Vellum Wallpapers

4.8 (55.9K)
22.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Vellum Wallpapers

4.76 out of 5
55.9K Ratings
5 years ago, Stefano1293
High quality, best of it’s kind
Everything about Vellum (Premium) is very high quality. From the look of the app’s user interface to the very images it beholds. I have yet to find an image, graphic or logo that doesn’t look crisp or is not optimized. The experience is immersive and feels a lot like an OEM product. This is the highest quality wallpaper app I’ve found on the App Store. That being said, the wallpaper inventory is lacking. Sure, we have a good selection of categories to choose from, but at least half of the categories have images that sort of “repeat” themselves and look very similar and it makes them a bit boring. I do understand quality over quantity, but I’d like to enjoy the quality over a wider variety of wallpapers, not over 40 images of the so called “ombré effect”. Overall, this app has great potential, if I didn’t see that I wouldn’t have paid for the premium version. So please keep up the good work and use my criticism to your advantage. Thanks! Update: The variety is much better now, love the new packs. Great job!
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5 years ago, iPAC™
I’m a type of TECHY that is always changing his iPhone, iPad, and iMac wallpapers regularly. So needless to say, I’m always looking for a good source of high quality, artistic wallpapers. Unfortunately I’ve tried many that left me wanting more. That is until I saw the Vellum™ app featured in the AppStore. Immediately I knew this app was to stand apart from the poorly designed, and often too complicated, wallpaper apps I’ve found in the pass. With it’s clean lines, super simpleUI layout, and the loads of high quality images, you are sure to find many options to dress up your iPhone screen. Many times in life, less is more, and that truly rings true with the Vellum™ app. Three simple options, BLUR, SAVE, and PREVIEW, are available within each wallpaper selected, making this app an enjoyable, and quick source for your next background fix. CHECK IT OUT..
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4 years ago, Dcflores1977
It’s way better than I expected!
Being the boring person I am, I started looking for some fire wallpaper apps I could really use. Most of them were trash, some were scammers with horrible grammar, and others just didn’t wow me. I got here thinking this would be another flop of an app, only to be super surprised with the pictures and quality! I love this app so so much. Sure, the selection of photos could be expanded, but hey! Improvement is necessary for almost everything. Love the app! Maybe in the future you guys could add some aesthetic packs with wording on it, like NY Times or Supreme fonts. Take a look at the app Aesthetic. Like those, just higher quality. I really love those kinda wallpapers so if you just took a look or something maybe you guys could? That would be the best thing ever! Keep doing what you’re doing! I love it! :D
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2 years ago, G Kualii
Exceptional wallpaper app
If I had to use one word to describe this app it would be elegant. The UI is very appealing and easy to use unliked other wall paper apps which tend to be covered in ads and and for me are overwhelming and busy with the amount of options. All of vellum’s wall papers have sharp resolution and are nicely curated in collections. One of my favorite things about the app is the preview button which gives you a mock view of of how the wall paper will look on your phone. It’s simple to use but very helpful. Finally, Even though vellum has ads they are not intrusive on the experience, the creators have been very generous with how they are implemented into the app. I decided to to buy the premium experience, to support the creators of this awesome app. 👍 5⭐️’s
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5 years ago, addief94
Incredible!! but no live wallpapers
Incredible! While most wallpaper apps claim to be “free” we all know that once downloaded, they’re spammed w/ ads & all of the good wallpapers are only available for a ridiculous premium price.. Vellum is ACTUALLY FREE! It’s smooth & very easy to use, the ads are tiny at the bottom of the screen, and there are so many beautiful wallpapers to choose from. I also love that vellum actually credits & even showcases the artists & sources behind the beautiful images. I do think, however, for it to be a 5 star app they should offer live wallpapers & extend their content- even if it’s just a premium option, it should definitely be available. Maybe they’re already working on this, but as of now there are none. I also think it’d be great if they added a search tool so users could search for a specific color or type of wallpaper.
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6 years ago, Sean Lichtenstein
Decent App
One of the few good wp apps. A lot of them are loaded with ads and just a general annoying UI. It can be hard to trust an app related to design and digital interfaces when they screw their own UI up (or butcher it for the sake of making more money) I’ve always been a big customized but typically searched and sorted my wallpapers on my own. I was recommended this app and I fell in love with it. Their awesome UI makes he think they are into the same aesthetics as I am, which gives me confidence they will have decent wallpapers, and not crappy “inspirational quotes” like a lot of the stuff you see out there. It’s hard to pay for something I know I can easily do for free (I know a lot of people don’t know how to set and save wallpapers so it makes sense) but the time and ease of use makes paying $2 worth it.
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3 years ago, Tacitus K.
Most wallpaper apps barely scratch the surface of modernization, this app is by far the most up to date. The first thing that stole my attention was the interface. A sleek, clean and uncluttered style, with minimal and very refined movements. Secondly where the wallpapers themselves. Crisp, clear, and stylistic, with perfect explanations. Thirdly, the advertising. I adore the fact that the Ad’s are unobtrusive and do not interfere with your viewing, I feel as if I had already payed for the “Pro” version, when in fact I had installed the application 10 minutes ago! Very well done Application. I do wish most developers would apply this much attention to their own applications, but alas, beggars can’t be choosers. -Tacitus
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6 years ago, LGJCPA
Great product even in its free state. Vibrant art and design, categorized by artist. Easy to view, choose, save, change, etc. the ad free version is only $1.99 one time purchase fee. I tried five other products (all rated 4.7-4.9) and deleted all within a few minutes of testing. All had good art, but in their free form all made it incredibly difficult to test the product; all pushed very, very hard to sell relatively high priced subscriptions...I mean it’s not like there’s no free to cheap wallpaper apps available; and all continuously, incessantly pushed games to sell, as if their only customer audience for wallpaper app were kids and gamers. I love this app and am fixing to buy the premium, ad free version for $1.99, one time payment.
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6 years ago, bgibson72
Excellent Quality Walls! A++
I’ve used Vellum in the past and was impressed with the variety of styles and the quality of the artwork. There’s an excellent selection of photography and graphic illustration—something for everyone. The wallpapers fit right at home on an Apple device! This is definitely not your run-of-the-mill wallpaper app with the same set of walls curated from the internet that you’ve seen thousands of times before. In earlier versions, I didn’t notice the blur tool along with a proper lock- and homescreen emulator so you can see what your walls look like “live.” Very well done, devs! And at $1.99 for Premium access, it’s a no-brainer! Thanks for providing this app, it should an Editor’s Choice app on the App Store!
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2 years ago, ?!?!@-&
The True Best?
I can’t remember the last time I could actually be bothered to write a review, but you guys deserve it. As the saying goes it really is the little things that count; Vellum has by far, one of the most well thought out setups out of any wallpaper app. Everything from the font to the interface to even the organization of the photos is so beautifully set that no other wp app I’ve used can even begin to compare. The ability to get a real-time display of a wallpaper’s look on your phone allows for a quick and easy decision making process, and the variety of wallpapers available ensures you’ll find what you want.
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4 years ago, luu1uu
The ONLY wallpaper app you’ll need
High quality and visually stunning backgrounds and wallpapers for use. Hard to believe it’s free. The ad-free version is only a few bucks, which is extremely reasonable. Glad to see they offer space photos from NASA, Google earth and European space agency and they also credit and introduce other artists as well. I also like the recrystallize pack, though I’m hoping and expecting to see other seasonal packs as the year goes on? I’d also love to see them release live wallpapers and/or maybe wallpapers that transition from day to night and I agree w one of the reviewers — a search function would be nice! The app is clean and not messy (unlike other apps), visually aesthetic, and doesn’t bog down with incessant and intrusive ads.
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5 years ago, Adventures in odyssey fan
Best wallpaper app
I cannot day enough good things about this app. The wallpapers are top notch and always look amazing. I have not found a single one that looks bad (whereas with most apps, the majority are terrible). I also love that you don’t bombard me with 3rd party ads. The only pop up I get is the one that suggests that I upgrade. And with this app, I’m seriously considering the upgrade. It’s not a subscription which is amazing and their business practices (of respecting the user rather than just using them for money) gives me true respect for the app. The creator(s) behind this clearly have actual passion for developing and have made an amazing worthwhile product. Definitely an essential download for any Apple user.
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6 years ago, TheMiltonCrespo
I came across this app while looking for a wallpaper for my iPhone X. I immediately downloaded it with not very high expectations but this app is something. Of course there are ads but not as much to the point where the app is basically unusable which I like. It doesn’t flood you with ads every time you click something. Then all of the high quality wallpapers available. Something I truly love about this app is that it allows you to view how the photo would look on your lock screen/home screen without having to download them. Speaking of downloading wallpapers, this app makes it super easy to save wallpapers. Simply a push of a button. Just all around great app!
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4 years ago, llawt12
One of my favorite apps hands down!
Hi! This is probably my absolute favorite wallpaper app out there! I have been using it since (at least) Fall of 2016 (if I’m recalling correctly) but I have had it for a long time, only recently did I finally make the decision to purchase the premium decision ever! Still loving all the wallpapers! And I really love that I don’t have to keep an alarm in my calendar to grab the “daily wallpaper” for the day before it disappears hahaha! Totally worth getting and I feel that the wallpapers are very good quality! Obviously everyone has their own opinion. But I really do love this app and am so happy I finally took the plunge and just bought the premium!
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5 years ago, Meteorologist44
Simply Fantastic
Just a great app. Has a wallpaper to suit anyone’s fancies, the daily wallpaper and limited packs are great features. User interface is excellent, it’s easy to see and select different packs. You can even try the wallpaper with your home and lock screens. It’s also really easy to put the wallpaper on your phone, just save it to photos with one button and then go change it and you’re done. Yes there are ads, but they are usually unobtrusive and infrequent. Other wallpaper apps are terrible compared to this, with an ad every time you click to a new screen and 4 free wallpapers to choose from. This is a great app guys, would highly recommend.
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4 years ago, Kiki M.G.
Awesome wallpapers
Vellum is a great wallpaper app. The curated collections are fantastic and high quality. I purchased the add-free upgrade and I’m glad I did. I do have two suggestions: 1. A way to “bookmark” wallpapers for future use on the app, so I don’t have to download them to my phone and take up space. It would be great if the bookmarked wallpapers would be available forever and didn’t disappear. 2. More timely updates: The Yuletide update, for example, came out just a week or two before Christmas and I would have loved to start using those wallpapers well before that. I was disappointed to only use them for a few weeks.
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6 years ago, Hazim Brown
Nicely done!
Even though this is only the second day I’ve had this app, it’s selection is quite above standard. The inventory caught me by surprise when I saw all the different wallpapers, some I’ve never seen before. The quality of them, I guess, adapts to your iPhone’s screen specifications (I have the iPhone SE, and I say the wallpapers look unusually good, considering the fact some wallpaper apps have some type of “gradients” that I think aren’t intended, thus making the quality of them suffer). I will buy the “no ads” extra, just because I feel that this app has potential for better, unique wallpapers for everyone.
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7 years ago, DannyMcNamara
Incredibly Surprised
Honestly, I don’t remember where I heard about this app but it’s been saved in my phone for over a year and I use it often. I feel like ever since I had an iPod Touch like a decade ago I have downloaded apps for wallpapers. They would always come flooding with ads, spam notifications, and even watermarks on the image. Not this app! It’s pretty much perfect from what I can tell...? I can’t remember the last time I used a background image that wasn’t from this great app. Not saying they dont have ads but for a free app, it’s so minimal. You can definitely tell they don’t want to have ads there but I’m stoked they are— just in case the ads are paying some persons rent so they can do more stuff like this. Oh and for the developers, there’s a duplicate image in the “according to bee” section that links you to a separate image. Just thought I’d let you know. (Edit: same thing with the Recrystallized section) Awesome app. Great work. Cool stuff. High fives all around. Let’s go get a beer now.
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2 years ago, Jack Tingey
It’s hard to perfect something so simple, but they did just that
It’s hard to are something as simple as a wallpaper app good, but they accomplished just that. This app is amazing for what it does. I didn’t expect much from this app, as it was just casually recommended to me by a friend. But I was blown away by the amount of features this app offers in choosing/customizing your wallpaper. It’s super easy to use. It offers a wide variety of high quality wallpapers for you to choose from. I’d definitely recommend anyone take a look at some of them.
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3 years ago, BlackShredGold
High quality wallpaper selection!
I love this app and use it multiple times a month to find and save amazing wallpapers. I also want to thank the devs for choosing a one-time premium charge to unlock an ad-free experience with extra features as opposed to choosing a subscription model. I’ve paid for premium and love browsing the last month’s daily wallpapers. If I were to improve one thing, it would just be more frequently updated wallpaper sets outside of the daily collection. Otherwise, five stars!
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6 years ago, Carpe_Nocte
Clearly Vellum takes pride in what they do and they have showcased an awesome and eclectic mix of present day artist from all over the map- several mediums and styles all with one thing in common... a real love n appreciation for art and a keen eye for the art that is everywhere in the world around us, above us, or right under our noses literally here in our hands. Keep up the good work and continue to take pride in it too; this is what separates the good from the great- especially in a time when the app stores are saturated with mediocre and mundane. Thanks doing your part to keep art alive and fresh. Respect- wyatt@Switch_Kraft
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6 years ago, Carmelita Layne
Great App!
I don’t review apps very often, but after hours and hours of searching through the “free HD” wallpaper apps in the Play Store & being disappointed by all of them, I finally found Vellum. This is now the ONLY app I use when it comes to customization. It’s easy to use, has minimal ads, & although there is an option to pay for “full access” they actually have a large section of free HD graphics that are all high quality, beautiful, unique & unlike the other wallpaper apps what they offer isn’t repetitive or copied from the other apps in the store.
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8 months ago, JM Soul
Where is the Autumn Pack of wallpapers??
(October 2023): You guys are usually on top of it. But it’s been Fall 2023 for a few weeks now. When are you guys planning on releasing the Fall pack of wallpapers? For what is offered, this app has amazing picture options for iPhone. But, I took off 2 stars per each missing feature not incorporated into the app. This would be, hands down, the best wallpaper app option on the App Store if you kept up with the iOS 13 Dark Mode option, and earlier iOS versions for ‘Live Wallpaper.’ Other than that, great app design and overall organization.
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5 years ago, kevingarywilkes
The Best
This is the best wallpaper app for iOS, period. The images are high-quality, professional pieces of art—not cute cats or patterns of ice cream cones. The app, organized by artists, is updated with new images regularly, and I often find it difficult to choose which ones I do not like. My only criticism is my favorite feature, which is that the images themselves are quite similar in mood: abstract and brooding, most of the images are analog and digital textures, not photos. However, I love the selection and was happy to pay to keep this developer in business.
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4 years ago, DEBORAHABEE
Not pleased
Impacted to the only other two apps I use, this one is overrated by the developer. I’m sure that the quantity and diversity was good at first, but people get the rating and get relaxed as well as cheap. Free yes. Premium doesn’t give any more than free. The selections and volume are minimal. Twice I gave this wallpaper app a good go around. 5 minutes in deleted. Same art as was several months ago. Peeps reed all review not just the average . The adds are not annoying. The app is solid in it mechanics but jelly fish must be this developer favorite fish. I am an Apple iPhone owner of 20 years. I am not a bot. I give thoughtful effort to all apps without bias. Just not liking the same thing over and over. Regards.
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6 years ago, Alamahandro
I love this app, and even with this complaint/user experience still is a 5 star app. The app isn’t compatible with the xs max but I’m sure they are working on it, if they could then that would make it even more user friendly. When I’m previewing the image, it shows it as it’s fitting the max but when I download it it resizes so if the devs. could fix this then that would be perfect y’all still out do the app with the subscriptions cause I would rather pay a flat fee than a monthly/yearly subscription. And I did pay for it 😁. Thanks for marking it free.
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2 years ago, kotyy
Supporting a fantastic app that I don’t often use
I don’t often use this app, but when I do it’s always a fantastic experience. There’s no fuss when exploring the wallpapers available, no issue saving them, and they’re all gorgeous. I also paid for premium solely because this app doesn’t try to grift a subscription out of you, and I respect them so much for that choice. 100% a fantastic app that you should download and explore, and, if you like it, give the developers $2 for premium.
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5 years ago, jpvaughn
Legit wallpaper app
There have always been a number of wallpaper apps out there that drown you in ads or are otherwise extremely sketchy. Vellum is NOT one of those apps. Vellum has some of the highest quality and artistic wallpapers that I’ve seen for my iPhone X. It’s easy to use and easy to save the wallpaper to your phone. It is the first wallpaper app that I’ve ever paid for. I didn’t pay for it to unlock any amazing content or to stop a crazy amount of ads, I paid because I wanted to reward the developers for a job well done. Nice work!
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3 years ago, HyacinthDuski
100% best wallpaper app
This is going to sound commercialized but .. I have tried so many wallpaper apps and I’ll get excited and download them they will come out grainy blurry and low quality but every imagine from Vellum is CRISP. I mean REAL CRISPY. I was so happy to find this app that I just paid the 3.99 for no commercials that I don’t even care about lol. Y’all deserve a reward for this miracle. And.. and it’s free?🥺🖤 Thankyou. I love that you guys tell us where every album came from.. who did it etc.. awesome job! 10/10
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5 years ago, Anasarca5
Pretty photo art, app confusing
I like the photos. I find the app confusing to use. I can’t seem to find instructions on how to use it. This makes it less appealing because it feels like I’m looking at art gallery photos. (That look, but don’t touch experience). It’s not as interactive as I thought. I can’t zoom in to get a closer view. While there are icons for putting a picture on the home or lock screen, these seem like just a preview feature....I think apps that rely on intuitive application of their product, can lose customers. Who wants to be frustrated using a product?
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4 months ago, Briannn503
The Best Wallpaper App
This is without a doubt the best application for iPhone wallpapers. It’s easy, free and high quality. Everything from the UI to the image quality is wonderful. I have tried basically every other wallpaper app on the app store and they’re terrible. They’re all filled to the brim with intrusive, pop-up advertisements that end up making them unusable. To the developers of Vellum, keep doing a great job. I hope you guys don’t lose sight of this gem you’ve created.
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6 years ago, Note needed
In awe
This app is absolutely incredible! There is so much to access, even with the free version! The wallpapers in this app are absolutely beautiful. I haven’t been able to find/make anything like this on my own. I was skeptical when I downloaded it, thinking I would probably delete it quickly. Boy was I wrong! One thing that I feel would make this app a little better - captions for the photos of places. I would love to know where some of these photos have been taken so I can find similar ones of cool places.
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5 years ago, Breeeeeeezy
Top tier
I’ve never written a review for an app but the only reason I’m writing this one is because this app is literally god. It’s got suuuuch pretty wallpapers, I use it for my iPhone 6s when I just want a change. The photos are high quality, it has a preview feature, there are TONS of different pictures and it’s STILL FREE! I haven’t purchased the premium features but I do just fine with the free version. If you’re looking for an app that gives you infesting, eye catching, FREE wallpapers then stop looking because this is it chief.
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6 years ago, BrusierBrigade
High quality choices with one flaw
I really love the selection and like artists being able to have their works featured but this app doesn’t get updated nearly enough for it to be the best option for someone who likes to change their wallpaper every few days. We got a Fall pack a few days ago but the last one before that was a month ago and the one after that was FOUR months ago. You do have the daily picture but honestly those are very hit-or-miss quality wise. If it was more consistent this would easily be 5 stars.
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4 years ago, Random12309846846
Love the app, but disappointed by compression artifacts in some backgrounds.
I like the app and it has many beautiful backgrounds. One thing I find frustrating is that some (not all) of the backgrounds that would otherwise be perfect have visible compression/JPEG artifacts such as banding. This is kind of frustrating because details matter when you’re gonna be seeing your background dozens of times each day. To the developer — consider asking artists to export as PNG or as JPEG with highest quality. Overall, love the app, and I’ve found a great new lock screen photo!
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2 years ago, Deck of Card
High quality, best of its kind.
This app is exceptional. The wallpapers are sophisticated, elegant, and just beautiful. The wallpapers have high quality pictures and they fit perfectly for my phone. However the Vellum premium keeps popping up and I don’t want to buy it, but it just keeps popping up so can you please fix this because I don’t want it but I highly recommend to anyone looking for something beautiful and elegant.
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6 years ago, Geekgurl36
Chill on the ads & review request so we can USE this
I downloaded this app after seeing it on the App Store Today article but couldn’t even begin to use it! As soon as I opened it I was met with a “rate and review us” prompt. Seriously? Then I was blasted with that annoying as hell game pop up that is hard as hell to close. I finally gave up and just deleted the app. I am actually a mobile app tester so I see a lot of different configurations for ads every day and I am very aware of the options companies have when setting things like this up. If you want people to actually USE your product, I highly suggest chilling on both the request to rate and the ads. Give people time to use your product first. Jeez Louise.
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5 years ago, D. Hill
Vellum Wallpaper
Vellum is a distinctive wallpaper application that allows users to easily set high quality background templates for their iOS devices. The selection is adequate even for the free version where one can view packs from designers, design abstracts, Earth and much more. When selecting on an image users can save it to their photo library or preview how it would look when set as the wallpaper. The app even has a daily wallpaper function where one can be set each day. For those who appreciate wallpapers Vellum is well worth a download.
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9 months ago, -David M-
Excellent App!
I’ve had this app for years now and have gotten a lot of my wallpapers through it. They have a good variety and change it out consistently. The ads are minimal and the app functions 100% without having to pay. You can get rid of the ads permanently with a one time $3 payment (instead of a subscription like a lot of the other wallpaper apps). 10/10 would recommend!
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4 years ago, 144245335634
Wallpaper Suggestion
First, I use this app every day and adding the daily wallpaper is part of my morning routine. As a suggestion, could we get a wallpaper that is a collage of popular wallpapers in the same style/format as the Daily Archive photo? I love the Daily Archive collage format and look and believe it would add something very unique. Maybe make it a monthly or seasonal thing? Every said time period we would get a new collage of that time period’s most popular wallpapers.
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5 years ago, FoolNutbag
This could be great, but...
Don’t get me wrong, the app is good. Images are stunning and the resolution is amazing. The daily wallpaper is pretty cool too. However, the lack of content is getting old. The same collections over and over again. I’ve deleted and redownloaded at least 4 times over the last 6 months hoping for new wallpaper collections. None to be found. If they would step up and give some new content, this would be a 5-star app.
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2 years ago, pawsymic
The ONLY wallpaper app for iOS
Honestly every other wallpaper app is a scam with horrible artwork. They all look ok before you install but then you have to subscribe and get robbed for any good wallpapers. This is the only one that doesn’t charge an absurd amount and has great updates with new galleries every month or so. $3.99 (if you want) to remove ads. It’s worth it to support good developers that make good apps. Only wallpaper app I use.
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5 years ago, LostGirlJess
Great app
I really enjoy this app. I paid for the extra things, but I feel that there should be more updates to the other areas. I also think there could be something that allows users to know there was a new wallpaper released in different categories could help users know or become aware. Overall, the wallpapers are amazing, and there’s a lot of different ones to choose from. Easily one of my favorite wallpaper apps.
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6 years ago, Axium303
Best wallpaper app out there
I’ve tried dozens of “free” wallpaper apps. They all have such intrusive ads that they got uninstalled within hours. Not this one though! The free app is great but I ended up paying the $2 to get the premium one. Great user interface, amazing inventory of images to fit whatever mood you’re in, and best of all the ad free version is a steal. Highly recommend if you want quality images without the awful intrusiveness of many other apps.
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6 years ago, Olutunu
Makes my iPhone look much elegant & premium!
I was using this app so much I just went ahead and paid for it. Those ads were just getting on my nerves LOL! For a $1.99 to get rid ads especially as much as I toy around with the app. The great thing is that they as pics ( if I’m not mistaken ). If you try this app always make sure to try the blur feature on the lock screen. I’m not going to tell you what it does... you’ll just have to try it and see!
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5 years ago, Awsome1223456708
Better than expected
Most background apps just haven’t worked out for me for one reason or another. This app however, has been outstanding. The app is easy to use and has beautiful images. I did not pay a penny for anything and so far it is working out wonderfully. I will say though that some of the images quality could be better. Also it asks if you would like to rate it a tad bit to often. All in all though it is outstanding. Good job to the developers!
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6 years ago, Tony Zapata
My absolute favorite wallpaper app
I have a different taste and can never find enough wallpapers that fit my mood or satisfies my creative brain, until I saw this app. I'm not even sure how I got this app to be honest. I even paid for premium to support this app. Please never go away, I would literally cry. If this app ever goes away can y'all please email me to let me know if y'all will make a new one? Every wallpaper y'all have is just so perfect for me. I love you.
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1 year ago, Bohnjennett
It’s been a great app to have for years now. It just needs a bit of updating to better reflect the aesthetics of iOS 16. The app itself is super smooth and I haven’t encountered bugs or glitches in quite a long time. The preview option for the wallpapers reflects the old iOS and has no option to see how it would look in dark mode on the Lock Screen. Aside from that it’s a great source for unique and visually appealing wallpapers.
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5 years ago, cool.nathan
Not bad
I've found some real gems through this app. Definitely worth a download. However, I just paid to remove ads and I'm noticing that the "new" daily wallpapers now seem to be ones I've already seen. I just checked my wallpapers folder and as it turns out, I saved today's photo on this date a year ago. I'll keep the app in the hope of new collections, but I used to check every day and it's disappointing to learn that there's only a year's worth of daily wallpapers.
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6 years ago, Kashton1616
Great wallpapers
This app really does have some really good looking wallpapers and the best part is they they all are optimized for the iPhone 10 which by the way is the best made iPhone to date. I’m still totally blown away by this phone. Wallpapers look really killer on it with the new oled screen someone abstract with a lot of colors. Check this app out if you are riding the fence about it. You’ll most definitely find several on here you like.
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