Vermont Public

4.3 (143)
26.9 MB
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Current version
Vermont Public Radio
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Vermont Public

4.27 out of 5
143 Ratings
3 years ago, soulecandy
Works great for me
Love the content and have very few issues with the app. Listen to classical, stories on demand and live news. Need to restart it at times after it won’t play, but that’s infrequent.
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2 years ago, mrooneyvt
App is almost unusable, stops too often
Unfortunately, the latest release of this app is, if anything, worse for rural users than previous versions.. The app’s Home Screen has so many dense graphics on it that it takes too long to load. Even worse, the app will not play the stream until all the graphics finish loading. The app should be designed to work in Vermont where cellular and WiFi signals vary greatly in strength and availability. It should take the user’s bandwidth into account when it loads screens and keep track of when it has played the introductory sponsor list so it does not play them every few minutes as it switches bandwidth sources. Too bad the app was not developed by one of the many Vermont based mobile developers who know about Vermont’s internet connection issues. Another big failure in this app is when it loses whatever signal it is using, it gives up and requires the user to hit the play button again. The right way to implement the app is to have it retry until it gets reconnected again. Test the app everywhere it is going to be used instead of in a development lab with high speed Internet.
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2 years ago, Loo Plunger
Works very well now
The bugs have been worked out over the last year or two, the app runs flawlessly now. The FM radio broadcast of VPR is spotty in our location, and streaming on archaic DSL was unreliable. High speed EC fiber and a new cell tower are welcome arrivals in our area of rural Central Vermont! Streaming VPR has now released us from playing ripped or downloaded music from a hard drive. Wish there was more bluegrass and folk and other genres included in the program of the VPR Replay stream, and more vocal music on VPR Classical.
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3 years ago, Sue in VT
All good
I love to stay connected through VPR. My stereo antennae leaves a lot to be desired so I often switch from stereo to streaming device. I usually just listen live, but have been able to access programs that I missed. I do sometimes stick my phone in my pocket and do my field work with VPR streaming. The only way I lose the stream is when I use my phone as a phone.
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5 months ago, joeyc923
Easy to use
Open the app and just hit the play button, no fuss it just works. Plus you can pause for a couple minutes and come back without having to listen to the initial add again which is really nice.
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1 year ago, The Sante Fe Man
I just love this App, Vermont Public!
I’ve not had any issues with this App, But being connected to VPR is so important to and how I start and with the dimming of the day! Sign up and if you can contribute to VPR , the kind folks here in the Green Hills need your contribution! You will be so glad you did‼️
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4 years ago, Peartree4
Use it every day
Works for me. I listen every day at least once. They’ve ironed out a couple of issues getting back to the live stream after listening to a story on demand. It used to keep playing on the phone after I turned off the BT speaker. Minor issue.
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2 years ago, Ctworkingmom
Bring a little Vermont with you
While in Vermont, we fell in love with the local NPR station, and listen to it all day. I was so pleased to find the app so I can bring this awesome station with me wherever I go! I’ve not had any issues with the app’s performance, works great for me.
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2 years ago, Prometheusjr
Top of the mountain quality
Vermont Public (love the new name by the way) always comes through with great content and this app showcases it in a straight-forward and easy to navigate way. What else to expect from Vermont Public?
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3 years ago, Veggie_vehicle
It collapses to often
Use the app at least five days per week. I have to restart the app every time after answering the phone. Or when going out of reach of WiFi and headset. Each time I have to restart the app. Can you people fix that please. WBUR app developers and others have figured it out…
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8 months ago, Newwaze
Performance comparable to other NPR apps
I quickly located the app for the local NPR radio when I arrived in VT. This app is on par with the WUNC app I am most familiar with. I would recommend this app to folks, here, who want reasonably reliable performance and quality. George McGregor
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8 months ago, Gallifreyen
Generally, a very good app. Once, or twice a year, it crashes. I have to delete it, and then reload the app to get it functioning again. I do like the replay option.
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4 years ago, woodchuckTodd
Love VPR
Listened to VPR for decades, I love having this app available do that I can listen wherever I am. Of course being Vermont there are places with no cell coverage! I like the option to get news or listen to the current shows.
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1 year ago, AmajAnne
Constantly cuts off
I love VPR but I listen to the web streaming because the app streaming is so frustrating. It plays for awhile and then cuts off if I look at my email or another app on my device. Sometimes it just cuts out even when I am not doing anything else. I am giving up on it.
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2 years ago, Ret1re
App it replaced was better
New app only shows TV schedule for main channel. VPTV Plus, Create and Kids schedule no longer shown - main reason I have used this app in the past. Instead, app cluttered up with out of date hyperlinks. I like Stewart Ledbetter’s show, but do we really need a link to a 4 week old “Vermont This Week”?
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3 years ago, KCBman
VPR as you wish
Stream live from any device, catch up on past content, check scheduling, make a donation, contact the station. A must have for any VPR consumer.
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3 years ago, VtMac49
Thanks to all who worked to achieve an excellent mobile app for those of us who love Vermont Public Radio! Some drop out but otherwise excellent. Thank you!
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4 years ago, mgk91376
Fabulous App
The news and information. content is as good as it comes. The app is easy to use and navigate. It has the most reliable weather forecasts in the North Country. I love this app!
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4 years ago, Ralf5151
So convenient!
I love having VPR right with me on the go. Podcasts, news, and live broadcasts. I walk a lot so works well for that. Also if I have a “driveway moment” I can get out of the car now!
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2 years ago, trainmannut
Not as good as it was in previous versions
This latest version does not play through Apple Airplay as it used to and it has to restarted every day in order to play at all. It also quits playing at random intervals.
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2 years ago, pmuckleroy
Easy and efficient
Well designed app. Very much in line with standard public radio stations across the US.
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4 years ago, Vtrider001
A daily use app
I use this every morning when getting ready for work or when traveling.
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4 years ago, Mkg38
News & perfect variety of information
VPR is a school, learning many useful things and right amount of news. Mobile app is great.
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2 months ago, The Name's Slick
Good and Getting Better
This app is chugging along slowly but surely. UI is fairly intuitive. Hoping for more love given to this side of the media company.
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3 years ago, Gusto,mydog
Easy to use
Excellent content, few ads and they’re mostly local and relevant
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3 years ago, NGBirdsall
Great backup to the radio
I use the app when I don’t have access to the radio - i appreciate having this option. Thank you!
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1 year ago, Djdnjenx
Does its job!
Simple and well built app that actually does the things it is supposed to do without a fuss!
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7 months ago, Christian P Carson
Great way to experience quality public radio wherever you are.
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3 years ago, vdoner
I’ve been a fan for many years! I used to live in Burlington and now live across the lake but still a big fan and supporter of VPR! Stay safe! Keep up the great work!
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4 years ago, Stanley - NY
My experience is that it is solid.
I use VPR Replay for several hours at home and in the car almost daily.
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4 years ago, VermontTerriers
High quality streaming
We live in a mountainous area with poor radio reception and love being able to stream VPR through this app.
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4 years ago, Nutty NP
Great app
I live in Vermont and I listen to this app every day. I am totally dependent on it to stay connected to what’s going on in our little state as well as the world beyond. Thanks VPR!
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1 year ago, Cap-n-guan
Great local news reference
Simple to navigate, regularly updated; it’s a great resource for local news.
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4 years ago, Synoria
Good App but periodically crashes
Love the content. The app crashes with some frequency though and I do have a newer device. Just need to relaunch it. Not really a big deal.
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4 years ago, Happy Dar
Love VPR and app
I listen to VPR everyday to get my news and information. The app helps me stay connected when I’m not near my radio. Thanks VPR for your great service. Happy Dar
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2 years ago, ShayOx
Great alternative
Tired of the politics and money-grabbing fundraising of my local NPR affiliate. Good to hear thoughtful local programming and lots of National/international news provided by NPR.
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4 years ago, newbok1234$
App loads slowly
The app for iPhone loads very slowly. Doesn’t do as well without a WiFi network
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2 years ago, DR179
Inconsistent transmission
There has been an on again off again issue with the app dropping transmission almost at random between Wilmington and Mount Snow on Rt 100 and Handle Rd. It appears to be working now.
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3 years ago, stewman2020
Super easy
Like I said, super easy and I always have VPR no matter where or when!!
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2 years ago, Matilda Lyddie
A treat to have Vermont Public in my pocket!
I have really enjoyed this app. I am a new user of it.
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4 years ago, K2Chi travels
Love it
Makes it easy to listen anytime, anywhere.
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4 years ago, jomama iguana
very functional
I’m a daily listener and this app is as good as any other live-radio app I use.
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4 years ago, birdbuddy
News when you need it
I really like this app!
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2 months ago, Vermont Listener
Where's VP Classical?
Have spent 20 minutes noodling around the app trying to find the classical stations. No matter how obscure, very other bit of programming is featured with logos. But where is VP classical??
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1 year ago, Jet9988
Love the previews!
Great way to catch up in state headlines and learn useful news. Love VT Public!
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4 years ago, Amadomon
A joke
...occurs every time my phone tells me that the VPR app "unexpectedly quit," when it is entirely expected and reproducible. Don't you guys test before release? Fails every time upon awaking from a suspended state, particularly if the screen cap is out of date (ie, a new show is streaming).
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4 years ago, BT in VT
Another VPR APP fan!!
Fabulous station and great app. Recommend it highly enough.
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1 year ago, skatergwb
Freakin sweet
Can’t complain! It’s entertaining and informative. :)
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11 months ago, 0lg::
So far so good
Any app that connects with Vermont Public is a good app
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2 years ago, j8sc
Doesn’t work
When trying to play music, it does not start playing. Deleted the app and reinstalled- that did not work.
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