Visual Countdown Timer

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Fehners Software LLP
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1 year ago
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User Reviews for Visual Countdown Timer

4.6 out of 5
30.2K Ratings
7 years ago, Quailsx
Awesome app, a couple of suggestions
This is the best visual timer app I have found for iPhone! I work in special education and I use it to time worktime (e.g., 10 minutes left of math) and breaks for kids. I have it set so the picture is not revealed until the time runs out, so students don’t get distracted by the picture when they should be working. The sneaky pause & add/subtract time buttons are great for subtly adjusting time without having to stop the timer completely. I like this app so much that I paid for the premium pack instead of just removing ads because I wanted to support the devs. My two suggestions are 1) show time somewhere, just a little digital timer like the default phone timer countdown, and 2) keep the picture on the screen when the countdown ends until the screen is tapped or something. If the child isn’t looking at the timer right when it runs out, they miss out on seeing the picture. While I love the visual timer, I don’t want my students to only stare at the timer or get fixated on watching it at the end to see the picture. It would be nice for them to still have a chance to see the “reward”/celebration screen.
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5 years ago, Cufiuie
This is a great app
This is a great app. I love how it’s visual so a kiddo who doesn’t understand time super well can still see how much time until it goes off. It’s also great that you can change the pictures that’s revealed to whatever you want. It’s simple and easy to use. There are some downsides to the free version (ads, can only add one picture), but I think that’s understandable since it’s offered for free and since there is a paid option in which you can eliminate those problems. Only two complaints (1) the ticking is really loud. I find myself turning my phone down to a one or two because it’s so loud I would like it if it was a little quieter. (2) you can only increase the time by 10 second intervals. It would be ideal to do it by seconds or at least 5 second intervals (but seconds would be even better. Overall I would recommend this app.
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4 years ago, JupiterElf
Great timer app for small kids
I have a 2 year old (almost 3) and we had issues with transitions. We used to set Alexa timer but he would get upset when that was done. Now we use this and it’s a world of difference. We set the timer and show him how much time he has and every so often show him how much time he has left during activity. When it gets close to being done I ask if he wants to want it explode. He understands when timer is done he is done with activity (usually playing for a few extra minutes) and is actually happy to go on with his routine. We have not had as much whining after timer is done and when we have it’s been minimal. I think being able to SEE how much time he has left is great and he is able to understand that much more then being told he has 5 minutes.
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5 years ago, Shejoh
Must have app open to work
For me this would be a 5 star App IF I could set the timer on my son’s iPad then let him play on the iPad while it did it’s thing in the background. I set it up with a custom picture of him on his potty seat. I had hoped that it would go off while he was playing on his iPad as a audible/visible reminder to go potty to help him learn to initiate it. He’s developmentally delayed and is just now potty training at 5 1/2. He often has his iPad with him at all times listening to music or books as well as using it for communication so having a fun timer on that was what I was hoping for (and one he can’t jack with unlike the timer the iPad comes with). There are so many other things I could have used this for, especially with the ability to put a custom picture that would essentially tell my son what it is time for but since it won’t function if you are doing other things on the iPad it’s a waste for us. Super disappointed.
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5 years ago, totallyfrozen
Children understand it.
We use this for Time Out discipline and for play timers. Our daughter responds very well to timers. If you tell her it’s time to do or not do something, she sometimes reacts poorly. If we set a timer and let her know “you have [x number] of minutes left (to do whatever)” she will police herself and stop the activity when the timer goes off. This works great because your child can hear the timer clicking. Also, as the time winds down (30 seconds, then 10 seconds) the pitch raises a bit giving a sense of “time running out” urgency. We use the default Duck quack sound. When the time runs out, a duck quacks. Highly recommend this!
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4 years ago, @@9827!!LAMOM"
My son loves it
Great timer! We love how it ticks, so there are both visual and auditory cues. The reward image at the end is great for kiddos that need motivation to stay and wait until the end. Our son has Autism and this is a great timer that we constantly use. It has helped him wait out temper tantrums, potty training, and so many other things. We have recommended this app to several other parents and even his therapists use this now as well! Our son actually also loves the commercials at the end of the time so it doesn’t annoy us. It’s actually one of his “rewards” and he looks after it :) One thing we also love is how the ticking sound accelerates as it gets closer to the last one minute mark. It’s a great free app!
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7 years ago, Biggz Liz
Love it for our Man-child
I was using my regular phone to set timers for my son (3) to finish his meals, play etc. Because he has little sense of time and my screen-saver kept coming on it had limited effectiveness. This timer is simple and effective. I use custom pictures of him to encourage him to get stuff done. I have a picture of him playing which is displayed slowly and as time passes. He loves races so he now tries to beat the timer. Eat your meal in 30 mins then you get to play before bath time. The timer stays on the entire time--no black screen/screen-saver. I like it and would recommend it to you time conscious parents.
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5 years ago, Anjbo25
Time-Out/Sharing Items
This app is a great tool to use for time-out or sharing items/toys! Awesome visual cue of timer that shows the count down, which is great for young toddlers who cannot read the clock yet. They enjoyed this timer and will remain seated in their time-out until the count down is over. They also knows they have certain minute/s to share an item/toy with someone else after holding/playing with it. This app has a different pictures that my child would choose to reveal at the end of countdown, which motivates them to watch and listen to the sound at the end.
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2 years ago, Palmtreva
This is the best invention for small children and special needs!!
A timer that’s visual is beyond helpful Fort all children. It helps with waiting and calming down. As a teacher and mother THIS particular timer is visually stimulating and my students and my little child all request it. From brushing teeth, cleaning up her room, getting dressed, and brushing teeth (at home) to fun games and skills in the classroom…. This timer has been my favorite for years. I have suggested it to other teachers as well as mothers and fathers in my playgroups. I highly recommend this!! Plus it’s super cute!
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6 years ago, Odins_Grrl
Perfect for my autistic son
This visual timer has helped us in so many ways I couldn’t even begin to tell you about them all. We very rarely have meltdowns from activity changes anymore. It even helped us potty train! If I had to make any changes I would suggest making the ticking sound optional as it can bother some kids and definitely gets a lot of looks in public. Otherwise this has literally changed our lives. Given the visual cues and enough time my son now transitions so easily from even his most preferred activities. All of his teachers, therapists and aids have this app as well now. Thank you for such an amazing simple solution.
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6 years ago, Max, California
Helpful for Speech Therapy
This visual timer is helpful for speech therapy sessions so the students can see how much longer they have to work. I went into settings and turned off the ticking sound and the progressive picture reveal so that the kids are not distracted. One suggestion, I would use this more if the app rotated so it can be used properly when my iPad is in the horizontal position. The app doesn’t rotate from vertical to horizontal. That is my only criticism. Other than that, the free version with the ads is working well for me. Thanks.
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7 years ago, Miss Elissia to the G
OT use
I love this visual timer! It's simple and uses seconds to help during my therapy sessions. The sounds and pictures are pretty great. I have a few suggestions/recommendations to make for an upgrade. The first one is if there could be an option to have the sound continue making the noise once the time is up. Another is if we choose to have a custom picture, could we also choose to have a custom sound. Possibly something that we can record our self, such as a persons voice saying "times up" or "what's next". Besides the few adjustments that hopefully can be made I really do value this app. I've shared it with all my therapy friends...SLP's, PT's, RT's and Psych's.
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8 years ago, MaMaLy-AB
Great but (too) simple
I love the simplicity of this timer. Really, all I was looking for was a timer that would turn from green to yellow to red to help our kids know when it's time to leave for school, and it does that reasonably well. What would make it better? The iPad shouldn't go to sleep while the timer is running-- kind of defeats the point of a visual timer for kids. Also, it would be nice if you could optionally set the time when it changes to yellow/red instead of it being a flat percentage every time. (E.g. My kids might understand red better if red always = 5 minutes instead of a percent of a variable amount of time.)
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7 years ago, jkw2004
Great for sensory activities
Our child's occupational therapist recommended using a visual timer for various activities. We used to use the regular iPhone timer, but this one is way more motivational and obviously easier to understand! All our kids love it though! We also use it for cleanup or finishing meals when they need motivation to do so (no dessert if don't finish before reasonable timer length). They always get excited about what the surprise image/sound is going to be. (4 year old boy and almost 3 year old girl).
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10 years ago, JanineSw76
This app is pretty wonderful. We began using it at bedtime for my 4 year old, but I could also see the benefit of using it in a special needs class or during therapy sessions. I agree with the other suggestions of adding an option for sound when the time is up, and adding an option to pause, but one other thing I would love to see is the option of also being able to see a number countdown at the same time, so I can tell at a quick glance how much time is remaining.
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10 years ago, Allymic7
Countdown Visual Timer
This app is a wonderful tool during my speech therapy sessions. I have recommended it to parents and caregivers as well. It can be used to help children who have a difficult time changing activities. I do wish;however, that there was an option to have a sound play when the picture is fully revealed. I love that the pictures can be customized! Looking forward to the update for the sound option when picture is fully revealed. Thank you!
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5 years ago, kschlu
Perfect for kiddos
I use it to teach the concept of time, but I show when we are done “working” and it is time for play. It is great for my son who has autism. When the timer goes off, he can have free time. When the timer goes off, we need to clean up, and so on. They can visually see how much longer it will take for the next step. If you don’t like the ticking, simply turn your phone down or use the ticking to teach about how long a second is, minute, hour, and so on.
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9 years ago, CaliMama707
Easy for Little Ones to Understand!!
Mealtimes with my toddler were becoming an absolute nightmare - she would take so long to eat that we'd miss out on other things. The timer has helped so much! My daughter is still too young to understand minutes and seconds, but she does understand that time is passing with the colors and pictures. Besides our meals being pleasant again and of a normal length, my daughter thinks the timer is really fun and gets excited whenever she sees it!
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7 years ago, Elephant815
Upgraded to “Ad-Free”, but...
We just started using this timer to motivate our 4 year old to complete necessary tasks in a reasonable amount of time. So far she loves it! That’s why I paid up for more pictures and what I thought would be an end to ads after each timer session. Ads still appear, so perhaps I was mistaken? Edit: The app developer contacted me right away to discuss the problem. They discovered a bug and fixed it with an update. No more ads!
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5 years ago, Superman0713
So amazing for Childcare!
I have been utilizing this app as a de-escalation technique for a couple of years. When the little ones have gotten to the point where they are unable to self-regulate, this is an amazing distraction technique where they can sit and take deep breaths while watching the colors change, hear the sounds, and trying to guess the picture. I can even get them excited by using a picture of them for the countdown. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Movie man Taiwan
Please make the picture stay!
Good app, have used it for a while. However, I’ve seen multiple reviews asking to have the picture stay on the screen until the user clears it. From what I remember, this was how it used to work. Also, being able to adjust the size and position of the custom pictures would be a big help. It seems that there were updates made about a month ago- please make those changes and you’ll definitely get closer to all 5 stars!
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5 years ago, Sammysauv
Occupational therapist- love it, 1 suggestion!
I am a pediatric OT and loveeeee this timer- great to improve transitioning between activities. It also helps establish a routine in therapy, where my kids know what to expect. My ONLY wish is that I could purchase an upgrade where I could upload my own photo to the background, so if scissors were the next activity I could photograph the scissors and make that the back of the timer. That, I would pay money to have!
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8 years ago, Bertha331
Oh, the battles this timer has stopped in their tracks! No more screaming to avoid brushing teeth. No more flopping around like a fish instead of getting dressed. No more rocket-speed launches from the car door to the front seat full of enticing buttons. The "ticky timer" keeps my young kids focused on the job and excited to see what picture it will be this time. The ability to exclude certain pictures would be nice. There's a lot of grumpiness about the ducky.
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8 months ago, Sped SLP teach
Great app
I love the app to set limits for my students. I really like the option of when to reveal the picture. My suggestion would be to have an option of the sound to continue to play until it’s stopped so that it reminds the their time is over and it’s time to transition. For some of my kids when the sound stops they think they don’t have to stop.
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4 years ago, Allison2810
Simple visual timer!
This timer works great for my four year old. The interface is simple but also customizable if you choose. Probably my only complaint is that it doesn’t go longer than an hour - sometimes it would be nice to have a visual of a longer period of time for instances like “we are leaving for the airport in two hours”. Otherwise, I would recommend it!
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2 years ago, jessie1678
The best little app!
I rarely write app reviews but I felt I needed to for this timer. Worth the $1 for the paid version with no ads. I work in a school and use it all the time with students to help them transition between activities, out of the room, etc. They love seeing what photo will come up next and watching the colors change on the timer. Highly recommend!
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5 years ago, Sarmicsher
So close to a 5
So very close! The one thing that I would like to be able to turn on and off is the visual amount of time remaining. If a child could check how much time they have remaining so that they can become more aware of time used. A small digital clock in the corner would be great! And is an interesting way for children to see a fraction, while being able to correlate that to time remaining. Without a doubt that’s more advanced math, but could be such a great visual tool!
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8 years ago, Barb, SLP
I am a Speech-Language Pathologist working in the schools. My students love the competition with the timer to see how many responses they can get in one minute. I also use it to time my sessions so I don't go overtime and the kids love that, too, reminding me to set the timer if I forget. I paid the $.99 to get rid of ads and that was totally worth it. The ads come on right after the timer goes off and interrupt the session, so it is great without them.
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6 years ago, Jen-14
Not much better than free version
Started with the free version. Kids loved it. Tried to upgrade to premium within the app to unlock all the picture packs and couldn’t figure it out. I guess I had the in app purchases turned off. So I searched for it in the App Store. Paid for this one and only got no adds and custom pics. It’s ok and maybe it was due it my own misunderstanding but if I had known that all the picture packs didn’t come with it I would have stuck with the free version. It is nice to not have the adds though.
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3 months ago, 12roz34
Great visual timer
This timer is great when dealing with your own children. It is a wonderful way to end an activity on a happy note. The picture and sound effects are excellent. You have complete control over what picture is shown ,whether you have to hear it or not ,and the amount of time you need to set it for.
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9 years ago, luckyhusband
Good and useful for teaching patience
I would rate this higher if it had the ability to notify you when the timer is done when the app is not on the screen. It is a great visual timer to teach little ones to wait, but if you want the child to do an activity while the timer runs the timer is so fun that it distracts from the activity and they want to play with it or watch it. I wish it would work in the background so I could use it both ways.
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8 years ago, 326peachyperfect326
I work with children with autism and they love this app. Very useful for getting them to understand how much time is left for an activity or how much longer they have to complete a task. They love watching the picture spin and hearing the sound at the end! My only suggestion is make a list of customizable sounds or add an option to record your own voice to play at the end.
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4 years ago, Grgdgz
Totally changed meal time dynamics!
This app is simple and great! My girl loves it and finishes her meal in no time to beat the clock. My only suggestion would be to show the picture after the countdown finishes and clear it with a ‘new timer’ button or something. Seeing that picture is like my child’s reward, but the picture goes away too quickly.
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10 years ago, SueCDesign
Awesome app to with children!!!
I am using this with my three-year-old granddaughter. She asks to play for 5 extra minutes and she can visually see how the time passes. She loves checking how much more time she has, seeing the picture and then goes off to nap happily. What a change from the battle we used to have!!! Just wish it had an audio alarm at end of time.
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7 years ago, drea1003
Good. Simple, but needs a little more.
Very simple, which is what I want, but couple of suggestions: 1) Option for actual numbers to show so we know the exact time remaining. 2) Option to add different music or sound during the countdown 3) Option for music or a beeping sound to get louder or something apparent to signal 1 min or 30 secs (or whatever we choose) 4) Option to add time or decrease time during timer countdown
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4 years ago, aamyfic
Game changer for difficult transitions!!
This app has been a game changer with my son who has developmental delays and has trouble with transitions. Any time it is time to switch an activity I set the timer and he loves it so much and transitions with almost zero issues. My other kids also love it. Definitely worth buying so you can pick your own photo.
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6 months ago, Jlihverewadhure
Love so many features about this app
I wish the picture at the end would stay until you click it away. It also glitches frequently and the ticking will continue even after it has been “silenced” or it will stop when silenced and not turn back on when I click to have it resume
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3 years ago, GretaWilliam
Great for therapy sessions
I love this visual timer for my little ones that can’t comprehend time. It gives them a visual using the picture and they wait in anticipation for the sound when the timer ends. I am an occupational therapy assistant and work with a lot of kids with ASD and this works wonders for transitions and increasing participation in tasks.
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6 years ago, Cool Hand Pete
ABA therapist using it every day
Excellent app. Many kids benefit from transition timers, and the more visual, the better. This app is used every day at our therapy center. We don’t always use the ticking sound, but for shorter transitions, the sound cue is great. My only suggestion would be to enable switch to landscape mode on the iPad version. Most iPads don’t stand up in portrait mode, and the picture appears sideways when it’s on its side.
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9 years ago, Oldest kid
Fun timer obvious across the room
My daughter has been using this for my grandsons, but I found it great for managing bits of time for myself. The last 20 minutes before leaving for an appointment is always an issue because it is just enough time to get involved in something to where you forget the time. This visual timer is a great reminder.
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3 years ago, HutchBG
Pay for no ads = Ads
I paid to go ad-free and still have the floating critter ad over the pause button. So annoying. That is why I paid, to get rid of that. I didn’t mind the banner ads at the bottom or the video ads after the timer finished. Those were fine. The annoying ad is the blue monster with an enormous sign that says Try Me Free on it floating right over the pause button. Every time I go to press the pause button I click on the ad that I thought I paid to get rid of. Thanks for the bait and switch.
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5 years ago, tipster mom
Ideal visual timer
This timer is used for so much more than “time outs”. This timer helps my child when it’s time to finish up eating, limits screen time, and helps for taking turns. It’s fun to predict which characters will show up and what sounds we’ll hear. I highly recommend this timer to help with our littles.
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5 years ago, MegGC
Good but needs a couple changes
I like this timer for the visual cue of time passing and the fun pictures and sounds. I don’t like that you can’t see the actual numbers on the timer when it’s running and the fact that it glitches if you go out of the app while your timer is running. It appears to keep time but the picture lags behind and so the timer rings but the picture isn’t all the way revealed.
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7 years ago, h_nodder
Custom picture loads rotated 90 degrees to left
Custom picture loads rotated 90 degrees to left, although it doesn't look like it when you first select it. If you return to Custom picture, you will immediately see the incorrect rotation. Also, why must there be two "10" circles on the display, which are not actually buttons (although they look like they might be)?
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5 years ago, ellecd
Great for sensory kids!
We started using it with my 3yo to get him to sit and eat his dinner and it has helped a ton! It went from full meltdowns every mealtime to 3minute increments of him actually trying things and then 30 seconds of physical activity and he’s doing so well! We still have a long ways to go, but it’s been a wonderful tool!
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6 months ago, shelly1982*
Time out for kids
I used this for some kids I was working with who weren't listening and they LOVED it!! Worked very well with redirecting them. They LOVED watching the pictures being revealed and one child was BEGGING me to do it again and again and again.....
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7 years ago, LaraMadDC
Fantastic app
I have only had it for 24 h but so far, great. It allows my three year old know when time is almost up without me being a pain by reminding the time left. I was actually looking for something similar. I was even going to buy a color coded clock, but this works better, and we can have it in all devices. I have a suggestion for improvement: enable “profiles” and save activities, with pre selected times, noises and pictures For instance: 1. Bath, 20 min, picture of the ducky 2. Dinner, 30 min, picture of my child eating 3. Get dressed, 5 min, another picture Other than that, great!!
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1 year ago, Jeanbean4495
Online time timer
I love this product! It helps my special adult clients be on time for all kinds of things. They have trouble judging the passage of time. Time Timer makes an abstract concept, the passage of time, visual! And that is just such a big help for us special people.
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7 years ago, Tstggjcn
Wish time could go longer
I use this app for my child's quiet time, and it has been great! I only wish I could set the timer for more than 59 minutes - our quiet times can last from 1-2 hours on most days. Otherwise, this app is perfect for teaching the concept of time!
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8 years ago, Pre-k teacher in North Chicago
Great app, just one problem
I love this cute timer. I am a preschool teacher and I use it everyday, but there is one problem. The kids love to guess what the picture will be and watch it appear, but when the timer goes off they will miss the final result unless they are right in front of it. I would give this app 5 stars if the timer would continue to make noise and show the picture until the user turned it off. Please consider making this modification to your app so the kids can enjoy it even more.
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