Video Call Santa

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User Reviews for Video Call Santa

4.67 out of 5
141.4K Ratings
5 years ago, Donna92058
The Best Kids App Ever!
This is absolutely genius! It’s a free a app, but I gladly paid the 99c to buy my Granddaughters name. She’s 4 & the wonder on her face as she was talking to Santa was priceless! It’s not a live discussion, but so perfectly done that it feels real. You can choose between the British & American Santa. The version without the name was very nicely done, but to have Santa greet the child by name is a very touching addition. There are other upgrades which I didn’t buy at this time, but they seem very reasonable. After the call you can go back under the parents side & you’ll find the video. I shared it with family members & they loved it! I’m telling everyone I know to download it. We look forward to using it every year. Download it watch the children you love as they talk to Santa. The precious memories will warm your heart every time. Developers: You’ve done an amazing job & can count on me to bring you more business. I’ll be buying the upgrades for sure, but it’s nice that you offer a wonderful free version too. Thank you!
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2 years ago, Beenut20
Good but slightly limited
It’s fun and I am not complaining but one flaw is it doesn’t seem to respond to your children’s answers. It asked if my daughter had been naughty or nice and she said “naughty” and Santa replied “ho, ho, ho fantastic!”. Probably not the response I would’ve expected. Also he asked what she wanted for Christmas and she said “pony” and he said “well ok see you soon”. It is a fantastic idea but would be even better if the responses could be slightly tailored to your child’s answers. Perhaps that’s just not feasible though and I’m being super unrealistic. Also, the only other critique I have is I wish it would allow you to select more than one name at a time. My son tried to hop in and said “hi Santa it’s me Nolan” while his sister had her turn and obviously Santa didn’t respond but my son was upset that Santa wouldn’t say his name. Again, this is a great app and perhaps my wishes are unreasonable. Nevertheless, the kids loved it and it’s a fun thing to do for sure! I’d recommend!
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3 years ago, MamaBear41316
Love it, but not enough time for responses.
We love using this app to FaceTime Santa with our 5 year old. We’ve been using it for the last 3 seasons. However, there isn’t enough time in between questions for my child to think about their answer and respond. I think there should be a setting where we can adjust that. Also, it would be cool if we were able to put into the settings our child’s interests (science, art, animals, etc) so that there would be more than just the simple “Hi, bye, what do you want for Christmas?” conversation. My child would love to feel like they’re actually having a conversation with Santa about other things going on in their life other than just what they want for Christmas. Otherwise, we love the app. There’s always new video subjects to use.
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2 years ago, blahyshhhjdhsh
Santa is friendly❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤
It is scary but Santa is friendly and he gets presents but Christmas is not all about presents it’s about spending time with family and my mom usually goes to work at night and morning not all the time though and on Christmas day she’s been with us the whole Christmas Day but she had to go to work at night but at least my dad and my grandpa and my grandma was with me But I kind of miss my mom right now because she’s at work right now and that’s all I have for you today
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4 years ago, UmbrousQuasar
This app is legit amazing! There are so many useful recordings for parents to use with their kids. My daughter is struggling to give up the pacifier, so today we talked her into putting it up, then had her “call Santa” to tell him. There just happened to be a “Good Job” episode telling her that he and Mrs Claus saw that she did a good thing and to keep it up etc etc. Every time he asks what they want for Christmas there’s a pause to listen, then he asks them to repeat it, giving the kids a chance to think about it. Buy the full version, it’s worth it.
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5 years ago, zombiegeek92
Worked like a charm
I have a four year old daughter, she was so excited to talk to Santa and tell him what she wanted for Christmas this year. I would definitely recommend this app for parents of young children! Now, my only problem is that when I went to purchase my daughters name to personalize it, the keyboard was up towards the top and off to the side so not all the keys were showing. Not sure if it’s a glitch in the app, because I purchased something on another app and this didn’t happen. Other than that it’s a great app!
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7 years ago, Bubsmom33
Awesome app for kids
My son is 6 years old and his eyes absolutely lit up when he saw Santa. The whole time he talked to him, he was ready to burst at the seams with excitement. Was awesome to see that big smile on my sons face, all because of a free app! There are options to purchase in the app which I thought was a cool addition. I like that they didn’t require you to purchase anything unless you wanted more choices or better quality. But even without purchasing better quality, it still turns it really good!
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2 years ago, nick_LE
Great but could be better for multiple kids
My kids love FaceTiming Santa. Their faces light up so bright!! But I wish you could have both names said at once. I paid for both kids names but I don’t want to have to do it back to back for each child sitting next to each other saying same exact thing. Especially cause they want to watch it together so it’s weird that you don’t have an option if you have multiple kids for Santa to say both names in same video. They need to do something about that.
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5 years ago, JayyBarb
I paid for my child's name and also for all episodes . It successfully went through . How Ever The next day when I tried to use it , it said that I had to Pay for the name and all the games again . ABSOLUTELY NOT . I PAID 7 DOLLARS IN TOTAL AND IT SHOULD NOT ONLY BE AVAILABLE FOR ONE DAY . THEN I tried to watch the face time my son already took with Santa and it's silent . Can't turn it up . I have a iPhone 10 and I had it for less than a month . IT'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS APP AND AFTER I PAID FOR IT, IT NEEDS TO BE FIXED !!!! IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME YOU SHPULD NOT BE STEALING PEOPLE MONEY .
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3 years ago, rachellll11
Changed Santa Christmas Eve
My two year old has loved calling Santa for the last 2 weeks leading up to Christmas. He was amazed that Santa knew his name! The extra .99 was worth the purchase! We went to call Santa one last time on Christmas Eve. THEY CHANGED THE SANTA ON CHRISTMAS EVE. My two year old was not impressed and noticed immediately that he was an imposter! The first Santa was great while the second has a terribly fake accent and looks noticeably different. So disappointing that they changed things up the night before Santa arrived!
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2 years ago, court0109
One piece of feedback
I really love this app, but I have a request for the developers. It would be great if we had the option to choose family settings. For example, instead of Santa saying “your parents” we could choose “mom”, “dad” or “your grownup(s)”. We lost my husband this year, so the videos where he says “listen to your parents” make my daughter a little sad and I know I’m not the only one in this unique situation. ❤️
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3 years ago, keriandcam
So glad we found this!
Our 3-year-old daughter loved getting to talk to Santa! The app was so easy to use! We paid the extra 99 cents to personalize it, which was totally worth it! We also paid $5.99 to upgrade and get the ability to call him for multiple other occasions, like for her to thank him for the gifts! I do think that older kids would catch on to this being a recording. But the younger kids will think this is the best thing in the world!
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2 years ago, LOCKSMITH_56
Hi Santa my name is Olivia for Christmas this year I want to see my sister and to see my cousin walk and let my family be happy and can I have a Selena outfit quinceanera outfit you might not know her but she died a few years ago she was only 23 and I want to see my dog for the last time and if you can print a picture of my dog would be awesome Santa I would love to do that thank you so much Santy you are the best we love you bye Santa we wish you a merry Christmas
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6 years ago, marguerite chastain
Naughty little Brooks
We bought the naughty message, boy did it change my little boy instantly!!!! It changed him so much, we went back and bought the entire package. You can prepare and say you can only ask for two presents when you’re naughty. If you’re on the original message you have about 20 seconds to tell him. So make sure you’re Child’s prepared. Also, Santa’s over 100 years old and we told him he can’t hear very well, and the calls from the North Pole are on delay so when he says goodbye, he has to go. It worked perfectly. To be prepared, review the message in a different room. Also, our Chippy goes away when our children starts misbehaving. They shape up real quick when they see that. We love this app! Best app this season❤️❤️ the original Santa is great!
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2 years ago, hxvbc(fgmgk
My Child Is Saying It’s Fake.
When my daughter downloaded this app, she was so excited. BUT the second time she talked to Santa, she stayed quiet. Santa asked if she has been Naughty or Nice. She stayed quiet. But he said ‘Ho-ho-ho! Fantastic!’ So after the call was done, she said it was fake. I don’t know if this is actually fake, but the responses you ask Santa he doesn’t actually say them correctly. Here’s a example: Santa asks you if you have been Naughty or Nice. You say Naughty. He say’s Ho-ho-ho, fantastic! That is strange. WHO IS HAPPY WHEN SOMEBODY IS NAUGHTY? That is my review. Bye!
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3 years ago, pickapuppy
This is my second year using it for my two boys!
Best app ever! Normally I don’t pay for apps or upgrades within an app but this is truly worth every penny! To the creators and developers I can’t thank you guys enough, my 4 year old and two year old enjoy this app nightly. I love this year you added more video options. Keep making different video options!
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4 years ago, lmiyaohno
I did the upgrade to the premium package and it’s OK not great
So I did the upgrade to the premium. It’s just okay in my opinion not worth $7.99. I think it’s crummy that the app sticker is still in the corner of the videos and that you can only have 3 names and have to purchase additional. My opinion is that the app sticker should be removed and that the names should all be unlocked or make it more names like enough for a bigger family of kids. Not everyone has a maximum of 3 children some have more than that...just saying
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1 year ago, Stucaz82
Why I gave a four
I gave the video call a four because if you call him over and over again he just says the same thing over and over but he looks pretty real so I believe that it is him his glasses look real. I have had the Santa video call since I was three and now I am nine so I have had it for six years so i like it being realistic. But his beard doesn’t look very realistic over all it is pretty realistic!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, ❤️💜❤️💜💜
My kids love it! But still a few suggetsions
This is a great app for many kids and adults who are into this type of thing, but im foucsing on the KIDS for this review, 1. It could be more realistic. What i mean by this is that, mainly, you should make it look like what you device is. So like if the device your using is a laptop, (for example) then it should be fit for that device
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11 months ago, bobjoedsvid
I remember playing this when I was 7 with my sister, “I’m almost 12 now”. We would always make fun of the app and we would say stuff like we were naughty which we were nice btw. We said we were naughty because we wanted to see the reaction and it was funny because it was the same reaction every time and I was just recorded and i just had good memories with this app! Not hating the app, just going down memory lane.
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6 years ago, GG2316
Call Drops
We've made 4 calls to Santa and each one of them has been dropped right before my daughter got to tell him what she wants for Christmas. The app is amazing if it works. She was beside herself when he said her name. But she might be too smart and catch on that Santa says the same thing each call. She's 6 - Once bugs are fixed will definitely give it 5 stars.
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4 years ago, Tates mom
Not ok
I am 18 years old and this is fake and a lie to kids he says the same thing over and over again this is not good I would not recommend you or your child to get this game it’s fake hate to say it but I know Santa is not real because I put the presents under the tree to I can’t even with this app I would seriously not recommend this to anyone please read this hole thing it is so much of a lie kids will start to not believe it because it says the same thing over and over again so I would definitely not recommend this to anyone
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6 months ago, Kittin's Master
Chasing Santa’s comfort
I had a really disappointing interaction with Santa. He kept interrupting me, and it felt so automated, like a pre-recorded video. I was genuinely looking forward to meeting him, but it seems like this app might be another one with a fake Santa, maybe even an actor. It's frustrating, especially with so many apps doing the same thing. I thought about taking legal action, but the financial risk held me back. Things got tough when my mommy kicked me out of the basement, insisting I find a "real" job, not just a Discord mod. Now, I'm really just looking for a bit of Santa's cheer to lift my spirits.
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2 years ago, fan🍦
Something’s off...
Ok So in one of the videos that they give you to look at the game and how it works in one of them it was a little boy talking to Santa and Santa doesn’t even give him a chance to say what he wants for Christmas so I’m getting a little bit suspicious of that it’s just a recording of him. Because one time I tried it and he said the same thing he did to the little boy.
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5 years ago, @#%34=6;'ug
I bought this for my little brother and it is the worst call Santa app I bought all the episodes and they all didn’t sell my little brother said to me are you shure that’s Santa looks like a weirdo and I agree I say get a Santa that looks like well... Santa 🎅🏽 there’s an example of what he looks like if your not shure also his voice sounds like my uncles so..get someone older
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2 years ago, emmaprehug
This is rose this is rose and I’ll be yelling right now but I don’t think this is real I think because the last one I can was when I didn’t say nothing I talked over me so I think the last one is fake and I think this one might be fake so so right now I believe this one but but not that much and I can still fake
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4 years ago, Who really needs my name?
Skeptical at first, but great!
This app is very pushy at first, with asking for your camera, microphone, and one other that I can’t remember. Overall, this is a great app, with a brutish and American, but one downfall is you have to have your volume pretty low to play it, and it’s hard to hear. Another is when you want the recording to say your name, you have to pay $1. But for little kids and people that want to talk to Santa, this is great!
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3 years ago, rubbowl
This is working
All you have to do is click on the app then click on call Santa! Then it calls him then click on the answer button then say hi then ask him what you want for Christmas then say merry Christmas Santa bye then hang up this app really works nice I’m leaving this message here so y’all can try this out!
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6 years ago, Shakeitboogie
Phone calls are all too similar
I ended up purchasing the entire downloads. But each phone call starts the same. And Santa always asks what the kid wants for Christmas. So if you have a little one, mine is 4, it’s a good idea to space out the calls. If you have an older kid, they’ll prob think it’s weird Santa doesn’t remember them and catch on. I would recommend just purchasing a couple if the different downloads to save some money. Happy holidays!
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7 years ago, Why.JustWhy
You guys are evil geniuses. As a parent that exclaimed "99 cents for the name?!?! Are you kidding me???" I can guarantee you I'm still gonna pay for all three of my kids names, and probably buy all the episodes. This was the best idea ever. Crazed parents all over the world are gonna be shilling out the dough to threaten their kid with the "you've been naughty" episode. Whoever thought of this needs a raise.
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2 years ago, GooPunch123
Life Saver
My sweet 7 year old daughter refused to write a letter to Santa. This Christmas Eve she began to realize Santa doesn’t know what she wants. This app allowed me to FaceTime him so she could speak her peace. Also allowed us to save the video to share with friends and family, for free! An app that is truly deserving of a five star review. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas!!!
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2 years ago, Shelby Wiede
Love but a flaw
We love this app and use it for the past two years. However this year when you play back the video and save, there are thumping sounds as well as it not picking up what my kids are saying. I wish that would be fixed so I can send these videos out to family. Other than that, so good!!
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3 years ago, giapes
Great Santa app
Ok so this app is really good for young kids and many kids would believe it I am actually 11 and I tried to pull a prank on my brother(he is 15) ofc he didn’t believed it but overall it’s a good app. One little thing, so it’s just a recording so if no one is talking back it would be fake so maybe he could pause then resume. But really nice game! I love it!
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4 years ago, sounean
Needs fix
This worked great until a day ago when I was asked to allow notifications in order to do a set up date/time call with Santa. The notification comes through with the music ringtone that Santa is calling but we can’t actually answer the call. Please fix it! it was working fine until today for scheduled calls from Santa. Premium version.
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3 years ago, me247always
Fake Santa horrible app
Hi this is me and I really don’t like this app because it’s fake and if kids do another call with him he just says the same exact thing and the parent thing kids can easily just make up a random password or reset it By themselves it’s horrible app and me and my cousin we were just watching a recording And saw that that by themselves it’s horrible app and me and my cousin we were just waiting a Recording and he says the same exact thing that’s why we don’t like this app we hate it😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👎🏻
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6 years ago, courtclare
This is seriously the best money I’ve spent! These guys even went back and recorded my son’s name correctly after he was so upset Santa didn’t know his name. Now he talks about this all of the time. I schedule calls when we need a reminder and mom needs some back up. His face lights up and I love watching and sharing his videos!
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6 years ago, shelly0689
Lock feature
I love the app but I wish there was a way to lock the app or require a password to call santa, not just to get into the parents side. My son plays on my phone sometimes and he figured out where to go to call Santa and of course it's the same video over and over so he would eventually figure out it's not real if I didn't uninstall it. It's a shame because I bought the full package and liked the idea.
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11 months ago, 💕 Aubrey Pizana💕
Super star
This app is really good for your kids so whenever they say when ever or whatever they want for Christmas you could hear them if you just hide behind them probably but it is really good for your kids so you should really get it
Show more
5 years ago, December 😍
I loved this app until one day I went on it and noticed they deleted allot of the video call options. Such as bed time & a bunch other ones :(. I just feel annoyed because I wasted money on getting all of those & now they are gone!!! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Would’ve recommended until this happened now imma have to find a different app!!! *update: Got my videos back but now it won’t pop up, like you can hear Santa talking but you can’t see him & my son gets upset. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Like I said glitchy & a waste of my money I’m so disappointed!!!
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4 years ago, riotgrrlnj
Free and live video!! Even said her name!!
I thought it was pre recorded but when he asked what she wanted for Christmas she said descendants and he said what was that again sweetheart I couldn’t hear you as well as a few other things it had to be live my 5 year old was so shocked and happy! Great memory that will last a lifetime!!
Show more
7 years ago, fatpaul01
The chat with Santa Claus
Absolutely fantastic the kids love it and the adults love it to you get to talk to Santa Claus before Christmas and you avoid all the long lines at the mall he is really nice guy and we love Santa thank you so much for taking your time out of your busy schedule to hear what we want for Christmas Santa thank you and we love you merry Christmas good holiday
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5 years ago, moodster16
Kids love it, one more call option would be great
My kids love it! So excited to interact. One call recording I wish was available is a Christmas morning call that asks how Christmas was and making sure he brought the right gift and then remind them to be thankful and good until next year.
Show more
5 years ago, Ames520
I’m Natalie and I’m 9 years old I like this app a lot but I saw a kid on one of the videos he had a long wish list and Santa just ignored him also I wish you could text him it would be more fun also the nice or naughty thing you see on the app I tried to get nice but it cost 1.99 that’s something a little amount of people would get well that’s all I have to say
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2 years ago, Dami Bear
Thank you so much Santa was so nice and I didn’t tell me him my name cause like he should know that already and it’s kind of weird because we’re on the on the Internet and thank you so much whoever created this app I’m talking to you elves thank you especially Santa love you merry Christmas
Show more
2 years ago, jenv20018
Disappointed in the in app purchases
I was playing around on the app and paid for both kids names individually and then came to the VIP package and that it was included. I feel like they should have had you go through the package options to set up the app prior to having the names available. Paying twice for the same thing
Show more
6 years ago, echo3alpha
My kids lost their minds
When my five year old son and three year old daughter saw that Santa wanted to FaceTime, they completely flipped out. They could not believe that Santa was taking the time to call them to make sure he knew what they wanted for Christmas and to wish them a Merry Christmas. This app is fantastic!
Show more
6 years ago, ʍօӏӏվ
Daughter loved it but couldn’t hear her response in recording
My daughter loved being able to FaceTime with Santa, I even bought the name upgrade so he would say her name but you can only hear “Santa” in any of the recordings you can’t hear what she says, it’s kind of annoying because I wanted to share with friends and family how excited she was. I wish I hadn’t spend the money to have him say her name and saved the money for a different app that you could hear her on.
Show more
3 years ago, Drake953728
My child hood
I remember when I was a kid my mom would downloaded this game to make me think I was talking to Santa she would always pay the 99c just so me and my sister could be happy but now she doesn’t do it even I know Santa is fake I go to the call so I can remember my child hood
Show more
4 years ago, HyperLunatic
Multiple kids
This app is great. I wish it could handle multiple children a little better, though. Currently, you need to select a single child and have the call. Then Santa calls back for the second child and says exactly the same thing. Hmmmmm. Suspicious?? A single call to both children would be useful.
Show more
7 years ago, Cc&Aj'sMommy
A talk with Santa
My 6 year old was very excited to video chat with Santa... good thing hes to young to notice that the responses did not match my son was saying to him and Santa didn’t even know his name you have to pay for Santa to know your child’s name that’s ridiculous I think I would pay for a more in- Ldepth detailed conversation but not for Santa to know my child’s name So for that I minus one stop
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