4.3 (1.6K)
94.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
10.3 or later
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User Reviews for Vikatan

4.27 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
5 years ago, cool_goose
Latest update is not supporting my old iPad
After facing few refresh issues I decided to reinstall the app on My old ipad which runs on ios 9.x . To my surprise I found that the latest version cannot be installed on old ipads anymore. This needs immediate fixing. My parents are the main users of this app and they are unable to use it from yesterday. Otherwise, this is a great app. Support old versions of ios on older iPads ASAP.
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3 years ago, Guru KPM
Happy reader
I like the app specially the book experience. I get access to old issues. So far no issues with navigation. No complaints. Thank you Vikatan team. Well done on app. Just on political stand stay as a journalist don’t seek your ideas. Compare to 10 years back the content quality went down. It’s supporting one side of parties more than other. Big kudos to IT team amazing job. If you get the social interaction story well Vikatan will become voice of Tamil.
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5 years ago, mcaravind
Subscription Issue
I renewed my yearly subscription last week through Apple Pay. But still am not able to access my subscription content until now. When reached out to their support they are asking for an invoice from Apple. Why do I need to provide evidence while they can simply verify their records if they think there was a problem with my transaction. Been a subscriber for years... while they are verifying their system they could simply grant temporary access to the content until its resolved. Any good business will do that. Losing faith! They just lost a subscriber. They are in mail order days in a digital age! Beware!!
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1 year ago, sha.adc
App broke after recent update
My mother used to use the app regularly on her iPad - iOS version 12.5.7 - and was happy until two months ago. We don’t know what happened but we think it’s one of the updates. The App started slowing down, getting worse every time and now it has become downright unusable. We uninstalled, cleared space and reinstalled. Now it is stuck in the red screen for a number of days. We are a long term customer and this is unacceptable. We don’t want to bad mouth but as a paying customer when something is not working, it leaves a bad taste
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2 years ago, nsram06
Not able to view older magazines
After updating to latest app version 4.2, I’m not able to view magazines of all months by scrolling as before. I’ve used filter option to view a particular magazine for a year and month (e.g. Ananda vikatan for August 2021). But I’m not able to see the edition for August 31, 2021. Looks like it’s assuming 4 weeks for a month.
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2 years ago, myvon
All good. App works very well
Well designed to read all magazines Update Dec 21 - Useless app updates & iOS app crashing Many fixes are made and the app is performing fine now. Lots of features missing from the previous version Suddenly the app is crashing. Not able to read magazines. It's not at all starting. Very frustrated.
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2 years ago, Gokul m
Paid money, but unable to read magazines
I subscribed to vikatan 3 year plan with iPad view. I am not able to open the magazines in iPad. I mailed the vikatan team, but no response. Better not to subscribe to ipad version. Apps having problem is not new. But there is absolutely no support. BEWARE
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2 years ago, RajeswariKuppusamy
Good to worse to worst
The app has become very worse.. if you just need advertisement to roll over, please go ahead; why bother to insert news articles between them? How many times to restart the app to read one news?
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6 years ago, Cashone
Did you even tested this app after redesigning?
App is freezing often in iPhone 6 Plus. Get a good UI designer. See how Flipboard is designed. The back button on the top left is too tiny to touch and blends with the background and becomes invisible-when the header background is light color.
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3 years ago, vivek_kar
No App support support for overseas
I am a subscriber of Vikatan since they started digital subscription. Features with the app and contents are great. Even though I am a lifetime subscriber I am currently not able to access the app due to inactivation of account. I don’t have a way to contact digital support via email/ phone to activate. App support phone number takes note of caller but never get call back. Above rating is related to support.
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2 years ago, Nivedasri
New App saves time to open articles
I like it If possible try avoid the ads based on premium paid customer and free readers Why would a paid customer listen to your AD? Thanks for listening
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2 years ago, Rekrish
Great pleasure
Sir , I am a senior citizen.I have made a best decision to subscribe it.I get to read all and keep myself up to date with current days. Thank you .I wish to suggest for sakthi Vikatan to make a series on shakthi peet temples and it’s stories. Thanking you, Revathy krishnamurthy.
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4 years ago, Singraja
Worst support
I renewed my subscription the start of the month in March and my account didn’t get updated. I wrote a review here 1st week of March and they responded by asking me to send an email or call a number. When I wrote to that email id with payment acknowledgement screen shot 15 days back they didn’t even acknowledge. I have been calling the number they provided almost daily and no one picks up. Does that mean I have to write off the 40$ to Vikatan??????? Where should escalate this?
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7 days ago, KPP1287
The comments section won’t load
The comments section of this app won’t show quite often almost every day and is consistent. To view comments again, I need to reinstall the app again or reboot my iPhone. I am not a big fan of the comments section as it allows derogatory words by few people who wants to tarnish the central government. Articles are very biased towards DMK and its allies always against the central government.
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6 years ago, surya goc
Nice App Redesign
Recent redesign of Vikatan app is very good and it has very clean look and easy to navigate to different areas and access all tabs. Bookmark option also available to use and that’s a good feature. Overall nice improvement!!
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2 years ago, rajas2022
App crashes
Of late, the app has been crashing a lot while clicking on newly published article links. This is frustrating to say the least.
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9 months ago, Santhoshdayalan
Very good UI and easy to use
Very nice formats and easy to use Loads properly and able to read with required font size As always vikatan’s news content are the best
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2 years ago, Timmy1071
Nice App easy navigate , read and review
Definitely improved from previous version, the current Vikatan app has ease of navigation and loads up fast.
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6 years ago, FeedbyG
App’s design is good but worst performance
The new app is terrible. Though the design is good and reading magazine without downloading are good features, but it keeps hanging whenever scrolling down the news. I strongly feel the loading of ads are the main reason. Why ads are allowed in my paid subscription?. Please fix this as soon as possible. I’m not happy at all with this new app.
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3 years ago, SKJ80
App doesn’t load had to reinstall.
I have been using the app for the past few years and I see that the app doesn’t respond or load the data when you use over a period is time(months). This happens frequently and had to delete and reinstall the app in the last few months.
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3 years ago, PRA77
Worst business tactics
Vikatan Management , Are you listening these many people comments...why should pay twice?..Let see all online magazine/newspaper subscriber plan.
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6 years ago, sai0301
App crashes when scroll to read
This has been there for a month app crashes and struck when we scroll the any to article to read
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2 years ago, Srisami
Landscape mode missing
Landscape mode missing for iPad. Please restore this without delay. I'll rate it with five stars once you do it. True, downloaded magazines can be read in landscape mode, but since this is an app for iPad, all the contents should be available in landscape mode. When you make that happen, I will then rate it with 5 stars.
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4 years ago, Alagu Narayanan
Notification issue
When notifications are clicked , it doesn’t take to the article . App keeps on loading , Nothing shows up !!
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5 years ago, kalpanaravi
Worst of App
This is one of the worst apps I ever used. The website is even more excruciating to make use of. In the name of providing more content, it’s filled with unwanted stuff, and it pretty much causes the page to not even open and respond in a timely manner. I despise myself for signing up for a multi year subscription, where it could have been used for some good cause.
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12 months ago, Light 50
No offline reading feature
Despite paying the price, this app doesn’t allow to see even the download books. I feel bad and feel this app useless since I can’t read anything offline, situation such as when flying. No comments on Vikatan, as such, it’s the leading weekly.
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2 years ago, Airaha M
App hangs frequently
The app hangs frequently. Had to close and reopen after several mins to make it work. Fix it please.
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5 years ago, sembian chai
Crash and how to avoid
I see many comments saying app hangs and crashes. Yes most of the time it happens while reading open articles. You can avoid the crash doing only scrolling down while reading articles but if you scroll up it will hang for sure. So while reading only go down and move towards up will freeze. It works for me and Vikatan app developers should fix this bug.
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6 years ago, Bhuvanesh Mani
Poor update
To the architect and developers of this new update, please fix the frequent crashing and scrolling issue. Cant read any article as its not allowing me to scroll down... i keep swiping up multiple times but nothing happens. Tried restarting multiple times but nothing worked. I stopped using the app altogether! Thanks for providing us such buggiest update! Previous version was lot better.
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5 years ago, Anand Subramanian
It keeps crashing! This has been happening for quite some time and still not fixed. On iphone.
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2 years ago, Padmanaban
It is not iPad friendly. iPad Rotation is not possible.
It is not iPad friendly. iPad Rotation is not possible. Previous version was good than the current version.
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5 years ago, Thesaar
The app is bad.
Whoever designed the iPad app is not a regular iPad user. It does not support orientation, it doesn’t allow bulk deletion of downloaded magazines and in general the new navigation is just plain bad. How do you introduce a new app and take away basic features? The reason for the second star is just that the app works, old one use to crash way too often.
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2 years ago, S_S-chennai
New version is user friendly
Old version is good, new version unable to delete the delete magazine
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2 years ago, NJ-mathy
Avoid ads from paid subscribers
Avoid ads from paid subscribers Please introduce night reading mode or darker background
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2 years ago, vikatakn
Thank you
Thank you for helping us stay connected to our home land through the app
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6 years ago, Balaji Raju
Very poor online subscription model
I have auto renewal of my subscription to Vikatan and thadam, but every time it is asking me to pay for it even after subscription amounts are deducted. Despite several emails to Vikatan still no response from them. The issue has been there for the past 6 months now and yet to be resolved, their helpdesk is useless, don’t subscribe anything online, beware. Balaji Raju
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2 years ago, ramins143
Crashes often
Vikatan app in iPhone crashes quite frequently
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5 years ago, VikatanReader
Unable to download incompatible
I am unable to download the app after the upgrade in July. It says the app is not compatible with old iPad. Please fix it, my mom used to read the magazines in iPad and it had the feel of reading a book. Although she can login through the website, it is not an easy interface to read the magazine. Fix the issue the app for older iPads.
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2 years ago, Costgogo
Lot of issues
1. Comments are not loading properly 2. Scrolling doesn’t work smoothly 3. The links with "இங்கே க்ளிக் செய்யவும்" taking to reopen the app rather than opening the pages. 4. Now introduced another layer of “premium” stories even after paid subscription, the pop ups are irritating.
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3 years ago, From USA For Vikatan
Tabs are not working properly
Vikatan has to improve the customer experience of App.
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5 years ago, Pieliker 2
Horrible update
Probably the worst ever app update I have ever seen in any app. Did you even try once before releasing? Doesn’t even deserve one star.
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5 years ago, hemikumz
Crashed so many times
The app are crashing so many times in iPhone. Very annoying...
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1 year ago, kkand29
Could improve renewal options
Despite of renewing my subscription to all magazines, it still asks to subscribe to magazines to read it. There are no proper FAQ s to solve this issue. There should be better ways to auto renew once payment is done.
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4 years ago, Vaskup
Completely unreadable fonts.
I can’t read much with the new UI updates. The fonts and the background contrast makes it very difficult to read. Please fix this ASAP. Thanks
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6 years ago, BalaTheBalaji
Suddenly hangs
1. The app gets hanged suddenly when reading articles. 2. When you try to share an article with some other apps, it’s sharing some other articles we didn’t tried to.
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5 years ago, Rajigeettt
Frequent crashes on iPhone X
App freezes, crashes on iPhones , especially if the page has embedded Ad forget about scrolling. Also the left and right nav buttons are not visible to iPhone X layout. Vikatan please take note majority of your app subscribers are outside India and iPhone is the top used phone.
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6 years ago, mando.ln
Please I want to get rid of ads
I’m subscribing to Vikatan magazine since last 3years. I will continue for more years to come. I’m paying you every year. Why the hell im seeing the ads on every news I read? I hate seeing ads when I see important news. Can we get rid of it ? At least those who pay you to read magazines? Please.
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5 years ago, Sentrraku
Freezes often
App navigation and content are nice but it freezes often when you read any article's. This bug has to be fixed
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4 years ago, AnandViru
Nicely Designed
I like the latest updated version. Navigation is easy and fast. Very nicely done !!
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5 years ago, Tipu The Great
Not at all User Friendly
Don’t know what happened to my subscriptions. In previous version navigation was easy, can easily change the font size. I am fairly a tech savvy person. Wonder how other online readers feel about it.
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