Viki: Asian Drama, Movies & TV

4.8 (400.9K)
96.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
ViKi Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Viki: Asian Drama, Movies & TV

4.77 out of 5
400.9K Ratings
2 years ago, Talia2468
i rarely ever write reviews. like ever. but tbh viki is so helpful. when it comes to watching a drama, and you want to know if youd like it or not, the descriptions are so much more helpful than “Two Girls. Trapped in a room. Can they escape?” or something like that. They actually explain stuff. And if thats not enough for you, there are discussions/reviews on the show! AND theres also a spoiler warning feature where if the review/discussion has a spoiler it will block the entire discussion and say “this comment has a spoiler in it” or something like that and gives you the chance to ignore the spoiler warning or not! and theres also a live chat while watching the show so if youre someone that NEEDS to discuss how you feel during a show thats perfect for you! if its too distracting though, you can always turn it off. theres also a learn mode, and it shows you the captions in the language youre watching in AND in the language of your choice. you can tap on characters/words and it would give you the definition. my only complaint about that is, its slightly too big and distracts a bit from the show. but its fine bc thats not why i bought viki anyway !! ALSO THE BEST PART:: MOST OF IT IS FREEEEE some shows are locked (you need the standard pass or the plus pass) but a lot of shows are free, NO CHARGE, NO ADS, NOTHING!! IN LOVE WITH VIKI !!!!! i promise you wont be disappointed if you get it 💪
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4 years ago, n.nnicole
I LOVE THIS APP read for some recommendations!
I’m addicted to this app so many great shows ! Definitely worth the money for the pass! If I may angels Last mission:love , to all the guys who loved me, W , while you were sleeping and suspicious partner, touch your heart, the liar and his lover , and Guardian:the lonely and great god are all 10/10 recommendations to watch! I have plenty of others but those are some of my top picks. The app itself works great for me I never have issues. I love that you can follow actors on there and see all the shows those actors specifically are in because there is a few actors I love and it makes it easy for me to see all the dramas they are in! That is one of my favorite features. Any show with kang ki young is usually hilarious he’s a funny actor I watched him in bring it on ghost and i could not stop laughing he’s usually in supporting roles but he’s great ! as for my favorite main actors are lee dong wook, yoo in na, lee jong suk, jung hae in, ahn jae hyun speaking of ahn jae hyun my love from the stars was good he was more of a supporting role in that one tho however none the less a good show ! OH LEE hyun woo in the liar and his lover SO GOOD! Anyways sorry I know I’ve rambled on if you read this all the way through your a champ thank you haha OH developer wise I’d love to see this app on Xbox one so I can watch it on there.
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3 years ago, viola mad
ALMOST PERFECT! One subtitle problem...
I love this app! First off, I LOVE that you can try out the app without committing even to a trial, by just watching some commercials. I watched two seasons of a show, completely free, before even starting my free premium trial. So great! I love the comments (although to make it even better, would be cool if they were live comments, like watching it together, rather than just time stamped with the show), I love that I can watch these shows with Spanish subtitles, and I love the shows that are available! I’m not a big tv watcher so I’ve never subscribed to any streaming service before because I could never see myself using it enough to justify the cost. I can definitely see myself using this enough to justify premium! One note though on the premium version: premium allows iPhone users to cast to a chrome cast, which is great because that’s what I have in my bedroom. However, when I cast the subtitles are white with no background like on the app or on the Apple TV, so at times they’re very hard to read. And I would also like the option to show or not show comments when casting as well, because sometimes I like to read them while I’m watching because they can be funny. But the comments is more of a suggestion, whereas I think the subtitles issue is a legitimate need for improvement in terms of accessibility with this app. Otherwise, this is a great app and I highly recommend giving it a go.
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3 years ago, GameMaster2525
I LOVEE IT BUTTT the ads :(
Don’t get me wrong it’s a great streaming server and I’m so glad they made it free but the ads !! I’m currently watching True Beauty and maybe it’s because it’s like new or something idk but I get an extreme amount of ads. I want to say I get one about every 10 minutes or so which is fine because that’s what cable TV usually does but when I leave the app to answer a text message or click on a notification and I open the app to continue watching where I left off I get an ad and a lot of the time it’s a 30+ second ad break and when the ad is finally over the screen goes black and the show doesn’t even play and the whole screen basically freezes :( idk if it is my device but it happens kinda often (even after I’ve rest my phone). When I go to close the app because the screen went black and I reopen it and click on the show it plays ANOTHER AD. I have no idea why this happens but that’s about the only problem I’ve been having. Other than that I loveeee the app and I loveeeee true beauty. I didn’t read the webtoon but after this I might because apparently there is a lot different from the show and the webtoon. But all around I would recommend this app to people I’ll just tell them to buy the no ads version or to do the 7 day free trial because the ads are kinda annoying 🤷‍♀️.
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2 years ago, Redd888
Subscription worth it; sadly can no longer AirPlay on my TV
I’ve been a member of Viki for over a year, even convinced a friend to get a subscription. We love our Asian dramas! With our differing tastes (she’s into Chinese period dramas; I enjoy contemporary K&J-dramas), there are shows and movies for every one. After plowing through ads during my trial period, I had become a member to enjoy the Viki library ad-free. I’ve had little to no problems with watching on my mini iPad or Samsung TV… However, I recently encountered AirPlay problems when trying to cast a show to my TV. It would play an episode, then after a few seconds it would automatically play the next one. After reading recent reviews, trying to troubleshoot (1. logged in/out of the Viki app, 2. checked WiFi network, 3. deleted/reinstalled Viki app), and researching in the Help Center, I read the AirPlay side notes that said something like AirPlay can only be used on Apple TV and also they’re no longer supporting certain devices and apps on the Viki app, like Samsung Smart TV and Screen Mirroring. (Search “supported devices” in the Help center of the Viki app.) If you really LOVE Asian shows and movies, download this app and pay for a subscription. If you prefer to watch them on a bigger screen, like your TV, hopefully it’s a supported device/app. Otherwise, you’re out of luck.
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5 years ago, MchlJmsCts
Almost perfect.
I love Rakuten Viki. There is a nearly overwhelming selection of quality, East Asian dramas and movies at one’s disposal 24 hours a day, and the cost of a subscription is more than worth the investment. However, I have 3 complaints: 1) Increasingly, it seems as though their servers are being overloaded, resulting in loss of connection or lag. 2) Not every Viki application works the same way. The Samsung, FireTV, and Xbox apps all differ in functionality, and one of those does not allow for subtitle adjustments. 3) My worst complaint, though, is that more and more often the volunteer translators are placing vulgar language in where it has no place. I speak a small amount of Korean, but my Korean-American girlfriend is fluent in that language, and we both are finding frequent examples of curse words though the actors and actresses are not, in fact, using epithets. Why do this? These foul-mouthed volunteer translators are turning many wholesome, family-friendly shows into R-rated entertainment. Who wants to hear the F-bomb out of context over and over in a romantic comedy? I can’t fathom the reasoning behind it. Otherwise, I take great enjoyment from the service and I hope it continues to be available for a very long time to come.
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5 years ago, Lilyyyyzzzzz
Needs improvements
I am a Viki standard Pass member and I really enjoy using the apps but there are a lot of flaws as well. I will be cancelling at the end of this year. First off, I will start by saying I have had a lot of issues with my ads even though I pay for Viki standard pass. I have opened up tickets but it takes so long to get this fixed. The selection of dramas are not great as well. There are a number of new dramas out recently but Viki only has a few of them. There also also a lot of design flaws within the app. The recently watched section shows each episode individually dramas you recently watched. Instead of listing the name of the drama. This makes it difficult to pick up where you left off if you finished the episode last time. You will have to click on her last episode then skip to the episode. Or if I am watching multiple dramas, then I need to show through the recently watched all the way to the other drama. I am addicted to I will watch 10 episodes in a day, then I have to scroll to find the other drama. The main page where they have top picks for you doesn't recognize when you have already finished a drama. The recommendations are dramas that I have already watched, making this page useless to me. If there are not improvements within the app, I will cancel when my 1 year membership is up.
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10 months ago, CJStar77
Great content, but crashes or freezes
I have had Viki for about two years in those two years I have had the Viki standard membership, but unfortunately I have had to cancel my subscription but kept my account. The main problem I am running into is the ads. I don’t mind them when they actually play all the way through. But there are certain ones that just refuse to play and then I am sitting and waiting for a 23 second ad that takes 10 minutes to play. It is frustrating, but we understand that you have to get revenue to keep the service free for those who cannot pay for the subscription. But if you could fix the ads from freezing that would be great. The show is 53 minutes long but it takes two hours to watch because a ad freezes up. And it’s not my internet. Update I just uninstalled the app probably for good they just updated it but now when you are watching a show either the ads freeze or the whole thing freezes and then the app shuts down. What was a great app is now so bad that unless you can afford the subscription is not worth having three hours of trying to watch one episode, and it is not my internet because I watch other streaming apps without any of the issues that I am experiencing with this app. I usually don’t leave a review but it’s gotten so bad since the update that I will probably not reinstall. Not unless they fix the bugs.
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11 months ago, Darrell Fitzy
Viki is my go-to entertainment app
Discovered Viki last year and it is a must-have app that offers a broad variety of enjoyable new and classic Asian programs. It is my #1 entertainment App that is portable as is available to go on my cell phone & tablet. I would, however, consider the idea of double checking the English translations for accuracy and better dialogue flow if Viki would contact me. These shows have opened my eyes to Asian cultures and customs that previously I knew little about especially: honorifics, formally confessing Love that seems so widespread with Asians, eating well and sleeping well, soju and wedding and funeral venues. The stunning outer beauty of Asian peoples as well as the inner beauty can be most compelling! It would seem people around the world are the same and we all want to enjoy the good things in life despite hardships and tribulations that sometimes we must endure. I for one enjoy a great story that is not laced with unnecessary and distracting profanity, sex and extreme violence. Viki has provided programming that doesn’t force me to clench my teeth! Thank you for expanding into the American market and keep it coming! I will continue to be your #1 Fan! :)
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3 years ago, wowgirl-😊😎🤑😜🤗
Good but I have a complaint.
First, I really love this app. I am not a pass member, but over all I would say I have a good selection of shows and movies regardless of that. I will say though I was in the middle of watching what’s wrong with secretary kim when it went pass and I was a little angry because I didn’t get to find out what happened. But ignoring that, the ads are my problem, I don’t believe it is anything on my end, but if you think so tell me, especially at the beginning of an episode, say when I am watching descendants of the sun, the show will appear as normal, but then I have to wait for a few seconds then it goes to the add, maybe it was something with the name like frontier? I don’t know, but the add WILL NOT PLAY, meaning I can not watch my show. It is incredibly frustrating, some times this happens, other times it doesn’t, but also recently, I will be watching the show, it will pause, so I will unpause it, then the add will play In the background of the show instead of me watching it. Either way, if there is something I am doing wrong please let me know because that is what’s happening right now so I wanted to tell you because I am frustrated, thank you please get back to me.
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3 years ago, DWnerd101
I LOVE this app, but I have one complaint
Viki is everything you could want and more, especially for those who obsessively watch Asian dramas a lot (like myself). I don’t mind having to pay for a membership every month, it’s not that big of a deal to me. But the one thing I don’t like about this app is that the membership only allows for you to watch certain things and takes away the ads. I feel that if you pay for a membership every month you should also be able to download content for offline viewing. In fact, I think that those who DON’T pay should be able to download and watch tv shows and movie also. Maybe that option has not been made available yet because it has something to do with translation and copyright, but that is something I would advise for those in charge to consider doing. I would gladly pay more for my membership if it included an option to download. I am unable to pay for unlimited data every month, and where I live it is not possible to pay for internet at my home, so I have to wait until I am at a public to catch snippets of a new episode that I’m dying to watch. I’m sure others would agree with me on this. No hate to the creators or those who handle this app, I still love it
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4 years ago, Lorns964
Updating needs fixing
I have noticed that if there is a kdrama that I watch several times, it gets flagged. A friend said that she was paying the minimum just to eliminate the ads. Then after awhile she could not watch certain dramas unless she upgraded to the plus. Since I did not want the aggravation, I got the plus right away. I understand that Viki needs to upgrade the app. But I have noticed that several times I would not be able to watch for almost a day even if you keep trying since “something went wrong, please try again” reason. Now I want to rewatch a drama, I can not since the app needs to be updated. So I go to the App Store to update but I could not update it in their version section even when I clicked on all the new. Why is it that it is only on one drama though? Is it because I have rewatched this drama a number of times? Is it because I have the Viki app on IPad and iPhone? I have also noticed that I could not watch on one device if I forgot to exit on the other device. I am getting frustrated with this app so I think I will cancel my subscription to Viki. What else could they sell me?
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3 years ago,
Best C-Drama app out there!
I have been using Viki to watch Cdramas since July of 2021, and I love it! The selection of dramas is fantastic- it has basically every show that I want to watch. It never kicks me out while watching dramas, the subtitles are never slow, and (although the ads were annoying), before I got the standard subscription, i appreciated that there weren’t ads every 5 minutes. I’d say it was more like maybe 2-3 ads every 15 minutes. The subscription is super worth it, though. Even if you only watch jdramas or cdramas, it’s still worth it. Although there aren’t very many standard shows/movies for cdramas, it’s much more enjoyable to use the app without annoying ads. I sometimes browse their kdramas, and although I haven’t watch any myself, they have such a gigantic selection of them! Way over 1,000. If you’re into kdramas, then this is the app for you. I prefer Viki over iqiyi and youku mainly because the variety of cdramas on Viki is so much more diverse and they have well over 500 dramas to choose from. Overall, I’d recommend Viki to anyone who loves Asian dramas! 5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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5 years ago, Katera2017
Good App!
I first found this app when I was trying to find a place to watch “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.” I really like this app! Not only can I watch Kdramas, but also other shows from Thailand or China. I like that you can turn off the times comments because I find them distracting. I also enjoy the cute little names they give the translators for the subtitles! Having the learning feature is pretty neat too! I only have two minor issues with this app. First off is the variety of ads. I understand that since I’m using the app for free I have to sit through ads, but sitting through the same three ads for over an hour gets annoying. The only other issue I’ve had was for one of the shows I was watching, it didn’t have all of the episodes. I couldn’t find the last two episodes anywhere else and was sad that Viki did not provide all of them. But that only happened once. Otherwise all the other shows have been complete! I use this app a lot. Since I’m in college and have some down time, it can be nice to just pull up the app and watch the shows! All in all, it’s worth downloading!
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5 years ago, Deefallen22
I have been a paid member for a few years now
So Viki was the first app I had ever used to watch Korean drama and loved it at first ! While Viki and dramafever at one point were the only apps that had really had good and current content I ended up only choosing Viki and upgraded to the Viki pass and have religiously paid for the service for a couple years, here is the turning point for me and why I Probably will end up canceling! So all the people who have been with you early on you now decide that we have to upgrade again and now have very limited access to any current shows or even past shows you have to wait almost a month to watch ??? This is absolutely a slap in the face especially since you are now basically the only contender since dramafever is now gone, which I only know because along with allot of other members we are all probably super frustrated and tried looking for other good apps to watch our favorite dramas! I understand that apps do need to charge a membership fee to keep things rolling and pay your employees but let’s not slap all the members that have already been subscribed and basically take all the content that was available before and now say you can’t watch anymore unless you pay more ! I just think that’s an awful way to treat your customers ?!
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4 years ago, ha f a
This is a great app but some problems
So I just started using this app at first it was going smoothly. With a little problems here and there nothing really major. Than I decided to switch up the show I was watching. The new show I was watching was also working smoothly until. I got to the second ad it started to glitch and it had done that before. That means I really wasn’t surprised so I closed out the app like usually. Than I went back on the app thinking that it has had enough time to kinda work through the problem like it usually do. This time it didn’t I went back on the show and I thought it was fine because it started to load up the show but than it went to the ad. It was just frozen and I was confused but I thought I could go to sleep and wake up to it working smoothly again. The next day I woke up and it was still doing the same thing . I have reset my phone, re-download the app and even signed out and signed back on but nothing works . The screen is just frozen on that one ad and I don’t know what to do to get rid of that . I even tried restarting the episode but it just keeps taking me back to that ad screen. Please work out this issue because I really enjoy using this app,
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4 years ago, Marzia_W
One of the best apps to watch Asian dramas in
Viki has variations of different Asian dramas and even includes some of the dramas that aren’t in many Asian drama sites. Now this might seem enough but a lot of people seem to complain about the ads etc. but every other site has the same options just as a premium membership where there isn’t any ads. Viki does have the viki pass Standard/Plus but If you cant afford it there is solutions to getting it which viki gives. One is getting the free trial to see If you want to get it later or Two which is doing translations, this is one of the most unique thing I’ve seen, Volunteering to do subs and It includes every language there is. This is good for people to get practice into translating and not only that but viki gives special perks one being the viki pass. If you can’t afford it then don’t complain just work for it. Everyone knows one to two languages. You can also learn a language with the learn mode on which is really helpful for practice. I don’t see how this is bad, 10/10 rating for this app!
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3 years ago, Debstermta
I love Viki but it needs some improvements :(
Although I love the app, before I bought a standard pass it would glitch a lot. It wouldn’t save the episodes I was on and I would have to start the show from the beginning. I thought it was because my Internet but I was wrong and then decided to buy the standard pass for a month. I realized how Little it was glitching. I thought that’s what fix the problem, but that was not it if I try to fast forward or even go back I can’t unpause it and I have to restart my whole phone for it to work again. I thought this was just because my phone was broken or something but then I tried it on a relatives phone and it did the same thing. It’s just really annoying to spend 20 minutes trying to fix it. I’m not sure why it won’t unpause when I fast forward, I am also not sure if anyone has this problem. I always mirror screen dramas on my TV and it’s really hard to watch when it keeps disconnecting when I fast forward. Most of the time it won’t even connect to my TV and I will just load or I won’t even have a pause button. I don’t know I just think the app needs some bug fixes because it is has a lot of lag.
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4 years ago, Beeb102890
Love Viki
I love this app so much! I rarely have issues with connection, etc. I have the Viki Plus membership and it doesn’t go to waste, especially this year. My only complaint, is when you are looking for a new show in your watch list, you click on the show to read the description, you might decide you want something else. If you decide to go back and keep scrolling through your list, it automatically goes to the start of this watch list instead of going back to where you chose the last show. Makes it hard to go through multiple to read the description....and sometimes you accidentally click on something and bam, you have to start over. My watch list is very long, so it takes too long to scroll. The format also seemed to have changed. There are times when I want to read about a cast member when watching the drama, but if you click on the cast button now, you can click on one person and when you click out, it takes you to the home page. It wasn’t like that before, you could easily go back and forth, so I’m not sure what happened there. This is the best app for watching your favorites!
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4 years ago, Atouraia
Subtitling delay
The only thing about Viki gets two stars it’s the subtitling. If you can only upload episodes when they are done being subtitled this would make your app beyond good. Don’t worry about being fast to load new dramas, new episodes or movies just because they on air. Because not all of us speak nor understands Korean and Chinese so uploading the episodes it’s not doing any good but makes us to lose the interest and frustrated. But if you upload anything with the sub then it makes us interested to follow the story without getting board. And I believe that you created viki app for your English speaker fans not fit the native speakers so if I’m right them pleases consider my suggestion to you. I as one of your English speaker fan will be satisfied and happy if I can watch all my dramas already subbed and I rather to wait for them to be done with English sub then just to watch the pictures. Other than that I love your app and I appreciate your good job and time. Also I thank all your staff and your translation team. Thank you for all your hard work.
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3 years ago, qrvskz
Keep your humanity.
I rarely write reviews, especially bad ones but this is just insane. The app has a great selection of dramas but there are times when dramas all of a sudden switch to Standard or Plus so you could be in the middle of binging one and you can’t watch it anymore. The worst part is the ADS. I understand that’s how Viki makes its money but 6-9 ads in a row after every 10 minutes of an episode is preposterous. There are often 30 second NON-SKIPPABLE ads too. You could literally spend nearly 5 minutes watching ads after watching every 10 minutes of a drama. Not to mention there are times the ads pause and buffer or the screen turns black and it doesn’t even play. I really have to WAIT for the ad to run smooth so I can get back to the drama. It’s gotten worse and worse over the years. I’d say to keep it to 3 in a row MAX and 30 second ads should be skippable after 5 seconds of watching. If this keeps getting worse I may just stop using the app completely. One other suggestion I’d give is for a “drama” filter because right now there are only “TV” and “movie” ones but I’d like to filter out the variety shows. Otherwise the app runs relatively smoothly/ok and is organized well.
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3 years ago, catkitty1234
The best place for subtitles, but…
So, Viki is literally the only choice I have or am willing to use for subtitles because I trust their teams’ translation into other languages. I love it and the large variety it has of different series and movies from many Asian cultures, which is mainly why I use it so much. However, the subscription packages and their prices are not worth it. I can’t go back and watch my favorite dramas after a while because they’re limited to ‘standard’ or ‘plus’ access, which is honestly very disappointing. With the price and all, plus the economic state of the world at this point, I think I’ll just stick with the free version 😅. With most movie/show-related platforms these days, everything seems to have ‘plus’ side only for those who can pay for it, and unfortunately it seems Viki is no different. I get why they are charging for membership-like subscription packages and all, but it’s just a little frustrating to attempt to return to a drama after a while only for a few episodes to be free and limits to the options I have when using it.
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5 years ago, Sornbutterfly
Staying with Viki after all these years!
I have to say, I have used Viki for many years now and seen a lot of changes. Somethings about Viki from my personal experience. When you contact them, they respond. I messaged them on their Facebook Page and got a very detailed response. Also if you request new content they will tell you if they can or can’t get a show. It may take time for them, but if they say they will get it, they get it. You won’t find this amount of content on another site in my region. The subs are done by teams, at least they were. So an upload is raw, then a percentage shows on the thumbnail of how much has been subbed. This is apparently a hard thing for some users to understand, so an explanation of this would be nice for newer users, being that the ratings of shows and this app could suffer, simply because of misunderstanding. So any new users reading this, a new episode is usually 100% subbed within 24- 48 hours. I watch unsubbed and then subbed after. Great way to test your language skills as well, if you’re trying to learn.
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6 years ago, Omalleygal
VIKI Current Business Model includes lying to its clients! I WAS watching some great performances on a recent drama called Golden Life. However, I’m really disappointed in Viki plusplus or whatever Roku calls it . It is clearly just a way to get us to pay more for what we use to get with the basic fee. DBut now that we are sucked into this lovely drama, they tell us wait 13 days for the next episode, unless we pay a lot more money. Sorry writers and Golden Life crew - after years with Viki , I may cancel my membership if this new business model continues. THIS APP IS currently ratted 4.7 out of 5. I SUGGEST THAT IS BASED ON PAST PRACTICE AND NOT THE new business model recently introduced which as mentioned is a rip-off. I watched through episode 42 and then was notified to see 43 I would have to upgrade or wait 13 days. a few days ago it was going to be six days to see 43 Today I checked and viewers after me now need to upgrade or wait several days to see Episodes 41 and 42. AND episode 43 IS AGAIN WAIT 13 DAYS OR UP GRADE. Just disgusting business practices.
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3 years ago, Catherine the non great
amazing but has one problem
i absolutely love this app and would definitely recommend to those who want to watch multiple dramas of different languages! it gives you a good amount of free dramas and movies to watch + has a reasonable number of ads for free watchers. the app does have one bug/problem/glitch to it so im going to say what it is bc it’s annoying me a little. ads are freezing and glitching. certain ads freeze on me and i have to exit the app to be able to continue watching my drama/movie. it annoys me because only a few of the ads do that, why cant none do that? i won’t hate on the app for this because it has many various amounts of dramas for me to watch(and i’m desperate😁). but whenever i leave the app so i can exit the frozen ad, the drama brings me way back(further)than where i was watching(before the ad) so when i had to fast forward to get to where i was, it made me still watch the ad. the SAME one that kept on freezing so i’d have to exit one or more times to be able to get a different ad and continue my episode. uh before i started writing this, it happened so i wanted to report my problem in some way. i understand that no app can be perfect but i do hope that this could be fixed!
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4 years ago, linh012345
too many subscription shows
so i've had this app for a while and it was great, but recently a lot of the kdramas that i wanted to watch became premium. i don't know why it suddenly changed but now i have a bunch of unfinished dramas that i cant watch anymore (one of the main reasons i got this app was to watch those dramas without paying.) it would be better to make the shows that were free a while ago still free instead of changing so many of them to premium. another problem is the ads. whenever i use this app on my phone, i usually get only a few ads or sometimes even none. i really liked that part about viki, but on tv or my macbook, there's so many ads. when i was watching SKY castle, there was an ad every 10 MINUTES. this was seriously annoying, since a lot of the same ads were played over and over again (it was to the point that i memorized the ads and could quote them.) there's also an ad every time you have to skip to a certain part (so if i forget how much of an episode i watched, i could end up watching at least 5 minutes of ads.) and although if you sign in it saves how much you watched, that's only if you're 13 and older. i got this app when i was 12.
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3 years ago, Debk63
5 for content -3 for technology
I used to love this app. They have the best content for Kdramas, but starting about a month or so ago the subtitles got out of sync when using Chromecast (works fine on my phone & iPad, but who wants to watch it on small screens). The subtitles now show way before the lines are spoken. I thought it was only affecting the older content, but I tried watching Youth of May, which just came out in May and it has the same problem. I watched one show in spite of this issue, but it was impossible to enjoy. It's so confusing when you can't figure out who's speaking. I tried to go to the Help Center to see if I could find out what the problem was and if there was something I could do on my end to fix it, but it's unavailable right now. I wish Viki would put the movie rental business on hold until they could fix the issue that their paid subscribers are struggling with. I'm about to cancel my subscription until it's fixed. What's the point in paying for something that I can't use. I'll just have to settle for Netflix.
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5 years ago, Hwolf13
It had potential
I came over from Dramafever in hopes to still enjoy my dramas. At first it was pretty good, I paid for the American Plus Oass with Kocowa and thought that I would have access to all the shows that related to Kocowa. This however was wrong. The problem began with the app not letting me watch Kocowa shows saying I was not paying for that, but I was and I checked with Apple to make sure that I was. I was going to contact them about that but decided to wait about a week in case it was something in the app that they were trying to fix for others too. That didn’t happen, and today an addition problem arose. Now I am getting advertisements throughout my shows. This is clearly not acceptable if I am paying $9.99 to not get adds and to watch the shows I want. Anyways I have emailed them, and until they respond to this issue I will leave this comment here. I have heard that some others have tried to email Viki but got no response. So if I don’t either, I will be unsubscribing and getting a refund from Apple.
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4 years ago, Kamigirl
Was great but each update removes a way to know new episodes are uploaded
I would have said a few years ago that this was the best app, but they keep removing things that made it easier to use. They used to have a calendar feature that would show what shows had new episodes for that day and you could select different days, but hats gone. They used to also list when you went into a series the dates new episodes update, but that’s gone too. If you’re trying to find a way to watch newest episodes good luck. You gotta click into every series and open episodes list to see if a new episode has been posted. This is frustrating. It also used to show what series are available and not available for your region in the search, but now you don’t know unless you select the series and then see there are no episodes. There are also shows that have not had subtitles completed for over 4 years, so be careful about a show you choose because you may never get subtitles. It has a lot of great series, but the app features take away from that and often lead me to using a different app to watch/search shows.
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4 years ago, bbqlover01
Amazing App!
I’ve been using Rakuten Viki for several years now, and it’s always the first place I go when I want to watch really any Asian show/movie. The quality and subtitles are very good and they have several new and old shows (in SEVERAL different genres) so you’ll never get tired of it. A lot of people complain about the timed comments, but I really enjoy them and I think they are a great addition to the app. For anyone who reads this and does not like them or finds them distracting, please just turn them off. There are quite a few times people think the comments are live, but that is not the case (telling people to be quiet won’t do anything). And one thing I was very surprised about, is the subbers (the people who add subtitles) work very fast and I was really impressed by them. But overall, I really like this app as it has everything I could genuinely ask for in a streaming app. Good job developers, and new streamers don’t forget to thank the subbers once the show / movie is over!
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4 years ago, NarutoFans01
Good app but some issues
I want to start by saying this is a really, really nice app. It has a lot of great features including live comments and easy rewind/forwarding capabilities. That said, I have a particular issue with the app. For some reason, when I’m watching videos, it does not show my episode history under “Continue Watching”, on the app. So if I’m binge watching a series for example, if I leave in the middle of, say, episode 6, it doesn’t show me what episode and what part I stopped at. I have to hunt for the series all over again and then remember the episode I stopped at and then forward through the scenes I remember I watched. Sometimes if I go back a few days later, I don’t remember the episode # and that’s a bigger headache. It’s even worse if I’m watching multiple series. I’ve put in a ticket, with no response on it. Update: I thought this issue was cured when I’m using cellular data. But that’s not the case. Whether on WiFi or on cell data, it doesn’t update properly on the app. Sometimes it doesn’t update on the website either but for the most part the website keeps better track of watched episodes even though I’m watching on the app. Hope that makes sense.
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3 years ago, I lazuli
Love it!
My go to site for anything K-drama or C-drama! I rather watch subtitled shows on Viki than anywhere else. Which makes it kinda disappointing that Netflix is getting dramas as well. Not a big fan of Netflix subbers. They take out the culture of a drama that are gleaned from the spoken language most of the time. I don’t speak or write either Chinese or Korean but I spent over a decade of watching Asian dramas...over 2 decades actually if I didn’t want to reveal my age, heh! But anyways... I love this app. It’s easy to use. I’d say the only con for it would be the rewatching of a series. I’m the type that gets very impatient so I would most of the time skip the ending credits and go on to the next video. The problem with that is, if I were to start a series all over again, the episodes won’t start at the beginning. I would play an episode and when that is over, skip to the next video only for it to start at the ending credits of that video. That gets annoying real quick. Especially, when I have to deal with a lagging internet.
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2 years ago, mbel671
No longer able to cast to Samsung TV and LG TV via Airplay
The app has been great until about a week ago. I am no longer able to cast to my Samsung TV and play through a show. Intermittently it will connect to the TV but as soon as the episode plays, it will skip to the next episode and it will just spin. I tried with 3 different iOS devices and all have the same issue. This has never been an issue until about a week ago. I don’t have any issues casting other applications with the same devices. I also am able to cast to my LG TV fine. The issue started happening with the Samsung TV. UPDATE - the issue started happening on my LG TV as well a couple of days after I posted this review. Just to clarify, I’ve had Viki Pass Plus for almost a year and casting via Airplay to my Samsung TV and LG TV worked absolutely fine all the way up to about mid March. I’ve tried all the troubleshooting tips that were provided with no success. I am now seeing multiple folks posting about this issue in Viki’s support forum, and the posts are being marked as solved when it is clearly not solved. My subscription is due to expire next month and if this is not solved, it will not be worth renewing my subscription.
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4 years ago, Chris760
Too many ads
don’t get me wrong this is a really good app. for free you can watch a variety of shows, but there’s just too many ads. for example, i have been watching i-land and flower of evil. the episode are about an hour or so and for every five minutes there’s an ad. but it’s not just one or two ads, it three to four. for every five minutes you are going to be seeing three to four ads, and i rarely see one to two ads. even when i want to pick up where i left off, i have to watch three to four ads as well. it had occurred multiple times where i pick up close to an ad, and as soon as the first couple of ads are over, i have to wait for three to four more to play. like seriously? sometimes i even get frustrated with the amount of ads that i don’t even want to watch the show anymore. yes i understand i’m not paying for viki pass, but the ones who don’t pay should also enjoy their show without as many interruptions. i recommend that ads should be shown every ten or fifteen minutes maybe even twenty. just to make the viewers experience better. thank you.
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3 years ago, M*n*a*
Great! But..
It’s a great app with a variety of shows and the membership is a reasonable price because of all you can watch with it however the adds are WAY over the top. I get it if you don’t pay for the membership you get adds every application has that but this is just over the top. I clicked on a series and it gave me three non skip adds each about 30 seconds long and I was like ok that’s fine but I was already farther into the series so I wanted to fast forward it and it gave me the same 3 adds when those were finally over not two seconds later it started showing the same 3 adds again like this is insane. No other app has this many adds. I’m planning to get the membership in august but now I’m just getting upset to the point I don’t want to watch anything on it anymore because it’s so annoying. If you decide to watch an hour of shows on this app chances are you’ll get 45 minutes of adds and only 15 minutes of shows. It’s a great app but they could use some improvements so that’s why I can’t give it a higher rating
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3 years ago, Trickedtowatch
Was a good app until
Yes it was a good app for the 3 years I had it everything was mostly free which is good. For someone who has to save money...but now I have been noticing that some of the series I have been watching. are now locked which is really annoying. When before I was able to watch half of the episode of let’s say 10. But when I come back to it it has a lock key on it. I’m like ok guess I can’t finish the series now & move on to any other..but it’s the same I get half way through a series & it’s locked the next day. When before all the episodes where free. That has been happening a lot for the pass 4 months. I’m guessing this app won’t be free to watch anymore which is disappointing because I really liked the app in the beginning . But whatever guess it was good while it lasted. I just wanted to watch Color Rush but it’s locked too. Guess I need to find another app. I wish they would unlock a series that has already been on the app for a year. so other people can watch it for free even if it has annoying ads. I would have recommend this app but not anymore. To much locked dramas that are unwatchable to us with little money to spend.
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6 years ago, yer☝️negst➡️door🚪nabor👴
OMG!!! I LOvE iT!!!!!!
This app!!!!! I can’t get over it’s AMAZING QUALITIES!!!! The adds are in the best places!!!! IT makes you WanT To keEp watChinG The sHow! It is oVeraLl the beSt app I havE foUnd tHat letS me wAtch whAt eVer shOws I waNt tO WatcH, anD have a lOt of fRee contEnT!!!!! If yOu can’T find a show thAt’s free, nEveR fEAr, JuSt Look elSewHere. DoN’T waSte Your TimE beiNg NeGitiVe AbouT It, aNd givIng Bad reVieWs, JusT MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE!!! ADds arEn’t the eNd OF ThE woRLd, dON’t BE DUmB!!!! YoU JusT Don’T wANt tHeM to KNow How muCh you enJoyed The apP, ‘cUz this APp iS SimpLy fLawLesS. I dOn’T thInk THaT ThIs aPp CouLd Get BetTer, I hOnesTly thInK ThAt aLl aPPs sHouLd LeaRn fRom thiS aPP, becAUse I liKE hOw tHEy teLl yoU evErYthiNg aBouT thE sHOw, foR InsTanCe, tHe CaSt, and thE DetAiLed DeScriPtiOns aBouT thE shOw, you caN EveN hAVe disCusSioNs wiTh OTheR peOple who aRe watChinG The sHow aS weLl. If yoU ThinK aBouT it, theIr aPp is JusT so gOod, thAt yoU’rE JealoUs. anYwAy, I enJoY thE app, and SO SHOULD YOU. JeAlOusY iZ BaD feR yEr HeaLtH. Stay HealThy, anD HAVE A GOOD DAY!! -yer☝️negst➡️door🚪nabor👴
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5 years ago, KitCatRN81
Latest update August 2019
So upset right now. I was watching a drama and as it was going to the next episode it froze. I closed the app, updated it today, now it won’t long me back in. Every time they update the app, it takes time to get it back to working, 30 mins later I still can’t get back in the app. Very frustrating. I used to use DramaFever before its untimely demise and then paid double to sign up with viki because I have the plus plan and it still has software issues. All these crashes are not worth $100 a year. October 2019 yet again. Whatever update there was did not help. Right now I can open the app but it fails to play an episode. It keeps saying “error retry”. I never had this problem with DramaFever and you could download episode to watch when there was no service. I have been trying to watch a katana for the last 20 minutes but the app continues to fail. If it wasn’t because it’s the only app I can use right now to not watch ads I would have left it a long time ago. I do have to admit that the selection is getting better. Many more dramas are available now that when I first signed up.
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5 years ago, Cup of Tae+Suga+Kookie=ME
I love this so much but..
Well, I love this really but the first time I came across this I was wondering, “Are these videos made from KOCOWA?” I never got the answer. I noticed that they also have ads that you can’t skip very often. I really like this app but the thing that annoys me is the ads that keep popping up and I can’t skip it. The thing I’m worried about is that if I’m watching a sad scene, the ad will just pop up randomly and disturb the moment. I’ve had KOCOWA recently and this app and KOCOWA was really similar. I downloaded this because it had more ratings. Specifically I was looking for a Korean tv show app that is possible you could skip ads. Like I said, I really enjoy this app. I would’ve given it 5 stars but it’s not exactly what I expected. I really hope you make some kind of change to ads like being able to skip them. KOCOWA also did the same thing. I really really LOVE this app but in my mind it is a 5 star rating for me!
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4 years ago, Brow_ie
Honestly pretty good
first of, I downloaded the app because I’m a fan of kpop, And I want to know more about the Korean culture, Movies, Food, etc. So as soon as I download it, It makes you choose an account. And makes you put some other stuff that I forgot. But it’s honestly not that bad as people over-dramatically tell their ‘experience’. But I’m giving you who’s looking at my review, A tour. You get granted with a lot of cool looking dramas. (You also get you choose what you want to watch btw) there’s like dramas, romance 🌚💅, Korean drama, comedy, action, adventure, EVEN ANIME BRUH LIKE THATS NOT RLLY NEEDED BUT ITS KINDA GOOD DOE! There’s even arts and crafts and beauty like what bro- and also! When you enter like a drama or whatever you wanna watch there’s like funny comments aswell, And there’s REVIEWS on the drama. Next is when you click on me, You see like follow your favorite actor, But y’all can do that yourselfs. And I don’t want this to be to long, but there’s also ADS THAT ARE ANNOYING! So that’s my only complaint, hope this helped a bit. Now go read another review
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6 years ago, P.O.inHI
Not all episodes of each series you watch will have subtitles. Nothing is more frustrating than watching an episode of a movie only to discover some parts have subtitles and some don't. Even more enraging is watching an entire series then finding out that the final episodes DO NOT have ANY subtitles! I paid to watch AND understand Korean dramas. Viki is clearly misrepresenting their app and the service they provide. Equally frustrating is that VIKI HAS THE WORST CUSTOMER SUPPORT TEAM. The NEVER get back to you whenever you report a problem. All they do is send you the same computer generated email with a different reference number each time you report a problem. Their email basically states that "due the rise in help requests, it may take some time to get a response from them". I guess a lot of people are having problems not just me, because I've been asking for help for over 2 weeks now.
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6 years ago, Taylor50671
Continue your apps
So I used to pay for Viki pass until I realized that I literally could not watch my dramas anywhere besides my phone and computer. Viki has discontinued all their apps for the Samsung smart tv and the Xbox and those are the only two things I have to stream apps. I’m someone who likes to watch things on the big screen and having to connect my computer to an hdmi cord is just so tiring. It actually pisses me off. If you want more people to pay for Viki Pass, make yourself more available to more people. You say that you can stream these dramas anywhere with just the Viki but I’m afraid that this isn’t true as you have discontinued almost all of your apps. It’s useless. Besides having all your apps discontinued, it’s a good app. I use it to watch a lot of great shows like W and While You Were Sleeping, but when I want to watch on the tv so that I can get more comfortable, I have to watch on Netflix which is horrible because all Netflix has are the shows about teen girls fawning over men. So can the creators of Viki just make themselves more available to people like me who have an Xbox/Samsung Smart Tv?
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3 years ago, rafaelykarla
I really love dramas
I feel that the stories are so real that I can get lost in them in every innocence of love and adventure that in current novels, and I like to know the type of life in other places or customs but I also wish it was only in dramas not in the real life, but the landscapes and places have always been beautiful so every time I am fond of knowing which drama I am going to start, but on the other hand a little disappointed because I start by seeing the subtitles in my native language and I end up watching them or wanting to understand them in the language English I think that they should only finish the whole series in the my language that begins in my case is Spanish and it is unfortunate that in the middle or some episodes they cannot be read in the language in which it begin , I hope they can correct it thanks… .. and let dramas continue like this
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3 years ago, It's sooooo cool
These one star reviews are ridiculous.
Honestly get over yourselves. Complaining about ads and free content?? I understand that your favorite drama may have been put on premium only or whatever but there are so many good dramas that are FREE!! For example W, My Sassy Girl, Level Up, 100 Days My Prince, Mischievous Kiss, He Is Psychometric, Boys Over Flowers, Go Go Squid!, Love In Time, You Are My Destiny, do I need to go on? So what you have to sit through a total of 7 minutes of ads, you’re getting an hour worth of content. Grow up and stop expecting everything to be handed to you for free. You watch ads for content and companies make money but putting the more popular shows on subscription only. It’s really only the newer popular shows. The only problem I have with this app is that the ads don’t load which forced me to buy standard subscription. But other than that it’s very good.
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3 years ago, Molove522
Love it but still needs fixings
Ok, I like the new design very nice but I have been noticing a few issues for a while that could be fixed. Such as the information section about each show. I noticed that when you go into some series or movie the Regions is not available at the top. The same goes for the total episodes and available episodes. Some series show that information and some do not. There are times I need to Google the total episode amount so I can see how many episodes still need to be aired. It will be great if the same information format is followed throughout the app. I have the new Apple TV which I downloaded Vicki and logged in, when I go to shows I watched it shows I didn't watch it. The Apple TV Vicki version does not match the iPhone or iPad version their not in sync at all. It will be wonderful if they were. I am a Vicki Pass Plus subscriber so it will be great to have these issues resolved. Thank you so much
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3 years ago, Lovegames44
Close to perfect
The app runs smoothly, it never crashes and it’s UI is definitely one of the best. I’m giving it 2 stars though for two reasons. The first being the placement of the English subtitles for shows made in mainland China. I understand that all mainland China shows come with Chinese subs and you can’t remove them, but WHY would you place the English subtitles that are a small white print, directly on top of the white Chinese print!? It’s absolutely absurd!! If you’re going to do that then at least make the background of the English subtitles COMPLETELY opaque not just semi-opaque like it is now! Or put them above or below the Chinese subs like all the other apps do! I avoid using this app for that reason alone. The other app I use the most to watch Asian shows has a horrible UI and not as many shows but at least I can read the subtitles. Second, I really wish you offered the ability to change the playback speed. Not being able to change the playback speed is a very minor complaint compared to the inability to read the subtitles but it would be a very nice addition.
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4 years ago, uwuyeet
Asian Netflix
This app allows me to watch all the asian shows and movies I cannot see on Netflix. It’s truly a great app. It even provides amazing subtitles! Some things that are not so awesome though, you sometimes have to wait till the new episodes are unlocked if the series is on going. Unless you are not premium you have to wait. They also have some ads, but not a crazy amount. They are annoying in the way that the same crying window ad plays over and over or etc. and some things I watch are not available in my country, please fix this. Even though it’s very few shows I would like to freely watch them without having to go on a hunt for an app that I can watch my show on. I think this app would get a 5 start rating if they removed ads and would let me watch certain shows in my area. I don’t mind waiting for some episodes or movies till they unlock, but please, to the developers take my requests in consideration to bettering the app and the rating.
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6 months ago, O’Cheallien
Great Customer Support!
I wanted to leave a review for your Customer Support. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I was having trouble with reading the subtitles on my tv app and was unable to adjust the size, font or other settings so I could adequately read and enjoy what I was watching. Becoming frustrated, after doing everything that I could think of to resolve the issue for myself, I sent an email to Customer Support pleading for help. This was on a weekend morning and I was prepared to have to wait for a response. To my GREAT surprise, I had a response within 9 minutes!! The young lady (Joy) who replied was incredibly friendly and provided crystal clear directions for what steps to take to resolve my issue. I had been on the right track with my original troubleshooting, but she was able to give me some further instructions to get it working. Best Customer Support I have dealt with in a long time!
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4 years ago, Qween Of Stars
Great App But Just Needs A Few Adjustments
I have been using viki for about a year now and it is a wonderful app. Compared to the other ones I’ve used such as DramaFever and Kocowa, Viki is by far my favorite. However, I do wish that in addition with the Viki Pass came the option for watching your favorite shows offline. As I am a person who travels a lot, sometimes, my wifi could be a little iffy causing me to not be able to watch my favorite shows. However, if the option for watching them offline was available, this would not be a problem. I do hope that in the near future, this function will be added. The reason as for why I took off a star is because sometimes, I do experience ads even though I have already watched the number of ads needed to continue on with my video. While I do understand that this could be fixed by buying the Viki Pass, I am hesitant to do so because the option for watching the shows offline is not available.
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4 years ago, lyntnicole
Everything is Locked now
I’ve had Viki now since a little before DramaFever was shut down (RIP) and for the first time ever, I’m thinking about canceling my membership entirely. They have locked almost all the kdramas on the app (new and old)— so now you have to pay double to unlock them. It wouldn’t be as bad if it were just new shows...but they have included older shows as well!! I was in the process of watching a few shows (& had many on my watchlist) I come back and they are all locked!!! Do you know how frustrating that is!??? I’m looking for new platforms now. I gave this app 2 ⭐️ because of the history I have with it. Great shows and things but unless you update to the higher tier one, you are limited in many things you watch. Also I hear that the subbers (people who do the subtitles) aren’t getting paid if I were to pay extra, where is my money even going? Idk. I’m hurt over this. Truly. But if you’re rich lol (not really, just have money to spare) and can afford the new full access version , I’m sure you’ll love it.
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