3.7 (85)
12 MB
Age rating
Current version
Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
10.3 or later
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User Reviews for VirginiaDMV

3.74 out of 5
85 Ratings
4 years ago, masojan
My app doesn’t open and says there is not internet connection, even though my phone is connected to the internet.
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2 years ago, EliasHDTV
100% Recommend If You Want To Get Your Learners Permit
If you need something to study to get a learners permit, then I highly, highly recommend download the app and using the Driver’s Study Guide that is in the Manuals & Practice Exams. The questions & answers are equivalent to what you’re going to see when you take the test & this app helped me not only passed the test first try but also get 100% on both the traffic sign, signals and pavement marking questions and general knowledge sections of the test. If it wasn’t for this app, I would have failed the learners permit test & would be struggling to study for it. I’m not sure how well the other features of the app function but I highly recommend using Driver’s Study Guide that is in the Manuals & Practice Exams if you want to get a learners permit.
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5 years ago, samantha south
Word for word
I got a 100 after taking all the tests twice. They are short, easy and EXACTLY what the questions are at the dmv. I took mine in Virginia Beach but I’m assuming they’re the same everywhere in Virginia Beach. Super helpful might’ve failed without it.
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4 years ago, kidtiffey
Annoying UX, requires multiple logins.
You login with your SS# and DOB, but you’re required to do it again and again (UX design needs work). Just as I was starting to accomplish something I tapped a “back” arrow and it logged me out, took me to the home screen. Where you have to login all over again. And again.
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4 years ago, AJLocs
Passed Permit Test: Perfect Score
This app really helped me pass my permit test. I got a perfect score over all. Definitely recommend this app for people looking to study for their permit or driving test in Virginia!
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3 years ago, PvZ2 God
Very Handy For Learners
All the questions are word for word in the real exam. If you nail the all the practice questions, you’ll be fine. I 100% recommend this app for people trying to get their learners in the state of Virginia.
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2 years ago, ugonout
Highly recommend
Has every question word for word
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5 years ago, Nadis😆
Driving license
This is a good app to get yours l’s the same question that are on here is on the test. I got all my questions right just do the question repeatedly and you will pass good luck.
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6 years ago, Bobby Smurds the 3
Helped me pass the permit test!
Best app i’ve ever used, so glad this app is a thing! I got to choose what i wanted to be test on ex. (practice sign test, practice road skills test etc.) amazing app
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12 years ago, Virginia Pilot
Good App!
There seems to be a lot available thru this app. No more waiting in a DMV office for me and that makes it worth the download. Thx.
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4 months ago, Ipassedfirsttry
I passed the permit test with this it was amazing and helped very well i think u guys should use it
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1 year ago, Aeterial
100% Recommend
This has every possible question WORD FOR WORD on the test.
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1 year ago, LoganSaysWho
Great App !
This app helped me pass first try ! I only got four questions wrong .
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6 years ago, Seeyabye
Cannot process transactions
I logged in and went to renew my registration. Got all the way through, clicked process and it just sat there. I let it sit for ten minutes finally logged off. It never worked. This stuff used to go just fine. Time to give this app some attention.
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1 year ago, ionfc
App is horrible
This app is terrible, none of the signs that appeared on the test were on the app and even after studying this app, the road sign section specifically, I didn’t know half of what was on the test
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1 year ago, Sea2090
Greatest App
I used this app and passed my learners with a perfect score!
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4 years ago, Capitalismus
What’s the point?
If you know how to use a browser, why on earth would you use this app and shrink the usable screen size? If there’s no session persistence or storing of credentials on the phone, there’s no need for an app.
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6 years ago, Fyrman1
Locks up all the time, when it does work it’s very slow. Day or night so traffic doesn’t seem to affect it. VA DMV is slow in real life and this app matches their performance.
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3 years ago, daveyboyboyz
Won’t process title renewal
Freezes after I submit yes to pay by credit card.
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6 years ago, Noharetoday
Won’t process transactions.
When press process tab app freezes. Useless.
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4 years ago, Abeiitho
This app is trash they should start working of fixing to don’t make people to go to the DMV
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6 years ago, Smittney
App stinks
It is very sketchy, I panicked the whole time. Takes your card info and just sits there.
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6 years ago, manojbijli
Prefect for practice test
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6 years ago, Beautifulliyah1/
Love it
Perfect for practicing for permit
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1 year ago, Laundry Machine
it rocks
jacob here
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6 years ago, brucie 5
DMV app
Worthless. Sick app.
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8 years ago, Im_DaLord
This used to be useful actually
I'm very disappointed in DMV. Honestly this used to be actually a great app, saving time and resolving issues & prevent unnecessary trips to DMV locals , but it has been a while been a while that is not even responding (for instance date chooser for date of birth is not working). I hope they put their act together & fix this app. We really need this to work or DMV lines would always be as long & it will take forever to get stuff done there.
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9 years ago, jBoo24
Wait times not true!
Don't waste your time downloading this app to check out wait times at each location. The wait at the dmv is always over an hour. The app tells you the wait times at each location but that time only applies for how long it takes to check in and get a number. Actual wait time will always be based on however busy each center is. Ugh.
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12 years ago, Marty01alpha
It is a very nice app. But the map and some other features are very unstable. It closes out of the map area and other features also close you out. If these issues are fixed it would be a wonderful app to use. Thanks,
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11 years ago, Mjs1995
Awesome app. But needs ios 6 update
This app is great, thank you Virginia. It could use an update for ios 6 though
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12 years ago, Reena Jadav
Saved me a trip to DMV
Wanted to update my address and get a new registration . Very useful and easy. Nice to see government spending on saving my time.
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11 years ago, DaddyJ58
Crashes Every Time!
Hi, I had high hopes for this app but unfortunately it crashes every time you go to location information. It would be super convenient if it worked well. I don't think I can trust a transaction using it.
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11 years ago, bloggingal
Its okay
I think this is best when used for review and for the signs. For the knowledge test it ask the same questions over and over again and theres not enough questions. Its not comprehensive enough
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9 years ago, Cingulair
Won't Print!
App is a good idea to make it easy to complete DMV transactions without having to go to DMV. But it wouldn't allow me to print my temporary registration. I had to print a replacement from the mobile website. This needs to be fixed.
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10 years ago, Joel123456789101112
It's not working right.
I think the app is great and all but it won't let me open the sample exams which is pretty important. Please fix it. It would really help. Thanks! :)
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9 years ago, jjjammer
Low resolution
Does what it's supposed to do. Needs to be updated for devices with larger screens like the iPhone 5 and 6
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12 years ago, GreenwichVillage
Great App
Sample Knowledge Exams are excellent! I also like the Office Location map with the wait times.
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8 years ago, Aidensma10
Issues make app useless
I had to go the DMV website to finish my transactions because I couldn't log on. I wasn't able to enter any information to even start to get what I needed. What is the point of this app?
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8 years ago, Dj Krabby Patties
Are y'all ever going to update this terrible app? Last update was Oct 2012...y'all don't think phones and software has changed since then? Either get rid of this app or put some time and money into it.
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7 years ago, Russ dog
The app was a great idea although the app is won't allow me to sign in or use my date of birth options it needs to be fixed or updated in order for the app to work the way it should.
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7 years ago, Tahoe04
Needs update
This app hasn't been updated since 2012?! I can't sign on to my account. Interface looks like my old iPod.
Show more
11 years ago, Ole chka
Freezes, crashes, sample questions don't load
Show more
8 years ago, mike-in-bristol
Almost as bad as the website
It's worthless. As others have said, it won't even let you select your date of birth so I can't even log in.
Show more
8 years ago, Kelly (triathlete)
Don't waste your time
Half the online services don't even work. Can't log into my online services as the data entry forms are broken.
Show more
8 years ago, Imhere-notthere
Online services don't work since you can't sign on
Since you cannot enter date of birth for sign on, app is useless. Update seriously warranted.
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10 years ago, Firefighter 4
The part for making transactions and plate purchases does not work. Will not even open a window. Useless.
Show more
7 years ago, jjdes114
Useless app
Needs to be updated as I cannot even enter my birthdate to access information or conduct transactions.
Show more
8 years ago, JR-JR-JR
Will not accept date information requests for online transactions. Useless.
Show more
8 years ago, KellyCarrington
Doesn't even let you put in information that is needed to sign in. Useless app.
Show more
8 years ago, jcook357
App doesn't work
The date chooser doesn't work so there's no logging in to your account. Waste of time
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