USA Network

4.5 (18.7K)
119.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
NBCUniversal Media, LLC
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for USA Network

4.51 out of 5
18.7K Ratings
4 years ago, Krinskys
Love the shows but tired of the same commercials
One of my favorite shows is Chrisley Knows Best. It makes me laugh so much and with times like we’re in now, we can all use great laughter!! What is annoying is soooo many commercials and its usually the same annoying commercials all the time. But I guess you need the commercials for your revenue and I love the shows so I’ll put up with them. But please stop with the Sentra/drop the taco commercials so much! Please! :)
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3 years ago, A. Nonauh Muss
Terrible app, good shows
Edit: I am struggling with the app even more than before. This is a terrible app and needs to be fixed. It is constantly buffering, won’t let me watch a full show without me having to reboot everything (app, phone, Chromecast, internet...) just to watch an entire show from start to finish. I took a star away because of the constant frustration that just keeps getting worse. Don’t download unless you enjoy being frustrated. This is not a good app. It freezes regularly in the middle of a show and I have to stop casting and then recast it and find my place in the episode of the show I’m watching. In order to get back to where I was, I have to sit through more commercials. I have to restart the app often and I’ve had to reboot my phone a few times just to make it work. There is no other connectivity issue with any other apps and devices I use when USA is acting up. I have found that the NBC apps are all pretty much the same way. They’re pretty terrible, although so far, USA doesn’t seem to be as bad as the NBC app. So yeah, unless you are really into a show on USA (like me) then it’s not really worth it.
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3 years ago, L0streaper
NBC Universal lies to customers!!!
So wasn’t able to be home to watch a show I like to watch that is on same time every week without fail but downloaded this stupid USA Network app to watch and the live stream isn’t live at all not one but the show I wanted to watch started at 6pm and is 3 hours long and then went to watch on the app and the show was going live on my cable box ( had my fiancé look to see if it was on live on the cable box and it was ) but the USA Network app said it didn’t start till the show ends on cable….. how is that live tv!?!?!? It’s not one bit so I will be contacting the company of the show I watch to let them know why I won’t be watching one of their shows anymore because I don’t want anything to do with NBC Universal at all. Thankfully Fox network has another night that I will now watch instead of both. And it may seem a little weird that I say I will let the company know I’m one that is on a council for the product which I have ways to contact so hopefully NBC Universal looses the contract and the go to a much more reliable source than NBC UNIVERSAL
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5 years ago, Wooqiaoqi
Buggy chrome cast support
I only use this app with casting to my TV. The support is very buggy and makes the viewing experience challenging. Here are some of the behaviors: 1. When going back to the home screen, the ringer/phone volume overrides the app’s set volume which sets the volume on the TV. If my phone is set to max volume, it will proceed to set my TV to the max volume as well. Opening and closing the app should not change the cast devices volume. 2. Sometimes the app cannot play the video when casted. This can happen if you repeatedly connect/disconnect to the cast device. I need to kill the app and then re connect everything again. 3. It’s really difficult to skip to a part of a show due to the way the commercials work. One time the app refused to set me to the middle of the show where I left off and I had to watch commercials like 3 times in a row.
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5 years ago, Brownyeyedgirly
NBC Ruined these apps
Ever since the update moving other networks under the NBC umbrella, the apps have been rendered useless. First Bravo, now USA. Even the NBC app itself. I love the idea of everything in one place-that’s pretty awesome. But what’s the point when none of them can be unlocked? Can try to link and unlink tv cable provider and delete and reinstall all three apps all I want, apps still don’t work (I either get a generic error or an error stating I don’t have the channel in my cable package). The only thing that worked was when someone from the help desk loaded my nbc profile that I had to create with credits when I inquired about the issues with the Bravo app. Was hoping by the time I used up the credits, the error would be fixed. Unfortunately, that was wishful thinking. Please fix, otherwise, these shows/networks are completely unwatchable for myself and for many others.
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5 years ago, Imchrisstall
Super glitchy and unreliable
Recently I’ve been experiencing issues with the app not recognizing my cable provider. I’m able to work through that by in linking and reconnecting my provider credentials. When watching the live stream in portrait orientation, the picture shows full width. When I turn it to landscape mode, the picture is cut off on the sides, rather than the video showing with the bars at top and bottom, so I lose the outer edges. My main issue is with playback. I have had the live feed freeze, video freeze with audio continuing, and the video no longer playing over hdmi when watching using my iPad connected to tv. I know it’s the app because other apps work using the exact same setup. I even updated the app and tried again with no luck. Audio works fine when using the dock connector, video does not.
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4 years ago, *Shazam666*
Thanks Peacock, for taking the better shows!!
Can’t watch MONK at all, doesn’t show up on the search!! And for PSYCH, it’s just a few TRAILERS!! Thanks for NOTHING USA AND PEACOCK!! What a shame, those are two of the shows that helped make the USA network what it was and is. Not anymore, let’s just abandon it to PEACOCK, which isn’t for me, not worth paying for, since I don’t watch ABC for anything. Yes, I watch it’s sister stations for a few things, like most of us, but it’s never been my go to station. I get it, restructuring is the thing, and if DISNEY wants to have people pay for its service, some will, but some of us won’t, not for a few shows, and when money is going for more important bills, PEACOCK/DISNEY is one of those networks/companies that my money can’t be allotted to. No offense guys, but a girl needs to pay rent to keep a roof over her families heads over tv.
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5 years ago, Yatesuro
Cropped full screen on iPad Pro
I really want to watch professional wrestling on my iPad. However, the USA app and the USA website on Safari have serious problems. The app forces me to watch the live network zoomed in, so I miss nearly half of the image. Sometimes I enjoy zooming in, when it’s an option, but not when it’s required. My previous fix to this problem was to load the USA website on Safari, but now that doesn’t even work at all. I’m a beta user for iPad OS 13, so hopefully that’s my main problem. Either way, I really enjoy WWE, and I enjoy my iPad for media consumption, so hopefully I can watch WWE on USA on my iPad correctly soon. Thankfully the FOX app is well put together, so I can at least enjoy Friday Night Smackdown in its proper aspect ratio.
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3 years ago, waspbuzz2201
Awful awful awful!!! Glitchiest app ever!
How on earth in this day and age can this level of constant buffering and pixelating issues happen!?! Whether watching on my iPhone or Roku, the same problem persists. And worst of all, USA tries to blame my internet provider! Sorry USA, your app is the ONLY streaming app I have this problem with. The problem is on YOUR end, YOU need to fix your crappy, buggy app! Trying to watch LIVE programming is the worst. Everything plays find for 5-10 minutes, then the picture pixelates and goes black; when the program comes back on it jumps back 15-20 seconds and replays that portion of the show/commercials. Absolutely beyond ridiculous and unacceptable. But when it’s the only way to watch certain shows, what do you do?
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5 years ago, Bitsybitxh
Stops casting after every commercial, previously Awesome
Before a month or so ago this app was amazing. Recently I’ve been having trouble with captions not syncing with the words. Also every commercial break causes me to lose my “casting” connection and have to 1) restart the show, then 2) watch the first commercials 3) recast which which starts me at the beginning, only to then 4) approximately scrub to where I was, wait through commercials again, and start at that time. If I didn’t love suits and queen of the south I wouldn’t go through the trouble. I’ve started to resent my favorite shows just because this is so annoying. Before it worked perfectly and would have been a 5/5 star
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5 years ago, Ulimate Trex
Honestly USA is one of the best cable programs. There are days that you all upset me when you cancel a program like Covert Affairs or when it is time to close a chapter like Suits & open up a new beginning like Pearson !!! I wish there was too bad that Suits is closing down its curtains !!! Great to hear about Season 5 on Queen of the South hopefully you all can give us another 5 years or more !!! other show I miss are satisfaction with Stephanie Szostak & rush with actor Tom Ellis the list can go on of shows that I miss 😢
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5 years ago, peanut brittel
Is the perfect app for me
So I love binge watching Chrisley knows best and I just it works perfectly for me and recently I need to update it so that’s what I’m gonna do thank you so much USA for everything you’ve done making Queen of the South Cristly know best asked what my favorite on so I love binge watching Chrisley knows best and I just it works perfectly for me and recently I need to update it so that’s what I’m gonna do thank you so much USA for everything you’ve done making Queen 👑 of the South and Chrisley knows best
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4 years ago, Talya 5
App doesn’t always play right on TV
I like the app on my phone, but trying to play the app on my TV is a different story. I have an iPhone and I never have any issues trying to watch the app on my phone. Whenever I use my fire stick so I can watch the show on TV, the app will just sit loading. It might also say “no authority” even though I have an Xfinity account, which again will work perfectly fine on my phone. I’m not sure why this happens but it is extremely annoying. Other than that since I can still watch the shows on the app on my phone, I still rated 3 stars.
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3 years ago, Tiffany's husband
They give you free credits to watch stuff and it was so fun and exciting. I could watch all the new chucky episodes that made me get chills from watching it. I LOVE THIS SERIES. Can’t wait for the next episodes in season 2 because there’s a big cliffhanger with Andy the dolls. I Also want to see more about the other main characters. Thank you USA app for letting me watch his series. I’m glad I found it.
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2 weeks ago, RLeighA
A hot mess
The UI of the app is actually the least-frustrating part. In fact, one might even say it’s reasonably well-designed. The performance, however, is garbage. The pop-out player constantly closes, forcing you to go back to the app—which has usually outright rebooted itself—to reopen the show you were trying to watch. I’ve had to re-link my provider multiple times as well, but I’m hoping that having an actual account in the app will stop that from happening again.
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6 months ago, Livant0
Buggy app with intrusive Pop up’s, poor performance
1. Too slow, especially the smart TV versions, and apps included in FireTV. Will crash while loading multiple times before success. 2. Asks for TV subscription (DirecTV) validation almost every time. Gets annoying. 3. There’s an intrusive popup that says “Finished watching? Let’s find your next favorite” even before I select my first program. 4. I want to use the app with an hdmi connection to my computer monitor. It gives me a failed playback message forcing me to just watch on my iPhone screen. Please take this restriction off in future updates.
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4 years ago, tlmchris
It doesn’t function properly
I’m bummed that there are so many great shows on this app that I want to watch but I can’t. I’ve tried safari, iPad, chrome, android/Apple phone, Roku, Apple TV and several different locations with WiFi but this app either doesn’t load the show or buffers forever, or opens then crashes, or gives the “sorry try again later” or stops halfway through watching, buffers, crashes.. so many bugs it’s not even worth the shows on it. Hopefully there is a huge update soon considering how many people are giving this same feed back, that and the millions of other apps who seem to have it figured out.
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4 years ago, emmatrbl
It’s gone WAY downhill
I used to have no issues with this app, but I ended up deleting it due to having no need for it for a while. When I re-downloaded it today, it is AWFUL. It won’t let me log into my TV provider so as to watch anything. Regardless of how many times I press ‘link to television provider’ or whatever it says, NOTHING happens. The only way it responds is if I click on the option to make some account with NBC Universal that allows to watch THREE WHOLE EPISODES (*gasp*!) which isn’t happening. Why would I do that when I could access everything if this stupid app would just work correctly?
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2 years ago, CharlieGleek
Cannot handle EPL’s switch to the network
NBC’s heavily-advertised move of their Premier League matches from Peacock to USA Network has been awful. The app (as does the NBC app) regularly crashes or hangs up…as it’s doing as I write this review during the Everton-Brighton match…leading to inevitable and repeated Apple TV reboots. I’ve seen as many “An Error Occurred. Something has gone wrong. Please try restarting your app and trying the live stream again” messages as I’ve seen goals this weekend. Two match days in and it’s clear NBC/USA Network weren’t prepared to handle the demand for the content they continue to monopolize in the U.S. Pleas fix asap.
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5 years ago, Mamabear0209
I love this app
I love this app but every time I start watching one of my favorite shows it will pop up and say error has occurred and when I hit the ok button it cuts me off and I have to wait a few minutes before I can open it back up other than that I love it! How can I get it to stop saying that?
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2 years ago, JakeyScrmblz
Quite Simply Garbage
This app is buggy and near useless. Constantly needs the device to be reset before it will work lay again. Confusing and illogical sidebar menu. It includes multiple feeds, but none ever work properly or for more than a few minutes. Maybe work on getting on facet right before trying to cram in an all inclusive format? I only use this to watch Premier League matches, that were formerly on NBCSN…that app was great. Way to drop the ball NBC….USA app is total trash and needs a complete restart in every aspect. Blow it up and start over. There’s really no fixing something with a build this poor.
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3 years ago, VespulaRegina
The USA Network app has a life expectancy of about 4 weeks on Apple TV before it only displays a single, flat, white line in the middle of a black screen, when you bring it up. It has to be deleted and reinstalled at that point, but at least it doesn’t lose your progress in shows that you are watching, when you restart it. This has happened to me so many times I expect it. It’s a frustrating experience, and I hope they hire some software writers who can fix this recurring issue.
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5 years ago, TTPLUM
Deleted episodes and too many ads!!!
Just started watching Queen of the South. I finally finished Seasons 1 thru 3. I go to catch up on Season 4 and was highly disappointed to see that the first 4 episodes have already expired and the 5th was set to expire. This season just pretty much started so I don’t understand why these episodes would be deleted so quickly. Is money that much of a priority to you? I refuse to pay to watch those episodes. And please stop the ads!!!! I have to give Netflix all the credit for having no ads whatsoever!!! I pay enough per month on the cable bill.
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3 years ago, fmoreno2
Too many ads
This app is good, but I only get limited tokens to watch per episode of anything. I thought the whole purpose of the app is to watch TV like normal. I wish I had known that and got the channel on my TV instead because I would still be buying for the content. I only got the app for the Chucky series,but still had problems watching the show. So many ads I feel I can’t enjoy the shows smoothly.
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4 years ago, I❤️ books
Good for the first half, then got buggy
I wanted to watch season 3 episode 1 of the sinner. The only good things was not needing an account to watch on here. It was fine for about 20 minutes until it started bugging like CRAZY. It was so bad I got completely confused in what I was watching & almost decided to stop watching entirely. I tried to rewind it but it wouldn’t let me. I kept watching to see if the quality would get better but it only got worse. Please fix the bugs this app could be so good if you’d just FIX THE BUGS!!!
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3 years ago, smorgan22
Worst network app
This app is absolutely horrible at times. I have really good cellular service with AT&T and it’s alwasy telling me I don’t have service when I can use any other app on my phone with no issue. Anytime you pause the show and come back to it later, it either starts the show over or starts you way behind where you actually were in the show. I stream from a lot of different network apps and this is the most difficult and frustrating one I’ve used.
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3 years ago, RobertDubs
Ridiculous waste of time
The app is terrible. I use it with my AppleTV. The iOS is up to date and my internet connection is fine. I primarily use it to watch shows on demand. The app constantly freezes in the middle of an episode. Then I get an error and have to restart my AppleTV. I’ve uninstalled and installed the app several times with no avail. It deletes all my favorites when I do this which is very frustrating. I finally deleted the USA app and now use my cable app to watch shows. This is unacceptable.
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5 years ago, Threadz09
Not Formatted For iPhone 11
The content of USA is great. Let’s get that out of the way first. My issue is with the app itself. It looks TERRIBLE on my iPhone 11. I’m unable to pinch zoom to fill the screen. It stays forever a small box. My other issue is where the app doesn’t play the content I’ve been consuming after exiting the app and then coming back in. I have to hard reset the app and wait for it to load again. Fix these issues, and you’ll compete with the other TV apps out there.
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5 years ago, Joy McMahon
Best app
I never have to wait for new episodes anymore to be replayed. Love it. The best part is I watch my shows while i work overnights and once i added my provider at my home on WiFi I’m able to watch anywhere. Just a helpful hint on how to add provider.
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5 years ago, EJNterprises
Unreliable/unstable on AppleTV
I don’t why, as I have never had a streaming app do this, but this app will do weird stuff. Sometimes it will simply stop playing video completely even though it will start playing fine if I close then restart it. Other times it will rewind live video—sometimes once, sometimes multiple times in the same spots. Network connection and speed are always fine and the device is always updated...simply an app issue
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5 years ago, 😭 keeps crashing
Not Usable
I’ve downloaded, re-downloaded it over six times and I still cannot use my Tv Provider. I have watched the show Eyewitness once, and have started to rewatch it before the update. The update has rendered the app useless and a waste of time. I just want to rewatch a good show, and start watching others, but I can’t do anything for the moment being. Every update has made the app worse, I’ve heard, and what I’ve heard has started to come true. Please fix this app so everyone can enjoy their favorite shows once more.
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4 years ago, Pasco49
Freezes...not enjoyable
I try to get through one episode of a show and find I’m super frustrated. I’d almost rather not see any than get glimpses. The show will play with tons of ads. As show is streaming, it freezes, and picks up a few seconds later. You lose those seconds not knowing what happened. I’ve actually had to look up (read) about what happened. Sometimes it just won’t play video at all and other times it skips back to previous footage. Not an enjoyable experience.
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8 months ago, Just answer the question
Stopped working
I use the app for watching WWE and everything had been pretty fine for the most part up until a week ago. When I open the app it starts up for about 2 to 4 seconds and then closes itself out. I’ve made sure everything is fully updated with the app and my phone and I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple times but still no luck. Help?
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3 years ago, PastorLittem
Majority of the time I can’t watch live tv because of an error message tHat always pops up saying there was a playback issue try later and so I just try and watch the show later and have the time is it freezes and I have to close and reopen the app. And when ever I try to use apple air it gives some error that it can’t connect. I know it is now my phone as all my other streaming apps work completely fine.
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10 months ago, +fastlap+
Air Play buggy/ nonexistent
I have yet to have a clean experience with Air Play and this app. Often Air Play does not show up as an option within the app. When it does, the screen says it is playing on the connected device. The TV says it is connected to a device, but there is no hand off. Maybe skip this app if you are looking to stream on another device.
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2 years ago, Krazeesk8r
It needs work.
The app won’t save my place where I left off. I have noticed when I watch on my phone and select an on demand show to watch it won’t let me rotate the phone and watch in landscape mode. So I’m forced to watch it the other way on a smaller window. I know for a fact my rotation isn’t locked and all my other apps go to landscape mode when turned sideways. I’m using an IPhone 11 Pro Max.
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4 years ago, sburnzZzZz
Not great with Chromecast
I love the shows and movies, but the app is super buggy with Chromecast. The volume is constantly stuck and won’t change unless I go to the Google home app and manually change it. If I’m in the middle of a show or movie and reopen the Chromecast app, it crashes (both the app and whatever is playing on my Chromecast). Really wish it was more compatible with Chromecast.
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5 years ago, TmarieG82
I binged watched Queen of the South on Netflix and have been obsessed with the series ever since. Now that I’m all caught up and ready to watch the 4th season on USA the first three episodes are locked. I added the USA channel to my Roku thinking maybe they would be available there....nope! Then I downloaded the USA app on my iPhone thinking I could watch there....nope!! USA this is ridiculous. How do you run a new season of an amazing series and don’t give the fans a chance to watch On Demand?!?! USA Network, get with the times. Teresa I miss you! Lol.
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1 year ago, FragsAreFun284
Have never seen a streaming app with more issues
Everything is broken. Sound doesn’t work for Premier League games. Picture in Picture works 20% of the time on your first attempt, then once you go back into app viewing, you have to restart the stream to get PiP to work again. Rotating your screen will generally pause and crash the stream. Constantly have to log back into your account to stream. Sometimes app bugs out for multiple minutes and does not allow access to content, until it realizes you actually do have the permissions/access, completely at random. This app is so poorly built I’m convinced it was developed by a team of elementary school kids in an intro to the computer lab class.
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2 years ago, Immortalpepsi
complete scam
If you are paying for the usa network with your tv provider, you still cannot watch anything on the entire app without it crashing or claiming you do not have access through your tv provider. it’s been doing this for over a year now and I have reached out to support multiple times and not gotten any help back. this app is a scam and cannot be used by literally anyone, so do not waste your time.
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4 years ago, shawnemccord
Pretty good app but could be better
Would be nice to have a fast forward, no clue why some of these movie apps would not have a fast forward button. Also, if the show is paused for a few minutes, you have to exit out of the show and restart it for it to play.
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3 years ago, S l e e p i n g
Pretty good all things considered
I read other reviews and was hesitant to get the app, but I got it anyways and I don’t regret it, it can be buggy but it is free, another downside to it is the ads, but with a free movie watching app has to come a way to get money so I can’t blame them for that, overall I love this app and I’m so glad it’s free.
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5 years ago, Maxie's family
Constantly getting “Video Error”
I had been having a Harry Potter marathon through my Dish, but then recently, I had gotten a fire stick and got the USA app. I was able to watch two movies last night, but now I’m trying to watch a third movie and I keep getting “video error.” I also tried downloading the NBC app, and I keep getting the same problem.
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2 years ago, Ironman12181987
This is a poor app and completely dissatisfied. There are no updates that indicate that anything is changed. When they say bugs are fixed it’s a complete lie. There was one done last week which is what it says in the update version history and there is nothing that has changed. You try to open or change the net work in the app crashes. Get it together or don’t have an app at all
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3 years ago, 🦋🐛🐢🐙
Too many bugs. I can’t open the show I am trying to watch. It’s been buffering for the last 5 minutes. I checked to see if there was an update and saw there was. I installed the update hoping it would improve and it didn’t. I can’t open the show I’m trying to watch and it’s pretty much pointless to even have this app.
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5 years ago, Kay1691
Videos Always Messing Up
I love that I can watch Chrisley Knows Best but I hate how the videos always cut off or if you pause it for a second it won’t start again. Most of the time I have to restart the entire video. Would like for you all to fix this issue so myself and others can continue watching our favorite shows.
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3 years ago, eagreen75
I want to throw my phone across the room
This app is so bad... I can’t handle it anymore. Just tying to watch Temptation Island in peace, but it keeps jumping back to the same spot in the episode. I continue watching from that spot, hoping it will improve. I then sit through what feels like an eternity of commercials and it jumps back to that same dang spot again and I have to sit through the commercials again, in an endless cycle. At this point I can’t even finish the show...
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5 years ago, Advant11
Pausing Causes Reset
If you have a call come in or you jump off the screen to reply or send a text, then you have to completely close out the video then re-open it and doesn’t start where you left off. It goes back a bit. Very frustrating. There is no fast-forward either.
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5 years ago, Kathy in VB
Can’t use this app!!!
I’ve used this app for awhile and recently was forced to update it. Now I can’t watch my shows. I have cox cable and every time I tried to watch an episode and am forced to I try to set up the Link Provider button, it just sends me back to the home page. I tried turning off my tv provider on my iPad settings and then back on again as you suggested to someone else having this problem, but it didn’t work. What now???
Show more
5 years ago, LaReina3000
Casting is horrible
Every time I try to cast my show from the app, it’s like the audio doesn’t follow correctly, especially after commercials. For example, when the last commercial in the break starts playing, the audio is already playing the show, but I’m seeing the commercial. But when you disconnect and reconnect, the show starts you from the beginning. EXTREMELY ANNOYING
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