USCIS: Civics Test Study Tools

3.9 (249)
21.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
USCIS Department of Homeland Security
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for USCIS: Civics Test Study Tools

3.93 out of 5
249 Ratings
5 years ago, ScarlinP
Good Study App but...
Great app. It makes it very easy to study for the exam. However, I believe it could be a lot more effective if the user could set his location or state of residency. That way, questions regarding one’s specific state could be included in the practice as well. Also, for best results, the app should be updated frequently. Yesterday while studying I came across the question of “what is the name of the Speaker of the House of Representatives now?” The correct answer would be “Nancy Pelosi,” but the answer provided by the app is “Paul Ryan,” which is outdated.
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3 years ago,
Best App & Simple Enough so that anyone can use it!
This app helped me get ready for the USCIS Civics Test very quickly! It was very easy to navigate back and forth. I did not use the audio function of the app & quizzed myself a few times with the Question Challenge. Just make sure you are aware this won’t quiz your on all 100 questions. For the state specific questions I just looked up the answers - if I didn’t know them due to following local politics. I saw someone mention to give the user the option to submit their state -specific questions could be answered within the app. Although a great point, I think that would be asking too much considering this app is free and state and local government changes rather frequently.
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4 years ago, Greatweber
waiting for 2020 version of the test
I hope to see the December 2020 revised version of naturalization test questions in this app soon. The format of the application is nice and it’s easy to use. Unfortunately, the wrong options in majority of questions are too obviously wrong. It would probably be good to at least provide an option to select the “level of difficulty” to make it more tricky and less obvious, what answer is the correct one.
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5 months ago, Scarbez
Good tool for practicing
The app works great and it is very useful for reviewing civics questions. As of now (Jan 2024), all answers that vary when government officials change after elections, retirements, or other, are up to date. As an improvement, the app could ask the user for his/her state of residency and then have the several state-specific questions also included in the tests, with the applicable answers
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2 years ago, dzsidzsi
Wrong answer in the app
For the question: “What is the political party of the President now?” the correct answer is “Democratic party”, but when I give that answer the app says it’s wrong and indicates that the right answer is “Republican party”. Joe Biden is democrat, not republican so I don’t know why the app says that Joe Biden is republican. I have a screenshot of this. Needs to be corrected. I do have the latest version of the app.
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9 months ago, un woz 'ere
Useful app
This helped a lot. After practicing a few times the actual interview was completely painless. The question challenge is also kind of fun but if you get to the end of the list of 100 it just repeats until you accidentally pick the wrong answer. Thank you to whoever thought of making an app.
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3 months ago, SkeetazFun
Easy to use
Hi there. This is an excellent resource to use when studying for your citizenship test. I especially liked that I could cover the face of my phone, hear the questions being read out loud, recall the answer and then check the app to determine if my response was accurate. God bless and good luck with your application and the test.
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4 years ago, Nice99994
Great app! Really helpful!
It definitely helped me learn my questions and answers pretty quick. The only thing I would advise adding in this app, is having the questions you are struggling with sent to a different file or broken into categories,.. that way you can focus on the questions you need to focus on, and get them down faster. But other than that the app is great;)
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7 years ago, gjwein2008
Helpful for reviewing 100?s
Very helpful and easy to use app. Great for testing yourself on the 100 questions. Questions and answers are available in English and Spanish but no other languages. Hope developers will expand to include many other languages. Also would like to see the app provide help for understanding vocabulary in the n-400 and particularly the part 12 questions.
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1 month ago, Julieprexplr
Great app
The clean aesthetic is everything! It’s great to have all the 100 questions available to read. The test is great and I love the feature to take run the test until you get an error. Its a great and way to learn. In one day I crushed through it and remembered so much already. A great feature would be to have an interview like test. Where we get the questions without pre offered answers. And either have to type it in or speak it. One issue, the speaking option is not working for me. When I tap on it nothing happens. No matter how loud my volume is turned on.
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2 years ago, Rosy.Tr
This app is a great reference to study for the civic test. However, I noticed that it is outdated with reference to the current President. In fact all the questions related to the current President, Vice President and Political Party of the current President do refer to the previous administration. I think a new review is needed to make sure the answers do reflect the current situation.
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3 years ago, Arualsesiom
Really 👍 it
Really like it but you should make an update the questions about the president the Vice President the party of the president they’re outdated and you should have the option to I clise the state questions so it would be more accurate other than that I like that you include all the questions even though those are updated
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2 years ago, Vinny Kashiv
Got my citizenship - Thanks
Practiced on this App for my interview and passed. This App has everything you need to practice (civic questions). I used speaker feature for asking questions (pretending it’s interviewer) because the real test isn’t multiple choice. It helped me.. best of luck
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3 years ago, rustycarrot
Needs updated
Decent app for studying, the volume/question spoken aloud doesn’t work and it hasn’t been updated to include Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in office; just got a question asking me who the current Vice President was. Pence and Biden were the only VP options out of a list of 4, Kamala wasn’t listed. Aside from a few issues, I would recommend for studying
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5 years ago, adrianvhjijdukvg
Not up to date
Some answers are not up to date. You should add option to edit answers at least for some of the questions.
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2 months ago, Brit in UK
Recommend app for Civics test
This is a great app, and certainly helped me be comfortable about taking the Civics test. I like that you can do testing in 2 ways, and that it’s updated when names change.
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4 years ago, eleazarcr7
Amazing app
This helped me a lot although I wish they had like the ability to read the question to you without pressing the speaker button every time but overall amazing.
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7 years ago, ruvdbaby
Pretty useful
Really useful to practice the questions. Only complain is to make random take into account old previous years to avoid asking the same questions more often.
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4 years ago, Mre575
All you need to pass the test.
Don’t waste time or money on classes, books, or other junk. Just use this app for a few hours and you will know every answer.
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5 years ago, Gundog12
Great App but Needs Updates
This app is great and easy to use, it’s a fantastic tool for those who are looking to get their citizenship. Please update it when things change during election season, it’s ok that we have to look up our own state senators etc. but when a new House Speaker was put in place, come on guys, get on it!!!!
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1 year ago, Burhan F.D
Great app
I used it for my civic test. App structure is very easy to understand. Questions used are very good. Overall, I would recommend this app to whoever is appearing for naturalisation.
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5 years ago, Kwae Kodua
Great Help!!
This app is very helpful to study. Only wish it could use your location to ask about the Governor and us reps questions too. Oh and PS the answer for speaker of the house need to be updated to Nancy Pelosi
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3 years ago, mafiu07
Please update the app
It would be great to have an app that is fully functional. •Have the ability to sign in or select your state from a drop down window. Once that is done then information regarding each state is provided (instead of searching outside the app for current info) Also the app states it was updated 3 months ago, but last years options are still active: •current political party in office •current president •current vp
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5 years ago, OrnEsh1
The questions are the same questions from the test itself but needs an update as Paul Ryan is no longer speaker of the house. Should also allow to be tested on local representatives
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5 years ago, Nightmare17
Extremely helpful, but needs an update
There’s a few questions that need to be updated. Other than that this app is really helpful.
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3 years ago, Veronikawithak
Not quite up to date
It says the quiz was updated 2 weeks ago but the question about the current President and Vice President still reflect the last administration. It is now mid-February. You’d think they had enough time to update that..
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5 years ago, 888888mbg
Need to update
Hi! I think the app needs to update something. I was taking a practice test on this app and on another app (for civics test as well), until I reached the question of “Who’s the Speaker of the House of Representative now?” This app still has Paul D. Ryan as an answer. The other app has updated to Nancy Pelosi.
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2 years ago, lxxzzy
Great app to study your civics
This is a great app! Definitely needs to be updated but 100% recommend
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5 years ago, Robbbo no1
Out of date answers !
It really is irresponsible that the USCIS themselves produce a study tool and then fail to keep the answers correct and current. For example, Nancy Pelosi became speaker of the house almost 9 months ago, but still Paul Ryan is shown as the correct answer. It’s really not possible to use this app when you know there are answers that are not correct.
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5 years ago, Victorwol
Good but needs to be updated.
When are you going to update the questions? Some questions are dated, when are you going to update this? Thanks.
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2 years ago, Kiddfromharlem
Can you guys update the app because we still have Trump as president via the test questions. Otherwise, great app to study on 💚
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5 years ago, dann256
Great app for US naturalization practice
this is one of the best free app I have ever downloaded. I truly appreciate the developers of this app for your contribution to help new immigrants on getting naturalization.
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5 years ago, Togglin
They have not updated who the current speaker of the house is. Everything else is okay.
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5 years ago, Rqureshi
Pretty good
I didn't read the booklet at all that i was given at biometrics, this and another app helped me study for the test.
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5 years ago, RJness
There are better options out there
If as this app states, due to a lack of funding it will not be updated, then it may as well get pulled from the App Store. It contains out of date information such as who is currently the speaker of of the house. There are other more up to date apps out there. Pass this one by.
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3 years ago, BoyzScout
Correct these questions
There are two questions that need to be corrected on the App. Mike Pence is no longer the current Vice President and the current President’s Political party is not Republican. Was this someone’s idea of a joke?
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5 years ago, jduwbrus
Good tool
It’s a great way to study! I used it everywhere, anytime, instead of my social media to be prepare for the test. 100% recommended!
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5 years ago, SpBeans
Needs to be updated
Some of the questions are out of date and need to be updated when people change posts, otherwise it’s a nice app
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3 years ago, Vadhond
Not updated
The app has not been updated to reflect the fact there is a new president of the United States of America who belongs to a different political party.
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3 years ago, Solcito_ar
It’s ok
The app is pretty good to study and practice the civic questions for the test. The only thing is that they didn’t update it. They still have the previous president on it.
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5 years ago, Habib 08
Very good app
It really helped me out to learn a lot of stuffs in a short amount of time ! Very useful, highly recommend...
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2 years ago, Mobi194
simple and easy to use
Helped me study for the test!! Thanks!
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5 years ago, vane.m.liz
Need an update
Great app, super helpful! But needs a little update for some questions! Ex. What is the name of the speaker of the house? Nancy Pelosi! This question made me lost the game!
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4 years ago, corazona1
Where are the new 128 questions??
When in this application going to be updated with the new questions? It still has the old 100 questions. We need the 128 questions since yesterday. 😒 Will add more stars when and if it’s updated to the new questions.
Show more
5 years ago, La vaina loca
It is a great tool to learn the civic questions, I would recommended to add the legislators, Senators by State, I also used US Citizenship Test Audio 2019. 🇺🇸🇺🇸Today I passed!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸
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3 years ago, Janforr
Not updated!
The President and VP is still the previous administration. It’s been almost 7mos since then it must be changed.
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5 years ago, Adi690
This app need updating
This app need some updates there is some question and answers that is not right for this time. For example how is the speaker of the hose
Show more
3 years ago, Kjaneth
Not updated
President has not been updated, makes me wonder what else is outdated.
Show more
3 years ago, ThorForgiveme
Great app but needs to be updated
It has outdated questions regarding current president & Vice President . Keeps killing my streak of correct answers…
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11 months ago, leonm90
It’s free and easy to use. No complaints.
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