UTSA Mobile

4.5 (681)
53.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
The University of Texas San Antonio
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for UTSA Mobile

4.49 out of 5
681 Ratings
8 months ago, Tuttimus
Good app for returning students
I’ll give this app 5 stars. It’s good for returning students for grad programs like myself. Information passed through others through the app is great. I can communicate to other veterans with the same issues that I have and get answers faster. I only wish I can access my student email from this app but maybe I just haven’t figured that part out yet.
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6 years ago, Kivster
Good idea but slow
I like the idea of having an app where all my school information is available, rather than constantly having to log into different websites. The app looks nice and is fairly easy to navigate. However, it takes forever to load! It can take a a few minutes sometimes to just view my grades. By that time, I can open up safari and log on to blackboard myself. Also it is impossible to clear notifications... I always have them! I want to know when grades are posted or when an assignment is due but I also don’t want 50 notifications on my phone! But like I said, everything takes so long to load that there’s no way I’ll be able to go through them all. Anyways, overall a great idea but I wish it worked a little better and faster.
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4 years ago, h3llow3sley
Great for small business owners!
I run my own cleaning company and posted on the buy/sell/trade thread around 7a this morning. I already have people commenting wanting to book or referring me to friends and family and the post hasn’t even been up for 24 hours! It’s nice to see students supporting students! It also keeps me on track for different homework deadlines and lets me know when things are due! I couldn’t be happier!!
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4 years ago, huckabya
It’s a good app!
I like it because you are able to communicate with your UTSA community about anything. Need a textbook? Go to this app. Need a to lease an apartment? Go to this app. Need any recommendations on professors or classes? Once again, go to this app. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this app. If you are thinking about downloading this? Don’t hesitate and do it! It will worth your time.
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6 years ago, nashben87
Needs to fix a few things...
It’s nice to be able to easily navigate through and view my class assignments, grades etc. and get notifications when grades post or new assignments are posted but the app doesn’t sync across multiple devices. I use the app on my phone and iPad (the iPad is used solely for school) and am constantly having to clear notifications from one device that I’ve already viewed on the other device. It’s super annoying and seems an easy fix. I’d give the app 5/5 otherwise.
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5 years ago, AG96!!
Issues Now
It wasn’t reloading to current date, and when I signed out of the app it ended up not showing anything at all (nothing in feeds, no courses,etc.). I tried resetting the apps multiple times (including deleting the app) and it didn’t do anything still. I reset my phone roughly 4 times and the app was still not showing anything. My iphone is already updated with the IOS 12 and wasn’t a problem before until now. **Please help with the problem...I need to see when I have assignments and when they are due.**
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4 years ago, my name is millenia
It’s pretty cool
I like how I can talk to other students and it even shows me my assignments linked to blackboard which is awesome. It’s really good for cheap textbooks too that are usually expensive. If u need a quick buck, it’s good for advertisements about stuff u need to sell too.
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5 years ago, an1plum
App with bad system
It’s a good idea for an app to have almost everything you need in one app, but the organization of this one is just not good. You will get 100 and more notifications to click through but the app is not smooth at all, and you have to sign in constantly. The app would improve if you just had to log in once on the device like gmail. The calendar syncing feature is cool though.
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5 years ago, sylviaga
Nothing works excepts notifications
The app worked well enough (it wasn’t great but it at least worked) at the start of the fall semester last year but once the big new updates started happening the app has become completely useless except to let me know of all the hundreds of notifications I have but cannot check. I’ve tried resetting the app and all that but now instead of an error message when I click on anything I get a red block that just says [[null]]... can’t even login now.
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8 months ago, Maiden4me
Good app that could be great
A lot of information and alerts this app has but lacks importan information that a new user or student needs like college acceptance, recommended courses based on your major or even simple next steps needed depending on your application status. Like I said all the resources are there but just need to refocus them.
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4 years ago, yupyupjen
Way Better
This app is sooooo much better than the last one! Thank you for the updated version. It’s way more user friendly and information gets update to the most current!
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2 years ago, waki112760
UTSA Mobile
It’s a great app very user friendly also it has a great screen view of showing all courses and enabled responses for homework and upcoming course work.
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5 years ago, Kaleid0scxpe
Keep me Signed In
Its annoying to have to sign back in every time ive left the app. And if its an issue with security then why not utilize the phones built in lock systems like face id or touch id etc etc If i HAVE to be signed out every time id at least like the option to sign back in with something other than my 15+ character password
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4 years ago, Cocopuff90
Love it
Love the update and new chat and posting features allowing me to communicate with fellow students, see everything In my student account, and see events on campus coming up
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5 years ago, Robert Stunner
Internet based classes
Makes things so much easier, im able to sync all the due dates and manage everything better
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3 years ago, psoren423
Great App, But it’s Diminished by the Social Section.
This app provides a lot of resources but those resources are dwarfed by Facebook styled social disorder network it uses. Constant alert and posts that relate to the emotional fragility of what’s considered an adult now. Honestly I would spend more time exploring this app if it wasn’t dwarfed by the shadow of so many obnoxious posts.
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3 years ago, 123Hawk321
Quick easy access
Love to have the easy access to all the information I need!
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5 years ago, Benchwarmers 33
UTSA App one of best campus apps
Also one of best apps of any kind. Especially helpful is being able to set up home screen in order of pages used most often.
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3 months ago, Em7790
There are some stuff that I wish was on there like upcoming events and other things so it would be everything on one app. Maybe one day
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2 years ago, Star92!
I am nee to utsa, and this app is a life saver! Helps me find my class rooms but also keep me up to date with my class schedule and time
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1 year ago, MARTINvosu24
Very useful
As a freshman student this app has helped me to have info about my classes in hand whenever I need it
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4 years ago, The Cooooolest
Calendar link
Before the new update for worst, we were able to link or course calendar to our iPhone ios calendar which I think was the best aspect of the app in the first place. Now with the new update there is no where to do that ! Can you guys please update the app where we can link our course calendar to our own iOS calendar .. cut me a break
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4 years ago, akshfjsjs
Much improved, like it now
Major updates and new features that are useful
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4 years ago, kdsndrs
loving the new interface fr
this major update y’all rolled out is SO much better than the previous version, lot smoother.
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3 years ago, Bonrad Binos
Scrolling be like
The app is pretty good, where are you got a scroll down to find a lot other things that you want like rowdy link
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4 years ago, ME_Espinoza
Calendar sync?
I like the new and improved app but unfortunately I am unable to add my class schedule to my normal personal apple calendar. If y’all can please add that feature back please.
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5 years ago, Albireo-25
Logging out constantly
Usually works great but it's logging me back out the second I log in today and I can't look at anything anymore. I refreshed the app with no luck too.
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2 years ago, sir. Tibbs
Easy to use
I love the ability to connect with the UTSA community and see what’s going on at campus
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5 years ago, Angela13g
Stuck in a loop
I lot into the app and immediately afterwards it says “you have been logged out please log back in” and it keeps doing the same thing! This isnt the first time although the first time it fixed itself after a few days. Please fix this! Ive made sure to keep up with the updates for this app.
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4 years ago, UTSAkid
A few problems overall, but, a pretty good app.
There are just a few annoying details like the app logging you out randomly, your profile not syncing immediately.
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4 years ago, Cyn Sudo
They removed the one useful feature
Literally the only feature anyone I know used the calendar import was removed. They’ve also added an annoying bug that spams you with your fasfa amounts every day sometimes multiple times a day.
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6 years ago, la llororna
UTSA App review
Like the idea of having the resource of a school app where I can get class info immediately. However the app seems congested and the feed needs a different background to make the messages stand out.
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2 years ago, Roy - Beaumont
Easy user interface
Super easy to use
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4 years ago, Pinkmoonviolin
Absolutely love the app, but could we possibly get a widget option? So we can see our schedule, or maybe customize what we want? Thank you! :)
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4 years ago, Cecyr16
best school, glad i can communicate with others that go here and meet new people
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4 years ago, kerenb...
Great use for college
Love the app gives me a little bit of more help and assurance for what I am looking for.
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4 years ago, Edfromep
It’s way better than before but the notifs might get necio we will see
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4 years ago, MooMooMe123456789
Super fun
I really like the UTSA app. It reminds me of my neighborhood facebook page and it’s also a really great way for students to get to know one another
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2 years ago, Wyllyum
Great App!
Everything you need, all in one place! 🧡💙🧡💙
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3 years ago, KurikaraChan
This app has gone very downhill
Bring back the feature that used to let us post and ask each other questions. Without that, the app is practically useless.
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5 years ago, drakeomg
This app is all over the place. You will always have notifications from the app, it is impossible to get rid of them. It’s extremely slow 70% of the time. Should take a note from the canvas app and duplicate that because this is a disaster.
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4 years ago, Reaven007
This is a great app for students
This has really helped me out during the semester! It's a great app for all UTSA students
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3 years ago, Mart4050
Utsa mobile app
It works perfectly!!!!!!!!
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6 years ago, RisingPhoenix12
This app does not accurately reflect Blackboard. Most of the time it doesn’t shows grades or announcements. Maybe we could use the College of Business students to make this app better?
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5 years ago, Zindy88
Never works...
I like the idea of this app however, the app never works. Soon as I log in the app immediately logs me out. UTSA consistently is having technical issues. If it’s not their app it’s their website. C’mon UTSA lets get it together.
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5 years ago, jesscgonza
Used to be great
Used to be great but this semester, sp 19, it stopped working and crashes every time you log in. It signs you out before it even takes you to the homepage. Not sure what happened to it, it used to work with no issues.
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8 months ago, 🦄Les🦄
pretty decent
quick & accessible if you want to check something
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2 years ago, In the Dsrk
Great App. Only issue may be with online tech support regarding login issues.
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4 years ago, -055Loraine
Love this app. Helps me keep track of my classes
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4 years ago, James Gandolfini
Hot Garbage
App never shows my course schedule, holds, or anything else of value for that matter. Never saves login information. Well below average on updates and notifications. Absolute trash.
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