Vernier Video Physics

2.6 (25)
27.7 MB
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Current version
Vernier Software & Technology
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Vernier Video Physics

2.6 out of 5
25 Ratings
12 years ago, tkb409
Needs curve fit
Recording and finding points works very well, but without the ability to curve fit you cannot do any analysis on the iPad. A linear fit at the very least is needed to use this in any sort of meaningful way on its own. If you need to use a computer, you might as well just use this as a video camera without the app.
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6 years ago, Jen-bob
I’m a chemistry teacher who uses many Vernier products in class and I also coach pole vault. I started using this with my athletes to analyze their run so I can show them what I see by eye. I just really wish we could change the axis options as x velocity vs x position would help show them more accurately the set-up at take-off. This would greatly improve efficiency and effective coaching as I need to export into the graphical analysis app. This change would speed up my analysis! As others mention, the tracking feature doesn’t work well for me either as I’m analyzing running mechanics.
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5 years ago, dezfrost
Scaling and timing issues
Fine if the app were free, but pretty unacceptable issues for a paid app. This app seems pretty easy to use which is great, but the inability to set the scale to something other than 1 m makes it very inflexible. You can’t really investigate what is happening if you are investigating anything smaller than a meter, and if you are looking at things much larger you can only set a scale of 1m which increases the uncertainty of the measurements. Furthermore, there is not an ability to do time delay which makes this even less useful. You should be able to set the time origin in sync with the first video analysis point. These things really need to get fixed.
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6 years ago, Koocoy1
Cool good app worth $5
Actually very good! This app has very unique features I thought a mobile device couldn’t do! I could recommend to be able to add things the the tracking but it looks like you can draw if you track it on your finger!
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7 years ago, @TRegPhysics
Great app for $5, but also needs (free) Graphical Analysis app
Getting accurate results requires that you know what you’re doing, but if you do, then it’s great. The auto tracking is meh, but manually adding data points is quick and easy. Unfortunately, analyzing the data in this app is crap. Instead, download Vernier’s free Graphical Analysis app and import the data into that. Once the data is there, you can view x and y position and velocity data as well as do curve fitting. All in all, well worth the money for a physics classroom.
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6 years ago, fsertawv
Fantastic the Best for teaching physics
Tracking need to be done with a special care. Make video that way you have high contrast between tracking object and the background
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6 years ago, Papalapalajejdn
Don’t buy
Really old tech here. Doesn’t easily work - maybe on super simple applications like the ball drop example. The tracking is not usable for anything beyond the simple examples shown for a basic lab experiment.
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7 months ago, _s_arah
Poor app
Very hard to use, expensive for what? Overall a mid product and not worth my money
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8 years ago, Toxic_gammer
Terrible and NOT helpful at all
Please fix and do not buy
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7 years ago, Jl3551
"Object lost" all the time! Garbage!
Don't waste your money
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14 years ago, SeeNick
Great potential for five stars
I've been using LoggerPro for about six or seven years, so I knew pretty much what to expect. For the most part I got it. My 2g Touch crashed the ap the first time I tried to analyze, but worked great from then on out. The graphs are entirely recognizable on their famous basketball video. I'm sure a little more practice would make me better, but it is a little difficult to see the crosshairs against the background, especially that wooden paneling. I tried the baseball video also, but couldn't see the ball. I would suggest two improvements for five stars; 1) zoom in capability (I realize the difficulty here) and 2) crosshairs that can color change to make them easier to see in more situations. I'm so psyched about this ap though, despite the room for improvement. I'm definitely going to be spreading the word.
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Easy to use
I tried this app in class with my students today. I demo'd it quickly, then had them video a ball being tossed straight up and look at the graphs. I was amazed at how quickly they caught on and the quality of the graphs they got. It only took them about 10 minutes. Now that I know it's pretty quick, we can analyze many different types of motion. It is limited by the quality of the video, faster things tend to get blurred. There is the ability to zoom in on objects moving slower to get a more accurate positioning of them at various time intervals. I found with slower moving objects, it was better to skip ahead an equal number of frames. I only wish it had the ability to find the slope of the graphs, maybe it does and I didn't find it.
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8 years ago, TRexology
Indispensable App for Physics Teachers
As a middle school science teacher in an iPad school, this app has been very useful. Capturing data is a snap (use a iPad camera stand) and analyzing it is instantaneous (the App does the math). Students can focus quickly on what the charts "say," rather than spend hours trying to make charts. The only downside (4 stars, not 5) is that the timer cannot be set to 0.00 sec at the start of the action. There are times when it would be helpful to be able to start the timer with the first marking dot.
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12 years ago, tachyonbb
Excellent app for first year physics lab
Used it this year with my first year physics classes. Shot a nerf gun, free throw, kicked a soccer ball etc. With a class set of iPads every student could do their own video and data analysis. In the past we had to find a digital video camera, take turns doing the video, download the video then do analysis. This turned a four hour lab into a two hour lab with each student able to do their own analysis. Highly recommended.
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14 years ago, Kenneth Magno
Great classroom tool from Vernier!
This is a great concept from Vernier. I have loved using the LoggerPro video analysis with my class for years. The only issue I have with the software is that targeting and clicking with a second finger is a bit odd since you can't see your targeted object since your finger covers it. It might be nice if a button was added to select the target after you already know you've got it in the crosshairs. 4/5
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12 years ago, Mr. Luigi
Over a year since last update!
When this app first came out it had some interesting functionality, but more potential than performance. Despite many good recommendations for enhancement by other reviewers (ex. Acceleration vs. time) the app has stayed stagnant. I'm beginning to wonder if this app was only released as bait to use logger pro since it has such limited functionality using iOS. It's almost a pedagogical crime to not take much better advantage of the incredible potential of this app. For shame Vernier.
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13 years ago, TTU raider
Almost there
Great start; very handy and easy to implement in or out of the classroom.. WHAT IT NEEDS: *****Derive acceleration graphs from velocity graphs.... Easy programing fix **Export files directly to drop box, right now you have to email it out then import them into dropbox from your email, **Also export the data in an excel or csv file for other uses would be nice.. It would be nice to see: and perfect if *A little bit harder to understand mathematically but still easy to program, be able to not only rotate the origin for a tilted camera but be able to show the plane that is of interest incase you are filming something that's not directly perpendicular to the camera... Thanks a lot! Good start!
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10 years ago, Physics Teacher!
Awesome App
I am a physics teacher and love to use this app. It does a fantastic job at showing the motion of the object and then graphing the position vs time as well as velocity vs time. The use and manipulation of the app to plot points and set up your scale and origin is fantastic. My request (at to give it 5 stars) would be to allow you option to export the coordinate system with the video. Also, it wouldd be great if it would graph the acceleration vs time.
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11 years ago, 8th grade math teacher
Super Easy
Just tried it today on a video of a falling object. It works great. You tap to set points that track the object. Then it produces graphs of x,y position and time. I haven't tried it in class yet but feel confident students will pick it up in under 10 minutes. I wish it could output to an excel or google docs spreadsheet. It can save a logger pro file to Dropbox or Google docs.
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9 years ago, kevners
Bugs in Newest Update
When this app works well, it is great. However, in the newest up date, it sometimes becomes impossible to get the video controls back after they disappear. I've even had the circle for placing tracking dots disappear a few times. When this happens, there is nothing to do except restart the app.
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11 years ago, dajoiner
No auto tracking, need more software to analyze
The ability to quickly get video and tap to analyze on the ipad is nice, but there are two key features that I would expect in a PC video analysis package that are not included here. You cannot easily export to a spreadsheet ( for an ipad app, exporting to numbers would make a lot of sense ) and additionally, the app does not include auto tracking capabilities, you must tap on every frame that you want to analyze.
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10 years ago, Visual_Arc
Buggy but great when it works.
I bought this app as a high school teacher, mainly for tracking the parabolic path of projectiles. The app has a tendency to crash. Weird bug this week. I recorded a video on my iPhone 6+, sent it to my iPad Air 1 and the video became scrambled like a TV in the old days of antenna reception. It's great when it works.
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10 years ago, strami1
Great improvements
I've used this app for years but the recent update is wonderful!! If only I could plot multiple sets of data (maybe each set in a different color). Example: tracking two objects in motion at the same time, to compare projectiles, etc
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13 years ago, Ancoz
Very good, almost perfect!
This is very useful for me as an animation student, especially for tracking one of the animation principles: Arc. I am having fun doing this. For the most, I can see the timing and spacing even though is not accurate or detail. Thank you for making this app! I could give this 5 stars, if only: 1. Theres an option to use frames per second instead (fps) 2. The app can detect, how many frames per second the video was recorded. 3. Tap and slide option to forward the video every frame 4. I wish I can change the size of the dots or the tracker.
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10 years ago, Ruben Nic
Automatic object tracking of objects is amazing. I no longer have to spend 10 minutes adding points to my videos. Plus it has experiment renaming! What more could you want?
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14 years ago, Balrog62
For small fingers
The small screen makes plotting points difficult. Also, there appears to be no way to delete a point & try to plot it again. Small fingers & a steady hand are a must. Otherwise, it's a great little tool.
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9 years ago, ArkAnonNWA
Good software, missing critical feature
As the iPhone 6 can record at 240fps but fudges the time stamps, I need for this app to allow me to tell it the fps of the video being analyzed.
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14 years ago, Eric Sci & Tech
Great app for education!
Very easy to use; good data; easy to transfer data and analysis to Facebook or to email. Students loved using it. Good job Vernier!
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13 years ago, Epal & Oren
All work and all play ;)
Here are some suggestions: * enable users to easily save graphs--separate or combined--in PNG to camera roll. Screenshot just doesn't cut it. * include data table, too. * provide vector/Bezier curve for easy motion tracking. Eyeballing is OK right now but less accurate; plus, it would save a lot of time to use vector instead of manually dragging the crosshair * multiple analysis points Keep up the good work !
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10 years ago, Vghgfjjhgh
Automation too buggy
Is there anyway to disable the automatic tracker and go back to manual input? I have found that automation tends to slip off objects pretty easily. I also think there is something to students locating the object and placing the dot themselves. It's easier For them to understand what the app is doing. I would love to have my old version back!!!
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13 years ago, Groundman
Multiple points
I would like to see multiple point analysis, other than that its pretty nifty.
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14 years ago, iLovMyiPhone
Very nice app!
Very nice app for video analysis. I hope this is the first step from vernier to integrate their hardware (sensors) with iPad and iPhone software
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13 years ago, Cogleyjp
Missing one thing
This is great, but I would like to see acceleration too. Or a table to go with the graphs so I can get more precise numbers to calculate the acceleration.
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10 years ago, VermontHerbs
Add analysis tools to the app like linear regression!
Good app for any physics classroom but should be able to analyze on the iOS device or able to export to excel! Please add these features; not everyone has a logger pro license!
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14 years ago, James Xu
No zoom
No zoom function. This makes plotting points to be very inaccurate for small objects.
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14 years ago, ccarman602
Very cool and promising
For anyone familiar with Vernier's Logger Pro or LabQuests, you get the same kind of quality that you expect from them in this app. The app itself is pretty straightforward - record video, place the origin, set your reference length (e.g. a meter stick), and then start adding points for whatever you're measuring. The fact that it's portable in your pocket with your iPhone/iTouch more than makes up for its shortcomings; I don't teach physics any more but I've used this to determine the flow rate of a creek with a floating orange (very close to their results from their flow rate sensor) in Environmental Science and to analyze the exit velocity of the diet coke + mentos reaction as a discrepant event in Chemistry. It's a lot of fun with kids, too - just record them running by and they think it's the coolest thing ever. There are a few shortcomings to the app that would make it absolutely spectacular: - no in-app data analysis like in the LabQuest (slope, average, etc) - no data table just showing the raw data - deleting a bad data point is a pain, maybe there could be an option to confirm each point? - a zoom function would be absolutely wonderful for higher precision - the origin grid gets in the way sometimes when you're adding points, maybe it could be turned off temporarily? These are minor points compared with the capability the app gives you - you can record an event and generate your graph and cmbl file in ten minutes, when it would take much longer using an external camera and other programs. Definitely a must-have for iPhone/iTouch owning science teachers who want to make science education more hands-on!
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9 years ago, Hhhhhhggfo
Bugs need fixing
The newest update has several bugs which make the app unusable. When you move the selector around the video controls disappear and cannot be brought back up. Please fix!
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9 years ago, Mandajo515
App crashes with update
I used this app for several months for teaching and now it crashes every time I try to open a video for analysis, the app crashes.
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8 years ago, Morgynski
Not easy to use
Son was suggested to use this app for a physics experiment. It was difficult to use, has very poor documentation of how to use and he basically had to plot all the data in excel to generate the graphs he needed for his experiment. Do not recommend this app!
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10 years ago, Buckster1993
Incredibly useful, easy to pick up utility
Great for school, athletics, etc.
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11 years ago, 71637h
This app looks good. I haven't used it yet. But I think It is expensive.
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14 years ago, PacificLucy
Not intuitive.
My students figure out how to use it. I can't figure it out. Not intuitive.
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11 years ago, Nogood@
Very hard to control. Program locked into graph mode and I have wasted another hour on enriching apple corp.
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13 years ago, Smackacow
The best app for physics
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13 years ago, Peaceloveandphysics
Will not mirror.
This app would be worthwhile to a teacher if you could mirror to an LCD. I have an iPad 2 and everything mirrors accept this app. There is no benefit unless my students and I can analyze a captured video together.
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13 years ago, TNTbaba
Vernier, U Could Do Better!
0) Good start of an App! 1) The major disappointment with this App is the lack of the graph analysis features (such curve fitting, stats., examining, and deriving calculus items) that made LoggerPro software the jewel of Physics labs. Thus, the introduction of the afore mentioned items in future versions of the App are a must in order fro the App to be educationally viable. 2) The user interface is a bit clumsy especially for adults and the two-finger tapping method induces point location errors; a much more accurate method need to be devised instead. 3) Knowing Vernier, there is hope that better days are awaiting this App! Salam!
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13 years ago, Martzkev
This is a great app
I am a physics teacher, and this app is amazing. The best way to show it in the classroom is with (surprise) vernier's logger pro software. Record the video on the iphone and then send it to your computer. Then use logger pro on your computer and show it on the LCD. I am even able to avoid mac/pc issues when I use my school's pc's. The controls are a bit touchy when using the analysis tools on the iphone, but it just takes getting used to it.
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