purpose only and it would give breaking news alerts for nothing. The only reason I want to be bothered by this app is for school closings of my selected areas.
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7 years ago, Vic49721
Much better
Yeah! The last update fixed the lock up problem on iPads. The fix was fast and worked like a champ. Well done on solving the mobile app for iPad access.
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11 years ago, Scootersp22
Great app
Wish I would have had this app a long time ago. Great for everything from radar to school closings. Thanks 7&4!
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4 years ago, A Must-Read
Old news....
I like getting news from the area, but unfortunately the same news stories stay online for days at a time. Each day I’m likely to find only one or two new items per day, and almost never on weekends. Often a waste of my time.
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11 years ago, MissMossLake
Proofreading desperately needed
If you turn off notifications this is a useful app for local news highlights. However, the writing is very bad. It's replete with basic spelling and grammar errors, poorly structured and sometimes confusing sentences. Makes you question the journalistic accuracy.
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9 years ago, Kiabarks
Working fine now
Thanks for fixing it. Loading as before
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12 years ago, CapnWilly
Local stuff whenever wherever. Thanks!
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6 years ago, CoreyMusicFan
Could be better!
Hearing the same commercials repeat over and over is beyond annoying. It’s home screen goes to portrait instead of landscape view. You can’t pause or rewind which is important. Please work on this app.
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6 years ago, Paul martin Bennett
App needs a radar loop
App would be better if it had a radar that had a looping time on it instead of just showing one picture
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9 years ago, TorchLakeTom
Fails to load
This app simply does not work. Each time, it says "Failed to load station data. Try again later". My wife downloaded the app and she gets the same message. This has not worked once since we downloaded it. Waste of time.
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12 years ago, Cabs2010
Wish it would reload the stories and send me back to the top of the page!
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11 years ago, Rasudekum
App does not work correctly
Tried to login to my acct to buy a half off eats at boons and it would not login , and when it finally worked I'm hitting the buy button and it will not buy the deal , so I am screwed out of the deal because this app did not work
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9 years ago, nikld
Never works anymore
I miss the original app. This new update never seems to display things right. It's a great concept if it worked properly. This is the app I always went to for my local news now it always errors out or resets my preferences.
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12 years ago, Brick3
Would be better if it would quit kicking me back to the top of the page before I am done reading.
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8 years ago, Tufamc
Little local news
This app should be called "up north Oregon, Washington, East Coast" every time you open this app, you get local news from one of those three areas, never any local northern Michigan news on the homepage, disrespectful to the locals in northern Michigan
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8 years ago, linmicaud
Ever sine this app was updated I cannot get into any of the stories & it is getting very frustrating! Please correct this. Thanks Linda
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9 years ago, Taman1999
Don't update
Poorly developed bring back the old version. The weather section does not list the correct cities for zip codes. Not very user friendly. Looks as if the developers wanted it to be shiny and not functional.
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3 weeks ago, melso75
Doesn’t Open
App hasn’t worked since update. Doesn’t seem they care about fixing the issue either.
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7 years ago, Brenton M.
The app worked just fine before you "fixed" it!. Now none of the stories have any text!. Also the app freezes!. Please unfix the app so it at least functions
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7 years ago, scheerc
App broken since update!
The app doesn't load stories properly. I can see the list of stories, click on a story, the text of the story doesn't load.
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12 years ago, capnben
Not terrible
Not a terrible app, but every time a new ad loads, the article jumps to the top. Annoying.
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6 years ago, WalksInSilence
If you want to support Sinclair?
This station is owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group. Not local control, rather a national large company that wants to control what you see and hear. I'm deleting this app and participating and supporting local companies!
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12 years ago, tnorris79
DEALS on the go! I love it!
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8 years ago, Shipwreck1969
All this app does is spam the App Store. You try to read an article and you are redirected to the App Store. You go back to the article and you are redirected to another app in the App Store. Zero Stars.
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9 years ago, MB2399
Horrible update
Where's the local news? A regional news app with national and international news? Don't bother. The original was perfect, this version stinks
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7 years ago, Ted Seger
Crap app
Brought to you by smalltown red necks! They couldn't find their way out of a wet paper bag. Technical morons. Don't bother. Time to grow up TV 7 & 4. Can't even leave an honest review.
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9 years ago, cfschmidt
Terrible update
Please bring back the old version. Lots of issues with this one.
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8 years ago, Hidden Agenda
Not Working
When app opens up you can't get past the instruction screen.
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9 months ago, EHRguru
Bias coverage
Extremely bias in the coverage of local and national news.
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8 years ago, Spend 0
Up north live
Can't get past instruction, does not work! Please fix.
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5 years ago, mr mikr
ZIP Codes
I like the application and use it frequently when I spent time at my cottage outside of Clare. In the settings portion of the application I would like to be able to login different ZIP Codes so that I could automatically go to that location and check the weather. For instance Lake George at 48633 Lake at 48632
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10 years ago, Mitcheezu
Luv it! 2 starz
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9 years ago, Robo-tripped
Generating revenue at our expense
Upnorthlive changed their entire application. There are no more comments, you often click on the ads that are placed in between articles, which will reroute you to the we browser. Every time you accidentally hit that advertisement, they make money. Most stories don't have pictures, and no links to any YouTube videos or sources. Used to be a 5star app, if I could give it 0 I would.
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