4.6 (629)
65.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cedar Fair
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Valleyfair

4.57 out of 5
629 Ratings
2 months ago, Copper1234
Ok app but not great
Has a map of all things you need to spend money for. But try searching for bottle filling. Water fountain. Nothing shows up. Searched for Gatorade and nothing. Felt they could have did a not found but we have Powerade. Bathrooms do show up and it shows you where you are. So it’s just a picky complaint. Or a suggestion to improve.
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2 years ago, Firegod381
Decent app
The app is nice. Being able to see the wait on a ride is nice. Directions don’t really work for a direct route it for some reason wanted me to walk through the water park every time I walked by it. A few things that could be added, meal plans. Have it show you what options are available at each place that offers food for it. And I don’t know about others but I go with my family, having the ability to see where the kids are on the app would be nice.
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2 months ago, Good luck 1115
This app is amazing! It shows you how long it takes to get in line to get on a ride. It’s pretty amazing!
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2 months ago, Fortnitedude6969
Valley fair
It is very sigma and helpful
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2 months ago, HotRussian2486
Sexy app very awesome recommend 🥵🙂‍↕️😂😘
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6 years ago, Russolson50
I give this only one star
The reason why I give your app one star like the app but it needs to be updated and your food to be honest with you does not taste good I am a season pass holder every year I come and eat I have problems with fries not being done anything your hamburgers taste like cardboard the only thing that taste good is your pizza that’s it and please go back to Pepsi I do not like Diet Coke I do not like Coke products I like Pepsi products PS another thing that I would like to add his route 76 you might want to re-think about the lighting the lighting it’s too late and it makes me feel like I am in a circus I do not like Circus Circus I will not go in that part of the park it’s too well that I understand you’re tightening security but you’re going to far with the lighting in route 76 take it from I know about lighting just wanted to point out a few things for you future reference thank you
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2 years ago, Kelshot
Don’t bother
In theory, the benefit of this app for the user is being able to tell where the lines are short and where the lines are long. In actuality, you’re allowing them to track your location but the functionality doesn’t actually work. All of the ride lines either said 5 min wait or just gave me the open/closed status, yet the majority of lines for us were anywhere from 20-60 minutes. Lines are no problem, I just wish the app actually set that expectation. Would also like if the restaurant menus were on the app with the food and ordering ahead for pickup would be a sweet future state. They start making food when you’re 2 min away or something.
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10 years ago, Hola hoops
This app is helpful if you want to see how tall u have to be or how scary it is and u can see what kind of food and entertainment they have there. I wish this app had front seat videos so I can see more of how the roller coasters are.
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5 years ago, Liaaaaaaaaaaam
Wait times are WAY off
I got this app while in line to go on the North Star, once it downloaded we checked it, hoping to see how much longer it would take, but there was nothing there. Then we walked to the Wild Thing, that one said 10 minutes and it was just updated, we were confused since there was a huge line, 10 minutes later we were still in line. We ended up waiting in that line for over an hour. Now, if it were 10 or 20 minutes off, we wouldn’t have cared but it said it was 10 minutes when we waited over an hour, what a joke, don’t get this app.
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12 years ago, iPastor
Good Information, but Some Goofs
The app has lots of awesome information about the rides and dining. Though the information on some ride pages is repeated, both in the header paragraph, and in the bullets (Renegade, to be specific, though there were others). There were also lots of little grammar errors. "Its" is possessive, "It's" means "it is". The map feature is a bit off. Even the screenshot on the app's page here pins the Corkscrew where there's actually a bathroom.
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3 years ago, K:96
Reservation system needs improvement
I hope needing reservations will be a thing of the past soon. Currently the system in place to get reservations is awful for season pass holders. Each time you want to make a reservation you have to enter the season pass ticket number (20 digits) for each pass. The passes are already linked to my account, why do I have to enter them again? Just let me choose which ones of the passes I want to make a reservation for.
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12 years ago, DTO in EP
Needs work
Tried app out today. First off it takes a while to load. Second, I received intermittent connection errors with the Valleyfair server. Third, it would only occasionally place my position on the map and never placed anyone else from my family on the map. My family had the same issues. However, it would correctly locate the rides and dining near us. It's a nice idea, but needs some work.
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1 year ago, Mrquest07
An app for all who come to Valleyfair!
Hi cedar fair! I love Valleyfair! My sister is already pumped for her first time on Renegade and wild thing! You see, i’m going the 26th of may 2023! My favorite ride is Excalibur.I love the pizza also! P.S great for the park’s visitors that come often, Like me!🎢😱😆👏🏻
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12 years ago, Jay rox 13
More of a nuisance
This app SEEMS like a great idea but it takes aping time to load and kept saying my friends were in the parking lot when they were actually right next to me. It does work to show you where YOU are though. Some of the info is nice to have like the dining info and such. But overall, it didn't work as well as I'd hoped and we ended up not using it really at all.
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11 years ago, speedysk1
Map is useful but needs work
The find friends feature didn't work. And the update still had Antique Autos when I looked near me for attractions. The navigation within the app is also confusing. This app is nice for having a map but didn't find any other benefit. Needs some polish and updates and this could be a very nice app for all visitors and season pass holders.
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9 years ago, Orangewolf11
New and improved
The new and improved app works so much better than the old one, but the down side is that the show calendar doesn't show anything for special events/live shows, but the website does... Fix this please and it'll be a great app. :)
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11 years ago, Up north, dare!
Neat idea
But falls a bit flat. It would be nice to have somewhere...anywhere which listed daily operating hours for the park. I found out it's quicker just to Google it. I love the friend finder idea, but it wouldn't work every time I tried it. App would be so cool with a little more thought and effort into design.
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1 year ago, I love Valley fair
Why I love valley fair
I love valley fair because the rides are super fun it is fun for all ages I come here almost everyday and it’s so fun and the workers are super nice and it’s fun to come with friends and family
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2 years ago, ZeldaLove☆
Friend finder??
Honestly the app was really good, and it still is the updates are pretty amazing. I just wanna know what happened to friendfinder? When in a big group of people and friends splitting off it was a lot easier to find than to call them. Now that the friend finder is gone a lot of safety concern.
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3 years ago, Sailorgirl2833
Needs a lot of improvements
Every time I make a reservation I have to fill in the ticket number for each person. Each person is linked to a 20 number ID. The IDs are on the app so why do I have to enter them each time I make a reservation? I also have to fill in my email and address every time I make a reservation.
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6 years ago, Nightmare rantity
This app is very helpful to find your way to the bathrooms, and rides
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3 years ago, fkadriana
It’s a good app give a you a gps around the park and it shows the time normally the time is pretty accurate
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3 years ago, Run fast run far
App needs work
The app needs the following improvements: 1. Need ability to create a reservation without typing in a 20 digit pass number. 2. Need to be able to add reservations into apple wallet.
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5 years ago, ItalyMn17
Ride wait times are NOT at all accurate!!!
I downloaded this in hopes of planning our visit and optimizing our time with using the app wait times for rides. Total joke. The app shows no wait times or max of 5 minutes on a few. We waited over 45 minutes for the Thunder Canyon—they posted no wait. Deleting the app off of my phone. Junk.
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7 years ago, TaterD01
Just what I needed
This app is perfect for anyone who visits ValleyFair. Wether they are frequent season pass visitors or one time only visitor, this app is a must. I especially love the friend finder feature. Five stars.
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10 months ago, Ike4444
Passes keep disappearing
I added this app to have digital versions of our annual pass and drink passes. Was in the park yesterday and all of our passes disappeared no fewer than 5 times requiring us to find our order number and add all the passes again. Super fun when you are trying to just get a drink cup. 🤬
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10 years ago, Code145
I love this app and use it all the time, but with the latest update when I try to see the height requirement it takes me back to the main page and won't let me see that page.
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6 years ago, K-Dog Kevin
BEST Park App
The Valley Fair app is by far the best app of all of the Cedar Fair parks, there really isn’t even a close second. All of the other Cedar Fair parks should to use the same designer!!! They nailed it...mic drop!
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6 years ago, jstvns
Kids love it
My kids always want to get there before opens and stay til closes
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9 years ago, Hehehehevehpskennwwk
These are negative stars
Absolutely the worst app ever, rotates and selects crap u didn't want it to, valley fair is fun... But this app will make it a living hell and ruin your time there, 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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12 years ago, CellaPM12
Awesomest app ever!!!!
WOW!!!like no joke me and my friend got speparated and we found each other with this amazing app is wonderful u should totally get it!!
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8 years ago, Jazzyhhhjhghf
Very helpful
Great way to quick check show times and eight requirements.
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7 years ago, JGarski
Great companion for a season pass holder. Quick access to hours and things.
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8 years ago, Mnstar2012
Love it
This app makes it so quick and easy to check the hours of the park! Love it!
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12 years ago, J-Bird.39
Right idea - AWFUL app performance
Cool ideas and concept to build an app for, but overall performance of app is dreadful. DON'T BOTHER. You can find things via old fashion map in less time it takes to load. A truly interactive app should / would be cool and provide improved customer experience!
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2 years ago, EMQ22
Ride time was completely inaccurate
All the thrill rides indicated a 10 minute wait. In reality, the ride wait times were more like 25-40 minutes. Really frustrating.
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2 years ago, chris3579)4:
Bad wait time accuracy
The map, and gps directions to the rides are pluses but the listed wait times for the rides were incredibly off.
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2 years ago, gufhkisiogogsitwtorwoaratssup
Wait times are not accurate
We wasted so much time relying upon the wait times in this app. One ride said 10 minutes and we waited over 90 minutes. Not sure why this app even exists.
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7 years ago, Craft world 2.0
Great app
Allows you to look at rides before you go to the park
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9 years ago, Anime 117
I thought this app would be great to have to keep up to date with all the things at the park but I can't even use cause it freezes up every time I try to use it. Very frustrating and disappointing!
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5 years ago, Plahnb
Update the times
We had rides closed and rides that show no wait time which were 45 minutes. If the app is suppose to share ride times then it needs to be updated.
Show more
6 years ago, the romero family
Nice app.
App is ok to get basic información about the park. No wait times. No members options.
Show more
2 years ago, Todd Dexheimer
Not accurate
Wait line times are worthless to look at. If wait lines say 10 minutes, plan on it taking 20-30minutes or longer
Show more
8 years ago, Sechack
Needs to reload every time.
Every time you come back to the app, the app needs to reload. Also the map resets to all flags on. Annoying.
Show more
12 years ago, MackStrongo
Friend finder is a great idea but it simply didn't work. It would also be great if they could work in some wait time data but I guess if they can't figure out how to get friend finder working that'd be asking too much.
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3 years ago, GammaRay45
I love this park!
Valley fair is amazing and I can’t get enough
Show more
3 years ago, Mario5422
Wait times nonexistent
All day while I was at the park instead of wait times it showed that all rides were closed. Lol
Show more
12 years ago, Sweetpea Kelly
Not worth it
I could not find a map of the park anywhere in the app, and the schedule for the water park was wrong causing us to stand around for an hour in the heat.
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12 years ago, Highboys
Valley fair is AWESOME!!
If you don't live in MN where valley fair is located you must take a vacation to go there!!!! It rocks rocks rocks!!!!
Show more
11 years ago, brianeallen
Nice try
Good concept for this app... the best feature would by the GPS map, to help find other people in your party. But it doesn't work.
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