Vernier Graphical Analysis

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30 MB
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Vernier Software & Technology
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Vernier Graphical Analysis

2.02 out of 5
479 Ratings
2 years ago, irishdonini
boofy ahh app
The despair i felt downloading this abhorrent app has left me in a state of distress. i haven’t been able to sleep for the past 6 nights after downloading it, and i’ve begun to see things. do not download this app.
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3 years ago, #1 Truth Reviews
Why so many 1 Stars...?
I don’t understand why this app is so lowly rated works just like it should. Update: Completing my second physics lab with this app now and I still enjoy it. So far it has deleted one of my graphs when I closed it but it’s only done this once. I can plot multiple columns from multiple data sets in one graph which is great but you can’t pick and chose which columns you want plotted from each data set. So if you want to plot velocity from data set 1, tension from data set 2 and log (tension * velocity) from data set 3 you can’t. You can however do this in the PC version of Graphical Analysis but again a good app just understandably missing some features.
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9 months ago, Controlla Playya
I can see again!!!!
I was minding my own business as a blind individual all my life until my AP Physics class. We were learning about something regarding forces in class and had to perform a lab to measure k constant of a spring with the help of the fantastic VERNIER. I open the app and colors begin to radiate my vision. I squinted, stunned with what was happening. I could finally see again. Vernier is the only reason I’m not Hellen Keller for the rest of my life. I believe I am finally free due to vernier, the best app ever! Lastly I would like to add that my testicular cancer cleared up like a charm because of this app. Highly recommend!
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5 years ago, drrk1
Excellent app for use with iPad and Vernier Go Wireless probes/sensors
If you are familiar with the use of Vernier probes and sensors (temp, pH, drop counter, pressure, etc.) along with the LabQuest devices, you will quickly adjust to this app. Note: You do need Go Direct (wireless bluetooth) probes and sensors (or use LabQuest in data share mode via WiFi). We have used this with many students, and the app works quite well. Still a few small bugs/feature refinement needed, however, virtually anything you could do with LabQuest you can do with this app.
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4 months ago, Helen/helen
Super spentastic
I got this app for chemistry, but ever since I downloaded it my acne went away and I grew 3 inches. It truly brings miracles to life. Though one stipulation is that the app has been giving me constant migraines due to the uranium poisoning vibrating from my phone after downloading the app. Though uranium poisoning is not ideal I think that it helps to soak your face in aloe vera and lime juice. If u have similar issues I suggest you do the same. All in all the app works well enough for chemistry.
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8 months ago, Eye of Cthuluman
I don’t know where I am.
Help me. I had to download this app for my chemistry class, thought nothing of it. The app asked for my Bluetooth, which was normal because it needs to connect to a device. However, when I allowed it to have Bluetooth everything changed. I could not recognize anybody, almost like I was transported into a different universe, now living in a different life. I feel like I am slowly forgetting things, but everything here is starting to feel normal. I believe my consciousness got transferred to a different timeline which is why I am writing this review before I forget. Please avoid this all at all costs
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4 months ago, Collin R 4545
After downloading this app, I feel like I transcended a higher power of reality. The moment I clicked “open app” i started to feel the fabric of reality trickle to dust. My body metamorphosing until a new being. I found myself transcending conceptual metaphysics. My body fully transcendental to duality. I trancended good and right and became the one who understands objective mortality. My unphysical essence has departed from my flesh normally associated with my identity
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1 year ago, ShankyBummbleBees
Immediately received a series of inexplicable urinary tract infections
Got this app for my physics app and worked great. However, I noticed a sharp burning in the bathroom. Every graph I make, it gets more and more painful. My doctor prescribed me with antibiotics for the infections, but to no avail. I have had a catheter inserted for a month now and have to switch it out every evening. The pain is unbearable. My wife and children haven’t spoken to me in weeks. I think I will get my member removed in the coming days because I simply cannot take it anymore. It all started because of Vernier graphical analysis, and I hold the developers entirely responsible. Great graphing though.
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6 months ago, MajorMan28
nuclear bomb
it was a casual day at the college campus. i begin a lab for photosynthesis and used this app to graph results. then the inexplicable happened, 17 extremely overwhelmingly heavy set men broke through the class windows and whipped out there sticks. “we are your rescuers!” they shouted. they grabbed us by the glutes and spanked us for disobeying. then they struck us across our thick cheeks and left. then a nuclear reactor appeared from thin air saying “y=mx+b” with a count down timer. it was ready to blow. i deleted the app and everything was normal again. i have no words other than do not download the app unless you want to feel gay and get slapped across each cheek several times before getting blown up by a bomb. i hope one day i will recover from my trauma. btw developed stage four testicular cancer on each nut. i have 2 days left to live. goodbye fellow graphers. please remember to never download this app
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4 weeks ago, Freddie Frankie
I can hear again
As I walked to class one winter evening, I remembered my physics teacher signed we must download a new app, then I did. As I downloaded this app I help a burden lifted off my chest. NOW I CAN HEAR! I scream and shouted, but my classmates didn’t hear me (because were just as dead as I just was). here is why I am giving this a 1 star. As I opened the app, a video of 2 masked men came on the screen, they said if I were to ever delete the app, they will personally permanently remove my eardrums. I deleted the app to see it they were lying but they weren’t, I AM ANGRY! I want my eardrums back
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4 weeks ago, HGTomatoes
The awakening.
This app, when I started using it, opened up a vortex and sucked me in. I came out of the vortex 3 months later in a large California mansion as a large, beefy, muscular millionaire man. This app changed me. It brought me love, and victory. If you’re in some highschool class like I was, beware, because this may change your life forever.
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4 years ago, Patrickl27
Great at curve fits, and free! Not well optimized for mobile though
This app is great at curve fitting for graphs, but it feels like it was pretty much just transplanted from the desktop version, with little thought to use on small screens. For example, when running a curve fit, the details of the curve take up the majority of the graph's view, with no way to resize it or move it to the side (though, oddly, it can be moved up and down)
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1 month ago, Carter103846
Did not have tapioca bubble tea
All I wanted was some boba while doing my AP chem lab. Instead this app tackled me to the ground and cuffed me telling me I had the right to remain silent and anything I said would be used against me in the court of law. Overall a mid app and would not recommend unless you dont like boba and want to go to jail
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5 months ago, Rach_op18_no2
Lobotomies hurt… but Vernier kills.
Ever since downloading this app for physics class I have suffered from a series of unexplainable ailments. It started with botulism, and has slowly progressed to bubonic plague. A doctor diagnosed me with multiple mental issues as well, and I have been admitted to an Edwardian asylum. Im about to enter my third lobotomy, and I really wish I had never downloaded
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1 year ago, Gozips95 Youtube
Vernier cursed me…
I lived life generally good with most ups and downs like every other person. I remember the day I downloaded the app like it was yesterday. Everything was swell until I opened the app. All the lights in my classroom shut off. I heard strange noises and I went blind for 24 days. I woke up just to a blank room with chemical equations and graphs surrounding me. Scared for my life I started to run. I ran for 65 days just to realize I wasn’t going anywhere. I still am in this room asking for the developer to get me out..
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10 months ago, Miles_Edgeworth
Vernier took my organs
Vernier saved and ruined my life at the same time. At first, when I saw the “Allow Bluetooth” notification, I thought nothing of it and clicked yes. This proved to be the worst mistake of my life. The night I downloaded this app, 3 men in masks broke into my bedroom, cut off my leg, and then carried me by grabbing all of my limbs (because now I only have three). They stuffed me into a van before I fell unconscious. I ended up in an alleyway with only one kidney. Trust me when I say this, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. For you and your family.
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9 months ago, Nathaniel Bacons
The disappearance
I started using this app on my junior year. It’s been a year and I have used this app on multiple occasions. Eventually I noticed the long term affects of this app. Slowly by slowly I started losing inches (1/10 of an inch at a time) on my shaft. After the 9th time of usage I couldn’t even see it. At this time I had a queezy feeling of instant regret as I look down at my little knub as I sit on the ground in a puddle of my own excretion. Now my family doesn’t love me and my boyfriend left me.
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3 months ago, Bitty_Beanie
Download this for a biology lab and was immediately flung into a world of vivid colors that blinded my soul before being dragged into a blank unknown world where my mind begged release from. I sit here now in this pit of darkness wondering if my life in this void it was worth the app… 11/10 would highly recommend
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9 months ago, LilFenty
Listen to the Reviews!!!
I read the reviews before downloading. I thought it was funny, but download the app regardless. Without even thinking I connected it to my iPad and that’s when the trouble started. My friend started floating in the air, his skin turning black. Our classroom split in half and we entered a void where neither space or time exists. I watch on as I see you read the review, and I beg you not to download it. Or else you will be stuck with me in the void, and I’m sooo lonely.
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5 months ago, Nicest thing ever is
Suicidal behavior
I was forced to download this app for my AP Physics 1 class and I haven’t been the same since I first connected to the Bluetooth. Vernier is continuously guiding me towards the nearest bridge and trafficked intersection, with messages telling me to do it. I also received a draft notice for the war in Ukraine, and I suspect it was the work of Vernier. I need someone to talk to or else I might just end it all. Please do not download this app unless you are an absolute masochist.
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5 months ago, Icantfindanickname69
Led me down a dark path
Before downloading, I was a straight A student, and had 6 offers on full ride scholarships to Ivy League universities. After downloading, the second I enabled Bluetooth I instantly had an urge to manufacture methamphetamine and sell it to the local impoverished communities. Then I developed stage 4 testicular cancer after coming into contact with toxic chemicals used in the mfg. process. would not recommend. Mr Berns curse you for forcing me to install
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9 months ago, Big Hairy Nuts 69
App will sell your identity
I downloaded this app and immediately began noticing weird things. Credit card purchases I didn’t make, fraudulent checks, etc. I finally shut down my bank account, but the organization stealing my info found me walking in the street one day and broke both my kneecaps with a baseball bat. They told me they got all of my info from this app, so please, don’t download
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7 months ago, noah arvizu
Don’t download this app
This app is absolutely dreadful, I was having a perfect day, and then my teacher told me to get this app, now my whole family is having explosive diarrhea, and my dog can’t eat food like it should be able to. Along with the fact that I lost 500 clash royale trophies due to excessive blood loss internally because of this app. Once you download it, there is no going back.
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1 year ago, Please Help Me Vernier
This app is the devil
Before I got this app, It was good. Then my science teacher told me to download, and everything went wrong. 18 men in suits stormed in the moment it was downloaded and started beating everybody in the room with spiked baseball bats. In horror I watched, and tried to run away, but one of the men grabbed my collar and slammed the nails deep into my head, and I blacked out and woke up on a cold slab in a dark cell. I don’t have much time left, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS.
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10 months ago, ncjgudusehfkff
This app is scary
I downloaded the app and turns out nothing happened. Until the next day I realized I poured milk first instead of the cereal. I cried in horror as I started to look as my toes shrank and tears went down my eyes. I passed out because of shock and woke up in the middle of the forest and I can’t find civilization if anyone is reading this help! I don’t have much time the deer are closing in…
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2 years ago, FadedtheRailFan
Very smart!
10/10 app, very smart and logical. It does everything for you, including doing the awkward task of reminding your physics teacher that his fly is down. Physics grade: A
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1 year ago, AmnesiaAlly
Kylie is Kyle
My friend Kylie and I have this app to record Abby and sunnies water use. Abby drank too much had an accident on sunny. However this helped sunny to be hydrated. So thank you to this app for saving Sunny’s life.
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6 months ago, SailboatSeven
Sensors work great - laugh at one stars.
The app works great with the Bluetooth sensors. The one star reviews well. …. They don’t seem to app related. Such is the life of an educational app.
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9 months ago, siameseShoes
Cured my testicular cancer
I was downloading this app for my AP chemistry lab unknowingly. It has unknowingly cured my stage four testicular cancer.I love you verkier( please let my family go
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2 years ago, GraphsRmagic
Graphical Analysis
This is a wonderful graphing app. Users can hand enter (x,y) data pairs or plot sensor data in real-time. An extensive User Manual is provided. You’re welcome!
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7 months ago, Guy with AIDS 69
This app gave me AIDS
It started out when I was feeling yucky after going to sleep. Then I lost feeling in my left testicle. I went to the doctor the next day and they diagnosed me with AIDS. Now my life is ruined, and I will never be happy again. It was all because I opened the dumb app, and now I will forever regret it
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3 years ago, Dr.FunGuy
I’m giving a 5 star because my teacher said so and he said it’s really accurate :D
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1 year ago, Biggest billiest bob
The CIA man found me
It was a pretty normal day, but as soon as I downloaded this app for my physics class, my phone reacted with the brake grease on my hands and violently exploded. According to the ATF, I was responsible for one of the most deadly explosions known to man, and I’m now in a CIA black site as a war criminal. This app will ruin your life, and frame you for the Russo-Ukraine conflict, DO NOT DOWNLOAD
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4 months ago, Massah1228593
Blessed app
This app was able to cure my cousin from a rare disease she had. Every day she would change dimensions. Side effects being that she know has f’s in every class she has. Autism is also rampant in her life now. She has had many threats to restart Auschwitz the Jewish death camp and send her to the gas chambers.
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6 years ago, Adamo1237
Why the new app?
This app appears to have the same description and functionality as the old version of the app, which was renamed “GraphicalGW”. Oddly, the old app has the exact same icon and name as this brand new app, which makes no sense to me. Vernier, why double up on apps? Why not keep the original name with the original app?
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3 months ago, sansatron
My life was normal until my teacher made me download this app. It was normal until I activated the Bluetooth in the app. All of a sudden I was attacked with a very bright light and I became semi blind. The only things I can see now are graphs. Runaway while you still can
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4 months ago, 123kileyiscut
fifth dimension
I was working normally with this app, then i suddenly turned on the bluetooth i was suddenly transferred to the fifth dimension where i saw figures resembling gods, my brain has fallen into unconscious several tomes due to the loads of information transferred into my cerebral cortex.
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10 months ago, Ean.Teran
Definitely get!!!
I love this app i’m in my first AP class and this app is so cutesey and underground🥹
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9 months ago, Alexander Fry
This App Destroyed My Life
Immediately after downloading this app my grandma was shot by the kfc people. I was in such shock and horror I blacked out and woke up in a casino with my house on the line. I decided to let the liquor gamble for me and lost everything. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!
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8 months ago, Bluedwards18
Great learning tool
Ehhhhhhmazing! This app is epic! I can’t use the toilet without assistance!
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7 months ago, ehdhduwusbbww
I hate this
Who coded this? It did all of the required math in under a second, but when we do simple things, it lags like crap. Thank you for giving my stage 4 lung cancer.
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7 months ago, Warwick!!!
Mr. Warwick is the best! Our physics class did a rocking lab where we got to break it down!!!
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9 months ago, 5minute_craftz
These reviews are super hilarious but unfortunately the same things have been happening to me so it’s not funny any more 😢 😭 but anyways I’m on my death bed writing this so be wary and god speed gentleman and ladies, god speed
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7 months ago, The Biz Bug
This app made me homeless
Downloaded this app for chem. Got home to find a package at my door. It was a pipe bomb. Ted Kazczynski came back from the dead and blew up my house because of this app. Worst gender reveal party of my life bro. I’m not even pregnant.
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5 years ago, hdarghvd (anonymous)
It appears to be the exact same app as the original. What is the point for making two separate apps even though one has the same properties as the original?
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9 months ago, jesuschris1
Worst app ever
When I started using this app it was all fine and dandy then out of nowhere my sack imploded and I lost all feeling in my tip. 1/10 never using again
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2 years ago, /$:!,!(!$4
dog water app
this app have horrible input lag, like i cant even edit that fast on this app. im literally on 100 ping. Like hello??? like im tryna 200 pump this assignment. i would give this app -10 stars
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1 month ago, gggaggzSe
Brain damage
I got this app for chemistry class. As I connected to Bluetooth I have never been the same!
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1 year ago, hajajssbjsjddjdnsksj
Andrew tate ruined my life
This app killed my grandma she opened it up and a Bugatti jumped out and ran her over my entire family blames me for her death Thai app ruined my life
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3 years ago, Schnickerbwee
Absolute dumpster fire of an app. No microtransactions or even a battle pass. How am i supposed to enjoy an app without constant ads and togglable emotes. 0 stars. Dog water.
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